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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> flames brake out in an farm complex and we are live with the help that displaced residents. >> from florida to the bay area protesters hit the streets of oakland for a second day to demonstrate against the george zimmerman verdict. again, the protests turned violent. >> a little more than a week after the asiana flight 214 disaster we can tell you what you can do to help the victims. >> good morning on this monday at 6:00. >> first up, a check on your weather forecast. >> we will start by looking at what is going on with the day planner. we will break down the next 12 hours. you can see our radar and satellite showing a lot of cloud cover. 7:00 a.m. is misty and sunny around the bay finally at 64 at
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noon. below averages this afternoon at 70 and it will be cool this evening with a coat and 64 degrees. starting off with clouds in walnut creek and concord with most of the east bay and north bay valley with clouds it will be sunny by noon and 72 and by 7:00 we will be 72 again. at coast, you have drizzle. we have mist an the rest of our neighbors and it is drizzle falling from the sky and 52 at the coast. mostly cloudy and dry at 54 by noon and sunny become 4:00 because you only make it to 56. it will not be too breezy and the fastest wins are around the bay shoreline. leyla gulen? >> an accident we have been talking about was involving a pedestrian in berkeley and has resulted in a fatality along the university avenue overcrossing to 80. this investigation will be
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ongoing blocking off the eastbound 62 westbound ramps to 80 until further notice. university avenue will be closed, as well. you need to detour this area. no word as to when this will be cleared. i can show you what the drive looks like on 80 away from albany to the maze, we see a sea of headlights from the bay bridge which is loaded up from emeryville to san francisco. >> breaking news from the peninsula, firefighters responding to a san mateo apartment complex overnight following a three-alarm fire. abc7 news reporter joins us from the seen. >> the road opened up on bridgepointe parkway at the bridge point mall and firefighters are on the scene.
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firefighters arrived to find smoke but it erupted into flames with 100 evacuated from the bridgepointe apartments. most of them are back in. it started in a dryer. the apartments are new with a fire alarm system alerting the residents. >> i didn't know what it was but it was the fire alarm if the whole complex. everyone has them in the apartments but they are so loud you cannot stand to be in your apartment. >> tire got in a mechanical area running between the first and third floors and we have six units potentially involved and smoke or water damage. >> no injuries were reported and six units were damaged mostly from the water and the red cross was called here to help the people in the since units find
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shelter. >> professors turned violent in oakland in the second day of demonstrations over the george zimmerman verdict. profits jammed the streets of 14th and broadway near oakland city hall for three hours yesterday preventing any traffic from getting through. the protest started off peacefully in the afternoon but by 10:00 a small ground vandalized businesses, rocks and bolts were thrown at police and cars and some resolution dens wished the community would come together peacefully. >> i would rather see us get together and continue to pray and talk to god and maybe this can stop. >> the transit buses were detoured because of the protests and a bay area photographer reported he was attack by a crowd when he wandered into the middle of the group on broadway. the mayor released a statement condemning the protesters who took part in the vandalism "sadly, some of them dishonest the memory of trayvon by
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engaging if violent activities. this is unacceptable." >> protests against the george zimmerman verdict spread beyond the bay area. our reporter joins us with that part of the story. >> thousands of trayvon martin supporters protected the verdict last night in new york with hundreds marching from times square confronting police about a dozen people were arrested. los angeles, hundreds marched on to the freeway forcing 100 police in riot gear to respond and close the freeway. this is all happening as we learn new information of george zimmerman, who will get back the gun he used to kilt trayvon martin. his attorneys say in an interview that he needs it more than ever to protect himself. george zimmerman is if hiding with his family likely outside of the state of florida.
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we spoke with the tomorrows for the martin family would say his parents are in mourning. >> after going through this devastation they were heartbroken because they really wanted the killer of their unarmed son to be held accountable. they went through the greening -- grieving process again. >> the martin family is likely to file a civil suit and the justice department is look into the case considering whether to file criminal civil rights charges against george zimmerman . >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the george zimmerman verdict protests. we will have an update on the damage last behind in the bay area and mechanic american will have a wrapup of the verdict and nation-wide reaction at 7:00. >> now the latest in the crash of asiana flight 214. more than a week after the crash
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the wreckage still sits at sfo. we brought it to you on friday morning with the fuselage being moved from the tarmac after the back portion of the plane was cut off. the ntsb has taken what is needed back to washington, dc, and turns the wreckage to the airport. asiana flight 214 has two weeks to remove the wreckage. >> this morning, autopsy reports are pending for the 15-year-old third victim of the asiana flight 214. she died friday after being rescued. two of her classmates were killed, 16-year-old ye mengyuan and wang linjia. a blood drive is being held this morning at san francisco international airport to replenish blood supplies used to help victims in the airlines crash and will be held in the baggage level of terminal three this morning. donors are asked to schedule an
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appointment head of time by call ing. >> new details of the fatal shooting at the san francisco jewelry mart after two women who died, a 51-year-old from daly city and 35-year-old from san francisco, clerks at jewelry store. the 23-year-old son, barry white, was involved in a violent confrontation with police in 2009 and was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after antioch officers say he tried to run them over with his car. >> today, san jose restaurant owners have their say about a proposed ban on styrofoam with a second meeting for restaurant owners that will provide information about alternative food containers. the city council approved an ordinance to slowly phase in the ban in january. >> governor brown is out of california leashing yesterday
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for a two week trip to ireland and germany. he will hold meetings with government officials in both countries but the trip is largely personal. the for says brown will visit family in both countries and cover his own costs for the trip. his wife and sister are joining on this trip. >> and this is irish weather we are enjoying in the bay area today. >> are you expecting the...what is the name of that gulf over there in i forget. arrival delays in sfo an hour and 11 minutes because of the clouds. and breezy. the breezes will pick up in the afternoon especially away the bay shore. eight mile visibility at half moon bay and eight in santa rosa and everyone else is okay, the cloud deck is 5,000' to 2,000' this morning so you may drive
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into the mist. through the south bay it is 60 in cupertino and sunnyvale is 61 and 51 in los gatos and everyone around 57 to 59. and temperatures are in the 50's but cupertino 60 and 47 in novato today, beautiful sunrise in mount tamalpais, and our temperatures are going to be running the same in san jose and oakland and san francisco and one to seven degrees cooler in santa rosa, concord and fremont so enjoy the day. leyla gulen? >> we are tracking a fatality in berkeley blocking the university avenue overcrossing to east and westbound 80 both the on-and-off ramp are shut down. also, university avenue will be closed so plan ahead with a look at the altamont pass, that is slow, at 50 minutes getting you from tracy to dublin and
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outside, san jose, san rafael we are look at headlights moving from the southbound direction and all in all, accident-free and top speed. >> we will hell you about a new way to watch us anywhere, any time, but, first a new way retailers are keeping tabs on customerers. >> microsoft wants more to buy their struggling
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the next time you enter a brick and mortar retailer, they are tracking you. "new york times" reports that dozens of retailers are testing technology allowing them to track your movements using your smartphone so retailers have datas about your behavior. nordstrom used the technology until this past may and bay area coffeeship is using the technology to count how many walk by a store and how many
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enter. retailers are defending the technology saying it is no different than on-line retailers tracking shoppers would visit their website. >> microsoft is cutting the price of the surface tablet because of weak demand. the least expensive surface tablet now only costs $349 down from $499. the surface was introduced last year but the company has only sold 900,000. >> are you missing your favorite abc shows because you are not home in time? you need the "watch abc" app and we help how it works. >> this is "watch abc," you can see all of your favorite tv shows and local programming streamed anywhere.
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>> whether you are home or out and about you can enjoy all the shows and sports and news and weather on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. you will never miss a moment of your favorite use shows or the news you count on because it goes with you wherever you want to be. >> wax "good morning america" on the way to work. >> or watch news at the ballpark the get dinner ideas or watch up on "general hospital" at lunch break. while the rest of the family is watching "modern family" you can catch on your favorite shows on demand. it is all on "watch abc," a new benefit brought to you by abc7
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news and comcast and charter communications at no cost to you. download the app and sign in using your account information or log on to the website and get the streaming now. >> makes the long court -- commute more fun. you can now have abc7 news anywhere you need to be. >> or the forecast. >> here or on the mobile device. 70 percent to 80 percent of you are listening and live doppler 7 hd shows clouds. one hour and 20 minute flight arrival delays atbecause of the clouds. it will be breezy along the bay
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shore whether san francisco or the delta community and 2:00 to 9:00 and southwest wind at 15- to 25-knots. napa is 13-mile-per-hour winds. there is a stout sea breeze. as we look at our camera, it is cloudy and temperatures this afternoon will be cooler-than-average because of the slow sunshine. another cool day tomorrow but i see warmer weather. high pressure is moving up to the north and tapping into the cooler air. it is steering it to us today and tomorrow. south bay should be 84 today in san jose. 76 degrees. everyone else in the mid-70's but milpitas at 72 and 79 in los gatos and gilroy is 82 to 83.
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millbrae is 67 and low-to-mid 70's and palo alto around 74 and at the coast, significantly cooler and a lot less sunshine and sunny and upper 50's and more sunshine downtown and south san francisco with a breeze coming off the ocean only in the low-to-mid 60's and same in sausalito with winds not so much an influence through the north bay valley with mid-70's and mid-60's to mid-70's along the east bay shore from berkeley and richmond to hercules and fremont at 74 and headed to the east bay valley we have 79 in walnut creek and low-to-mid 80's elsewhere and tonight the temperatures are carbon copy of what you deal with when you step outside this morning with drizzle and mist for the rest of us and cloudy and low-to-mid 50's. a degree or two cooler away from the coast and closer to average on wednesday jumping three to six degrees and thursday we are
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where we should be. >> university avenue remains shut down between frontage and six and the eastbound and westbound on-and-off ramp 280 are closed because of a fatality with a car and a pedestrian and police are out there investigating. no word when that will re-open. if you need to make the drive from highway 4 to the maze it will be 20 to 25 minute commute and if you need to get off the freeway, this is the alternate. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights were just turned on. >> continuing coverage of the george zimmerman verdict is ahead. >> what about trayvon's rights >> the large demonstration bringing people to the streets ♪
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>> welcome back on morning news as mike has been telling us, low clouds and fog in the bay area but you can see the sunrise and fog will burn off and we will have a beautiful day. that is what he says.
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an autopsy will be performed today on actor cory monteith in canada. workers found the 31-year-old in his hotel room on saturday morning in vancouver. he played on "glee." face book page has 700,000 "likes," an indication of how popular the actor was with fans. a friend said he spoke to cory monteith hours before he died. >> i had several interactions with him yesterday where he said to me he was feeling amazing and even said "i'm feeling fantastic again." cory monteith enter rehab in april for a second time. in is no sign of foul play and onscreen and off screen girl is asking public if privacy. >> the author of "harry potter" has revealed she is writing a
6:25 am
new genre, admitting she is the author of a crime novel and did it under a false name. she wanted to publish a book without the hype and expectation from all of her loyal fans and publishers and let the book stand on its own. after the revelation sales jumped 156,000 percent on amazon in one day and went from 4,700 to number three best seller on amazon and it is now out stock. >> that is okay. >> a 39-year-old california man is one of two dozen people hurt during the annual running of the bulls in spain. his name has not been released and he suffered non-life-threatening injuries and a ohio man was gored and had to have surgery. a college student was gored and
6:26 am
is still in hospital. thousands of runners from around the world are attracted despite the risks. >> a week after asiana flight 214 survivors are finally back home in china this morning. the help that crash victims are getting as they return home. >> protests left behind damage in downtown oakland over the weekend and up next find out what residents have to say. >> the cloud deck is going to help keep our temperatures below average today and today. thinking about the week in the forecast is coming up. >> in the traffic center, i am looking to the university avenue overcrossing of 80 where we do have a carver -- a car versus a pedestrian. that
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:19 a look traveling through the berkeley area and you can see the bridge at university avenue on city streets there is a fatality and it could impact 80, as well.
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>> and now a look at the track, eric and kristen, we have been talking about this for a little while involving a car versus a pedestrian on university avenue. right now, berkeley police say that the on-and-off ramp eastbound 80 are going to be shut down at university between university and frontage with a police investigation ongoing but that is causing slowing along westbound 80 from the maze and we are looking at 20 to 25 minutes to make your way in the westbound direction so what you want to do travel along the freeway there, using the alternates to get around. at the drive across 80 you can see how lots headlights coming toward the drive is going to be busy this morning so give yourself plenty of extra time before you head to the roads. our contract shows -- headed
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over to mike nicco. >> radar and clouds show everyone is cloudy but no wet weather other than the form of a little bit of drizzle along the coast and mist in the clouds at 500'. around the bay you will find the mist and 55 degrees and sunny, those as we head through the afternoon hours and most of the cloud cover is going to be around the golden gate bridge and mid-60's. dress for extent with below average temperature and sunshine at 4:00 and cool and height jacket and mid-60 through the evening. inland valleys mostly cloudy with a few spots clear and everyone else is dealing with gray start. sunny and 72 at noon and warmest here but cooler-than-average at 80 and mild 72 degrees for the evening plan and the coast will stay with clouds with drizzle and cloudy and only in the mid-50's from noon to 4:00 and we could spike up to the upper 50's if you get sunshine and back to the mid-50's with clouds by 7:00.
6:32 am
developing news from oakland, the streets are finally quiet but that is after several hours of protest, some violent, against the george zimmerman verdict. our reporter joins us to show us the damage left behind. >> people headed to work this morning in oakland and are getting a first look at the damage in downtown, with the boards here if place where the ones used to be at the wells fargo at 12th street. the crowd from last night shows the intersection of broadway and 14th, monthing -- block the intersection. there were reports of bottles and rocks being thrown at police. this was this protest of the fact that george zimmerman was found not guilty. this morning people are telling us they are disappointed in the behavior. >> unfortunately, the outcome of the trial did not come as most
6:33 am
expected. however, this is our city and this is damaging your own home so it does not make sense or accomplish anything. respect the martin family. >> the majority of protests were peaceful over the week marching through downtown and did not cause problems. at night, a small group turn violent. police need to double check with the crew and make sure there were no arrests the mayor released a statement calling this "unacceptable." >> a series of protests over the weekend with a crowd of 200
6:34 am
protesters marching down market street for the second day of protests headed to the shopping district and then to the embarcadero. >> so many black people are killed because they were walking down the street looking suspicious. >> the protesters made their way to the lazy and hold a rally and disbanned petitionsfully after a few -- peacefully after a few months. >> student survivors from asiana flight 214 are offered counseling in china. 31 students and teachers arrived home to huge group parents, and freeways and well wishers. the students lost three classmates. abc7 news has learned local authorities are putting together lawyers and experts to form a consulting group to work out companies for the victims.
6:35 am
the students were going to attend summer camp to learn english and tour several universities. if you want to help, a blood drive is being held at sfo this morning to help replenish the supplies used to help victims. many needed surgeries. the drive is held in terminal 3 at 9:00 a.m. with donors asked to schedule an appointment ahead time. >> we have continuing coverage of the crash and you can keep on top of the investigation by following us on twitter@abcnews. the new smartphone app lets you watch the newscast on the go and see breaking news as it happened at >> an amber alert is in effect for a missing toddler five days after disappearing.
6:36 am
no trace of 21-month-old daphne viola webb has been found. trails near the family home were searched and last week the dive teams combed the oakland estuary. >> we are in the area where her father was known to walk with his daughter and we are still pressing forward in the search. >> he says he left his daughter in the car to go to a store on international boulevard and a woman was seen walking away with the child matching daphne's description. >> we have new video showing a vallejo woman accused of abandoning her child in a bathroom at a gas station. the surveillance video shows the woman entering a bat room on saturday night with her one year oath baby boy and comes out without the baby. the child was alone for an hour before someone found the child. she was arrested and booked on
6:37 am
child abandonment. the boy is placed in emergency foster care. >> deliberations will begin for both juries in the trials of two machine accused in the brutal rape of a teen girl at richmond high school. they are on trial for the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl during the high's homecoming dance. the two are tried in the same courtroom, each with their own jury. they will deliberate separately. >> flames hit a peninsula apartment come mention overnight. head an update on the damage and the investigation underway. >> first, people will be celebrating snowed twitter's san francisco headquarters today. >> look outside from the camera checking out the clouds with mist and drizzle.
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>> in the east bay valley on this monday we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's, and danville at 53 and san ramon and pittsburg at 54, and 55 in livermore, and 57 in brentwood and the rest of our neighborhood, 50 in santa rosa and novato, and san francisco, 52, and hayward and san carlos, 55, and 57 in san jose. from mount tamalpais, the
6:41 am
humidity right now is 7 percent. it is bone dry above 2,000'. if you are traveling around the state it will be 82 with sunshine in tahoe and 90 in sacramento and 82 with sunshine if los angeles and sunny and 77 in diego. we have an update on the pedestrian fatal in berkeley with the ranches re-opened at university avenue and no word yet as to whether university avenue is open between frontage or six or if lanes are blocked because of the investigation. look at damage from highway 4, bumper-to-bumper traffic 29 miles per hour is the top speed and we have a report of a tanker truck fire dearing -- carrying
6:42 am
gasoline. the driver could not fine the fire extinguisher so the fire department is on the way to the scene and a lane is blocked because of the fire. we have a sig-alert and eastbound 152 there is a head open crash with a big rig there. >> twitter is celebrating the 7th anniversary of the public launch, seven years ago today the social media site based in san francisco went live to the public, 224 tweets went out that day, and this is different from the 7th birthday of twitter this year marking the first tweet, today, twitter userers sent an average of 400 million tweet as day and the short emergencies containing 140 characters are less and you can follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> i contributed 30 tweets so far. >> the royal baby watch continues and we will update the highly anticipated birth across
6:43 am
the pond. but first a fire on the peninsula chases 100 people from their homes. we have firefighters on the scene and what they are
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:46, half a dozen apartment units are damaged this morning following a three-alarm fire on the peninsula. matt joins us from san mateo with the story. matt? >> let me show you where the fire started, six corner units on to building in the front were damaged and firefighters say the fire started in a dryer vent after 1:00 o'clock a.m., with the first report of smoke in the building that itemed to flames. 100 people were evacuated. this is a new complex, across the street from the bridgepointe mall so each apparent has a fire alarm and strobe light system. one resident describes what
6:47 am
happened. >> it was a fire alarm if the whole complex and everyone has them in their apartment somewhere but they are so loud that you cannot stand to be in the apartment when it goes off. >> no injuries were recorded and the people living in the six damaged units are the only ones not allowed back in their homes. the red cross was called to help them. some firefighters just left the scene, two of the trucks...supervisor trucks and one fire truck left on the scene and we do not expect them to be here much longer. bridge point parkway is open in both directions. >> the world is watching england this morning where the duchess has yet to deliver. her husband remains very relaxed playing polo at a charity match with his brother yesterday and kate will be taken to st. mary's
6:48 am
when time comes surrounded by tons media. >> breaking news from hewlett-packard with a shakeup. >> you have heard of google glass for people but...for dogs? jane king is at the new york stock exchange to explain this. we will start with the hewlett-packard story getting three new directors including the former c.e.o. of mcdonald's and adding a former software architect expanding from nine to 12 after a big shakeup in april following a bungled merger. apple promising a full investigation into media reports that a woman this china was killed by an electric shop from an iphone five she answered while it was charging. the woman was 23 flight attendant and apple is saddened
6:49 am
by the tragic death. markets are quiet and lower across the board by four or five points. the silicon valley index is lower, as well. sick or poor patients do not have to wait so long at emergency rooms with more urgent health care areas opening up. and google glass is working at the georgia institute to have a wearable computer for dogs that could allow dogs to bite to activate a sensor to send information of what the dog is seeing to the handlers to help disabled people who use dogs to navigate or rescue dogs to communicate they have located an important fine.
6:50 am
>> it would allow dogs to do google sevens, obviously. >> just what we need. >> i just want them to get the tennis ball. >> walking with the dog this morning it is cool and you will find the drizzle. >> we have drizzle at the coast. we have mist hanging around. you can see by the forecast it will be sunny by afternoon but temperatures cooler-than-average with more cooling tomorrow. we will have a warmer weekend on the way with the clouds showing if they have organized areas of wet weather with flight arrival delays not so long as last week at one hour and 11 minutes at sfo and the clouds, while they go away the wins pick up this afternoon from 2:00 this afternoon for a small craft advisory including the delta
6:51 am
communities with winds at 15- to 20-knots. fairfield has winds at 35 miles per hour. we will see sunshine in the south bay and temperatures are eight degrees cooler-than-average from 76 at san jose contract middle at milpitas on the low end and near 80 at los gatos and 72 with sunshine in santa cruz this afternoon, low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and 75 at redwood city and a warmer spot at 67 in millbrae along coast today with temperatures in the upper 50's with a few areas of sunshine. don't expect it to stay around very long as the clouds will be moving and the sunshine will be playing peekaboo this afternoon. mid-70's and a small range in the north bay valley and upper 50's at your beaches and along the east bay shore a lot of mid-to-upper 60's until you get
6:52 am
to hercules and union city and from time to time with sunshine first in the low-to-mid 70's and 79 at walnut creek and east bay valley to 84 in brentwood and live more. free air conditioning again. temperatures are same as yesterday with drizzle along the coast. you could drive up into the clouds like this morning, and run into some mist. temperature is one to two degrees cooler tomorrow, and we jump three degrees at the coast to four to six degrees around the bay and inland and temperatures are back to average thursday, friday, and saturday and 90's inland and 80's around the bay. >> a tanker truck fire has a lane blocked at the nimitz but so far we don't have delays as a result and the fire department is out there and it appears a tire is on fire. as we take you back to berkeley we have very slow traffic because of an early accident
6:53 am
involving a fatality on university avenue with a car and a pedestrian and that did a lot of damage with packed conditions on westbound 80 away from highway 4 from america cheese at 30 minutes to get you to the maze. the sig-alert has cleared eastbound 152 at lover's lane all lanes are open after a head-on collision with a big rig and a car with no major injuries. westbound 580, looking good. and 101 is clear great san rafael. >> ahead, seven things to know of with you
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to america mchere are seven things to know before you go. breaking news is a three-alarm fire in san mateo left people in six apparents homeless from smoke and water damage and 100
6:55 am
residents were evacuatessed at the complex on the parkway but they have been allowed back in. it started in a dryer and spread between the walls. >> protests turn violent in oakland in the second day of demonstrations over the george zimmerman verdict. protests jammed the streets near oakland city hall last night and vandalized businesses and throwing rocks at police. protesters in san francisco ended peacefully. >> autopsy results are pending for the third victim of the plane crash at sfo, the 15-year-old died on friday after suffering severe head injuries in the crash. two classmates also 16, died. >> we have an amber alert in effect still for a missing toddler in oakland, 21-month-old daphne viola webb died after her dad says he left her in the car to go into a store. a weekend search near the family home came up empty. >> check your numbers there is a
6:56 am
new millionaire in the bay area, someone matched five out of six winning numbers with the winning ticket sold as cable car wine and grocer, 2, 8, 22, 35, 37. powerball number: 6. the ticket is worth $2.6 million! >> six, summer is still gone, with 74 in the north bay and 84 in the east bay valley and the bay goes from mid-60's to mid-70's and sunny at the coast and upper 50's. >> seven, the bay bridge toll plaza is not too bad with meter lights are on and traffic is okay, to longer blocking the tanker truck fire open shoulder, northbound nimitz at the south bay freeway. >> the abc7 news continues online now.
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good morning, america. right now the latest on the verdict of george zimmerman. not guilty. >> justice for trayvon! >> demonstrations overnight coast to coast. an angry march shut down a california freeway. he slipped into hiding with his gun. now the prosecution speaks out for the first and only time this morning, an abc news exclusive. ♪ on and on a sudden good-bye for cory monteith found dead in his hotel room. the autopsy planned for today. his co-stars are speaking out this morning. the "harry potter" whodunit. a surprising secret revealed by jk rowling, unmasked as the real author behind a new crime novel. why she says it's liberated her.


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