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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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telling the press everyone who has seen is available to us. they say is the most alarming vicious attacks they have ever seen. >> guns and knifes, what's happening? >> soon is a victim's brother. one was an employee at a store inside of the complex. police say this man walked inside of the shop. white was in court today according to the district attorney the suspect had asked the owner of the store for a price adjustment on a piece of jewelry purchased several weeks before. >> i think this item did not have as many grams of whatever the metal was itd was supposed to. >> the difference in price was less than $300.
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they did not come to an agreement, investigator says white left, returned then waited until customers left the store. video shows him pulling out a gun and knife. >> they're being shot and stabbed then he comes out there is another woman in the front of the store and bit time the gun is empty he tries to shoot. and he proceeds to nich her. >> outside, police say white fired at them and surrendered. >> the intent was to harm an officer. >> white hired an attorney representing him in another case. did he not want to talk on camera. two women employees died. the owner still in the hospital. >> the weight of the individual killing one of these people is the most calculating most brutal homicides i have viewed in my
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career. >> police found an ak 47 with an extended clip police saying he had bigger plans and the judge in this case white will remain in jail without bail. >> thank you. two suspects are now in custody following an armed robbery in a santa rosa store, one person was shot. men caught in met peta luma. police say two men one with a shotgun and another with a hammer held up the jewelry store about 1:00 this afternoon. no wornd who was injured. they're being treated at santa rosa memorial hospital. >> the family of a missing oakland toddler not giving up finding their little girl. 21-month-old daphne webb first reported missing wednesday and
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alan wong is live with the latest on the search. >> a week after 2-year-old webb went missing and the mother family decided to come out to ask for help. the father told police he left her in the car for five minutes when he came out daphne was gone. his 87-year-old mother was in the car but couldn't help out. police arrested the father charging him with felony child endangerment for leaving the baby in the car but they dropped charges. he couldn't explain why no one can say they saw him the day she disappeared or weeks leading up to that day. today i asked the mother's family that question.
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>> how sit nobody have seen the baby the day of the disappearance or before that? >> right now we're not taking questions and we'll have to get to those answers later. we just wanted to make the statement and get information out. >> is there a search party to help? >> alameda county has a search party out for the whole time. >> the police say they have ruled out the mother as a suspect but will not say whether or not they have ruled out the father. i asked the family whether, where the father was and they stated they did not know. >> sorry we lost the end of the live shot there. in oakland a third night of violent protests against george zimmerman verdict
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turned ugly again last night. take a look at this video of a demonstrateor setting off an explosion into the crowd. protestor assaulted a waiter. nick smith joins us now from police head quarter autos they're ined deed. three nights of protests after acquitta resulted in thousands of dollars worth of vandalism across the city. this is video from last night. after dozens marched past head quarters on i 8806789 the demonstration continued downtown with what police called a small group intent on lawlessness set off fire works spray painted graffiti on buildings and burned a flag. the police chief defended aks
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of the department nonaggressive approach saying those committing most vandalism worked to blend into crowds making it difficult to arrest them. >> we gnome noe the violent fringe of the group are not going to go peacefully. but wind up getting into fights with police officers and that just incites the crowd from there. >> the chief says the department forced to use chemical agents on the crowd. police confirmed they are using surveillance video. coming up at 6:00 i asked the chief straight up, chief what happened that you were caught so off guard on saturday? his response may surprise you. >> protestors in the trayvon martin case are planning a rally this evening. you're looking at video from
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peaceful protests over the weekend. the san francisco branch called for demonstrators to meet at 6:30 pm. i want to show you a live look now from sky 7 hd. >> police arrested a ymca worker. owe was arrested on friday. the day of the incident had been working at the y for four years recently as a child care provider. the y says policy prohibits staff from being alone with children. and they're notifying parents of children who may have come into contact this man. the verdict in for the man suspected of raping a 16-year-old girl outside of a home coming dance at richmond high school in 2009. we won't find out what that is today. is he being tried with another
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suspect two jrz began deliberations in the cases yesterday. the jury in one case reached a decision today, his verdict will be read by thursday. unless the decision comes in before then. another two men keep in mind awaiting trial on lesser charges connected with this case. >> the state public utilities commission is considering a massive penalty against pg and e for 2010 san bruno gas line explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. recommendations includes a 300ses million fine knots tax deductible and $1.95 billion in safety improvements. the decision says it was due to extensive violations pg&e saying it would take money from safety improvements it's now working on. >> a lot more to bring you here. a nation widz survey reveals
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the age most parents feel pot should be legal. >> and a diverse group joins forces to fight the government over information collected on us. >> everyone loves a bargain but not everyone willing to haggle for one. how you can ask for a deal on more than just retail stuff. stay with us. abc
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>> san francisco family and friends trying to shut down muni traffic right now. this sts second anniversary of a controversial death. the family of kenneth harding claims the police killed anymore a $2 fare dispute.
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laura? >> yes. as you said they were down at south vanness and market street. just moments ago but they're on the move again. we saw them going back up vanness. looks like they're going make their way back towards church and dubois this, is about 4:30 this afternoon protesting in a circular fashion there. and were blocking trains there for a good time. a good contingent of police officers were there and just kind of taking a wait and see approach. this has to do with the death of kenneth harding junior killed two years ago today,
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july 16th, 2011. he was a suspected fare muni fare jumper. police chased him at the end of the chase i was shot and killed. initially thought by san francisco police then within days girmd a nonsan francisco police weapon. we spoke with his mother and sheer what she had to say. >> they're going hear mothers cry. they're coming up to allow their voices to be heard as well. so we stand with all mother who's have lost their children to police brutality and police terror. >> now as we speak this protestor group including kenneth harding junior's
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mother. it's unclear what they're doing this, is a very hectic commute time here in the city. so what they're doing is causing back up. police at this point taking a chance escorting them rather than any confrontation. it's a peaceful protest. >> that is good to hear, thank you very much. we'll continue to stay on top of that at 6:00 as well. moving on crews still on the scene of a krir that destroyed a house today. firefighters rescued a 70-year-old woman from the house on parkside drive. they heard her screaming and she is in the hospital we do not know how serious injuries are. in san jose firefighters had to cut through wire fencing to rescue a woman trapped in her home but not able to save nearly 100 cats that live there. most died of smaichlgts carol
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miller told awc 7 news she used her south san jose property as a cat sanctuary. only seven survived the blaze. the cause is under investigation but firefighters say it started in a bedroom but the dog alerted her there was a fire thank goodness. >> a san francisco organization filed a law sult in efforts to stop an electric surveillance program. today the electronic frontier foundation filed an injection including drug and gun right advocates. >> crux of the suit is that
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this violates our first amendment rights of association. >> the federal government has not commented on the suit. and has snowden has been hiding nout a moscow airport several weeks. at and t ruled out a plan allowing customers to upgrade their smart phones after a year of service. the cost is spread out over 20 months the cost would run about $32 per month. t-mobile introduced a plan last week. >> everybody loves a deal, right? speaking up for a bargain can pay off. >> who knew, right? consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side to show
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how we can save big bucks. >> i negotiate for everything. even with girl scouts. not that bad. come on. everyone loves a bargain. the lots of people don't lick to ask for one. a survey revealed with half tried negotiating in the last few years. when kate lynn goes shopping she never pays full price. >> i thereof hag rel down on certain things you want to get. >> like most, who haggle get a better deal. >> 89% of those who tried haggling were successful. men enjoyed as much as women did. >> consumer reports survey found shoppers say they saved
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$300 on average. doctor bills come down 300s whdz people negotiate though fewer people try. and those who haggle for appliances saved an average of $200. one secret she's not afraid to speak up there was a stain on a shirt i asked for a percent off. they gave me 10% off. >> the popular tactic told us they use to get a discount was to simply tell the sales person they're going check a competitor's prices. also effective researching to find a competitive price before you negotiate. >> only way you find out what a fair price is to check forms and flyers consumer reports says you can catch more plies with honey than with vinegar. another area you should
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consider negotiating is over bank ask credit card fees. we save a lot of money. consumer reports says people are less likely to negotiate now than five years ago that. is the last time consumer reports checked by the way. here is the easiest line. if you don't like to geesh yait save is that your best price? >> you stop short of the lemonade stand. >> watch abc live screen now available in the bay area. abc 7 first to bring you a live stream. you never have to miss a minute of the shows you love.
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at no additional cost. go abc 7 to find out how to access watch abc. you'll get the live stream or search to down load the app. it's cool, really. >> i love that you know questioning wl weather here. >> it's weak year sandhya patel is up in it on the roof. >> yes this is almost june gloom into july. cloud cover now, temperatures have been cool this afternoon for a second day this week but that is about to change. this is going to be history. a big warm up on the way. checking out live doppler 7 you'll see lingering clouds
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not just near coast but up into north bay which is why we've been seeing cool weather wide spread low clouds. we started to see clearing along the coast. so that explains why half moon bay got into the low 60s. marine layer got up to about 3,000 feet deep. and now, it's starting to wash out a bit. you can see cloud cover 64 if san francisco. 68 in oakland. san jose, 71 degrees. checking out our view where san jose right now is high so far it's 72 degrees so some areas enjoying sun this afternoon. some valleys only made night mid to upper 70s believe it or
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no. low skploudz fog tonight. warming begins tomorrow. hot days inland into the weekend. so if you've been waiting you will not have to wait longer, sheer what provided with us a cooler than normal conditions. and basically a cool air mass. you'll feel the heat inland by friday getting into mid-90s, tomorrow morning another cool cloudy start. make sure little ones have an extra layer if they're doing summer camps. cloud cover in the morning clearing away earlier. and better clearing expected. plenty of sunshine for wednesday afternoon and warmer weather. 78 in san jose.
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l 83 los gatos. 76 redwood city. low to mid-60s coastside. north bay communities low 80s. 78 in santa rosa. 77 san rafael. east bay oakland berkeley low 70s, inland up to 90s in antioch. check out the accu-weather forecast. temperatures getting into summer like levels mid-90s inland thursday through weekend coastal spots you'll stay comfortable. low to mid-60s. something for everyone. we'll see our summer micro climates all too often. back to you in the studio.
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>> thank you very much. >> giving her time to get tea for her throat just ahead an app that helps you keep a leash on your pets. >> an east bay cooking stool school teaching people how to
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as we move towards legalization of marijuana a survey finds 52% believe pot should be decriminalized and believe legal age for marijuana use should be 21. and a vast majority believe marijuana can have negative affects on still-developing brains of teenagers. >> caller i zr. been helping pet owners for years but what if a dog doesn't have either
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whit disappears. owner can up load a face shot of the pet. the app uses special software and searches for a match. it doesn't just look for animal shelters anyone can snap a picture and upload it to the app. once the owner does the same that dog can be reunited with the family. >> coming up sne.
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coming up at 6:00 stores and restaurants vandalized innocent people tacked but business leaders refuse to condemn the zimmerman verdict demonstrations we'll investigate why. >> a man comes vowing to do anything his twitter followers
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asked. really? >> those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> now there is a new man in charge of ballet san jose. >> and today proved he has all of the right moves. >> and today abc 7 got a look at anymore action. he is a veteran of the english national ballet. >> ballet san jose is the second largest professional ballet compa
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this is "world news." tonight, summer spike, millions trying to cool off as temperatures soar above 100. and tonight gas prices also taking flight. we'll tell you how high. guns in america, an undercover investigative report. we'll tell you how easy it is to get big weapons of war in the suburbs in minutes, weapons exchanging hands in a fast food parking lot. breaking news, a tragic end, the autopsy on the young and talented star of "glee," how he died in that hotel room. good evening. as many of you know it is a withering, wilting, blistering


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