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arias said she preferred the death penalty, then changed her mind. catch and release, two fishermen were on a fishing trip last week when they saw an endangered whale caught in ropes. they made a brave decision, one of them endangered himself to save the mammal. watch when the experienced diver took matters into his own hands. >> good for him. thank you for joining us on abc news, "world news" is coming up. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow, and as always, we're on line at abc news. good night.
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definitely it has been a challenging week. we had officers working long, long hours. >> oakland police on the defensive tonight after residents and city leaders say police are too soft with the protesters. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. let's get to abc7 news reporter alan wang live in oakland. alan, a lot of people are frustrated with the cops on this. >> dan, we have police on all four corners of broadway and 14th tonight. we haven't seen the scale of demonstrations we have seen in the past three days, but a few minutes ago we did see police arrest a protestor after they found out he had a warrant. there is a small group that's been yelling at policepeople hae people have been given ing off thethe curb on a red light. still it is a big difference from the actions police took during the occupy demonstrations. tonight a city councilmember spoke out against the police department's soft stance. at a press conference today, oakland police chief said the
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demonstrations and vandalism that broke out on saturday night caught them off guard. >> we were preparing for a protest, but we didn't think it would happen over the weekend. we had our regular saturday night units out there. >> tonight the city councilmember criticized the chief for not being aware of the trayvon martin verdict. >> that's a real poor excuse. we should be prepared. we should have known. we knew. the public knew. certainly those protesters knew what would occur. >> they complained about the department's soft stance on demonstrators. on sunday night they were seen retreating from the intersection of broadway and 14th while protesters intimidated people this cars. >> it is very difficult to march into a crowd of self--- several hundred people to grab a couple hundred people who are breaking window. >> when the occupy stuff came down everyone was so mad at the police force for beingheavy. i think their hands are tied this time so they couldn't do anything. >> tonight police were ordered not to aggressively engage any
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hands-off. the problem is that the protesters are well aware of it. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> and some oakland business owners took no chances locking up early after a fourth evening of protests got out. you can see the wooden boards cover the shattered windows on telegraph avenue. during last night's rally a server was hit in the face with a hammer as he tried to protect the restaurant's windows. the owners support the cause of most of the protesters. >> there is a small minority that are causing these problems and they are obviously trying to further another agenda. >> the cops are like the shepherds. they lead the sheep down the street and they just let them do whatever they want. >> many business owners did not publicly conde vandals. vandals. others say they are just too afraid to. across the bay in san francisco a peaceful protest in honor of trayvon martin.
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abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live where people were peaceful, but angry. >> very true, dan. hundreds of people packed the steps behind me at city hall. they demanded change, justice and an end to what many here called a racist american society. >> in memory of trayvon martin. >> a 17-year-old boy is the reason so many san francisco residents gathered. they are angry trayvon martin is dead and george zimmerman is a free man. >> as long as we live in a society that justifies george zimmerman, we've got work to do. >> the injustice in florida is a threat to all of us. >> san francisco's naacp organized tonight's peaceful rally. the message was clear. many african-americans in san francisco feel mistreated and abandoned by a system they called broken.
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>> san francisco is no different from florida. it is no different from jackson, mississippi. racism is alive here in san francisco. >> san francisco's naacp is leading the charge for a civil suit to be filed against george zimmerman. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. the trayvon martin case happened to intersect with the second anniversary of the controversial police shooting in san francisco. abc7 news reporter john alston has more on the latest attempt to disrupt muni. >> for about 15 minutes they shutdown the muni line. three street cars and a bus couldn't move at all at the start of the evening commute. they came to remember kenneth harding. he was the diedold who died two years ago during a shootout with san francisco officers. police say he was a fare jumper and they chased him from the muni stop and shooting him in the leg.
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that caused him to shoot himself in the head with is a gun he was firing. it is a conclusion relatives don't accept. the march happened to coincide with the fallout from the trayvon martin case. >> we knew today was coming, july 16th, but we didn't know the verdict would be out. it is out and the energy is flowing freely. i love it. >> afterhrough march through downtown the protestor went to third and oakdale in the bay view. the scene of the shooting two years ago. >> we as people of color can come together to unify and take back our community. >> they vow to use economic pressure again to get their point ac point across. in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. a pair of would be armed robbers got more than they expected when they targeted a jewelry store in the north bay. it wept down this afternoon at -- it went down this afternoon at bennett valley jewelers. police say two men, one with a hammer and another with a shotgun started smashing the jewelry cases. that's when the store's owner got his gun and started
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firing. no one was hurt, but the would be robbers ran away and got in their car and took off. police tracked down the get away car in petaluma and arrested two men inside. the family of a missing toddler is asking for help in the search for their little girl. 21-month-old daphne web was first reported missing last wednesday, but has not been seen since june 27th. the girl's father claims he left that in a car for five minutes last wednesday. when he came out he says daphne was gone. police initially arrested him, but he later dropped the charges. relatives of daphne's biological mother gathered today, but they couldn't explain why no one else saw daphne the day she disappeared or in the weeks leading up to it. >> right now we are not taking any questions. we will get to those later. we wanted to make the statement and give the information out. >> those are relatives of the girl's mother. she did not speak publicly. her family is getting help from the class kids foundation.
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the verdict is in for one man as you expected of raping a 16-year-old outside a dance in november. we will not find out what it is yet. margolise is being tried with another suspect, jose montano. separate juries deliberated. the judge sealed peter's verdict until montano's jury is finished with its work. if there is no decision by thursday it will be unsealed then. pg&e could pay the largest utility fine in state history for the san bruno gas pipeline explosion. the blast killed eight people as you will rule in -- as you will recall in 2010. the panel suggested a $300 million fine that is not tax deductible. plus $1.95 billion in safety improvements. pg&e responded today saying, quote, in its zeal to punish pg&e, the staff at the california public utility commission has lost sight of
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the important shared goal of making pg&e's natural gas operation safest in the country as quickly as we possibly can. the public utility commission is considering what the fine will be. nearly a year after he quit suddenly, the head of ross valley sanitary district has been arrested in the philippines and charged with embezzle meant and mown laundering. he is accused of taking a $350,000 housing loan he never used for housing. his bail is set at $1 million. the marin county district attorney used financial records to track richards down to a beach resort. here is what that looks like. it is outside sebu in southern philippines. he is in manila and should be back in the bay area in the next couple weeks. a you lot more -- a lot more to bring you. coming up, the jewelry mart murders. >> the guns and the knives and all stuff. what is happening? >> the emotional reaction from family and the shocking motive
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and the disturbing details in friday's attack. also how an astronaut almost drowned during a spacewalk med medical mystery, a man wakes up in california not knowing who he is or where he came from. even stranger, he is speaking only swedish. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. the clouds are back like clockwork from our kgo roof cam camera. cam camera. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. check out your wake up weather and i will let you know a
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new information on a shocking and deadly attack in san francisco. police say they have video showing stwent 3-year-old barry -- 23-year-old barry white gunning down several people at the jewelry mart. lyanne melendez on the motive and the details on the jewelry mart murders. >> i don't know why these people come and -- i don't know. >> the family of one of the victims of last friday's shootings was in court today. they came to see the man police say brutally killed 35-year-old ken wynmin.
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one died and the other was critically injured. the district attorney's office says this man, 23-year-old barry white, walked inside the shop. according to the investigation, the suspect had asked 9 owner of the -- the owner of the store for a price adjustment on a piece of jewelry he purchased several weeks before. >> the difference between what he was seeking from the store owner and what the store owner was willing to give was less than $300. >> when they did not come to an agreement, white left and returned and then waited until all of the customers left the store. the video inside the store shows him pulling out a gun and a knife. >> stabbing and killing people. we actually see him going behind the counter and shooting some of the folks and coming back and running out of ammunition and severely stabbing one of the female victims. >> once outside the police
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confronted him. white fired at them. he eventually surrendered. >> it is truly something that sends shivers up your spine. it is a horrific killing by a cold blooded killer. >> police later found inside his car an ak47 with an extended clip. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> a survivor from the asiana crash has filed the first lawsuit against the airline. a woman from korea filed the suit yesterday in federal court in california. the lawsuit alleged that the flight crew committed errors and were improperly trait seeksa it seeks at least $5 million in damages. another 83 passengers keep in mind have begun the process to sue the plane's manufacturer claiming the crash of the boeing 777 might have been caused by a mechanical malfunction. neither asiana airlines or boeing would comment. nasa scientists believe a leak in an astronaut's cooling bag nearly caused him to drowned in space today.
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the italian was taking part in a spacewalk when water just started pouring into his helmet. 1.5 liters seeped in. they aborted it qekly. they helped get him in the spacestation where other crew members helped take off his helmet before he choked to death. nasa says it was of the most hair harrowing spacewalks in decades. new at 11:00, a mystery tonight in the california desert where a man woke up in an emergency room with no idea who he is. according to his id this is michael boatrwright and found in palm springs. he remembers knock of his past and speaks only in swedish. this video is from the desert sun newspaper that reports that it had located his sister in louisiana. he is in the hospital until the staff can figure out how to safely discharge him. find out about that rare condition on "nightline" at
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12:35. what a strange story. the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. watch abc is a new way to experience abc and anytime, anywhere you wish whether you are the home or out and about you can enjoy your favorite newscasts and tv shows and sports on your smart phone tablet or computer live or on demand. it is a new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast and at&t you verse at no additional cost. to find out how to access watch abc. just enter your tv provider account information. you will need that to log-in and get your live stream or search watch to download the app. it is pretty cool. let's talk about the weather forecast that is changing again. sandhya patel is here with that and live doppler 7hd. >> dan, i think there is going to be changing toward the warmer. people are starting to wonder where is summer. it is coming back. let's look at the time lapse
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from earlier this evening. the marine layer deepened and it explains why the temperatures were a good 5 to 15 dries below normal. and this contributed to it. you can see the low clouds just racing back across the bay tonight. we did get some breaks in the cloud cover earlier this afternoon. but it was a little too late. let's check out live doppler 7hd. tonight we are seeing widespread low clouds already into concord and livermore. it is socked in along the coast and we are headed toward another night where we will see cloudy skies. look at this dramatic view. you can barely see the waxing gibbous moon. a cool view. the temperatures are 59 in san francisco and 63 in oakland and san jose 61 and it is cool in santa cruz and half moon bay in the upper 50s. as we check out our view from our emeryville camera you can see the marine layer looking back toward san francisco. low clouds and fog overnight and the warming begins tomorrow and we are looking at
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hot days inland and if you like the summer heat, the july heat will be back. it is an area of low pressure and there are actually two centers. they are circulating off the coast and keeping the cool pattern going with the wind flow off the cool ocean water. things are going to change as this system lifts out of here and the high pressure and the hotter air mass will expand westward. much warmer weather is coming our way by thursday. by friday it will be cooking inland. you will see the temperatures rising to the mid-nineties. tomorrow morning falling to the low to upper 50s and it is going to be cloudy, cool. you will want a sweater or jacket as you leave home tomorrow morning. it is going to be another gray start to your wednesday. clouds and fog first thing in the morning. this time around earlier clearing and clearing back to the coast. the 90s will return inland. 60s coast side and most of you will enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. check out the temperatures for your wednesday in the south
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bay. 83 in los gatos and 74 santa cruz and 78 in san jose, 76 in santa clara and on the peninsula 76 in mountain view and redwood city, 69 in millbrae and 62 on the coast in pacifica. daly city as well. downtown san francisco, 66 degrees degrees and mostly breezy. 60s coast side and we will get you into the 70s and the 80s here. except for clear lake 91. santa rosa, vallejo and san rafael and novato and upper 70s. heading out to the east bay and oakland will be breezy, but blue. 72 and 74 in newark. temperatures are coming up closer to where you should be this time of year. the inland east bay valleys. livermore 90 in antioch. as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, the temperatures will continue to inch up. by friday and saturday, 96 degrees inland. 64 on the coast. as far as your range, it is the summertime range. we will start to see the numbers dip a little on sunday. but you probably won't even notice it until early next week when we are dropping into the low 60s coast and low
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90s inland. something for everyone around here. >> sandhya, thank you very much. something for everyone at the allstar game. >> especially pitching. it was dominated by pitching. the moment of the night belonged to the the greatest closer.
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good evening. the allstar game was loaded with talent, but not a lot of highlights in the game. the best moment came when the greatest closer ever, mariano rivera came in to pitch. but jim leyland used him in the eighth instead of the nineth, tell you why. the a's with two players. colon 1k3* balfore. bruce bochy is the manager and scutaro and posey. matt harvey got the start as we check out jerry seinfield. a life long met fan. he drills cano and harvey, there was no intent there and cano is all right. jj hardy and a flip to the south bay's tula wit ski.
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he scores on the play and 2-0 american league. balfore enters and he swings to end the inning. head together bottom of the 7th. ma shaw dough on his -- machado on his heels and guns him down. buster posey, his only at bat and a swing and a miss and struck out. he was the only giant to take part. 2-0 game in the eighth. the opposite field and off the wall and scoring perez. 3-0 american league. the bottom of the eighth and jim leyland calls on rivera and "enter sand man" playing and a standing ovation h -- from both dug outs. he was the only player on the field. leyland said he didn't want to take a chance of something crazy happening in the eighth. he wanted to make sure rivera got in. he never allowed a run in nine allstar game appearances. later named the game mvp. stlee-0 the final. 3-0 the fennel.
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the final. >> i wanted to enjoy and be able to pitch for the last time in the allstar game. the rush was indescribable. >> first class all the way. soccer tonight and earthquakes star and team usa and gold cup action against costa resaw. costa rica. only one goal in this game. a great feed from former earthquake landon donovan. they finish it 3-0 head together quarterfinals. a little summer league hoops and he is watching his young warrior teammates in las vegas. green to the cup here. warriors set a vegas summer league record and beat the bucs 84-72. and a little photo. quarterbacks colin kaepernick and russell wilson together today. the 9ers and seahawks prepping for the espy awards. this was tweeted from back stage.
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sharing a couch, but not conversation in the photograph. abc7 sports is brought to you by river rock casino. i'm assuming at some point they did turn toward each other and speak, but we don't know. >> don't have that evidence. >> big rivalry. >> thanks very much, larry. coming up, a
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here is a look at your wake up weather. light winds and make sure you brun -- bundle up. nice mico will be here -- mike nico will be here. >> if robots were allowed in the olympics, the gold would go to this guy. check it out. he created a gymnast-obot to master the quadruple back
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awaywind up and away it goes. it sticks the landing. the same engineer has designed other robots to do these kinds of things. as long as he doesn't build
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