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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> kgo, the breaking news is from the south bay after a police officer killed a pit bull trying to attack him. >> what is the latest? >> a woman was placed in the police car right here and put in handcuffs but the handcuffs were taken off and the officer walked her over to the house. here is new video of several other people sitting outside the house where this all happened and police were doing a parole search at the home near the corner of north 3rd and east empire and they encountered a
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pit bull and officers asked the owner to put the dog away but the dog bit an officer and the dog was shot and killed. the injure officers was taken to the officer to be treated. the parole is in custody. you can see 3rd and umpire is blocked as the investigation continues. >> now a choke on the weather and traffic with leyla gulen pulling both duties this morning. >> indeed. mike is under the weather this morning so i am filling in for him. what we do have is a warming trend so we will be welcoming in a ridge high pressure coming in from the midwest. right now as we look at live doppler 7 hd we not seeing moisture returns but today we will see the temperatures ramping up certainly by noon and early burn off, as well, at 72 degrees inland and 66 around the bay and 58 along the coast.
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by 4:00 p.m., 90 degrees inland and it will be hotter as we head to the week. now the traffic where we have a couple accidents, one felt like there was major damage and another, we started off as a stall and town into a three car crash causing delays because it is blocking two lanes. southbound 680 in walnut creek at 24 is where we have the lanes blocked and that is causing delays. now to san jose, 280, away from 17, the drive is looking empty and accident free and a couple of headlights northbound direction. the oakland police department is defending their nonaggressive approach with the protesters in oakland from monday. the police chief says that they were preparing for a protest after the george zimmerman verdict but they did not think
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it would happen office the weekend say it was difficult for officers to march into a crowd several hundred and grab a couple of protesters breaking windows. >> all the occupied folk came down, everyone was still mad at the police force for being so heavy handed and their hands were tied and they could not do anything. police were ordered not to engage any protesters taking a hammed's office approach and amy hollyfield will is a report next half hour. >> four from the joy are distancing themselves from statements another juror made following the verdict. the four jurors said the opinions expressed by juror b37 to cnn on monday night are not representative of their views and they say the juror said the actions by both george zimmerman and trayvon martin led to the deadly shooting last year and that george zimmerman did not actually break the law.
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they said they did what the law required them to do. >> oakland business owner took no chances and locked up early after getting word of another evening of profits. wooden boards are covering shattered windows of businesses on telegraph. on monday, a server at a straw was hit in the face with a hammer trying to protect the restaurant windows. the owners support the cause of most of the protesters. >> only a small minority are causing the problems trying to further another agenda. >> the cops lead the sheep down the street and let them do what they want. >> many business owners will not publicly condemn the vandals because they afraid to, some say. >> the verdict is in for a man suspected of raping a 16-year-old girl outside the homecoming dance but we will not find out what it is yet. he is being tried with another
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suspect with two separate juries deliberating and the judge sealed the peters verdict until the other verdict is decided. >> the head of $350,000 housing loan that was never used for housing quit and disappeared to the philippines. the district attorney tracked richards to a beach resort outside sabu in the son philippines. he now is in manila and will be back in the bay area in a couple of weeks with bail set at $1 million. >> the board of regents of u.c. is meeting and they could have a vote on the nominations of new student regents. janet napolitano will be the
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special session tomorrow to be confirmed as the next u.c. president announcing the resignation of homeland security secretary last week. >> mountain view-based google is scooping up land where they opened their first office 14 years ago in palo alto. the san jose mercury news reports they have purchased 15 acres of land, seven parcels and an undeveloped lot paying $630 -- 60 million to $70 million in cash. >> peg could pay the largest fine for the explosion that killed eight people in 2010. a panel is recommending that pg&e pay $300 million fine and $1.95 billion in safety improvements. in a statement, pg&e says "in its zeal to punish pg&e the
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extra the california public utilities commission has lost sight of our important shared goal of making pg&e's natural gas operation the safest in the country as quickly as we possibly can." they are still considering what the fine is. >> wildfire has spread to 9,000 acres in riverside county and destroyed six homes with gusts spreading the flames sin the fire first started on monday afternoon. the fire has destroyed several homes and vehicles including 50 homes and a summer camp for kids with cancer is evacuated. it went around an animal sanctuary and 2,200 firefighters have it 10 percent contained. >> now our forecast is not so moist this morning. >> not so moist or as cold. you do not need a sweater or jacket to leave the couple but you can see our live doppler 7 hd radar satellite, we do not
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have the moisture for a little while because we are going to have the ridge of high pressure coming in warming things up for us, and you can see a couple of the areas of low pressure that will move out and the higher ridge from the midwest is coming in pushing its way toward the west and that will bring hot temperatures 90 and 100 especially inland and the golden gate bridge shows it is clear with areas of patchy fog, certainly, but better today. air quality is good but we have a high u.v. indid, so pack the sunscreen. the next three days, as we look from our roof camera to the embarcadero it will be warmer today and friday is 94 inland, and hot on saturday. make sure you keep the animals inside and stay hydrated. the traffic shows a couple of
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problems including one is a sig-alert at walnut creek where we had a stalled car and two other cars crashed into that and the three car crash blocked two lanes, southbound 680 at 24 and you can see it is causing slowing in the southbound direction. northbound looking slow coming out of danville. the walnut creek camera shows it is affecting the drive so the brake lights show how far it extends to the south. because of the accident you are going to look at a very slow drive so give yourself plenty of extra time before you head out the door this morning. >> thank you, at 5:09. >> there is a new flavor of spaghetti o's this morning. >> a report card on yahoo after a year on the job the company's chief executive is a bona fide wall street rockstar.
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>> outrage against "rolling step" putting the boston bomber on the cover. >> in today's tech bytes fewer smartphone upgrades. analysts say the number of people would upgraded their device was down 9 percent from the year before because of a lack of innovation which is trouble for apple and at&t and others trying to keep up the pace of revenue. microsoft wants the permission to share how they handled natural security requests for customer data part of the response to the edward snowden case. you can now see the view from the eiffel tower because of google part of a new 360-degree photograph and views of
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>> covering walnut creek, campbell and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> the new issue of "rolling stone" magazine is creating backlash in social media because of the person on the cover and the way he was treated. the august issue will feature surviving boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev often referred if top celebrities show as photograph of the 19-year-old he took of himself. the magazine is drawing harsh criticism that they glorify the alleged bomber and is promising
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new rest legislations about him. >> there is long-stalled nominees in the administration after the senate has been using filibusters to hold up nominations and now there will be a confirmation of the consumer financial protection bureau. the president submitted two names for the national labor relations board and dropped two candidates opposed by the republicans. president obama praised senate majority leader harry reid and minority leader mcconnell as well as senator john mccain for getting the dome through. >> court officials in san jose have taken the first step in a project they say will ease court overcrowding and save taxpayers money holding a ground-breaking ceremony for the new family justice center courthouse to be built that will serve families and children with court cases in the county of santa clara. the court house will on the fall of 2015 and officials say the $233 million project will save
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money by replacing six lease facilities. >> at 5:15 retailers may have a trick for getting men to thing they are getting a better rice than they really are. >> okay, here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> male shoppers can be easy to manipulate if the prices are in red they think they are getting special deal and are especially vulnerable. the study says women appear to be see through the trick. members of congress wrote better notwithstanding about plans to scale back low interest rate policies testify on capitol hill today and tomorrow. investors are were watching earnings from bank of america. a new flavor being added to the spa get a o's lineup, cheeseburger o's one of america's favorite foods, half a can has 15 milligrams of cholesterol and up mill. greats of sodium. what is your favorite ice cream
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flavor with show that like vanilla are impulsive, those would like chocolate are charming and lively. >> yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer is celebrating her first year on the job. the company is showing signs of improvement a year after marissa mayer left google to take over as c.e.o. at yahoo. it was in turmoil when she entered and there have been layoffs, engineers and others have been leaving but that has stopped. marissa mayer said that 12 percent of recent hires are former employees returning to yahoo. >> we up and running, and i hit my first year anniversary it is clear we are now deep into our second sprint. >> marissa mayer says products of what will bring users to yahoo and the more users, the
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more unit for advertising to etch radio them which is how yahoo will make more money. it has been on a buying bing so quite a year for marissa mayer. >> multitasking. >> you are doing the same with mike nicco out, our meteorologist. >> exactly of the it will be warmer the next few days. thank goodness it is warmer pgiiw. right now, the radar satellite shows no moisture in our forecast. we some of the patchy fog sticking around but we do have clouds that are going to burn off earlier this morning and that is because of a ridge of high pressure that will come in as the two troughs move out we. have a high coming in from the midwest toward us bringing in temperatures reaching the 90's and the 100's inland and by
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the weekend it will be sweltering. as we take a look at our highs today an the bay or along the coast, 75 degrees in santa cruz and sunny and 75 in palo alto and 78 is the high in san jose as we move up along the peninsula and 72 in san mateo and 66 in san francisco and in the in the bay 91 degrees in clear lake and 77 in san rafael so it is comfortable as we head into napa, sonoma, the temperatures are going to reach the lower 80's and as we make our way into antioch 90 is the high and it will be hotter for the week. our lows are going to be in the 50's and lower to mid-50's across the bay area and cool along the coast and at half moon bay and pacifica as you move inland, 57 degrees will be the he in antioch. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures will start reaching the 90's today and certainly by tomorrow and friday. on saturday, it will be 98 with
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100's as you make the commute toward the inland area and 62 along the coast and it will cool down starting on sunday. we will see what is happening in the track department we have one accident and that is walnut creek and i will show you a picture if a moment but as we go over the amount pass, very slow, bumper-to-bumper traffic at 33 miles per hour is the continue speed and it starts to pick up as you exit the pass and head into livermore. 42 minutes to get you out of tracy to dub lib along highway 4 you are in good shape from antioch and 101 from san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. walnut creek is where we have a sig-alert starting at a stall and two other cars crashed into it and we have two lanes stalled. it is a bottleneck causing major delays as you start making the
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drive away from highway 4 so i suggest using taylor getting you over to 24 to get around it. >> ahead, seven-day forecast and seven things to know as you start your day. >> the best hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these,
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>> highway 24 has a sig-alert that is a crash involving three vehicles blocking two lanes with cars having to bottleneck through that area causing major delays coming from pleasanton hill. i will have all the details on getting around this mess coming up when i bring you my traffic report. >> right now it is 5:23. whether you are just joining us or head out the door here are seven things to know, breaking news in san jose, on officer shoots and killed a pit bug after it attacks him as a home on north 3rd the officer has been taken to the hospital. police are questioning people now, with the latest from abc7 news reporter ahead. >> oakland's police chief is defending the nonaggressive approach to dealing with protesters upset over the george zimmerman verdict. another night protests proved less violent than previous
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nights. >> a vigil is held if one of the three victims killed in the asiana flight 214 at sfo. the buddhist group is holding the vigil in the sunset district, after holding a vigil for the other two victims on saturday. >> vigil is held for a missing oakland toddler who van ired a week ago today. the father reported daphne viola webb missing. some family members say they have not seen her him two weeks earlier. >> the man charged with kidnapping three women and raping them in his cleveland home for over a decade could face almost a thousand charges by the time he is out of court this morning. the 53-year-old aerial castro will be arraigned on new charges after a grand jury added more than 600 counts. >> six, a look from the kgo camera shows clear conditions. we have warmer temperatures, as well, and we will be welcoming a ridge of high pressure that will
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be bringing in possible triple digits by the weekend with the full seven-day forecast ahead. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash-paying lanes loading up and we did have a sig-alert in the east bay along southbound 680 coming into walnut creek causing major delays. >> caller i.d. tags and microchips have helped pet owners reunite with their lost dogs for years but what if a dog does not have either when it disappears, a new app could help by uploading a recent face shot your pet and the yap marks key features on the dog and faces dogs up loaded at animal shelters if a match. >> we do not want to lose our family members and if we do we want to be reunited as quickly as i can. i got a demonstration and my dog
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was lost and quickly found. >> it does not just work with animal shelters anyone what fine as stray dog can snap a picture and upled it to the app. when the owner does the same the dog can be reunited with the family. >> this morning, we know that game one of the world series is plays in the american league champs' home ballpark after the game last night in new york. the a's reliever had a scoreless inning and buster was the only one of the giants to make an appearance and he struck out in his only at bat and the national league managed only three hits as the all stars beat the national league 3-0. >> if robots could compete in the olympics, the gold for the high bar can go do this guy a japanese man created a gymnast robot that learned to master the
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quadruple back flip! the engineer has created other robots who do a cease of gymnastic moves. technically, maybe it is perfect but the artistry aspect...get to work on that. >> but he made the landing. >> we continue at 5:30 with the top stories. >> the bart strike just ended but employees could hit the picket line with contingency planning underway now. >> a small insect is threatening the california fruit veto in --
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news is new
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developments in san jose an officer shoots and killed a pit bull after it tries to attack him. >> we learn why police were at the house on north 3rd street. >> we have new information on what led up to this. we saw a man handcuffed and blazed in the police car and an officer was interviewing him. if you take a look across the street from that police car you can see the animal control truck pulled up to the scene about 15 minutes ago. police told us this started as an investigation into mailboxes being broken into in san jose. witnesses gay officers a description of the suspect. officers tracked the car on north 3rd street and police say the registered owner of the car was on searchable probation and they went to the house and started talking with a woman at
5:31 am
whom about the mail theft and a large pit bull came from the basement and started to bite an for. officers were fearing for their safety and shot the dog. the officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the dog died at the scene. this area is blocked off from jackson to east empire street. the paroleee is in custody but no word on if anyone else has been arrested. >> trouble in the east bay on the highways. leyla gulen? >> we have a signature alert on 680 southbound involving a car that stalled out and two other cars crashed into it. look at all the slowing! this turned into a sig-alert that is taking time to be cleared. there are major delays approach ing from pleasanton hill. you can see all the backup is at
5:32 am
a standstill. this is a packed drive. it is never like this. since you are coming down from highway four you can use taylor boulevard which turns into pleasanton hill road connecting you to 24. avoid this area. now the weather shows good news with sun on the horizon waking up to clouds and fog. we do not have any moisture, rain, or drizzle. as we look for the next 12 hours our die planner will show patchy fog inland and temperatures at 58 and 60 around bay and 54 along the coast. we will start to see things burning off sooner than yesterday. for lunch time, 72 degrees inland and 66 around the bay. it will turn into 90-degree temperatures inland by 4:00 p.m.
5:33 am
today. you want to make sure you also pack the sun screen with high u.v. index. >> oakland is calm and damage-free this morning after the first peaceful night there since the george zimmerman aquittal in florida. police stepped up their presence in a big way after a flood criticism. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on scene. >> police are criticized for allowing damage like this to happen. we now have video to show you that has just surfaced of protesters turning violent. this was posted open youtube an exam of what police want, they want video of the protesters so police can prosecute the vandals. the protest starts on saturday after george zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of trayvon martin and the police chief says the demonstrations caught police off guard. >> we were preparing for protesters but we did not thing it would happen over the weekend so we had our regular saturday
5:34 am
night units out there. >> that is a poor excuse the we should be prepared. we should have known. we knew. the public knew of the certainly those prefers knew what would occur. >> some of the criticism has been ongoing for three days for allowing it to happen to the extent it did occur. last night was quieter. there was a saw group and some were yelling at the police officers last night and miss did issue some citations to two people for stepping off a curb when the light was red. nothing violent occurred and no destruction was done,ing to like we have seen the past two days. things appear to be settling down. things also remain peaceful in san francisco last night where hundreds held another protest in honor of trayvon martin. at city hall they demanded justice, change, and an end to a
5:35 am
racist american society. san francisco's naacp organized the rally and said many african machines in san francisco feel abandoned by the system and they want a civil suit filed against george zimmerman but the justice department say it is not likely he will face federal charges but it would be difficult to prove he acted out bias. the federal prosecution requires clear evidence that julian assange set -- that george zimmerman set out to attack him just because he was black. >> a vigil is held for one of three victims in the asiana flight 214 at sfo by a buddhist group for a 15-year-old who is scheduled to we begin at 11:30 at the san francisco branch on irving street. her parents are expected to attend. the teen died on friday at san francisco general a week after being rescued from her seat on the boeing 777. the crash also killed her classmates, 16-year-old ye
5:36 am
mengyuan and wang linjia with a vigil held by the same group on saturday in burlingame. two survivors filed the first lawsuit against the airline, a bay area woman and her 8-year-old son are seeking $5 million in damages alleging the crew committed errors and were improperly trained. the tone says they were sitting to the front of the plane that crashed and suffered back and income injuries. 83 other passengers are suing the manufacturer of boeing chairmaning the crash could have been caused by mechanical malfunction. abart workers warn if they go on strike next month they will be prepared to stay out for a long-term should the two sides fail to roach a new contract. bart is looking ways to keep the train running and has only ten qualified train parties not in union. if management wanted to add more they with is to put people through special training which could take months. the union says that bart is calling around to the retired operators in hopes of line they will up if this is another
5:37 am
strike. >> candlelight vigil is held for a missing oakland toddler gone for a week now. her father reported 21-month-old daphne viola webb missing on wednesday but some family members say they have not seen her since june 27 almost two books earlier. the father left the girl in the car in a neighborhood store for five minutes and he came out and she was gone. police officially arrested him if child endangerment but dropped the charges. relatives of the biological mother can not explain why no one else saw the child the day she disappeared or in the weeks leading up to it. >> we are not taking any questions right new. we will get to the answers later. okay? we wanted to make the statement and give the information out. the february has set up a website and is get help from the class kids foundation. the vigil is held at 6:30 at 79th avenue and international boulevard near where daphne was reported missing.
5:38 am
>> an effort to stop a pest that could devastate california's fruit industry is underway today in the south bay and it follows discovery of three gava fruit flies near downtown san jose this month. the female fly lays eggs in fruit green on trees. today, officials will start spraying a chemical to attract the male fly that then kills the male. it was probably brought to the bay area by someone carrying fruit in from south asia. >> we have big problems on 680. >> leyla gulen is doing weather and traffic. >> if you are headed through pleasanton hill along 80 we have a sig-alert with two lanes blocked and five miles per hour is the top speed. traffic has been sitting and not moving with bottleneck action to get beyond the lane closures. this is southbound 680 at 24th
5:39 am
use taylor boulevard that turns into pleasanton hill road. that conducts you to 24. the time from highway 4 is 20 minutes from highway 4 to walnut creek and then it is a breeze to the tunnel and to 13. 580 is slow down at 45 minutes from tracy to dublin. traffic is stopped right there at lane closures with folks veering around this accident to get toward 24 so, again, this is going to create a major backup and delay is give yourself plenty of extra time of with you head out the door. our weather picture shows it will be warmer the next few days this is because of a couple of troughs of low pressure that will be replaced by a ridge high
5:40 am
pressure from the midwest bringing in hot conditions. you will see triple digits inland by the week. much warmer by tomorrow and we will feel the difference today. the clouds will be with us this morning but temperatures are warmer and the clouds will burn off today. tomorrow, 60 degrees in san francisco and 70's an the east bay and 80's and 90's as you head inland. as you take a look at the golden gate bridge you can see the sun is coming up and we have a cloud layer that will burn off. our current conditions are 58 in san francisco and mountain view is 61 and in the 50's at half moon bay and santa cruz. this gorgeous shot shows beautiful three-day forecast and tomorrow 92 degrees inland and 80 an the bay and 62 along the
5:41 am
coast and by saturday it will be hot and 98 inland. >> a woman is recovering from burns she suffered when her home went up in flames and why she owes her live to courageous firefighters. >> guns and knives? what is happening? >> emotional reaction from family as they learn the shocking motive in a deadly attack. >> new details in the sudden death of cory monteith and a we are learning about one of the
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covering los altos and petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back we have go news in walnut creek. the sig-alert looks like it is all cleared. c.h.p. has yet to confirm that. obviously, all lanes have reopened as you make the approach to 24. we will take time for the traffic to thin out as you come away from highway 4 and i will have all the details on the morning commute in a little bit. kristen? >> thank you, leyla gulen. investigators believe they have a motive for the deadly shooting that left two women dead inside the jewelry matter in san
5:45 am
francisco. the 23-year-old barry white appeared in court. the district attorney says the suspect wanted a price adjustment on julyry he purchased weeks before from the jewelry store. the difference was less than $300. when he and the owner could not agree investigators say he left and returned after customers left the store. the surveillance video shows him pulling a game and a knife on two female employees. >> the way this individual went about killing the people is one of the most calculated and brutal homicide i have viewed in my entire career. >> the owner is still in the hospital. investigators say white got in a confrontation with police outside the store but eventually surrendered. >> testimony resumes in the trial of a san jose school teacher accused of sense allege abusing female students. the 36-year-old chandler is charged with blind folding the students and make them perform sexual acts. the prosecution claim this took
5:46 am
place inside a classroom last year and they claim that chandler's d.n.a. was found on chairs in the classroom. the defense says this came from a consensual sexual encounter from a woman in the classroom. he faces 7 a years to life in prison. >> walnut creek was rescued from a unbudget whom by firefighters. you can see the heavy smoke blow on the freeway from the fire. it happened yesterday afternoon. crews got there the flames were coming from the garage. they heard a 70-year-old woman screaming for help. firefighters rushed into the home and got her out. they rescued two dogs, as well. the woman was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns. no word on the cause of the fire. >> the city palo alto is removing dozens of trees as part of a street maintenance project. work me begins on mop. the 23 trees are located on university animal between middle
5:47 am
field and san francisco creek. four other trees next to the street trees will also be removed. the city says problems with decay and other issues could cause them to fall. crews will replace some of the trees this fall. >> we want to check in with leyla gulen who is filling in if mike with a lot to talk about in terms of the traffic problems and the weather. >> i have good news, the sig-alert appears to be canceled with all lanes open. c.h.p. has yet to confirm the cancellation of the sig-alert and they could be keeping around because is so much backup away from pleasanton hill. we have all lanes open approaching highway 24 and that was due to an injury consent involving three vehicles. our drive time traffic shows away from highway 4 to correct yes, 33 minutes in the last few minutes and that number has jumped up significantly at 13
5:48 am
minutes. nine minutes to get to 13 and 580 is a 13-minute drive. we pulled out so you can see traffic is still backed up driving from pleasanton hill toward walnut creek and slow going and hopefully that will dissipate very soon. it is heating up with the weather. we are going to wake up to morning patchy fog and cloud layers but not as thick as the last couple of days. live doppler 7 hd shows we do not see returns in terms of moisture, no drizzle, i didn't experience any today because of a couple of areas of low pressure moving out to be replaced by the high pressure coming from the midwest toward us headed in the west war direction. that is going to bring temperatures above 90 degrees,
5:49 am
even to 100's inland. the highs around the bay today show sunny mostly at 70 degrees in san jose and along the coast and santa cruz and 83 in los gatos and 75 in sunnyvale. the coast will be cooler at 62 in pacifica and 77 in redwood city and 69 in millbrae. if san francisco, we still will expense areas of patchy fog and clouds but that will burn off by the afternoon and 66 degrees is the the high in san francisco. in the in the bay, 79 in novato and 78 in santa rosa. 80's will be found in calistoga and napa. 78 in hercules and mostly sunny skies and 74 in san leandro and 75 in fremont and inland we will see the toasty conditions at 90 degrees in antioch and 91 in brent wood. tonight, we are going to be in
5:50 am
the lower to mid-50's at the bay and our seven-day outlook shows the trend moving higher with temperatures increasing by saturday and tapering off starting on sunday. >> now the latest in the death of "glee" actor cory monteith and here he is playing a drug addicted street hustler in a final role called "mechanic," one of two films cory monteith was working on when he died. he was found dead if a vancouver hotel room over the weekend after a deadly mix of heroin and alcohol. cory monteith struggled with addiction if a decade including a second time in rehab in april. more on america at 7:00 this america. >> imagine waking up with amnesia and speaking a different language. meet the man who is baffling
5:51 am
doctors in southern california. the state's economy could be backing back possible bad news for those searching for jobs. >> new guidelines to
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> the california economy is improving but that could be hardship for people out of work for months.
5:54 am
the jobless who receive extended federal unemployment benefits could lose ten weeks worth starting next month. right now they are given 73 weeks of unemployment but that could be cut back to 63 weeks. it will happen if june's unemployment rate which will be released on friday doesn't increase when the average jobless rate for three straight months dropped below 9 percent, the physical funding is automatically cut off. 100,000 in california would affected. >> 42350 jobs -- 450 jobs up for a hiring event today in emeryville with a dozen employers including big five sporting goods, the national guard, new york life and verizon wireless today at the hilton garden inn on powell secret in emeryville. >> leyla gulen has traffic and weather. >> coit tower shows clouds to start and patchy fog away the
5:55 am
coastline which will burn off much earlier than it did yesterday. we are going to be seeing warmer temperatures and our 24 hour change one degree warmer in san francisco if today in concord, and 1 degrees difference. the average is going to be five degree change from yesterday oakland and san rafael 12 degrees warmer. we will reach 100's in palm springs. how are the roads? the sig-alert has officially canceled in walnut creek so southbound 680 still has yet to recover however all lanes have re-opened and a sig-alert canceled. as you can see, there is still a string of tail lights making it down to 24. on 24 you are going to be in really good shape. the drive time traffic around other parts of the bay area traveling along highway 4 in the
5:56 am
westbound direction from antioch to hercules is 45 minutes cop -- commute and seven minutes to get great 87 to 85 to the san jose airport. that is walnut creek at 680 still slow and sluggish down to highway 4 but you can use taylor boulevard to pleasanton hill. >> with summer a lot people are in the woods and camping and a new warning on ticks and mosquitoes. the environmental work group's new guidelines say deet can cause seizures and eye problems and neurological damage so use it cautiously. reviews say the only effective repellant is oil lemon. repel amendments are important in protecting against west nile virus. in the california desert an man woke up with no idea who he is but this is michael boatwright
5:57 am
of florida found unconscious in february in a hotel room in palm springs. he remembers nothing his past and now he speaks only swedish. this video is from the desert sun that reports they located his sister in louisiana. he remains in the hospital until the staff can decide how to safely discharge him. >> oakland protests against the george zimmerman verdict condition for a fourth day and last night differs from the previous nights. >> we have breaking news from the south bay a dog is shot and skilled, a police officer is injured. >> later, a return to tv and
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
6:00 am
>> breaking news at 6:00, an overnight shooting in san jose, a dog and a police officer caught in the middle and we are on scene. >> new video surfaces on violent protests in oakland as demonstrations continue for a fourth night and police step up the presence. >> today officially mark as year on the job for yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer and create and her own employees are weighing in on her job performance. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. we start out gray but there is a difference with the weather. leyla gulen is here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> the warming trend begins today, and as we look from our some are storm camera we are going to be waking up to gray skies and patchy fog. 50 great shot of the bay bridge with cargo ship moving down to oakland. it will be warmer today. we will see the clouds burning off earlier than


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