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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> new at 4:00 business and property owner sat down with the chief of police and mayor today to express concern and frustration over the vandalism. >> store windows have been broken and people injured during three nights of violent protests over the verdict in the george zimmerman trial. mark matthews joining us live from city hall. mark?
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>> the chief says it's been a staffing problem. this afternoon, he did meet for the first time with property owners. last night, the first time since the verdict that police were able to control the crowd. at this meeting merchants showed up to tell the chief you've got to do more to stop it we should be on agenda at the safety of the public and protection, you know the business community. >> here. because i'm very disturbed about it. >> you sound frustrated what do you want him to do? >> well... public safety. protect us. i mean punish the one that's commit the crimes. graffiti. breaking windows? they need to be held accountable. >> the meeting at headquarters was closed after the chief met privately with mayor kwan then
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came to address reporter autos last night we're able to put higher numbers of police officers out we're more successful at preventing violent crime and vandalism from occurring that is what we intend to do going forward. >> the chief says another march is scheduled for weekend and he's cancelled days off for troops saying he'll have enough to monitor demonstrateors this saturday. we should note, however after saturday's violence, the chief told us that he would have more troops on the streets and monday night we saw a repeat of the vandalism so a lot of attention going to be paid to the oakland police and their staffing this saturday's protest. reporting from city hall abc 7 news. >> mark, thank you. >> happening now the port of oakland closed down in memory of a woman who died on the job. joy daniels had a seizure driving a truck at the port. the decision by union members to close until 5:00 tonight
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has some truckers frustrated while they do emp path arize with the family nobody told them the port was closing so they were forced to sit idle because of the closure that cost them time and money. >> i understand someone lost their live. but if you're putting thousands out of work? >> a spokesman told us after an accident it's routine to shut down the port 24 hours to investigate and also to mourn the loss. in this case there is no investigation underway. the death was due to natural causes. the port reopens in less than an hour at 5:00. >> members of marin city african american community calling for attorney general to investigate a police shooting. the incident happened on july 7th. police sate 44-year-old drove his car during a traffic stop
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firing 10 times at the driver relations between police and african american community are strained. >> chalka is our oscar grant. we have the opportunity to do something while he's recovering. >> grace onis being held in jail but not been charged. police are investigating the shooting because deputies wife works for novato police. >> police would only tell abc 7 news the case is under investigation. >> a memorial service took place for the third victim of the the family attended the private service in san francisco's sunset district. two other teens also died in that crash.
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both found dead minutes after the crash. asiana faces one of the first lawsuits filed following the accident. a mother and her 8-year-old son the airline both suffered back and neck injuries. >> developing news in morgan hill. santa clara county prosecutors filed charges against a ymca child care worker accused of sexual assaulting a 6-year-old girl. the 20-year-old from morgan hill was visibly shaken during the brief court hearing. the judge denied bail. family and friends today expressed shock over charges. he will be back in court on tuesday to enter a plea. >> the woman who found a 16-month-old baby boy abandoned in a mini mart rest room says she would take custody of the child if authorities would allow it this, is according to our media partners. cameron johnson discovered the baby alone and screaming on saturday. store surveillance video showed the mother wheeling the child into the bathroom and then, meefing with -- leaving with out him.
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the 21-year-old admitted leaving her baby during an interview with nick smith on monday. though she has pleaded not guilty. >> we're learning about the mother of missing oakland toddler daphne webb. she was found passed nout her car in february with daphne in the back seat she admits mixing alcohol with vicodin. a judge placed her on probation and issued a protective order mandating she do no harm to daphne. >> in just hours a candle light vigil will be held for little daphne webb. that is where her father first reported her missing one week ago. john webb says he left his daughter in the car with his mother in a neighborhood store for a few minutes. he says the child was gone. his mother suffers from
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dementia. >> a san jose dog owner wants answers after her pit bull was shot to death by a police officer. the dog attacked the officer fires this started as an investigation into mail theft. abc 7 news matt keller with the story. >> people living in this condo complex in san jose had their mail stolen last summer. police say residents were targeted again after 1:30 this morning by would be thieves but were scared off. >> the neighbors started yelling. and he heard her and ran to see what is going on. then, they called cops. the cops came. >> police got descriptions and ended up here on north third street near east empire street intersection. the yorn was on probation. officers started a search of the home. police say that is when a large pit bull came from the basement area and began to bite an officer. officers shot and killed the dog. we've talked with the owner shortly after the incident. >> and they shot my dog.
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they came on to my property. he was protecting my house, she the shot him. >> the pit bull died at the scene. neighbors say the dog bit people before. the owner says police shouldn't have been on her property. >> do you that i thi what they did was -- . >> wrong. there is a sign that says beware, dog. >> did you see your dog bite the officer. >> no. dinot. >> would your dog bite an officer. >> if he came on the property, yes that. is what he was there for. >> police say they arrested a 37-year-old man and 24-year-old woman for mail theft. >> uc regents appointed the first muslim american student representative. she will serve as student regent of the uc system. the decision opposed by people considered her antisemitic. she's caused on the uc system to boycott all companies
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affiliated with israel military or israel settlements. we'll hear from people on both sides of the issue and from her coming up at 5:00. >> sky 7 hd shows us firefighters attacking hot spots after a fire gutted a home in east palo alto. the fire broke out behind the home on georgetown street before 1:00 this afternoon. a united parcel service driver was hurt while trying to warn neighbors about the fire. investigators looking for what sparked the blaze. >> fire crews sparked a -- say a fire destroyed three homes, leveled three mobile homes and damaged other structures so far it's burned 22 square miles in the rugged san jacinto mountains. officials evacuated residents along with a camp serving children with cancer and their families. >> turning to weather now, a couple cool days starting to warm up. >> that is right. spencer christian is here now. >> yes. warming trend has bee
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goitsi warmer. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have patches of low clouds and fog but a sunny day at this hour. you can see we've had wide spread areas of low clouds and fog inland in spots away from the coastline. we're left this afternoon at this moment with sunny skies than yesterday. and certainly milder conditions. temperatures now 62 degrees in san francisco. 72 in san jose. another live view looking at the golden gate. 77 in napa, 81 in novato. 83 in livermore, and one more live view here looking across the embarcadero, blue skies, this is our first forecast we'll see some low clouds near the coast and bay into evening hours. overnight and tomorrow morning patchy low clouds.
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by afternoon, sunny skies and warm from coast to inland. i'll show how long the warm up will last in just a few minute autos thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 tapped out. a water emergency as residents face a heat wave. >> one man's big shock when he opened a pay pal account. his dream of riches didn't last long. >> and at 5:30... >> if you smell love in the air it's because they're spraying pheromones in the air to attract the male gaufa fruit fly that infected parts of the city. >> and michael finney taking your questions on twitter and face book and will answer them live in just a few moment
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autos skyway is slow going on the lefthand side of the screen. traffic going to the east bay better heading down south to the peninsula. mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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a police chase end when a car slam nootd suspect's car. police say the men robbed money from customers of the police chased them three miles
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and the pursuit ended when the men crashed into a construction vehicle. both suspects were arrested after a foot chase. the officer was not injured. >> sky 7 above a zbranded hiker in livermore. man wasn't hurt. he was just stuck. couldn't get up or down. this happened around 12:30 this afternoon. chp hoisted the men off the cliff with a teleprompter. >> google gets into the fight for your living room plus pay pal makes a $92 quad rilin mistake. we're live in today's after the bell report. >> larry we're get to that story in just a moment. first, third quarter sales that may fall short in estimates. ibm topped estimates with second quarter earnings and
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raised costs for the year. the apple skb google rivalry may be expanding to your living room. bloomberg learned apple is developing ads that would allow owners to watch shows without kmernls. the news as we learn google has been talking with companies to start an online tv service of its own. latest twist in the head of dell, kelly mcguiness is resigning head of the shareholder meeting. writing an open letter saying that dell must allow final vote to be completed tomorrow. u.s. stocks rose today say saying as yet services ending the day in the green led by higher hairs of yahoo. and finally imagine logging into your pay pal account to
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find yourself $92 quad rilin richer. that happened to one user pop opening his june statement. pay pal admitted it made a mistake and corrected the error. check your accounts now in case you have a night surprise there. >> i just want to take a quad rilin. 00s of people turn out to meet with hiring managers. this event sponsored by abc 7 companies among business that's were recruiting workers. our next job fair will be in san jose from noon to 4:00 at double tree hotel. coming up at 4:55 a bay area man that turned his life
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around after living on the streets. crews were poised to turn off water in maryland to replates a 54 inch water main about to fail. residents had been scrambling many getting creative filling skpoolz anything that can hold water is. >> we're going to have to make the best of it official as announced workers able to divert water into the area if residents continued to conserve, the system should remain full. >> what a relief. >> weather back east has been brutal. >> yes. it's been hot and humidity.
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>> meanwhile, heat wave is building here as well as easing up right now mild to warm conditions. it's going to get warmer next few days. live doppler 7 shows areas of low clouds and fog but sunny skies but sunny skies. blue skies forecast features, this warm pattern lasts into next week. here is a look at what happened at the atmosphere. a cool air mass is pulling away from us now moving northwest. looking across 48 states you can see this big hot air massachusetts going to start to recede another hot hot air
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mass to push into the pacific coast. that this is going to fuel our warm up in the bay area. look at the the interior west. tomorrow, high temperatures ranging from about 100 to 105 up to 110 in redding. by saturday, high temperatures up to 113 in redding. 109 in fresno. really hot for western low temperatures will be mainly into mid to upper 50s overnight. tomorrow, sunny skies and warming continues we'll see highs 80s up to about close to 9072346 san mateo to low 80s in redwood city. low to mid 06s on the coast.
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65 in half moon bay. 5485 in napa. farther north, mid-90s in clear lake and oakland reaching 74 tomorrow. 8 is 1 in castro valley. inland east bay will sizzle a beat. 93 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. look at this warm up we'll see upper 90s inland by saturday 98 zegs, mid-80s on the bay and throughout the weekend good beach weather then next week we'll see still-warm weather highs into low 90s inland. the heat easing up just a little bit. it's going to, especially the weekend. >> looking good for weekend.
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>> if you're heading out abc live stream is available here in the bay area. >> watch abc is a new way to experience abc any time whether at home or out and about you can enjoy your favorite newscasts and tv shows. from your computer live and on demand. >> like carrying spencer around with you. >> who wouldn't want that? this is a special new benefit brought to you by abc comcast and at and tu verse, enter your information to log in and get the live stream or search watch abc to down load the app. >> up next hollywood stars heading to comicon this year. >> and new after 4:30 you've heard of a shotgun wedding. newlyweds put a crazy twist on
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two traditions. ñ@ñzñ9ñy"it
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>> i would translate that but don't speak the language. tens of thousands of comic book fans under san diego for the annual comicon convention.
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there are plenty of events as you can see here. that race started last week in marin county. 100,000 people expected to attend comicon. >> romance for adam levine and snoop dogg. he has a love for snails apparent lie summer movies keep on coming and actor ryan gossling is throwing his hat into the ring he talked about playing an under world drug smuggler. >> you can do research you'd do for a role.
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>> actor is snoop dogg chatted about his character, a snail. >> they mostly get stepped on. people put salt on them. for them to have a big story, a feel good story, it's cool, baby. >> also in attendance children from snoop's youth football league z engagement news for singer adam levine. sthe started dating last year. check out a photo of the two at >> still head outrage over rolling stone's new cover why the magazine says it was important to showcase the accused boston bomber.
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>> what happened today to stop this pest from destroying california's fruit industry. >> and even the queen is getting impatient about
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a pest discovered in san jose that threatens to spoil billions of dollars worth of california produce. >> it's the gaufa -- guava fruit fly. david louie is live in the hot zone right now. >> it is indeed. these are the store-bought guava. infestation believed to have started when someone brought in contraband from another country without having them inspected because flies can multiply quickly side si yens is stepping in to kill off male flies. three struck rz have hit the streets. technicians shoot liquid from a nozzle at trees. but substance has a chemical attracting male fruit flies and contains a pesticide. >> the area will be -- have
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ferm moan -- fera moan. >> this is the enemy about the size of a house fly. believed to have come inside california as eggs inside of guava. dots show where the three fruit flies were found about two weeks ago. an area about 17 square miles will be targeting for spraying east and south of downtown. >> i would kro it safe. >> jeffrey honda is a professor that isn't worried about the use of the pesticide. >> it breaks down quickly. so if it hits the skin it's toxic but mixed with bait it sticks to the substrate allowing the flies to feed on it and die. >> state officials worry the fly will infest other fruits.
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>> even homeowners we have trees in the backyards, we plan for our families and pick fruit to understand where it comes from, open it up you find maggots. >> rolling stone magazine defending itself as it faces criticism over the cover featuring boston bombing suspect. some calling for a boycott of the magazine. three retailers say they will not sell it this week. it is the image igniting outrage a accused bomber tsarnaev on the upcoming cover of rolling stone magazine. >> why the heck are you going put an alleged bomber then all of a sudden start playing like he's a rock star? what kind of crap is that? >> the cover story is titled the bomber how a popular student was failed by his family fell into radical islam
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and became a monitor including interview was childhood friends including new detail autos it's apparently pretty good reporting but the cover is -- out of take. >> the cover photo some say is strategic he looks like he can be the handsome singer of a rock band. rolling stone has done this before putting controversial people on covers to sell magazine autos rolling stone releasing a statement that reads in part the fact is he young and in the age group of our readers makes it important to examine complexities of the issue and gain a more complete understanding. but many readers aren't buying it. on the facebook page one person wrote been a subscriber since 1982. canceling tonight. i am beyond words, another commenting jeff bellman, who lost both legs should be on
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the cover. >> why publicize a man who took lives? poor taste. >> wall greens and cvs drugstores say they will not sell the august issue out of respect for victims and families. >> we've been getting a lot of feed back on that controversial issue. >> former president clinton's name now has a permanent spot in washington. the u.s. environmental protection agency renamed head quarters in a special ceremony. the former president says he's grateful for the honor but says the build kog have been named after his vice president al gore. >> if it hadn't been for his leadership, his initiative particularly in the way we dealt with regulation would it have been a different record.
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>> congress amoved the -- approved the swij last year. >> the queen has given the royal stamp after proveal for same-sex marriage in england and wales. the bill cleared parliament yesterday. the first marriages are set to start next summer. legislation does not cover scotland or northern ireland. >> thank you very much. i'm getting a holiday. >> i'm sure you can hear that the queen asked do you want a boy or girl. she just wants the baby to arrive getting impatient waiting for the birth. she told a school girl she hopes it happens soon. prince william and the former kate middleton are expecting their first child any day now. the queen heading soon to her summer holiday in scotland. >> up next you're going meet a
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96-year-old woman who offered nothing but sweetness to a robber that demanded cash. >> a couple makes some rituals look like an extreme sport. >> i'm michael finney. i'm still taking your questions so right now, you can contact me on and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions here, live in just a moment. >> looking towards the golden gate we can see sunny skies inland. days warming up. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> and taking a look at your commute good to go but smooth heading into san francisco. stay with us. we're co
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a 92-year-old woman took things into her own hands on monday a man walked in carrying a knife demanding she hand over cash. >> i said i'm not opening up the cash register. i'm not opening it. you can have tootsie rolls you
4:41 pm
want. >> the would be robber flashed a knife. she told the man if he didn't leave she'd press a button and help would be interest there in seconds. the man noticed a camera and took off. police say they don't recommend what she did, they're happy she was not hurt. >> tough lady. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> okay. bouquet and garter tosses are common at weddings. >> but one bride and groom decided to be unconventional. heck this out. >> no, way. >> they made a traditional toss being shot from a giant human sling shot. he went first he was very comfortable. you'll see him flip a hat here. do you like this? okay.
4:42 pm
>> look how casual. >> i know. >> they can do this all day. >> yes. >> that happened several years into the. >> i'm talk about traditional. >> checking our weather, spebser christian here. >> for a change. ways taking it. here is a look at live doppler 7. clouds near the coast but sunny day looking at national weather picture goitsing to continue to be not much drier in the south west tomorrow, will be hot and steamy there in phoenix. in the state of california things will be heating up tomorrow. 99 in yosemite.
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112 in palm springs and here in the bay area. we'll have warm condition was highs into mid 60s in coastal areas tomorrow. mid 70s to low 80s near the bay. low to mid-90s inland tomorrow. our warm up has begun it's well underway. upper 90s feel like 100. >> yes. >> still ahead warning about a therapy commonly used to treat advanced prostate cancer. >> forget about jaws. a shark wrangler wrestles a 200 pound animal. yes says he would do it again. >> i'm michael finney. if you have a good record with a credit card company and close at kt will that affect your credit score?
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checking healthy living news a new study suggests a common therapy used for advanced prostate cancer could lead to kidney problems. researchers found that men who were taking it were between
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two ask three times more likely to have their kidneys stop working. >> a south carolina man thanking his church for saving him. but not in the manner you might expect. he collapses and one remembered the church just purchased a portable defibrilator. one got it, shocking him back to live. >> i remember seeing light come laying on my back and coming to. >> it's a god send we happened to have these device autos amen. >> the pastor says it saved his life costs only about $500. money well spent in this case. >> now to a young shark wrangler making waves for wrestling a shark out of the
4:48 pm
sea. >> more on the big catch. >> it's not that jaws but jaws some were dropping when they saw this. >> surngd you jumped into the ocean and pulled out a 200 pound sand shark. he had realed in half a blue fish. he grabbed an opportunity to lure it back. >> this shark took about 45 minutes to get in. that is when it gets crazy. you've got to grab him back. and they don't like that. >> the photos of shark.
4:49 pm
>> they were like you're crazy, you're crazy. >> yes. it's a good picture. >> this summer this, woman was bitten off the coast of north carolina. he says nothing can stop him from doing it again. >> catching sharks is my favorite thing to could do. any big fish. really. >> that was abc reporting. saying the shark wasn't hurt. >> he keeps doing that he's going find a big enough shark. the shark is going to win. most sharks have been in florida. >> moving on. >> yes. >> michael finney here answering question asks sent to him by facebook, e mail and twitter.
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>> rocky j asked via facebook if you have a good credit history with a credit card company and choose to close the account does good history account in the figure something it sure does doesn't matter if you still have the card. for seven years everything drops off over seven years, if you get rid of it today that good history is just right there. you have closed this account so that could hurt or help your score but not by very much. it's nothing to worry about. it can go up and down a little bit. >> okay. >> i lived in san francisco in the same apartment for 11 years. they want to increase rent from 1200ses today $1372 is this right? >> ouch. it's kind of the way the world is going now. it depends on if your apartment is rent controlled. a lot of people think every unit is and that is not the
4:51 pm
case. basic rule is that if your house where you're living was built before 1980 it's probably rent controlled. right now, rent control can only move up rent 1.9%. it's complicated and 1.9% this year and last year if they don't move it up over a course of years they're not bank that. they can't just go okay now we're going to charge that. it's only 1.9% this year. i want you to call the rent board and are you under that. >> okay. and jenny asked what is organic dry cleaning mean? legally it means nothing. there is no legal definition of organic dry cleaning they have organic cosmetics and foods but not dry cleaning so you need to go to your dry
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cleaner and say i see the sign. what does that really mean to me? >> catchy phrase. >> yes. find out what it mean autos yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> up next how one man turned his life around what. he's doing now. >> i'm dan ashry coming up at 5:00 targeting tourists. crime spree going after the very people who fuel the bay area's biggest industry z why this student regent had a difficult time winning support coming up at 5:00. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues in just a moment.
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at 8:00 sit middle, and then, modern family comes on at 9:00.
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>> the neighbors comes on at 9:30 men then one hour of abc's "the lookout" and stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> the economy is recovering it's legal consoleation to anyone who looked for a job repeatedly coming up empty. >> absolutely. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom tells bus a man coming back from the brink of despair creating his own job. now, helping others to do the same. >> tech shop is where crafts people come to learn new skills. you'll find mark roth making logos for his new business. outside you'll find a man sleeping on a pavement next to a shopping cart. turns out they have something in common. >> he was an out of work software developer. >> i was out of money. i was -- started to get sick
4:57 pm
he heard a shelter mate talking about tech shop. >> they had a christmas special. so i bought a one month membership came with two classes took two classes and the rest is pretty much history he found out he has a knack for laser cutting. he began teaching glass class now he makes a living doing small scale manufacturing. >> i have done pretty well in the past year and a half he didn't want to stop there. back on general assistance you he used to have to pass by this lot thinking would it be a great class plais to start something. >> one thing i noticed inside of the shelter was potential. >> he set out to create what he calls a learning shelter. >> all resources a person needs to live and to learn. so kind of like a tech shop and a homeless shelter. >> he has other entrepreneurs on board like luke, who never knew mark was homeless until his story was featured on
4:58 pm
venture beat. >> makes what he's doing more impress yif it was an interview almost didn't happen. >> iner ever, ever thought i was going to tell anybody i had been. i thought it would be a secret for my life. i realized if i kept it secret i wasn't going to be able to help people. >> good for him for speaking out. >> what an mazing trance form nation maigs. >> thanks for joining us abc news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl jennings and dan ashley. >> very people who are in the industry are being target bid thieves. >> and university of california's first muslim student talks about struggles to get that position. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel live on the roof of the
4:59 pm
broadcast center temperatures heading into toasty territory, i'll have a weekend preview coming up. >> san francisco tourists being targeted for expensive item they bring to the table. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. this is what they're after. he reach for skpault thieves reach for your cell. you can't believe how daring they're getting. too. >> well, dan thieves are aware of the cell phone thefts on the streets. thieves snatch phones out of your hands now they're praying on al fresco diners thieves
5:00 pm
are adding a twist to dine and dash targeting diners. >> people will come and grab your cell phone if it's laying on the on the table. >> td thieves becoming so brazen they're snatching tip jars. the latest hit was tarantino's restaurant them. travel in groups of three and four. the captain says most arrested are as young as 15. >> i guess they're out of school. there is nothing to do in the summer. they're taking chances. >> i walked over there. >> we saw a lot of potential victims as we strolled, diners placing their electronics on tables as they


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