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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tonight. nick smith is live with just how thin of police are spread these days. mark? >> the mayor and the chief are prom yigsing business owner that's they will do better. the chief obviously got an earful at his meeting this afternoon. meeting closed to reporters. the chamber said they wanted members to be able to speak freely. there is no doubt they d. >> punish the one that's commit the crimes. graffiti, breaking windows. they need to be held accountable. >> merchants are frustrated. we, i'm sor rism not good with interviews. >> alameda county district attorney says the police need to step up i think they're overwhelmed. that is why we're having this meeting. >> an hour after it began the chief emerged headed straight to a debrief with the mayor
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and both emerged to sell tel reporters they'll take what is deemed necessary steps. >> more successful at preventing violent crime in and vandalism from occurring that. is what we intend to do going forward. >> the chief says another large protest is planned for this saturday night. >> we'll work with the chief to get him all of his resources as you know. city council passed safety budget asked for. >> the chief said he will be canceling days off for officers so enough will be on the streets to closely monitor the marchers. saturday, sunday and monday night protests saw dozens of windows smashed. a police car trashed and a waiter attacked by a hammer-wielding vandal. today the owner or co-owner said the waiter will be back
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tomorrow, she would not comment on the meeting but said response from the community as been grai. i can tell you a lot of people will be watching the response at that scheduled protest this weekend. >> thank you, mark. a jewelry store clerk was robbed at gun point and had security cameras installed so it was caught on video. but opd says because low staffing crimes were no one is hurt or killed take a lower priority. nick smith is live with the story. nick? >> the individual joe dramatic. she kept cameras rolling. she says she turned the video over to police after waiting almost a morning she says she shared it with me. >> first he didn't act like an
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armed robber. >> seconds after buzzing in the man in this video you'll see only on abc 7 news he pulled a gun and shoved it in her face. >> just pointing a gun telling her hurry, hurry telling us what he wants. >> take a look. pat resays when the gunman started yelling her fear was replaced by anger he tossed a bag at my face. i tossed it back. >> as soon as the robbery started patty's manager hit the silent alarm but only taking two minutes and 21 seconds for the bandit to make off with more than $5,000 worth of jewelry. patty says she hasn't heard from police since june and officers never looked at her security video. >> they didn't know if they have it. >> this isn't the only time cameras recorded a crime where victims feel they've been left with few, or no answers.
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security cameras captured thieves ramming a truck into this wall before tearing out the atm. the owner said he hasn't heard from police since it happened. >> so they never came down? >> no. nobody came in. >> when robberies occur crimes occur we have to take them into priority. >> police tell me staffing issues mean fewer officers are available to work. and it's true both were caught on tape they have lower priority autos if we have someone injured or kill that had will priority goes to the stop of top, then if it's a report we'll have to follow wupt investigation. >> until then, please plees advise merchants to have security cameras as a second set of eyes and a investigative tool when that detective gets there. >> shooting after a driver is raising tensions between
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african american community and police. it stems from this incident on july 7th. a sheriff's department or deputy, rather says a driver tried to ram into him. they fire 10 shots. the 44-year-old chalka graceon. members of the african american community say the investigation may be tainted because the deputy's wife works for the novato police department. >> novato police department removed from doing this investigation that suv and independent investigator we're calling on kachlela hair dwrois come in to make sure things dworing right. >> novato police would only tell abc 7 news this case is under investigation. graceson being neld jail on a parole violation. >> two different injuries will reveal verdicts tomorrow in the case two of young men facing gang rape charges. prosecutors say both men attacked a teen-aged girl
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outside of a home coming dance in 2009. one jury reached a verdict today in the case against the 22-year-old. the other jury announced it had a verdict of the trial of 20. they happen to be the first of six men to stand trial in this case. a transient arrested in connection with this fire destroying a landmark business over the weekend. police say surveillance video shows him starting the fire in hay bales outside of the store on saturday. the 53-year-old was taken into custody this morning and now being held on a million dollars bail. >> port of oakland now reopened after a day long closure but not everyone got the message. abc 7 news is live at the port with the story tonight. >> let's show you what's happening. this is the first gate that opens after a work stoppage this opened at knight's gate
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at 5:00. you can see the crush of trucks trying to get in after sitting all day. the port couldn't tell us how much it's costing them but for a driver just getting by losing this day was a big hit. the lines stretch for a mile as many as 400 didn't get this text or any other warning in time to stop them from showing up at the port of oakland this morning. only to be left, waiting. david and his two dogs drove from tennessee. >> this cost money? >> definitely. and now, we might not be able to deliver until tonight or tomorrow. so everybody is sitting here costing money. >> truckers couldn't off load containers because the warehouse union ceased fworks for the day to pay respects to
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one of their own. >> we shut down for 24 hours to investigate. and to also mourn or losses. and we lost a great union woman, joy daniels unlike a death related to accident the investigation is that daniels died of a seizure. the union decided to stick with the work stoppage it left many stuck on the streets. >> just wait. wait. there is nothing i can do. if i believe they're not going pay me. you snow. >> some were losing hundreds if not thousands many seems today respect the long storeman decision. >> makes sense to you they'd shut down for something that wasn't an accident? >> it's something that happens on water front. >> in my opinion it's extreme. you know? maybe hours or so but a shift?
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i mean... >> this is the line here going back to the freeway, to the off ramp there of the bay bridge or east bay. highway 24. you can see it's going to take time to get druks in tonight. many will be back tomorrow there, is a meeting they're going to look at a proposal that would create a super terminal out here. the union is very concerned. live at the port abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc 7 news learn there'd has been a rush of robberies and cell phone thefts in fisherman's wharf. locals getting the message but tourists are vulnerable. >> police say cell phone thefts reached epidemic pro portions. most snatched from the hands of pedestrians but thieves are
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getting bolder. tourists now have the postman to be scared of. there is a twist to dine and dash, targeting diners eating outside. >> people have just sat on a table. they'll come, grab the cell phone if it's on the table or you're holding on and you're not paying attention. >> the thieves becoming so brazen they're snatching tip jars thieves travel in groups of three or four. the captain says most of those arrested are as young as 15. >> i guess there is nothing to do in the summer z they're just taking their chances. >> we saw a lot of potential victims as we drol add long the wharf. diners placing electronics on the table as they ate.
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diane did the same thing with her cell phone. >> we're visiting and talking and laughing. set it down there is nothing i found so police advising restaurants to warn if they see electronic items on table stops. he liz breath ken ned geez that is what the staff is doing. >> they're oblivious this could happen. so we try to advise. >> the captain tells me his officers have made 13 arrests, but as you just heard, almost all are juveniles so back out on streets in no time. economisting the same crime. >> coming up still to come
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controversial appointment of a muslim student to uc board of regents. >> effort to eradicate a pest found in a san jose neighborhood brit does damage. >> in sacramento environmentalists clash over more fracking should be allowed in california. >> have you heard about warm up coming our way? stay there i'll tell you how
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oorks new at 6:00 developing news from sacramento where the mono rail ride has been evacuated. about 20 people in the store broke down an hour ago. fire crews able using everything down. there have been no reports of injuries. medical injuries as a result. officials looking into how and why the power got cutoff. >> the university of california regents have made history appointing first mus tloim represent students. appointment is causing controversy especially to some in the jewish community. she is controversial because she called on uc to boycott company as fill yaited with the israeli military or settlements on the west bank and also supported a resolution condemning what she calls an is slam phobic hate
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speech delivered at uc santa cruz. >> sadda's actions have polarized thousands in the campus community and beyond. >> the committee is made up of four regents. two of whom are jewish. >> i'm planning on working thing that's all students are united around. >> she says she looks forward to working with incoming uc president janet napolitano. >> spraying began to eradicate a pest that threatens to spoil california crops unless it can be stopped. it's the guava fruit fly discovered in the bay area neighborhood of san jose. abc 7 news is in the hot zone tonight. >> three trucks hit the streets doing targeting spraying to kill off the guava
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fruit fly. technicians shoot liquid from a nozzle it has a chemical that contains a pesticide. >> area will have this phermone in it. attract the males. they'll consume the material and die. the population will collapse. >> this is the enemy believed to have come in as eggs or maggots inside guava brought in from south america illegally. dots show where they were found about two weeks ago. an area about 17 square miles will be targeted for spraying east and south of downtown. >> yes. i consider it safe. >> jeffrey honda is a professor at san jose state and isn't worried. >> it breaks down quickly.
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if it's toxic it's because it hits the skin or breathed in. if mixed up it sticks and awill yous flies to come in and land and feed on it. >> state and oak qlal officials worry the fly will invest fruits if not eradicated. >> homeowners have fre trees in the backyard. you open it up, you find maggots. >> oranges cherries and peaches are hosts. the hope is that bait will kill male flies within two months. >> let's hope they cannot that out. let's talk about the weather forecast its been hot and getting warmer. >> much warmer. here is a look at sunny skies
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now, you can see still low clouds near the coast. we get into evening hours low clouds working across the golden gate. 8:00 low clouds pushed well inland but burned back and away from the coast this, afternoon now going into early evening hours, sunny skies high temperatures today five-15 degree as above highs of yesterday. so quite a warm up. here is a live view from our camera looking west you can see low clouds beginning to push through the golden gate and across the bay now. 71 in san jose. now, looking sort of southeast you can see mainly blue skies there. 70s mid-70s in napa and upper 70s in livermore.
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and right in our here at abc 7 mainly blue skies. will be warmer tomorrow, mid-90s inland upper 90s by friday. and so warmth will be here no cool weather moving in for a while. we've got a big cool air mass that brought us below average temperatures moving away from us now. we can see big high air mass in the east. you're probably aware of the eat wave extending into mid west this, is going to be shrinking and another one going to be building in the western u.s.. and that is bringing us a big warm up. so high temperatures into
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triple digits here in the bay area it's going to warm up. overnight low clouds with lows into mid to upper 50s. pin anyone slarks upper 70s to low 80s. mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 68 tomorrow. 64 in the sunset district. napa, highs mainly upper 70s and 92 in walnut creek. 93 in livermore, here is the accu-weather forecast. here comes more warmth. friday, saturday, highs mid to upper 90s and we'll see mid-80s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. great beach weather.
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and won't be a significant cool down until next week. warmth is here to stay fr a while. >> coming up next problem with those flushable wipes. turns out they're not flushable. >> what they're doing to
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firefighters praise being a upd driver today. sky 7 shows where the fire broke out behind a home on georgetown street. the driver suffered smoke inhalation after noticing a fire before 1:00 today. crews say nobody was home at the time. the flames gutted much of a house p backyard shed. >> no more college sports for a video game company. national collegiate athletic association today said it will no lnger allow electronic arts to use its name or logo. the ncaa is under pressure to cut aj leej leets in on the billions it maybes on college sports. intel predicted sales of personal computer sales will be flat. profits down 29% but hoping to sell more chips for servers, tablets and smart phones. housing market stumbled in southern california where
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homeowners are refusing to sell their houses. june sales were off by 6.2%. the dow gained only 18 points. nasdaq went up 11. >> an important message from san francisco public utilities commission tonight. don't flush disinfectant wipes down the toilet. they're advertised flushable, they aren't and clogging and damaging sewer systems nationwide. in san francisco officials say it's pechl yens to clean up. >> toilet paper you can stick it into water it will dissolve so flows through wout a problem you stick this into a glass of water goitsing to take 30 minutes or longer brit starts to break down by then that, is what you get he says the city spends $160,000 a year to throw away all
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material that is cleaned out of the screens. >> wow. >>el. >> coming up in the next half hour, we're going to be live at a vigil for a little girl missing almost a week now. find out what we're learning about her mother. >> remember one of the victims of the asiana flight 214 crash plus why pilots are now hospitalized in south korea. >> controversial cover of the new rolling stone magazine. why man is being
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it's been a week since daphne webb was reported missing in oakland. the 21-month-old reported missing by her father. right now there is a gathering to call attention to her disappearance. jonathan bloom joins us from that event in oakland. jonathan? >> family members invited us
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here fr a vigil. you can see they've gathered there on the corner holding up a web site address and some pictures of baby daphne missing about a week now. her father and mother both attending this vigil. her father was absent for the last one. but is he here. her father is a free the police took him into custody and released him after determining there was not enough tofdz keep him telling investigators he left her with his mom who is 87 and suffers from dementia. police conducted searches but turned up nothing. latest revelation has to do with daphne's mom admitted she'd consumed alcohol and vicodin before driving a car
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with daphn next the back seat. it's important to note police don't consider her a suspect in this case they say that she has not seen daphne about two weeks and abc 7 news can't find anyone who saw her during those weeks. and her family says the best thing to do is get together and hold hands and pray for daphne's safe return. >> thank you very much. >> today family and friends remembered one of the three teen-aged girl who's died in the asiana air lines crash. she died after suffering very sear injuries. two other girls were found dead minutes after the crash. the private service took place in a buddhist temple. community leaders spoke on behalf of the family. >> thank you for your concern and care from the bay area
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people. and i'm sure they will have the courage to move on to their live. >> asiana air loins now face what's is likely the first of many lawsuits filed by a monterey area woman and her 8-year-old son. who want the airline to pay for injuries and emotional distress it was devastating experience they went through or the impact it's having on them as a family. >> four pilots are being treated after returning to south korea over the weekend. investigators questioned them before they left. they'll face another round of questions as early as friday. >> san jose police department showing a 33% surge in homicides in the first six months of the year.
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other violent crimes are down 14% gang related drim down nearly 16% and police credit a recent gang crack down. >> question is, is the plan working? there is often a knee jerk reaction. >> five more people have been killed since the report was completed no. arrests have been made in that case. >> a mail theft investigation turned into something else after officers shot and killed a pit bull they say was attacking them, witnesses reported seeing people breaking into mailboxes and that led police to stop a car at 1:30 this morning. the driver was on probation. a dog burst out of the
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basement and bit an officer. the dog's owner was angry. >> there is a posted sign that says beware, dog. >> did you see your dog bite? >> no. i did not. i was in bed arks sleep. >> would your dog bite an officer? >> if he came on the property, yes. that is what he was there for. >> two people were arrested on suspicion of mail theft. >> advocates for developmentally disabled are urging governor brown for facility that's care for 1500 people with severe disjiblts but a severe audit found patients are being put at risk by inadequate investigations into allegations of abuse including use of tasers and sexual assault by staff members. >> they hit me. they also put me in restraints. i had no, nothing to do for myself.
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the staff never listened to me they'd say go away, go away. >> advocates calling on the governor to appoint an independent czar to work on fixing the problems. >> at least two drug store chains decided not to stock the new issue of "rolling stone" magazine. the august edition has boston bombing suspect on the cover which is usually reserved for rock stars and celebrities. the photo is one he took of himself. rolling stone is drawing fire from critic who's say it glorifies him. the magazine promises new revelations about how a bride kid with a charming future became a monster. editors say put lg him on the cover quote falls within traditions of journalism and commit tomt serious and thoughtful coverage. >> still to come at 6:00
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examining the controversial practice called fracking. >> and debate ove
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america producing more oil
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in part due to drilling techniques called fracking. >> it's a method of cracking the oil underground to release oil and gas. >> state officials took on fracking in california. california drivers know gas prices are unpredictable. the oim industry says it has the answer underneath what is called monterey shale. a large formation that stretches hundreds of miles. phone shallly 15.5 billion barrels of oil but a controversial drilling method may be needed. >> we can produce more oil domestically we have a more secure supply of energy and we should see a much less volatility in the marketplace. >> along with traditional drilling it's been going on in california for decades.
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which injects chemicals into the ground. >> it is not new. >> with expansion about to get underway regulators on the verge of writing new rules after months of hearings will answer how much public notice companies should give before work starts and who should be notified when accidents happen. >> the division is mandated to encourse wise development for citizens and we do that. >> in other parts of the country fracking has made headlines, namely over pollution of ground water, water so polluted a man was able to light tap water on fire. opponents here have tried but couldn't get nine fracking measures through the legislature this year including a moratorium.
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it doesn't do anything to protect california water or health. only logical step at this time is to put a moratorium on fracking. the governor should do that, today. >> with millions of jobs and billions in revenue on the line it's unlikely the state will want to stop the expansion of fracking. moat vofters say they'd like to see a moratorium.
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a new technology offering hope to patients suffering from an aggressive skin cancer that could be deadly. it's a combination of genetic engineering and electricity being tested here in the bay area. for glenn and his wife sail boats were a passion. competing in races that frequently took them from san francisco bay to santa cruz. >> it's an emotional sport. it is. >> and one requiring hours in
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the sun. >> when i got the call for mel lan gnomea it was not a surprise. >> tests showed it was an aggressive form. clint turned to dr. doud in an investigational treatment currently in trials at ucsf. it uses an electronic. >> you open a small pore in each cell. >> first team injects dna plasma into the area. it's engineered to produce a protein called interlukean 12 next they deliver a current into the area.
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>> as seen, electric shock causes cancer cell membrane to open just long enough to allow plasma to enter. once inside the cells begin producing proteins treated as an alarm signal triggering it to attack cancer cells. >> you can see lesions are faint. >> treatment is highly success envelope controlling targeted leagues dr. doud says the immune response continued well beyond that treated area. >> you can have responses not just to tumors but to tumors in other parts of the body you haven't injected or done anything. we think there is a immune memory that forms. >> he says half patients experienced improvement included untreated areas for clint and his wife early
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results offer hope of enjoying outdoor activities into retirement. >> spending time together. and have bought a 2-year-old convertible to maybe go to the grand conon -- canyon. >> let's talk about the weather heating up again. >> here is a look at low clouds along the coastline parts of the coastline and moisture content there. no showers headed our way. just warm weather. tomorrow, hot, temperatures up to 101 in chico. heat in the central valley. in the bay area, warm tomorrow, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. this warm spell will last throughout the skbeekd into next week. highs in the mid-80s and
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mid-60s on the coast great beach weather now just four days left until aids walk san francisco. it's this sunday at golden gate park. you can text walk sf to 292929. >> will be a great day. i had lunch with the man who founded aids walk. he says it's going great. still need more people but looking good. >> stay with us we want to talk sports tonight. >> that is right. larry beil is here with action. >> we've seen buster posey lead giants to two world titles there is another posey we may see at some point. his little brother has skills, too.
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a show in new york in winning home run derby now a a's fans will get a chance to watch similar displays of power in batting practice. a's will open early for games
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and can enter at 4:30 in afternoon on friday. we've seen the launch in baseballs all over the yard. buster posey is the reigning national league mvp. next posey with major league aspirations is his younger brother, jess. more now on the posey family tree. buster posey has been rookie of the year with two world series rings. not bad for the kid from leesberg georgia but there is another posey, little brother, jess was starter at second base. >> just an accomplishment to get baseball at the collegiate level.
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so just want him to have as much fun as he can. >> never resip ply indicate. >> never say anything to him. you know? he does give me advice when he call meez. >> school came first but jeff has fond memories with buster in the backyard. >> memory is the first day of setting up the wifl -- wifel ball until we couldn't play anymore. that is what i'll remember about our childhood. >> we know buster is a nice guy, but also a big brother. >> he was probably six or seven. and i was over one of my buddy's house, we had a jalepeno pepper. we told him it was sweet. i got in trouble for that one. >> what are big brothers for? >> he'll never make that mistake again. >> who is the best athlete in
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the posey family? >> my dad would say himself. as far as kids he would say my sister. >> we have said these the-she's the most-athletic in the family hoo this is a competitive family but if there is a question buster could drop his mvp trophy on the kitchen table. >> we like to joke around but at the end of the day we support each other not too bad having a role model that grew up in your house. >> after two world series titles, here is one thing we've never seen happen to buster. >> he knows... that is their trademark celebration.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up can you get benefits of exercise without effort? scientists think they may have come up with a way to make that happen a. >> this mom in trouble for leaving her son alone in the bathroom. the woman stepped forward. >> and tonight's prime time line up starts with the middle and modern family that is followed by the neighbors and the lookout then abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. stay connected any time you wish at twitter at abc 7 news bay area, see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a management consultant originally from vancouver, british columbia, canada... a pediatric emergency-room nurse from jersey city, new jersey... and our returning champion, a legislative researcher from washington, d.c... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex t thank you, johnny, and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. well, our returning champion, mark, on yesterday's program, managed to raise his daily average
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to about $28,000 from $25,000. kerri and john, you've got your work cut out u today to try to replace him, but good luck to all three of you. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and here come the categories. first off, you'll deal with... we have a category dedicated to... vietnamese water puppets -- the famous water puppets of vietnam. a classic art form of asian magic and myth. all right, mark, you're the champ. you go first. the oscar for best animated feature for $200. mark. what is "finding nemo"? correct. oscar for $400. mark. what is "brave"? yes. oscar for $600.


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