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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 18, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> amy, thank you. now the weather forecast on this thursday. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we have cloud cover. it is not extensive as yesterday or as thick so we will see faster sunshine today and warmer trim with cloud cover over the bay bridge. we the have 81 and 95 in the east bay, and 70 to 81 in the bay and low-to-upper 60's from the coast into san francisco. leyla gulen? >> we have lots of construction projects and well start off in the east bay at 5 area eastbound between greenville road to flynn road where we have the drainage work until 9:00 a.m. headed along the westbound direction over the altamont pass from
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tracy to dublin you are at 24 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking clear from emeryville into san francisco. eric and kristen? >> this morning, oakland police want you to look at photos to help identify vandals who caused damage after the george zimmerman verdict. first show as man throwing a trash can at a store window on saturday night. in this picture another man scrawls graffiti on the street the same night. watch the man on the bicycle he suddenly kicks and didn'ts a car near lake merritt. not all images show the faces and clothing and other identifiable characteristics may lead them to those involved. police want you to show any pictures you have of other crimes. >> more vandalism could come with protests planned this weekend in oakland. frustrated business owners want
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to hold off problems they have seen in protesting and met with the marian and the police chief who promised to do better to protect the public. oakland police say they will be ready for whatever happens. >> we have higher number of police officers out and more successful at preventing violent crime and vandalism. >> punish those that commit the crimes: graffiti, breaking windows. >> the chief will cancel days off so officers can spend to any protests this weekend. >> today, the u.c. board of regent is holding a special meeting to vote in janet napolitano as an effective advocate for public education as a two term arizona governor but activists are protesting the
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vote over immigration policies as head of the department of security. thousands will get a one year reprieve from fee hikes because raising prices would run into opposition from governor brown but necessity approved 8 percent hike for graduate nursing programs. those students will pay an extra $618 bringing the annual price of a master's degree to $24,000. >> berkeley police are investigating the city's second homicide of the year after a man was gunned down. police say the victim was shot on derby street near martin luther king jr. way before 7:00 face down on the sidewalk. he died at hospital. no detail on the victim or possible suspects. >> developing news, the parents of a missing oak oakland toddler are appealing for help after daphne viola webb was reported missing eight days ago. the child's parents appeared in
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public together for a vigil. though did not stand together and they does not talk were. her father, anthony webb said she disappeared from the car when he ran into an oakland star but the family did not see the two together that day or the week before. he says he stayed inside their apartment mostly. >> i am just a homebody even before all this happened, i never really went nowhere unless i left the house for something. >> there is no way to express how you feel when your child is missing and you don't know where they are and you can't find 'em or hug 'em. >> the family hopes tips will follow through on a new website at two juries will reveal their verdicts in the trial of those accused in a gang rape of a richmond prosecutor. both men beat and raped the girl outside the homecoming dance at richmond high school in 2009 and yesterday the second jury reached a decision in the case
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against 22-year-old. tuesday, the first jury reached a verdict against 20-year-old peter, after they were tried together with separate juries. the verdict was sealed until both could be heard together today. >> experts are in san francisco to test the newest antitheft features designed to stop the way of stolen smartphones. >> security experts will test apple's iphone 5 activation lock and samsung's s4 for droid and will act as though they are stolen and try to get an the antitheft features to test them. smartphone makers were urged to make a "kill" switch with half of all robberies in san francisco involving a cell phone. >> a ups delivery driver tried to warn residents of a
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nasa-moving fire in east palo alto. the fire broke out behind a home and the united states driver suffered smoke inhalation trying to warn neighbors of the place. no one was home in the home at the time and the flames gutted much of the house and the backyard shed. >> transient faces charges in connection with a fire that destroys a landmark business after surveillance video shows him starting a fire in bail outside a feed store. the 53-year-old steven edmonds is hold on $1 million bail. the damage is close to $3 million. >> occupy the farm activists will start farming u.c. property they occupied next month but now with the blessing of the university. police evicted the activists in may when they took over the tract for three weeks. the "contra costa times" reported 30 farmers can plant small corners on a small plot of land under a project directed by
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a professor. the hope is to show community farming is the best use of the land. currently, the north side of the tract is restricted to agricultural researchers and the south side is slated for development. >> now the weather forecast. no mist or drizzle for me coming in and mike nicco, what about everyone else? >> it is more dry and no clouds reported in the east bay valley so that girlfriends you an idea how difficult it has been to get the clouds into the atmosphere but they will not say long. we will focus on the fog at 1.25 mile quarterback in santa rosa and four at half moon bay and everyone else is okay. as far as temperatures we are in the 50's and santa reason is a cool spot and 57 at fremont and los gatos and san jose and antioch at 58 and we have 57 also in oakland and 54 in san francisco and napa is at 56
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degrees. the day planner today the next 12 years is not so thick but temperatures are still going to hang out in the low-to-upper 50's through 7:00 and by noon clouds will stay longer, and by 4:00 we are touching 90 inland and upper 80's around the bay and near 60 at the coast and not so mild at 7:00, 80's inland and 56 at the coast. next three days, they are the warmest and the heat will peak on saturday but it will be summer remain warmth for sunday. leyla gulen? >> we have construction that is at the macarthur maze because of the bay bridge work. on the east bay, eastbound 80 at 580, that is where we have the lanes blocked until 5:00 a.m. and now we are looking at eastbound traffic building and also, westbound, along 80 approaching the bay bridge toll plaza and we have clear conditions on 580 coming from tracy to dublin and 24 minutes to get you there and antioch to
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concord is 17 minutes and 101 from san rafael and into san francisco, that is also under 20 minutes. now, we will look at san jose 280 away from 17, quiet and accident free and not too much traffic at this early hour. kristen and eric? >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> theft epidemic only open 7, the surge in crime at a bay area most popular tourist area. >> also, you were stunned by the story of a toddler left abandoned in a bat room and now the woman who found him is making a special offer. >> controversy continues over the rolling stone cover with the boston marathon bombing suspect and the stores are refusing to sell the new issue. here is america's money. >> morgan chase is settling accusations over schemes to profit from selling electricity according to regulators. the deal could cost up to half a billion. a new weight loss contest is
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offering people a gram of gold for every two pounds they lose worth $45. the three people who shed the most weight get $9,000 in gold coins. hooters has redesigned their logo, to modernize the 30-year-old brand image on menus next month and on tank tops between now and october. that is
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on thursday at 4:42. the embarcardero area looking at the bay bridge, it is cloudy with a warm day ahead. we will check with mike nicco. >> the woman who found a 15-month-old baby boy abandoned in a restroom in vallejo said she will take custody if authorities allow it.
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the woman from ukiah discovered the baby alone and screaming on saturday. surveillance video showed the mother wheeling the child into the bathroom and leaving without him. the 21-year-old joia hukill is in jail on abandonment charges after admitting she was on crystal meth and forgot him. the child protective services has the baby, charles ever epas edwards iv. he could be available for foster care. >> police are warning tourists eating outside at fisherman's wharf restaurants to watch out for diners who have thieves grab phones off the table while people are eating in bands of three or four. restaurants are to warn the tourists.
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>> people are having their cell phone just grabbed if it is on the table or if you are holding on to it. >> officers have made 13 arrests so far just this month alone. >> alameda is reporting the first two west nile cases. the infections were found in two dead crows one in oakland and the other in pleasanton in the past week. so far, dead animals have tested positive for west nile in contra costa and san mateo county and is carried by mosquitoes. >> union leaders putting pressure on reaching a deal with health care workers in santa clara county. >> workers at santa clara county medical center rallied for pay rays claiming they are underpaid compared to employees at other hospitals. a contract extension ends next friday and a county spokesman said they confident they will real a deep although there are
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sticking points. >> female beaver is free again, after officials noticed a packing central wrapped around her midsection that was cutting into her skin. they removed it and she is healthy and she is back in the wild. >> the weather seems like it is difficult from the old weather we have had the past week. >> absolutely, summer is coming back so we will have to turn the air conditioning on. >> sure, here is a look at what is going on, thursday, today from noon until 9:00 p.m., wind at 15- to 25-knots including at the delta community. on the water, you will build
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near the shoreline and it will be breezy. the breeze is kicking up quicker and we will see sunshine faster today but you will still have clouds. brighter early and average highs today are back where we should be and the warmest days are still ahead of us, tomorrow, emily saturday, and holding on sunday. there is monsoon moisture that could back its way toward us and well watch for the isolated thunderstorm. until then, we will talk about what will happen today. here is a look at cloud cover and how extensive it is, pushing into the south bay and trying to push in the east bay valley. notice the two areas are clear by ten. at noon everyone is clear but for the coast. at the coast we will see limited sunshine as much as we saw yesterday. a pocket here or there. temperatures will respond to the early sunshine at low-to-mid 80's. and most geats will flirt with the upper 80's and santa cruz
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at 78 with sun. on the peninsula, we have temperatures in the mid 70's to 80 degrees in palo alto and los altos, and millbrae is coolest at 72. 65 at half moon bay and sunset is around 64 and 68 in downtown and 70 in south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 88 through the north bay valley and along the east bay shore we go from 73 in berkeley to 81 in cass tremendous valley and low-to-mid 90's taking over in the east bay valleys with temperatures in the 50's you can trap the cool air and hopefully you will not need the air conditioning. mid-to-upper 50's with cloud cover and the highs, today, across the state and look at them jumping into the 100-degree range on friday and even this weekend is you can see the warm air from the desert into our neighborhood and we could flirt with 100 especially if places like brentwood on saturday and antioch and a lot of 90's through the forecast inland with 80's around the bay and 60's at the coast. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> as we take you to san
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francisco, we have a couple of connections that will be shut down until 6:00 a.m. as we take you over to 80 and 101 where they come together, westbound 80 to 101 and the southbound connection, as well, will be shut down until 6:00 a.m. for construction work out this. we will look at our drive time traffic, 680, headed southbound from 4 to walnut creek is six minute drive complete change from carried with an early morning sig-alert and from walnut creek to 13, that is seven minutes and 580 from tracy to dublin is 26 minutes. it is looking clear and not too foggy butted a couple of cars are making the drive from sausalito to san francisco. >> at least two drugstore chains including wall groans -- walgreens and c.v.s. will not sell the new "rolling stone"
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magazine that has boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev on the cover. some are canceling their precipitations but they say they will have new revelations of why a bright kid turned into a "monster," saying it falls into the level of journalism and thoughtful consideration. >> and the former south africa president nelson mandela is 95 years old today. people broke out in song in honor of the big day coinciding with international mandela day of service. in san francisco, a celebration of church service was held at grace cathedral. he remains in the hospital with his birthday so big because he has been fighting a lung infection for a month now but his condition is said to be steadily improving. >> coming up, scientists
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discover something that can lead to treatment for down's syndrome and other major medical conditions. >> you know the fresh wipes, sanitary wipes? we use temperature to clean up everything, right? look at this, they creating a major problem for some cities. >> how seattle seahawk plans are leaving their mark on the new tn
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know, monday tan know, monday ton know, monday ton oh. >> good morning, the san mateo bridge is clear with traffic looking good with a few low clouds giving way to a very warm day with details from mike and leyla gulen. >> the mono rail at the fair will be out of service until they figure out why it lost power before 5:00 yesterday, it came to a halt, stranding 38 passengers. rescue crews used a lift to bring everyone to safety, the third time it has lost power during the state fair.
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osha has to inspect the ride before it resumes. passengers were given food vouchers for their trouble. >> rivalries run deep in sports and a group of seattle seahawk fans want to etch their feelings of the 49ers in stone. people can buy personalized bricks that will line a fan walk at the stadium in santa clara with prices starting at $195 and seattle has raised $200 for their prick with no decision on the message but fans are throwing out suggestions. by the way, the 49ers can veto messages on the bricks. if you would like to buy your own brick we have the detailed at since the 49ers can veto the fans are talking about how to sneak in a pro seattle message. >> coded message? >> that is what they are thinking. >> and now the weather. >> we will break the weather by showing you the roof camera and
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the slow clouds this afternoon but in the afternoon we will jump ten degrees in fremont and up to 81 and nine in san jose to 83 and concord is six degrees warmer at 91 and san francisco topping out at 68 and oakland is 74 and santa rosa at 83. quiet across the state as far as radar and temperatures running 111 in palm springs and los angeles, sunny and 82 and hundreds through the central valley but sacramento at 98 and 88 in tahoe but it will reach the 90's by the weekend in tahoe, a record high for the sierra. >> we have center guide -- divider work with construction crews blocking northbound on nimitz at 23rd and the embarcadero. there is slowing that is causing a bottleneck. you want to slow if the cone zone. our drive time traffic is 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes and 101
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southbound from santa rosa to san francisco, no traffic, so, 51 minutes is good. 17 if you are traveling away from highway one to los gatos that is 24-minute drive. outside and looking at san jose, traveling along 101 away from 880, it is a breeze if you need to make a move from san francisco airport. >> though days left until this year's aids walk san francisco on sunday in golden gate park. here is the information you need to register, 415-615-walk. or text 292929. walkers can see themselves at check point three on the jumbo tron. >> a lot of us will be there so please join us. >> scientists have the first evidence that it could be possible to correct a gene responsible for down's syndrome.
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researchers have essentially turned off the extra copy of chromosome 21 in stem cells which causes down's syndrome. scientists say this could lead to treatments for conditions related to down's including weakened muscles and heart disease. >> a texas abortion bill blocked by a filibuster last month will be signed into law today. the governor will sign the measure this morning mandating that abortions only be performed at subject california centers by doctor would have hospital admitting privileges. only five of the 42 abortion clinics meet the new requirements. >> the mayor in new york is taking aim at elevators and wants workers to take the stairs instead, a bill he is proposing requires all buildings undergoing major renovation to give occupants access to one stairwell. he has waged war on cigarettes, trans-fats and super sized drinks. >> a message from the san francisco public utilities
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commission: don't flush the wipes down the toilet. some are advertised as flushable, they aren't. officials say they clog sewer systems and in san francisco officials say it is an expensive problem to clean up and they say the city spends more than $160,000 a year to throw an all the materials that is cleaned from the sewer screens. >> we have breaking news in oakland, a child is killed and three wounded at a shooting and we will tell you what police revealing of the crime. >> former homeland security chief janet napolitano is ready to become the u.c. chance all right at a regent meeting in san francisco and why some students and faculty say she is a bad choice for university system president. >> out of control, a new threat of wildfire burning on the third day is posing a problem to
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>> we have breaking news at 5:00 from oakland where four people have been shot, one a defenseless child was killed. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> eric it happened right at the front door, look at the bullet holes here at the door. we are on wilson avenue in oakland and we just smoke with the father of the girl who was killed. he said show was here for a sleepover on a may date and when the children came to the door, the person who was at the door started shooting. it happened at


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