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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> we have breaking news at 5:00 from oakland where four people have been shot, one a defenseless child was killed. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. amy? >> eric it happened right at the front door, look at the bullet holes here at the door. we are on wilson avenue in oakland and we just smoke with the father of the girl who was killed. he said show was here for a sleepover on a may date and when the children came to the door, the person who was at the door started shooting. it happened at 11:15 on wilson
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avenue. a four-year-old boy, two girls, and a grandmother were all shot and the 8-year-old girl who was shot died. the other three survived. according to the girl's father the woman is the grandmother of the two kids who live here and the girl who was killed was a visitor in the home. >> actually, it is a shocker. i am still in denial that she is gone. it is going to come to the time when i am used to her talking my ear off and shell not be there. she has a younger brother who i have to raise without her now so it will be difficult. >> he says he has no idea why this happened. i asked him who lives here and he said the grandmother and the mother and the two kids. of course, his daughter was visiting. police say they have not made
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any arrests, they do not know the motive or is a description of the killer or of the car the killer was driving. they need help solving this case and they are hoping anyone with information will please come forward. >> get ready for warmer temperatures today, here is mike with the forecast. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd. the clouds are not so thick as yesterday so we will get sunshine an hour quicker and sunshine along the coast, also, and here is what will happen today, we have cloud cover rolling across the golden gate bridge and the first forecast is warm, inland from 81 in the north bay and the south bay to 95 is the warmest spot in the east bay valley and from 70 to 81 for the bay temperatures and at the coast it is cool but not so cool as it has been, 62 to 68 into san francisco. how is the morning commute? >> so far, so good, we have one accident in the east bay and i
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will get to that in a moment. we have construction along 101 in the southbound direction at broadway with a few lanes taken away until 6 a.m. and we were looking at yellow building in the southbound direction coming arm from sfo and it looks like that has dissipated and you could be met with more traffic as the only hours extend. as we head into the east bay along highway 4 in the when direction a crash is reported here and we are not sure if it is blocking lanes or not but westbound highway four we seeing a buildup of congestion in the westbound direction. eric and kristen? >> regenerals are meeting in san francisco to confirm the next president of the u.c. system, janet napolitano is about to make history on several fronts. abc7 news reporter is on the campus at mission bay. matt? >> later today in the building right here at the mission bay conference center the homeland
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security secretary janet napolitano will face a full board of regents for a vote on her nomination to become the first woman to be in that position. the chair of the special search committee said show was recommended on a unanimous vote. supporters say napolitano is a dedicated public servant and a transforming leader. she was governor of air air before serving as homeland security security. the current president will step down in august after serving more than five years and said he will help the successor in the transition. >> i hold great confidence in the university and great confidence in the institution my successor will inherit and i wish my successor well and am prepared to help in anyway deemed appropriate. >> students face financial obligations as the tuition doubled in five years to $12,000 a year. now, protesters are expected to rally here before the meeting
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urging the regents to reject the napolitano nation overseeing the most deportation during the obama administration and being put in charge of a university that enrolls hundreds of undocumented students is not right. barriers are set up and the rally is scheduled to start at noon. the public portion of the u.c. regents' meeting starts at 1:15. >> thank you. the regents made history yesterday by appointing the first muslim to represent the students. some members of the jewish community country like the pick because the senior urged the university to boycott companies affiliated with israeli settlements or the israeli military. he will focus on issues of concern to all students. >> oakland wants the public to
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identify vandals photographed in the demonstration and violence following the george zimmerman verdict. they have released these images to abc7 news and the first show as man throwing a trash can at a store window on saturday night and another scrawled graffiti on the same night and police want did see any pictures or video you may is taken of other creams being committed. a waiter hit in the face with a hammer will be back at work. he tried to stop people from breaking windows at deplore a -- at flora restaurant. >> besides the pollution on his face and cut over his eye he has trouble chewing but the swelling has again down. our media partner, the oakland tribune reports the city leaders will reconsider a proposal to been certain items like hammers at protests.
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>> residents of marin city want the state to take over the investigation 6 an officer-involved shooting after after a man drove his car at an officer who fired continue times. bystanders threw rocks at the deputy. grayson is held on parole violation but has not been charged. novato police are investigating the shooting but the leaders in the african-american city say that is conflict of interest because the deputy's wife works for the novato police department. they would like to change the circumstances of the case. >> and a hallmark company has two tenants accusing the company of failing to ensure the building has a working sprinkler
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system. >> more evacuations are underway in palm springs where a wildfire is burning out of control and right now it is threatening 4,100 homes in riverside and up to 6,000 people are affected and the so-called mountain fire has torched more than 19,000 acres and only 15 percent contained. >> checking out our weather this morning, we have low clouds but it will shake up to be different than yesterday. >> it will be sunny quicker and the warming trend will continue and we will have temperatures become to where they should be if this time of the year. ifen extra, if you are headed this way, 52 in forest hill is the cool spot and everyone else is 53 or 54, most of us are in the 50's toward tracy and pittsburg and santa clara and union city and palo alto are 57 and 55 in belmont and walnut creek and 54 in richmond and half moon bay. here is a lock from the
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exploritorium to the port of oakland where it is quiet. the next 12 hours we will start with 52 to 58 with a few breaks in the cloud cover in the east bay valley with most of the clouds back by noon and 56 to 78 and check out temperatures, 62 to 90 and the summer spread is developing, 56 to 82 and breezy around the bay in the afternoon and evening. the next three days are the warmest: mid to up more 90's and let to mid 80's and mid-60's at the coast. now a check of the traffic. >> welcome back, we have a couple of accidents, a brand new accident if you are traveling along 101 in marin county in the wall detunnel we have a report of a two-car crash blocking one lane and we have slowing there as you make the drive further into sausalito. also, in the east bay, from antioch we have an accident with one car in the center divider
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and the other is involved but it took off. we are down to 38 miles per hour. at the altamont pass, another slow drive. we have plenty of brake likes from tracy to livermore. at the san mateo bridge the drive is clear with no accidents. just a few extra cars into foster city. >> what is the most common things people did on vacation this summer? it is not relaxing. more on the bloomberg business report. >> a grouch artists literally trying to redefine marriage in a cell campaign. >> supporters of paula deen are wrapped up to support of
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>> walnut creek and campbell and all the bay area, a group of anonymous activists is going around san francisco bookstores and libraries covering dictionary definitions of "marriage" with stickers with an updated version in response to supreme court ruling last month that effectively legalized same-sex marriage in california. the group calling itself hack marriage is reinflation the standard definition in dictionaries that define marriage as a union between a man and woman with one that says it is the formal union of two
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people becoming pans for live. >> president obama will defend his health care law at the white house a day after the republican controlled house of representatives voted to delay part of it and will argue the plan is working by pointing to half a billion in rebades. the g.o.p. said this is unworkable and must be appealed and will highlight the average $100 rebate sent to some 8.5 million people. >> a unique campaign is underway in support of southern cooking queen paula deen with members of the "we support paula deen" facebook are mailing empty butter wrappers to those who dumped dean after admitting using a racial slur. this is a slogan, a corporation without paula deen is like a butter wrapper without the butter and the supporters do not like how she is being portrayed and think she should be forgiven
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for mistakes many years ago. national career fair is today from 11:00 today until 2:00 p.m. at the san mateo marriott. managers from companies like walgreens and sleep dream will collect resolution -- resumes. >> now the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, bad news for college-bound kids and their parents, the price of things for school is on the rise and the cost learning index is up 8 percent this year over last year because of high brakes on backpacks and pizza and filing cabinets. on capitol hill a bipartisan senate group has reached an agreement to roll back interest rates on federally subsidized student loans. under the plan, rates on the
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loans in future years could go up. if you are planning a summer get away you will be stuck doing work while on vacation? a study by a software company says 61 percent of employees expect to work on vacation up from 52 percent last year. >> in an of the to get you off the couch, amc is selling luxury seats you can reserve ahead of time and the kids can enjoy. that is the news from the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> we missed our hostess twinkies with people snapping up the twinkies at a record rate since they are back on the store shelves three days ago. fans had to do without for eight months after the original hostess went out of business and now demand is seven times greater than before and orders are six times greater than production capacity and they are at maximum production capacity. >> crazy. people are not determined by the
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slightly smaller size. >> no, just buy more. >> mike nicco has more clouds this morning but that will clear quickly, right? >> absolutely if you want did work off the smaller twinkie, you may want to do it in the morning. marine layer is 1,500' and it was 3,000 feet on tuesday, the coolest day. the east bay valley is getting more clouds. notice the wind in fairfield only 15 miles per hour so you can see the sea breeze has taken a downturn and from our roof camera to the port, there are clouds and with from sun the temperatures warm back to average and per is back and it will be warmer-than-average away from the coast friday, saturday, and sunday. if you have outdoor activity, your body will be taxed more. an isolated storm and we are
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watching monsoon flow next week. today, we will be above average in livermore and 93 and napa is 85 and oakland is 74, all above average. san francisco will be average at 68 and san jose and redwood city are close at 83 and 81. sun is up at 6:02 and sets at 8:29. as you head to los gatos we will first with upper 80's and in the upper 70's around cruz and at san mateo we are at 76 and menlo park is 79 and south of there, it will be in the 80's and milbrae will be about 72 today. low-to-mid 60's along the coast and you will see as much sunshine as you saw yesterday. near 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and north bay benches are 62 at bodega and low-to-mid 80's so, mild inland and as we head over to the east bay, berkeley is 73 and in the mid-to-upper 70's in
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oakland and san leandro and union city and low 80's elsewhere and in the east bay valley, low-to-mid 90's so get the house cooled while you can this morning with the temperatures in the 50's. back in the 50's tonight with most areas showing clouds but the east bay and the south bay you have less cloud cover. here is what is going on, we have had the cool air of low pressure that is moving back to the west and that is allowing the high pressure that has been dominating the east coast with "good morning america" in new york they is talked about that a lot but that is breaking off the heat and because of that, mid-to-upper 90's inland and let to mid-80's around the bay and free air conditioning at the coast and mid-60. it cools with the temperatures a little bit by monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. leyla gulen? >> we have an accident that cleared along southbound 101 headed into the waldo tunnel involving a couple of vehicles blocking one lane. we are down to 47 miles per hour in the area so it is slowing the
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traffic down approaching sausalito and to the golden gate bridge. i will have your travel times in a moment. westbound highway 4 at summersville this is an accident in the construction zone but right now we are looking at slow traffic from antioch and seven miles per hour not blocking any lanes but traffic is building as we speak. the drive time traffic at 580 from tracy to dublin is 36 minutes and highway four from antioch to concord, 27 minutes gets you through and 101 to san francisco is a better drive than a moment ago so things are slowly improveing. >> reminder that the "watch abc live stream" is available now the first network to bring a life streak of all the favorite abc shows so you do not have to watch a minute the shows and
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. breaking news, oakland police are investigating a shooting that left an 8-year-old dead, two children and a woman are wounded. it happened on wilson avenue at 11:15. our news reporter is on the scene and will join us in a few minutes with more. >> oakland police want your help in identifying vandals photographed in protesters after the george zimmerman verdict. these are pictures and video released by investigators, police want did see any pictures or videos you may have taken of other crimes. >> a waiter at a downtown oakland restaurant hit in the face with a hammer will return to work. drew was attacked while trying to stop people from breaking windows outside the restaurant on monday during the george zimmerman protests.
5:25 am
he hopes to be back to normal next week when the band has a y d-day buy. >> there is a special board of meeting for the u.c. regent to confirm janet napolitano as the next president of the system with a protest planned over her role in immigration policies when the head of the department of homeland security. >> five, new evacuation situations are underway in southern california where firefighters continue to battle a raging mountain fire burning in riverside county. >> six, summer is back in the forecast. todays back did where they should be if this time of the year and i will show you how much warmer this weekend in your seven-day outlook. >> 15, as we look at toll plaza traffic is moving but we have a buildup with a couple of early morning crashes and mass transit is on time. traffic is straight ahead.
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>> 49ers quaterback kaepernick last night won the first award in los angeles celebrating the best of athletics. kaepernick won the break through athlete of the year award. the most touching moment of the night was when "good morning america" robin roberts received the arthur ashe award after bone marrow disease and beating it. >> i never imagined i would be able to be standing here 20 years after a speech and say because of everyone who has responding to his challenge, because of all of the dough nays, research and support, mine is one of the lives that has been saveed. >> not a dry eye in the house. she was one of the first female
5:27 am
sports announceers in espn in the 1990's. and jimmy v was the hate basketball coach of north carolina state. here is a sport to look at 17 choreographing a ridiculous feat, a seven man swimming pool alley-oop, with every dunk very precise. >> my daughter will be mad! >> unlike the nab, no one "traveled." >> just a little more than ten minutes away from learning the nominees from the rhyme time emmy awares and we will go to los angeles for the big announcement. >> putting new smartphones to the test, do antitheft f
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we have breaking news. >> a gunman shot four people and a family including one child who died. our news reporter is on the scene with a better idea of the relationships between the people. amy? >> kristen, the father of the 8-year-old girl who was killed says she didn't even live here she was just visiting. it happened right here at the front door. you can see the bullet holes through the screen of the door. we are told someone rang the doorbell and children answered the door and the person started shooting. here is a picture of the girl who was killed, 8-year-old and her father gave us this picture and said she was a very bright girl. she was at a play date when she was shot and killed. four were here, a grandmother
5:31 am
and her two grandchildren and this girl. her father has no idea why this happened. >> i really don't know, it could have been a mistake, anything. she plays here all the time. i don't have no clue. i just moved from over here a month ago. >> this happened at 11:15 last night on wilson avenue. police say they are at a loss, as well, with no suspects and they have made no arrests and do not know the motive or have a description of the car and they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. now the weather forecast. it will be a warmer day today, mike? >> finally, temperatures are back to average and summer is back. here is live doppler 7 hd
5:32 am
showing it is dry this morning and not even hearing of any mist and drizzle and the beautiful picture from our east bay hills camera look through the east bay hills and valleys towardmont diabolo and limited amount of cloud cover. you will see the sunshine first and be the warmest this afternoon. this is where we will have the 90's in the east bay valley and the north and south bay are in the 80's, 70's to 81 around the bay with sunshine and clouds at the coat and 62 there to sunny in san francisco and 68. the morning commute? leyla gulen? >> pretty busy. the accidents have comedown but we have lots of congestion and construction, city, that will stick around until 9:00 a.m. eastbound 580 between greenville and flynn we have several lanes blocked and that is going to be until 9:00 a.m. with drainage work. as we look at our drive time traffic from albany to the maize it is four minutes and southbound from fremont to san jose it is 14 minutes and telephone minutes along 280 away
5:33 am
from 101 to cupertino, and outside right now well look at walnut creek and 680, building in the southbound direction and northbound side from pleasanton hill we have several lanes blocked up to monument. >> this morning, oakland police want you to look at pictures and see if you can help identify the vandals who caused damage after the george zimmerman verdict. the first picture shows a man throwing a trash can at a store window on saturday night. another picture a man scrawls graffiti and this man on a bicycle kicks and dents a car. investigators say clothing and other identifiable characteristics may lead them to those involved and police want to see pictures or videos you may have taken of crimes being committed that day. >> there is concern more vandalism could come with george zimmerman protests planned this weekend in oakland.
5:34 am
frustrate the business owners want to head off problems in several nights protesting and met with the mayor and the police chief both promising to do better. oakland police say they will be ready for whatever happens. we put higher number of police officers out we are more successful at preventing violent crime and vandalism. >> graffiti and breaking windows, who does this? >> the chief plans to cancel days off so officers can respond to any protests this weekend. >> happening today, the u.c. board regents is going to confirm janet napolitano as the next president of the system, after she was unanimously recommended to the post saying champion nap was ever effective advocate for public education as a two-term governor of arizona but students and immigration act visits are planning to protest the vote over her role in
5:35 am
immigration policies as the former secretary of homeland security. >> new this morning, berkeley police are investigating the city's second homicide of the year after a man was gunned down. police say the victim was shot near martin luther king jr. before 7:00 and was found facedown on the sidewalk. >> developing news, the parents of a missing oakland toddler are appealing for help in finding their daughter. the 21-month-old daphne viola webb was reported missing by her father eight days ago. for the first time the parents appeared this public for assiege ill last night but did not stand together or talk much. hour father told police that daphne disappeared from the car when he ran into a store last week but family members say they have not seen the two together for weeks. the far says he mostly stays inside the apartment. >> i am a homebody. even before all this happened, i
5:36 am
never really went nowhere until i had to leave the house. >> there is no way to express how you feel when your child is missing and you don't know where they are and you can't find them and hug them. >> family homes tips will help find their daughter. >> two juries will reveal their verdicts in the trials of two men accused in the gang rape of a teen. the prosecutors say the men beat and raped her outside a homecoming dance in 2009 and yesterday the second jury reached a decision in the case against 22-year-old monday tan i -- motano, and tuesday, the peter verdict was found by the jury.
5:37 am
>> there are new antitheft features to help stop down cell phone theft. experts will test the activation lock of apple and samsung's droid. the teams will try to get around the antitheft features to test them. the experts met with smartphone makers and urged them to create a "kill" switch to make the stolen phones inoperable. half of all robberies involve cell phones. >> occupy the farm activists are able to start farming u.c. property in albany next month but this time with the university's blessing with campus police evicting activists in may. a report is that 30 farmers can plant crops on a small plots of land. they hope to show the community farming is the best use of the land. the north side of the track is restricted to agricultural researchers and the south side
5:38 am
is slated for development. >> yes, we are again waking up to crowds but our meteorologist is not showing so thick or widespread. >> we have fog at santa rosa and half moon bay is three miles and everyone else is okay but we have the cloud cover so we will watch sfo as we look at downtown san francisco, we will talk about what will happen today. we are going to have ozone but it is going to stay below any threshold you need to watch out for and it will stay that way with the warmer temperature this weekend. u.v. index is a few thing to be aware of and it is very high or at least be aware it could cause issues. low-to-mid 50's in most neighbors through 7:00, and a few upper 50's around the bay and by noon, clouds are back at the coast in the 50's and upper 60's and 70's in the bay and inland and toward 4:00, you can see 90's inland and 62 at the coast and comfortable this evening and 56 at the coast and 82 inland is the 12 hour day planner. leyla gulen?
5:39 am
>> macarthur maze has construction project that will last until 6:00 am as we take you over to 580 and 80 where they converge. we will have ramps closed. we are starting to see a buildup of traffic. as you come to the toll plaza the drive time traffic from tracy to dublin is 38 minutes and 15 minutes and five minutes along 85 away from row row -- away from cupertino and mass transit is all on time. outside, the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash-paying lanes are loaded upcoming into san francisco. kristen and eric? >> this is very exciting. the 2013 prime time emmy nominations are about to be announced and we will go to the theater in north hollywood for the nominations.
5:40 am
what is different this year? netflix. >> big year for them. they have original programming for the first time. wax for that. and the nominations will be announced --. >> prime time emmy awards announcement... >> good morning. i am chairman and c.e.o. of the academy of television arts and sciences. welcome to the 65th prime time emmy awards nominations announcement. today is the start of our favorite time of the year. emmy season. with the announcement, we go begin our role of honoring creative excellence. the past television season reflects the extraordinary creative vision in our television industry. the quality of our story telling has never been better.
5:41 am
more people are watching more television than ever before. television is evolved and new experienced on mobile devices, on tablets and on flat screens in the home. television is on broadcast, on cable, and on demand over the internet. this is truly an exciting time for us to be honoring the best of television. now to get emmy season started i introduce one of the stars of "breaking bad," two time emmy award winner, aaron paul and filling in for kate, host of this year's prime time emmy awards, kneel -- neil patrick harris. thank you, both, gentleman, for being here this morning, the stage is now yours. >> thank you, bruce, this is very exciting. >> it is fun to host the tv show
5:42 am
that announced nominees for tv show awares for a tv award show on tv and special thanks for get me out of the house before my children wake up screaming and crying. i appreciate that. our first category is lead actor in a drama series. the nominees are...hugh and brian cranston and jeff daniels and john hamm, and damian lewis, and kevin spacey from "house of cards." the nominees for lead actress are connie britain, and chair danes, and vera from "bates motel," and elizabeth moss and
5:43 am
robin wright, "house of cards." for lead actor and a miniseries or movie are "parade end," and matt damon, and michael douglas, and coby jones and al payino. >> from miniseries or jessica lange, and laura linney, and helen mirin, and elizabeth moss, and weaver. outstanding host for reality or reality competition program are tom from "dancing with the stars" and anthony bourdain, and
5:44 am
from "so you think you can dance," and heidi klum and betty white. >> nominees for lead actor in a comedy series, alec baldwin, jason bateman, don cheetel, and jim parsons. >> for lead actress in a comedy series laura dern. and lina dunham, and tina fey, and julia dreufess.
5:45 am
and. >> reality competition program. >> "dancing with the stars", and "project runway" so you think you can dance, "top chef," and "the voice." for variety, daily show with jon stewart, jimmy kimmel, late night with jimmy fallon, real time with bill maher and "saturday night live." miniseries or movie, the nominees are american horror story asylum, behind the candleabra, "the bible," phil spector and "political animals"
5:46 am
and "top of lake." >> now, next, dirty rock, big bang, girls, louie, modern family, and veep. >> now, we will bring bruce to announce the final category. >> nominations are "breaking bad," downton abbey, "house of cards" and "madmen." i'm excited to announce you are nominated for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series for breaking bad and you have been nominated as producer host of 66th annual tony awards. congratulations.
5:47 am
there is a complete list at , tune in to cbs for the prime time emmys and find out who will take home the gold this year. have a wonderful day, everyone. >> so, since i don't watch much on prime time tv, are you surprised. >> there are very good programs but the question is, this year, will some of the favorites knocked off like "modern family" or "arrested development." we see the family names, john hamm and aaron paul. >> it is 5:47 an
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame and campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> police are warning tourists to keep their cell phones close to them and out of plain sight because batches of thieves have been praying on diners. they travel in groups of three or four and are often teens and grab phones off the table while people are eating. police are urging restaurants to
5:51 am
warn customers if they see their phones on the table top. officers have made 13 arrests so far this month. >> it is 5:51. in terms of a warm-up it is here. meteorologist mike nicco has details. >> good morning, no mid mist or drizzle and cloud cover is causing delays at sfo. notice how low they are at only 37 minutes. you can find the information on the bottom. small craft advisory until 9:00 a.m. from the east bay hills, a few clouds trying to make it into the east bay valley but they are having a hard time and that is where we fine the warm of the weather. early we have average highs and warm of the days are this weekend. today, mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast into san francisco and mid-70's to low 80's around the bay, and as you head into the east bay valley it will be
5:52 am
warmest in the low to mid-90's. it to up more 90's inland over weekend and low-to-mid 80's around the bay. >> we have unknown object blocking a lane in san francisco along 280 in the northbound direction this is south of the city college of san francisco. you can see it is not causing any delays but we have a sport traffic there willing southbound away from ocean avenue. our drive time traffic shows 101 san francisco to sfo ten minutes and 880238 to the maze is 13 minutes and 101, 85 to the san jose airport is 14 minutes. >> 5:52. the royal baby watch continues. ahead in our 6:00 hour, the world awaits the baby. >> next, scientists make a discovery that could lead to treatment for down's indream and
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>> welcome back, we will look at our day planner at 7:00, at 58 at bay and brighter at balloon and 68 and breezy at 4:00. 78 at 6:00. temperatures running in the mid-50's and around 78 at noon and 90 and above average at 4:00. now the commute. leyla gulen? >> the number one ace train will be 10 minutes late from
5:56 am
pleasanton and everything else is running on time, all looking good. now the oakland maze along 80 in the westbound direction to 580 we are look at decent conditions. if you make the drive great albany into berkeley and toward the bay bridge toll plaza it is heavy with a couple of the cash-paying lanes out of service. that is the maze. eastbound traffic, though, is moving smoothly away great 580. >> for the first time ever scientists have offered the first evidence that it could be possible to correct a gene responsible for down's syndrome turning off the extra copy of the kremlin season -- the chromosome that causes the problems including heart disease and weakened muscles.
5:57 am
>> former governor of arizona, former secretary of homeland security, and now janet napolitano is hours away from becoming the u.c. president and we will preview the vote at the u.c. board of regents meeting. >> a quadruple shooting in oakland leaves an 8-year-old girl dead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we have breaks news from oakland where a young girl is left for dead and three are injureed. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins from the scene.
6:00 am
>> it happened at front door, you can see the bullet holes. last night on wilson avenue in the diamond district of oakland, we have a picture of the girl who was killed and this is the 8 -year-old at a sleep over when she was shot and killed. her best friend who is seven was also sheet along with her four-year-old brother and her grandmother and the kids were ambushed according to her stepfather. >> when the doorbell rang the children came to the door and the gunman sprayed the door and she was shot. they hit all three kids. >> he has no idea why someone would do this and says the grandmother lived here along with the mother and the two kids, the boy and their


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