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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 18, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, we look inside the house where a sleepover turned into a night of gunfire terror. two other children are in the hospital while police try to figure out exactly what happened. our news reporter is at the scene with that. amy? the girl who was killed was
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called lady bug going to the third grader. you can seat holes here in the screen. those who were here say it was an ambush. the children who live here thought maybe it was their mom at the door, and they answered when the doorbell rang. 8-year-old girl was spending the night at her best friend's house in oakland when someone came to the front car and opened fire. she was shot and killed. it is a shocker to me. it hit me earlier at the hospital but i am still in denial she is gone. it is going do come when i am used to her talking my ear off and she is not going to be there anymore. >> all three kids would were in the home were hit by gunfire. she and her best friend, who is seven, and the friend's little brother who is four. their grandmother was also shot. they are all expected to be okay. 22-year-old was also home, the two kids who survived the attack are his niece and nephew.
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>> firecracker is what it sounded like or an explosion or bomb. they said it was shots. >> the killer rang the doorbell and his niece answered the door and he didn't get a look at the gunman and no idea why anyone who harm his family. >> i don't know who they were aiming for, probably aiming for someone else. it wasn't me or anyone. >> it happened in oakland's diamond district on wilson avenue around 11:15. police say they do not know the motive and they do not have a description of the shooter. the news was broken to the mother who is out of the town on vacation and the stepdaughter asked him to walk her to the door yesterday, a door now filled with bullet holes. >> i say, you need me to walk you to the door, you are not too bad, and she said no, and i walked her to the door, the last thing i said to her. >> he says that her mom is on her way back to oakland right now and the family is
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devastated, and they say lady bug was such a delightful, bright child and they are hoping that police will make an arrest soon. police say they are going to need help with that and they don't have many leads if any at all and they need someone with information to give them a call. >> thank you, happening today, two different juries will reveal their verifies in the time of two machine accused in a gang rape, with the verdicts to be read at 1:30 this afternoon. contra costa county prosecutors say both men beat and raped her outside a home coming dance at richmond high. on tuesday the first jury reached a verdict against the 20-year-old peter after the two men were tried together with separate juries. >> former homeland security secretary janet napolitano will make history as the first female president of the university of california system. critics are planning a noisy
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protest before the u.c. regents vote. matt is at mission bay. >> some feel this tote is a done deal but many protesters are expected over the next hour. you can see miss and security barricades are out in front here of the building. the people will urge the board to reject the nomination janet none none because of her immigration policies while governor of arizona and homeland security secretary. the regents spent the morning discussing compensation, educational policy and long-term planning but the big item on the agenda is a vote on the nomination of homeland security secretary janet napolitano for president. a special search committee said she was recommended on a unanimous vote, supporters say she has proven leadership skills and political connections that make her uniquely qualified to lead a university system through the troubled times. the full 26 regent board will vote today.
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>> there is the point that votes are there and that is fair and could be disturbing do some. i'm not outraged by it. i still have the right to say this is a terrible choice and others do, as well, but i think she will be confirmed overwhelmingly. >> university of california students are wondering what a new president will do about tuition, costs doubled during the five year tenure of current u.c. president and some students we spoke with say they want napolitano to be more transparent with the finances of the university. >> they are not admitting as many low income students from california as in the past. the share of low income students among the students at our top universities, that has declined among low-income california ans and people finish and they have more debt now. >> the special meeting starts at 1:00 o'clock today with public comment at 1:15 and we will cover the story for you all day long and bring you updates later on abc7 news.
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>> thank you, matt. happening now if san francisco the lights are back on for everyone except a handful of customers along the embarcadero after a transformer blew out this morning. officers spent the morning directing traffic while pg&e fixed the problem with the embarcadero and harrisons and spear streets and lights initially went out in all directions at 6:45 and one resident says he was watching tv when all of a sudden he saw a bright flash. >> i was watching the tour de france and i saw a green flashlight a lightning bolt and we heard a loud "boom" and all the power was out and no more tv, no more refrigerator or lights. >> right now, pg&e says just three customers don't have power, crews are working to get their lights back on right now. >> new this morning the controversial drakes bay oyster company will be allowed to stay home for now with marin county superior court allowing the
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oyster farm to remain open while the permit is under review but it must clean up the operation. the california coastal commission sued to drakes claiming they were not following environmental regulations. >> developing news, oakland police want the public to help identify vandals photographed in the protests after the george zimmerman verdict. they have released these images to abc7 news, showing a man throwing a trash can at a store window on saturday night. in this picture, another man scrawls graffiti on a street. police want to see pictures or video you may have of other crimes being committed. >> a waiter downtown hit in the face with a hammer will be back at work today, drew was standing outside monday night with other employees trying to stop people from breaking more end withs and that is when someone attacked him with a hammer. >> the guy actually hit my frames and that saved my cheekbone and my eye potentially great not being there anymore.
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>> he says beside the bruise on his face and cut over his eye he has trouble chewing but the swelling going down and wants do look like himself next week when his band has its debut cd release show. >> trayvon martin's parents speak out for the first time since the florida jury found george zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of their son. this morning, the parents appeared on mechanic america say -- "good morning america" and say they felt shock and disgust and disturbed by a comment that trayvon martin played a role in his own death and that he could have walked away and gone home. >> i think people forget that trayvon martin was a teenager. he probably thought, as a teenager, well, i really do believe he was afraid because he did call george zimmerman creepy. so he was afraid.
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>> the parents wish the jury got a chance to know more about their son and put that in context with the decision. >> today, state and federal security experts are if san francisco to test the newest antitheft features designed to stop the wave of stolen smartphones. security experts will test apple's iphone 5 activation hock and samsung's s4 with low jack for droid. they will act as if the phones were stolen and test antitheft effectiveness. they urged makers to create a "kill" switch to make the stolen phones inoperable. what of all robberies in san francisco involve a cell phone. >> you are here this morning because cheryl is not with us and is on assignment at lake tahoe watching an unmanned submarine being tested that will collect data on earthquakes that will be sent for a historic
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research project. >> this is a two ton yellow submarine being carefully loaded on a barge at lake tahoe for the maiden provide average this week. it is the only submarine of its kind remotely operated wreck and is loaded with scientific equipment. it is checked out by scientists from northern illinois university and marines which built the submarine. the team is partnering with scientists from the california geological survey and the seismic safety commission which provided 75,000 dollars in funding. that is so the submarine can use the cameras to capture images of the west tahoe >>eric: -- earthquake fault along the floor >> this will give us a new picture because this is the first time we tale get high definition video footage to see what we are doing. scientists want to know if the earthquake fault lines under the lake connect in order to help
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predict the magnitude of earthquakes there. >> you can watch the reports on the submarine at lake tahoe at abc7 news at 7. an out-of-control wildfire in southern california and the fire quickly grows. >> the final video of cory monteith and his message to a fan a short time before
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>> massive wildfire has forced 6,000 residents and tourists to evacuate burning in the mountains 100 miles east of los angeles. it is threatening a hiking destination and artist colony. so far, the fire destroyed six houses and mobile homes and burned 22,000 acres with 3,000 firefighters fighting it in 100- degree heat at elevation above 5,000 feet and only 15 percent contained. >> the internet is buzzing about what could be cory monteith's final video message. he delivered the message that he could not accomplish himself. >> if you have troubles, stay cool. >> cory monteith recorded this video on a flight to vancouver days before the death. a flight attendant asked him to stay a few words for her boyfriend's daughter a big fan. he died in a hotel room on saturday in vancouver from an overdose of heroin and alcohol.
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>> house of cards, with netflix make history, the first on-line show ever to receive emmy nomination which were announced early this morning in north hollywood. joining house cars in the best drama series category are game of thrones and breaking bad and downton abbey and madmen and homeland from last year. in comedy, it includes modern family, followed by "big bang theory" girls and "louie" and more. a full list is on >> best meteorologist category? mike. the only nominee. >> i wish. opening the envelope. you are right, it is him. >> we love spencer, too, but we don't see him every day.
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>> now, everyone, check out the fund shine as we look to the coast where the clouds are, good news if you like summer heat, it is on the way and i will show you how hot it will get this week. >> and abc7 news is a proud sponsor of this year's aids walk san francisco with the event held in three days, sunday, july 21st in golden gate bridge. you can call to register. or you can text "walk" to
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area,
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this is abc7 news. >> contra costa county officials are reporting more cases of west nile virus. a dead crow tested positive for the disease in alamo and mosquitoes trapped in discovery bay. in alameda county, they report their first west nile after two infected dead crows were found last week. one was discovered in oakland and the other in pleasanton. so far, dead animals have tested positive in contra costa, san mateo, and santa clara counties. west nile is carried by mosquitoes. >> listen up, guys, is this a connection between bug bites and beer? smithsonian magazine reports mosquitoes are more attracted to people who have had as little as a beer and still a mystery why but researchers think it may have to do with the amount of ethanol in sweat or alcohol raises body temperature. if you are constantly being bit cutting become on beer may not help. scientists say 20 percent of the population is just more tasty to
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mosquitoes. that explains a lot. >> i need an anti-aircraft we gun when i am drinking beer because of the mosquitoes. >> we will see our temperatures rise in the next few days. >> we feed to be careful. when you are outside and try to do all those things you forgot to do during the week it will be hotter and per is back. triple digits, maybe if isolated area on saturday, and that is how warm the air mass is. right now, thursday at 11:20, it is dry and drizzle and mist from this morning, almost gone, and this could be a little along the coast but i have not heard of any reports. small craft advisory with wind around san francisco and san pablo and the delta community and it starts at noon so it starts earlier today with wins at 15 to 25. the cloud cover shows how were quicker it evaporated. at coast we will see a few windows of sunshine develop and for the most part, you will see
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partly sunny. you can see the golden gate bridge this morning with the cloud deck coming down and that is going to be the case while most of us are sunny along the coast it will be cloudy with warming for us but the coast, and remain warmest friday, saturday, and sunday and a small chance of monsoon moisture giving us an isolated shower with an update on monday. check out san jose this morning, it looks beautiful, bright, night looking trees and healthy green and temperatures today from ten degrees warmer in fremont and san jose and nine degree warmers and a lost 70's and 80's and we will be in the 80's through the santa clara valley to 90 at morgan hill and santa cruz, sunny and 78, and mid-70's to near 80 for most of the peninsula, and cooler in milbrae at 72 and half moon bay and pacifica up to daly city, low-to-mid 60's and near 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito, and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley but 20 degrees cooler at your
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beaches and well start at 73 at berkeley and most of us in the 70's and make it to 80 at hurricane cheese -- hercules and it will cool tonight. hold off with the air conditioning in the east by you will have cool air. notice the cloud cough will not be so extensive tomorrow and we will have mostly clear conditions in the east bay and everyone else has cloud cover. the area of low pressure that brought us the cool weather has been baking in the eastern third of the country and the hot air will rollback toward us and that is why we have this heat wave on the way. with the seven-day forecast, we are about two degrees warmer tomorrow and two to four degrees warmer on saturday, and friday, saturday, and sunday, mid-to-upper 90's inland and low-to-mid 80's away the bay, and the coast will be comfortable, though, if not cool with mid-60's there. >> something for everyone. thanks. now available in the bay area,
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>> later this afternoon on abc7 at four the rivalry between the niners and seahawks and some fans want to leave their mark at the new stadium. at 5:00, can they pass the jail break test? abc7 news is the only station allowed in the room where technical apps to top thefts. >> nike pulled this panthers football shirt off the market. what is the problem? >> well...the panthers play the
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home game in charlotte, north carolina, and unfortunately the state pictures is...south carolina. >> the shirt sold for $32 but they will fetch more on ebay now. thanks for joining
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[cheers and applause] >> hi, cutie. good to see you. hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a policy analyst on capitol hill, and he has refused to tell a soul that he is here today. hopefully the government can't track him down. from washington, d.c., please welcome chris jacobs. hey, chris. >> hi, meredith. >> so why so hush-hush? >> i just decided that if people like surprises, have a happy surprise for people. and if i win the million dollars, i can fly everybody for a viewing party. and if i bomb out on the first question, then nobody will know to watch the show. >> oh, okay. got it.


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