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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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crime problem. this 8-year-old was killed two, other young skmirn grandmother injured. this is beyond words. makes you sick. >> just upsetting. just painful to be in the neighborhood and have to keep covering these stories. we're accustomed to see the tragedy but this one, the shooter walked through that red gate up a narrow pathway about 20 feet to the apartment rang a doorbell to draw them or whoever he thought was inside to the door. bullets tore through the security gate and front door. their uncle was behind the
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kids after the doorbell rang followed by sun shots. >> i don't know how she got hit. blood was coming out of her hair. >> her stepfather says she was talkative and funny. >> sheegs an honor student loved helping folks loved to tutor kids in after school programs. she stayed busy. just a real sunshine to be around. you know? >> hugh didn't know the family but was moved to bring flowers. >> just heart breaking. for the family. i mean just heart breaking. >> morrison lives in the adjacent neighborhood. he says people are moving away because it seem there's is no end tond tragedies like this one. >> not just talking about you know white families we're talking about a lot of african
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american middle class that left this city. >> police say they have no suspects and no motives so far. >> two east bay men found guilty of gang raping a high school student almost four years ago. they were tried at the same time but with different juries. both men showed little expression when the vertds were read. peter and montano found guilty of rape in concert, sexual penetration in concert and oral copulation in concert. >> this is an important and appropriate outcome from peoples perspective. >> the young victim testified and was severely beaten during 2009 rape that went on several hours outside of a school dance. sentencing will take place next month.
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both face live in prison. >> university system selected first female president in the system. janet napolitano will lead nearly a quarter million students but the accountment come was great controversy. leanne? >> the issue of immigration made its way into the regent meeting today and as napolitano found out it's a sore issue among many students. the student regent was the only whoun voted against her appointment. >> okay. okay. >> uc students asked to be heard on at ktment as president of the uc system. within minutes a group of them disrupted the regent meeting. four cited and later released.
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napolitano's appointment has been speculated because she maintained an aggressive policy of deportation, today addressing that issue. >> documented or undocumented we welcome all students to the university of california. we're here in the business of education. >> napolitano known in political circles as fixer, many say it's what the uc system needs. >> she has been a leader in every position she's held. >> some are concerned she will be less in tune with values provided equality education for all. still as arizona governor she stress aid need to make state universities arc sesible to the population. >> when you see me in september you'll see a new president who is to quote, fired with enthusiasm. >> janet napolitano had one
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boss, president obama. now, she will have 26. the uc regents.d>,uñ napolitanoy been $570,000 more than what she was making or makes as secretary of homeland security. it's less than what the president before was making. regents wanted to make it clear they offered same salary as udoff but she refused and the entire package is about 10% less. >> oakland police arrested three men in connection with violence at trayvon martin's protests. the two are charged with felony vandalism. a third man charged with misdemeanor battery on a police officer and assault. police say all three were involved in violent protests over the weekend. more protests are scheduled for this weekend as oakland and in san francisco. >> one california lawmaker
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plans to call for a boycott in florida after george zimmerman was acquitted of murder in the death of trayvon martin. he's calling for a boy kout of of -- doi cot of traveling to florida or doing business there. florida taxpayers spend about 33,000ses today house, feed and entertain the jurors. the six women were sequesters and had little contact without side world. they spent 22 nights a marriott hotel. the bill included perks like manicures and pedicures and took a field trip to riply's believe it or not and enjoyed meals at a outback steak house. experts say these are not unreasonable. >> an appliance of companies are demanding increased trance pair yensy on surveillance efforts. the group wants to be able to
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request the number of individuals and accounts for km information was requested. >> san francisco district attorney is getting his first look at new anti-vest systems in apple smart phones. >> well, these meetings happened as you said here at the hall of justice making no mistake this was a big win for district attorney gascone who has been in the for front of the campaign to get cell phone makers to install what is called kill switches. for robberies in san francisco involve cell phones. some of them happen on the streets. and aboard buses. a thief snatched kristin's iphone out of heir hands at a muni bus stop. it was a costly loss. >> just new phone is $700.
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and i just upgraded to the iphone 5. >> it's a lucrative industry for the thieves who then sell the stolen smart phones on the black market. >> we believe the psychological solution is the answer. we want to remove the market value of the items. >> last month, district attorney gas ks don koen teamed wupt attorney general from new york to fight the rising epidemic urging makers to install antitheft security security features that would have a kill switch. gas ks cone told us there was resistance from manufacturers but gathered support from public and law enforcement including this letter from police chiefs around the country. today representatives met
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separate whether i tech experts brought their smart phones. john livingston founded absolute software. >> lo jack technology was developed it can recover the revise in case someone was harmed during the course of the theft. >> abc 7 news was given access tote meetings. apple's executives refused to be videotaped. the staff tested the features trying to see if they can be disabled districts attorney says he'll be sharing his information and hopes other cell phone manufacturers will be following suit. vic lee abc 7 news.
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>> thank you, vic. still to come things could start to heat up around bait. >> yes. how high those temperatures will get for your upcoming plans. >> and a yellow submarine being put to work today. >> nothing to sneeze about. michael finney puts tissues to the test. which ones blow away the competition. abc 7 n
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here is a live look at a fire that destroyed six houses near palm springs. the fire is burning in the steep san jacinto mountains forcing about 6,000 residents to evacuate. they report the fire burned
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about 35 square miles. >> a lot more work to do on fire lines. you know allergies can be a pain is a simple tissue can go a long way. >> which brand can stand up to sneezing? >> we test everything. this year's record breaking pollen season has been a assault on senses. and sinuses. consumer reports tested a dozen tissues so-to-see which you can relie. >> this is showing the force moving. >> are these folks testing a rocket? no. but when you need a tissue a tough one can make the difference. consumer reports evaluated 18.
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>> we stanted to touch when was important to consumers so tested strength and softness. >> first up, strong test. this is set to a delicate setting. and consumer reports panelist tests for softness in this room. the test conditions are nothing to sea sneeze at. >> each has to be asesd under same conditions because moisture can change thousand a tissue feels. >> wall greens soft and strong earning the lowest rating. the in fact these two ply tissues were strongest of all, blowing away all of the others,
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next kleenex lotion alo skpe. e. these were rated best buys. no matter which tissue you choose, consumer reports finds tissues don't need to have lotion added to make them soft, however, test that had did have lotion rated well for softness but a word of caution don't use those tissues when cleaning eye glasses you'll just smudge them up good advice. >> dry your eye autos shairm jen beings is not on the set because she's on assignment at lake tahoe watching an unmanned submarine mission. >> yes. it is collecting important underwater data on earthquakes. >> i'm on west shore right over my shoulder is a barge on which that he will yellow
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submarine is tested. this is the subice rover. filled with equipment and hd cameras will be that will be able to tell about the earthquake faults the depth is a perfect testing ground because it will be sent to antarctica to look under the ice sheets testing will help learn more about the quake fault autos using a new technology. in a place no one looked at before because it's deep. there is a potential to take that technology and export to it other places. >> all d is going to go a
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long way in helping learn about predicting earthquakes and even tsunamies. the rover was built in alameda and has a unique ability to change shape. >> it has to be able to fly so it goes through trance former type operations where it goes from a torpedo shape into the shape behind me its the brain child of dr. ross pou yell in northern illinois university. they want to use it to find out how fast ice is felting -- melting and why. >> very simple problem called sea level. it raises sea level between 10-20 feet. globally. >> we didn't get to see knit water today because one line sprang a leak. >> no issue with the sur itself. this had a thin wall right
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here. >> well, they finally got that hose fixed. i just gon got an e mail. they said they got it into the water. we hope to get them to. and this has been an amazing project. >> that is cool. >> it is. >> thank you. >> being on a lake sounds appropriate. >> yes. they'll be looking at reported highs friday through sunday so cheryl will be enjoying warmth. we're going check out live doppler 7 right now. if you can't find a lake you might want to head to the pool or beach this weekend. prit now you can see fog along the coast. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, inland into low to
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mid-90s, temperatures up seven degrees in san jose. five degrees in concord. you can see sutro tower a shallow fog layer just sitting near the coast. it's 79 in san jose. 55 in half moon bay. a cool view there, temperatures jant rosa 80 degrees and it's 92 degrees in fairfield. nothing but blue skies. dense in spots for the morning heats up into the weekend going to remain mild near beaches. we've been talking about cooler than average condition that's is changing.
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it moved away from the area. we do have hotter weather coming our way. heat advisories goring. that will start to fade heading into saturday and our hot air mass will be expanding west. from friday around western u.s. we're watching heat 107 in las vegas. 106 in redding. saturday, 108 in fresno. and heading into sunday temperatures start to come down a little witness in sacramento. 94 degrees there. take a look at langs with fog there. 78. red lg 111 degrees. tomorrow morning watch out give plenty of time for morning commute. low 50s to low 60s and afternoon looking at sunshine
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in the south bay. 82 degrees on the peninsula. 60 in pacifica. 80 redwoodsy. downtown 68 degrees. you'll see 60s coast side but get away from the coast up to 82348 santa rosa. inland communities we'll be baking in the heat. accu-weather forecast hotter saturday. 96 inland. summer micro climates continue, though cooler adding in high clouds next week. temperatures dropping more degrees especially bay and inland. down to upper 80s. >> thank you. >> well, this sunday is aids walk san francisco.
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i'm honored to be there f you're there you'll be able to see yourself when you walk by check point three. going to be fun. and such an important cause, not too late to register. just call or next walk sf to 292929. >> sandhya says weather will be good because fog will keep it cool. >> perfect. >> coming up those who love everything british weigh in.
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nano technology researchers made a break through in solar cells, these squares the size of a finger nail contain billions of gold nanno dots. scientists were able to tweak dots into a honey comb pattern. >> that pattern makes it absorb the lights of a certain color make it go into the tiny gold dots. >> next trick to have the coat being absorb sosh light from the entire spectrum. it has the potential to make solar cells cheaper and more efficient. >> u.s. may have separated from england almost 240 years ago but both are still very much to task when it comes to royal gossip.
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the first child of prince william and his wife, kate is expected any day now. witness it be a "or girl is in the baby will be third in line for the thrown. >> if it's a girl and they have a boy i'm excited about the girl will be the queen. >> i wanted it to be born on my birthday but it wasn't. now, just soon. >> we're in for a big battle wondering about dianea, wondering about kate. >> there is a lot of speculation about names. front runners are alexandra if it's a girl and george if it's a boy. >> wanting to be the foirs hear about the birth? abc 7 is the first local station and broadcast network to bring you a live stream of the local news and shows. now, you never have to miss a pin of the news or shows you that love.
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it is a special benefit brought to you by abc and at and tu verse. >> up next speaking of babies. >> the
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coming up at 6:00 we're going take you to southern california for efforts to put out that massive wildfire threatening a popular tourist destination. >> the recent volatility in the mortgage market. >> from space station to our station astronauts give us views on the spectacular photos taken from high above earth and trouble they encountered on tuesday's space walk. those story pz more coming up at 6:00. >> there is a brand new addition at the san francisco zoo.
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>> take a look at this baby gorilla born yesterday to western lowland gorillas. >> zoo keepers say the baby is slowly being introduced to the troop. we lost the picture -- if all goes well it could be on view to visitors. >> it will be better than video. >> yes. >> very cute. >> yes. >> world news is up next. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. connect any time you wish on twilter.
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this is "world news." on this hot night an epic drain on the nation's power grid. will your air conditioning be the one to blow the fuse? firefighters carrying 40 pounds of gear in 100 degrees. we'll show you what it takes to do it. bankrupt, detroit becomes the largest city ever in u.s. history to go down. new tape of the struggling tv star, why rehab for a heroin addict could increase the risk of overdose. good evening to all of you, and get ready for a nerve-racking night on the nation's power grid. this unforgiving heat has already created power outages and already some people have been asked not to flip on that extra switch on the


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