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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking news with a seven on for a suspected robber after a shooting involving an off-duty sheriff deputy. one suspect is dead. the other is on the written. we will go to the scene. >> the shooting death of an 8-year-old girl sparks outrage in oakland as friends and family come together to remember her young life. >> the cover controversy that will not go away we have a if you look at the boston marathon bombing suspect with photos we were never supposed to see. >> 6:00 a.m. on this friday. 6:00 a.m. and the bay bridge upper deck looks like that? what a way to start. we have weather and traffic. mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows fog on the coast and maybe drizzle and fog through the north bay valley and otherwise it is quiet. temperatures show the next 12
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hours off to a great start and mid-to-upper 50's and mostly sunny by noon with mid-to-upper 60's and breezy in the afternoon touching the upper 80's with breeze fast at the bay shore. you may need a coast when the sun sets, 58 in the north bay and the east bay valley is clear and sunny and 80 by noon and getting warm at 90 in many areas upper 70's to low 80's around 7:00 and foggy at the coast and 52 and clouds and mid-50's to near 60 degrees as we head from noon to the afternoon hours. here is the traffic. leyla gulen? >> we cooking as far as traffic. the altamont pass is looking at an ease up from tracy to the pass and you start to exit the pass, that is where we will meet quite a few cars at 22 miles per hour for a top speed as we take you to san jose, everyone is all clear and we are at top speeds
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along 85 to cupertino and 280 not too bad. we had an early accident southbound along 880 all due to a big rig and a vehicle and that is on the shoulder. the travel time along the bay bridge, 11 minutes gets you away from treasure island and into san francisco. kristen? >>guest: thanks you, breaking news the search is on for a robber who got away during a late night hold up at a grocery store. the partner in crime is dead. our reporter tells us an off-duty deputy was in the middle of the holdup. amy? >> yes, kristen, they are interviewing witnesses right now. the sheriff deputy and the to clerks who were working at time. miss say they got the call at 10:30 last night of shots fired inside the born air market in alameda on high street. it turns out it was an off duty sheriff deputy who had don't firing and the sheriff deputy was shopping in the store when the two armed men came in and
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tried to problem the place. he killed one of them and the other got away, possibly on foot. >> it is possible that the second suspect was also shot and we conducted an extensive area check throughout the residential neighborhood with the assistance of the police department from the regional park and alameda sheriff and our officers and we used k-9 and did door-to-door backyard search looking for the other suspect. >> now, a witness heard a call leaving the area and that could have been him. they are all checking local hospitals to see if he is checking in, looking for treatment. he is still on the run at this hour. this is the second time in a week that this place has been robbed. eight days ago, two remain as men also went in at about the same time and robbed the place. police do not know if it was the
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same guy but the cases are very similar. that time, they got away with cash. alameda residents need to know that high street will be closed until noon during the investigation which is the major way in and out of the island right here at santa clara and high street between santa clara on high street a few blocks will be shut down for a few hours. >> 6:04. oakland police say they are determined to solve the senseless murder of an 8-year-old girl shot during a sleepover. alaysha carradine was kid when shots came through the door. her seven-year-old friend, and that girl's four-year-old brother and the grandmother were shot. police are offering $25,000 reward to catch the shooter. katie marzullo will tell us what the oakland police chief says he needs to help solve this case.
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the words of support from oscar grant's mother. >> the san mateo bridge coroner will announce today whether a teenage victim survived the asiana flight 214 only to die in a tragic accident moments later. >> the coroner will release autopsy reports on asiana flight 214 victims and reveal whether the 16-year-old ye mengyuan was still alive when she was hit by an airport fire engine responding to the crash. two sources chess to to -- closo the investigation say she was ahive when hit. the coroner met with the families of all three victims to any them of autopsy results. abc7 news reporter matt keller will have more next half hour. >> new details in a major wildfire in southern california with firefighters working through the night battling a tough blaze. they made progress. evacuation orders have been
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lifted for two areas but one area is under mandatory evacuation near palm springs which now is at 35 square miles and destroyed at least half a dozen homes. new photos are emerging of the suspect in the boston marathon bombing suspect in response to the "rolling stone" cover, the august issue features surviving suspect sparking criticism with some saying it glorifies an accused terrorist and protests caused a police photographer to release photos from when he was taken into custody and posted them on-line. he raised his shirt to show he has no weapons and you can see he is injured and bloodied and you can see the sites of a sniper on his forehead. the massachusetts police say the photographer who shot the photo was relieved of duty for a day because he was not authorized to
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release the photographs. >> a former san francisco crime laboratory technician is scheduled to be sentenced after lead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession in march. she faces up to a year in prison. she previously was tried try for take small amounts of cocaine from the laboratory. both trials ended with hung juries. she resigned in 2009. a feed store opened 80 years ago, and is the longest running business, and the man is in trouble for arson. >> two men were con victimmed for their role in the gang rape
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of a teen girl after the 16-year-old victim left the homecoming dance at richmond high school in october of 2009. peter and montano both stood trial in the same courtroom in martinez, but two different juries weighed the charges against each of them and the guilty verdict came down yesterday, both peter and montano will return to court for sentencing next month. >> it is 6:08. new this morning, san francisco supervisors are considering measures to cut down on rising bicycle thefts. the chronicle reports that supervisor has called a special hearing at city hall to address the problem. the bicycle steeling is up 70's percent since 2007 with 817 attempted or reported thefts last year but police think the actual number is probably up to five times higher. san francisco is considering a local voluntary bicycle registry or a special bicycle police unit. >> so, is it a nice day to bicycle and you can bike to
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work? >> calmer this morning but the winds will pick up and at the coast, so, be aware of that. we do having for this morning and we have improved in novato from two miles to seven with the latest observation and we are still three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa and three at half moon bay with no flight arrival delays in sfo. so we will talk about temperatures in the south bay where los gatos in the hills at 69 and in the valley floor it is 60. most of us in the 50's right now and mid-to-upper 50's but sunnyvale is 61 and mountain view is 60 and 57 in alum rock and half moon bay is 54. novato is at 48 degrees. from the some are storm camera you can see a lot of cloud cover with air quality good and the u.v. index is high and our temperatures in most areas are going to be close to average but we will be a hilt bit would average as we head inland from the in the bay to the east bay at 80's and 90's.
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leyla gulen? >> it is now quieting down but we have a new doesn't in san jose and, actually, some of the traffic loop bay bridgized up. we had one stalled vehicle causing a delay but in castro vehicle, it is 34 miles per hour so slow down approaching 238 and on 580 or the nimitz and we are in good shape. to the south, though, into fremont, down into milpitas everything is at top speed and we head into marin county we have the orange and that is indicating the fog could affect the drive and we are accident free and to the south, though, 101 through sausalito is clear and richmond and san rafael bridge is accident free with a look outside and here is the san mateo bridge with the traffic building as you make the approach to the high-rise and after that, you continue into foster city.
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>> a new poll shows how blacks feel about society in 2013. and tesla is considering the bay area a real threat in the bay area. >> the royal baby watch continues and it could be a long wait
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>> covering daly city, dublin and los gatos and all bay area. >> a great start to the morning toward mount diabolo with low clouds but we are in for a warmup. we will tell you about numbers ahead. >> custody a year since the colorado movie shooting massacre, rather, tomorrow, and two hope to turn this into a positive memory. the rampage left 12 people dead but chris din and eugene will mark the day by getting marry the. they wanted to change the meaning of the day and make it thai our. he was hit in the hip and sneak while he shielded davis with his body. it took months to recover and much of that time she was at his side. >> memorial service is underway to honor the life of cory
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monteith. according to the new york post close friends will gather at his home in los angeles tonight and word spread on facebook. the plan is to share funny stories and photos. the 31-year-old was found dead last week in his hotel room in vancouver after overdosing on heroin and alcohol. >> new this morning, a just released poll find as record number of black americans are satisfied with the way society treats them showing that 47 percent of blacks are satisfied with how they are treated in the country the highest number since they began conducting the poll ten months ago but the poll finds that 52 percent are not satisfied with treatment in america. this poll was conducted before the george zimmerman verdict which sparked new available debate. >> michigan governor will hold a news conference to discuss the historic bankruptcy filing by
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the city of detroit. the city made the move yesterday as it was about to default on a large part of the $18 billion debt. detroit is the largest american city ever to file for bankruptcy. to years hundreds of city workers could be ahead off and city services could be cut. also, from detroit, general motors is paying extra close attention to carmaker tesla with g.m. setting up a task force to look at impact tesla and the vehicle could have on the industry. tesla could be a big disruption and the vice chairman says hit is filled with big companies that ignored innovation. g.m. is learning from the past mistakes and especiallien with it underestimated japanese automakers in the 70's and 80's. >> the baby watch continues and this morning, a new report that today is the due date of the duchess. sources say today july 19 is the
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due date for the duchess. previously, the due date was widely thought to be july 13 lead many to believe she was late. but if today is her due date that raises the possibility that she could give birth as late as august 2nd which could be two weeks later. the baby was said to be due in "mid-july." i watched this breaking news at the jim "she's late." overdue! >> we will be cooking later on as we talk about our temperatures. >> we will look at that is going on, you need to have the sunscreen because it will be strong at 17 miles per hour, and a little bit of a breeze but it is not too strong so a lot
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sunshine is in shore for us away from the coast and the golden gate bridge will continue to see the deck lower with the fog now encompassing the golden gate bridge this morning. i do believe a lot of sunshine is on way and hot temperatures inland to warm away the bay and still going to be mild to cool at our beaches. storms are still looking at possibility next week something we will hit harder on monday morning. for this only we will talk about the cloud cover and it is moving into most neighborhoods. by noon, everyone, mostly sunny away from the coast and you can see a little bit of a break there in spotty areas. it is not going to be cloudy all day but they will dominate the day. now, the temperatures in the south bay, 84 is the average high in san jose and that is what you are going for, a lot of low-to-mid 80's in the south bay and gilroy is near 90 and 76 underclouds if you are headed
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down to santa cruz and mid-to-upper 70's millbrae and san mateo and low-to-mid 80's for the rest of peninsula and warmer to the south the we have low-to-mid 50's along the coast and hoping to keep our fingers crossed at 3 -- 83 do 90 in the north bay valley. along the east bay shoreline, pleasant and mid-to-upper 70's and away from the water, castro valley and fremont at 80 to 81 and concord and pleasanton at 92 and highway four, antioch, at 96, and present wood at 97 and live more not too far behind. tonight the temperatures are in the 50's with the same cloud cover. will we see you at the aids walk on sunday morning? there will be a last cloud cover with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and nearly 60 by 1:00 o'clock. here is a look at the seven-day forecast you can be on the
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jumbotron warmest today and near average next week. have a great week. leyla gulen? >> we are excited the i have my running shoes all ready. we have one accident to report and this is in san jose. northbound 101 at story ride before 280 and 680 split, no delays just jet headed to the san jose airport. in the santa cruz mountains we have a stalled tanker truck southbound along highway 17 at bear creek road and not causing any delays the further south you get is where we will see slow and go traffic. bart and muni and ace train and everything is move along at top speed so we do not have delays and outside we go, the metering lights are officially on and it is heavy there as you make the drive from emeryville to san francisco but i will say when you head past treasure island it is looking better than it did this morning. >> squatters go upscale in the
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>> good friday morning at 6:23. from the camera at the embark
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dairy in the bay you can see low clouds overhead but those will give way to pretty warm temperatures, and we will check with mike nicco coming up. >> the survey will be using the planned implosion of a 13 story building to study the hayward fault and the "contra costa times" reports the implosion of warren hall will produce energy similar to a small earthquake just 750 yards wet of the building the scientists and volunteers will start asking residents if they will allow them to place monitors on their rot and is demolishing the 42-year-old hall after declared the most unsafe building in the system two years ago. at the san francisco zoo, there is a new adifficult, a baby gorilla has been born, five pound female born to the western
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lowland gorilla. oscar is the name of the dad. the baby is in good health and slowly being introduced to the group and could be on view to zoo visitors in just a few days. and the fastest drummer has brought us a new world record. he broke the world record for most single strokes in one minute 1,203 times so his hands were moving more than 20 times a second if a full minute. >> i don't think i can do that. >> not many can. watch abc live stream is now available in the area the first to bring you a live streaming of the local news and your favorite tv shows. you never is to miss a minute of the news and shows you love
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allowing you to bring abc with you and brought to you by abe, comcast at in additional cost. you can enter the account information to log in and get the live stream or search watch abc to download the app. >> outrage in oakland as an 8-year-old girl is caught to a hail gunfire with continuing coverage of the coverage with investigators needing help to solve the case with support coming from oscar grant's mom. >> to armed machine try to hold up a store in alameda but they did not know a sheriff deputy was shopping inside. what happened next is coming up. >> the warmest weather in the seven-day forecast is coming tomorrow with the newest numbers in the forecast.
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>> in the traffic center, foggy over the golden gate bridge and we have heavy fog across the marin county with all the details on
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. it is 6:29. how are you doing? the east bay and downtown oakland is looking gray with low
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clouds and traffic zipping by. we will have a nice day ahead. thanks for joining us. >> nice day. if you like it warm. mike? >> some of us warmer than others. >> we the have a spread from 60 along the coast and mid-to-upper 90's in the east bay valley but before that, visibility is good, at two miles and back down in novato and three-quarters of a mile santa rosa and 2.5 miles in half moon bay and everyone else is okay with no flight arrival delays at sfo. the day planner next 12 hours a gray start around the bay and mostly sunny by noon and 6 and -- 66 and mid-to-upper 70's in the afternoon and back to 70 at 7:00. inland valleys, 58 and fog in the not bay and sunny and near 80 by noon and getting warm at 90 by 4:00, and back down to the upper 70's to low 80's in the evening. comfortable there. at the coast, off to a foggy
6:31 am
start and 52 with clouds and mid-50 and topping out at 4:00 under sunny skies and 60 and you will need the coat as we drop into the 50's at 7:00. now the friday morning commute, we are hoping if friday lit. >> it is heavy in the usual spot, over the altamont pass and antioch and highway 4 and we saw quite a bit of traffic west of treasure island on the bay bridge but that is significantly thinned as we make the drive to san francisco. we have report of an accident that has been pushed to the shoulder northbound 101 at story road that was blocking and everything is over to the side and we do not have delays into san jose and toward the san jose airport. we will find a little bit of slowing toward the nimitz as we take you to the santa cruz mountains we have a stalled tanker truck southbound on highway 17 at bear creek road and a look at the san jose commute along 87, it is clear
6:32 am
and accident free. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from 4:30 with the search on in alameda for a rubber who got away during a late night hold up with his partner in crime dead. abc7 news reporter is on scene to tell us how this all happened. amy? >> the seven is on for the man. they believe he is on run. he could injured with a gunshot wound. they searched the area. we have video of the police canvassing the area with the dogs out. they tried to find this guy but no luck. police say two armed men held you the bonfare market in alameda on high street at 10:30. they did not know a sheriff deputy was in there shopping and the deputy shot both men, one of them died and one escaped. there were two clerks on duty at the store when it happened.
6:33 am
police are interviewing them to get their investigation put together. they are trying to determine officially if this was a justified shooting but as of right now it looks like the deputy did the right thing. >> at first glance i would say if the deputy didn't save someone's life he surely could have saved someone from getting seriously injured because each of these robbers was armed. >> they not sure if the second were is on foot or if he had a get away car. someone told police they heard a car leave the area. that could have been him. they are checking the local hospitals to see if he shows up. high street will be closed at santa clara until noon while their investigation continues. high street will be an issue for traffic but there are detours
6:34 am
around it. >> approaching 6:34 with authorities investigating a police chase that ended in a fatal shooting not far from nuttree road that started when police tried to pull over a driver at 7:00 p.m. last night and the police say the man if his 20's tried to run over an officer and jumped from the car with a weapon and charmed. the for shot and killed the driver. >> a $25,000 reward is being offered this morning in the measure defer an 8-year-old girl who was shot and killed at a sleepover in oakland. the vigil was held for her and abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> the police chief has leads but vote gays are going to need witnesses to come forward. the chief says their information is key. two things happened last night in the diamond district neighborhood where the 8-year-old alaysha carradine was killed. a moment of conflict when anarchists showed up planning to
6:35 am
march and this was caught on video, do men shouting for them to leave say this is not for you. the evening was about people in mourning coming together, friends and neighbors singing and supporting each other. oscar grant's mother was among them. this young baby hasn't even lived in the world. >> alaysha carradine was killed on wednesday during a sleepover at a friend's house and she and her seven-year-old friend and the friend's four-year-old brother and their grandmother answered the front door only to be gunned down. the other two children and the grandmother were injured in the shooting and police have parked a mobile command center in the neighborhood and they also are handing out flyers determined to solve the case. >> oakland police are releasing more images of protests accused of vandal imover the weekend. police are hoping images will help traffic down and arrest people accused of breaking windows and damaging windows.
6:36 am
police are asking to see if any photos or video of crimes commit idea break out after george zimmermans with acquitted in the trayvon martin case open saturday. more protesters are expected in oakland tomorrow to mark the anniversary of the verdict. every available police officer will be on duty. >> walnut creek police senatorring if three more squatters after being two on a raid in the east bay. investigators say to home is for sale and was empty for a few weeks. the owner came bay and realized the looks were changed. a man came to the door claiming to be leasing the house and the owner went to the police. >> it was vacant and several individuals broke in the evidence and set up a situation where it appears they had a lease agreement and they were squatting essentially. >> police say they ran background checks on the alleged
6:37 am
renters and fund they had a history of drugs and illegal weapons possessions and two were arrested, one was armed. >> we are a few hours away from a major announcement of the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. we have a preview. >> but, first, new money trouble facing the company that provides ambulance service to the south bay and worst case planning underway.
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>> we have sunshine at walnut creek and more sunshine developing right now to the south. temperatures are from two to five degrees warmer than yesterday with a lost 80's. even a few 90's at concord. san francisco and oakland are in the 60's and 70's. we have monsoon moisture hanging around southern california with scattered showers. we have rip currents around los angeles and san diego and central valley is in the 100-degree temperatures throughout the weekend and record highs are possible at tahoe. low 90's with a slight chance of a thunderstorm on saturday and sunday and if you are headed down to los angeles we will have temperatures below average with mostly cloudy conditions becoming partly sunny and upper 70's to low 80's. leyla gulen? >>guest: if you are headed out
6:41 am
of fairfield, you could be met with a yam pause we have a report of an over turned vehicle eastbound 80 but so far there are to delays as a result and that could change very soon. as we take you over the altamont pass, very busy conditions and 34 miles per hour packed from tracy to dublin and that will be an hour's worth of a drive. as we take a look at the drive time traffic, 35 minutes or more than that, and four from antioch to concord and from san rafael to san francisco at 17 minutes and to walnut creek in this commute, that is looking better with traffic moving smoothly as we make it to the junction with highway 24 at ten minutes. >> new problems this morning for the private ambulance company that serves santa clara county. our media partner reports that rural metro has miss add crucial $15.5 million bond payment due on monday. industry insiders have reported the company has suffered millions in losses and is
6:42 am
struggles to pay the bills. officials are scrambling for a backup plan if a new plan provider is needed in a hurry. >> it is 6:42. flippers return to the housing market. >> trading is underway on wall street. here is a look at big board the dow is down 46 points and we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> nearly two weeks after asiana flight 214 we will learn what led to the deaths of one of the
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>> coughing benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening today the coroner will hold a news conference to reveal the cause of death to one of the victims of the asiana flight 214 crash. >> matt joins us from sfo. >> we will learn about a victim of the fatal asiana flight 214 the 16-year-old ye mengyuan was one of three teen girls killed in the crash. the coroner is holding a news conference this morning to release the exact cause and manner of death. last week police and officials confirmed 16-year-old was hit by
6:46 am
a tire truck responding to the scene and runway was covered with phone when struck. "san francisco chronicle" is reporting two sources close to the investigation confirm that ye mengyuan was alive when hit. newspaper reports that sources say the coroner determined she died of blunt force trauma as a result of being hit by a vehicle but it was not known what kind hit her but most were san francisco fire trucks stationed at the airport. we will bring you the latest on abc7 news. >> we will shift gears now and ask you this personal question, how well do you balance your job with your life? >>guest: remember flipping? jane is at the new york stock exchange to tell us more about flipping houses. >> they back. we talking about house flippers
6:47 am
are back, with house flipping on single family prosecutes was up 19 percent on average nationwide the first what of the year. in california, the number of flippers who bought california and sold it again in six months declined by 19 percent. apple is on the acquisition trail acquiring a canadian start-up possibly to deal with problems with the map app which uses data of places that are submitted by users. apple shares are down $2. overall the markets look like this, a little bit lower across the board and in the silicon valley, we will see how it is doing. this morning, we have microsoft and google missing with anings -- expectations. and life and balance is more important and crucial with the rating now lower than in 2009. the top companies are sap
6:48 am
institute, and national instruments, and orbitz and yahoo is on for the if us time this year. san francisco sushi lovers could be getting a raw deal. bay area sushi prices were the third highest in the nation and new york has the highest followed by los angeles and new orleans was the cheapest sushi. >> well, we pay a hot more for lots of things. >> we do. >> happening today if you need to beat the summer heat pick up your smart phone the san francisco start-up known for letting people order town cars by smartphone is offering ice cream on demand service today only with six cone $20 and $35 depending on the type.
6:49 am
>> this sunday is aids walk san francisco and we are a proud sponsor. you can see yourself on the jumbo tron at check point three or tell your friends to watch for you. we will stream it live. it is not too late to register or text walk sf to 292929. >> that is probably one of few places that will be cool and comfortable that day. mike? >> it will be. >> the forecast is cued up. we will start around 9:00 in the morning with mostly cloudy conditions and the fog and 54, we will see breaks of sun by 11 and top out at 61 and 62 and the fog will roll in at 59 when you wax dan's band push-play.
6:50 am
southwest wind at 15- to 25-knots and in the delta and the northwest, at 15- to 25-knots we will take over at the coast from 5:00 this evening to 8:00 tomorrow morning and cascading clouds to the south, beautiful backdrop for hot temperatures inland and warm bay this weekend and mild and cool at the beaches so watching the possibility of a stray storm. here is how it looks in downtown oakland, hazy and overcast and your temperatures are 74, two degrees warmer-than-average and the biggest jump is inhand napa and livermore over the weekend is the warmest weather and by 11:00 or even 10:00, the inland valleys are clearing and by noon for sure the bay is clear and then we have pockets of sunshine developing and partly sunny with temperatures in the south bay in the low-to-mid 70's and we could
6:51 am
be near 90 and headed to santa cruz, 76 under clouds and mid-to-upper 70's this millbrae and san mateo and low-to-mid 80's for the rest of the peninsula and daly city at 61 and near 70 in san francisco and sausalito and only low 60's at your beaches and a lot mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and the forth you are away from the water you may get to around 80 and 81 and it will be hot, uncomfortable in the east bay valley and 92 in concord and pleasanton and 97 at brentwood the first day where you may need the air conditioning. now the giants are back if town taking on the diamondbacks at 62 degrees and dropping to a cool 57 with clouds rolling in by 10:00. clouds are in the same area tomorrow as they are now and temperatures are the same maybe mid-to-upper 60's with a few 60
6:52 am
around antioch always warmer than everyone else. we the seven-day outlook is remain what of the tomorrow and temperature is two to four degrees warmer and two to four degrees cool we on sunday and close to average on monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. a hot spell inland. >> the accident is now a sig-alert involving an overturned vehicle along eastbound 80 and we are seeing a buildup of traffic so to word when this will clear, as we take you to walnut creek through the hills we have top speeds with no problem and alameda we have a street closure between lincoln and central avenue until noon due to a police investigation because of an overnight shoot shooting. this is going through the golden gate bridge russia produced in fog and ten minutes from the tunnel to san francisco with no
6:53 am
accidents to report out here. >> we have break news right now an american airlines flight bound for chicago has made an emergency landing safely which took off this england and leaded to chicago but it landed at shannon airport in ireland with 212 passengers on board and everyone has safely gotten off the plane. it was a boeing and the flight that was headed from england to chicago american airlines flight 55 had landed safely in
6:54 am
>> as we hand thing off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go, breaking news from the east bay where a sheriff shot and killed a robbery suspect in alameda and
6:55 am
now the search is underway for a second suspect the police say the armed men tried to problem the bonfare market on high street and the deputy was in the store shopping when they came in. >> two, a teen girl who died after the asiana flight 214 at sfo was alive when she was hit by an emergency vehicle after the crash. that is according to the chronicle quoting sources close to the investigation. the coroner will release autopsy reports for all three victims later this morning. >> three, a $25,000 reward is offered to catch the person that shot an 8-year-old girl alaysha carradine killed by one of several bullets fired in an oakland home on wednesday and to other children and their grandmother are involving from their wounds. >> new photos emerge of boston marathon bombing suspect just before he was taken into custody. one photo shows him with a sniper laser beam on the forehead and were released by a police photographer angry over the "rolling stone" magazine
6:56 am
cover. >> walnut creek police have arrested two squaters and are looking if three more after a raid on a multimillion dollar home. the home is for sale and was empty if a too weeks. one man claimed he was leasing the house. >> six, we have cool weather in the east bay valley and this is where it will be hottest with midtown more 90's and now you are starting off in the low-to-upper 50's and everyone else is in the 50's until mountain view at 60 and the forecast for today show temperatures hottest inland and mid-90's to 60 at the coast. >> seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, not too bad, and it looks like the western approach to san francisco west treasure island is much better bet. >> thank you on joining us.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, boiling point. the hottest day yet in the nation's dangerous heat wave. power out for thousands. passengers trapped on this plane for some two hours in 100-degree-plus heat. and that massive california wildfire about to overrun a famous tourist town. breaking overnight. the stunning close-up photos of the boston bombing suspect. snapped at the moment of capture. the red laser dot there on his forehead from snipers locked in. why the police photographer says he released them now. and caught on tape. on the highway, police yanked this woman out of her car without realizing she's having a diabetic reaction. leaving her on the road, she was seconds from going into shock. why they didn't catch the warning signs. and overboard. the white-knuckled rescue


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