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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 20, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. that happens to me at least before i was a senator. and, you know, i don't want to exaggerate this, but those sets of experiences inform how the african-american community interpr interprets what happened one night in florida. >> it was a near riot outside st. mary's hospital in london when prince william and princess katherine made a visit there or so everyone thought. is the royal baby finally on its way? tragically, no. they were impostors shilling for a local tabloid so i guess it's back to bedding and baby watching for now and the emmy nominations for the best commercials on tv are the nike jogger. >> and this one from google chrome. >> talk to you later. >> bye.
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>> grey poupon's over the top bond imitation. >> to moore ex-wife. >> and canon's photogs. which is your favorite, go to our website at to weigh in. and we do thank you for watching abc news. we hope you check in "gma" tomorrow morning. we're wallace online at and all of us here hope you have a stellar weekend.
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several streets in san jose are shutdown after a deadly accident. it crashed and hit a motorcyclist and it was killed. they smashed into the front yards and one person was taken to the hospital. a witness says it appears that the cars were racing. several uh jay september streets are -- uh jay september streets are shutdown as police investigate. >> our other top story is a new protest in oakland demanding justice for trayvon martin and police were out in
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force. it started at frank ogowa plaza. the crowd made the walk to the station. sergio is there with more. sergio. >> dan, organizers of tonight's demonstration and candlelight vigil at the fruit veil bart station call it sacred ground. that's where oscar grant was killed in 2009. this vigil wrapped up a day of activism in oakland that was all nonviolent. about a a hundred people assembled for a candlelight vigil. organizers remined everyone to remain nonviolent. >> this is a place for a peaceful vigil and honoring ceremony for trayvon martin. >> reporter: mixed in was gene quan. most of the people arrived by foot as part of a four-mile mart mart -- march that
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started earlier in the evening. they came together for this event. some are here speaking out against gun violence and some are here to address the vandalism against businesses as it happened at earlier events. >> a real concern should be they do business in the city to help the city, so why attack somebody who wants to ultimately better us? >> he asked fellow professional black men to be a part of the coalition to add a different image of oakland activism. >> black men in particular, it is not all about the high speed movement, the rowdiness. we want to show the world that we could be professionals. >> his group planned on checking in with downtown businesses that have been boarded up. the other sizable group par largentingent of oakland polic. jay all hands are -- >> all hands are on deck and everybody is here. >> a fleet of white advance were used ahead of the marching demonstrators and dozens of police trailed the group as they weaved through
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the streets on their march. abc7 news. >> now, despite the hope for more peaceful protests thisome s weekend, some businesses are not taking any chances. there are two rallies set for tomorrow. both kept their windows boarded up with plywood. and the tribune building installed security cameras and lights after vandals destroyed glass during the earlier protests. in a surprise appearance the president spoke about the trayvon martin shooting and verdict for the first time. he says he spoke from the heart about why there is so much anger.he >> the african-american community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history. there are very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. that all contributes in a sense that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario that from top
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to bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different. trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> trayvon martin's parents are honored that the president could see himself in trayvon and honor him. nobody has come forward with any leads of the killer of n an eight-year-old girl killed on wednesday night. they asked the community of oakland to help. >> tonight alicia's mother described her daughter as a girl who loved to talk. her nickname was lady bug. earlier her classmates from fruit veil elementary sent pictures to the apartment where the eight-year-old girl was murdered. >> i am sad she didn't get to live. >> she got the bad news about her daughter while on vacation. she was shot while at a sleepover.
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her seven-year-old friend, the friend's four-year-old brother and their grandmother were all wounded when they answered the door. someone fired 10 shots into it. >> i i just wish she was here so i could hold her and give her one last hug. and let her know i love her. >> the reward money for arreation leading to an d police say theyncreased to are relying heavily on the community. >> what investigators are looking for is they believe there is a vehicle associated to the shooter or shooters and the suspects who may have traveled together. >> i can't believe she is the 54th homicide in oakland and no one has come forward to tell me anything or they didn't see anyone. >> she spent six months researching a safe place to live. but it didn't stop the senseless crime. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> family members of the missing toddler will go door-to-door tomorrow to try to find anyone who may have
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seen her. daf neither web's -- daphnae web's father said he left her in in the car near a liquor store near international boulevard. when he came out she was gone and her family will be in the neighborhood handing out fliers at homes and businesses. the southwest of the expetag some severe weather. >> a death storm settled over the outskirts of phoenix. the giant wall of dust can make it difficult to see more than just a few feet. no damages or injuries have been reported, just a lot of dust. just over the border in nevada las vegas is being lashed by a severe thunderstorm. look at this wind. there are several reports of flooded roads and downed power lines and damage homes homes and apartment building. a 71 mile a gust has been reported. the san francisco fire department officials admit that one of their vehicles ran over and killed sadly a passenger on asiana airlines
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flight 2 wore fan. the coroner confirmed that he died after being hit by the emergency fire vehicle. seen here in home video was found under a foot of foam near the left wing. she was still alive when she was run over. >> obviously this is very difficult news for us. we are heartre in the busin we are in the business of saving lives, and many lives were saved that day on july 6th related to flight 214. >> the chinese consulate issued a statement saying we urged the involved parties to deal with the aftermath of the death and affix responsibility for this tragic accident. asiana airline flight 214 requested a go around before landing safely at sfo today. the flight was about a half mile from the runway when it took a second run at it and went around. no explanation for the go around. but the f.a.a. says it is
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common and can happen for a number of reasons. that's the same flight number as the one that crashed. 12 residents in san jose stay to stay after two need a homes were damaged by fire. firecrews responded to several cars of multiple homes on fire before 6:30. upon arrival firefighters saw a gas meter had broken off one of the homes and was leaking gas feeding both fires. the fires were controlled in about 40 minutes. also new at 11:00, a campbell chiropractor was under arrest of charges of sexually assaulting one of his patients. he was taken into custody earlier today and booked on a sexual battery charge. police say the assault happened in his office on east hamilton avenue. investigators want to know if any other patients were touched inappropriately. >> the doctor who was arrested in this case has been in business for a number of years and has had numerous sed based on what happened we are
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trying to determine if there are any other potential victims in this case. in in the office had nothe comment on the case. new problems tonight for the the bay bridge. but this time it is the western span, the success speption part of the -- the suspension part of the bridge. cal trans needs to replace 96 giant seismic shock absorberse s fast as expected. the shocks were installed as part of an earthquake retrofit in 2004 and expected to last for 20 years. that didn't happen. $13 million for the fix will come from bridge tolls. we have a lot more ahead on abc news at 11:00. um next, a roller coaster accident. a woman falls to her death. what witnesses saw just before it happened. >> and a new medical device developed by nasa scientists. they were certainly inspired by star trek. >> and after a year of silence, the music is back. a few changes for san jose's
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music in the park. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. as we look from our kgo roof camera, we have fog around the bay and coast. the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. we'll check out your wake up weather and let you know what areas will be baking
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details are still coming in about a woman who fell to her death off a texas rollercoaster in front of her son. this happened in the early evening at six flags texas on the texas giant rollercoaster. several witnesses say the victim asked park employees to make sure she was properly restrained. a woman who was next in line behind the victim says the safety bar released and the woman tumbled off. the texas giant which is 14 stories tall at its highest point is closed for investigation. in southern california, a second community is preparing for a possible evacuation order tonight as a fire in the san bernadino mountains continues to grow. the fire has spread to more than 24,000 acresde co riverside county. it has already forced the
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evacuation of a small community north of idylwild. officials are now worried the fire could get even bigger because of the threat of thunderstorms. the fire broke out monday and has destroyed at least a dozen structures. more than 3,000 firefighters are on the ground fighting the flames. it was a device imagined on the original star trick -- star trek series some 40 years ago. now they are working on a tri-corridor at nasa. the idea is so popular that it is breaking records and there is one day left to get yourself an early prototype. >> what is that? what are you doing? >> when the crew of the star ship enterprise landed in san francisco they brought some advanced medical devices with them. perhaps the most famous is this one. >> i am seeming a bit foggy. >> i would like to take to you sick bay. >> the medical try quarter that grabbed the vital signs in an instant lives on in this movie prop as he keeps it in
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his lab at the nasa research center jee. if this was in the hands of a consumer like you would have the power to not only know what is going on with you and help others. >> that prop was the inspiration for the scan a do scout. it comes in two pieces. the scaner was made to look like the movie, but now it is easier to hold. and the computer ad you vice? you already have that. it is your smart phone. >> i will hold it up to my forehead like this. . >> brandon showed us how it reads your heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen and blood pressure by holding it between your fingers and forehead. >> every time i do this demo in front of a camera my heart rate goes up. >> the idea is people will do it often and learn about their own health. >> i tell the doctor my heart rate is low, but it has always been low. look at the three months and it has always been like that. >> the idea of this device has made enough people's pound, but it has just set a new record for the most heavily funded indy gogo campaign
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ever. >> when we click the button for indy gogo, it came from all over the place. >> as $200 a pop people have ordered this early scout. they will help scan a do win fda approval. the campaign ends on saturday at midnight. at nasa aimes research center, jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> get them while they are hot. san jose's music in the park ended after taking a year off. the grammy award-winning band headlined at saint james was was canceled after somebody was stabbed in 2011. changes were made this year and instead of being a series of free concerts, tonight was one show and there was an entry fee. no problems in all and everybody had a great time. music sounds great. >> and it looks like the weather was perfect for something like that. >> it was a nice night out.
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sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> the forecast for the weekend looks fantastic. we are expecting a wide range of temperatures are to the upcoming weekend and the inland areas will sizzle. we are showing you the fog along the coast and it has pushed in over oakland and hayward and the usual spots. well inland the skies are clear. here is a look at the high temperatures for today. 59 in half moon bay, but all the way to 98 in antioch. it is quite a spread from coast to inland. this is pretty typical this time of year. 80 in san jose. 73 oakland and 67 san francisco. they got up to 85 in santa rosa. triple digits in ukiah, clear lake and as we look at the view from our explore for yum, you can see a little of the gray sky looking out toward the bay. 54 in san francisco and 57 in oakland. and it is mild in san jose. 60 degrees. as you look at the view, golden gate bridge camera and it is a little on the murky side. they have some fog around right now. foggy areas overnight. hot inland and mild at the
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coast and gradual cooling is expected sunday through tuesday. tomorrow will be the hottest of the next seven days we expect the hot air mass over us. steamy inland for your saturday afternoon plans. away from the inland communities though it is going to be quite comfortable, especially near the coast where the fog will linger. it will be a foggy one first thing tomorrow morning. if you have early plans low 50s to the low 60s. could be dense in pockets around the coast and parts of the bay. make sure you bundle up as you head out the door. later on you will need to shed some layers. it is going to be nice. 83 in the south bay in san jose and 89 in los gatos and 81 in mill pea disand on the peninsula, it is getting up to 82 redwood city and mountain view and 84 in loss altos. low 60s near the coast. downtown san francisco, south city in the upper 60s. you know the routine. fog will hold your temperature down in daly city, 61 degrees. for the north bay, 60s
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coast side, but ukiah and clear lake, these are the summertime microclimates. 80 in san rafael and heading toward vallejo, 85 in the east bay. oakland, hayward, mid70s, 78 union city and inland spots will be sizzling. 94 in walnut creek. 100 in brentwood. 98 antioch and 95 in livermore. as you check out the forecast for the giants game as they take on the d backs tomorrow night at at&t park, it is breezy and 60 degrees at 6:05. the temperature dropping into the upper 50s into the latter part of the game there. make sure you take a sweatshirt with you. if you are going to the aidswalk in san francisco sunday morning at golden gate park the weather can't be better. you need the fog and cool conditions to walk in this weather. sunny breaks and the temperature will drop as the fog rolls in by 3:00 p.m.ment the accu-weather seven-day forecast, a little cooler on sunday if you don't leak the heat and cooler on monday, tuesday and low 60s coast.
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extra clouds coming into the picture next week and the temperatures hillary bound the middle of the -- will rebound the middle of the week. dan is going to be there with his band push. he will be putting on a show. >> thanks. >> it will be uh fun. we have a lot of us out there this week ipped. weekend. we are proud to be a sponsor of aidswalk. >> last year an estimated 25,000 people gathered in golden gate park for the annual event. walkers can see themselves on the jumbo tron when they walk by check point3. >> we will be streaming this live on our website at look sharp. you will be on. you can still register. call 415-615-walk. visit aidswalk . net or text walk sf to 292929. the jumbo tron will be a cool component. >> as long as you can see yourself through larry's big head. >> wow. >> i am rarely speechless.
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>> when she is right, she is right. sphort natalie the park is big. the giants open the second half trying to real in the first place d-backs. ama, you and i will
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good evening. after crushing everything in homerun derby, he didn't play with the a's starting in the second half of the season in anaheim. he took batting practice and then scratched with a sore wrist. aj griffin 7-1 against the al west in 12 starts, but too many mistakes against this high powered angels lineup.
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albert pujols crushes this one. his 16th of the year and 2-0 angels. jarod weaver, and he blows away donaldson and struck out 8 in six and two-thirds. he takes him deep in the fifth and then aloha. angels win it a score of 4-1. the giants' hall of fame broadcaster celebrating his ?ientth birth day -- 90th birthday and bringing it. the giants get started in the first. buster posey with a double in the gap off kennedy of the d-backs. it is 1-0 giants. smoke. he was tremendous. seven score less strikes and had some help. goldschmidt with a towering flyball. have no fear, tanaka is here. halfare now five and games back. round two of the british open. jimenez can't decide if he is a golfer or pilates in
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instructor. shot an even par 71 and three under up by one. he said hey, this course is perfect for a wind mill hole and he got his wind mill. tiger level par 71 and birdies to get to two under. it is a foursom at two under and he is only one back. the san jose soccer players meeting bull riders and their bulls. the quakes looked content to stay behind the bars. he looks comfortable there. they had a weigh off and it took 10 players to match the weight of a 2,000-pound bull. yikes. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. and no bulls were injured in the making of the stunt. but quakes were scared. >> thanks, larry. >> coming up next, boy, we have a highway prank to tell you about.
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here is a look at your wake up weather. it is going to be foggy at the coast and around the bay. clear skies inland and pretty mild. temperatures in the low 50s to the low 60s at 5:00 a.m. coming up to the low 70s inland. lisa argen is here starting at 5:00. ama and dan? >> thank you, sandhya. some drivers in marin county may have spotted fake road signs this week. gite prank is so well -- >> the prank is so well done you maybe didn't even notice. just blew through this speed limit sign and it says speed enforced by drones. the chp doesn't use drones. >> the highways were spotted on the 101 and novato on monday. cal trans removed them. chp has no idea who put them up. but they are watching those drones. no. come and join us on sunday in golden gate park for the san francisco aidswalk. it is another fabulous event.
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a 415-615 walk. we need you out there. >> i'm ama dates. thank you for joining us. >> from all of us here, appreciate your time, connect with us when you wish on twitter at abc7 news bay area on
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