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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 20, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, fatal ride. a mother falls from a 150-foot-tall rollercoaster in front of a traumatized crowd. what went wrong here? end of the heat dome. overnight, thunderstorms herald the end of this brutal wave of high temperatures. but our meteorologist, ginger zee, says the northeast is not quite out of the woods just yet. when kanye attacks. new video this morning of the notoriously short-tempered rapper, attacking a paparazzo. what set him off? and could he face charges for this? fan-demonium. one of the world's biggest geek parties combined with a star-studded hollywood bash.
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our rachel smith brings us all of the bizarre sights and sounds of san diego's comic-con. good morning, everybody. also in the news this morning, the parents of trayvon martin will be joining demonstrators hitting the streets across america today. one day after president obama made surprise and surprisingly personal remarks about this case. saying trayvon martin could have been him 35 years ago. >> and he surprised one of our reporters, as well. unscripted move by the president. we begin with that breaking story. a deadly fall from one of the tallest rollercoasters in the world. >> this is scary and sad. a mother falling to her death while riding the texas giant rollercoaster at six flags. there were people on the ride and in line that saw the whole thing. >> this is just one of two amusement park accidents overnight.
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and abc's rob nelson is on the story. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the tragedy unfolded shortly before 7:00 p.m. last night. a mother falling from that coaster. her young son, in the seat in front of her. and witnesses simply stunned and shaken by what they saw. this morning, authorities in texas are searching for answers, after a woman fell to her death from a 14-story amusement park rollercoaster. on friday night, the unidentified woman, along with her young son, was riding the texas giant rollercoaster at six flags in arlington, texas. at 152 feet, it's billed as the tallest steel hybrid rollercoaster in the world. full of sharp turns and steep drops. carmen brown was next in line for the ride, and saw the woman tumble to her death. >> it didn't hit me until we got back down to the bottom. she was no bigger than i was. that could have been me. and i lost it. >> reporter: others who were on the ride at the time took to twitter. one man wrote, literally just witnessed someone fly off of the
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texas giant two seats in front of me. in another tweet, he points to a possible cause. restraint came undone. coaster turned and she was gone. investigators did not comment on the ride's restraint system. but say this is not a criminal investigation. park officials have not released any details about what caused the tragedy. but released this statement -- since the safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority, that section of the park has been temporarily closed. another passenger who was just two cars in front of the victim says it was the fright of his life. >> other families were crying and screaming and looking for her families. they didn't know what happened. they just heard that someone falling down from the rollercoaster. and that moment, it was like a panic. >> reporter: that was not the only amusement park accident last night. at cedar point park, in ohio, seven people suffered minor injuries on this shoot the rapids ride, when they're boat suddenly rolled backwards down a
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hill and flipped into the water. witnesses said the passengers were trapped inside of the boat because of the safety belts, forcing park official, medical personnel and even fellow visitors into that water to save them. bianna? >> a reminder that these rides are fun. but they can also be dangerous. rob, thank you. we're going to turn to the deadly heat and relief, finally in sight. but not for everyone. and not right away. just yesterday, only 4 states didn't hit 90 degrees, north and south dakota, minnesota and alaska. our ginger zee is in central park this morning. ginger, i knew it would be muggy when i saw you put your hair in a ponytail. >> we weren't going to try to do the hair down today because it's not going to work. at least one more day of that here and the extreme heat in the northeast. but it's ending in a lot of places. yesterday, i was in baltimore. it felt gross. only low 80s in central park this morning. one more day of heat. but look at the records. i have to show you this. we made it to some record highs. not widespread. but some of the numbers that came out of there include 100 in queens. newark, new jersey, tied the record at 100.
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boston made their record at 99. with the break in all the heat comes severe storms. more than 300 reports just yesterday. >> there's a storm rolling in. >> reporter: overnight, severe storms ripped into the heat dome. from chicago to michigan and ohio, the week of heat ended with trees everywhere. >> he would have absolutely been in this car had he gone today. and that just hits me really, really hard. >> reporter: and in the northeast, it's still so hot. >> the humidity's killing us. >> we're tired of the heat. >> i'm just miserable. it's just miserable. >> reporter: records have fallen. and so far, there are at least 11 heat-related deaths this week. >> we had a person who had heat stroke and passed away, unfortunately. >> reporter: and get this. lakehurst, new jersey, topped out at 108, 3 degrees higher than phoenix, arizona, friday. and at a mcdonald's in new york, employees walked off the job in protest.
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their platform, no air conditioning. >> no one should be subjected to these kinds of conditions. >> reporter: power outages in several states left people sticky and stressed. >> too hot to go back inside. i already took like seven showers already. >> reporter: others, resorting to sitting in their cars, blasting the a.c. >> it's 100 degrees almost. but whatever. i'm going to deal with it and live my life. >> reporter: here's where the severe weather moves today. got to show you the map because you have to be alert in the northeast and new england. that area along the cold front, not only going to bring relief, but the severe storms. most of them in the afternoon and evening. and the cooldown. you have to see the numbers. chicago making it back into the 70s by the time we start the new workweek. i'll have much more coming up in your nation's weather. for now, let's get in to dan. >> ginger, good to hear it. thank you. whatever the weather, they're expecting thousands of
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protesters in the streets across the country, including the parents of trayvon martin. this, one day after a remarkable scene in the west wing, where reporters, including abc news white house correspondent, jim avila, taken completely by surprise, by the arrival of president obama, who went on to deliver remarkably personal remarks about the trayvon martin case. and jim avila is back at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it wasn't just his appearance that was a surprise. this is a president known often as no-drama obama for his cool. but not in time. delivering personal, first-person remarks about race in america. >> the reason i wanted to come out today -- >> reporter: president obama came to the white house press room without script or teleprompter. and his aides said he came to speak from the heart. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is, trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> reporter: in highly-personal remarks, barack obama, speaking not just as president, but as a
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black male, reminded the country why the zimmerman verdict cut so deeply in the black community. >> there's very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. that includes me. >> reporter: obama acknowledged the verdict but pointedly did not call it just. and channeled much of black america's distrust of the justice system. >> and that all contributes, i think, to a sense, that if a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario, that from top-to-bottom, both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different. >> reporter: in the end, president obama went back to his heart, finding hope in america's children, including his own. >> when i talk to malia and sasha and i listen to their friends and i see them interact, they're better than we are. they're better than we were on these issues. >> reporter: the president said that he decided to take on this issue thursday afternoon,
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calling his aides into the oval office after speaking to the first lady and saying he wanted to talk in this fashion. this very personal way and in a surprise fashion, as well. bianna? >> jim, it's interesting, that he speaks to his daughters around it, the way so many families around the country are talking about this issue, as well. jim, our thanks to you. well, there are new details surrounding the bizarre twist in the trial of boston's infamous mob boss james "whitey" bulger. a possible witness for the prosecution who has been waiting decades to testify against bulger was found dead a day after he learned he wouldn't be called to the stand after all. ron claiborne has been covering this story and is here with the latest. this really plays out like a movie script. >> this really is a mystery here. at first, it looked to police like it was a suicide. now, they're saying it's suspicious. even though they have no idea how 58-year-old stephen rakes, a man more than anything wanted to testify against bulger, at his murder and racketeering trial, and how he died. what or just maybe who killed stephen rakes?
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investigators reportedly believe that rakes' body may have been bumped on to a road in a wealthy boston suburb. and he didn't kill himself as first thought. what's baffling, he had no wallet or i.d. on him. but there were no visible signs of trauma. and the results of an autopsy that were just released are inconclusive. rakes was eager to testify against former boston mob boss james "whitey" bulger. >> he was looking forward to testifying. >> reporter: rakes was expected to say that 30 years ago, bulger personally threatened his life, to get him to turn over his south boston liquor store to his alleged gang. >> 30 years ago, i never looked at him. now, i can't wait to look him right in the eyes. and now, his day has come. >> reporter: earlier the day he disappeared, prosecutors had told rakes he would not be called to testify after all. at bulger's trial friday, dramatic testimony from his former pal and partner, steven "the rifleman" flemmi. flemmi recounted several murders
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that he says he committed with bulger, including the shocking killing of flemmi's girlfriend, in his own home, because they felt she knew too much. flemmi, he said, i'll take it. i'll do it. he grabbed her around the neck and strangled her. prosecutor, what did you do? flemmi, nothing. i was in that courthouse. and those were really chilling words to hear. one juror was crying as flemmi, actually in a matter-of-fact tone told that story. he also testified that bulger plotted to kill two people to stop them from testifying at trial. flemmi is serving life for murder and racketeering, same charges against bulger. >> and there's palpable tension between these two men. >> they do not like each other. at the end of session on thursday, they stood and stared at each other. and mouthed -- didn't say out loud, some rather sharp expletives. >> you will stay on this story. >> it's an amazing story. >> it really is. and you have the other top stories.
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>> i have more stories for you. good morning, everyone. happening right now, over in europe, five crew members of the ill-fated "costa concordia" cruise ship have been convicted in italy. just a short time ago, an italian court approved a plea deal where the employees pleaded guilty to manslaughter and negligence. the ship's captain did not get convicted today. he is facing manslaughter charges and is accused of abandoning ship. his trial has been adjourned until september. the cruise line ran aground on the coast of italy in january 2012. 32 passengers and crew were killed. an amazing story of survival this morning. a crash on the chesapeake bay bridge on friday night sends a car flying off the bridge and plunging 40 feet into the water below. even more amazing, the driver survived and climbed to safety. a boater in the water at the time stayed with her until help arrive. and a state of emergency in southern california, as the wildfires continue to burn this morning. the idyllwild fire has burned about 42-square-miles. but it's only about 15% contained.
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some 6,000 people have been evacuated from homes so far. and the death of actor cory monteith is delaying production of "glee." fox announced friday that production will start in early august. and the season premiere will be delayed a week, until september 26th. monteith, who was 31 years of age, played the character finn hudson on the hit show. he was found dead from drug and alcohol overdose, in a vancouver, canada, hotel room last week. and finally, bianna, the royal baby is here. how about that? not your royal baby, by the way. this is another one. this is a rare ginger monkey called chua, born at the london zoo. her regal title comes from the orange fur in the shape of a crown on her head. chua means princess in vietnamese. so i'm told. for all i know, it's a curse word in vietnamese. we'll find out probably later today. chua was born last month.
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but this was her first appearance. >> her royal highness, princess chua. >> exactly. we don't know what that means. >> thanks, ron. we're going to turn to the other royal baby, who is keeping everyone waiting, including queen elizabeth. huge crowds are camped outside of buckingham palace, as well as the hospital where prince william will take kate when the time comes. a lot of pressure for a first-time mother who has the entire world waiting for her to be rushed into the delivery room. lama hasan is in london. lama, i feel for you. i was there every, single day. waiting. still nothing. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning, bianna. as if it wasn't bad enough being a first-time mom. can you imagine having the world's media camped outside of the hospital where you are due to give birth. no pressure, huh? well, yesterday, we did get a little bit of a taste of what it will be like for kate when she was eventually arrive here. outside london's st. mary's hospital on friday, an army of journalists swarmed what they
7:15 am
thought were william and kate. the duo turned out to be a pair of impersonators. but the crush of media hints at the scrutiny the real-life duchess is facing. as the nation takes bets on everything, from the royal baby's hair color, to whether kate will wear her signature blue when she brings the baby home. it's clear that the already-daunting pressure that any first-time mom faces, is magnified 1,000-fold for the duchess. >> there's pressure on kate. the eyes of the world are on her. >> it doesn't matter how cool and how sophisticated you are. facing that many cameras, i defy anyone to be cool in that situation. >> reporter: ingrid seward, a friend of princess diana's, said when diana gave birth to william three decades ago, she was unprepared for the scrutiny she faced when she emerged from the hospital. >> diana told me she was so overwhelmed, when they got her
7:16 am
to the car and drove around the corner, she burst into tears. she just was terrified. >> reporter: and once diana returned home, things reportedly went from bad to worse, when postpartum depression set in. >> and the royal family never really heard of it. nobody discussed hormonal imbalances. nobody could understand why diana kept crying all the time. >> reporter: royal watchers say it is a different time now. since kate, unlike diana, will have the support of not only her husband, but also a close-knit family. but all acknowledge wherever she goes, the cameras, scores and scores of cameras, will follow. well, while they wait for baby cambridge goes on, we are getting very good at waiting around here. but you know what they say. patience is a virtue, i guess. bianna. >> keep calm and carry on. lama, thanks to you. let's bring in long-time royal watcher and british historian, robert lacey.
7:17 am
my waiting mate. i was sitting with you for days, robert, without a baby. and that begs the question, could we have had the due date wrong? could the due date have been later than we first assumed? >> we all jump to assumptions. all we were ever told was middle of july. so, people started thinking it was last weekend. it could just as well been this weekend. all i can tell you personally, is about a week ago, i was over there in the palace gardens at the big concert celebrating the coronation, 60th anniversary of the coronation of the queen. and in the row beside me was carole middleton the mother of kate. i shouldn't really be here because catherine's expecting a baby any day now. clearly, they're as uncertain as we are as what the exact date is. >> never know when mother nature will finally kick in. we're hearing from your sources and from the palace, that kate does want a natural birth. if there was a complication and she was past her due date, would they, in fact, induce?
7:18 am
>> well, maybe they would. we might speculate they would. but we will never know. as ingrid was saying earlier, as you've been saying, there's enormous pressure on this girl, first-time mother. and if there is induction, it will never be announced by the palace. the only thing they would announce would be if things went to a cesarean. then, that's a medical procedure. and they would say that. but the privacy of exactly how she gives birth, and you're quite right, she does want to give birth naturally, that will be preserved for her. >> we know it's going to be any day now. robert, it's great to have you there, for all of your insightful news and expertise. thanks so much. time for the weather, now, and over to ginger, who is back in the house. >> i ran back. got a little sweaty on the way. that's all right. imagine this.
7:19 am
you're in las vegas. 71-mile-per-hour wind gusts come with severe storms. and right here, that is a couch, off of a 50-story building that flew off the voodoo lounge, reportedly. this is from a tweet we got. wow. incredible some of the storms that came through. also brought flooding. and people are in the casino. they look up. so much rain. and the ceiling comes down. has gotten into some elevator banks. that flow, that same monsoonal flow, is going to bring more rain to parts of the southwest. some places, it's good news. some places, not so good news. look at this. flagstaff, under 80 degrees. phoenix, 102. as we put this into motion, you see the showers and the thunderstorms in the pacific southwest. we have thunderstorms up into new england. denver gets to 93.
7:20 am
>> such a huge difference on each side of the cold front. coming up in the next half hour, i'll show you the temperatures and pictures from chicago, to philadelphia. >> i'm looking forward to being on the right side of that cold front. >> yes, too. >> thank you, ginger. >> the left side. >> the left side. always correct me. i can't do anything right. now, to the annual right of summer known as comic-con, that combines "star wars," freaks, zombies, little girls dressed up as disney princesses and a cavalcade of big-time celebrities. >> it's a complete madhouse. and draws a crowd of 100,000 people. abc's rachel smith was out in the middle of it all. >> reporter: it's a world where comic books and comical characters come to life. to pose with their adoring fans.
7:21 am
where you can experience halloween in july. >> it took two months to do it. it's nothing but crocheting. there's no knitting. >> reporter: this is the world of comic-con. fred flintstone, meet iron man. all of the worlds are coming together. they're descending upon one place. i covered comic-con, international, three years in a row for abc's "on the red carpet." it's an unconventional convention, where harrison ford, first famous for his role in the original "star wars," could bump in to today's "star wars" wannabes. >> i'm the evil queen. >> reporter: you're looking good. >> thank you. >> reporter: the icy queen may be feeling the heat. as costumed competitors at comic-con. >> different attire. interesting makeup. interesting hair. >> reporter: the queen's out of her comfort zone.
7:22 am
i think you -- do not step on queen's dress. you have to watch your step at this jam-packed skeptical. last year, 130,000 comic-con fans, showed up to experience a world, where even if it's just for a few days, the outlandish are admired. >> cool costume. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, san diego. >> looks like times square on a typical day. >> fair enough. someday we'll release the dvd cut with ron giving commentary. coming up, the woman accused of running an elaborate con. on the elite manhattan art world. fake paintings, overseas bank accounts and tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent profits. also ahead, kanye's clash with the paparazzi. the hip-hop star in an airport brawl with a photographer. what set him off this time? >> could he face charges from this? and before they were stars file. new pictures of channing tatum in a former life. we'll explain, coming up in "pop news." keep it here. more "gma" coming up on this
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angry kanye west caught on camera, in a knock-down, drag-out struggle with a photographer. it's just the latest in a long list of run-ins between the hip-hop star and the paparazzi. so, what set him off this time? and will there be consequences to pay. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. back in the states this morning. >> great to have you. it's a tough morning for kanye fans, such as myself. hate to see him getting in trouble. it's saturday, july 20th. i'm dan harris. and elephants are one of the most feared animals in the wild. how did this one, whose name is bubbles, how did he become a bff with a dog? breaking interspecies news coming up later in the broadcast. we're going to start with the case of the million-dollar masterpieces, that say they are not worth the canvases they're
7:31 am
painted on. >> the woman accused of scamming two top galleries out of millions of dollars by selling dozens of, quote, unknown works by famous painters. unknown because they ended up being fake. aditi roy is here with the story. so brazen. >> reporter: intriguing story here. this 19-page indictment says galfira rosales, was selling up elaborate ruse, to her elite customers, by selling paintings backed by fake stories. in "the thomas crowne affair," a debonair businessman rocks the new york art world by stealing a monet from the met. it's not quite art imitating life. federal investigators say it is fake art behind 56-year-old glafira rosales' scheme to get millions out of art galleries. the ruse were paintings. federal prosecutors say she claimed they were newly-discovered works by renowned masters. like jackson pollack, willem de kooning and mark rothko.
7:32 am
she says she got them from an anonymous swiss collector and a spanish collector. >> this was a great con. a great sale on the front end. the art gallery bought it. >> reporter: the indictment claims rosales sold 63 works of art from 1994 to 2009, making more than $33 million. it says that rosales made up her story about her overseas suppliers, hid her funds in foreign bank accounts and filed false tax returns. >> for someone to pass a forgery, is not that difficult if you have an excellent forgery. >> reporter: it didn't end there. investigators say the galleries purchased the works and then sold the fake art to clients, who collectively paid more than $80 million for it. some of those clients have filed civil suits against rosales and officials at the galleries, claiming they all knew the art was fake. a lawyer for one of the
7:33 am
purveyors, telling abc news, quote, not one of the experts who viewed the paintings before their sale, questioned their authenticity. an alleged art caper that's as complicated as the paintings. rosales pled not guilty in her a arraignment yesterday. and is still being held without bail. her civil defense lawyer tells abc news, quote, my client has never knowingly sold any art that she knew to be forged. if convicted of all counts, she faces a maximum of 59 years behind bars. quite a story. >> all right. aditi, thank you. a lot of other news overnight. and for that, as always, it's back to mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, a deadly accident at an amusement park in texas. a woman was killed friday, while riding a rollercoaster at the six flags park in arlington, texas. witnesses say she fell from the texas giant ride. people who saw the accident say it looked like she may not have been properly strapped in. and president obama, speaking out, making his first public comments about the george zimmerman trial. the president made a surprise appearance in the white house press room on friday.
7:34 am
he talked about his own personal experiences with racial profiling. he said, quote, trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. and veteran white house correspondent, helen thomas, has died. helen thomas was the first woman to join the white house press corps association. and youtube is filled with videos like this. guys on motorcycles showing off. this was showing off gone badly awry. the driver crashing into a car in his own lane. all of it captured on his helmet cam. do not worry, however. he is okay. time, now, for the weather and over to ginger zee. >> i do not like that. all right. let's go ahead and begin with both sides of the front. can we start with philadelphia, where the temperature's 81 all this morning. they're going to head into the mid-90s again. not too bad. and the humidity's going to drop. chicago already saw it. that's the next picture we're going to see.
7:35 am
right there along the lake. a nice day ahead. you had 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts and more, you'll be a lot cooler. chicago, only mid-80s today. new york city, 92. washington, d.c., still very steamy at 96. and the cold front is going to come through, bringing more storms to the northeast and new england. another stormy area out of the gulf and the southeast. pretty big-time rain. this low-pressure system, with flood watches and warnings. nashville, 93. jackson, 92. and new orleans, right below the 90-degree mark. and how about the southwest and the west is going to heat up, as a lot of places cool down to start the workweek. medford going to 101 on sunday. 100 to start the workweek. reno, 102. on sunday, they make it to a steamy 103. a little bit drier, of course. not as steamy as the east coast.
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by target. dan and bianna? >> thanks, ginger. coming up on "good morning america," kanye west in an airport smackdown with a member of the paparazzi. the blow-by-blow caught on camera. what triggered the brawl? and tiger's ex-wife weighs in on his new gold-medal girlfriend. the surprising things the former mrs. woods has to say about her ex's new relationship. that's coming up in "pop news." keep it here. ♪
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there's a line on the new kanye west record where it says, go and grab the reporters so i can smash their recorders. he is a man of his word. check out this new video. >> that's kanye tangling with paparazzi at the airport in l.a. and it's not the first time.
7:41 am
and now, there's a possible criminal charge. gio benitez is here with this story. talk about anger management. >> reporter: yeah, really. good morning to you. a police report has already been filed just weeks after kanye's latest album debuted at number one on the billboard charts. the incident happened where paparazzi tend to lurk, at the los angeles airport. >> kanye, can we talk to you, kanye? >> reporter: this morning, kanye is done talking to paparazzi. >> come on, kanye. be cool, man. >> reporter: instead, cameras swarm him friday afternoon, he goes off. >> trying to get me in trouble. >> reporter: watch as an unidentified photographer captured his wrath, after a flight at l.a.x. the camera goes blank. but other cameras snap photos of the dramatic confrontation. you can see kanye appears to put the paparazzo in a headlock. >> this guy was making it clear that he was not going after kanye. and yet, kanye still pursued him and lunged at him and caused a physical altercation. >> reporter: now, watch again, from the perspective of another photographer.
7:42 am
>> come on, kanye. i don't want to fight with you. >> reporter: the alleged victim asking questions when kanye told him not to. >> i told you not to talk to me, right? >> reporter: kanye apparently tries to wrestle the camera out of the paparazzo's hand. the photographer was asking kanye about this incident last week. when kanye issued a stern warning to a tmz photographer, aimed at all paparazzi. >> i don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me. >> he is aggressive with cameras. he think hess can dictate, you know, who can say what to him in public areas. and you know, it's frightening. >> reporter: after this week's incident -- paramedics and police rushed to the scene. >> the fact of the matter is, somebody's going to get hurt. and that's the bottom line. >> reporter: and when abc news asked police about rumored criminal charges, we were told the incident is still under investigation. and you know, some people say that that photographer provoked kanye. >> yeah.
7:43 am
he's definitely taunting him a little bit. the question is whether that's enough to warrant going after him. >> did he cross the line there? >> exactly. >> thanks, gio. coming up on the broadcast, "pop news." and it looks like oscar-winner jennifer lawrence may be off the market. reports of a rekindled romance. coming up after a quick break. keep it here. and get personalized demos. which means less of this... ow! you shocked me! ...and more of this. well done, anne. the samsung experience shop. the place to find the latest galaxy devices and get hands-on help. only at best buy stores nationwide. i need all the help i can get. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast."
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fresh back from comic-con it's time to get out to abc's rachel smith. we were expecting you to be dressed up as an ewok, this morning. >> no. i know, bummer, right? big disappointment this morning. i have the news of pop. let's get to it. fist first up, olympic skier lindsey vonn told "vogue" magazine, that marriage isn't
7:48 am
for her, not even to boyfriend, tiger woods. if she ever changes their mind, there is someone giving the relationship a thumbs up. according to "the new york post," tiger's ex-wife elin nordegren has given the couple her blessing. reportedly telling the newspaper that lindsay is a good influence on tiger. and speaking of relationships, fellas, i'm so sorry. but jennifer lawrence is no longer a single lady. the oscar-winning actress is rekindled her relationship with british actor nicholas holt. the pair parted in january. but they're back at work shooting a sequel in canada. it didn't take long for sparks to fly again. now, why don't you feast your eyes on this. a wacky little throwback from actor channing tatum. mr. "magic mike" strutting his stuff down the catwalk in 2003. here he is rocking some sean john. nothing like a leather jacket
7:49 am
and posing for mark ecko shirtless. what a difference ten years makes. he just ranked number two on the "forbes" list of highest-paid actors. bringing in $60 million. now, he's strutting his stuff all the way to the bank. nice job. and finally, guys, here's an unlikely friendship making a real splash. meet bubbles, the 9,000-pound elephant. and her canine bff, bella. bubbles was abandoned in africa. now, she calls myrtle beach safari in south carolina home. how cool is that? there's bella, hanging out on top of her. and the pair have been inseparable pals sings. bubbles the elephant attracts tons of visitors, helping to bring in tens of thousands of dollars for conservation efforts. i'm pretty sure this is friendship in one of its finest forms. how precious are they? >> that's very cute. >> that's kind of cool. >> i would watch this all day. >> going back to channing tatum,
7:50 am
ron says he has a fur jacket. >> one just like it. >> i want to see the photo. >> of course you do, right? that's a sweet jacket. and those leggings. >> i wear it with a tank top, though. not shirtless. >> that's important to tweet on the ensemble. thank you for that, ron. good to know. news you can use on "gma" this morning. coming up next, we're going to meet a little kid that wants ginger's job. be right back. ♪
7:51 am
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7:54 am
we are unfurling a new feature on the broadcast this morning. one i find extremely frustrating because i, for years, have been trying to get into ginger's forecast. i've been getting terms like high, thin, cirrus clouds. i've been --
7:55 am
and this morning i was on the wrong side of the cold front. but apparently kids can do it. >> kids can do it. and they want to do it. i get a lot of these. we want to introduce you to our kid forecaster, 5-year-old dylan, from buffalo grove, illinois. >> i'm dylan from buffalo grove, illinois. i'm "good morning america's" junior forecaster. and the weather is going to be really, really hot today. make sure you put a lot and a lot of -- it's going to be really hot. drink lots of water. >> and lots of water. hydrate. >> she sold it, dan. that's what you need to do. really hot. >> yeah. >> i was taking notes the whole time. that and wearing a tank top under the fur coat. >> yep. >> a lot of useful information on the broadcast this morning. this is going to be something we're going to have every weekend? >> yes. send them in. tweet me @ginger_zee. >> can i?
7:56 am
>> no. it's for kids. >> i'm a kid. >> at heart. all right. thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! and make sure to watch "world news" with david muir later this evening. >> so cute. good morning, i'm katie marzullo someplace nancy pelosi will be honored at the national aids fund-raiser for her work on the disease. as she has done in years past.
7:57 am
she will take part in maintaining the grounds. national memorial by planting trees, flowers and shrubs during today's event. >> the long-awaited playground opens this morning across from the ferry building on the embarcadero. the new park was held up by a law prohibiting permanent strirs on the site but a push by local activists and city leaders got it done. families living in the contemporary its welcome addition. the carnival begins at 10:00 a.m. what will the weather be like for those festivities? let's check in with frances dinglasan. >> it will be comfortable. we'll see more sunshine. currently it's in the 50s with fog in santa rosa. 52 there, but 63 in antioch. in clear conditions in the inland communities and
7:58 am
temperatures will warm up to near hundred degrees. we're going see some 90s, as well. 95 in fairfield and check out clearlake at 103. if you want 60s head total coasts. that is going to stay cooler. 63 at half moon bay. 73 in santa cruz and great day in san jose, the high today of 83. >> breaking news, a pioneer for women in journalism has died. and new eastern span of the bay bridge, what about the western
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, thanks for joining us. it's 8:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. we'll start with a quick look at the weather. here a frances dinglasan in for lisa argen this morning. good morning. show you this beautiful live shot from the east bay hills. still showing low clouds seeping in over the hills and some of the fog making out from the coast to the bay. things will change and we'll see a lot more sunshine. temperatures coming up a few degrees. we're starting off the morning with fog and low clouds. temperatures are in the 50s to near 60 degrees. this afternoon hot numbers inland. there is something for everybody. 60s along the coast to near hundred.


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