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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  July 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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how'd i do, cj? we could be twins. well, cousins maybe. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank. going to continue to fight for him. >> a father's promise as crowds march in honor of his son. people gathered in 100 cities from new york to san francisco, to support trayvon martin and push for change. but some say these protests are misguided. good evening, i'm ama daetz. the largest trayvon martin rally in the bay area was held in oakland where the mayor got a less than warm reception. john alston is live at lake
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merritt where another rally is set to begin. >> we're awaiting a bicycle rally. a smaller march just went how to. the events today are to put pressure on the federal government to file civil rights charges against george zimmerman and for states to get rid of "stand your ground" laws. [chanting] >> they packed the front of the federal building in downtown oakland. men and women of vary using rates. some wearing hoodies. some speakers were teenagers like david. >> i believe it doesn't matter what race you are, how you look, how your hair is, you justed in to be yourself, and still you need to set a good example for your people and your family so that you can still walk out. >> the event in oakland was one of a hundred so-called justice for trayvon rallies across the
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nation. they want the federal government to do what george zimmerman's floor jury did not. >> we cannot allow this verdict on george zimmerman to stand. we can't stop here. we have to keep going. >> some in the crowd were not as sympathetic when the mayor took the stage. heckling her, angry over police tactics dealing with protest experts some african-american residents. >> let's all honor what barack obama said. whether you're black or white, a young black person or -- >> unlike recent protests when oakland police admit they were unprepared and vandals went through oakland smashing windows and injuring innocent people, this time there were many officers quietly watching the rally, which was peaceful. the mayor says the city is making progress. >> i'm a mother who is also a mayor, who has been working very hard to re-organize and reform
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the oakland police department. particularly locking at racial profiling. reporter: back live around lake merritt in oakland. dozens of people have gathered for the start of a bicycle event, a rally, to protest the trayvon martin verdict. again, no problems with the earlier event in oakland. no damage or arrests. there's a candlelight vigil planned for 7:30 at lake merritt. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> ama: as supporters of trayvon martin continue their movement across the country today, his parents spoke publicly. here's us national justice for trayvon day. >> people filled the streets of los angeles, showing they're support for trayvon martin, a week after a jury found george zimmerman not guilty. >> looking for justice for trayvon. >> in front of san francisco federal building 100 people gathered peacefully and hope the
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justice department will file criminal charges against george zimmerman. >> i heard someone said we've made some strides but not much progress and that's where we are. we still got a great way to go. in this country. >> in new york, hundreds of people rallied. jay-z and beyoncé joined the movement. and in sanford, florida, where the shooting happened, crowd marched through the streets holding pictures of trayvon in miami, trayvon's father spoke at a rally saying the "stand your ground" law needs to be amended. >> you can't have a law you start a conversation and then kill somebody. >> the parent says they moved on from the verdict. >> we're shocked and disappointed. that just means we have to roll up our sleeves and continue to fight. >> one law professor says these protests are misdidded. >> they had time for political
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correctness but not doing anything to serve the needs of the black community of the needs of america as a whole and as a consequence we're suffering. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> another protest in support of trayvon martin will be held in just under an hour at 6:00 at city hall in san jose. we'll have coverage at 6:00. >> both the mom and dad of missing 21-month-old dave any webb were handing out fliers of the little girl in oakland today. daphne was hat seen ten days ago by her dad. he said he came out of a store and saw she was missing from his car. they held hands during a prayer and then davis said what she wanted from the event. >> i'm hopeful that maybe somebody that wouldn't feel comfortable talk using to the place may want to talk to us, maybe have seen anything, clue or hint or anything that would
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help, just to point us in whatever direction. >> witnesses say they saw a woman walking with a girl matching daphne's description on the 10th. police have not said if any clues have been found in the case. >> families of the three teenagers killed in the asiana crash at sfo have hired lawyers. the families of the 16-year-olds and 15-year-old retained a new york firm to represent them. it was revealed yesterday that one of the girls survived the crash but was killed when a fire truck ran over her at the scene. >> today family members are confirming a body found in a car in orinda is that of a missing 92-year-old woman0. on wednesday evening mary garvey said she was going to a church memorial service at 7:00. and he never arrived. her car was found a ravine. officials say she was the victim of a single car crash. >> new details tonight on the
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crash that killed a motorcyclists in san jose. police say alcohol was likely involved and they have arrested a man for the crash on white road, after his car veered into the path of the motorcycle. officers arrived on the scene to fiend the motorcyclists down on the pavement and several damaged vehicles. no one else was injured. officers arrested a 23-year-old man for vehicular manslaughter, drunk driving and hit-and-run charges. >> part of southern california is under a state of emergency as a wildfire continues to spread toward homes. the mountain fire is burning bun the mountains above all springs near -- idlewild. the fire is 25% contained. thunderstorms are expected and could bring much-needed rain but couldles deliver a wind and lightning, spreading the flames. thousands of people have evacuated and residents of another 700 homes were advised to leave yesterday. authorities said the fire was human-caused but won't say who
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it was accidental or intentional. >> on this day of remembrance in colorado, residents are honoring the memory of victims killed in the aurora theater shooting. a bill rang once for each victim. people marked the day by doing good deeds for neighbors. practicing yoga, or spending time with nature. it was one year ago today a gunman opened fire into a packed midnight movie, killing 12, wounding 70. the theater has since re-opened. the shooter has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. >> a congresswoman's honor in the effort to stop aids. >> remembering a woman the president calls a true pioneer of journalism. >> look what brought action on the las vegas strip to a standstill. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. some inner locations topping near 100 degrees today. but cooling is in the seven-day
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>> president obama is calling longtime white house correspondent helen thomas a true pioneer who broke down barriers for generationses of him in journalism. >> my question is why did you really want to go to war? >> she died at her apartment in washington this morning. thomas fiercely questioned ten presidents over nearly half a century, and was the first woman admitted to the washington press corps club. she retired in 2010 after saying israel should get out of
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palestine. thomas later apologized for her remarks. a friend of thomas says she had been ill for a long time. thomas was 92 years old. a monument to honor san francisco lawmaker nancy pelosi's dedication to fight h.i.v. is a permanent part of the aids memorial grove. the leader attended the ceremony today and said her crimes that one day aids will no longer exist. >> and long with poverty discrimination and all the rest of it, h.i.v. aids belongs in a museum and that's our intention to make it a piece of the part, part of the history, not part of the future. >> her name is now permanently inscribed in stone on the walkway. >> tomorrow is the aids walk san francisco, and abc7 news is a mountain sponsor. here's a route through the golden gate park. walkers can see themselves on the jumbotron by check point 3.
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we'll be streaming it live. you can still register. call 415-615-walk. or text walk sf to 292929. >> up next, a look at what happens when sin city gets a soaking. >> and children in san francisco now have another reason to have fun outside. but creating the new park was no child's play. >> heading outside now. temperatures reached the 90s inland but a cooldown is
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>> ama: las vegas remains under a flashflood warning through monday evening.
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high winds and severe thunderstorms hit sin city last night, knocking down trees and utility poles and flooding parts of the strip. the storm brought 70 miles-per-hour winds and trapped tourist inside casinos. crews responded to several calls for water rescue and this cell phone video shows an indoor flood at treasure island. an overflow pipe above the bar broke, sending water -- pouring through the ceiling. >> the long-awaited hsu bierman park is now open. local activists and city leaders fought for the park that was delayed by a law prohibiting permanent structures on the site. it's -- families living in the area say the park is a welcome edition for a changing neighborhood. the ribbon-cutting ceremony was
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followed by a carnival and community play day. >> it was a nice day to get outside and play unless you're inland, maybe you wanted little air conditioning today. leigh glaser has more. >> leigh: in the extreme north bay, ukiah, 106 degrees. but a lot of the bay area actually cooled off a few degrees, especially if you're close to the water's edge. you can see live doppler 7hd showing you the low clouds and fog just already making inroads through the golden gate bridge, and heading over towards oakland and berkeley and the richmond area. i do want to show you some activity. we'll take you up to the sierra. live doppler 7hd picking up some isolated thunderstorms there. so numerous lightning strikes being reported from south lake tahoe, heading insurgent -- heading towards truckee, and we'll keep an eye on this. temperatures cool down, 24 hours ago. novato -- since 24 hours ago.
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novato down four, down six in fairfield. livermore, down one, but we nosed up three degrees in san jose this afternoon, and hayward up one. here's a look at the emeryville came over the bay. san francisco, 61. 81 in san jose. check out the golden gate bridge, just dense overcast. you can notice the mist and drizzle there overnight. novato, 82. livermore checking in at 92. so, san jose seeing some blue sky but fog and drizzle will develop overnight. a warm to hot day inland tomorrow, and then as we head into next week, get ready for much cooler air mass to take over the bay area. overnight temperatures tonight, generally in the 50s, watch out for the fog near the coast and probably move into the interior valley areas. also bring in a little mist and
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drills near the cost. we have this pocket of hot air over the bay area. tomorrow it standards to retreat back east and allows a cooling air mass to sag in. so temperatures inland a little cooler tomorrow. and monday, tuesday, and wednesday next week. 11:00 tonight, start off with our animation with the fog moving inland. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, looks like much of the bay area seeing some low overcast, and then sit right near those tomorrow. aids walk, the actual walk begins at 10:30, but if you get there at 9:00 a.m. overcast, 56, and then just about the time you are walking at 11:00, 58 degrees, and then look for temperatures by late in the afternoon in the low 60s. tomorrow, san jose, 80. 75, milpitas. at the coast, breezy, mist and drizzle, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. san francisco, 65.
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north bay, with the exception of ukiah and also clear lake, near 100 degrees. the rest of the north bay pretty consider thible. upper 70s to low 80s. union city, 76. hot, brentwood. concord, 87. the seven-day forecast, monday, you'll notice a sharp drop inland with the temperatures. going to bring in some high cloud, maybe a little more humidity for you on tuesday, and then looks pretty much level out where they should be. >> rick is in for shu. golf. >> exciting action. the third round of the british open is now in the books. we'll show you how tiger did today. mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats
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that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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>> one thing tiger woods has never done is come back to win a major when trailing after 54 holes. he'll have to do that tomorrow to capture the british open. second round leader jiminez, 77. tied for 11th. six strokes back. reigning masters champ, adam scott, a long birdie putt here, even for the tournament. brian's lee westwood got off to a fast start. makes this putt for eagle, giving him the early outright
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lead. hunter mahan tied for best round of the day with a 68 from the fringe on 17. just two off the pace. tiger shot a 72. he had chance to take the outright lead on 16 with this birdie putt but barely misses. on 17, tiger bogeyed it and westwood made the birdie, opening up a two-stroke lead so after three round, westwood on top. tomorrow he'll be paired with mahan, and then comes tiger and scott, zach johnson, ryan more, and angel cabrera round out the top five. if westwood can hang on it would be his first major title. >> i know what it takes to one one, and just a case of going out there tomorrow and having confidence, which i have got, and putting it to the test. >> i've been in this position before. i've been in that hunt. and i'm in it again. so, hopefully tomorrow i can play well and win the tournament.
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>> cal junior michael kim came up short, losing in the final of the u.s. amateur public links. he lost to oklahoma state. the winner traditionally receives a spot in the masters. >> celebrity golf and football on lake tahoe. john elway goes deep. look out for the tree! touchdown. hockey. [whistle] name but he is a good golfer, led for much of the day and is tied for second. the leader is his playing partner, steph curry. he was asked if this was his best round ever. >> considering the circumstances, definitely. back-to-back holes together and making some parts. this is definitely the gallery and the atmosphere out here, definitely. >> football season is just around the cornerment rookies reported to training camp.
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veterans due wednesday. despite the energy mickal crabtree, san francisco the odds on favorite to win the 2014 super bowl. colin kaepernick's jersey was the nfl's top seller for the last three months and seattle's wilson was second and third was griffin. today is the next to last day of the tour de france. overall race leader, chris froome, fingered third but barring any major accident, froome should become the second british rider to capture the tour de france. tonight, giants and a's in
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>> coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you why more california teens are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work on the state's farms. and why a young bear cub had to be rescued from a tree in the sierra. join us at 6:00. >> need an incentive to drop a few pounds? how about gold. the paidoff appears to be working in dubai. officials are offering a gram of gold, worth $45, for each kilogram of weight lost in a 30-day challenge. the minimum to cash in is two kilogram, 4.4 pounds and there's no element. that does it for us. thank you for joining us.
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world news is next. see you back at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight -- the protests coast-to-coast, 100 rallies demanding justice for trayvon. jay z, beyonce among those joining trayvon's family. as a nation now reacts to the president who said it could have been me. the family tragedy at the amusement park. the mother who falls to her death from a roller coaster, what a witness said the mother was concerned about before the ride took off. and tonight, here, what are the most dangerous rides in america. extreme weather. finally the break in the heat wave, but it's now bringing a wave of severe storms with it. abc meteorologist ginger zee here with the warnings and watches tonight. as the pioneer who took on the presidents, every one of them back to jfk, tonight that first assignment, what was helen thomas supposed to be covering and the tough questions she began asking instead. >> my question is, why did y


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