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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 20, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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and that breaking news has happened in the last hour in the tenderloin district. one person died after being shot and another wounded. an officer encountered two people who were shooting at each other. the officer fired on at least one of them. we have a crew that just arrived on scene and we will have a live report with more coming up. good evening. i'm ama dates. sky 7hd shows us the scene of another breaking story. fans left the antioch speedway a short time ago after a serious crashed marred the evening of racing. tonight's racing had the king of the west sprint car show. at least one person was airlifted from antioch to a trauma center. stay with for the latest developments on-line and on twitter. thousands of people took
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to the streets today calling for change in the wake of the shooting death of florida teen trayvon martin. rallies were held across the country and here in the bay area. we have team coverage tonight and we start in oakland with abc7 news reporter sergio quintana. sergio? >> it has been a week since the verdict was announced in the george zimmerman trial. of course the demonstrations continue here in oakland. there was a day full of protests and they all wrapped up with a quiet candlelight event here. about 50 people gathered at lake merritt for a candlelight vigil at sun down honoring trayvon martin and other victims of gun violence. >> until all young people are safe, none of us are safe. >> this was the most subdued group. the day started with a loud and controlled demonstration at the federal building in downtown oakland. >> peace on the streets. >> mayor gene quan made an appearance and was impressed
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by the demonstration -- and was unimpressed by the demonstration last weekend that contained violence. >> even in these demonstrations lately you can see we have them out walking with the demonstrators. >> and there was a visible police presence throughout the day as one group marched to lake merritt and a different group made up of bicycle demonstrators and the police were close behind. a hundred people road through the city on a mission to raise awareness in an unconventional way. >> i am riding because i think jus tess has not been -- justice has not been served. i don't think we know about unity in this town. >> the bicyclists enjoyed a traffic free and escorted ride in front of city hall. and you can see they continued on into west oakland. police say one demonstrator was arrested for several warrants, but that was before any marches started. abc7 news.
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>> rallies were held across the nation calling for justice for trayvon martin. lisa amin gulezian has that part of the story. >> the same message rang out in 100 cities across the country. >> this fight today must go on. >> it is a fight for justice for trayvon martin. it was one week ago today a jury found the 17-year-old's killer, george zimmerman, not guilty. >> zimmerman brought a gun to an unarmed battle. >> they want the department of justice to file criminal civil rights charges against george zimmerman. that's why so many rallied in front of the federal building in san francisco today. >> let's move forward now to assure that we have justice certainly for young black men. >> while in san francisco, house minority leader nancy pelosi admitted even she was surprised by the jury's decision. >> as the one who was devastated by the verdict i just didn't understand it.
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we helped channel our attitudes in a very constructive and productive way. >> pelosi is calling on local governments to review their racial profiling attitudes as well as the stand your ground law. meantime, many americans are having an honest conversation about what it's like to be african-american in this country, including the president. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> i fear more myself because i am a youth like him, a black youth so it could easily happen to me just as it happened to him. >> hundreds of californians plan to head south tonight to rally in anaheim tomorrow. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> demonstrators declared it national justice for trayvon day. tracy martin, trayvon's dead spoke to demonstrators. people are tired of senseless violence and vowed what happened to his son doesn't happen to any other child. martin's mother, sybrina
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sybrina fulton spoke to those in lower manhattan. reverend al sharpton joined fulton. they want to see the florida stand your ground law repealed in the more than 20 states that have it. to get updates on the bay area rallies check out the new smart phone app on our website at you will find the download link at the top of our home page. new at 11:00, a mysterious substance rs toed the evacuation of a store in san mateo tonight. firefighters were called to the dfw shoe store at the hills dale mall after 5:00. they heard an explosion and then suffered from irritated eyes and throats. >> we checked the video camera feed in the store and observed what we could from there. there were areas that were uncuffed that unfortunately that was the area the people describe where this sound they heard occurred and we were unable to get any video feed from that area. >> 17 people reported having
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symptoms and five were treated by paramedics. fire officials speculate it may have been pepper spray or mace that was discharged. tonight east palo alto police are investigating the shooting death of a 30-year-old man. police responded to a shots fired call this afternoon. they found lucas rodriguez in the driver's seat of a car a few blocks from his home on larkspur avenue. rolled rod was shot several times. -- rodriguez was shot self-times. still no word on the whereabouts of 21-year-old daphnae web in oakland. she hasn't been seen for 10 days. she was missing from her dad's car when he came out of a convenience store. her parents say there are no solid leads. >> no significant information, no. basically we have been going in circles. we haven't gotten anything solid that we can go off of. >> i just want to find my daughter. i'm not into publicity or nothing like that. i just want to find her. >> there had been witness
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sight ings of a woman walking with a child fitting her description last wednesday. the body of a missing 92-year-old woman has been found inside her crashed car in uh rine do. nancy garvey told her family she was going to an evening memorial church service, but she nef showed up. today a community group found the car in a ravine near village gate road. we have new video of police chasing a man who stole an ac transit bus. authorities say 29-year-old justin moss of san francisco stole the bus on friday morning from a trans bay i terminal. trans bay terminal. he drove a hundred miles before chp put down road spikes. moss is in jail facing charges of reckless driving and grand theft. he already had a $20,000 warrant for his arrest for stealing a car. ?ai let's head to a -- let's head to abc news meteorologist leigh glaser for a check on the weather. >> the abundance of low clouds
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and fog is making its way near the coast and mist and drizzle are being reported at the golden gate bridge. we will take you in closer and this has started to move in toward the oakland area as well as across the bay bridge and heading over toward berkeley. definitely low clouds and fog is what will greet us tomorrow morning. the highs today ranged from 106 in clear lake to 99 in antioch to 66 in san francisco. 61 was the high today at half moon bay with the fog. and you can see from our rooftop camera the low ceiling sagging over the financial district in san francisco. san francisco right now is 54 degrees. the half moon bay is 54 and 51 in san jose. cooling in the accu-weather forecast. we will check that out in a bit. a college in ohio faces the sk tay of rebuilding after a tornado damages the gymnasium. you can see the twister's aftermath near cleveland. the college's president says she is grateful nobody was hurt. the college will remain closed while all of the damage is
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assessed. look at that. high winds and severe thunderstorms hit sin city last night knocking down trees and utility poles and flooding parts of the famed las vegas strip. the storm brought 70 mile per hour winds and trapped tourists inside casinos. also this cell phone video shows an indoor flood at gilly's saloon at treasure island. an over head pipe broke sending water pouring through the creel. ceiling. cooler temperatures are helling -- are helping to make progress in a fire. it burned 42 square miles outside idylwild in riverside county near palm springs. it is 49% contained, but thunderstorms expected to hit this weekend could be a threat to progress. mandatory evacuations remain in place for about 6,000 people. the fire has destroyed six homes and more than a dozen other buildings. still to come on abc news at 11:00, details on the deadly meatballs left around
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san francisco. one dog has already died. now the search is on for the person responsible. plus no more falcon rescues in california. why the government is saying stop. and later, two dangerous accidents, one deadly, at
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breaking news out of san francisco. we are on the scene of a police shooting. it happened less than an hour ago near larkin. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live on the scene with the latest. lisa? >> we did just get here a short time ago and we do know that this is an
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officer-involved shooting involving two people. it happened just over an hour ago. take a look over my right shoulder. it looks like a lot of the focus is on o farrell. two people were shooting at each other when officers arrived. one officer got involved and fired at the men. we do know that one person is now dead and the other was shot in the leg. medics have already taken that person to the hospital. it is not clear if the of actually hit -- the officer actually hit anyone at all. this is a large crime scene. a lot of streets are closed off right now. that's because one person was shot. he actually managed to get a half a block away on owe farrell and then collapsed. officers got here quickly because they were already nearby at jones and turk which is about a half a mile away. that's where at 9:00 shots were fired there as well. one person at that location was also shot. back here live now, self-streets will be blocked off for several more hours including larkin to ellis and
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gear re. that's because officers are searching cars here parked along this street. they are also looking at up and down the sidewalks possibly looking for any stray bullets. live in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you for the update. housing activists demanded a stop to foreclosures right outside the home of wells fargo ceo. >> we are going to drag him out and put him in jail. >> the alliance of california for power says wells fargo could limit foreclosures by reducing the principal many owe. they issued a statement saying, quote, our work to help customers with payment challenges has resulted in a foreclosure rate of less than 1% of owner occupied loans in our servicing portfolio in the past year. new details about a reward for information identifying a person who left poisoned meatballs throughout san francisco. officials with the animal
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legal defense fund say the reward now stands at $5,000. the tainted meatballs were found in the diamond heights and the twin peeks neighborhood. the laced meatballs were left to kill out dogs. one dog who ate one died earlier this month. federal officials will no longer allow falcon checks to be rescued from bay area bridges. a sign of their rebound from extinction. they often nest on tall urban structures making it easy to hunt their food, other flying birds. 2,000 of them live in california. that compares to just 10, 40 years ago when they were placed on the endangered species list. dozens of people packed the lawn at the griffith observatory in los angeles to waive to space today. that's because the nasa spacecraft was taking a snap shot of earth. the satellite snapped the photo orbiting 800 million miles away. it captured the sun lit portion of earth including
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california. it is unlikely any of the people will actually be seen. however, they were given a free presentation at the observatory about the discuff res that have been -- discoveries that have been made. and leigh glaser is here now talking about the weather change. >> at this hour we have a bright moon out there. those of you in the east bay could get a better view of seeing it than say folks near the coast. that's because you can see on live doppler 7hd the fog bank is really starting to move inland. we have a nice westerly wind component and it will push all of this a little further inland. mist and drizzle on the golden gate bridge. the rooftop cam showing you the low overcast out there. san francisco is 54. mountain view is 61. 52 in half moon bay and here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see reduced visibilities because a fog bank is starting to move in. you will need the windshield wipers tonight as well as tomorrow morning. santa rosa right now 53.
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61 in fairfield and fifty -- 55 and 65 in livermore. looking over the bay from the emeryville cam, fog and drizzle and mist and low clouds and all of that is moving further inland tonight. it will be another warm to hot day inland for your sunday. then it looks like cooler temperatures will start to affect you as you head into monday tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight mild inland, antioch, oakley and parts of the livermore valley area. upper 50s to the low 60s the closer you get to the bay and the coast and that's where you will run into the low clouds and fog. the cooler temperatures with the overnight temperatures in the mid to low 50ss. this massive area of -- or this pocket of hot air has been responsible for the temperatures in the far inland locations. near 100 degrees the past several days. tomorrow it will move more toward the east and it whim allow the cool parcel of air to affect us and cool
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locations down as we get to the next part of next week. if we can hang on the temperatures will come down a few degrees tomorrow, but it looks like it will really notice the impact of the cooler air mass into monday, tuesday and wednesday. starting off you can see the forecast animation just about spot on with the fog already starting to move in, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow morning. we will look at the fog in the north bay valley area, and then it is pretty much going to sit near the coast and even near the peninsula. don't look for a lot of sunshine coast side tomorrow. i do know the aidswalk, a lot of people will be registering around a 9:00. definitely you are going to need the jacket and you will probably deal with mist and drizzle. temperatures in the 60s. 10:30 the walk begins. by 1:00 we should start to see temperatures warm up slightly and maybe a few sun breaks there. here is a detailed look at your highs around the bay area tomorrow. santa clara 78, 80 for san josement you will start off overcast and look for afternoon sun breaks.
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78 for redwood city. cool, breezy, mist and drizzle at the coast. upper 50s to the low 60s. san francisco 65. in the north bay, 78 for santa rosa and oakland tomorrow, you will warm to 70. fremont 77. keeping it hot inland. concord 87. the seven-day forecast, monday and tuesday are the coolest days . inland drops to the 80s. then we will rebound the latter part of next week with highs in the low 90s inland. abc7 is a proud sponsor of this year's aidswalk san francisco. the event will be held tomorrow, sunday, july 21st in golden gate park to register call 415-615-walk. visit aidswalk .net or next walk to 292929 and dress in layers tomorrow. >> thank you, leigh. and we do have a look at the route the aidswalk will take through golden gate park. the walkers will be able to see themselves on the abc7 jumbo tron when they walk through check point3.
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we will be streaming it live on rick quan is in for shu and both of our teams are playing. >> talking about your favorite sports. coming up, the a's offense has another sigh lept -- silent night in anaheim and the
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despite a disappointing first half of the season they are behind arizona. vogelsong hopes to return soon. san francisco scored in the first and sandoval drives in scutaro with this double down the line. arizona threatened to take the lead in the fifth, but with the bases loaded matt cain gets him for the third out. cain went five innings allowing four hits and two runs. the giants got insurance in their half of the inning as mr. mvp, buster posey, takes it to center. it is 4-1. the d-backs got one in the
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6th, but no more as he strikes out eaton with the bases jammed. the giants hold on for a 4-3 victory. they have now won five of the last six. the a's were trying to rebobbed from last night's loss to the angels. he had another strong outing giving up two runs over seven innings and struck out four. cj wilson was even better. he threw eight and a third shutout innings giving up three hits while striking out eight. at one point wilson retired 18 straight batters. the angels' runs came on a sack fly and this one in the seventh. l.a. wins it 2-0. texas also lost. the a's lead in the west stays at three. and he missed his second straight game because of a sore wrist. and tiger woods remains in the hunt at the british open. and a golden warrior shows he has game on a golf course.
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for tiger woods to win his fourth british open he will have to come from behind, something he has never done in a major when trailing after 54 holes. let's go to scotland. some of the seagulls made their way across the pond. jimenez found himself in deep trouble. he left them tied for 11th. the reining champ fired a one under par 70. a long birdie putt and he is even for the tournament and three shots back. westwood got off to a good start and max this putt for eagle on five. that gave him the early out right lead. hunter may han tied for the low round of the day. he knocks it in and he is just two off the pace. tiger shot a 72 and he had a chance to take the out right on 16 with this birdie putt. but it is just off the mark. the pivotal hole was 17 and tiger bogeyed it and opening a
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two-stroke lead. after three rounds westwood is on top at three under par and tomorrow he will be paired with may han and then comes tyinger and scott and johnson and moore and cabrera rounding out the top five. if westwood can hang on, this would be his first major title. >> i know what it takes. even though i haven't won a major championship i know what it takes to win one. it is a case of going out there and having confidence in the game which i have got. putting it to the test. >> i have been in this position before. i have been in that mix and i'm in it again. hopefully tomorrow i can play well and win the tournament. >> cal junior and michael kim came up short. kim lost to oklahoma state's nibrugi. the winner traditionally receives a spot in the masters. celebrity golf and football in lake tahoe today. john elway goes deep for the former shark. he gets by the tree and scores.
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roenick made his living on the ice and he is pretty good on grass as well. he lead for much of the day and is now tied for second. the leader is his playing partner steph curry. a two handicap and he made five birdies and leads the tournament with 47 points. the end is in sight for the three-week long tour de france. the next to last stage is a trek through the alps and won by the rider from columbia. baring any major accident froom should be the second straight british rider to capture the tour de france. wiggins won the event last year. this a bay c7 sports report -- abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. we will show you if they can extend their winning streak to 12. >> thank you, rick. still to come, two tragic accidents at major amusement parks. tonight what investigators are saying happened. plus the kate wait continues. how close are we to the newest
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breaking news out of san francisco. it was a police shooting near larkin. several roads in the area are closed right now. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live with the latest. lisa? >> ama, a very large police presence right now on larkin. look over my right shoulder and you can see officers are gathering in the middle of the street. they are really focused on o farrell. that's where two people were shot. it happened after 10:00 p.m. police tell me two people were shooting at each other when they arrived. one officer got involved and fired at the men. we do know that one person is now dead and the other was shot in the leg. medics have already taken that person to the hospital. it is not clear if the officer
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actually hit anyone at all. detectives, plain clothed officers is and uniform police are out here. the department is not making any statements at this hour. a lot of streets as you mentioned are closed off right now. that's because one person who was shot managed to get about a half a block away on o farrell before collapsing. officers got here quickly because they were already nearby at jones and turf which is a half mile away and about 9:00 shots were fired there as well. one person i am told was shot at that location. back here live now and officers are really focusing on the area of larkin and o farrell. they are focusing on a white board where they are laying out their plans for the rest of the evening. of course we will bring you the latest on twitter and of course on abc7 news in the morning. live in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. in tonight's other headlines, sky 7hd was over the scene of another breaking story. racing fans witnessed an
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injury crash at the antioch speedway. a medical helicopter rushed at least one person to a trauma center after the crash during the king of the west 410 sprint car show. rallies took place in the bay area and across the country to remember trayvon martin. marchers called on federal authorities to file criminal charges against neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. the rallies here in the bay area remained peaceful. two accidents, one of them deadly, at two different amusement, pas -- parks are raising questions about the safety of thrill rides. we find out what happened. jay rosy ease spar -- >> rosy esparza died riding the rollercoaster at six flags in arlington, texas. >> she fell out of the car and fell out of the ski. >> family members say it was esparza's first time at the park. they sat with her in the rollercoaster car. >> the daughter and her son-in-law were yelling and screaming, my mom has fallen
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off. we can't find her. >> my mom is gone. they were screaming when the car came back in. >> what happened? >> she goes up like this and when it drops to come down, that's when it released and she just tumbled. >> carmen brown also telling the dallas morning news that the victim was concerned her safety harness was not secure before the ride even took off. >> always thought that they do have safety precautions and they check everybody. >> in a statement six flags said we are committed to determining the cause of this tragic accident. in ohio state inspectors are trying to figure out how a boat accidentally rolled backwards on the chute the rapids park in sandusky. it flipped over in the water and seven people received minor injuries. after the two accidents we are learn thrg is a patch work of state laws when it comes to amusement ride safety. even police have little or nor nor -- or no experience identifying safety issues. >> a law enforcement officer has no special training on amusement rides or amusement ride safety or even the
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mechanics of an amusement ride. >> meanwhile, the texas giant rollercoaster remains closed, but the rest of the six flags park is open. abc news, new york. >> several hundred people paused and remembered the masacre that took place one year ago in aurora, colorado. >> a bell clanged as the names of the 12 people killed in a movie theater were read. the rampage injured 70 others during a showing of the batman movie "the dark knight rises." colorado's governor says, quote, we will always remember what happened. the suspect, james holmes, has pled not guilty by reason of insanity. five people pleaded guilty in italy today for their roles in the deadly wreck of the cruiseship costa concordia. last year's disaster killed 32 and injured 150 more. a judge accepted plea bargains foreman slaughter from the hotel's ship director, second officer and third officer.
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all five face possible prison time. the ship's captain is also charged with several crimes. now to london and the latest on the royal baby watch. tonight there is the tiniest clue as to when the next british monarch will be born trickling a frenzy. amy robach has a look at that time what we know -- at what we know for sure. >> it is the never ending great kate wait. when will the duchess of cambridge go into labor? every day there is a new false alarm. >> the media are here and they spend so much time jumping between there and the door. it is keeping me fit. >> today a helicopter landed at kensington palace, but no one knew if the couple was in the chopper. last night a call from the middleton's home to police, but it was just a dog. possibly william and kate's beloved lupo caught in a family security gate. the sun newspaper sent kate and william look uh looks to the hospital and it gave the royal press pack some relief. >> the photographers grabbed
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their cameras and they were good. kate looked amazing. >> even kate's mother has the world buzzing. >> about a week ago i was in the palace gardens and in the row beside me was carol middleton. she said, i shouldn't really be here because catherine is expecting a baby any day now. >> it can't be too far off. the palace said prince william has taken leave from search and rescue duties to be with kate when the baby is born. watch abc is a new way to experience abc anytime, anywhere. whether you are at home or out and about you can enjoy your favorite abc7 newscast, tv show all on your smart phone, tablet and computer live and on demand. it is a special new benefit brought to you by abc comcast, charter communications and at&t u verse at no cost. go to abc to find out how access abc. enter your account information to log-in and get the watch
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abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. still to come, science fiction becoming science fact. the new medical device developed by nasa scientists and how they were inspired by "star trek." and comic books come to life in this year's comic-con and the big movie news released today. >> hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. i know you heard about the incredible heat back east. travel plans tomorrow looks like they will get a break and some of the hot weather and we will look at travel destinations.
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it is the device first imagined on the original "star trek" series 40 years ago. now a local company is working on a real life mndical tri-quarter in a laboratory at nasa. as jonathon bloom explains, it is so popular it is breaking records. >> what's that? what are you dismog. >> when the crew of the star ship enterprise landed in san francisco they brought some pretty advanced medical devices with them. perhaps the most famous is this one. >> i seem a bit foggy. >> i would like to take to you sick bay. >> the tri quarter that imrabbed a patient's vitals in instants. he keeps it in his lab here at nasa aimes research center. >> imagine it in the hands of
11:46 pm
a consumer. you would have the power not only to know what is going on with you, but also to help others. >> the prop was the inspiration for the scan a do scout. like the star trek version it comes in two pieces. the scaner was originally made to look like the movie, but now it is a little easier to hold. the computer device? well have you that. it is your smart phone. >> i will hold it up to my head like this. >> they showed us how it reads your heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen and blood pressure by holding it between your fingers and forehead. >> and every time i do this demo in front of a camera my heart rate goes up. >> the idea is to make it easy enough people do it often and start to learn about their own health. >> my heart rate is indeed low, but it has always been low, you know? look over the three months. it has always been like that. >> the idea of this little device has made enough people's hearts pound. it just set a new record for the most heavily funded indy go go campaign ever. >> when we are click the
11:47 pm
button for indy go go, it came from all over the place. >> at $200 a pop more than 8,000 people in a hundred countries have ordered this early version of the scout. they will be among the testers who will help scan a do win approval. the campaign funding ends saturday at midnight. jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> that's just 13 minutes from now. just a few minutes to go on the fundraising. the group has earned more than $1.6 million. their goal is just 100,000. the world's largest comic book and entertainment convention is underway in san diego. more than 100,000 people are expected to attend this year's comic-con. and there is also big news coming out of the convention. "man of steel" director zach snyder says his next superman movie will include batman. and fans of "once upon a time" will see a familiar disney character next fall, the little mermaid. let's get one last check of our weather from leigh glaser. >> definitely overnight
11:48 pm
tonight and early tomorrow morning as live doppler hd is picking up low clouds and fog. there is mist and drizzle and the heat wave is affecting the eastern half of the united states and it is over. actually in new york it is reporting temperatures several days near 100 degrees. they will cool with afternoon showers of 86 and 89 for washington, d.c. and a few thunderstorms. 84 and even phoenix today was 103. tomorrow they will cool things down a bit. monsoonal moisture is moving in. phoenix tomorrow is 93 degrees. even parts of southern california could possibly see a few isolated thunderstorms. we will see a few in the sierra. yowyosemite 103. 99 for palm springs and l.a. 79. sacramento 93. inland communities, antioch, you will stillly in the mid-nineties, but the rest of the bay area a little cooler. inland locations will cool down as we get into monday and tuesday and back down into the
11:49 pm
comfortable 80s. folks, follow at live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. plus get weather video and spare the air and power alerts. >> thank you, leigh. shu is off and giants playing today. >> the giants didn't look good the first half of the season, but they are starting to get their act together. the giants pick up another game on the first place diamondbacks. and the a's pitcher turning in another strong
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after a pair of rough starts matt cain picked up his first win in more than a month tonight. the giants knocked off the first place diamondbacks. more pitching help may soon be on the way. vog -- vogelsong threw from the mound before the contest. san francisco scored in the first. sandoval drives in scutaro with this double down the left field line. arizona threatened to take the lead in the fifth, but matt cain gets gold shaw -- goldschmidt for the out. giants got two more in their half of the inning as mr. mvp, buster posey, goes deep for his 14th of the year. that made it 4-1. the d-backs got one run in the 6th, but no mar as he
11:53 pm
strikes out adam eaton. the giants hang to win it 4-3 and they trail arizona by just four and a half games. the a ease were out cespatas for another game. straley allowed two runs over seven innings. but cj wilson was better. he threw eight and a third shutout innings giving up three hits and striking out eight. at one point he retired 18 straight. the angels' runs came on this sacrifice fly in the seventh. l.a. wins it 2-0. texas also lost and the a's lead in the west remains at two. tonight in las vegas the warriors continue summer league tournament play. he knocks down the tough jumper and golden state drove by 10 in the third and he let it come back. he scored a team high 26 points. northern arizona product cam jones played well. he knocks down this jumper.
11:54 pm
then he gets open and scores from beyond the arc. the warriors win their 12th straight summer league game 83-77. they now face charlotte in tomorrow's semifinals. one thing tiger woods has never done is come back to win a major when trailing after 54 holes. he will have to do that tomorrow to capture his fourth british open. they are almost done in scotland, so i get the seagulls come out there as well. the second round leader jimenez found himself in deep trouble as a 77 leaves him tied for 11th. the masters champ adam scott shot a one under par 70 with a long birdie putt here. he is even for the tournament three shots back. westwood got off to a great start and makes this putt for eagle on 5. this gives him the early out right lead. mahein tied with a 68 from the fringe on 17 and knocks it in. he is just two off the pace.
11:55 pm
tiger shot a 72. he had a chance to take the out right lead on 16 with this birdie putt, but it slides by the cup. the pivotal hole was 17. tiger bogeyed it while westwood made his birdie opening a two-stroke vapg. so after three rounds, westwood on top at 3 under and tomorrow he will be pared with mahain and then comes tyinger and scott and johnson and moore and cabrera rounding out the top five. if westwood can hang on, this d be his first major title. >> i know what it takes. even though i haven't won a major championship i know what it takes to win one. it is just a case of going throwt tomorrow and having confidence in the game which i have got. putting it to the test. >> i have been in thissition be. i have been in that hunt and in that mix. i am in it again. hopefully tomorrow i can play well and win the tournament. >> cal junior michael kim came up short in the 36-hole final. kim lost to oklahoma state's jordan n abrugi.
11:56 pm
the winner traditionally receives a spot in the masters. celebrity golf and football. john elway goes deep for jeremy roenick and he gets by the tree and scores. shades of mike shumann. roenick made his living on the ice, but she pretty good on grass as well. he lead for much of the day and is now tied for second. the leader is his playing partner, warriors guard steph curry. curry made five birdies and leads with 47 points. he was asked if this was his best round ever. >> considering the circumstances , definitely. i couldn't hold back to back holes together and making some putts so this is definitely the gallery and the atmosphere out here. it is definitely the best i played. >> and the finish line is in sight for the three-week long tour de france. today's next to last stage, a 78-mile trek through the alps was won by quintana. baring any major accidents
11:57 pm
shroom should capture the tour de france. wiggins won the event laster yew. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> rick, thank you so much. thank you for joining us. that's it for this edition of abc7 news. abc7 news tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. rick quan and mike shumann and awful us here, thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter and facebook and all of your local devices with all of your local devices with the new abc7 news app. there are two kinds of fol
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