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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 21, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather forecast. here's frances dinglasan in nor lisa argen. good morning, francis. >> good morning, matt. good morning, everyone. we are start off with low clouds and fog this morning but the marine layer has deep end and that will make way for slight end cooler temperatures today. you see the low clouds on the roof camera, even drizzle possible in the morning hours. temperatures around 7:00 will be in the 50s, some low 60s, and then it will be a mild afternoon. it's a nice day to enjoy national ice cream day. but notice it is going to be cooler inland, only getting up to the mid-90s. >> the fog returns this evening and by 7:00 if you have dinner
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plans out, temperatures will drop into the upper 70s and then holding steady along the coast. i'll have the complete accuweather forecast, including more cooling, coming up. matt. >> thank you. today the 27th annual aids walk. abc7 news is a proud response or of the event and we are joined now with what is happening now. kira. >> did morning. believe it or not there are people here setting up right now. the main stage is already set up behind me and they are setting up the tables and chairs where all the teens meet up for the aids walk. we are still about five ace -- hours away from the event. it is 6.2 miles. if you are one of the 25,000 expected walkers, we have a very special treat for you this year. you will be able to see yourself on the abc7 jumbotron when you
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walk by checkpoint 3. 3 is right in the middle of the route. you can tweet your tell your friends and family at home and they can look for you as we stream the walk live on there is so much fun to be have. dan ashley will be mc'g the opening event that he and a band will perform. the walk goes from 10:30 to about 12:30. that's when the concert happens. then there is still time until about 3:00 this afternoon there. is still time to sign up. if you would like to be a part. call or you can go to or text. reporting live in golden gate park, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> in breaking news, one person is dead and several lanes of interstate 280 in redwood city of closed following a crasher
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this morning. it happened just after 2:30 on southbound 280 near wood side road. all southbound lanes of 280 are closed at that location. we will have more on the story as soon as we get an update. developing news in san francisco. one person is dead and a second seriously injured after a gun battle in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. it happened in the area near larkin street. when officers arrived on the scene, several people were shooting at one another on the street. one person was hit and died he is scene. police say a lot of people were in the area at the time of the shooting. >> whatever these people had between them, obviously they had decided to settle it and they ty didn't really care who was around. >> the person who died is not believed to be an innocent bystander. one person was taken into custody. the injured person was taken to sf general. the shooting remains under investigation. in other developing news, a
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champion sprint car driver has been hospitalized with major injuries following a roll recover crash at the ant job speedway. it happened about 9:00 last night. they were about midway through the main event and a driver from new zealand crashed with another vehicle. >> going down the front stretch and sometimes stuff like that happens, you make contact. we see it a lot. him and other car got together and ended up upside down. it took crews about 40 minutes to free murphy. he was taken to the medical center. many people are calling for changes this morning in the weak of the shooting of florida teen trayvon martin. thousands of people took to the streets yesterday for rallies held all across the country and for here in oakland. we have more from the rallies in oakland. about 50 people gathered for a
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candlelight vigil at sundown honoring trayvon martin and other victims of gun violence. this was the most subdued group but the day started with a loud demonstration at the federal building in oakland. >> peace on the streets! peace on the streets! >> the mayor made an appearance. last weekend marching resulted in violence and vandalism. police are using a new strategy. >> even the way they have been in the demonstrations lately. we have them out walking with the demonstrators. >> there was a peaceful presence throughout the day. a different group made up of bicycle demonstrators took to the police and the police were always close behind. about 100 people road lou the city in a mission to raise awareness in an unconvention that will way. i'm riding because i think justice that is not been served.
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i don't think we know about unity in this town. >> the bicyclist enjoyed a traffic-free and police escorted ride in front of city hall. they continued on until west oakland. one demonstrator was arrested with several outstanding warrants but that was before any protests started. otherwise no other arrests were made. abc7 news. rallies were held all across the nation yesterday, calling for justice for trayvon martin. our reporter has that part of the story. >> the same message rang out in 100 cities across the country. >> it's a fight for justice for trayvon martin. it was one week ago a jury found the 17-year-old killer, george zimmerman, not guilty. >> zimmerman brought a gun to an unarmed battle. >> they want the department of justice to file criminal civil rights charges against george zimmerman.
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that's why so many rallied in front of city hall in san francisco. >> let's move forward now to make sure we have justice certainly for young, black men. >> while in san francisco, house minority leader nancy pelosi admitted even she was surprised by the jury's decision. >> i was one devastated by the verdict. i just didn't understand it. it happened channelize is a very constructive and effective way. >> she's calling on local governments to review their racial profiling attitudes, as well as the "stand your ground" law. meanwhile many of americans are having an honest conversation about what it's like to be african-american in this country, including the president. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> i'm a youth just like him, a black youth, so it could easily happen to me just like it happened to him. >> hundreds of californians plan
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to head south to rally in anaheim today. abc7 news. questions are being asked about whether the limo driver involved in a deadly fire at the san mateo bridge was too distracted to react quickly when the fire broke out. it is reported he was on his cell phone fighting with his estranged wife before the fire started. in an interview brown ace wife said he had the music turned up loudly so the limo's passengers couldn't hear them arguing. five people died back in may. there was a shooting death of a 30-year-old man. police responded to a shots fired call yesterday afternoon. they found a man a few blocks from his home in larkspur avenue. he had been shot several times. >> a mystery sub expense forced the evacuation of a store at
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hillside mall last night. customers described hearing a small explosion and started suffering from irritated eyes and throws. >> we checked the video cameras and there were some areas uncurved. unfortunately that was the area that people describe where this sound that they heard occurred and we were unable to get any video feed in that area. >> 17 people reported having symptoms. five were treated by paramedics. fire officials speculate it may have been mace or pepper spray discharged. we have video of a 29-year-old man stealing a transit bus. the man drove 100 miles before the officers put down road spikes to flatten the bus tires in oakdale. he's in jail facing charges of reckless driving and grand theft. he already had a warrant for his
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arrest for stealing a car. we are talking about the fog through there this morning. i drove through it coming to work. >> did you encounter mr. drizzle? >> no mr. drizzle, no. >> it's possible. we have cooler temperatures and i'll have the numbers coming up next. >> and new information on the deadly meat balls left around san francisco. one dog already died and now a new incentive to help them church for who
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>> here's a live look from the san mateo bridge. you can see a little bit of fog out there, low fog. things are looking cool out there. frances dinglasan says you could see some drizzle out there as well this morning. fire fires are making progress against a fire in southern california. it's burnt 42 square miles near palm springs. the fire is 49% contained but thunderstorms are expected to hit today and can bring a threat to the progress. mandatory evacuations remain in place for about 6,000 people. the fire has destroyed six homes
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and more than a dozen other buildings. detroit just became the largest city in u.s. history to file for bankruptcy. now residents wonder if they will see improvements of a years of neglect. today on "this week" the detroit mayor goes one-on-one george stephanopoulos about what the city's discussion to go bankrupt means for the future. you can watch it here at 8:00. outside the home of the ceo of wells fargo. the alliance is californians for community empowerment organized yesterday's rally in san francisco. protest organizers believe wells fargo could limit the principal. the bank said they will work to
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help owners. although the economy is recovering, it's little consullation to anyone who has looked for a rob and come up empty-handed. jonathan bloom has the story of a man who came back from the brink of despair by creating his own job and now he's helping others do the same. >> tech shop is place inventors and crafts people come to learn new skills and use few tools. inside you find this man working on a laser cutter and outside a man is sleeping on the pavement next to the shopping cart. but it turns out they have something in common. >> in 2011 was the first night i spent in a homeless shelter. >> mike was a out of work person who went into a spin but he heard two talking about tech shop. >> it so happened they had a christmas special with the exact amount of money i had on me so i bought a one month membership that came with two classes, took the two classes and the rest is
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history. >> he finds out he has a knack for laser cutting. he started out making parts for other people's projects, then he began teaching classes on t now he has his own laser cut are he and makes a living with it. >> i've done pretty well the last year and a half. >> he didn't want to stop there. that's when he was on general assistance. and he thought this would be a great place to start something to help other people like him. >> one thing i noticed inside the shelter is an abundance of shelter. all the resources you need to live, because the resources a person would need to learn so kind of like a tech shop and homeless shelter worked together. >> he had others on board who never new mark was homeless until his story was featured. >> makes what he's doing even more impressive than before. >> it was an interview that almost didn't happen. >> i thought i wouldn't tell anybody. i thought it would be my secret the rest of my life and coming
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out i realized if i went it a secret i wasn't going to be able to help people. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. new details about a reward for information identifying the person who left out poisoned meat balls throughout san francisco. the reward now stands at $5,000. tainted meat balls were found in the diamond heights and twin peaks neighborhood. police believe the strychnine meat balls were left out to kill dogs. one dog died earlier this month. federal initials will know longer allow distressed peregrines to be rescued from bridges. they often nest there to hunt that ane favorite foods, flying birds. about 2,000 live in california, compared to just 40 years ago or 10 four years ago when they were placed on on the endangered spes list. we go from the sky to the
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water. these fish are some of the rarest. some viewers tell this guy the fish whisperer, traveling the world to get face-to-face with some enormous fish. abc news joined him for a journey to thailand to see fish some people called living fossils. >> people don't realize freshwater fish are some of the most endangered animals on the plannity. >> some can way up to 2,000 pounds. here's a look before his team releases them back into the wild. colorado faces the challenge of rebuilding after a tornado hit their gymnasium in ohio. other buildings were also damaged. the college president said she's grateful nobody was hurt. the college radio remain
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included while all the damage is assessed. in georgia heavy rains caused a collapse during a concert. 1,000 people were watching a band play at a breast awareness concert in a downpour caused the tarp to come plummeting town on the band. five injured, four were taken to the hospital. they have all been treated and released. we've been talk a lot about the pete across the nation and it's been hot the last day or so, but this morning cool out there. >> cool out there and that's a trend we will see inland today. temperatures will be coming down. i think you will notice that. we will go to live doppler 7hd and show you some of the cloud cover around the bay area. mainly just low clouds and some fog and possibly drizzle developing this morning, but pretty quiet out there. we are looking live from the kgo roof camera toward the transamerica tower and you see the low clouds just at the tip of the tower. it will deepen a little bit and we will see the clouds move
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inland and then make its way back to the coast this afternoon. current temperatures right now, san francisco a 3. so we are mainly in the 50s. half moon bay at 52, santa cruz at 57. you will find more of the fog across the golden gate bridge. it is currently 53 in santa rosa. so far they haven't reported any fog. we will see if that changes. it probably will the next couple hours. we are looking at more of those gray skies from emeryville over the bay. kind of the bay bridge there in the distance. basically what you can expect is a very similar morning compared to yesterday's. we've got the fog and even a little bit of drizzle. most like we will see the drizzle closer to the coast. it's going to be cloudy all day at the coast. but we will see more sunshine again in parts of the peninsula and definitely the interior valleys. cooler as the trend for the next
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few days. so we have a hot air mass moving east and then we have cooler air that's going to impact our weather, driving our numbers down a little bit. of in the inland areas. and a little bit around the bay. along the coast it will still stay cloudy and cool. temperatures not much change throughout the week. as the fog pulls back this afternoon, you will still see fog all along the coast. highs still mild and comfortable in the south bay, 80s in san jose. 78 in santa clara. 68 in santa cruz. look for upper 70s this time on the lower part of the peninsula. also coming down a couple degrees in pacifica at 58. and in san francisco downtown partly cloudy conditions, a high near 65 today. north bay looking very sunny and mild. calistoga 82. cloverdale at 93 but still cool on the coast. and east bay numbers low 70s to upper 70s for the most part
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with the exception of berkeley and richmond. 68. 69 degrees. look for a very nice day. actually much more comfortable, if you will, in the inland valleys. we will see temperatures in the mid-80s to low 90ths in some locations. one of the hotspots will be brentwood at 94. they were closer to 100 yesterday. if you are head today golden gate park, it will be a fairly comfortable day for a walk. it's going to be cool, but that's nice and comfortable. if you want to head out there and see dan ashley and kira klapper, bring a jacket because it will start off around 56 degrees at 9:00. we will bump up to 60 degrees by 1:00 and we will see some breaks of sunshine. then 63 is probably the warmest temperature we will see around 3:00 this afternoon. then the fog rolls in and clouds return once again. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we have the cool down starting today.
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notice tomorrow with the high and low clouds moving in. that will bring temperatures even lower foreign land communities, down to the mid-and upper 80s and the mid-70s around the bay. we can see upper 50s and 60s along the coast all week. we drop down and then we come back up, slowly, slowly, slowly into next weekend and it looks like another beautiful weekend in store for us. we will let you know how it will be in your community. you can keep track of bay area weather on twitter at live doppler 7hd. i know you are very active on twitter and i'm trying to keep up. >> yes. i'm doing the twitter, but today is national ice cream day. we get the cooler temperatures, maybe we could have used hotter temperatures to get us to the ice cream store today to enjoy it. >> that's true. but i think any day is a good day for ice cream for me. >> that's right. any day is a good day for ice cream. next, why the giants are having
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such a marred time
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>> the giants and their fans hope to come up with a way to keep the seagulls away from the park. wildlife experts point out the ballpark serves as a bountiful beau pay thanks not food dropped
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by fans. it is illegal to shoot the birds and bringing in a falconner to square them away could become a gruesome scene in front of the fans. an abandoned bear cub found with a broken cub has been rescued from a tree. the six-month-old cub was hit by a car. his mother left him behind because i couldn't keep up. wildlife officials found him malnourished and college to go a tree on thursday. he is now treated and in a cast. he will be treated until he can be released none this winter. coming up next, aids walk san francisco is just a few walks away. abc news reporter kira klapper will have a live report from golden gate park to tell us about today's festivities. and a tragic accident at two
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>> good morning. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. good morning, francis. >> hi, matt, and good morning, everyone. here's a look at the temperatures now. mainly in the 50s. 53 san francisco. cloudy conditions all around the bay with 57 in oakland and hayward. there's a thicker marine layer, about 1800 feet, and that will allow the clouds to push inland in the morning hours. foggy and cloudy for most
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everyone with drizzle along the coast. this afternoon we will see warmer temperatures once again. it will come down a few degrees compared to yesterday. upper 50s along the coast to mid-90s. then this evening the fog will return again. if you have lance out, by about 7:00 tonight it will be in the mid-50s to uner 70s for the warmer areas and another cool-down on the way. i'll have more with the accuweather seven day forecast coming up. matt. >> thanks, francis. about 5,000 people are expected in golden gate park today for the 27th annual aids walk. abc7 news is a proud sponsor of the event. kira klapper joins us now with what is happening. good morning, kira. >> good morning, matt. sense i talked to you about 30 minutes ago, dozens of volunteers have arrived and they are set you up the main stage behind me and the tables will all the teams will meet this morning. the walk doesn't start until 10:30 but there's a lot of work going on already. the walk winds through golden
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gate park. it's 6.2 miles. along that route, as matt mentioned, abc7 news is a proud sponsor. we are sponsoring a jumbotron. walkers, you can see yourself on the abc7 jumbotron when you walk by. it's the checkpoint 3 right in the middle of the route. we stream the walk live on also along the route, a reminder of why raising money to find a cure is so important. sections of the aids quilt will be on display. since the walks they have raised more than $677 million. today's walk is hoping to add to that. they are already raised more than $2 million online. if you want to be a part of that go to you can text it to be a part of the wonderful cause.
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so much on a lighter note, abc7 news anchor dan ashley will be mc'g the event for 19 years in a row and after the event he and his band "push" will be performing for the crowd. lots of fun here. >> a rock star and a news anchor. he does it all. thanks, sierra. there was a special event yesterday. local lawmaker nancy pelosi was the driving force behind the memorial for aids 20 years ago. she said it was a work to create it that directly led to the striking down of the defense of marriage act. >> i truly believe that the advocacy, the community-based organizing, the molization on the hiv a.i.d.s. issue was a strong factor in changing
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people's attitudes toward gender equality in our country. >> pelosi said she's wishing for the day when aids will become a thing of the past. two different deadly accidents at two different amusement parks within hours of each other friday araises awareness about safety. >> rosie died riding a 14 story high texas giant roller coast either six playings in arlington, texas. >> she fell out of the car and just fell out of the sky. >> family members say it was her first time at the park. they sat with her in the roller coaster car. >> the daughter and her son-in-law, they were yelling and screaming, my mom has fallen off, my mom is gone. and they were screaming when the car came back in. >> what happened? >> she rose up like this, and then when they dropped to come down, that's when it released and she just tumbled. >> carmen brown telling the dallas morning news she was
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concerned her safety harness was not secure before the ride took off. >> they do have safety precautions. >> in a statement six place said we are committed to determining determining the cause of this tragic dent. and in ohio state inspectors are trying to figure out how a boat accidentally rolled back roads on a shoot the rapids rides at the doppler sandusky park. seven people remained injuries. we learned there's a patchwork of state laws when it comes to amusement ride safety. even police have little or no experience identifying safety issues. >> the law enforcement officials has no special training on the amusement park safety oregon even the mechanics. >> a giant roller coaster remains closed but the rest of the park remains open. chuck sievertson, abc news, new york. starting today public officials in the east bay will
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celebrate national nelson mendel ledee. they will honor him the black leader in berkeley. eat vent comes on the heels of mandela's 95th birthday way was last week. he has been hospitalized since june 8th with a recurring lung infection but remains in critical but stable condition. today they finished making care packages for the families of ace yawn flight 214. care packages will be sent to 35 families in china. two teenagers were killed in the crash. they planned to send their summer with the church as part of a three week exchange program. the church plans to send memorial plaques honoring the girls to their schools in. abc wants to bring you programming our programming anywhere, anytime. dan ashley shows how watch abc
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lunch break at work. while the rest of the family is watching "modern family" in the living room you are of, you can catch up with programs like" scandal," or cassel or others. you can watch all these programs at no additional cost. download the app and ion in using your account information or log in to the website and get the live stream now. >> find out how you can access "watch abc" on our website. to download the app for your mobile device, search for "watch abc." it is now everywhere you need us to be. the big changes at the post office. some ours are being cut. starting today the macy's is station in san francisco will know longer be open at yawn
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square. the postal service has also approved the sale after downtown berkeley office as part of a series of cutbacks to reduce costs and generate revenue. nearly 3500 post offices across the u.s. has been slated foreclosure or sale. next on the sunday news, competition for the popular food trucks heating up. new way san francisco restaurants are getting their food to customers on the go without the food truck wait. and here's a live look now from our roof cam. taking a look at the bay bridge and the ferry building there. a beautiful shot this morning. cooler temperatures. we will
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>> since food trucks exploded in san francisco there's been some competition with brick and morer restaurants. restaurants figure if you can't beat them, join them. >> this orange and white bus is bringing the san francisco restaurant scene to the crowd. >> with chips? how's my chips? >> i got the kiwi salad. >> the restaurants take turns offering food.
5:43 am
this woman was thrilled she got to order from this restaurant. >> i used to live by there so when i saw that they would bring it here for lunch, i thought that was amazing. >> so far they have 40 restaurants participating. >> so we have a team of people who scour the city, who know was already good and who find the undiscovered things that people need to know about. >> the service is entirely ordered online. the kitchen owner dennis lynn said it happened to the downtown lunch business the same way food trucks have successfully done. >> i can't deliver here so this is a good way to do it now. >> they recently experimented with food trucks in
5:44 am
san francisco. but the cost was out of line to comply with the city's new regulations w wasn't to bring new products to consumers. so far there's only one of these bus necessary the city but if it catches on, more could be coming. abc7 news. >> watching that is making us drool. it's also national ice cream day and we've been thinking about that all morning long, right? >> yeah, and i could eat anything. but we have this canner clouds this morning and that means it's going to take a little longer for the sunshine to show up in your neighborhood. the clouds are moving in from the coast. i'll let you know how warm it will be when you can expect to see sunshine. >> what a beautiful shot there. also next, is this the beginning of the second-half surge? giants try to gain more ground on the first place
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>> i drove through the fog on 280 coming into the city. a lot of places are seeing the low clouds, the fog. maybe even a also drizzle. >> the closer you are to the coast the more likely you will see some of the drizzle. i didn't run into any this morning but i had to use my wipers a couple times yesterday. we will show you live doppler 7hd around the bay area. fairly quiet other than the low clouds and fog seeping into the bay, especially the gold gate bridge. i will showa live shot soon. i want to take you up to reno
5:48 am
again today, parts of eastern nevada. heat advisory still in effect until 10:00 tonight. near record-breaking temperatures, about 110 degrees or so. and we do cool down overnight as well. a live view from our roof camera, looking out toward the buildings there and the bay bridge and the big sky once again this morning. we are just under 20 minutes away from sunrise and temperatures in the 50s. 57 in oakland. milder in mountain view, 59 degrees. here's that fog at the golden gate bridge. getting a little bit thicker as the morning wears on. and eats also in the 50s in santa rosa, 53. 56 in napa. and let's look for slightly warmer temperatures in fairfield and livermore. just a few degrees. 57 right now. a look from emeryville out toward just that gray kind of sky and fog, as we look toward
5:49 am
the new bay bridge and treasure island right now. here's what you can expect. we've got the morning fog, drizzle. cloudier at the coast and the clouds will stick around all day. temperatures coming down a few degrees the next couple days. we will take a look at the pacific satellite image. so hot air moving away. we have a cooler air mass coming down toward the bay area. this is going to increase the onshore flow into tomorrow, as well. we will see a slight cool down today and tomorrow. so we will see the fog pulling back to the coast, but still lingering, low clouds even this afternoon. that will stick around all day. but we have seen mostly sunny conditions around parts of the bay and inland communities will be clear and also sunny and warm again today. but in san jose look for a high of 80 today. 75 in milpitas. also very mild in red wooled city at 78. 59 in half moon bay, your high today. downtown san francisco getting
5:50 am
up to 65 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. and it's going to be 78 in santa rosa. ukiah 101. 77 in vallejo. some upper 60s to upper 70s in the east bay neighborhood. 68 in richmond to 77 in fremont. and a great day to enjoy ice cream, of course, in the inland valleys. 88 in pittsburgh, 88 in pleasanton, as well. also we are heading to the giants game today at 1:05, i think you will need a jacket. even though it's going to be about 63 degrees. but by the time the game ends, about the same. we will see the fog and clouds roll in. sunset at 8:27 tonight. here's a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. the cool-down starts today, compared to inland numbers yesterday. mid-90s for you. 70s, upper 70s around the bay, upper 50s around the coast. we will come down even a few more degrees on monday. temperatures holding steady a little bit and then we bump up a
5:51 am
little bit toward the end of the week. then we should see more sunshine for next weekend. >> yeah, it's looking pretty nice. thank you, francis. in sports this afternoon, madison bumgarner takes the mound for the giants as they go for the sweep against the arizona diamondbacks. last night matt cain recovered from his last two disastrous starts. here's the sports. >> good morning. despite a descendents pointing first half of the season the giants find themselves just four and a half games behind first place arizona. before last night's contest, ryan vogelsong came to the mound. san francisco in the first. marco scutaro with the double down the left-field line. arizona threatened to take the lead in the fifth but with the bases loaded matt cain gets goldschmidt for the third out. kaiane aldorine loud 4 hits, 2 runs. giants got insure ness in that are half of the inning as
5:52 am
mr. mvp, buster posey, goes deep to the center and made it 4-1. the d-backs got one run in the sixth but any more as they strike them out. giants have won five of their last six. the a's are trying to rebound from friday's loss to the angels. gave up 2 runs over 7 innings. he struck out 4. d.j. wilson was better. he threw 8 1/3 innings. at one point he retired 18 straight batters. the angels with the sac fly and the solo shot in the 7th, l.a. wins, 2-0. texas also lost. a's leading the west at two games. the warriors continued summer league play in las vegas. here's the tough jumper.
5:53 am
the comeback. arizona product cam jones also played well. he knocks down this jumper. then gets open and scores from downtown. jones had 18 points. the warriors win their twelfth straight summer league game. they meet charlotte tonight in the finals. celebrity golf at lake tahoe. he goes deep. gets by the tree and scores. roenick made his living on the ice but he's pretty good on grass as well. he led for much of the day for second place. the leader is his playing partner, steph curry. curry made 5 birdies and leads with 27 points. he was asked if this was his best round of. >> definitely. putting back-to-back holes together and making putts. this is definitely, the gallery
5:54 am
and the atmosphere, it's picked it up. >> tonight at five i will have results from the british open. tiger woods trying to win his first major in five years. that's it for sports. i'm rick kwan. have a great day. i'll see you tonight. >> next, it's comic-con
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>> here are the winning numbers from last not's power ball draw. the power ball number is six. nobody correct le picked all of them. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $166 million. the world's largest comic book and entertainment convention wraps up today in san diego. more than 100,000 people are expected to attend this year's comic-con. there's also big news come out of the convention. man of steel director matt snyder said his nicks super man movie will include batman. next on abc7 news at six, we continue to follow developing news. san francisco police investigate what they call a brazen shootout that left one person dead and another wounded. details emerge in a major accident at a bay area raceway as nearly 2,000 fans watched.
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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller, in for carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather forecast. here's frances dinglasan, in nor lisa argen. good morning, francis. >> hi, matt. good morning, everyone. we are starting off pretty cool with a lot of low clouds over most of the bay area. one of the cool spots, 50 in novato. a little milder in mounds view at 59 degrees. cloudy conditions, as well, around monterey bay, 53 in watsonville and monterey. low clouds and fog coming in from the golden gate bridge here from the coast. we will see a lot of sunshine once again in the inland communeets. very warm temperatures. upper 80s to lowed 0s. around the bay very mild as


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