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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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developing news tonight in a running gun battle in san francisco where an officer fired his gun. one person is dead and a second is gravely injured. i'm ama daetz. developing news in the shooting. happened last night. bullets flew in a chaotic scene. at first police didn't know if innocent bystanders were shot. tonight we have a better idea what happened. we're live at san francisco's hall of justice withan update. reporter: the man who died of gunshot wounds has been identified as 24-year-old man of
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san francisco. the other man was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries has not been identified. and homicide investigators are looking at to whether or not these two victims were involved in the original altercation that led to the gun battle. >> i tried counting and counting 15 shots. >> did not want his last name used, is talking about the gun battle on saturday night. police were called to the area at 9:40. after reports of a raging gun battle. the police chief described the incident when officers arrived. >> the suspect, when he was in the intersection, was shooting back on what they believe to be two suspects on the north side of the street shooting back at him. >> ross, who lives here at these apartments, says the round were going everywhere. >> we heard the bullets going past my window. i'm surprised other people were not hurt. >> two groups of men shot at each other and one man turn on
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the officers jurick suspect turned on the officers. one officer fired rounds at the suspect. did not hit the suspect. >> when the shooting was done, one man was deed. a rest in peace sign was left for the victim. another man was seriously wounded here. a bouquet of flowers has been left for the man apparently named benson. officers say several people managed to run away. police did arrest one map. >> one suspect in custody that was firing upon the larger group. his firearm is in custody. >> chief says two weapons were recovered. residents we spoke with say drug dealing is the biggest problem in this part hoff the tenderloin and this was a drug-related incident. >> whether this incident is also gang-related is under investigation, and homicide investigators are looking for the other individuals involved in the gun battle. anybody with information is asked to call the san francisco police department. we're live in san francisco. abc7 news.
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>> ama: a man trying to help after an accident on interstate 280 was killed when a car hit him. it happened this morning on southbound 280 near the woodside road offramp. officers say a black honda hit the rear of a toyota. a third car stopped and man got out to help. he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. he is only identified as a 33-year-old man from redwood city. the driver of the black honda, can charles miranda, jr. was arrested for felony dui dui. >> can abc7 learn the investigation into the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge has been considered, and the district attorney is considering how to move forward. we learned the limo driver has a criminal history, including cocaine charges and driving with a suspended license. and just before the limo fire
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brown was on his cell phonefighting with his wife. his wife says he had the music turn up to the limo's passengers couldn't hear him arguing. five women died in the may fire. we tried to contact brown for a comment, didn't return our call. >> a champion sprint car driver is in the hospital after a seriousol recoveries at antioch. they were mid-way through the main event when north north news number one driver contacted another car. >> stuff like that happens. you make contact. and we see it a lot. just him and he other car got together and ended up landing in turn one. >> sky 7hd shows the emergency response. it's hard to see but there's a helicopter there took crews 40 minutes to free murphy. he is now recovering at john muir medical center. police say they'll expand
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the search for bodies today in east cleveland, hispanic after three bodies were found and a suspect arrest. the body were found wrapped in plastic bags in the basement of a building auction vacant lot and a garage. michael madison has been arrested as a suspect. authorities say he was influenced by anthony solo around whose home 11 bodies were found in 2009. >> this is a sick individual who appears to have been influenced by another vic individual. it's absolutely horrible. it's atrocious. and again, we believe that this individual that we're dealing with, killed three women in a span of ten days. >> police have told searchers to expect to find at least one or two more bodies. several members of the san francisco fire department turned out in full gear today for practice. [sirens] >> firefighters were going through a drill simulating a
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fire on the 29th floor of a high-rise building. volunteers were victimmed. a high-rice posts a particular set of problems. >> a lot of different strategies associated with fighting fire in a high-rise. elevators, stairwells. personnel in the building, and you can see initially it gets crazy until everyone gets they're assignment. this is the best way for us to practice. >> the annual drill is done in cooperation with building owners who okay the use of the property. >> millions of dollars was raised today here in san francisco to help in the fight gate hiv/aids. the walk started in 1987 and we have been a proud sponsor since 1988. the walk has grown to become the biggest hiv/aids fundraiser in the bay area. this year walkers could see themselves on the abc7 jumbotron
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through checkpoint 3. we said hi to a lot of people and it was streamed live on our web site. here's a look. >> 25,000 people took over golden gate park, walking to fight h.i.v. and a.i.d.s. >> i'm here to support my brother who passed away in 1995. every year we just plug along. until nobody has to anymore. >> dan ashley emceed for the 19th year in a row, reminding fundraisers that despite the progress, the fight is far from 'em over. >> still one h.i.v. infection a day in san francisco, every day. >> this event benefits the san francisco aids foundation and 28 bay area organizations that provide care and services for people living with h.i.v. and aids. 16,000 of them live in san francisco. this is the 27th year of the walk, and abc7 news has been a proud sponsor for the last 26 years.
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>> we're out here today in forks all the people participating. our way of saying thank you to them for making a difference. >> abc7 news personalitiesed cheered on walkers from checkpoint 3, where our team interviewed fundraisers, and walkers got to see themselves on our jumbotron, and we broadcast the a.i.d.s. walk live on our web site. the day ended with a concert headlined by the band push. ♪ >> in the last 26 years, walkers at aids walk san francisco have raised merely -- nearly 80 million does. today they raised 2 $.5 million. >> outrage in australia over a military move by the u.s. >> have we gone complete my mad? >> up next, why the navy says it had no choice but to drop bombs in the barrier reef.
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>> then if your identity is stolen, your cell phone may be to blame. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. we're going to see some changes this upcoming work week, maybe some clouds, cooler temperatures, and possibly the sound of thunder.
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>> ama: scary moments in new zealand as a 6.9 magnitude earthquake roped the capitol of wellington today. you can see people there in a newsroom running for cover. the quake caused minor damage, breaking water pipes, smashing windows and downing power lines.
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no reports of injury. the epicenter was 35 miles south of wellington in the strait. >> ang agree reaction from australia after u.s. navy revealed fighter jets dropped four unarmed bottoms in the great barrier reef marine park. the navy said it happened when a training exercise went wrong. on tuesday the two jets jet tis -- jet sonned the bottoms. the planes were low on fuel and cooperate land carry their bomb loads. >> have we gone completely mad? letting a foreign power drop bombs on it? >> the u.s. navy said they and the u.s. marine corps are working with australian authorities to investigate the incident. >> thieves don't have to steal
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your cell phone to get access to it. 750 million phones may be at risk. >> visions of a brighter future for the tenderloin. the neighborhood got a splash of color today.
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>> your cell phone may be helping commit a crime against you. cybercriminals can easily take control of your phone. a german security expert found a flaw in the simm card. a virus can be sent to the card via text, letting someone buy stuff through your phone's mobile payment system. estimated 750 million phones may be vulnerable. >> watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. abc7 is the first local station and abc the first broadcast
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network to bring you a live stream of your local news and all your favorite abc tv shows. you now never have to miss a minute of the news. you can bring abc7 with you wherever you want to be. it's a special new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast, and charter communications. go to abc7 to find out how to access watch abc, log in and get to watch abbas -- watch abc live stream. >> residents had a chance to share their vision today. 30 children took part in a day of music, food, and art in ten at the loin. each child drew an embrace of their -- an impression of their neighborhood. they bring their own ethnicity, culture, and background to the neighborhood. the event was meant to provide a greatersons of neighborhood
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pride. >> time to get to leigh glaser for a check on the forecast and possible rain coming. >> maybe a little thunder. we have some activity south of the bay area that could possibly migrate north over us on tuesday. so we'll take a look at that in a moment. the live doppler 7hd showing you the fog sitting right near the coast. spilling right on in through the bay. so, this morning when you get dense overcast, midst and dries -- the mist and drizzle and doing it again tomorrow morning. the winds picking up. 23 at sfo. and fairfield, southwesterly wind flow at 25 miles-per-hour. san jose, few high clouds there. san francisco right now, 60. 77 in san jose. half moon bay, cool day there. 57. santa cruz, 74. and reduced visibility right now on the golden gate bridge. mist and drizzle there. you'll deal with that overnight
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and tomorrow morning. santa rosa not too bad. it's 75. a comfortable 82 in novato. livermore, 90. and los gatos, 85. here's a look at the forecast highlights. breezy, low clouds, mist and drills overnight. partly sunny, the clouds thicken up a bit for monday, and then throw in some humidity and a slight chance, slight chance of maybe a little bit of thunder on tuesday. overnight lows tonight, generally in the low 60s. east bay locations, the fog is going to be sitting, the mist and drizzle will keep overnight lows in the mid-to-low 50s. tomorrow morning, the fog there is and then you'll see by 2:00, a lot of clouds, mostly the high clouds, so partly sunny conditions, and sunshine, and with the cloud that's going to make for a cooler day. i want to show you live doppler 7hd once again. you can see some of the activity, the thunderstorms firing up south of lake tahoe. and i'm going to take you down
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to southern california. san diego, over towards oceanside, l.a. county, palm springs, lightning strikes there. and you'll notice all of this migrating to the north. this is monsoonal moisture and some could possibly move into the bay area by monday night and tuesday. we'll start with monday, 5:00 a.m., notice the high clouds moving in. this is monday night at 7:00. by tuesday morning, more high clouds streaming in, and then this is tuesday, 2:00 in the afternoon. the sierra picking up shower activity, and then by late tuesday night, early wednesday morning, we could possibly see a little bit of activity, a little to the east of the bay area. a slight chance that we might hear some thunder. tomorrow, much like today, 78 for san jose, 75, cupertino. more high clouds increasing, 70s on the peninsula. 64, downtown san francisco, rough start in the morning with the low clouds and fog.
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north bay, 80. 74, petaluma. oakland, 69. fremont, 75. and we'll cool it off a little bit. brentwood, 90, and 86 for pitburg. the seven-day forecast. tuesday, thickening clouds, humidity goes up. slight chance of maybe a drop or two, and then with start to warm things up to near normal, into the 80s by the latter part of the week. >> ama: rick is in for shu. >> rick: i don't think anyone saw it coming, including phil mickelson. we'll show you how to the giants and a's did this afternoon, and a month after a heartbreaking finish at the
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>> going into the final round of british open the talk was about lee bust wed trying to win his first major, or tiger woods trying to win. instead it was phil mickelson capturing his first claret jug. last year ernie els was never in contention, but look at this shot. tiger never could figure out the greens. misses the short par putt. finished identified for sixth. westwood began with the lead and had a final round of 75 for a share of third. and mickelson on 14, put him 1-under.
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adam scott had the lead but this bogey dropped him into a tithe with -- into a tie with mickelson. and then on 18, the great approach. the ball avoids going into the bunker and stops ten feet from the cup. mickelson would go on to sink the birdie, giving him four over has last six holes, tree three-stroke victory. mickelson called it the best round of his career. >> it really doesn't matter how. just to capture this championship and to be part of the history of this event, and to win the open championship, the event i thought would be the hardest and has been the hardest in my career to capture to come out on top and play my best golf, it's awesome. >> at at&t park, the giants were going for a three-game sweep of arizona. the fans in mccovey cove going
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to have fun. buster poser tried to score from first but a perfect relay guns him down at the plate. arizona tacked on two more runs in the eight. cody ross with the two-out bases loaded single. pratto and goingsmith score. the giants had something going in the nine but this grounder to short and the relay gets away. hunter pence scores, but the runner is thrown out at second. and oz wins 3-1. the giants fall five and a half games back. >> even without cespedes the a's were able to generate some offense against the angels. eric sogard got things going. colon went the distance, tossing a four-hit shutout. getting help from josh reddick who takes away a hit from mike trout. l.a. hurt is with three errors.
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callaspo throws away the bunt, allowing sogard to score. kole lop improves to 13-3. >> tonight at 6:00, interviews from the giants and highlights from the celebrity golf tournament at lake tahoe. so into iting okay for phil mickelson. >> you're not seeing double or
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>> coming up at 6:00, a look at a wild water rescue in the southwest u.s. how the storm that created it could affect the bay area. and why justin timberlake and jay-z could be part of a major traffic headache in the bay area this week. join us at 6:00. today is the 114th 114th anniversary of the birth of author ernest hemingway which means it's time for the annual hemingway look alike contest in florida. it was a sea of white beards in key west. 56-year-old steven terry of florida, software developer, took the top prize. this was his seventh try at winning so good for him for finally making it. that does it for us at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, rick quan, thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 6:00. world news is next here's a live
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picture from the exploratorium camera. this is "world news." tonight, an american city stunned yet again. just months after those three women found captive in a cleveland home, tonight, another horror uncovered. have they caught a serial killer tonight? the deadly fall from a roller coaster. what we're now learning about the mother who fell 14 stories. her first time at the park. tonight, her son's reaction. and the numbers. just how rare this really is. extreme weather. the system clashing with all of that heat. bringing storms, flooding, streets suddenly rivers. and is that heat really gone for good? meteorologist ginger zee right here. and tonight, here, the mystery solved. [ drumming ] close to 2 million views. the so-called grandma drummer and her stunner. tonight, we find her, drum roll please.


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