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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> leigh: right now a slight chance -- let me show you what we will be keeping our eye on, especially tuesday. the fog moving inland this hour, but shifting over to the syria, you can see the thunderstorms building, and travel into southern california has just been crazy today, with isolated heavy severe thunderstorms near san diego, los angeles county, over towards barstow and palm springs. here's the satellite come's -- composite. this rotation towards northern california, and looks like tonight near fresno, they could see some isolateed thunderstormses, and in another day the bay area could see a few isolated thunderstorms as well.
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it's close watching. we know we'll get high humidity, especially monday night and tuesday. we'll talk more in detail about this coming up. >> tonight, firefighters battling the mountain fire in southern california are getting a built of help from the storm leigh was talking about. the increased humidity and more than an inch of rain overnight kept the fire from growing. it's 49% contained. more rain and a flashflood warning is forecasted over the fire zone through tuesday. >> a rusk in acres since this morning. >> mandatory evacuation orders for 6,000 residents in idlewild and fern valley were lifted. >> the same storm that is bringing rain to southern california and that fire there, is also creating big problems in the southwest. a downpour in the phoenix area caused this flashflooding. this is dramatic video of a
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rescue of one person who had to be rescued by helicopter after flood waters surrounded his property and turned it into an island. there are no reports of serious injuries or deaths. >> a gunfight in the tenderloin district killed one man and left another clinging to life. the shooting happened last night on ofarrell and larkin street. we're live at the hall of justice with the details. >> san francisco police are investigating whether the two victims from last night's shooting were actually involved in the original argument that led to the gunfight or mere bystanders. the man who was seriously wounded has not been identified. >> it's ridiculous. like the old west. >> this man want tote be identified only as russ, and describing a gunfight that broke out saturday night. russ, who lives here in the apartments, says he started
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counting the shots at 9:40 p.m. >> i missed the first two but i counted 15 shots. >> the police chief says one man was in the street shooting at others when officers arrived. >> the suspect was shooting back on what they believed to be two suspects on the north side of the street shooting back at him. >> the chief says two groups of men withinvolved in shooting, and one man targeted officers. >> the suspect turned on officers. one officer fired rounds at the suspect, did not hit the suspect. >> police say 24-year-old man died here in front of the apartments from shots fired by one of the groups. a candle and sign has been left on the spot. flowers left for the man seriously wounded here on the corner of larkin street and o'farrell. >> one suspect in custody firing upon the larger group, his firearm is in custody. >> the chief says two weapons were recovered. other suspects are being sought
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by homicide investigators. the sheriff says it's fortunate more people weren't head. >> they decided to settle whatever was between them, and they didn't care who was around. >> anyone with information is asked to call the san francisco police department. abc7 news. >> ama: the estranged wife of the map driving a limousine that caught on fire says he was on the foam movements before five of his passengers were killed. the san jose mercury news talked to rachel hernandez brown for her her first comments. she says her husband, oroville brown, turned up the music to drown out their shouting match while he was driving. she told him to get off the phone and stop bothering her. she said her husband had kicked and dented her car hours before the fire. the two separated a month earlier. we tried contact braun and his -- brown and his lawyer for their reaction but they did not return our call. the d.a. is now considering how to move forward.
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five nurses were killed that night while out celebrating a friend's wedding. >> we have breaking news tonight as a boater is leading the coast guard on a low-speed chase that started at richardson bay at 4:00 this afternoon when coast guard officers tried to board the boat. they say the people threatened them and took off. went over the golden gate bridge and is now out in the pacific and the boat is going five to eight knots, which is less than ten miles-per-hour. we have a crew checking it out. >> tonight, east palo alto police are looking for man seen running from a fatal shooting. the police found lucas rodriguez the driver's seat of a car a few blocks from his home. he had been shot several times s and was pronounced dead at the scene. >> vol vallejo police are looking for two men suspected in a brazen home burglary. another suspect is already in custody.
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police received a call of several young males breaking into a home. the juvenile girl, the only one home, scream when she saw the intruders. one was taken into cuffed. >> champion spent car drivers on the mend after getting seriously injure at a crash at ant york speedway, peter murphy was hurt in a rollover crash. >> it was the main event, mid-way through and peter was chasing down the leader and happened on the front straightaway. him and another car got together and ended up landing in turn one. >> sky 7hd shows the emergency response. crews had to cut into the car to free murphy. he is now recovering at the hospital. >> kearny street in san francisco was bustling with firefighters activity today. it was all a drill. this was the annual high-rise
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drill conducted by the fire adapt. many participants are new recruits. >> not only they charged with identifying where the fire is coming from and keeping themselves safe anding along the way they come along simulated victims, ask and they have injuries associated with what our people need to do to triage them. >> today's drill simulated a fire on then 29th floor of a high-rise building. ' firefighters had to deal with elevators and stairwells, things they don't see in a regular residence fire. >> still ahead at 6:00. why justin timberlake and jay-z could be part of major traffic headachy -- headache in the bay area. >> the celebrity who pitched in to help a bay area baseball team
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>> ama: bay area road are going to be extra crowded friday evening. jay-z and justin timber lake will be one of the handful of shows going on that night. they'll be playing at candlestick to an expected crowd of 53,000 fans, and john mayer will be sir nate -- serenading fans, and two baseball games on
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both sides of the bay. and if that wasn't busy enough, critical mass bicyclers will hold their monthly ride through san francisco. >> community members in vallejo are going all out to help a group of baseball all-stars get to a playoff game in utah. the babe ruth team has received an invitation to a tournament in utah. people and groups from the police department to local companies have pitched in. today the team got news of a surprise donor. >> we had good news today. cc sabathia, got word of the story so he sent us a nice little donation, and he is behind us, too. >> the team plans to start driving to utah tuesday. the first scheduled game in the ten-team tournament starts friday. >> coming up, this years a.i.d.s. walk san francisco and
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including how many millions it raised. >> the a's find some offense and the giants go for a sweep of arizona, but the big story is phil mickelson coming from five stro
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>> for 25 years abc7 news has teamed up for the a.i.d.s. walk. we helped raise 2 $.5 million this year. here's a tour of the big event. >> 25,000 people took over golden gate park, walking to fight h.i.v. and a.i.d.s. >> i'm here to support my brother, who passed awayin' 1995. here every year. every year we just plug along, until nobody has to anymore. >> abc7 news anchor dan ashley emceed for the 19th straight year in a row, reminding everybody that the fight is not over. >> still today one h.i.v. infection a day in san francisco. every day. >> this landmark event benefits the san francisco a.i.d.s. foundation and 28 bay area
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organizations that provide care and services for people living with h.i.v. and a.i.d.s. 16,000 of them live in san francisco. request -- this is the 27th 27th year of the walk and abc7 news has been a proud sponsor for the last 26 years. >> out here today in force, it's our way of saying thank you to them for making a difference. we're proud to be part of it. >> abc news personalities cheered on walkers, and walkers got to see themselves on our jumbotron, and we broadcast the a.i.d.s. walk live on our web site. the day ended with a celebratory concert headlined by dan ashley's band, push. ♪ >> in the last 26 years, walkers and a.i.d.s. walk san francisco have raised nearly $80 million. today alone organizers tell me they raised 2.5 million. in golden gate park, abc7 news.
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>> the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. watch abc is a new way to experience abc anytime, anywhere, whether you're at home or out and about you can enjoy your favorite newscast, and sports on your smartphone, tablet, and computer, and live. this is brought to you by charter communications and at&t at no additional cost. go to to find ute how to access watch abc. get the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. >> for a check on the weather, let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: let's check on the live doppler 7hd, and i'll show you the fog sitting near the coast. didn't clear much from san francisco today. they only had a high today of 61 degrees. we saw plenty of sunshine in the north and far east bay locations and that's where the hot temperatures were with antioch
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at 98. clear lake, 104. it was 76 in san rafael. there's that 61 for san francisco. the fog kind of peeled back off the coast a little bit. santa cruz managed 7 5. we're at 93 in livermore. high clueds -- cloud over san jose. mountain view, low 70s, and it's a fog gy, misty golden gate bridge. and reduced visibility. still in the 80s for fairfield, livermore, 89, and los gatos, 82. here's our forecast highlights. we're going to go with breezy conditions, mist and drizzle moving inland. partial sunday -- partial sunshine for monday, and then humidity on tuesday, leading to a slight chance of maybe an
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isolated thunderstorm. overnight temperatures inland, in the low 60s. we'll keep most everyone necessary the low to mid-50s and start off -- this is 11:00, our fog forecast, the 5:00 a.m. commute time, the high clouds, mist and drizzle and fog near the coast. we'll go with partial sunshine for the bay area and temperatures will begin to cool down. again, live doppler 7hd picking up isolated thunderstorms, moderate rain, from san diego up towards palm springs, over towards riverside and evening los angeles, and as we take a look at the satellite animation, once again you can clearly see that the flow from all of this monsoonal moisture is from south to north, and this could possibly bring us a chance of maybe a few raindrops, maybe some isolated thunder as we head into tuesday. in fact here's a look at the timing. we'll take you into 5:00 a.m. tuesday. we just seeing the low clouds and fog, and then look at the
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high clouds move in. this is 9:00 and you seek the moisture feeding from south to north, mainly on the spine of the sierra, and some of this could migrate towards the west, and our far east bay communities could hear a little thunder. here's a lock -- a look at highs for monday. 77, santa claire. a san jose, 78. peninsula, breezy, misty, drizzly, upper 50s near the coast. san francisco, 64. north bay, 78. novato, 77. a little sunshine tomorrow afternoon. 74 union city. concord, 85. the seven-day forecast, the humidity picks up for us on tuesday. and that's the day that we could possibly see a stray shower. other than that, we'll start to clear things up thursday and
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friday, warm things back up into the 90s. >> ama: rick kiwanis for shu with sports and the british open is now closed. >> a surprised ending. just a month ago phil mickelson was dealing with the disappointment of another second place finish at the u.s. open. but today in scotland he was second to none as he came from five strokes back too capture his first claret jug. has year's winner, ernie els, was never in contention but had one of the best shots of the day. ball goes in for eagle. tiger began the day tied for second but could never fig out the greens. end tied for sixth. lee westwood faded thanks to five bogeys. mickelson got hot on the back nine with a birdie on 13 and then here on 14. that put million 1-under. adam scott had the lead but this
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bogey on 13 dropped him into a tie for first with mickelson. lefty then pulled away with the birdie on 17, and then on 18. a great approach, his ball avoids going into the bunker and stops about 10 feet from the cup. mickelson would go on to sink the birdie, giving him four of his last six holes, final round 66, his fifth career major. mickelson called is the best round of his career. >> doesn't matter how, just to capture this championship and be part of the history of this event, and to win the event i thought we the hardest and has been the hard next my career, to capture to come out on top and play my best golf, but the birdie four last holes was awesome. >> in lake tahoe, the celebrate championship rains up. steph curry finished tied for four. mark griffin and toliver went to
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a playoff. griffin finds the water. toliver two-putts for the title. his fourth career win at this event. >> at at&t park the giants going for a three-game sweep of first place arizona. these fans are going to have a good time no matter what. down 1-0 in the sixth. sandoval rips the ball into the gap. posey tries to score from first but a perfect relay guns him down testify plate. arizona got some insurance in the eighth. former giant cody ross, the two-out, bases loaded single. two score to make it 3-0. the giants had something going in the ninth with two on. a pence scores but arizona wins it, 3-1. third base coach explained why he sent posey in the key play in the sixth. >> with nobody out, you don't --
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you got to say, hey, too perfect throw, got to hold him, and that happens, and i got too aggressive in the situation. it comes with the territory. i'm working without a net. >> even with that the yay's were able to generate some offense. eric sogard got things going with them home run. colon tossed a four-hit shutout gets help from josh reddick who takes away a hit from mike trout. l.a. hurt itself with three errors, callaspo throws away this bunt. allowing sogard to score. a's win 6-0. colon improves to 13-3. it's his third shutout of the season. >> the 100 minnesota tour de france came to a close with the raid through the streets of paris, and chris froome was the winner. the second straight year the british rider has captureed the
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race. the award ceremony was held at night. quite a sight. and this abc7 news sports report brought to you by orchard supply
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block. >> join me tonight at 9:00. we'll look at what post offices are closing in san francisco, and then at 11:00, will toyota be forced to pay out millions because of sudden acceleration in its vaccines? the bay area family watching as the case heads to trial. all at 9:00 and 11:00, and that's it for us here at 6:00.
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right now, ryan reynolds and jeff bridges lay down the law! >> i just hope they get a kick out of it! >> helen mirren is retired and extremely dangerous! >> english ladies aren't very nice. they're quite raunchy actually front row at the emmy nominations! >> it's amazing. it's phenomenal. and we're on the floor at comic-con! here we go! >> on the red carpet's on the road, now! >> hthe red carpet from comic-con 2013 in san diego! i'm rachel smith. this is the largest convention of its kind in the world, drawing a capacity crowd of over 130,000 movies, tv and comic book fans. an


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