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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 22, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and mouse boat chase at s only only on abc7 news tonight video of the coast guard taking a sailboat captain off a boat and back on to land after they arrested him. good evening. i'm ama dates of the abc7 news reporter john alston has been following the story, and he joins us live from the coast guard station in sausalito. john? >> moments ago the coast guard identified the suspect as john mccormick, no age or hometown given. they are trying to piece together what prompted this chase today. that 30-foot sailboat is docked at the coast guard station in sausalito. it is unknown who owns the boat or whether it was stolen. there are no identifying markings on it.
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only on abc7 news, the end of the line for the man suspected of leading the coast guard on a three-hour chase from sausalito to the pacific ocean. he was marched off the sailboat at the coast guard station in sausalito around 9:00. 5* team launched from a coast guard cuter ended the standoff. >> first we came alongside with our guns drawn, and the master said we will be compliant. we went on board. for the most part the boarding team relayed he was compliant. the altercation would have put him into custody. an it will ter location then did ensue. >> reporter: it went on for hours. the coast w vessel would get close and then the sailboat would head farther out to sea. the chase went from sausalito under the golden gate bridge and out to the ocean.
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around 4:00 p.m., the coast guard on routine patrol in richardson bay first noticed the sailboat had no flag and markings. they tried to board the boat then. >> they basically said no. any reports of what was said in that regard, but he made it clear he didn't want us on board his vessel. >> the coast guard said they didn't find weapons or drugs on board the sailboat and they are planning a more thorough search tomorrow. no charges have been filed yeat. filed yet. the suspect had a wound above his eye and it is unknown how he received the injury. the coast guard said it did not appear he was under they type of influence. tonight he has been turned over to the local authorities in marin county. live in sausalito, john alston, abc news. >> thank you, john. ?oi a van full of boy scouts slammed into a peck up truck in -- a pick up truck in
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mendocino county. it aped -- it happened east of ukiah. it killed -- a 14-year-old was flown to children's hospital in oakland with major injuries. the scouts were from a troop based in auburn that is east of sacramento. the first wrongful death lawsuit against toyota involving sudden acceleration begins tomorrow. it is a landmark bell weather case that could sway the outcome of scores of other cases that may follow. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is here with more. lilian? >> ama, this lawsuit is brought by the family of a southern california woman who died after her 2006 camry suddenly sped up out of control. family members say 66-year-old nariko was afraid to drive fast. so when her toyota camry unexpectedly accelerated to speeds up to 100 miles an hour she did everything she could to slow down. after swerving to avoid other cars she died after she struck a telephone pole and a tree.
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her case is the first wrongful death lawsuit to go to trial. no matter which way it goes, the outcome is going to be huge. >> if it goes to a verdict, then it will become a landmark in terms of how other cases are processed by the court and by the plaintiffs and by toyota. >> toyota initially blamed cases of sudden acceleration on sticky pedals pedals and floor mats that trapped them. they say toyota cut corners by neglecting to install the mechanism to override the accelerator which was included in cars made after 2011. in a statement, toyota said we are confident that the evidence will show that a break override system would not have prevented this accident and there was no defect in the vehicle. the plaintiffs in 80 other similar cases against toyota will be following the trial. it is part of a class action lawsuit. her lexus suddenly accelerated up to neent miles an hour three years ago and ended up crashing into a car in front
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of her. >> we are many years into this right now, and yet they have still not publicly acknowledged they are accountable. and that is a travis stey. >> the trial against toyota is expected to last two months. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> and stay with abc7 news. we will have updates on the trial on our website, and on abc7 morning news at 4:30. abc7 news has learned the investigation into the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge has been completed. the district attorney is now considering how to move forward. we have also learned that the limo driver has a criminal history including cocaine charges and driving with a suspended license. the charges date back more than a decade. according to our media partners, brown was on his cell phone fighting with his estranged wife. brown's wife said he had the music turned up so the passengers couldn't hear them arguing.
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five women died in the may fire. we tried to contact brown and his lawyer for a comment and neither returned our call.uth bi south bay residents held a loud, but peaceful rally honor of trayvon martin. about 200 people gathered to hear speeches and march to the federal building on south first street. one protestor briefly delayed a light rail train after she stood in front of it. the group is callings for federal charges to be filed against neighborhood geor george zimmerman who was acquitted of murder charges. they held diewlg charges for and against the verdict. they kept the two groups separated as they marched down both sides of the streets. tensions were heated between the two groups at times, but no violence reported. tomorrow the president of the oakland chapter of the naacp will hold a press conference calling for the
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justice department to file civil rights charges against zimmerman. breaking news from western china where 20 people have been killed after a stropping earthquake tonight. the 6.6 tremor was followed by several aftershocks including one that measured 5.6. officials said nearly 300 people have been injured. flooding is causing big problems in the phoenix area. several inches of heavy rain flooded a wide swath of arizona today leading to this dramatic rescue. a man managed to escape the rushing waters on a hill near his house that quickly turned into an island. he was picked up by a helicopter and then taken to safety. it was one of several emergency rescues this weekend. severe weather is pounding las vegas. more than six trees were knocked down damaging the cars and homes. people had to get out and push their cars through the floodwaters. a flosh flood watch is in affect through tomorrow. it is clear in the bay area right now, but the same weather system could bring us rain this week. abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser has our first check on
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weather. leigh? >> you are right. it is what we see typically this time of year, the monsoonal flow from southern california up toward central california, and even in our neck of the woods. live doppler 7hd right now is showing you the low clouds and fog that are just sitting near the coast. it is going to be a foggy start, mist and drizzle for the monday morning commute. let me take you down to southern california. this is what we are talking about. a lot of monsoonal flow. look at the rain that moved through las vegas earlier today. all of this is moving toward the north. some of this may serk late back toward the bay area as we head -- circulate back toward the bay area. you can see how it is starting to move from south to north and then starts to curve a little toward the west. if it stays on that trajectory, there is a possibility that parts of the bay area could hear a little thunder on monday night and tuesday. we will look more into detail about this and the rest of our accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up.
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>> new details about the fatal shootout in san francisco's tenderloin district. the deceased have been identified as 24-year-old gadoia of san francisco. they say he was killed when two groups of men fired at each other last night at o farrell and larkin streets. a man who lives in a nearby apartment building said shots were flying everywhere. >> i missed the first two and tried to count them and counted 15 shots. it is ridiculous out here. it is like the old west. >> police say they shot at one man, but missed him. he is in custody and another man was shot in the shootout and he is in critical condition. others ran away and are being sought by homicide investigators. a champion driver from the central valley remains in serious condition after crashing at the contra costa county fairgrounds. peter murphy, a native australian was moving up on the leader in his sprint car in the 15th lap of last night's main event. the two cars collided and murphy's car rolled over and
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took about 30 minutes for crews to cut him out of the car. murphy was airlifted to john muir medical center in walnut creek. firefighters working to contain the massive mountain fire in southern california received some help from the weather today. increased humidity and more than an inch of rain overnight kept the 27,000 acre fire from growing. it is now 68% contained. mandatory evacuation orders for 6,000 residents were lifted today. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, a serial killer may be caught. the bodies found in ohio and why police fear there could be more. plus the real super heros at this year's comic-con in san diego. and it is the biggest aids fundraiser in the bay area. how much was raised and how walkers got a
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apple announced that a hacker accessed the developer site and possibly gaining access to the personal information of those who use it. the company sent the developers an e-mail and informing them of the intrusion. it happened on thursday. apple tried to reassure them that the information was incrypted. the developer site has been off line for the last three days. they are updating the server software and rebuilding databases before it goes back on-line. a group of stunt men accustomed to performing on cue had a real life rescue on their hands. it happened in san diego du during comic-con. this woman was spotted dangling from her 14th floor balcony. stunt men setting up nearby for a performance spotted her and jumped into action. one of them grabbed her as you saw and another placed a harness around her and pulled her back over the railing and away from danger. it is not clear why that woman was out on the ledge. millions of dollars was raised in the fight against hiv aids. >> are you liking this jumbo
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tron? larger than life, right? >> walkers were able to see themselves on the abc7 jumbo-tron. we had the pleasure of saying hi to a lot of people. and it was streamed live on our website. abc7 news reporter kyra clapper has a look. >> 25,000 people took over golden gate park walking to fight hiv and aids. >> i am here to support my brother who passed away in 1995. every year we plug along until nobody has to. >> abc7 news anchor dan ashley was there for the 19th saturday in a row and despite their progress, the fight is far from over. day in san a day in sanone francisco. >> this landmark event benefits the aids foundation and 28 bay area organizations that provide hair and services for people living with hiv and
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aids. 16,000 of them live in san francisco. this is the 27th year of the walk and abc7 news has been a proud sponsor for the last 25th year. >> we are out to salute all of the people that are participating. it is our way of saying thank you to them for making a difference. we are proud to be a part of today. >> abc7 news personalities cheered on walkers from check po nie t3 where we interviewed fundraisers and for the first time ever walkers go the to see themselveses on our jumbo tron and we broadcast the aidswalk live on our website. the day ended with a sell law bra torre concert by bush. >> in the last 26 years walkers at aidswalk san francisco have raised nearly $80 million. today alone organizers tell me they raised $2.5 million. in golden gate park, abc7 news.
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>> it was a nice cool morning there. leigh glaser has a look at our weather for tomorrow. >> absolutely. we will see a repeat performance and live doppler 7hd is picking up the low dense overcast near the coast. and you better believe the reduced visibilities and the early morning flights could possibly encounter some delays. and the mist and drizzle is already making its way in southern marin county and ocean beach heading toward san francisco and oklahoma land now is reporting the low overcast. the highs today ranged from 61 degrees with the fog set in san francisco and all the way up to 98 degrees in antioch today. but the big winner was clearly 104 degreesment the temperatures there will cool a bit tomorrow. here is a look at the trans america pyramid and you can barely see the top of it. the cloud deck is so low there. temperature wise we are all in the 50s. 54 in san francisco and a few 60s. san jose 62 degrees.
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this is a live shot at the golden gate bridge. dense fog is settling there and mist and drizzle. temperature wise, napa at 60 and 54 novato and livermore is holding some heat at 69 degreesment here is a look at our forecast highlight. it is breezy with low clouds and fog and mist and drizzle overnight and mainly near the bay and coast. partly sunny and high clouds start to move in. it will be a cooler day on monday afternoon, and then the humidity will spike on tuesday. it is leading to a slight chance of maybe an isolated shower. you can see the rotation of that monsoonal moisture moving from southern california and then starting to rotate back to the west. it gives us the counter clockwise spin. all of this moisture is actually going to push toward the north. as it does so, some could get very close to the san francisco bay area. that's why we are going to put a slight chance of maybe a little bit of thunder and maybe an isolated shower in our forecast.
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by tuesday 9:00 a.m. the high clouds from the system will start to move in toward the bay area. we will see some thunderstorm as well. you can see how close some of the rain is by 4:00 tuesday afternoon. as some shifts a little more toward the west, then part of far east bay locations could see thunderstorms. the models are a little weshy washy this -- wishy washy this evening. by 10:00 most of the bay area will clear out a bit. overnight lows tonight will pretty much all be in the 50s. the exception a few low 60s. further east bay and tomorrow morning we will start off with a dense overcast. and then poof back to just near the bay and the coast and the high clouds move in and it will be a cooler day tomorrow. temperature wise we will look for 70s toward san jose and 78 there. the peninsula mid to low 70s. only in the midto upper 50 tees coast. san francisco is 64 and the north bay will look for 74 for petaluma and sonoma 76.
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oakland 69. union city 74 and the interior east bay a bit cooler with 94. brentwood 85. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, tuesday could be the humid day and a better chance of a shower on tuesday. very isolated now. after that sunshine for thursday and friday and back to the 90s. >> not too much to worry about. >> thank you, leigh. rick quan is here. >> you could call it a m surprise. surprise. >> just last month phil mickelson called his disappointing finish at the u.s. open heartbreaking. so how do you mend a broken heart? how about by winning
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starting the day five strokes back and few gave phil mickelson much chance to win the british open. he stunned the field and perhaps himself.
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ernie els was never in contention, but he had one of the best shots on the day. his ball flies into the cup for an eagle. tiger woods started tied for second, but he could never figure out the greens. a 74 left him tied for 6th. the third round leader leigh westwood faded thanks to five bogies. he had a final round 75 and good for a share of third. america kill son got hot on the back 9 with a birdie on 13 and then here on 14, that put him one under. adam scott had the lead and he made four straight bogies on the back 9. that opened the door for mickelson who pulled away with a birdie on 17 and then here on 18 a great approach as the ball avoids going into the bunker and then rolls back toward the cup. that would set up another birdie giving him four over his last six holes. a final round 66 gave mickelson a three-stroke victory. it is his first british open title and fifth career major. he called it the best round of
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his career. >> it really doesn't matter how. just to capture this championship and to be a part of the history and to win the championship i thought would be the hardest, and it has been the hardest of my career to capture to come out on top and play my best offense. >> up at lake tahoe the american century celebrity golf championship mida big splash. steph curry lead for much of the day and finished tied for fourth. the former nfl quarterback mark griffin and billy joe tolliver went to a playoff on the third extra hole. it allows tolliver to 2 putt for the title. it is the fourth time he has won. >> colon keeps getting better with aiming. the 40-year-old pitcher won again today. and the runs were hard to come by for the giants as they fal
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night giants wasted another strong start by bum garner.
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he allowed one run in seven innings, about but it wasn't good enough for a win. going to mccovey cove, and sandoval rips one into the gap. buster posey will try to score all the way from first, but a perfect relay from pennington guns him down at the plate. former giant ross one hits one d it was 3-0 arizona. the giants finally scored in the 9th with two on. tanaka bounces one to short. the relay to first and gets away. hunter pence will score, but tanaka thrown out at second. that took the wind out of the rally as arizona avoids a sweep with a 3-1 victory. after scoring just they are teen runs over their last eight games, the a's offense woke up against the angels. soguard but oakland on top with this shot off williams.
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colon gets better with age. the allstar went the distance pitching a four-hit shutout. josh red -- reddic took a shot. cocoa crisp puts down a bunt. it is thrown uh what and a's win it. colon improves to 13-3 and gets his third shutout of the season. it was the warriors versus the bobcats in the semifinals. he was making a case for a tournament mvp. he had another solid game. so did teammate green. he turned in a double-double and 15 points and 12 boards. the warriors win it 75-67 and they are now playing the suns in tomorrow's final. the 100th tour de france came to a close with a ride through the streets of paris. the yellow jersey was a winner and it is a second straight year the british rider captured the three-week race. the award ceremony was held at
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night and it was bathed in yellow lights in honor of the winner's jersey. and this abc7 sports report is brought to you tonight by river rock casino. >> thank you so much, rick. still to come, new details on the deadly discovery in ohio and why the authorities aus fear there could be more victims of a serial killer. and gas prices sky rocket. when relief could come. and did the calorie count really help you eat less? find out what new research reveals.
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good evening. i'm ama dates and in tonight's headlines a sailboat captain is under arrest after leading
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the coast guard on hour's long slow speed chase out to sea. coast guard officers tried to board the boat in the sausalito area, but the captain refused and took off. they are identified as john mccormick and was arrested without incident hours later. in san jose, about 200 people gathered for a march in honor of trayvon martin. it was relatively peaceful, but one protestor delayed a vta light rail train when she stood in front of it. and police man killed dthe man killed during a saturday night shootout in the tenderloin as 24-year-old gadoy of san francisco. police tell us he was killed when two groups of men fired at each other at o farrell and larkin streets. police in suburban cleveland say a suspect in the deaths of three women found is trash bags is in custody and expected to be formally charged tomorrow. he is 35-year-old michael madison, a registered sex offender. residents are now scouring the area for more possible victims. larry jacobs has more on the search.
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>> residents of east cleveland took matters into their own hands on sunday and searching their neighborhood for more bodies that may have been dumped there by a serial killer. >> we are going through the bushes with our sticks and the doors is open in the neighborhood. we are going all through the houses. >> they combed every corner of every plot and went in abandoned homes looking for victims wrapped in plastic bags. >> i'm a mama. them kids laying in them bags, that's the worst thing a mother could ever think of happening. >> police found three victims so far, all female. the report of a foul smell triggered the discovery of the first body and a registered sex offender, 35-year-old michael madison has been arrested and not charged. >> a lot of people knew him and saw he was a troubled individual. >> police are hearing more from residents. >> we are getting tips from the females saying they were in his house and they got away. but they never said anything. joy mad madison may have been influenced by anthony sole who
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was sentenced to death for murdering 11 women. he spent time in jail with madison and he looked up to sole. >> he said he respects me. >> it comes two months since another shocking discovery in cleveland. three young women rescued from a home in years of captivity. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> six flags will essentially be inspecting itself to determine why a woman fell to her death on a rollercoaster. on friday rosy esparza fell from the 14-story texas giant rollercoaster ride. because there is no independent oversight of amusement parks, six flags will make the final determination of what happened. tonight another earthquake jolted new zealand shaking residents and leaving authorities to check for damage. the quake hit about 35 miles south of wellington in the cook straight. a reporter ducked for cover the moment the quake struck. this is video from a camera
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mounted in a new zealand tv station's newsroom. despite the tremors, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. >> now to the economy and the pain at the pump. the gas prices are sky rocketing. the national average is $3.67 a gallon, up 18 cents in the beginning of the month. the california average $4.03. in the bay area it is $4.08 a gallon. and as susan tells us, prices are not going down anytime soon. >> from pump to pump, the gas prices are delivering a sting and pinching pocket books. >> i couldn't even fill up my full tank today. >> how much gas did you get? >> i got about $35 worth. >> drivers are scrambling to save a few cents. >> we are only going to fill up a little bit here. >> experts say this is the new normal for at least the rest of the summer. >> this is the largest price spike since back in february. >> in michigan $3.88, up 38
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cents a gallon in the last two weeks. in indiana, up 32 cents and ohio 35 cents. >> the question on everybody's mind is where is gas going. we could see prices continue to rise. >> and all of this despite america producing domestic oil at a record breaking pace of 7.4 million barrels a day, nearly twice as much as five years ago. >> one problem, a shortage of pipeline moving it to consumers. >> generally gas prices drop in the fall so unfortunately not anytime soon. abc news, washington. big changes for post offices in san francisco. sunday hours are being cut at four locations. the first location to end sunday hours was the macy's station office in union square. that happened today. next week they will no longer offer sunday services. lakeshore plaza and the airport station will close in
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august. that's because of postal service's on going budget. the postmaster general renewed lawmakers to cut saturday deliveries. and we have breaking news out of the united kingdom tonight. we are told that prince william's wife, kate, has gone into labor. she was just admitted to the hospital and labor is in the early stages. do stay with abc7 news for the latest and tune into abc7 news for updates on the birth of the royal heir. everybody is waiting for this to happen. and the watch abc live stream is available in the bay area. watch abc is a new way to experience abc anytime and anywhere whether you are at home or out and about. you can enjoy the abc7 newscasts, sports on your computer and on demand. it is a special benefit brought to you by abc comcast communications at no additional costs. go to to find out how to access watch abc. enter your tv provider account information to log-in and get
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the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. still to come, counting calories. do we eat less when the calorie counts are posted? what we are learned. and the bay area research that is leading to new treatments for skin cancer. how it works and what makes this treatment so unique? >> hi, again, everyone. i am leigh glaser and way will check out some flight destination forecasts for you if you are doing traveling. and looking at live doppler
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a new technology is offering hope to patients suffering from meta static melanoma. it is an aggressive skin cancer that can be deadly. it is a combination of genetic engineering and electricity in the bay area. >> for clint cook and his wife, marcia, sailboats were more than a hobby. they were a passion. competing in races that took them from san francisco bay to santa cruz. >> it is an emotional sport. it really is. >> and one that requires hours in the sun. >> when i got the call for the melanoma it was certainly a setback, but not a surprise. >> he had small skin lesions removed in the past, but tests soon revealed this melanoma was an aggressive form. so aggressive that clint eventually turned to dr. dowde
2:45 am
and a treatment in trial at ucsf. it uses an electronic device that delivers a unique cancer-fighting agent. >> you expose your melanoma cells to a transient, but strong electrical stimulus. you open a small pore or multiple small pores in each melanoma cell. >> first the ucsf team injects dna plasma into the area of the melanoma. it is genetically engineered to produce a protein and next they deliver a 1300 volt current into the same area using a device manufactured by san diego-based onkosec. it is known as electro- electro-poloration. >> you will hear some clicking. >> the electric shock causes pours in the cancer cell's membrane to open just long enough to allow the plasma to enter. once inside the cells begin producing the proteins which are treated as an alarm signal by the body's immune system.
2:46 am
triggering it to attack the cancer cells. >> you can see that the lesions are thinned and almost disappear. >> while the treatment is highly successful in controlling targeted lesions, in a percentage of cases the immune response has continued well beyond the treated area. >> you can have responses not just to the tumors you have rejected, but it is even the tumors you haven't touched and even the tumors in other parts of your body you haven't injected or done anything. we think there is an immune memory that forms. >> he says about half of the patients experienced the overall improvement including untreated areas. clint and his wife marcia, the early results offer hope of enjoying the outdoor activity these love as they head into retirement. >> us spending time together. we have pooled our sources and bought a two-year-old convertible so we can go to the grand canyon. i have never been to the grand canyon. >> abc7 news. many people enjoy mexican
2:47 am
hot sauce on their food, but researchers are finding the sauce can be dangerous to your health. analysts at the university nevada las vegas found several brands from mexico and south america contain unsafe levels of lead. the lead poisoning can affect every organ in your body ?ie.. and people are ignoring junk food counters before they order. customers who knew the calorie count ahead of time ate more than those who didn't. one-third of those served a meal of a thousand calories. obesity experts say people need to know more about what the high calorie count is doing to their bodies before any behavioral change can be made. >> for one last check on the weather and let's get to leigh glaser. >> and live doppler 7hd is showing you the low clouds and fog starting to move inland this hour. you can see it right there and it is already down toward the san mateo and down toward palo alto and mist and drizzle on
2:48 am
the golden gate bridge. definitely local flight delays are a possibility because of the low ceiling tomorrow morning. now, if you are traveling back east, folks, these are just late afternoon summertime thundershowers around here and there, and they will pop up from time to time. atlanta 83 degrees and 86 tomorrow for washington, d.c. st. louis 91. 97, boy hot and humid in dallas tomorrow. 103 in salt lake city. and in southern california right up to about santa barbara there is that threat of the isolated showers as this monsoonal flow continues to move toward the north. fresno 98 and yosemite 95 degrees. highs for the bay area60s near the coast and low 90s inland and the next few days, the best chance of seeing meab a shower or two from some of the monsoonal moisture is tuesday morning. and then after that get ready for sunshine on thursday and friday and then back up to the
2:49 am
90s. mike nicco will be here on the abc morning news with an update. >> thank you, leigh. shu is off and quan is in. a major surprise you said jie. british open -- not as big as kate having her baby. >> i know, going into labor. >> this may be the second biggest story in britain. coming up in sports, phil mickelson playses the round of his life to capture his first british open. and this cologne smells like a winner.
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the giants wasted another strong start by madison bumgarner. he allowed one run over seven inningses, but it was not good enough to get a win. these fanses were going to have a good time no matter what. down 1-0 in the 6th and he rips this ball into the gap. buster posey tries to score from first, but a perfect relay and it guns him down. more on that play later. the former giant hits a single and that made it 3-0d-backs. the giants did finally score in the 9th with two on. tanaka bounces to short and the relay gets away. hunter pence will score and tanaka is thrown out at second. that took the wind out of the
2:53 am
rally. arizona wins it 3-1. third base coach flannery tells why he sent him to second. >> nobody out and you have to almost say, hey, two perfect throws and you have to hold him and that's what happened. i got too aggressive in that situation and it becomes working without a net. >> even without cespatas they had some offense. they got things going with this two-run homer. colon tossed a four-hit shutout. he gets some help from josh reddic who takes away a base hit. l.a. hurt itself with three errors in the fifth. cocoa crisp puts down a bunt. he throws it away allowing soguard to score. colon improves to 13 h of 3. tomorrow the a's are in houston and they are 9 and 0 against the astros this
2:54 am
season. it was the warriors versus the bobcats in the summer league semifinals. me -- he is making a case for the mvp. he had another solid outing and so did green. he turned in a double-double. 15 points and 12 boards. the warriors win it 75-67. the big finish and he will play the suns in tomorrow's final. he began the final round five strokes back. but thanks to what he calls the best round of his life phil mickelson is this year's british open champ. last year's winner, ernie els, was never in contention and he had one of the best shots on the day on the far 517th. his ball flies into the holee. tiger's major drought continues. a 74 left him tied for 6th. he has now played 17 straight majors without a win. leigh westwood faded thanks to five bogies. mickelson got out on the back 9 with the birdie and then here on 14 and that put him
2:55 am
one under. adam scott had the lead and made four straight bogies on the back 9. that opened the door for lefty who pulled away with the birdie on 17 and then here on 18 a great approach as the ball avoids going into the bunker and rolls toward the cup. that set up another birdie giving him four of the last six holes. mickelson shoots a five under 66 to win by three. it is his first british open title and his fifth career major. >> it really doesn't matter how. to capture this championship and to be a part of the history of the savannah and to win the open championship, i thought it would be the hardest, and it has been the hardest of my career to capture and to come out on top and to play my best offense. to birdie four of the last six is awesome. >> up in lake tahoe and the celebrity golf championship wrapped up. steph curry began the day with the lead and finished tad for fourth. it came down to a playoff of
2:56 am
mark rippin and billy joe tolliver. that allows tolliver to two putt for the title and it is the fourth time he has won here. the 100th tour de france came to a close with a ride through the streets of paris. as expected he was the winner. it is his second straight year a british rider has captured the grueling three-week race. the award ceremony was held at night. it was bathed in yellow light in honor of the winner's yellow jersey. and the u.s. men's national soccer team taking on el salvador. in the 60th minute landon donovan with the assist and jordan scoring with the header. that made it 3-1usa. donovan had three assists and one goal himself. he blows by the defender and scores. 5-1 the final. team usa will now face honduras in the semifinals on wednesday. this is the abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino.
2:57 am
did the baby arrive yet? >> not quite yet. back to our breaking news. prince william's wife, kate is in the early stages of labor. palace officials say she has been taken to the hospital. we will have the latest on duchess and the royal heir tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. thank you so much for joining us.
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this morning on "worlds this morning on "world news now" -- survival story. in florida, it could have cost him his life. the close call with an alligator and his long road to recovery. toyota on trial. the accusations of sudden, uncontrollable acceleration. the victim's family who is suing, putting the automaker into the legal spotlight starting today. she's got the beat. a wisconsin woman is a youtube sensation after her performance in a drum shop. >> it's been awhile. >> at 63, she's rocking a beat like nobody else. it's monday, july 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good morning.


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