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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 22, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "worlds this morning on "world news now" -- survival story. in florida, it could have cost him his life. the close call with an alligator and his long road to recovery. toyota on trial. the accusations of sudden, uncontrollable acceleration. the victim's family who is suing, putting the automaker into the legal spotlight starting today. she's got the beat. a wisconsin woman is a youtube sensation after her performance in a drum shop. >> it's been awhile. >> at 63, she's rocking a beat like nobody else. it's monday, july 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good morning.
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those stories are coming up. but we begin this half hour with breaking news. happy news from london where the duchess of cambridge has been admitted to the hospital with early stages of labor. >> royal officials say that kate traveled by car to st. mary's hospital in central london. she's expected to give birth in the private lindo wing of the hospital where princess diana gave birth to prince charles and prince william and prince harry. now the baby will be third in line to the british throne. we'll stay on this story. we'll keep you updated on the pending royal birth throughout the morning. >> we can simply not wait until it happens. we, obviously, have cameras trained outside of the lindo wing and we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we get it. >> which was formerly known as the limbo wing and it will be a little more limbo but at least the first stages have started. >> and the great kate wait may soon be over. >> yeah, we can't wait. now to the rest of the news of the day. a frightening alligator attack on a worker at a florida gator park during a demonstration. >> the worker is recovering in
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the hospital this morning. he barely got away with his life. here's latest from hollywood, florida. >> definitely could have lost my arm. >> reporter: the ferociousness of an alligator should never be underestimated. just ask will nace. >> i felt the bones break. >> reporter: will's arm is broken and his hand fractured after it got caught in the mouth of a large gator at the native village wildlife center in hollywood. will is a volunteer handler at the facility and was in the pit for a show with the mean 12-foot long 1,000-pound bull alligator. >> ended up lunging at me before i got to his nose. so my hand happened to be right in front of his face when he lunged up. he grabbed my hand and bent it backwards and bit down. >> reporter: the demonstration is when that handler taps this gator on the nose, mouth wide open and it was in this act where something went terribly wrong. >> what he did next was start to back up into the water. so i got down low and started backing up with him because i know if he would have shaken or
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rolled he would have taken my hand clean off. >> reporter: despite his fear, the 23-year-old was able to maintain his awareness as other handlers jumped in to help. >> the alligator opened his mouth. will got his arm out and the alligator didn't have to be harmed. nobody else had to get hurt. >> reporter: in case you are wondering, lunge the biting gator will still have a home here. >> we'll use him as a teaching tool to try to educate more people on what not to do with alligators. feeding and getting close to them is the number one thing. >> reporter: experts say feeding is how alligators lose their fear of humans. fear, though is not in will's heart even after coming so close to losing his limb and even possibly his life. >> i'm not going to stop doing this. i still love it. it's my life. lunge is my favorite alligator there. >> reporter: will says that lunge, the al gray -- alligator is still his favorite animal at the park. will says he can't wait to jump
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back inside of the pits. terrell forney. abc news, hollywood, florida. inspectors from a german roller coaster manufacturer are heading to a north texas amusement park to find out how a woman plunged to her death. eyewitnesses say she was concerned about the roller coaster's safety bar. rosy esparza was riding the texas giant when she fell. her son was on that ride, too. >> she was no bigger than i was. that could have been me. >> he was like, let me go down there and find my mom. >> reporter: the amusement park industry insists their rides are safe. the chance of being killed -- 1 in 750 million. a registered sex offender is expected to be charged in cleveland after the bodies of three women were found in trash bags. michael madison indicated there were more victims but a search turned up nothing. the crime scene is about ten miles, just ten miles from the cleveland home where three women were held captive for ten years. and three men are being questioned in lubbock, texas, in connection with the kidnapping and sex assault of a teenager. the young woman claims she was held by the men for six weeks and repeatedly attacked. police say she did manage to escape by crawling out of a window and then calling for
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help. she indicated that there were more victims but so far none of them have turned up. you may remember those stories of terrified drivers behind the wheel of their toyotas when the cars suddenly sped up. jury selection begins today in los angeles in the first wrongful death lawsuit against the automaker. with more, here is abc's lindsey janice. linzie janis. >> reporter: according to the family of 66-year-old noriko uno, she was driving home in her toyota camry when it unexpectedly accelerated up to speeds of 100 miles per hour. she did everything she could to slow it down but her car drove into a telephone pole and tree and she was killed. >> bring back my wife. >> reporter: the family has sued toyota and today their case goes to trial. so far toyota has settled similar cases out of court. >> this is the first case that toyota has gone to trial on the sudden acceleration. that means they think they can win this case. so it's going to be a landmark case. >> reporter: plaintiffs in 80 other similar cases against toyota will be watching. the lawyer for the uno family
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says toyota cut corners to save money and didn't install a mechanism to stop the accelerator if it and the brake pedal were pressed at the same time. in a statement about the upcoming trial, toyota said, we're confident the evidence will show that a brake override system would not have prevented this accident and that there was no defect in mrs. uno's vehicle. >> i think that the lawyer for mrs. uno has to prove that there was no way that she could stop this vehicle. it went suddenly out of control. >> reporter: toyota has included the brake override systems in models since 2011. and was recently ordered by a judge to retrofit more than 3 million older models. initially toyota had blamed the cases of sudden acceleration on sticky gas pedals and floor mats that trapped the pedals, leading to a voluntary recall of more than 7 million vehicles. jury selection begins today. the trial is expected to last about two months and the outcome of the case will likely determine whether toyota goes to trial with more cases or settles them out of court.
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linzie janis, abc news, los angeles. let's check back in on our breaking news. duchess kate has been admitted to the hospital in london in the early stages of labor. >> that's right. we're right outside the hospital, right outside the lindo wing. joining us by phone, lama hasan, what can you tell us about what we know about what's happened? >> reporter: good morning to you. i am standing right outside the lindo wing formerly known as the limbo wing. i can tell you no more because it's the moment everyone has been waiting for. it's the announcement we've all been waiting for. and it's finally arrived. kensington palace just released a statement with a few details but they are vital details. it reads like this -- the duchess of cambridge has been admitted this morning to st. mary's hospital in the early stages of labor. she traveled from kensington palace by car to the lindo wing with the duke of cambridge, prince william, of course. he's always vowed he was going to be by his wife's side in the delivery room with her when she
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is about to give birth. he is off duty right now. he is on annual leave. we understand that the duchess of cambridge will have the expert care of the queen's gynecologist, dr. marcus setchell who has reportedly delayed his retirement just to deliver william and kate's baby. he's overheard telling friends and colleagues that he has always stopped drinking weeks before in preparation. i can tell you right now the scene outside the lindo wing is, in short, it's chaotic. everyone, the world media, is getting ready to report this news that we've all been waiting for. >> talk a little bit about that chaos out there. it must be quite a sight. do people have smiles on their faces? are they frantic? what are they looking like? >> i can tell you right now, some people have been here two -- some of them have been here three weeks just waiting for some kind of information or some kind of announcement to be released by the palace.
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and it's finally come today. i can tell you, i wouldn't describe them as having smiles on their faces. i can tell you they are all flustered and all standing in front of their cameras getting ready to report, which i will be doing very shortly as well. >> we'll let you get to that, obviously. as soon as we're done here. quick question, though. you know, buckingham palace does everything in the most traditionalist of ways. after the baby is born, that tradition doesn't stop. kind of walk us through the process of what happens after the baby comes. how do we all find out what was it? boy, girl, how much did it weigh? the traditional stuff that moms and dads are posting on twitter and facebook. the palace does things a little differently. don't they? >> yes, they do. don't forget, and also william and kate are a very modern couple, but still they are going to stick to royal traditions. so we've just had the formal, the first formal announcements if you like, that she has been admitted to the hospital. we'll get a second formal announcement when the baby has been delivered.
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a notice will be rushed out of the lindo wing escorted by a royal aide as well as police driven all the way to buckingham palace. that notice with details such as the weight of the baby, of course, the gender of the baby. any other details that they can release at that time. that will be put on an easel and displayed in the court of buckingham palace and that's when the world will find out what william and kate had, whether they had a baby girl or a baby boy. and any other details. when william was born they released he had blue eyes and cried lustful i. so that will be the second formal announcement. the third formal announcement we'll get when the duchess of cambridge and the duke of cambridge will be leaving the hospital. but, yes, they will be sticking to royal tradition. a bit of historical theater if you'd like. and that's when we will find out what william and kate had. >> lama, thank you so much. we will be standing by for the good news. we appreciate that report from
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london. >> cannot wait. coming up, it's a love story that was seven decades in the making. >> and the love story surrounding phil mickelson's championship. he has driven them to success. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by metamucil. ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine this cute little orange blob is metamucil... and this park is the inside of your body. you see the special psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels to trap and remove some waste. and that gelling also helps to lower some cholesterol. it even traps some carbs to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of your diet. now that's one super hard working fiber. metamucil. 3 amazing benefits in 1 super fiber.
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i want to ride my bicycle ♪ ♪ and bicycle he did. right across the finish line of the 100th tour de france. britain's chris froome won and vowed his victory will not be stripped for doping like lance armstrong's was. froome said he's one yellow jersey that will stand the test of time. >> it was a cool scene in paris as he crossed the finish line for a rare nighttime finish. the whole street was bathed in yellow light to match, of course, the color of the winning jersey. >> that's awesome. an englishman just won wimbledon and the tour de france. >> they are on top. another win with an english twist. this one, phil mickelson who pulled off a thrilling victory at the british open. >> his come-from-behind win is being called one of the best of
3:16 am
all times. alex marquardt has the story. >> reporter: a stunning come-from-behind victory. >> oh, that goes down! yes, the double fist pump for lefty. >> reporter: starting the day five strokes behind the lead, american phil mickelson birdied four of the last six holes. >> probably the best round of my career and hit some of the best shots i've ever hit. >> reporter: mickelson's caddie burst into tears before the 43-year-old embraced his family which has gone through so much. four years ago, mickelson's wife amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. just a few weeks later, his mother was as well. despite the heartache, he won his third masters the next year and went straight to amy who has since beaten her cancer. >> that's a win for the family. >> reporter: this was mickelson's 20th time playing in the british open. he says he thought he might never win it and now his closing round is being considered one of the greatest in history. alex marquardt, abc news,
3:17 am
london. >> always great to see players hug like that. hug their families. >> brought the vacation all the way over. by the way, i said earlier that andy murray, the tennis player who won wimbledon was an englishman. he's scottish. >> you're correcting yourself. >> and that's a big deal. i'm correcting myself before i get the hate mail. let's move on to this. nfl is hitting the field. already if you can believe it. >> believe it or not, players report for training camp this week. training camp is no mere warm-up. these are the weeks for the rookies and veterans to compete for that spot on the final 53-man roster. >> these are also the same weeks commentators, analysts and fans get a chance to look at the players and predictions start pouring in. finally from wisconsin -- a the brewers faced the marlins. over the weekend. >> routine game. an eagle eye photographer noticed this. check out the spelling on the throwback jersey of the manager. milwaukee is spelled milwakuee.
3:18 am
by the seventh inning, the error was fixed. the jerseys were part of a tribute to the negro lead. they include a special 29 patch in honor of the hall of famer satchel paige. >> i enjoy those throwback jerseys but you probably want to get the spelling. >> yeah. still ahead, a story that proves you're never too old to rock 'n' roll. >> we'll introduce you to a woman who has become a youtube sensation without even knowing what youtube is. and ahead in our next half hour, restaurants that post calories right next to the prices. are diners more likely to make healthier choices when they order because of them? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ rock 'n' roll never forgets. and our next story proves that. a musician never forgets rock 'n' roll. >> and this one is our favorite story of the day.
3:20 am
abc's david muir introduces us to an unforgettable woman. >> reporter: it all started with this surprise performance from a mystery woman who grabbed those drumsticks and delivered this. she is a youtube sensation. but it turns out, until this past week, she didn't even know what youtube was. and we didn't know who she was. but it didn't take long for this wisconsin community to throw up some answers. she's mary vista, 63 years old. she played the drums as a young woman here. when she first walked into that drum shop she hadn't played in more than a decade. and she remembered what was going through her mind as she sat back down. >> it's been a while. i wonder if i still know how to use them. >> reporter: mary played in local lands for a group called the chantells. one of the first all-women bands in lacrosse, wisconsin. in that town, she's a star all
3:21 am
over again. the camera rolling as the owner of the drum store tells her they're going to deliver a brand new drum set to her apartment. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: the same reaction we had when we first saw that video. >> regardless whether i'm good or not or as good as i used to be, it is just nice to be able to do it again. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> how awesome is that? >> she is great. grandma drummer she's going by? some people are calling her that. so she came in recently and she -- >> anchorwoman drummer. >> i wish. you can be in my band. >> i wish i could play any instrument. >> and my red fiery hair. you got it. she walked in. she randomly plays any song she kind of feels like playing. she played "wipeout" and played for 10 to 15 minutes. >> that's great. >> the fact that not only she did it but went on for so long.
3:22 am
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mix and match your protection with the whole radiant collection. time for "the mix." i couldn't resist on this monday. a love story. this is an amazing one. teenage sweethearts separated during world war ii tie the knot 70 years later. >> that story is incredible. >> take a look at the pictures. these two became sweethearts on a summer vacation only to be separated by the second world war. there are bob humphries and bernie blueett. they lost touch. the guy sent her love letters during the war and her parents hid them because they weren't so crazy about the idea. 70 years later, 80 years after they met, mr. humphries who is now 89 and she is 87. they've tied the knot. listen to this. she says, the important thing is we met all those years ago and it must have left some sort of impression. circumstances brought us together. i can safely say we won't be raising any children together. and then he says -- >> they've done that already.
3:26 am
>> there have only been two women in my life. bernie was the first and now she is the last. >> it's the real life "notebook." you remember that movie. that's exactly what happened. this is the real life story of "the notebook." love that story. my favorite of the day. moving on to this -- so there's this random picture that showed up on readit. it's an illinois man taking out revenge on a man who apparently has been e-mailing his wife. take a look. it's pretty self-explanatory. it says stop now. don't e-mail my wife. this is on the garage doors, pretty clear message here. he's obviously sending it to another man. the problem is because it's on readit all it is is a picture. there's no real explanation. we don't have any information. >> says it all. it really does. >> we don't have any information on the wife or the two men, how they are related or know each other. whether the wife had a little something to do with the other guy and that's how it started. maybe they just work together. all we know is we have this picture. it's pretty incredible and it is straightforward. that is a pretty clear message.
3:27 am
>> love this one from the daily mail. if you are out there and feeling a little blue and somewhere between the ages of 23 and 69, take heart. apparently a new study says we are happiest and most satisfied at 23 and 69 years of age. between those two times our dissatisfaction starts to rise as we feel like we didn't meet our expectations in life and ceiling peaks at 55 years old. if you are 52 or 48 or whatever and you are feeling like, ah, don't worry. when you are 69, you'll be as happy as when you were 23, according to the new study. that's the gist of it. the pattern has been observed in more than 50 nations. >> nice. this one, really quick picture we also want to show you. a book that was overdue 41 years returned to where it belongs with a note that says, sorry i've kept the book for so long but i'm a really slow reader. i've enclosed my fine of $299.30, 41 days, 2 cents a day. once again my apologies. never too late to return a
3:28 am
library book.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- breaking news. this morning on "world news now" -- breaking news. duchess kate admitted to a london hospital and buckingham palace confirmed it is the early stages of labor. we'll take you live to london on this monday, july 22nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> welcome in, everyone, on this monday. truly the moment that everyone around the world has been waiting for. especially us here at abc. we just can't wait to give you this news. duchess kate finally in the early stages of labor. this royal baby is coming. >> i would imagine it's a frantic scene outside of st. mary's hospital in london outside the former limbo wing where lama hasan, our abc correspondent, is standing by to fill us in. hi, lama.
3:31 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. it is a hive of activity out here. the excitement is building, anticipation is building. it's almost like the media here has been jolted. they're all awake and all running around. yes, we do have this information that we've all been waiting for. the great kate wait which it was dubbed has now been announced it is over. the moment that everyone has been waiting for has just come from kensington palace. we got word that they have given out a few details but they are still vital details. and the formal announcement reads like this. the duchess of cambridge has been admitted this morning to st. mary's hospital in the early stages of labor. she traveled from kensington palace by car to the lindo wing where the duke of cambridge, prince william, has always vowed to be by his wife's side. right now he's on annual leave so we are hopefully out here, outside the lindo wing waiting for any information, any more information. we do understand that kate will have the expert care of the
3:32 am
queen's gynecologist, dr. marcus setchell who has reportedly delayed his retirement just to deliver william and kate's baby. also overheard saying that he had given up drinking to prepare for the birth. now we do also understand that kate has opted for a natural birth. they don't know the gender. they want it to be a surprise. but they do have a list of names, sort of favorite names if you like. but we do know that their formal title, whether it's a boy or girl, depending, obviously, but their formal title would be prince or princess of cambridge and, of course, they'll be third in line to the throne. >> with less than 30 seconds, tell us, when will we finally see this baby? >> reporter: i wish i had the answer to that. we don't know. but -- at least now we know the duchess of cambridge is in st. mary's hospital. she is in the early stages of labor. she will be giving birth in the lindo wing, formerly known as
3:33 am
the limbo wing. well, no more. she will be following in diana's footsteps, coming out on the famous -- you remember her coming out with a very, very tiny william to introduce him to the world. expecting william and kate to do exactly the same thing. >> we cannot wait. lama, thank you. >> we either. >> stand by. lama hasan in london. the maker of the texas roller coaster where a woman fell to her death is defending its safety record. eyewitnesses say the woman expressed concern over the safety bar not completely engaging as the ride started. the spokesman defended his company's record. he says that they've never had any problem with those bars in the 50 coasters built around the world over the past 30 years. and now take a look at this, as a car plunged from the chesapeake bay. believe it or not, the driver was able to climb out before her car sank. it happened friday after a semi truck collided with two vehicles. the impact sent her car over the side of the bay bridge. it plunged 40 feet right into
3:34 am
the water. the driver was checked out at the hospital, and she is going to be okay. >> have you ever driven that bridge? >> i haven't, but i heard you have. >> it's a nail biter. i'm okay on bridges but even so, it's a nail biter. and it's so bad that even troopers will voluntarily, you can do this, if you have phobias, they'll voluntarily drive your car across the bridge. it is considered one of the scariest bridges in the world. >> not only that. compound that with having an accident on the bridge. scary enough. but then an accident that plunges your car over the side of the bridge and into the water. >> fascinating tidbit. i wondered how she got out of the car. i read the window was smashed on impact from the truck so once she went into the water she didn't have to worry about getting out of the car. the window was already broken. how strangely lucky is that. >> not only that, even though it was a 40-foot plunge she suffered no life-threatening injuries. she was able to climb herself out of there. and she was able to walk out. by the way, the people in the other vehicles that were involved had no injuries
3:35 am
whatsoever. >> fascinating point. it happened right at the beginning of the bridge where it's a 40-foot drop. had she gone a little further up, she could have been 140 feet up. >> lucky for her in more ways than one. >> you bet. jury selection begins in the first wrongful death suit against toyota over cars with sudden acceleration. it involves a 66-year-old california woman who died after she lost control of her speeding camry. toyota claims the car was not defective. the outcome of the trial may determine whether other suits will go forward. drivers across the country are feeling the heat at the gas pumps as prices soar. the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.67. that is up 18 cents since the beginning of the month. 22 cents higher than this time last year. abc's susan foley has more. >> reporter: from pump to pump, gas prices delivering a sting and pinching pocketbooks. >> i couldn't even fill up my full tank. >> how much gas did you get? >> i got about $35 worth. >> reporter: drivers scrambling now to save a few cents. >> trying to find the cheapest station. only going to fill up a little
3:36 am
bit here. >> reporter: experts say this is the new normal for at least the rest of the summer. >> this is actually the largest price spike since back in february. >> reporter: in michigan, $3.83, up 38 cents a gallon in the last two weeks. in indiana, up 32 cents. and ohio, 35 cents. >> the question on everyone's mind is, where are gas prices going? right now it's looking like we could see prices continue to rise. >> reporter: all of this despite america producing domestic oil at a record-breaking pace of 7.4 million barrels a day. nearly twice as much as five years ago. one problem? a shortage of pipelines to move all that oil to consumers. so when might drivers start to feel some relief? generally gas prices start to drop in the fall. unfortunately, not any time too soon. susan foley, abc news, washington. medical researchers discovered something dangerous in several brands of hot sauce. experts in las vegas examined
3:37 am
hot sauce purchased at stores, ethnic markets and swap meets. it was all imported from mexico and other places in south america. 16% of the samples contained dangerous levels of lead, which can cause learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children. researchers now demand better screening of imported foods. the nation's pediatricians are warning parents about the increasing number of injuries from falling television sets. a new report out this morning shows an american child is injured every 30 minutes from accidents involving tv sets. there were more than 12,000 pediatric injuries from a falling tv set in 2011. most children suffered head, neck or leg injuries when heavy electronics tip over and fall on them. severe thunderstorms across the nation brought torrential rains triggering flash floods. flooding in phoenix yesterday forcing the rescue of several people who got trapped in their cars as they tried to drive through floodwaters. the city got almost an inch of rain in just a half hour. that's about three times their monthly average for july. those rains broke a deadly
3:38 am
week-long heat wave in many parts of the country. the hot weather is blamed on several deaths in milwaukee, wisconsin. among those victims, a 69-year-old man. he had a body temperature of 102 degrees when he died. another victim, a 64-year-old woman, died after her temperature hit about 110. that woman did have an air conditioner but she had no one to install it for her. >> stories are so sad. here's a look at the weather across the nation. heavy rains in the southwest continue today, particularly in arizona, and even las vegas and los angeles could see some afternoon storms. severe storms will also stretch through the upper midwest and along the east coast from maine all the way to south florida. >> new england into the mid-atlantic will see more seasonable temperatures for july. low to mid-80s. still might be a scorcher in the central plains where temperatures can break the century mark today. a dad in indiana is all revved up after a tearful reunion 24 years in the making. >> his four children gave him the surprise of a lifetime.
3:39 am
they found his beloved first car and bought it back for him. wow. lookebill and his wife were stunned when they looked through the window and saw his long lost '72 mustang mach 1 parked outside. >> the bright green body was virtually untouched, the way he left it when he had to part ways with the car in 1989. >> that is amazing. >> talk about priceless. the kids, not only did they do this for their dad, they aren't saying how much they spent. so this is truly a gift for their dad. >> what great kids. >> oh, man. four of them. i'm sure they had to pile in the cash in order to get that back. >> the video, it has a million hits on youtube. it's on its way to going -- it's already gone viral. on its way to super viral. >> and they were very lucky that the car was actually on sale on ebay and they didn't have to go twist somebody's arm. >> very lucky it was lime green. not so many lime green mach 1s left. >> easy to find. i don't know i'd want my first car back. my 1997 chevy lumina can stay
3:40 am
with its current owner if it still exists. >> mine was an '80 something datsun. 200 sx or something. >> the fact you remember, you want it back? >> no, that's okay. it was a datsun. that's nissan now in case you are keeping score. >> wow. >> that's pretty bad. >> that's back in the day. the emotional cause that brought jay-z and beyonce together. counting calories with the help of some restaurant menus. does this information really make diners choose healthier when they order? you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by , and his high school reunion is coming up in seattle. evereryone's going. we couould actually affordto ta. see, when really nice hotel,
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♪ ♪ you can get anything you want ♪ at alice's restaurant ♪ well, in more and more american restaurants, diners can find calorie counts along with the price list. the idea is to help people make better decisions about what they are eating. the question is, does it work? >> not according to a new study. researchers say it's having the opposite effect. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: those calorie labels we see at restaurant counters are supposed to help us make healthful food choices. in a new study by carnegie mellon university, 1,900 customers were surveyed at two mcdonald's restaurants in new york city. some customers were given extra information on the recommended number of calories in a meal. 650 to 800. but even with those numbers in mind, they ate an average 60
3:45 am
more calories than the people who only had the basic calorie information listed on the menu. and one-third of them ordered meals with at least 1,000 calories. >> so what do you have here? >> double cheeseburger. >> do you know how many calories are in there? >> nope, i'm just hungry. >> reporter: we were curious to know how many read those labels? >> a mocha frapp and a snack wrap. >> do you know how many calories are in those? >> honestly, no. >> reporter: of the ten people we talked to, most people saw the numbers, but it didn't change their orders. obesity researcher barry popkins supports posting calorie information and believes in order to change eating habits people will need even more information on just how the food they eat affects their bodies. >> people who are interested in reducing their calories will be benefited by the calorie labeling. people who do not care, who only want to have their burgers and fries, will not do so. >> we reached out to the author of the study. she believes the reason some people ate more was they had a false sense of security.
3:46 am
a big mac is 550 calories. you add in fries and a drink with that, and that puts you over 1,000. aditi roy, abc news, new york. >> all right. so this brings us to our facebook question of the day. >> we want to know, how much do you pay attention to calorie counts posted on the restaurant menus? log on to our facebook page, and weigh in. >> i think what aditi is saying makes sense. you say, okay. 550 calories for a big mac. hey, that's not really my daily allowance. i can get away with eating a big mac for lunch and still having a full dinner. then you add on everything else you order because even the drink has calories, especially with the sugary drinks. now your daily allowance you blew it in lunch. >> so many don't know what the daily allowance is. unless it's quantified, the number is meaningless. my feeling is, when i go into mcdonald's and i know they have healthy alternatives. when i go into mcdonald's, i'm going in for the real mccoy. i want a burger, fries and maybe a shake. otherwise i won't go in.
3:47 am
>> i completely agree with you. >> you aren't going in for a salad. you don't go to mcdonald's because you're in the mood for a salad. >> wendy's, burger king, mcdonald's, it's because you are craving the real thing. i completely agree. a lot of people, though, their choices are limited because they don't have the kind of money that allows them to go to different restaurants and that's kind of places they can go. so i understand their concerns, but we need more education than just posting it up there. they need know what it all means. put it in context for people. >> no doubt about it. coming up -- jay-z and beyonce are lending their voices to a major cause over the weekend. >> and how heidi klum and geraldo rivera are putting more skin into "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
you sure you don't want some? it's chamomile. [chainsaw revs] listen, you are extremely terrifying-- just the scariest undead, subhuman thing on tv and i really mean that. but i am worried that you could give my kids nightmares
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if they see you-- so... i'm going to have to block you. ah... so, that's it. oh, and tell the zombies they're blocked too. ah... ♪ skinny so skinny welcome to "the skinny." we're going to start with jay-z and beyonce lending their voices to what has become kind of a national protest. so the george zimmerman verdict was last week. and there have been protests all over, especially in new york, florida, california and the big cities have taken a life of their own when it comes to these protests. jay-z and beyonce were seen with trayvon martin's mom, sybrina fulton, and al sharpton. this was on saturday. they were all photographed together. they there were protesting the george zimmerman verdict, the acquittal in the death of trayvon martin. al sharpton did come out and say they did not want to speak, and they did not come for a photo op, but it's hard when you are that popular and famous to not have it end up being a photo op.
3:50 am
there they are protesting the verdict. this isn't the first time they've semi spoken out about the verdict. both beyonce and jay have taken time out of their recent performances to honor trayvon with moments of silence and beyonce tagged a photo on instagram saying justice for trayvon. so, there you go. pr or not, a nice way to come together. >> sure. how about pr of a different kind. heidi klum really knows how to get some attention. hot stuff. >> hot. >> she's posting tweet pictures of her in topless situations that let you know it's sexy but doesn't quite go the whole way. the latest photos, that one of her hugging the tree on vacation in bora bora. and she posted a few of these very sexy pictures that just stop short. she's getting a lot of attention for it. she certainly seems to know what she's doing. >> speaking of trying to get a lot of attention. let's turn to another topless photo, perhaps one that will burn your eyes if you see it. but we're going to show it to you anyway. this one, geraldo rivera. >> all right.
3:51 am
>> he happens to be 70 years old and he decided to post this picture on twitter. so in his little caption he said, 70 is the new 50. he also said he would probably be in a little hot water for showing his public body saying erica and family are going to be so peeved but at my age, dot, dot, dot. well, his wife erica took it all in good humor saying this is what happens when i fall asleep first. she tells e! news exclusively, thank god we have towels in the bathroom. i'm proud my husband looks so hot. >> that towel is a little low. >> it is. of the two selfies we just saw, i'll take heidi. >> yeah. >> i'll say this much, for 70 years old, he's in good shape. all right, "modern family" star jesse tyler ferguson got married over the weekend. >> congratulations. >> to his longtime boyfriend. the actor and lawyer couple were joined in matrimony in a private ceremony saturday in soho manhattan. and sofia vergara had to tweet her congratulations. other great guests were there. julie bowen, ty burrell.
3:52 am
so congratulations to them. >> yes, absolutely. beautiful couple. absolutely. beautiful couple.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
♪ i am, i am, i am superman ♪ okay, superfans. superhero fans, excuse me. superfans, superheroes. sure, why not. it's time to rejoice. batman and superman are teaming up for a brand new movie. i'm so excited. i can't get the words out. >> the announcement was made by "man of steel" director zach snyder at comic-con in san diego. after the announcement, a giant
3:56 am
superman logo appeared on the screen superimposed with a batman logo. as abc's rachel smith shows us, drama was status quo for the event which brings together the fantasy and fantastic. >> reporter: it's a world where comic book and comical characters come to life. to pose with their adoring fans. where you can experience halloween in july. >> it took about two months to do it. it's nothing but crochet. no knitting. >> reporter: this is the world of comic-con. fred flintstone, meet iron man. it's like all the worlds are coming together. they are descending upon one place. i've covered comic-con international three years in a row for abc's on the red carpet. it's an unconventional convention where harrison ford, first famous for his role in the original "star wars," could bump into today's "star wars" wannabes. >> i'm the evil queen.
3:57 am
>> the evil queen. girl, you are looking good. >> well, thank you. >> reporter: the icy queen may be feeling the heat of costume competitors at comic-con. >> different attire. interesting makeup. interesting hair. >> reporter: queen's out of her comfort zone. i think you need to go. do not step on queen's dress. you have to watch your step at this jam-packed spectacle. last year 130,000 comic-con fans, nearly half of them women, showed up to experience a world where, even if it's just for a few days, the outlandish are admired. rachel smith, abc news, san diego. >> that one spider-man actually looked pretty superhero like. >> i wouldn't know what to do if i were going to comic-con. iron man? >> there you go. >> meets fred flintstone? that's the perfect outfit. >> i want to thank graphics for not making me robin, the boy wonder.
3:58 am
like last
3:59 am
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breaking news this morning, the wait will soon be over. the duchess of cambridge is rushed to the hospital to give birth to the royal baby. and we're live in london. a grisly crime investigation. three women found dead. a suspected serial killer under arrest. why investigators think they will find more victims. also, alligator attack. an animal expert gets too close and learns a valuable lesson in front of a crowd of spectators. and stranded. a woman claims she was swept out to sea, forced to swim for 16 hours. she is telling her story for the first time this morning. and good morning, everybody. we have breaking news. good breaking news coming out of london this morning.


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