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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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joining in the royal joining in the royal festivities.
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>> we welcome a future king. >> happy birthday to you. ♪ . [applause]. >> oh, yes. pageant and party on worldwide scale for a boy without a name, so are if a. but one with a royal destiny. good evening everybody. dan is off tonight. >> i'm carolyn. the royal baby arrived late this afternoon british time. and rate now 2 guards are stationed outside the hospital where the young prns and his parents are resting. just after 7 in the morning. cornell joins us now with the celebration there and here. car nell frichlt on done to san francisco entire world is helping the royal couple celebrate the birth of new son. name not revealed so for now he's being called baby came
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bridge after his parents. child third in line to the british thrown. -- tloep. >> the kate wait over. 8 pounds 6 ounces he entered the world. building in london blurted out the news. fountain in blue. whole country celebrates. >> just got in time. to toast the news. >> we have been celebrating all evening so we have been out in the pub having drechbing. champagne. >> perhaps william is tobing tobingting too saying we could not be happier. earlier the official announcement was filled with palm and tradition. her doctors signed a paper on letter dread driven through london with police escort and outside the palace placed on easel not used since william birth. >> we have had some people calling in and just passing on congratulations and sending us e-mails with personal congratulations.
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>>reporter: the british con some general called with well wishes and wondering what his name will be. george james henry the most popular according to british bookie. at this pub in san rafael many were toasting the new prince. >> got on the computer and wept it's a boy. and he weighs the same as my son. >> they are happy. they have a healthy baby that's all that counts. >> on tuesday the royal couple l may emerge from the hospital as william parents did 31 years ago. kate will bring glamor to royal motherhood mother seen since diana. this is abc 7 fuss. >> people around the world celebrating the birth of this new royal heir. >> niagara fall lit newspaper blue night. lit up for 15 minute period again tomorrow night. >> the tower in toronto was also color with blue lights in honor of the birth. crew at the tower did have the pink lights ready to go just in case
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it was a girl. >> birth has become an international obsession on social media. within an hour of the official announcement there were more than 1 million global mention on facebook twitter more than 25,000 tweet per minute and since the duchess was admitted to the hospital the tash tag royal baby has been used more than 900,000 times on twitter. >> see much more on the royal baby and life of luxury that awaits him. that's on "nightline"at 12:35. >> news will present special edition of royal baby heir to the thrown hosted by barbara walters. tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. on abc 7. >> we saw late summer sprinkle around the bay area. sandhya is here with a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> yes. on live doppler 7 hd we still see cloud cover. check it out now and few sprinkle. most of it moving off the coast but still have a few sprinkle around the san francisco, san m te'o coast line down to the peninsula and
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check out what is happening over the last hour or so. numerous lightning strike right around the tahoe area as we widen out with hundreds of strike throughout the afternoon prompting flash flood watches around the san joaquin valley down to southern california earlier. i want to take this lake tahoe camera. i know it's black right now but it has been lighting up as light new england has been developing. tahoe now reporting thunder and rain. of course we'll monitor that for you and i'll be back with a complete look at the forecast to let you know what you can expect for your morning commute and the rest of the day coming up. larry. >> thanks see you in a few minutes. >> developing news tonight. faa investigate what caused a small plane to crash just after take off from the south lake tahoe airport this morning. pilot an his wife from palo alto. he was killed she survived. nick with more now live from palo alto airport, nick. >> larry good evening. officials confirmed with abc 7 news that husband and wife karen and steven left were
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headed here to palo alto airport when the single engine plane crashed less than a mile from the lake tahoe airport. this is all remains of the single engine private plane carrying palo alto couple steve and his wife karen left. >> reports received that the plane was having difficulty seemed to be dropping in altitude. >>reporter: witness describe seeing the plane take off and head north before it banked rate and slammed into this wooded area less an mile from lake tahoe airport. >> plane flipped. when it hit the tree coming in. there was a lot of goods lean leaking out of the ruptured fuel tank, lef left, 67 years old, had been playing in for more than 20 years. he died on impact. his wife karen survived the crash. she was pinned be naevt debris and given first aid by nurse who witnessed the crash and comforted her until first respond investigators could arrive. karen was taken to hospital in reno and expected to survive her jersey. >> you can never take flying
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for granted. >>reporter: we caught up with pilot at palo alto airport and says experience can only take you so far. being prepared for the than expected is essential and according to him tahoe airport is one of the trickiest airport in the renal to navigate. >> since it has high altitude there, there's a spiral route to come in and out of the airport because of cirrus 30. officials confirm the couple anything become to palo alto airport after spending a weekend in tahoe with their daughter and other family members. now the fa:and ntsb will investigate what caused the plane to crash. it's a process that could take months. in palo alto, nick smith a. bc 7 news. >> new details after plane nose gear collapsed during landing in new york. federal investigators began their investigation tonight at law guard airport. 8 people were injured on the south west flight from nashville. you cap see the nose of the boeing 737 here just smashd into the ground there. the airport says there was no advance warning. plane was having problems and
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passengers had no idea there was any trouble either. >> we felt a humongous jolt like completely want forward. it was really intense. like whole plane just went down very quickly. and that's when the door blew in. i wanted to get off the air plane. >> chicago o'hare airport set up the cot tonight to kilometer date the delayed passengers heading to new york. it will be back on schedule by tomorrow morning. >> bart riders know him as the jazz man pleaded guilty to killing his ex-wife more than 25 years ago. riders on bart knew him as garrett and played the sachs phone for tips at bart station. he was not the real name. it was ronald brewing tochbility he was wanted for killing his ex-wife in albuquerque back in 1987. investigators reopened the case in 2011 tracked him to san francisco. he was sentenceed to to 16 years in prison. >> investigators look in the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge questioned the
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driver's estranged wife about phone calls between the 2 that night. we fears report entered june that air spring ruptured leading to the fire that killed 5 female passengers. part of the investigation also focuses on the driver, or ville brown, what he did after the fire started. the 2 had a heated fight and were arguing on the phone that night. claims brown was on his phone while victims were trapped inside the limo. >> i'm sure he could have saved them. he was if on the phone. and i know he was videotaping. >>reporter: we contacted pwrn for a response he did fought comment but his brother says brown is looking forward to the official findings of the investigation. >> new at 11:00. search is on for driver who ran into a group of san jose bark party bicyclist badly injuring a many
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would. it's a monthly sufficient bay tradition that attracts upwards of 5000 riders. our media partner the mercury news reports dark colored hopped a ran into the group early saturday morning in campbell. driver then sped away. one woman suffered a fractured skull and hip. marin county search rescue team helped save a 19-year-old man in yosemite over the weekend. the teen posted these pictures on facebook. the members are all volunteers. they were in the park training when some hikers said a man was falling and stuck at the edge of the falls. lines were secured and assisted rangers as they pulled the man to safety then carried him down the mountain. >> up next at 11:00. test scores tossed out. studied for months hoping to get a leg up in college but tonight parents students demaning answers. >> strange phenomenon that washed over the western desert floor. >> human surprise for some divers off the california divers off the california coast. close encounter with ñ "
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>> new at 11:00. students parents administrators at mills high school in millbrae threatening to sue to get hundreds of a p test scores reen stated. those scores were thrown out because of seating irregularity during the exam. lillian has the story from
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millbrae. >> the college bound students thought high school was behind them. but tonight with the parents they went become to the alma mater. 224 students and recent graduate of mill brea students they have to reat that time placement xachlt that is completely up fair. >> i need to study again everything. even though i didn't forget everything it would still not be as fresh in my mind. >> educational testing service inhave dated the exam after finding out there were seeing the irregular. >> it gives students college cechlt many tebingts test were his taken in the library where the students may have sat too close together or sat facing one another. clear skiltion but something was standard operating procedure at the school for years. >> i sincerely regret having to be in this position and ultimately take responsibility for what transpired. >>reporter: district officials and attorneys have pleaded with
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ets to reinstate the score. no avail. they could sue as early as next tuesday. no cheating involved. it's seating irregularity and we have a left of -- level of excellence. asked how it surfaced a student tipped them and they have to retake the exam next month. in millbrae abc 7 news. >> man called institution legend by facebook ceo mark zuckerberg died. the executive should have of facebook killed in a motorcycle crash this morning. he started with one cafe at facebook in 2008 and over saw it opening of dozens of ors around the world. joseph was 44 years old. >> racing team could start practicing again for the america cup as early as tomorrow. we were above the new boat today after it launched in alameda. the crew made some adjustments today.
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the boat has been out of the action since crew member simpson died on may 19. the team will expect to start racing next month. >> thunderstorm in southern california proud wild weather today. rain turned into hail at one time. quarterer too size pieces of ice. 60 miles per hour winds and lightning knocked out power to nearly 500 customers. >> in utah flash flooding caused this strange phenomenon. not sludge. it's water and debris mixing together in an ooze or blob coming at you. moving slowly because the debris is so heavy containing water. video shot few hours after three inches of rain fell on thursday. >> our weather here not quite so wild but humid and unusual. >> yes. drizzle is coming perhaps. as i understandia is here with look at the forecast. >> we are looking at higher humidity across the doppler and cloud cover from the south. we have seen some sprinkle
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continues to see a little bit of green here. most of it is not reaching the ground so we'll keep the sprinkles in the forecast us a see. scattered in nature but what has been developing in the past hour is light new england. you can see thunderstorms numerous thunderstorms moving in from nevada and they have thunder storm and rain. heading back west ward tipping that tomorrow afternoon and evening. upper level clouds gave us beautiful view tonight share it with you. sub tropical in niche and provides us with the hook from the exploring these 2 buildings here will be facing along the coast for the morning commute. 62 in oak land. still in the 60's in mountain view. san jose. pretty mild weather rate now. santa cruz 62 degrees and view from emeryville camp raw can see pretty good visit here.
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temperatures 61 santa rosa still 70's for fairfield. livermore still pretty warm out there and not expecting it to cool off whole lot. dealing with the fog long the coast first thing in the forecast partly cloudy tuesday afternoon looking at clearing skies wednesday and nightly warm conditions by midweek. circulation that has been moving up towards the coast line here and this is what has been drying up monsoon moisture we have been dealing with. this will stay offshore and eventually veer northeast. until it's out of the picture we'll keep the cloud cover in the forecast and you will see it on our computer app mission and possibility of few sprinkle 3:00 a.m. isolated sprinkle. might see a little bit as we head into tomorrow morning commute. notice scattered showers and storms if in the nevada. keep that in mind
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tomorrow is active. tomorrow morning here in the bay area. calm condition. foggy near the coast. watch out mid physician there. most other areas in the upper 50's to mid 60's real mild hear and more humid in the morning. you can leave your jacket behind. these readings here. on the peninsula low 80's around los altos pall all the fog there. lingering well into the afternoon. thing thing for the sun set distribution. north boy community 60's coast side up to the 70's and most other areas except run clear leak 75 in oakland. inland spots up into the upper 80's. accu-weather 7 day forecast. we go become to the normal pattern. dry no not as humid right on through the weekend. usual fog giving way to sun. >> sound good thank you.
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>> all right. the watch abc live stream now available here in the bay area. >> experience us whether at home or about and about newscast and tv show on the smart phone tablet computer love on demaind mandy. >> special new benefit brought to you by charter communication and a.d.d. no additional cost. 7 to find out how contract says watch abc. cable provider account information then go to the live stream or watch abc and down loathe the okay. whether a rough one for the giants. this was quite a term for tim last outing. back on the mound first time since on the mound first time since used no hitter didn't
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>> no suspense tonight. tim made the first start for the giants since pitching no hitter before the all star break. he gave up a hit to the very first batter of the game against the reds and then a bunch more after that. it's no hit souvenir t-shirt here. bases loaded in the first anded to frasier clear them with double off the wall. 3 nothing cincinnati in a flash then home run derby in the second. devin and shin go deep. 5 nothing red. tagged again. jay grew with the career giving up 30's in the 8 runs on 9 hit. 11 nothing in the 9th. this tip tie the giant now. jeff thought he a home run there?
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well instead robbed by robinson at the recall who juggle and gathers to make the cash. giants lose 11 nothing and on top of that the domesticers who have been hot lately they won. move into first place. a's in houston then and o against the astros this season. athletic committed 3 error early just maxwell pop up in the thirst. i ain't got it. chris carter scores. 3 nothing houston but 8's cock back. this is third homer this year then in the eighth run at first with job. crush off wesley wright 200 fifth of the year that's the gun vote perfect. then perfect against the astros this season. okay we lack for 5 letter word similar to fraud. the answer
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is brawn. that's close. 2011 vn p are you noted for violating baseball drug toll. drawn was dealt 50 game suspension back in 2012 for us using banned substance. they caught him but the suspension was overturned on technicality. brawn has consistently denied using illegal substances but he admitted today that he did mack some mistake. see what happens going forward with other players would may implicated. warrior and ian clark was at well mont 7 of opportunity played from the heat in summer lug. 33 off the bench. kent played well in vegas. finished 18 tonight. warriors go pert this somewhere on strip probably. summer league
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champions. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> who knew. summer league champ. >> fba trying to make a big dig out of this. >> not the real championship. rick perry inching that way. >> yes. a while of a teal for 2 divers off the coast line show you more when we come bac back. >> check out our web site right now and you could drive away in a brand new so be smoort intend in our join me for drive attack in our join me for drive attack belt
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>> meters the wake up weather. it's mild when you leave home tomorrow. mostly cloudy. few sprinkle. coastal fog you have to watch out for. 5:00 a.m. mid 50's to 60's. 8:00 a.m. temperatures in the low 60's to low 70's. so you will not need that extra layer. live doppler 7 hd tracking the sprinkle and thunderstorms in the sierra
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with mike in the morning. >> thanks. >> divers off the california coast have a close encounter with a pair of very large whales. >> 2 men were floating around preparing for the next dive when the humpback whale shot out of the water just practically underneath the divers. happened about 2 miles out from moro bay during a charter dive on saturday. >> now one diver said he noticed the sardine were going crazy around him and well that should have been a sign that something was up. that's when the males emerged. he believes that the whales missed him on purpose. he's fortunate they d.otherwise big trouble. >> no kidding. it's phone how whales do seem to do that though. get close but not too close. >> human are like asaro deen for a while. >> i'm carolyn thanks for joining us tonight. >> i'm larry. for all of us here at abc 7. tl thanks for here at abc 7. tl thanks for watching. have a good night
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kevin bacon, from "the bridge," diane kruger and music from the bacon brothers with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. i'm jimmy. i'm host of the show. thank you for watching.


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