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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 23, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> good morning at 5:00 a.m. >> the breaking news is if san jose where police are converged on a home where a baby has died under puzzling circumstances. matt keller is on the scene. >> the san jose police department have confirmed a seven-month-old baby boy was found dead at this condo complex. you can see a patrol car is here and a few officers. the homicide unit is here investigating the case. according to the child theft protocol, the 9-1-1 call came in at 1:00 o'clock a.m. and police responded to makati circle in
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south san jose. the cause of debt is not known and is under investigation. no arrests have been made in connection with the case. police say it is too early to know if foul play is involved in this case or if this was just a tragic death. >> now a check on the wet forecast. mike? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd and, good morning, everyone, our best chance of rain making it down to the ground and you can see to the east of 17 along 85, wedgewood avenue, and moore ahead in that area, headed to the east of the park that is where we are seeing the best chance of wet weather reaching the ground. we have another section coming out near piedmont in the north toward milpitas on 680 traveling across 880 and 101 and 237 headed to the west and northwest. here is a look at what is happening from our east bay hills camera, you can see the lack low clouds this morning,
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mid-to-upper level clouds bringing us sprinkles and the possibility of a shower. eastbound areas are warmest at mid-80's to 90 and around the bay we have 70 to 82 degrees and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. it will be partly sunny and humid everywhere with a chance of shower possible. the morning commute, laying leg? >> good morning, everyone. at 5:02 we are taking it to the maze where we had the construction project that lats until 7:00 a.m. and the eastbound 80 transition to eastbound 580 that is going to be shut down and that is because of road work out there and we are seeing a few cars in the when direction to the bay bridge toll plaza. as we look at the richmond san rafael bridge fill take six minutes in the westbound direction and the san mateo is 13 minutes from hayward to foster city along the dumbarton bridge in the westbound direction 11 minutes. on the golden gate bridge, from sausalito to san francisco that is 12 minute commute and we had construction crews picking up
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cones in the northbound direction so very foggy conditions so be careful and slow down the speed. >> so, that is in a name? among royal watchers everything, now that the duke and duchess of cambridge have new titles, mom and dad. they wait for the name of the baby. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the newsroom. katie? >> when will we see the baby? that is a big question. supposedly today but we are hearing from will and kate, the duke and duchess this morning. we have been keeping a look at the hospital where the baby is expected to make his first appearance but no changes there yet this morning. we will get to the statement. this came in from will and kate "we would like to thank the staff at the lindo wing and the hospital if the tremendous care the three of us have had received." they go on to thank other patients and their visitors at the hospital for their patience
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during this. at the palace, the spokesman is saying, that mother, son, and father are all doing well. the bundle of joy was born yesterday afternoon weighing eight pounds and six ounces and in london, people have been celebrating popping champagne cork and in the bay area celebrations, as well. >> some are calling in and giving congratulations and sending e-mails with congratulations. >> waiting to see the baby, and, also, waiting on the name. people have plenty of guesses. about 50,000 bets were placed before kate gave birth, most of the money on george or james. two guards, standing gar, all morning, as we wait the moment where will and kate and the baby make their way out and introduce
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the baby. in addition to a royal gun salute bells are expected to ring at the westminster and st. paul for three hours this morning starting in one hour. >> the threat of a bart strike in telephone days is looming large again this morning, after new indications from both sides that contract talks are not going well. abc7 news reporter is at the berkeley bart station. >> two weeks to go and the two sides are bickering, kristen, the unions are being you have critical of bart and bart leader negotiators saying that he is not going to be available for ten of the next 14 days. bart says that he has commitments for four of those days and the rest of the negotiating team will be available so arguing is still going on but the union is saying
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they think that bart head negotiator is more interested in promoting a strike. ama anyonelation, deaccept, stalled tactics not resolving problems, surface bargaining intended not to move the bargaining forward. >> we do not want to bust the unions we are going through the normal process of union negotiation and bart. >> will we see this on monday august 5th in commuters dealt with this for four days and told stories of commutes that took several hours. the strike was called off after four days and the contract was extended for 30 days but know we are down to two weeks to go and bart general manager thinks two weeks is still plenty of time to reach a deal. reporting in berkeley for abc7 news. >> the bicyclist who fatally hit
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an elderly pedestrian in san francisco has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but the 37-year-old will not serve time in jail under an agreement and has been sentenced to 1,000 hours of community service. the prosecution says that he act the recklessly when he ran a red light and ran into a 71-year-old woman in the castro district in march. >> from the bay area to new jersey, expect to see more highway patrol officers on interstate 80 starting tomorrow. our media partner reports that the crackdown is part of a nation-wide effort to prevent fatal accidents on the stretch of 80, the main east help west route. the c.h.p. says officers will focus on drivers who are going too fast, not wearing seatbelts and anyone who has been drinking >> 24 county clerks are telling the california supreme court they believe they should continue giving marriage
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licenses to same-sex marriage couples with the clerk filing with the san francisco court was in response to two lawsuits filed in the past few days by opponents of same-sex marriage asking the court to grant a hearing on a claim that the voter approved ban on same-sex marriage should be valid despite the supreme court decision. the state attorney general says opponents have not offered arguments that could deny same-sex marriage couples their civil rights. >> now, what is going on weather-wise? mike? >> we are tracking the yellow radar runs, the better chance of showers down in the south bay or sprinkles there in sunnyvale, headed away from the twin creeks sports complex if you are familiar with that area and moving away from great america and where the new stadium is going in, so, it is around 101 and 237 as you head over to the 85 so be careful. we may have a little bit in the
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way of a light shower moving to mountain view. you can see the scattered sprinkles up and down the spine of the peninsula there stretching across the san mateo bridge to hayward and, also, over sfo and sprinkle of return showing from san francisco and a few headed across you can see 580 from live more and that would be headed to pleasanton to dublin and castro valley. those are the areas that are hotspots for the possibility of some of the showers we talked about year. from our exploritorium camera there is no marine layer just sprinkles and mainly clouds. it is mile. and a bit muggy, humid at 12:00, 62 to 76 is the spread and 62 to 84 by 4:00 and we will drop down to 62 do 78 with the lat chance of a shower. leyla gulen? >> we still have a sig-alert in the north bay as we travel through american canyon and you find this, the closure is the
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ramps northbound highway 29 to westbound 37 and that is due to an accident involving a truck carrying gravel and another vehicle and it is going to take some time to clean up the gravel so it could be shut down for another hour. we are seeing areas with green or blue indicating sprinkles or light drizzle and the altamont pass you can see the blue there as you make it out of the pass from tracy into dublin we are seeing slower speeds and 36 miles per hour so bumper to bumper traffic westbound direction but mass transit is running on time all looking good. outside, the camera is the oakland maze and you can see traffic is running well over to 580. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> something designed for kids is not going to be at taco bell.
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>> president obama hopes to promote the health care reform with major star
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, an aerial view above london and buckingham palace where we are waiting for
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the gun salute honoring the birth of the young prince. we are waiting for the royal couple to name the baby is find out what it looks like. >> leave is looking for star power for the health care act including jennifer hudson and a comic actress speaking with several celebrities yesterday to help spread the word about health insurance. the white house says that the president said they would reach young americans vital to the success of the program. insurers want healthy customers to offset the cost of older consumers. >> the house of representatives will consider legislation to cut off funds for the information's surveillance program and impose limits on the praises voting yesterday to allow the amendments, one to bar theness from collecting telephone records until the individual is the subject of an investigation. another would prohibit funds to
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the n.s.a. to target a united states individual or acquire and store the contents of that person's communications. >> a snapshot of how american students are financing their college education. a report from sallie mae says parents are picking up less of the college costs. last year, for the average family, grants covered 30 percent of the college tab and parents' income and savings covered 27 percent and student borrowing was 18 percent. the report also fines that parents and students often make decisions on school and majors based on the price tag. >> a big change is coming to taco bell. here is jane wing with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, taco bell is phasing out kids' meals and toys at the restaurants in the united states. "usa today" says they are going for a more edgy brand to be more appealing for millennials. kids meals are popular and the industry sells more than a
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billion a year in the united states. vitamin b and 7up will not be added with the word "antioxidant" part of a settlement brought by the consumer groups. house successful you are could depend on where you live. according to a new study "new york times" says regions with a large spread out middle class better than average schools and lots of two-parent households and populations with religious and community organizations have more upwardly mobile people. that is the bloomberg business report. >> who is next is the question being asked after milwaukee brewers outfielder accepted a 65-game suspense of a drug policy and will be out for the rest of the season without pay and he was the league's most
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valuable player and is the start of sanctions involving players tied to a clinic accused of distributing performance-enhancing drugs. oakland a's pitcher is among the players involved. >> and it costs him $4 million. >> the 49ers have started to try to get back to the super bowl with rookies and veterans preparing for the season. were haves report tomorrow with kaepernick getting a good work out yesterday. three has been working hard but he is getting the attention off the field posing for espn body issue and wore a miami dolphins hat and the coach doesn't understand it. >> i know cap and his allegiance is with us. the 49ers will play the first
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season game playing the broncos. >> and 18 innings in action and you hope there are not thundershowers. >> it will be fine. the best chance of wet weather is headed through the day with a small chance of a double header and what is special? >> the second game is considered away game because of the make medium from fourth of july chance -- cancellation. >> only the second time it has were whatted. live doppler 7 hd shows we have a cell pulling away from tracy through the pass and the boulevard in livermore has a few sprinkles and, also, you can see right there, the latest update is headed over to the eastern section of danville and san ramon so, watch out, you could
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get a sprinkle there. and here is hayward and some of the wet weather that is hanging around right now down toward 92, so, headed across the san mateo bridge could you have a few sprinkles. pulling away fromyou can see the latest update headed to pacifica, you could have a sprinkle, also. that is what we are dealing with right now. as far as the bigger picture, you can see how this is moving from east to west with the big storms in the mountains. we have the best chance of showers this morning but then isolated in the afternoon. we have flash flood warnings so in the high country today want out if that. we have winds around the bay this afternoon from noon until 9:00 and small craft advisory for the bay water and the delta commune. now, what else is going to happen as we look at our camera, the embarcadero has radar return but it looks fairly dry in our
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part of san francisco and partly sunny and humid and isolated sprinkle to shower, and brighter and warmer starting wednesday. temperatures today are remain warmest in the east bay valley where we we will have the mid-to-upper 80's and the bay is in the 70's to low 80's in the north bay and the south bay and the coast is going to be mild in the mid-60's and tomorrow the humidity starts to move away and clearing trend takes place and temperatures are going to become more seasonal without the humidity, low 90's around our inland neighborhood and mid-80's, mid-70's to, says low 80's around the bay and low to mid-60's at the coast. be careful, with scattered sprinkles. leyla gulen? >> sprinkles are mixed with the oil collecting on the roads causing slick conditions. on the peninsula, we have green which is indicating where the sprinkles could affect your drive. northbound 280 from county line to highway 84 one lane is closed until 8:00 a.m. for guardrail repair and as we take you to san
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jose, it looks like 101 to 80 and 85, and everything is running at top speeds and if you cannot see too well, this is what it looks likes without the sprinkles, the traffic is green on the roads, and a couple of spots of yellow indicating volume is building and as we look at the drive time traffic, this is now turning yellow, 580 from tracy to dublin, 37 minutes over the altamont pass and highway 4, still in good shape at 20 minutes from antioch to concord, 101 from san rafael to san francisco, that is 15 minute commute and outside we go, this is the window of opportunity right now coming into the bay bridge toll plaza a few cars are loaded up at the cash-paying lanes. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> the search for a bay area tortoise lost and found and lost again. r. a huge surprise for divers
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed outdoor here are seven things to know. from san jose, police are investigating the death of a seven-month-old baby boy at a condo complex. police say it is too early to tell if foul play is involved but homicide vote gays are on the scene with more on the story from abc7 news reporter in a few minutes. two, with two weeks until another possible bart station there is no reported progress for agreement on a new contract. the two sides met with a state mediator individually yesterday but are not meeting with each other and each side is accusing the other side not focusing on the issues.
5:25 am
>> three, from outside the palace, right now, of course, all eyes are on the doors of the hospital where the new royal family could be emerging but here at the palace, celebrations and the 41 rounds will be fired in celebration with the duke and duchess the proud parents of a baby bay who could be king. >> plane crash killed a local parent, a couple were returning home to happy 234th birthday, america when they crashed after take off, his wife survived and is recovering at a reno hospital. five, the last closed we runway at la guardia is open after an accident involving a southwest airlines jet yesterday with will landing gear collapsing bound in that guardia to nashville with half a dozen going to the hospital and a hundred flights were canceled. >> i am tracking showers with live doppler 7 hd and i will
5:26 am
tell you how long they will last in the forecast. >> and showers and oil on the roads do not mix, they want do slow down and this is the san mateo bridge, the drive coming from hayward to foster city is getting heavier right now and so far, so good, we are not hearing about accidents but well have the detail on the commute this morning coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, leyla gulen. the peninsula has a lost and found tortoise story and then lost again. the tortoise disappeared from his owner's foster city yard this month, someone found pokey and laid him at peninsula humane society but the problem is the person left pokey outside the shelter without a box and i know this because i am a personal friend of owner coincidentally and she said that pokey wondered off again probably in the coyote point area is pokey remains missing and my friend is offering $100 reward if anyone
5:27 am
who can safely return pokey to her to the peninsula humane society. she is has him for 18 years and is devastated. >> dives off the california coast had a close encounter with whales. they were waiting for the next dive when the humpbacks shot out of the water, nearly underneath two miles out from the bay during a chartered dive on saturday and a diver noticed sardines going crazy and the whales appeared and he believed the whales missed him on purpose. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 5:30 with the top story. >> that includes the bicycling party that turned into a crime scene and the evidence the police are using to' the case. >> a man dies after a hit-and-run crash in berkeley
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> on this tuesday morning thanks for joining us. >> breaking news from 4:30, right new bliss are vetting the mysterious debt of a baby in the south bay. abc7 news reporter matt keller is in san jose with the latest. matt? >> police are here investigating if the case or foul play was involved in the death of a seven -month-old boy. the homicide unit is have thing the case. the 9-1-1 call came in before 1:15 and police responded to makati circle in south san jose and found the baby boy nonresponsive. they say the cause of death is not known and remains under investigation. we have been told that no arrests have been made.
5:31 am
>> matt, thank you. >> we have been talking about the conditions of the roads because there is moisture out there and mike will tell us where it is. leyla gulen will tell us the effect. >> first, cupertino headed to the east is moving up, the radar return is move into the hills and moving away from 280 but this could be moisture there. stanford to palo alto, you can see that is another area where we could be seeing a few sprinkles, and, also, from santa clara back to milpitas, 880 and 680 we dealing with a if you sprinkles. leyla gulen? >> as we take you back to the in the bay and to american canyon we have a transition still blocked off a sig-alert is around if another hour, northbound highway 29, the transition to westbound 37 is closed and that is due to an accident involving a gravel truck and over the altamont pass, construction out there blocking lanes will be there
5:32 am
until 9:00 a.m. eastbound 580 but it looks like the westbound commute is loaded up. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> the world is waiting for the first loom at the future monarch , the duke and duchess are now a mom and dad after the baby boy was born. now to london with more on the celebrations and the future king. >> good morning, eric, that is right, the champagne corks are still popping in london with lots of joy and anticipation, we are expecting the duke and duchess of cambridge to leave the hospital at earliest this evening, which is when we could catch our first look of the royal h." ir. the tabloids are all trumpeting the arrival future king with the son which, today, has been renamed "the son" and the celebrations continue all day.
5:33 am
>> welcome. >> the news the country and the world was waiting for, the royal baby has arrived and it's a boy. this morning, the world waits for the first look of the future king, a healthy baby boy weighing in at eight pounds and six ounces. at celebrations at buckingham palace the world was announced at famous fountains running blue as did niagara falls. >> so excited. we have been celebrating all evening. we have been out for champagne. >> the baby announcement was posted on outside buckingham palace, but if keeping with the times, a statement was released to the press by e-mail. >> it is a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who have a brand new baby born. >> prince william what his wife and release adds statement
5:34 am
saying, we cannot be happier. he will now is two weeks of pa paternity leave. now the eyes are on the doors of the hospital where the new family could emerge, reenacting the famous scene when william him sex was presented to the world 31 years ago. though are expected to bring their new bundle of joy home to the palace where he will meet his great grandmother, the queen. >> we are also expecting to find out the baby prince's name today, the booksys' loading candidates james and george and many hoping for manage more modern, letter -- alexander is in the mix, my personal favorite. >> that is what you low pressure for, thank you, alex. we will present a special "20/20" to be hosted by barbara
5:35 am
walters tonight at 10:00 right here. >> there are two weeks before another possible birth strike with no progress in an agreements on a new contract. the two sides met with a state mediator but are not meeting with each other. union representatives accuse bart leader negotiate airport of being slow to spend to union proposals and bart is accusing the unions of senator -- not focusing on salaries and pensions. we have more next half hour. >> the f.a.a. is looking to the cause of a small plane crash that killed a man from palo alto, the accident happened around 11 clock yesterday morning, the 67-year-old, a pilot with 20 years expense and his wife, care everyone, were on board and he was killed on impact. his wife was pinned under the plane but survived and is recovering at reno hospital. officials say the couple was
5:36 am
returning to palo alto after spending the weekend in tahoe with family. >> new developments in the rough landing of a southwest airlines jet at la guardia. officials have now re-opened the last closed runway at the airport. new video surfaced of the accident and you can see the sparks flying off the 737 weapon the -- when the landing gear come landed with 150 people on flight from nashville and six taken to the hospital. this morning almost 100 flights have been canceled and the f.a.a. and ntsb are investigating. >> investigators are looking into the deadly limousine fire on the san mateo have questioned the drivers' estranged wife of phone calls between the two. we first reported in june that air springs in the rear of the limousine ruptured leading to the fire that killed five women but part of the investigation will focuses on the driver, orville brown, and his actions after the fire. his estranged wife says they had
5:37 am
a heated art and were arguing on phone and she claims he was on his phone while the victims were trapped need the limousine. >> i am sure he could is saved them. you know? he was too busy on the phone. and i know he was video taping. >> we contacted brown if a response and he did not comment but his where says that brown is looking forward to the official findings of the investigation. >> police in campbell are searching for the driver who ran into a group of bicyclist injuring one, part of a monthly south bay tradition that attracts up to 5,000 riders. the mercury news reports that the dark colored honda ran into the group near the expressway, and the driver then sped away. a female bicyclist suffered a
5:38 am
fractured skull and parts of mirror broke off in the collision. >> there is a reward for the driver involved in a hit-and-run. crash in berkeley after a man was found on an overpass in july. there are no sidewalk on overpass and it appears that miller was hit by a car. so far, there is no suspect or vehicle description. anyone with information should contacts the berkeley police. >> you probably are wondering who is getting sprinkles. mike? >> in the east bay, livermore you can see to stanley boulevard, not getting down to the canyon and other wineries but you could get a sprinkle. you can see headed to the west to the north of dublin boulevard headed through camps park we have a few sprinkles and we have
5:39 am
one headed to sfo possibly south san francisco and the bayshore and that has been falling apart the last few minutes and right along 116 from sonoma to petaluma this is a better chance of something reaching the ground around napa from petaluma we see a few sprinkles. you can see the storms are moving generally from east to the north of west and the best of them right new are across the south bay and i was just tweeted that it is raining in sunnyvale. sprinkles through 7:00 and light rain and upper 50's to mid-60's. it will be humid at noon with temperatures in the 60's to mid-70's and we will have a chance of a stray shower through the evening hours and 60's around the bay and the coast and upper 70's inland. >> we have an accident that happened this morning and it appears the folks that were involved in this accident fled the scene and left the car
5:40 am
blocking a lane southbound along the nimitz and it looks like the tow trucks are being taken out to remove the vehicle with no delays approaching 98. as you maybe the drive in the northbound direction all is clear as you make it to the maze so not too bad. westbound 580, from tracy, 37 miles per hour is the top speed and all the area with green and blue is indicating the sprinkles or light drizzle affecting the drive and slow things down in the westbound direction, you will be slow into livermore. a 53-minute come mutt from -- commute from tracy to dublin. eric anderic and kristen? >> they studied to get a leg up in college and now they have to do it all over again. >> a message top california democrats are sending to
5:41 am
president obama.
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>> good morning, everyone, this is pictures from london where we
5:44 am
are waiting for the royal gun salute to honor the birth of the duke and duchess of cambridge's new son, yet to be nameed. there will be 10 louts in -- salutes in a couple of places including 62 rounds fired at the tower of london. that is what we are watching right here and the bells will ring at westminster and st. paul's for three hours to honor the birth of the baby. >> back in the bay area, anger at a peninsula high school after students are told they have to retake their advanced placement exams after the scores thrown out. educational testing service invalidated the tests taken at the high school after fine out students were sitting too close
5:45 am
to each other and were alerted by a student who took the test in may. the school says it is common practice. there is no cheating involved but seating irregularities. we have a level of excellence to continue. >> students, parents and the administration have threatened to sue to get the test scores re-instateed. >> student has not started high school but he has earned a perfect score on the s.a.t., the 14-year-old took the s.a.t. in june and nailed it 2400, perfect score which has never been done before and he graduated from the 8 it grade. >> there is always more to do, it is exciting to learn and to accomplish more. >> very good human being and intelligent. i want him to make a difference in the world. >> both his parents are physicians but they say he is in a different league.
5:46 am
he starts high school in a few weeks and has his heart set on harvard or m.i.t. >> his dad says he sees something when time, boom, photographic memory. >> all the schools will be trying to recruit him. >> congratulations, and now our weather forecast which is interesting this morning, to say the least. >> that is a great word, interesting and unusual. showers in july! headed to redwood city away from atherton, and we are seeing it along 84 and, also, better radar return here with yellow and orange, that means it is reaching the ground, away from menlo park and headed to redwood city and it will head off to the coast so watch out, half moon
5:47 am
bay and possibly sprinkles to a light shower. this is falling apart with yellows and oranges from skyline boulevard but there are sprinkles in the higher elevations and that is headed toward the coast. so you may see a little bit of an uptick. everything is quiet at sfo and we do have a light shower to the north headed to candlestick park and we will see if there are flight arrival delays. the big picture, everything is moving from east to north of west with a cell at the south and headed to big sur and those are also headed off of the ocean so our best chance of wide-spread showers is this morning but we have to keep a chance there in the afternoon because the air mass is so juicy and we could spark another shower any time. the best chance is in the high country so there is a flash flood warnings and we will have breezes on the bay shore to the
5:48 am
delta communities from noon to 9:00 and winds from 15- to 25-knots and in this forecast cycle as we look at the camera, partly sunny and humid, and isolates sprinkle and possibly a shower, and brighter and warmer going tomorrow. our temperatures this morning are in the 50's and 60's and as warm as it will be and back in the 50's with more marine layer clouds on thursday, friday, and saturday as a typical summer pattern, with 60's along the coast and mid-70's to low 80's around the bay and where you see the mid-to-upper valleys in the east bay. >> delightful news because with the drizzle and when it hits the ground after it has been raining and you get the mix of oil and water it creates slick conditions and so far we are not seeing any accidents as a result of that but what we have is the congestion building in the usual places and at concord we down do
5:49 am
14 miles per hour, and slow north of ear where we have a patch of blue and green indicating where the sprinkles and light drizzle could affect your commute. as we take you to highway 24 leaving walnut creek to lafayette the top speeds are the normal, and from santa rosa to san francisco is 15 minutes. highway 17 from highway 1 to los gatos is 25 minutes and outside we go and at the bay bridge, it is looking busy, indeed, with all the cars in the cash-pay lanes but with fast track you are moving loan pretty well. drive smart, at and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. be smart. enter now.
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>> 5:49. california democratic party is clearly on record in asking the obama administration to leave the state's marijuana dispensaries alone with the executive board approves several resolutions over weekend. one asks the concept to stop raiding and interfering in pot clips with states with medical marijuana laws, including california and colorado as they enact legalization laws. >> the royal baby coverage conditions as the world awaits the first glimpse of the baby born to the duke and duchess. this is a picture from london near the famous london bridge where there is a lot of artillery salute going on. we will wait if the rounds to be fired from the tower of long --
5:51 am
london. >> they could be ready now.
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>> we have live doppler 7 hd showing the best radar return right there with the latest update at alameda and edgewood in redwood city. we have a double head are today, a makeup at at&t park at 4:00, with partly sunny and 68 at 10:00 with springers possibles and the best radar returns are around central and northern california and as we head in the afternoon, watch out for the thunderstorms they will be greatest around yosemite at 95 and tahoe at 83 and 92 at sacramento and 76 to los angeles >> our maps show sprinkles and drizzle that mike has been telling us about are evidence on my map and most is covered in green or areas shaded in blue so that is an indication of where the wet condition could possibly be affecting the commute. my facebook friend out there tells me that mountain view is
5:55 am
seeing slick and wet conditions on the roads and as you can see in all of san jose we have this big patch of green out there through milpitas and am -- alum rock indicating sprinkles. be careful when we have not seen rain for some time. our traffic, caltrain and muni and bart on time. >> a search-and-rescue team is called hero after stranding a stranded hiker. the members are all volunteers were in yosemite training for a mountain rescue. hikers toll them a man fell and was clinging to a rock over a fall 300' plus up and they secure him to lines until the rangers arrived and pulled the man to safety and carried him down the mountain. according to the volunteers he
5:56 am
suffered a possible broken eye socket and thigh and hyperthermia but he will survive. >> there will be incentives to corner stores to sell healthy foods where mark oats offer processed food, tobacco and alcohol rather than healthy options. there will be free help and priority consideration for businesses that agree to devote at least 35 percent of the space to produce, whole grains, lean protein and dairy and devote less than 20 percent to alcohol and tobacco products. >> whens have been allowing us to compare airline tick prices if years and others have compared car prices and now they doing the same with items from the grocery store, comparing prices from eight leading stores and ships them to color door in a week. for online shoppers, it is a great way to price shop but you may be able to find better deals or closeout buys at the local
5:57 am
store, obviously nonperishables only. >> next at 6:00, averting another bart tricycle and where negotiations stand two weeks before the deadline. but, first, breaking news from the south bay a baby is found dead and we have what police are telling us about their investigation. >> later, the best places to get deals open eyeglasses. >> right now, we have a
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news coming from san jose. police launched an investigation into the death of a seven-month-old baby. owe reporter has the details. matt? >> you can see officers are on the scene five hours after the 9-1-1 call was made. homicide is investigating the case according to the child debt
6:00 am
protocol with police responding to south san jose after the emergency call was made before 1:15 and found the baby boy nonresponsive. no arrests have been made in connection with the case. we say the cause of death is not known and remains under investigation. they say it is too early to tell if foul play was involved or if this is just a tragic death. >> it is time for a look at the weather forecast. mike? >> a picture of the south bay up the peninsula from around redwood city and east palo alto to sunny valley and mountain view across 237, you can see around alum rock and fremont to the sunol grade we have radar returns and sprinkles and moving away from 101 through the coastal hills to bodega bay a few sprinkles and we are seeing the vineyards in livermore getting a few


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