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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 23, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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i have to tell you, this has been the most anticipation i have seen in the past weeks all eyes on the door and everyone knows this is about to happen with a five minute warning and we are talking about any minute now. we know a microphone is set up and we hope that prince william may come up and speak to the microphone. they tested the microphone. there was a helicopter. we hear they called east helicopter because it was interfering with the microphone. all signs we hope we hear directlily from the newest royal family, a three-some.
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we hope they walk down the steps like princess die -- di and prince charles with the everyone waiting and everyone gasped and screamed because they thought it was the royal family. we do have hospital workers who are lining either side. prince william and she have given thank for the tremendous care and help over the past 37 hours they have been inside and they have released two statements saying that. so, all eyes on that door. and we should mention, it is a lovely scene, hospital workers are lining a sky bridge overlooking where we will see the royal family come out and i see the hospital above me and all the ones are open. every person who was in the hospital had their head sticking out of the window with cameras ready and we have the streets
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lined as far as you can see with well wishers hoping for the first look of the brand new baby and we want to know if we will hear a name. we hope that the prince will have something to say about his new baby boy. >> not to question the staff at st. mary's but a bad time to need a nurse. >> no to the destination, the palace, id that they are staying in a cottage while the renovations are being made and someone is probably thinking of the nursery, right? >> well, you are absolutely right, bill. they are going to make their way here, william and kate and baby cambridge but when they are london that is where they normally stay. they will eventually move into what is called apartment 1 (a)
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that is being renovated right now according to the royal accounts. they have spent $1.5 million preparing the work as well as installing new heating and electricity and that work will be finished in the fall so that is most likely when they will be moving in, but the palace is quite significant, particularly for william because, of course, you will recall it is here that both william and harry spend time with their mother. they have a lot of good, fond, memories, living here at kensington. of course, all eyes are on the doors of st. mary's hospital and still at the palace. >> i could not help but think back to over two years ago when most of the world was supplying at the newlyweds leaving the abbey in that dashing vehicle
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and the first heir of welcome the conqueror to go home with a car seat. we went back and checked we, princess di held the boys on the escorted drives home and it is passing for a father letting go the sports car and something a little more sensible. patrick was princess dia's chief of staff for eight years and for a country that knows more of the royals from the house of disney than the house of windsor, why should we care about had moment? help us understand what brains are -- brains are feeling. >> it is not a royal command. i make that point. it has caught the public imagination. it produces an extraordinary surge of affection for the monarchy. what we are seeing is two things: obviously, the personal
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level, the beautiful new family moving from intense privacy of the delivery suite to the cottage which is a beautiful cute little english cottage the front door of which william can see apartment 8 and 9 where he and harry grew up so it is familiar childhood territory. that contrasts with the street when they get out. the scene is of hundreds of photographers and thousands of cheering wellishers, an intimidating sight which is why it is important constitutionally, this is the her readity proving it can reproduce itself as if in american terms the found fathers came down the steps with a new issue of the constitution saying "here you are." >> i know the family had a few words as they left their first meeting with their grandchild. >> that is right, carol and michael came in a taxi and she
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told reporters that he was absolutely beautiful and that they were both doing so well. someone shouted out, would you suggest a name and she said, absolutely not and said the parents are fabulous and they asked about the first cuddle with her grandson and she said it was amazing and coming back do me can charles was asked about baby, and he said, you wait, you will see in a minute so everyone knew it would be true we would get that first look of the family because early today we were not sure if we could get an appearance. now it seems like that is absolutely happening, in fact, we should mention we saw the range rovers pull up because that means that they are coming out. also of note, it may sound silly, but what kate is wearing will be a very big deal. you remember when you looked at the pictures of princess di came
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out, people looked at her hair, dress, and, maybe, perhaps, what the baby is wearing but it will probably be swaddled in a blanket. speaking of all these of fromers, i have my iphone because i am close to where i think william and kate and baby cambridge will come out and i excited about my own personal photo as are all of the thousands of people who are waiting in great anticipation if them to walk out for the very first time. >> i was listening to my wife explain to our nine-year-old daughter yesterday the moment when she came out with william and what it meant and she remembers so this is a touch stone in history. you mention the baby to be named later or perhaps they have choicen the name but it took a week before we learned william's name. if you believe the betting parlors, george is the 2-1 favorite and james is 4-1. i had diana as a sentimental favorite as probably many did, but i asked patrick, what about
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spencer as a boy, and her being from the spencer family as a sentimental choice and he said that is problematic. >> it is unlikely but it is a nice idea. spencer was the fine english name. winston churchill is distant relative of the princess and now of baby came bridge. >> you can bet on the first world, "papa" is 7-4 favorite and "mama" 2-1 but i will take a shot at "bloody reporters," as the first word from the infant. i wondered, you were telling a remain whatting story of the first time william understood the gravity of his d.n.a. and it was -- how old was he? >> he was nine or ten, and he was in wails in the center of the city, in wales.
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here we go. >> hold that story. here is the moment i think we have been waiting for. the hospital staff is getting close position. >> it was the first time he had to work a rope line. he took his cue from his mom and he did it like a pro and, of course, the most important thing was, he remembered, because his mother said it is only a few seconds from his life but for someone else it is decades of special memory so he inherited both parents' skill to make a connection straight-away. >> there they are. there they are. the newest, happy family. kate holding the little boy with
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the proud toddler next to her. i can imagine all the women, i am thinking of my wife at 26 hours after giving birth, having to walk out as the wobbled watched. she looked radiant and happy. what is it like, amy? >> my gosh, it is unbelievable. just to be that close and so happy and so radiant and there you see handing baby came ridge and the thrills going around. what a lovely family they are going to speak it looks like. the duke and duchess of cambridge.
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[ inaudible ] >> he is a big boy. he is quite heavy. we are working on a name and we will let you know. it is the first time we have seen him, really, a proper chance to catch up. it is very emotional. >> any parent knows what this feeling is. >> very special. very special. [ inaudible ] >> i know how long you have been sitting out here so hopefully you can get back to norm hal and we can look after him. everyone is good thankfully.
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[ inaudible ] >> we will wait-and-see. we will wait and see. we have done that already. [ inaudible ] thank you. thank you. thank you. >> so we learn that the little boy has a good set of lungs according to prince william and he has changed his first nap by, a coming of age moment for every man and to head back inside to get the car seat before getting into the rovers and heading home to the palace. just did put this moment in perspective how about then and now. 31 years apart, william as the little swaddled infant being handed from child to diana and the circle of life, a generation
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later, as the king for the 22nd century comes into the world for the first time. we will return you now to your regular programming, we are always working for you at and there will an full wrap up on world news and a special 20/20, the royal heir baby to the thrown at 10:00 p.m. this is from new york, have a great day. >> this has been an abc special report. >> this has been a special report. >> we cannot get enough of this. do we still have the live picture? can we go back to london outside st. mary's? there it is. there was so much excitement. we saw prince william and kate middleton with baby cambridge. he has a sense of humor, the prince, saying as for hair the baby has way more than me, thank god and he has her looks, thankfully, saying the right
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things and we have again back through the door to the lindo wing to get ready for "home," meaning kensington palace. they will get in a vehicle and what is interesting for the first time a royal baby will go home in a baby car seat. that has never been done before. with both william and his where, harry, she hand carried them back home. >> i believe i heard the prince say he changed his first nappy so he is training himself correctly. modern young dad and they will take this young child home, the once and future king to a private residence being fixed up right now and her mom, her "mum" will help her. >> another big question, unanswered, you her the prince say we don't have a name decided yet is it could be a few more days and the world awaits so obviously, a lot names are being offered, george, james, alexander is talked about as well, so for that, we have to
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wait but now we have the first look of the royal baby the >> it is all very exciting and we have been tweeting as we have been watching so you will see our pictures of the first sighting of the baby cambridge and we remind you that we have a special tonight on 20/20, the royal baby heir to the throne and barbara walters will have all the details and at look at baby came bridge's inheritance and the privileged children who will be his playmates tonight at 10:00, right here on abc7. i believe it took a week for them to name prince william. >> that is right. sometimes up to ten days for some of the royals. it could be a while. what is interesting, you noticed both will and kate holding the baby for a good amount of time and i believe when prince charles and diana came out, prince charles did most of the holding especially at first and then gave the baby to her but this is a modern royal company and they will do things differently. they will obviously still have
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staff but they will be more hands on than will's parents with him and harry. you heard him asking for privacy saying, hopefully now you guys can continue with your normal tasks and the family obviously is going to want privacy in the days and weeks ahead. >> and katie marzullo has been monitoring every frame of this. katie, what do you have? >> it has been so much fun to watch and waiting, waiting, waiting, and then of course we got to see the baby. now, in front of the hospital, quickly, you can see prince william rushing his little baby in the car seal that kristen mentioned. that is a first in that s.u.v. and home to kensington palace. it has been a day sin the baby was born and not even a day, born at, well, their time, yes, more than a day, a day and a couple of hours now that it is after 6:00 in the evening in long continue. so, that little baby in the car seat off to go home the whole
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world waiting and watching for this exact moment. of course, now the last outstanding question is the name of the baby. there is a lot of money going around, a lot of money on james and judge but let's go back in the last few minutes what is happening, the duke and duchess coming out of the hospital, he in a blue dress shirt and she in blue polka dots and their bundle of joy. you will see the little baby's hand out of the blanket, giving a royal wave for the debut for the public this morning. and kate will hand the baby off to william and william did give a few statements and talk with reporters describing the baby, the baby's looks, and, also, the fact he has change his first diaper, nap by -- nappy, they call them in the u.k. here is what he said about his
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baby. we are still working to get this audio but i want him to say it if his own words as they hand off the baby and walk closer to the media that has been waiting for days. all eyes, all cameras, trained on the doors. other people have been tricking us all morning but he alluded to the fact that the baby kept everyone waiting and he will have to be more punctual in the future but kate could not look better in this reporter's opinion and the baby seems to be doing very, very well, so, the moment we have all been waiting for has come and gone quickly as these things typically happen and william said as for the name, they have not come up with one yet. back to you. >> speaking of good looks, her dress, you know people are tug about it, it is a blue polka dot dress and everyone is tweeting
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the dress will sell out in a few seconds. >> she looked beautiful. we will
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>> we have been waiting and watching, the lindo wing, at the hospital, waiting for the first look at baby cambridge and prince william and kate middle ton looking absolutely thrilled and enjoying their time with their newborn one day old baby. >> it is still a circus and being treated like a big party. mike nicco, any news? >> i am watching live doppler 7 hd she it is dry.
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you can see the storm developing over there with the prevailing wind that could back toward us and they will fall apart and will not have thunder but a few sprinkles are possible headed throughout the afternoon and into the evening. it will be partly sunny today and humid with the chance of showers lingering, and brighter and warmer tomorrow. here is the seven-day forecast, pretty seasonal, wednesday all the way through sunday. >> mike, thank you so much. coming up later today on abc7 news at 4:00 a preparal to give city parks opening and closing hours and at 5:00, getting a new pair of glasses can be costly and michael finney tells you how to shop on prescription glasses for the best prices. >> look, again, at the newest royal emerging from the hospital, the images we have all been waiting to see. >> on our website at use we are still showing a feed of abc coverage of what happened
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and tonight here on abc we will have a special "20/20" the royal baby heir to the thrown, and there he is, all 8 pounds and 6 ounces. we will even look at his inheritance, about $1 billion worth which is kit a lot, not even counting the crown jewels and all the possessions in the royal fell. is, a lost privilege but also a lot responsibility so it is not going to be an easy upbringing but kate and will seem to be the kind of modern parents up to the task. >> there will be a lot of support. what was so quiet was the baby waived to everyone or appeared to wave. a good first start. that will do it forc music]
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