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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a reminder i'm older. >> just one day old, britain's new heir met the world today. you can see his tiny hands appeared to wave at the people. reporters and tourists have been eagerly awaiting a peek at baby cambridge and his parents. >> the baby still doesn't have a name. prince william says he's changed his first diaper, not
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just leaving that to staff, good job, dad. >> good afternoon, everybody, today's appearance outside of the hospital is very similar to an event three decades ago when princess diana and prince charles carried newborn william from the hospital. the one day old's first moment outside of the hospital will be replayed forever. >> good pair of lungs on him, that is for sure, he's a big boy, quite heavy we're still working on a name. first time we've seen him so with a proper chance, we can catch up. >> the couple beaming and radiant. in the blanket he clutched fingers together. who does he look like? >> like her, thankfully. >> no. no. >> then, baby in the back seat,
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dad behind the wheel, off into the sunset. >> let me see your son. >> what a difference the generation makes. 31 years ago, charles and diana introduced the world to william. they linger briefly into a chauffeur driven car. the interaction lasted a minute. but today the house of winsor is stronger than ever, and now, great britain has three kings in waiting. today, they celebrated with gun salutes and hours of bells. now, the happy couple can begin their lives as parents. >> i think any parents sort of knows what this feeling feels like. >> now, they head home to kensington palace, their apartment, more than 20 rooms. not too bad for the little boy who will be king of the 21 century. >> gamblers betting on
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everything under the sun. popular bets include the baby's name, future career, even when he'll start talking. >> interesting mark is the baby's first word. you can get d.a. or mama but your majesty might be worth a pound. >> online betting agency patty pou jer taking bets on where the kristinning will take place and when a royal sibling might come along. >> this guy is a riot. this indicated an official royal baby birth yesterday. not the case, tony appleton says he wasn't invited, he just crashed the party. the 76-year-old says he hopped out of a cab and allowed to make the announcement outside of the hospital. he said he made similar cries
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at 2012 olympics and to announce the royal wedding. >> he knew what he was doing. >> tonight a special edition of 2020. royal baby, heir to the throne. barbara walters will have details including a look at his inheritance and the privileged children that will be his play mates. >> now to news in the bay area, san francisco district attorney george gascone announced bicyclist who struck and killed a 71-year-old man last year agreed to plead guilty to felony vehicular man slaught year gascone says it's the first conviction of its kind in the country. vic lee has the story. >> i believe justice has been served. >> the district attorney said it was the right outcome. ' agreed to plead guilty.
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the two were in the crosswalk at castro and market last year when the bicyclist struck and killed the 71-year-old man. police said security video taken from the twin peaks tavern showed him going at a good clip. buocheri was charged with felony vehicular manslaughter, gascone announced he pleaded guilty in exchange for community skpfs three years probation. the d.a.explained would it have been a tough case if it went to trial. >> we have evidence to file the case the way we did. we understand there are risks involved. >> gascone said there are conflicting witnesses and security video is under conclusion on whether he ran a red light. he says the goal was to send a message to bicyclists. >> likely to understand they're held accountable to anyone else operating any other type of vehicle. >> gascone said the victim's
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family was satisfied with a plea deal. his niece declined our request for an interview and said other family members would not talk, either. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> a former ymca day care worker just left court a short time ago. two more charges of sex crimes were added to the case against him. the 20-year-old is now accused of of molesting four children in his care and child important yog graphy. police say two girls came forward saying he molested them in paradise valley school. some parents say he was a pillar in the community. investigators say there may be more victims. >> we are looking very diligently, asking parents to speak with their children. >> makes me lose faith in people. it's hard to believe. >> ymca says a third are party
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investigator is on site to determine how this could happen. >> police say they do not believe foul play was involved in the death of a baby boy found dead near musto avenue. someone called 911 this morning to report baby not breathing. police say the death appears to be accidental. the coroner will determine how the baby died. >> la guardia international airport is fully operational again. following yesterday's hard landing 10 people were injured when the nose gear collapsed as it hit the runway, then slid before stopping. one passenger had a video camera rolling when the flight touched down. >> worst part is when doors weren't being opened and smoke coming in. you just didn't know how long that is going to take. they wanted to wait for the teams to come and see if there
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was fire, but everybody did a good job. >> frightening and you get a sense of the impact. crews removed the plane from the tarmac this morning. the faa says pilots are now on the -- investigators are now on the scene. >> food trucks coming to san francisco international airport dishing up food once a week to give airport work dwrers and passengers another opening at lunchtime. this week's trucks will be board walk eats, and curry up now which specializes in indian cuisine. sfo will consider expansion in the future. >> turn together forecast, weird weather continue autos yes, it does. spencer christian is back with an accuweather update. >> we have come to think of every day as a sunny day ask today was not one we've had
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lingering low and mid level clouds that are still with us. a couple areas of sprinkles we had light, scatter td sprinkles overnight here as well. here is the view right now looking at western sky which has low clouds in it. it's 63 degrees in san francisco. 74 mountain view. 72 in santa cruz. another live view here at abc 7 looking across embarcadero, it's 82 in novato. 88 in livermore, 83 in los gatos. now looking into the ocean beach area from our mount tam camera, we see low clouds there and some mid level clouds above this, is our first forecast. evening will bring us mostly cloudy skies with mild conditions. tomorrow morning a mix of low clouds and sun. later in the day, we'll see warm conditions from coast to inland under mainly sunny skies. highs from mid-60s to low 90s
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inland. it's going to be a warm week ahead. we'll have deill tas in just a few minute autos thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 paying for college tuition getting harder for families. what students are doij doing bit. plus. >> he's not an easy choice. but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. >> new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner's wife standing by her husband after a new sezting scandal is reported. >> the patrol will target an interstate that claimed a lot of lives in california. >> this is the upper deck here. cash lanes backed up but other lanes, carpool lanes moving just fine as well as fast track lanes. remember, giants are playing a double header this afternoon that is underway. back with mor
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new york city mairl candidate is in full damage control mode again. weiner appeared in a news conference with his wife to admit he did exchange racy photos and text was a woman he met online. the latest corresponds reportedly took place august of last year and lasted six months. >> well smrks of the things posted today are true and some are not. there is no question that what i did was wrong.
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the behavior is behind me. i have apologized to my wife, houma. >> i love him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning we're moving forward. >> weiner says he has no intention of dropping out of the mayor's race. you will recall he resigned from congress after it was revealed he sent lewd photos of himself to several women. >> on to business news, apple third quarter results to russell simmons return to the music business. >> yes. interesting stuff. once mighty apple growth story is slowing. the third quarter earnings just out should showed aneekic sales growth, profits down 22%. that is still just under $7 billion. the company sold 31.2 million iphones in the quarter a 20%
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increase over the year before. cisco making a big move buying source fire for $2.7 billion. the price is up 29% for the monday closing price. just latest acquisition by john chambers as he tries to better position the company to better compete in the mobile age. after nearly a decade of marketing flat screen tvs samsung and lg are hoping that curved oled televisions will be next way to catch up with your favorite shows both companies plan to start selling in the u.s. with samsung sets available store lg will be selling theirs at best buy. the tv cost $15,000 but the makers claim the design could provide a better viewing experience, stocks closing mixed today with the dow rising to its 28th record close. your bloomberg silicon valley index also closing lower today led by a 6% drop in shares of
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afd. russell simmons is giving back into the music business after a decade on the side lines. russell teeming up with universal music and you tube to launch all def music. it's the first label to sign develop and promote artists. he's going to do this using you tube. i'm cory johnson can bloomberg west. back to you. >> thank you. >> a new survey finds parents are pitching in less for children college educations. according to loan giant sally may parents chipped in $5700 on average per year, a 35% decrease since 2010. last year inskpum savings covered just 27% of the bill the biggest portion coming from grants ask scholarship was student loans covering about 18% of the costs. the study found college costs are driving decisions about which schools to attend, and where to live. >> pg&e showed off next generation trucks in san
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francisco today, all electric trucks. the bigger rigs are hybrid. engine uses diesel fuel. no idling the engine during service calls cutting down on noise and pollution. the utility estimates it saved $700,000 from these hybrid trucks in operation. >> spencer christian joins us now. i was looking around thinking it feels like it wants to rain but it doesn't get there. >> yes. >> warm and almost muggy. >> yes. yes. >> it is. >> yes. >> low clouds, mid level clouds. a few isolated sprinkles overnight but no rain. no mer sureable rainfall. we'll get clearing but right now, lingering low clouds and a little bit of moisture there but nothing falling into measurable form here in the bay area. a live view right now from our
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camera looking towards north, northwest. sunny skies and warmer tomorrow, mild to warm for the week and into weekend. here is what's happening in the bigger picture. area of low pressure beginning to move away from the southern california coast now. it's counterclockwise has been pulling out moisture and clouds from this from mexico wrapping around as it pull as way we're going get a southerly flow of drier mild air spreading up to the north from our south. it's going to mean mild weather overnight. notice lingering clouds into early morning hours when clouds start to thin out. overnight with lingering low clouds with fog, low temperatures hovering around 60 or low 60s overnight.
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we'll see mainly sunny skies tomorrow, highs into low 80s but reaching into upper 80s m places like morgan hill. on pin anyone slarks highs ranging from upper 70s to low 80s. 81 in redwood city. on the coast, lingering fog with partly sunny skies and mildz. 65 in the sunset district tomorrow, 70 degrees in downtown san francisco. up in the north bay low to mid-80s into the valleys but up north 90s in yu kia. east bay high temperatures ranging from 75 in oakland to 80s in union city. inland east bay upper 80s to low 90s here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be mild to warm for the remainder of the week, warmest day will be thursday with highs into mid-90s, temperatures tapering off into
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weekend. upper 70s, upper 80s inland so a nice stretch of warm july weather. >> yes. >> thank you. >> up next apparently nudging can stop beyonce from sicking a mishap that occurred at the concert. >> a proposal to set opening and closing hours for san francisco parks. some say this is an attack on park visitors. >> another live look at your afternoon commute this, is 680 in walnut creek. traffic headed northbound stacked up a little bit but starting to move more smoothly now and southbound is free flowing. back more on abc 7 news at 4:00 in ju
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police in southern california looking for thieves who are going to clip the wings of new wave rock band flock of sea gulls. >> inside of the van $70,000 worth of equipment, clothing as well as hard drives containing songs for an album, 18 months of work, gone. >> it's sad to see walk up on a tape and just break the door open, climb in and steal it. >> gives you a sick feeling knowing that equipment that you own and use to play shows and that you've been using for
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some pieces over 20 years, have just disappear ootd band believes someone followed them back from the show in bellflower. they received starred yam in 1982 with their number one hit i ran. >> beyonce had something of an on stage emergency. if you look you can sigh her hair got stuck in the fan behind her. she didn't miss a beat with the security guys trying to grab her hair and pull it out of the fan, tangled up in there. stage hands got her free. she found humor in the situation posting my hair was yanking from the fan that is always hatin. >> what composure, just keeps singing beautifully.
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>> more trouble for actress amanda bynes and the muppets weigh in on the royal baby. >> amanda bynes hospitalized today. the 27-year-old taken into custody after officers say she started a small nir a residential driveway 35 miles north of holly woochld she was found standing next to flames and taken in for a 74 hour mental health hold. it's the latest of a series of erratic behavior for bynes movie fans sifting through web of news from comicon. >> i have a feeling yae. i don't want to speak too soon but i'm excited. really excited about this one. i feel like it started with an
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incredible script. >> news of the new baby boy has everyone buzzing including muppets who took a break from filming the movie in london to congratulate william ask kate. >> congratulations. >> kind of makes me want to have a royal child don't you?. >> no. not really. >> can't you see the pitter patter of tad pole sneet. >> tad poles don't have feet. >> kate is not the only new mommy out there. check out to see which star has a new bundle of joy. >> still ahead a police officer punish forward releasing photos of the boston bombing suspect capture. >> something to do with this maybe or possibly this? not exactly we'll tell you
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about it coming up. >> plus, preparing for disaster bay area agencies gathered to discuss response plans and it's not just a strategy session. >> and later weddings are emotional. this win no exception. how a daughter made one of
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with summer vacation season in full swing chp reminding everyone how to stay safe on highways especially on the east west thorough fare that runs through the bay area. >> we are live at the baybridge toll plaza. heather? >> we're at the very beginning or very end of interstate 80. and from here incoming weeks it will be a law enforcement gauntlet. the road to reno and tahoe,, but more than that. stretching 2900 miles across the u.s. from here to new jersey. chp says a study shows an increase in summer vacation months giving iowa state pat trailer an idea. >> 52% of the fatalities were not wearing seat belts when i
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looked at numbers they decided we can do something about this. and what they did is a crack down beginning tomorrow, focusing on problem that's lead to avoidable fatalities topping the list not wearing seat belts. >> do you wear your seat belt? >> sometimes. >> in california fatalities on 08 breakdown this way. 30% to not wearing a seat belt. 27% alcohol related, 22% speed related and 4% distracted driving. across the country law enforcement are pufting resources into trying to bring down those numbers and safe lives. >> do you focus on where you want to ge. do you know what i mean? you'll check a phone you're cruising but on highway 80 it's tough to do that. it's always busy. >> california has, among highest in seat belt compliance for that reason we've made great progress in
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reducing fatalities. particularly those reet reel yaited to seat belts. a massachusetts state police photographer who leaked unreleased photos of the boston bombing suspect is now on desk duty. he was not authorized to release the photos. murphy says he leaked photos to counter a glamourized image of tsarnaev on the current issue of "rolling stone" magazine. murphy has served a one day suspension. >> emergency responders from around the bay area gathered today to share strategies and prepare to help each other during the next earthquake or another natural disaster. >> first responders came to the conference to learn but also network and police chief told the crowd you don't want to be exchanging cards with
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emergency responders at the emergency the fire chief agreed calling sur her public safety partner she was invited to this conpresence to talk about earthquake preparedness. but of course, she also ended up discussioning her recent emergency. the july 6th plane crash at sfo. >> we're still managing that. men and women of the police department, fire department everyone involved in this at the airport including our mayor who was with us that day did an extraordinary job. >> 135 people registered for the conference and aren't just learning from bay area disasters. a civil leader from louisiana talked about lessons learned from hurricane katrina. he told the crowd his parish didn't go do a good job of
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documenting roads and intrastructure. >> when fema came in and said let us come in with the rack quittes we were. >> and it's not just about natural disasters and accidents. 911 and boston bombing hougt taugt them that they'll be tackling the topic of domestic terrorism. >> this is a good time to remind everybody about prepare nor cal whether it's fire, earthquake or severe weather. we've got tips and information to help you make sure you're ready for a disaster just go to our web site abc 7 and look for prepare nor cal logo. >> federal transportation regulators want to set a safety standard for cars and trucks by requiring them to require new technology. today the national transportation safety board recommended all new vehicles be equipped with sensor that's
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allows them to communicate with each other. computers analyze vehicles and can warn the driver of a phone shall danger ahead sometimes before the driver can even see any other vehicles. >> trayvon martin's father spoke on capitol hill today during first meeting of the congressional caucus on black men and boys. tracy martin was a special gift and -- guest and the topic was ensuring black boys mature into strong men. the caucus created in march led by two democratic congressman. today's meeting less than a week after the president shared his personal remarks on the not guilty verdict in the trial of george zimmerman, the man who shot and killed trayvon martin. >> michelle obama gave the key note address to the largest civil rights organization
4:36 pm
focusing on her theme of healthy eating and said she's not a quote, treat hater and said we should be able to indulge in traditional foods every now and then. briefly mentioning immigration reform battle ask asked the group not to lose heart it's the first time she has spoken about immigration since reelection. >> after a rocky start the run up to the america's cup appears to be getting wind in sails. >> teams from itally and new zealand raced today. mark matthews joins us live from san francisco. >> and today, new zealand going into the third match up with itally. italy's boat had to be towed out this morning. they were late as their rudder got launched in the mud. once started italy still lagged behind.
4:37 pm
knew zealand continued to run away from luna rosa. but the turnout was good for the first weekday race of the series. >> just great to be out here to see the boats. >> fans watched the racing on big screens happy kiwis were ahead. >> for those who don't have a hometown team organizers say krudz have been building. >> great crowds. 40,000 last weekend. >> as fans rushed to the end it was a route new zealand finished seven minutes and 14 seconds ahead. >> a roar from the crowd. you heard the gun. new zealand clearly the favorry. i think this event is winning in its battle to attract an awed dwrons a sail boat race. mark matthews abc 7 news. >> up next show you dramatic rescue of a man from a burning
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vehicle. >> plus a parking job goes terribly wrong how this car ended up swimming at the beach. >> i'm spencer christian it's a dreary looking afternoon. clouds will be leaving us tomorrow with sunny skies along the way. >> i got dreary here. downtown skyway, basically a parking lot in both directions now. stay with us. more still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> hey, everybody want a smart solution fr your commute? right now you can driveway with a brand new smart car. we'll announce the winner friday, august 2. so be smart enter now. enjoy wide traffic alerts tomorrow
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take a look at this, this cab driver survived thanks to quick action of sheriff deputies. the video shows his cab on fire not long after the 49-year-old had a medical problem that caused the crash. deputies pulled out the driver dragged him to safety. you can see here, deputies say he would not have made it had they arrived just seconds later because then you can sigh the cab that went up in flames there. >> yes. he was fortunate there. different car story now.
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a young man decided to drive a car on to beach for a picnic forgot a important thing. good to know when tide is coming in. >> yes. sit. this is how the 19-year-old found the car. he returned to his saturday afternoon at a beach in evening lnld. >> he said he was shocked to see the car underwater and admitted he never bothered to check the tide there. why would you drive on the sand anyway? there has got to be a better parking place in case you're wondering the car was worth around $3,000. he might be able to drive it. >> i doubt it. >> i don't think so. >> that is messed up and not going to work. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. low clouds but no rainfall. tomorrow nationally we'll look at warm conditions across the 48 continuous states.
4:43 pm
showery over the southeast from georgia down to mississippi and alabama into florida. back here in california tomorrow dry conditions highs 102 in fresno tomorrow. palm springs a high of 106 here in the bay area sunny skies and warmer day tomorrow than today. mainly sunny skies from coast to inland mild on the coast tomorrow with highs up to 65 in half moon bay. san francisco, doult a high of 70 degrees. mid to upper 70s to low 08s around the bay. inland low 90s. highs 91 so warming up and sort of remaining in that steady summer like warm pattern throughout the week. nice week ahead. clouds will be getting out of here overnight. >> sounds great. >> still ahead at 4:00 special
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honor for a san francisco giants coach for helping to save live ootz perfect wedding one girl grants her father's dying wish the help of a community. >> i'm michael finney. changes may be coming to mail service soon.
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a san francisco giants coach recognized today for what he does off the baseball field. this morning the coach received a donate life champion award from the transplant donor network. he's been promoting organ donation since his late wife was diagnosed in 1997 receiving two liver transplants. she died in 2003 and she is glad for the traechl time she was able to spend with her kids. >> five extra years were very meaningful to them. to this day it helped out. >> with gardener's help giants will hold their 15th donate life day august 8th. 10,000 people need organ donations here in the bay area. >> people in the sacramento area town are still buzzing over a young woman's gift to her dying father. james wolf had pancreatic cancer and told his daughter his only regret is that he
4:48 pm
won't be around to share big moment as head of n.their lives she decided to stage a wedding though she zrnt a boyfriend or is not engaged just so she can dance with her dad, probably for the last time. >> i won't have missed it. >> raich yale yell managed to pull off the event just 10 day was help from family, friends and strangers that just wanted to wish to come true. >> moving on to consumer news a crack down on credit cards leading to a good problem. >> people are having cards denied when when they're trying to buy something. >> it's called a false decline. if you ever had this happen? >> yes. yes. >> it's embarrass ook frustrating because you can't figure out why. >> you're just standing there in line pe. have the card
4:49 pm
decline whitd should have been accepted this, causes embarrassment and inconvenience and causing banks and payment processors to lose money the bank loses out it fees it depends on. the survey found 27% of the card holders experienced false decline. experts believe the solution they need to move away from magnetic stripes to one with embedded chips. a san diego congressman wants to end door to door mail delivery in the united states. the bill from darrell issa would require everyone to get mail in a curbside box or clusters of boxes in the neighborhoods. ending door step delivery would save the postal service estimated $4.5 million a year. around 35 million residences and businesses get mail clifr
4:50 pm
delivered to door steps. critics say the plan would hurt elderly and disabled 400,000 items are recalled. the baby einstein musical motion activity jumper. they're all over the place. the consumer products safety commission says the sun toy, you can see it there attached to the seat can forcibly rebound causing injury. there have been 100 complaints, 61 injuries including a skull fracture to a 7-month-old and a chipped tooth on an adult. models were sold between may, 2010 and may, 2013. i've got more information you can get to it and find out how to get a refund on abc 7 see it under tv. coming up at 5:00 getting a
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new pair of specs can be costly. we partner up with krort krorts -- consumer reports to shop for the best prices wait until you see what we've come up w pretty cool stuff. >> ghass are expensive. >> oh,man. >> watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. >> a new way tochl peer yens abc any time, anywhere. whether at home or out and about. you can enjoy favorite newscasts and tv shows on your smart phone or computer rif live and on demand. >> this is a special benefit at no additional cost. you'll get the watch abc live stream or you can search to down load the app. >> park hours in san francisco why a plan for city park is drawing criticism from group
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autos i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 a peninsula school district's decision that could save advanced placement students thousands of dollars, sparing them testing grief. and there is a early
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at 8:00 two hours of extreme weight loss. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> san francisco is often setting trends but behind the curve when it comes to having a curfew for city parks. one lawmaker proposed closing hours for all parks in the city. abc 7 news reporter tarot -- carolyn tyler joins us live on one of the parks impacted by this. carolyn? >> that is right. it's where there is a small park or a large one, idea is
4:56 pm
that there are clear closing times, what time does your favorite park close? in san francisco there is no code. just informal curfews. >> today scott weiner troin accused legislation to establish uniform closing hours for parks in the city. midnight to 5:00 a.m. to deal with crimes that occur in the wee hours. >> and we have a huge problem with vandalism and dumping in our parks department. >> after the park opened it was vandalized. just nights ago this bin was recused to splinters there are
4:57 pm
only 24 park personnel. >> if we need to, we can start enforcing just in that time frame may mean shifting schedules around. >> san francisco is the largest city without a set closing time for parks. in los angeles it's 10:30 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. >> i'm not sure if it would be an attack on the homeless as much as they're tired of the trash in the park at night. there are a lot of not decent folk that's just use the place. >> one advocate warns of unintended consequence autos we'll see a displacement of homeless people to downtown streets because we don't have room in shelters and then back in the parks. >> this ichb includes exceptions to travel on sidewalks and streets lieu through the parks any time of day.
4:58 pm
>> there is a new plan to provide free wi-fi at 31 parks plazas across san francisco. the project giving access to the general public. mark farrell and mayor ed lee are spear heading this plan set to announce details tomorrow morning. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> thank you. a popular local child care worker is in trouble with the skplau parents tonight. more young kids come forward with allegations of sex abuse. >> a peninsula school district makes a decision that could save advanced placement students thousands and spare them tons of grief. >> partly to mostly cloudy but changes coming up. i'll be back with details coming up.
4:59 pm
>> it's difficult to lose a friend. >> parents are shocked to learn a ymca child care provider is facing more charges of sexual abuse. >> good evening. more young victims have come forward planning they were molested while attending day care in morgan hill this summer. a 20-year-old accused of molesting children. >> this is a tough day for parents here at ymca day care center. the number of victims going from two up to four with d.a.indicating there could be more. the suspect had two more charges against him, one
5:00 pm
alleges a sex act with a kild in the bathroom. he worked here four summers in a re. the other charge is possession of child pornography. >> charged with using a child, inducing a child to pose for child pornography, basically. >> police say photographs were discovered on a cell phone there is a strict policy two adults are with the child. >> we have two staff at every moment. we don't know thousand could have happened but we're going to find out. >> police identified four victims for a 17-year-old not connected to the ymca. prosecutor say sometimes he would accompany on field trips. ymca hired a private agency to determine whamd. the child care center is one of 108 separate


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