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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 24, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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"world news now" is coming up with overmight breakers and will turn into "good morning america." we hope you have a great night.
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a warning tonight from allah knee do county after a zoo volunteer was bitten by a rabid bat. i'm larry beil. dan ashley is off tonight jie. i'm carolyn johnson. it happened at the oakland zoo. let's get to nick smith with new details tonight. nick? >> reporter: carolyn and larry, good evening. zoo officials warn if you see a sick or injured animal, stay away. officials say a bat that looks like this bit the girl. this is a copy of the notice handed out by alameda county health officials. they say a bat infected bit another girl. it is a message residents are not taking lightly. >> by having a dog who wants to go up and investigate and play or chase away the animal, i just stay away. >> that's exactly what experts want you to do. >> rabies is fatal almost always. >> alameda county health officials issued the warning after learning a team
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volunteer at the oakland zoo was bitten on saturday. this was the mexican free tailed bat and after testing it they found out the bat was infected with rabies forcing them to put the victim on a round of medication immediately. >> if they see the bat looking unusual, don't touch them. call us. >> this is a view over the oakland zoo. the bats like to hang out where there is bugs and insects. this is the third rabid bat in a month. >> if we didn't have them our mosquito population would sore. >> the bats do serve a purpose to the ecosystem. the teen that was bitten made a mistake by touching a sick animal. a no-no for anyone not trained to do so. >> generally it is like most wild animals. the bats will leave you alone if you leave them alone. >> the volunteer is expected to make a full recovery. nick smith, abc news. a new business is coming to san jose, and it is not necessarily being welcomed with open arms.
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it is a gentleman's club, the only one in downtown san jose. the new club is moving into an historic building just blocks from city hall. lisa amin gulezian with the story. >> there is already a line to get into the newest gentleman's club. they are all hoping to work at the gold club once it opens. they applied in person tonight. >> i think this place is a good place to start up as a bar back. >> no one else wanted to talk about the newest business in downtown san jose. >%e gold club is housed in the former home and it is right across the street from picasso's tapas restaurant. >> the neighbors are angry and even outraged over how a club that features the stripper poles on the sign can open here. >> to have it be part of the main drag when you are trying to bring retail makes no
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sense. >> they have a longstanding ban on the businesses. but the gold club is considered an entertainment venue. >> they will be covering the appropriate body parts they have a police permit. >> the police permit lays out all of the policies they must follow involving security, alcohol service and nudity. some don't see what the fuss is about >> if you are spending it outside the city, you may as well spend it he >> they will have a chance to weigh in when the owners apply for a conditional use permit extension this fall. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. the new york say may mayoral candidate is in full control. he appeared at a news conference with his wife this afternoon. he admitted exchanging racy photos and texts with a woman he met on-line. that lasted six months and all
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of this on the heels of the scandal that cost him his congressional seat. >> some of the things that were posted today are true and some are not. there is no question that what i did was wrong. this behavior is behind me and i apologized to my wife. >> i loved him. i have for given him. i believe in him. as we have said from the grinning, we are moving forward. >> wiener said he has no intention of dropping out of the mayor's race. he resigned after it was revealed he sent nude pictures of himself and messages to women. and there will be additional charges in what is an expanding child molestation case. 20-year-old nicholas larmaday is in court accused of molesting four children in his care and possessing child pornography. the police revealed the two girls ages five and seven came forward saying he molested them at the ymca daycare at
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paradise valley elementary school. investigators think there may be more victims. police may charge a driver after a crash sent four people to the hospital. it collided this afternoon and police say a lone driver hit a parked car a few blocks up and then ran a stop sign and slammed into a car carrying three people. all suffered moderate to severe injuries. this show reis spawnedders treating victims. the lone driver could face reckless charging and hit and run charges. she called it a lack of police presence. it was an intelligence failure. george zimmerman was found not guilty of killing trayvon martin and a protest lead to vandalism and assault. while reporting to the oakland city con -- council the chief of police said they planned for the wrong day. it was a scheduled protest on the 14th and not the night of the verdict.
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>> it is anfailure andigence failure and wh a a relatively peaceful rally was a march through the downtown and it quickly resulted in a significant degree of vandalism to businesses. at that point they were not adequately staffed. >> they promised to provide the resources necessary to keep them peaceful. and new details on the bottle rock music festival. they were planning a second run in napa, but they will have to play with a new set of rules. they were told another concert series was planned for next may and it could expand to two weekends. the tickets are already on sale. they owe $106 and several vendors say they haven't been paid either. they are looking into tighter controls including requiring full payment of estimated city costs in advance. video game giant
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electronic arts could pay a former employee $11 million for his part in creating the john madden video game franchise. he claims that ea used his coding and designs in the 1990s after he stopped working for the company. the entire franchise is worth billions. a federal jury decided in his favor and a future trial will determine if he should be compensated for more versio versions of the game. the san mateo union high school district says it will sue to try to get students' advanced placement test scores reinstated. the board that oversees the test throughout the course of 224 students discovered they were sitting too closely during the testing. the students were closely supervised and they are confident there was no cheating going on. the tests when passed give college credit. britain's new prince is at home at kensington palace. the prince's parents left the hospital where kate middleton
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gave birth. he flexed his hand waiving as the family walked out to speak with reporters. the new parents seemed happy and relaxed. they say they are still deciding what to name the boy. >> he has a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he is a big boy. he is quite heavy. we are still working on a name. we will have that as soon as we can. it is the first time we have seen him really so having a proper chance to look at him. >> he jokes his son already has more hair than he does. and after a few minutes they re-entered the hospital to put the baby in a carseat and then they left with william behind the wheel. >> and it did look like a little waive. it was very cute. up next, making the bay area a safer place to live. how two regular guys are trying to use the power of the internet to get guns off the street. >> and attack at a cemetery. a coyote that bit a girl and then tried to drag her away. >> and this passionate plea by
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the young girl speaking here is running away from her own parents. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist and yaw patel. looking at this view this is what the morning will feature. some fog and the temperatures are on the mild side, 50s to mid60s. t your wake up weather
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two bay area friends have come up with an idea to bankroll the gun buy back programs. tonight they launched a project that used on-line fundraising like never before. john alston explains how it works.
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>> reporter: it was a festive event dealing with a serious subject. raising money for gun buy back programs. >> this is the first time we have allowed the community to fund a buy back. we pulled the money together and we used it to take guns off the street. >> the program is called gun by gun .org. the idea is to raise money on-line just like for their art or business project. while people are often paid to turn in their guns they quickly run out of money. a pair of college friends want to keep the money flowing so there are more buy backs on a more regular basis. he is a san francisco tech entrepreneur with a personal motivation. >> i lost my dad to gun violence. >> his father david was visiting in 1992 when he was shot to death along california street on knob hill.
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it happened during a robbery attempt. >> to lose a parent when you are 10 years old, it impacts almost eve facet of your life and -- every facet of your life and development. it is something that has been mo i am. >> they welcome the fundraising. >> we wanted to be a part of that and my hope is this is the beginning and you can see a proliferation of these kinds of programs. >> the goal is to raise 30,000 ov over the next month and a half. abc news. >> three american soldiers were killed in afghanistan and a suicide bomber riding a donkey detonated a bomb near kabul. four afghan soldiers were an interpreter were killed. the tensions recently escalated after 17 afghan villagers detained by the american special forces were later found dead. the taliban is claiming responsibility. and a brave new girl is bringing new attention to the
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issue of child marriage. 11-year-old nada of yemen claims her parents wanted to marry her off to a much older man, and she escaped. speaking in arabic she threatens to kill herself if she is forced to marriage. there is no legal minimum age for girls to marry in yemen. in this impassioned plea she says what about the innocence of childhood? the video has six million views. seven years ago a palestinian boy came to the bay area for aree free prosthetc leg. when he needed a new one, the same group that helped him before is ready to help him again. he received his prosthetic leg from a doctor in oakland. he lost 18 family members and his lower leg in a rocket attack in his home in the gaza strip in stwiks. he -- 2006. he was only six years old. he is now 13 and has out grown the original prosthetic
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device. on both trips the young man has stayed with the same host family and they are happy to help. >> a lot of kids in the same situation that he is that need some help. it does president take much. it takes the right people and to open your home and heart to these kids and you can change their life. >> he was in and in and received the light thanks to the palestine children relief fund. >> a two-year-old girl is recovering after a coyote attack in ora the girl was bitten and dragged. her mother was just a few feet away when this happened. she said she screamed and lunged and the coyote let go. the child was treated for a gash to her calf and given a series of rabies shots. wildlife officials later killed three coyotes at the cemetery. we have new images of the rough landing at new york's laguardia airport. the landing gear didn't just collapse -- didn't just
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collapse. they skidded for half a mile. 10 people were injured when the nose gear collapsed as it hit the runway and then it slid for over 2,000 feet. you can see the sparks flying there. one passenger had a video camera rolling and the f.a.a. says they did not report any problems before the landing. >> and now it is changing. >> it is indeed for the better. we are looking at brighter conditions and sunnier skies for tomorrow. certainly less in the way of humidity. looking at live doppler 7hd, noticing some changes out there. check out the visibility. fog has dropped the visibility to a half a mile. you will have to definitely be careful for the morning commute. here is a view from our explore for yum camera. you can see -- explore for yum camera. you can see as it turns toward the embarcadero it is currently 62 in napa and still mild in fairfield and livermore and los gatos all in
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the 60s. novato 59 degrees. from our emeryvillook at theherd you can see how shallow it is. it may be right down on the deck for the corning commute. areas of fog and partly cloudy and sunnier skies for tomorrow afternoon and it is going to be mild to warm as we head into the weekend. so really no big changes other than tomorrow where we will notice the change. area of low pressure has been pulling up the midto high level cloudiness. we had a few spring -- sprinkles. the dryer air is spreading north and we are definitely seeing the difference. fewer clouds tonight and seeing the fog at 11:00 p.m. along the coast. we will see the fog for the morning commute and then the clouds will be thinking out. turning sunny and slightly higher temperatures for your wednesday. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog and give yourself extra time for that morning commute. but you will notice the temperatures will be quite mild like this morning. mid50s coast side to the mid60s inland valleys and
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the warmest locations. and we will see the few extra high clouds in the morning, but they all clear away. 81 in san jose for the south bay. 90 in mor -- morgan hill. 72 in millbrae and 80 in menlo park and coastal spotsalf 65 half moon bay. same thing for the sunset district. 70 in downtown san francisco in the north bay. santa rosa, san rafael, vallejo and in the east bay a bright day, 75 in oakland and 82 in castro valley. inland, 91 fairfield and livermore and if you are going red taking on the redsiants again at at&t park. tomorrow evening, breezy and the temperatures are 60 degrees and dropping to the upper 50s. bundle up if you are going there. warmer weather for your thursday and mid-nineties inland and mid60s coast and then we will drop the temperatures a few degrees for the weekend. upper 80s inland and low 60s coast. beautiful we >> sound >> sounds good. thank you, sandhya. in sports, two for the price of one.
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the giants with the reds home and away at at&t park. in the 9th inning it left the a's in utter disbelief. did this really happen? sports is next.
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a rainout on july 4th in cinncinati lead to the giants and reds playing a double header tonight at at&t park. the giants were the home team in the first game and then changed their uniforms and were the road team in the nightcap. sircamp had tommy johns surgery last summer and called up for triple-a for the start. didn't last long. high, deep and aloha.
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a three-run homer and reds once again jumped out to the early 4-1 lead. they feast on giants pitching and it is an all you can eat buffet. vat -- vato opposite field. he allowed seven earnings runs. to the fifth and the carnage would continue. cozart deep here as the reds take the opener 9-3. game two, switch of the unis and giants in the road gray. sandoval to the gap to left center. abreu scores and here comes buster posey and sliding in and he is safe. 2-0 giants. 3-0 in the second and owe blanco flies to right and crawford tagging and the throw in time, but excellent slide by crawford. barry zito with a 4-2 lead and a flyball and have no fear
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hunter pence is here. the giants finally beat the reds 5-3. career victory number 1500 for the skipper bruce bochy. a's and astros in houston and crazy finish and tied 2-2 in the eighth. turns down a fast ball and a two-run shot. his 17th and 4-2a's. they close it out and riding a streak to 44 straight saves. gone. cocoa crisp a valiant try, but it is a blown save and a 2-1 homer ties it at four. the orange train is on the move. jason castro and the pitch gets away from norris. runners moving and norris throws and it gets away from moss at first and here comes jonathon viar. a's with a gift to the astros. it is a 5-4 win and the 10-game win streak over houston comes to an end. once upon a time yes, jermaine o'neil was a high school kid making the jump to the nba
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before the one and done kids you see now. today he is a veteran and a new golden state warrior. the 34-year-old center says he still has some game left. he will back upbogit and he feels he has lots to offer in this his 18th season as a pro. >> have i been blessed -- i have been blessed to play this game this long. it has given me great opportunities in the business world. but i still feel like there is unfinished business. >> warriors have made some nice acquisitions this off season. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> exciting to see what will happen next year. >> tourists go to alcatraz to see the prison and now they have a chance to taste the menu. >> and now your morning news traffic reporter. want a smart solution for your commute?
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check out our contest right now and you can drive away with a new smart car. we will announce the luck erwiner on august 2nd on the abc7 morning news. join me for the live traffic alerts and the best alternate routes tomorrow morning at 8taúep
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here is a look at your wake up weather. foggy in area and dense in patches partly cloudy and mild. temperatures mid50s to mid60s. by 8:00 a.m. upper 50s to upper 60s. mike nicco will be here. carolyn and larry? >> reminder the watch abc live stream is available in the bay area. >> it is a new way to experience abc anytime, anywhere. enjoy your favorite shows and newscasts on your smart phone tablet and computer live and on demand. >> it is brought to you by the charter communications and the at&t u verse at no cost. go to and find out how to access watch abc and then enter your cable provider account info and go to watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. hundreds of thousands of tourists head out to alcatraz to see what life was like for prisoners. >> and now you can taste it as well. yummy, yummy.
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august 8th the hyatt regency will offer a flavor to try alcatraz. it is the last meal ever served on the rock and here is what it has. >> short ribs, meat loaf, spaghetti and bre
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even the renovations for the royals behind schedule. prince william is no stranger to it. >> this baby will live in palaces and, not just because they're comfortable but because they're safe. >> but the baby will spend time at kate's family home in bucklebury, a likely escape from palace life. baby cambridge will be spending the night here in his new family home, getting shut eye after being unveiled to the world and being in the full glare of the media spotlight. lama hasan, abc news, outside kensington palace in london. >> cute. >> cutie. >> south florida beach, the scene of a public love fest. a big crowd gathering to watch as well. >> group of manatees put on
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quite a show for sun bathers on pompano beach. embroiled in a mating ritual, on the shat -- shallow waters of the coastline. typical manatee mating herd, free-for-all if you will. one female being pursued by several males. >> typical. unwilling female swims near the shore to ditch the males. as you see here, they're undeterred. >> interesting. >> yep. >> so one girl, three guys? >> well, you know what i am going to read this chat point that we have here. apparently, one female apparently up to 12 males. >> my gosh. manatees. >> they're manatees. >> manatees need to start making more girls. >> there you go. one way to look at it. >> come on girls, got to make girls. coming up the next fortune cookie message could be your key to a million bucks. >> after performing unusual stunts after stunt, former child star, amanda bynes finding herself in serious trouble again. you are watching "world news now."


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