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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> he has no right to do that. >> she is one two of women killed on july 12th inside of the jewelry mart. she had worked for 20 years. the other victim was a 35-year-old, another employee. the owner of the jewelry store, 50-year-old vick hom was injured. the suspect barry white junior was in court. shackled at hands and feet. we were not allowed to show his face. the police have released a mug shot. they say the 23-year-old man used a gun and a knife to commit the brutal murder. according to investigators he had a beef over the price of a piece of jewelry. his family and friends declined to speak. >> i have not looked at the police report or seen videos but just based on what i know it seems he had a serious mental breakdown. >> the public defender piling
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a motion against the district attorney saying it was inappropriate to make pretrial remarks like saying this was one of the most brutal homicides he has seen. gascone's office says the da is well ware of his ethical responsibilities. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> we have breaking news out of san francisco bay view district where two people have been shot this, happened less than an hour ago. sky 7 was over the scene near jennings. police tell abc 7 news victims are a man and woman both taken to the hospital. right now no word on their conditions, streets in the area are closed as the investigation gets underway and police are still looking for the shooter. we'll bring more information as we get it and our reporting continues on twitter. >> a woman driving through an oakland neighborhood was shot and killed this afternoon. police say the 66-year-old was hit by a bullet as she drove along fern street.
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sky 7 overhead as officers swarmed the scene searching for clues. police say they were alerted to this shooting by the shot spotter gunfire detection system. no word yet on motive and nobody has been arrested. >> an he vac order lifted in alamo. a gas leak forced businesses and residents to get out of the area this morning. people told to leave immediately. abc 7 news joins us now with the latest. keira? >> you can see behind me crews are still doing some work. making some repairs at the intersection of danville boulevard and stone valley road. still work to be done but at long last, the gas line gushing for hours today is closed. crews worked to clamp a broken gas line caused when crews were working on a broken water line. >> you find utilities now,
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there are a lot of pipes on the ground. and many, many pipes and markings were earth movement and changes happening subdivisions. >> east bay mud spokesman says that on routine calls like this, their crews first check markings that show where pg&e has lines compared with their water lines. he says this gas line wasn't marked they didn't know it was there. >> and as we're digging to do our work, the markings were off. so our crew hit a half inch gas line. >> it made for mandatory evacuations for dozens of business owners and hundreds of customers at the shopping center the stretch were like a ghost town. >> safety of the people is paramount that. is how and why we established
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this area that we did and evacuated the zone. >> they won't let me bicycle up danville boulevard. they have blocked it off. >> the leak was stopped. evacuation order lift bud one block of the boulevard remains closed while crews make repairs. usa north stands for underground saves lert keeping track of the different pipes and lines. east bay mud is going let them know about the line to hope that accidents like this won't happen in the future. >> several homes evacuated after this minivan crashed into a house and caused a gas leak near downtown just before 2:00 this afternoon from sky 7 you can see front part of the vehicle is all the way into
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that home. crews have a shut off the gas before the car could be removed and authorities were concerned it would spark a fire. nobody in the house was injured. >> a warning for residents in san carlos after two reports of a peeping tom praying on women taking showers. the sheriff office is investigating. it occurred between 9:00 and 11:00 last night at northern part of san carlos. both while women were in their own bathrooms taking showers. san francisco police look for a man from massachusetts traveling to the bay area and believed to be at risk. ryan mckusker weighs about 130 pounds. investigators have information that he is traveling to san francisco to harm himself. so if you see him you're asked to call police. >> three people landed in jail minutes after police claim they stole guns from a firing range. the owner said a total of
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seven weapons were swiped about 3:30 this morning. police credit the alarm system with tipping them off almost immediately. >> if this wasn't a secure system they would have gotten a lot more merchandise and they would not have been probably caught but it's a sos fi ti i indicated system. >> police recovered wip ons officers say guns were tossed from the get away car while chasing speekts a funeral took place fr three teen-aged girls from china who died in the crash ofation flight 214. the families of the victims took part in the private service. we're told mayor ed lee spoke during the ceremony and the families spoke as well.
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all three attended the same school on china's eastern coast. >> a low flying jet caused a big scare for some this morning. the sound lit aup cross the bay. officials tell abc 7 news strike fighter squadron 122 out of south of fresno was on a training flight over san francisco. td pilots notified towers in both san francisco international airport and oakland about the training mission well, twitter are apologized from faking tweets for a new advertising platform. in apology twitter says an earlier version included an image with mock tweet rz from real users this, was not okay. once we became aware, we took it down immediately. we deeply apologized to the three users included in the images. fake tweets showed users raving about ads.
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they have been release plaised with mock users. >> his royal highness now has a name. prince william and his wife, kate named nir baby george alexander louie. george is the name of six previous british kings including queen elizabeth's father. alexander was report lid kate's choice. the last king george overcame a stutter. >> why are you here? >> william and kate are now with her parents spending private time with the new prince george of cambridge. >> the artemis racing team is back and showing off with its new wot can do. the team expected to take it easy but after racing through tests the team tried out it's foils. big blue reached 12-14 knots
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today. but faster than expected to test at this early. this is the first time it's trained to race since a crew member was killed on may 9th. >> still to come crack down down that could affect where students live. >> a deer in distress in santa cruz mountain autos looking for a good deal on a flight is in the bay area airport named one of the nation's best places to find bargain fares. >> ichl sandhya patel a wide range of temperatures today. the changes that are coming up for the weekend abc
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take a look at this deer. the net strung along a creek. a passer bay spotted the buck and called emergency services and the santa cruz county animal shelter. they covered him to try to calm his down. the buck bolted for safety. experts say shah that is a good sign it will recover from the ordeal. >> it's peak season for strawberries but there is a shortage of farm workers to pick them. growers say that is tied to a battle over immigration reform and tighter boarders. looking for work it snez spanish this, is the first time signs popped up next to strawberry fields. there is a shortage of strawberry pickers. growers recruiting offering valuable perks. >> there is some farmers do provide health care and they have their own clinics and a lot of services and a
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discount. >> two growers are planning a vehicle drawing. the problem according to experts is the improving mexican economy and greater difficulty crossing the u.s. border. the 400 family owned strawberry growers need 25,000 and 30,000 workers during peak season. >> santa maria grower q 200 jobs available doesn't have people and decided to cut 25 acres of harvest this year. so that is a serious problem for him and he would like to have 200 workers. >> it costs them 18,000ses today $20,000 to plant their fields. that could push up prices for fresh strawberries. strawberry field crews are an elite group that can make 12ses today $25 an hour but not everyone has the skill or experience to pick numbers required to reach that pay
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level. a combination of base and piece rate. california strawberry commission taking the shortage to washington to engage with lawmakers to try to convince them ut should be part of a discussion on immigration reform. >> berkeley city officials are trying to put a stop to a trend. they're called miney dorms. news blog reports president dents are complaining it causes parking, trash and noise problems. >> a bay area university beat out those ivy league schools nabbing the nation's top college for the very first time to nonivy leelg schools topt list. stanford university comes in number one followed by pomono
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college with princeton and yale following. best public university, uc berkeley. forbes magazine says it reflects a shift to stem majors stem signs for science, technology, engineering and math. >> listen to this. san francisco and google teeming up to provide free wi-fi at dozens of locations throughout the city. official as announced they received a gift to put transmitters in 31 parks and recreation centers. >> a lot of the prior debate that never moved forward was because of questions over business models this is a free gift of financial benefits to the city of san francisco. with no string as tached. >> very nice. so some areas which will have free wi-fi include city center plaza, justin herman plaza.
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those transmitters will be installed in december and service should be up and running by spring. >> two tech pioneers are honored. oracle ceo and steve jobs. jobs co-founded apple in 1977 and ellison turned or area cell into one of the world's largest hardware and software companies. other bay area leaders include george lucas and david pack yard and gap chairman donald fisher. >> americans snapped up new homes in june at fastest pace in five years. >> michael finney says higher interest rates didn't seem to matter here. >> this is a good sign the housing market is gaining momentum. commerce department reported new home sales rose by 8.3 understand june.
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that is the biggest increase since may 2008. home prices up by 4 -- 7.4%. americans under the mood to buy. rates are up by a full point since may. however, the job market is stronger. there are many ways you can save money on air fare one is choosing the right airport. get this, we have one of the cheapest in the nation right here in the bay area. the survey ranked oakland international airport as fifth most affordable in the nation. cheap flights ranked 101 airports based on average air fares for flights. here is what the survey found. long beach airport ranked number one with average fare costing $216 oakland, five with fares averaging $287. by comparison san jose international airport ranked 17th.
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and san francisco international airport ranked number 84 fares of $517 they have many flights going oversea that's is much of the reason. most of us worry bad credit will hurt chances of getding a loan now a survey finds it can hurt your chances for love. nearly one third of women and 20% of men said they would not marry someone with a low credit score. most of those surveyed said money management is just as important as looks when deciding whether to marry someone this, is true for women especially. nearly all women ranked financial responsibility higher than career ambition, physical attraction, and intimacy. the survey conducted by free credit >> broke guys not as appealing. >> that is your take on it. >> that is what i got on that.
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>> you know he had to ask me about that. mike yim, thank you. >> we're not touching that one. >> let's turn to the forecast. today we saw a little drier air mass here in the bay area. humidity dropped and temperatures went up. way up. and pacifica, 39 degree spread looking live most of the bay area enjoying sun except for lingering patches of fog. 24 hour change, temperatures up just about everywhere. six degrees in san jose. up a degree in oakland. from our camera, looking out towards the bay there, beautiful day. sunny skies.
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small craft advisory for san francisco bay. so still, choppy out there. 63 in san francisco. mild in san jose. 81 degrees. check out this beautiful view. fog is shallow and low there. we're enjoying wis bey clouds. into 90s in fairfield. san jose, 80s for the high. you can see here sunshine. areas of fog near the coast warm inland tomorrow and cooler into weekend. this is extra cloud cover coming into for the time being we'll call it a quiet pattern throughout the weekend and
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into next week. tonight we'll see 11:00 just a little bit of fog around. then, more fog at the coast turning sunny tomorrow afternoon. you'll see fog on the coast. and the fog could be dense in patches. 91 in gilroy. 82 degrees same thing for palo alto. low to mid-60s here coast side. downtown going up a couple more. mostly sunny skies and in the north bay those tom ridge yits clear lake yu kaia. 86 napa. east bay, 76 in oakland.
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this is where you're going feel summer. 96 in antioch. accu-weather forecast showing downward trend in temperatures heading into weekend. down to low 90s inland by saturday upper 80s sunday. low 60s coastside. abc 7 news has another resource for to you follow. get alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team here at abc 7 news. and we'll keep you posted. >> just ahaetd 5:00 why people in the bay area live longer than other parts of the nation. >> and at 6:00 just in from google a $35 gadget can bring your favorite entertainment online t
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three men accused of offering expensive items on craig's list then holding off would be buyers have pleaded no contest to the charges. police say the three committed crimes in several local cities. eight law enforcement agencies are on this case. the men kborg to be sentenced fosh robberies committed in alameda county. >> people in alameda county convicted of lesser crimes can now pay to stay in a hotel like jail and not a.void a county jail. fremont starting a new pay to stay program. the photos from our media partner. people conviktd of misdemeanors can pay to stay at pat sif city. it's costs $45 then $155 a day after that. inmates get the same cot, blanket and food as in county jail and approval from police
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and a judge. the city hoping to bring in extra money. >> jail for the rich. next month burning man will not be the last. officials approved a permit through the year 2016. the event held on federal land the week before labor day. an init increased population count for 68,000. the number of participants peaked last year. it's not clear whether kmaimpk means it will put tickets on sale this year. >> a new study shows bay area residents live longer than people in other partsz of the nation. reporting residents live a decade longer than people in less healthy parts of the u.s.. women in marin and santa clara, that works out to a little more than 84 years. researchers found bay area
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tops charts when it comes to physical fitness and maintaining healthy weight. >> coming up next at 5:00 giants pitcher buster posey gives back. >> yes. one of the rare days off. >> hey, everybody. want a smart solution for your commute? check out abc 7 right now and you can drive away with a new smart car. be smart, enter now.
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can coming up at 6:00 sounding the alarm. the man who feels ripped off by his city's strict policy z a breeding program that is setting the right mood to help a endangered sea critter make
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it often dangered species list. >> he's more than that he's become an internet sensation. his story coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> that is not grumpy cat, is it?. >> he looks hatchy. >> he can be this guy. they got a chance to toss the baurl around. he's a catcher not a pitcher. what was i thinking? >> buster posey gave tips on throwing and fielding and hitting. and great advice for the kids. try hard in school. >> good fun there. >> they will be hob knobbing with the president next week.
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>> all champs get to meet this is "world news." tonight fit for a king, the name revealed. it's prince george, the new name for the royal baby, and so many have asked is there anything about the name with a nod to princess diana. the other news tonight, disaster at sea, the massive rig explosion and collapse burning out of control in the gulf. tonight we learn how the workers were rescued. after the verdict. trayvon martin's father and what he promised late today on capitol hill. the no-show, the family reportedly just rescued george zimmerman in that car accident, why didn't she show up today, the lawyer left answering. the presidential portrait racing across the internet tonight, who got a beaming president bush to suddenly shave his head?


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