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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to try and get danville boulevard re-opened at stone valley road. they will be able to do that in the hour. they have to lay some asphalt. at 10:30 in the morning a mud crew hit half inch gas line accidentally. with gas leaking officials had to evacuate businesses and homes the company did not know the pipe was there because the markings were not visible. >> we had markings located from pg&e that there was a pipe but not this pipe. >> there are so many pipes underground and theth moves and there are changes with the subdivisions so markings are not always there.
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they had to close down bigs so hundreds of customers including the shopping center and the plaza had to make alternate plans and shut down the ramps at stone valley ramp at interstate 680. it was a ghost town in downtown alamo but it should be back to normal this morning. power is back on. water is back on. businesses should be able to conduct business as usual. >> developing news this morning: oakland police are looking at surveillance video searching for clues after a 66-year-old woman was fatally hot driving in fairfax. yod judd lives less than a mile from where she was shot before 1:30. after she was shot judy salamon crashed into a parked car and died at the seen. detectives are asking help to identify those on the loose. police can crimestoppers of
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oakland are offering $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. >> details of the suspect in the san francisco jewelry mart murders. two years ago a judge lowered his bail saying he didn't think he would commit new offenses. the 23-year-old barry white jr. is charged in the murder of a 35-year-old and avon-year-old. he did not enter a plea. police say he shot and stabbed the woman july 12 in the dispute over the price of an item. relatives demand justice at arraignment. >> we want justice for her. well try the best we can. we want a tougher sentence. >> two years ago he was in custody on charges of threatening police in contra costa county. bail was set at $120,000 but a
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judge lowered it to $5,000 saying he thought those and other charges pending against white would keep him from committing any other crimes. >> neighbors react with shock to the murder of a 62-year-old won in san jose. this apartment complex is where the victim lived. the woman did not answer the door yesterday morning and a friend called police. she was found inside badly beaten and died an hour later at the hospital. neighbors identify her as kitty new man. a man is in custody this morning after telling police he killed his wife. the 65-year-old man called police at noon yesterday. officers found the 64-year-old woman strangled in their mobile home. no word on a motive but neighbors say they hardly knew the couple who lived there for several years. >> developing news in northwest spain, crews are cleaning
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wreckage from the tracks following a deadly train derail ment. at least 77 people were killed when all eight cars went off the tracks. the crash was so forceful a car shot 15' in the air and 140 passengers were injured. investigators will take the cars to a secure location to figure out what went wrong. a spanish newspaper reports the train was going more than twice the speed limit on a sharp turn. government investigators believe it was an accident and not terrorism. >> we have break news in florida where a cargo train derailed at the port tampa and 15 of the 88 cars are on the side and three are leaking it not, a liefully flammable liquid. haz-mat seems are cleaning up the spill. the port should be open soon. officials say it is under control and not causing danger.
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>> efforts to move n.s.a. leaker snow out of diplomatic limbo has failed. snowden's application for asylum is winding its way through the russian bureaucracy and he is stuck at moscow airport as russian authorities continue to review his hand written request for temporary asylum. the white house and head of the senate foreign relations committee warned them against giving snowed were refuge. the public opinion of him in the united states has changed drastically. a new washington post/abc news poll found half think he should be charged with a crime, up ten points sin last month. >> bart is warning riders to make other lands if there is another bart strike that could come in ten days when a contract extension expires. officials say your transit options are similar to what was available when workers walked out july 1. bart staff is asking the metropolitan transportation commission to take a more active role adding private charter
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buses. both sides are still negotiating but they have major differences. >> parking in san francisco garages is becoming easier for some cardholders because you can park at five garages operated by muni. you do not have to wait in line to pay but must load up the account with packing value before using it. go to our website and click on "see it on t." >> petaluma police have involved a big stash of stolen goods after door nobody burglaries in the city. a maintenance worker at a golf course discovered the stolen property hidden near the 11 the hole with power tools, sporting equipment, jewelry, laptops and a coin collection. police say more than 45 hopes have been hit since john and most cases the thieves go door-to-door and knock and if no one answers they break in. >> they are portraying
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themselves as repair person or randomly going around to see if anyone is home. >> police have identified several suspects through fingerprints left at homes. these are the two suspected burglars police are, whoing for. a homeowner interrupts a burglary by this woman when she returned to her house. >> this morning, investigators are trying to determine how a grass fire near the san jose airport started. flames broke out in a field near component drive in orchard parkway at 6:00 last night and reaped the edge of the meadow recycling law. can you see the smoke and three acres of the grass burning. two tractors were cutting grass in the field but not sure if they sparked the place. >> hot weather in the south bay and it looks like we have more hot weather coming our way. >> absolutely. good call. a spark from hitting a rock could have started it which is how dry it is. we will have breezes this afternoon if you headed to the
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bay shore to get relief from the heat from 2:00 to 9:00. winds are from the southwest at 15- to 25-knots. we have a little bit of faster breeze in fairfield at 20 than yesterday. the clouds are limited and we find it is not quite so cloudy and temperatures could be a degree or two cooler and most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's. the next 12 hours we have a warming trend by noon and coastal clouds keep you at 60 and we are 70 at the bay and 80. comfortable for lunch outside. slightly warmer inland, 90. 78 around the bay at 4:00. 62 at coast. 7:00, it is more comfort average. 80 inland and 58 at coast. sunny but for the clouds at the coast. the weekend shows a slight cooling trend tomorrow and saturday and by sunday and the marine layer will put a crimp in the warmth and bring temperatures back in line where they should be inland.
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we could be ten degrees cooler by sunday compared to today. now the traffic. >> we have more construction but not were congestion headed into walnut creek with this shut down, a few lanes will be blocked off until 5:00 a.m., northbound 680 over to treat boulevard is where we will see the construction crews. as we look at our drive time track, so far, so good, 580 from tracy to dublin, it is a quick drive. 101 san rafael to san francisco southbound is 16 minutes. to san jose, this is the drive along 101 away from 880 and a few cars over to the san jose airport so quiet out here and no crashes, construction, or congestion. >> lost and confused. then stuck. a scary sightseeing trip for
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tourists. >> he has a name. now a
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> mother is facing manslaughter and child endangerment charge following a deadly rollover crash in may that killed her five-year-old daughter. investigators say the 30-year-old mother was speeding and she lost control of the s.u.v. on richmond parkway may 20. the s.u.v. rolled over ejected her five-year-old daughter who was not secured in a seatbelt or child safety seat. her other daughter, two teens and another adult were injured. no one was wearing a seatbelt. she was arrested yesterday afternoon and is expected to be arraigned today or tomorrow. >> it is a ride they will never forget, a family visiting san francisco is relieved after the
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ride went very wrong in one of the yellow scooter like cars. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard. a fun way to experience san francisco, a go-kart, with bridges and freeways off limits and you have to much watt video. >> you are now ready for the go-kart driver training. strap on the helmet. >> family driving three go-karts likely got confused. they took a wrong turn and found themselves on the bay bridge. the c.h.p. says one of the cars stalled near treasure island in the fast lane while the other two made it across. no one was hurt but no one knows how it could have happened. >> i don't know how that would happen. they give you training and say do not take bridges. >> it was scary. i would make sure i turn around and go the right way. it tells you if you are off.
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>> the cars have as much power as a scooter and can only go 45 miles per hour. the family who got lost did not speak english although go gar offers g.p.s. audio in several languages. >> i was freaked out and we were in normal traffic throughout the city so i could not imagine. they must have been out of their mines. >> employees did not want to talk about the excursion gone wrong. >> do you know anything about what happened? >> no. >> when people rent the thing . >> sorry. >> a wild bridge ride that was never part of the tour. >> in berkeley an ordinance to require retrofitting on certain buildings will be discussed tonight. they are look at buildings built on garage or parking structures that were constructed in the 50's and 60's and updated to code. the ordinance requires the
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buildings with five or more units be retrofitted. the city has a draft of the ordinance that will be discussed at the north berkeley senior city tonight at 7:00. >> next month, burning manifest value -- burning man festival is now going to have 68,000. 50,000 attended the festival. it takes place on 4,400 acres of federal land in the desert the week before labor day. the bureau of land management has given other as fur year permit which will allow it to continue through 201. >> artemis is training for the first time since a crew member was killed in may. the boat is cruising on the water here yesterday. sailors are fine tuning for the race conditions. they tested the boat's
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propelling of the boat and will rejoin the race early next month. >> this morning in england prince william and kate and prince george remain at the palace spending time with kate's parents. no word on when they plan to return or if the prince will have more visitors. the newest heir is getting gifts including a unique gift from austria, not australia, gifted him a baby crocodile -- yes, that is australia. it is australia. he was born the same day that the couple announced they were expecting. >> a crock style? what worse, a crack dial or a bag of glass? >> a crocodile.
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okay, maybe for a petting zoo. >> even a petting zoo with a crack dial is not a good idea. >> you are down on the crocodile? >> not a good baby gift. >> how about the weather? >> all right, everyone, 4:47. live doppler 7 hd shows the cloud cover is hugging the coast and it is trying to slip across san francisco and into the shallow valleys along the north bay coast so we will watch santa rosa to see if you get any of the reduced visibility we are seeing loan the coast. if you are stepping out it is coolest in the half moon bay at 52 and 61 in mountain view and san jose and only to be bested by the temperatures in the east bay valleys: 60 in concord and livermore at 64 and 60 in fairfield and 71 degrees, city, in antioch. from the east bay hills this morning, you can see the cloud cover is not so as prevalent as it was yesterday so today will be the warmest with sunshine
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faster and we could have one of the 40-degree spreads from the coast to our inland neighborhood. it will be mild tonight with fog like this morning and slightly cooler this weekend and the biggest cooling will take place in the east bay. today, we have storms possible along the sierra and a low to our west and in a nebulous flow which is quiet right now but we will talk temperatures with sunshine and hit the mid-to-upper 80's in most of the santa clara valley and gilroy will make a run into the 90's and on the peninsula today, a lot of low-to-mid 80's and millbrae and san mateo and mid-to-upper 70's and let for mid 60's along the coast and near 70 at downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. and near 90 degrees in the north bay and cooler at the beaches and low-to-mid 60's and along the east bay shore we go from 75 in berkeley to 83 in castro valley. if you used the air conditioning yesterday you will need it
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today, mid-to-upper 90's in the east bay valley. the a's are back, taking on the angels at 7:00, and 65 at first pitch dropping to 59 under sunny and then partly cloudy skies. the seven-day forecast shows small steps in temperature, two to four degrees cooler tomorrow and again on saturday, and a couple more degrees on sunday and then we hang with seasonal temperatures, morningorg and afternoon sunshine through next week. >> we have construction near sfo if you are traveling northbound direction from redwood city, you are going to see this construction project between broadway and sfo. northbound and southbound, though, north of sfo, is looking clear. along 680 away from walnut creek it is moving well to dublin/pleasanton at 13 minutes. and 101 from santa rosa san francisco is 50 minutes, a quick
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drive. highway one to los gatos is 25 minutes. as we take a look at this it will be san mateo you can see the traffic is moving well from hayward to foster city at 12 minutes beyond the high-rise toward foster city. go to right now you could drive away with a brand new smart car. we will announce the lucky winner on friday, august 2nd right here. be smart. enter now. the average gas price in san francisco $4.30 and you get 36 miles per gallon each gallon. >> i get 16 miles per gallon. >> that is a big, big upgrade, filling half the time. >> absolutely and parking is a breeze. >> no doubt. >> pope francis has a packed schedule in rio roy -- rio de
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janeiro where he will address up to a million young roman catholics on the beach. the pope visited a hospital in rio yesterday that treats substance abusers and denounced narcotics trafficking and criticized calls to legalize drugs in latin american. he is in brazil for youth day. >> can't sleep? you may have the moon to blame. >> a study linking height to health risk. is it better to be tall or short for w
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>> a full moon could mean not so full night of sleep for you. reports of 33 experimental subjects from previous research and it was found that those studied during the full noon got 20 fewer minutes less sleep with
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less deep sleep and it took five minutes longer to fall asleep. awful moon, less sleep, so those on the coast this morning could be sleeping in better. mike? >> with the reduced visibility and reduce the visibility along the east bay shore with a thin layer of moisture hanging around as we look from the bay bridge toll plaza to the east bay hills and 24 hour temperature change compared to yesterday to today, it will be one to two degrees warmer if not exactly the same in san jose at 8 degrees. with high clouds in the south, and these will bubble up into thunderstorms loan the sierra and at yosemite or tahoe there could be a scattered thunderstorm with 82 in tahoe and most temperatures are in the triple digits today. now an update on the commute. leyla gulen? >> a project is wrapping up at 5:00 a.m. with cones being picked up along 880 headed along in the northbound direction between 23rd and embarcadero you can see we are looking at a
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slow down and slow not cone zone as we look at drive time traffic along highway 4 from antioch to hercules. 80 westbound is 15 minutes and from highway 85 to san jose airport is under ten ten minutes. the golden gate bridge is not so foggy from sausalito into san francisco. matt and kristen? >> the government student loan tail mate has inned. good news for students in the fall. the senate passed a bill to link interest rates on federal student loans to the financial markets. student loan rates doubled on july 1 to 6 percent and the new measure will lower them again to 3.9 percent for undergraduated. graduate students pay 5.4 percent and the rates increases as the economy improves. >> the white house says a comment about achievements of
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immigrants here illegally is unfortunate after telling a website for everyone who is a value victorian, there are others hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert and a number of republicans have condemned the remarks. >> a study points to advantage if short women. researchers say if every 4" a woman is above average height, she has a 13 percent higher risk of developing cancer. average height in the united states is 5' 4" for women and they looked at post menopausal women and the link is there even after researchers considered factors such as age, alcohol use, hormone therapy and ethnicity. tall women get normal screening tests and should reduce drinking and smoking. >> a gesture of support by former president george h.w. bush to help the spirits of a
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two-year old. the 89-year-old former president shaved his head for a little boy fighting leukemia. they lost their daughter to leukemia 60 years ago in october. he is the son of a security staffer and the secret service detail also shaked their head. they are now raising money for patrick's treatment. >> we are following break news where a police chase ends in the water and what police are saying caused this mess. >> well liked woman is gun downed in her car in oakland. family, friends and police are asking, why?
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am matt keller. >> the breaking news is from the east bay where a high speed chase ended when the suspects crashed the car. >> abc7 news katie marzullo is on the scene. katie? >> matt and kristen they crashed the car where i am standing at orchard. look behind us: this is what is left of the scene, an overturned fire hydrant under a police cone at the corner. it is drive the you will not believe what led up to this. look at the video of the fire hydrant after it was hit. we will try to get the video as soon as we can.


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