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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 26, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a toyota crashed when it took the exit going too fast and two people were in the car were hurt including a passenger who was airlifted to the hospital. the driver was taken by ambulance. according to c.h.p. the chase began when officers tried to pull the car over for driving recklessly. >> in washington, dc, the lincoln memorial is closed after the discovery that someone vandalized the national monument. this is a picture but you cannot see the vandalism but you can see the suspect splattered green payment on the statue of president abraham lincoln and happened before 11:00 our time and they are checking surveillance video to get a description on the vandal. the memorial will be closed until it can be cleaned up this morning. >> roads are open in fremont after a police stand off ended
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without an arrest. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us in fremont. >> a tense night for the people living in this neighborhood in fremont. neighborhood police told everyone they did not find this guy. they found an assault rifle but not him. the streets are re-opened. it was very active last night on porter street. officers were seen going door to door, yard to yard, looking for the man. he knocked on the door of a home. a woman answered. police say he pepper sprayed her. her husband came and got in a struggle with the man. the man's gun went off. everyone was okay. the couple managed to grab the two children and escape from the home leaving the man inside. officers are trying to figure out if the family was targeted.
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the fact the female was pepper sprayed and there was an assault rifle, there could be something more behind this but we still investigating that and we are early in that investigation. >> here is the description of who they are locking for, an hispanic man at 30 years with a long ponytail and goatee and tass toos on the eyebrows with a blackjack it and gray t-shirts. if you see anyone matching this description you need to call police. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> two lake county men are facing federal charge accused of keeping a 15-year-old girl as a sex slave and forced laborer on a part farm. 30-year-old ryan baletto and his associate, 25-year-old patrick pearmain are held without bail. they found on the property a
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thousand pot plants, weapons, and a small box which they allegedly held and raped the girl. she called authorities. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have more including how she made the call. >> oakland city council members are joining several community members for a media conference to demand increased public safety in the east oakland neighborhood after wednesday's fatal shooting of 66-year-old judy salamon shot while driving home. last night a vigil was held at her home. she was known as the neighborhood pet nanny. her older sister spoke. >> i loved her have much and i am devastated by this stupid waste of a life. >> police are look at surveillance video hoping that will lead to the killer. a community meeting is held this weekend to talk of a proposal to hire a private security firm to
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patrol the area which she favored. >> oakland police are scheduled for several protests today downtown in oakland. the first is set to begin in half an hour. organizers call it a proposal to block everything everywhere, to breast the george zimmerman verdict. police say officers will be on hand to make sure demonstrations are peaceful to avoid a repeat of violence in the days after the verdict. police say anyone caught committing a crime will be arrested. >> officials are putting together a backup plan in case a new ambulance company is needed to replace santa clara county's troubled ambulance provider. our media partner reports that county officials brought in rural metro c.e.o. to explain the financial distress and they delivered their third warning to the arizona based company that is close to losing their $275 million contract. rural metro miss add crucial $15.5 million bond payment.
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insiders report the company has suffered millions in losses and is struggles to pay the bills. >> job seekers are disappointed by a health care call center set up to answer questions about the president's affordable health care act. 7,000 allied for jobs at the call center slated to open in october. the budget only provided 180 jobs. half are part time and do not include health benefits. according to the "contra costa times", training was cut off early and initial expectations are not being met and they called the hiring process a comedy of we -- errors. >> vandalism was discovered yesterday threat being officers, and painted over. the graffiti threatened the lives of the deputy chief and four officers including sergeant
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baker killed in february and elizabeth butter. it is believed gang-related. >> police responded to complaints of a horrible smell coming from an apartment. a 49-year-old man refused to answer so police broke in and officers found these two dogs and a cat we living in their own filth. police faced other obstacles. >> the gentleman was a hoarder and we had to step around garbage and bags that were blocking the doors and the animals were allowed to go to the bathroom throughout the house. >> the animals are now in the care of the animal shell step in dublin/pleasanton and will be put up for adoption. he faces a fine and six months in jail. the parent was in such bad shape it has been condemned. >> we have video of a brushfire that burned near a chemical plant in the east bay. this video provided by our viewer shows flames up against
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port chicago highway after breaking out on federal land at the former concord naval weapons station. thick smoke blanketed the neighborhood and 120 acres were burned before firefighters put it out and no word on a cause. >> we know the cause of a wildfire that burned 43 square miles near palm springs. electrical equipment failure on private property sparked the flames on july 15 and the fire damaged or destroyed seven homes which is still smoldering. >> you may want to sneak out of work because the commute could be tough. there are five major ever sents this evening including a giants game at at&t park, a concert at the greek theater and an oakland a's game in oakland. the big event is the jay-z and timberlake concert and a concert at shoreline theater with
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140,000 people trying to get somewhere by 7:00 on top of the usual commuters. >> how is the weather shaping up for that? >> it will be fine. the outdoor venues, you need a coat because the temperatures will could be around 7:00. first we will focus on getting you out the door. it is cooler inland in the east bay and to san jose. it is warmer an sfo and half moon bay. san carlos is vine and san francisco and novato and napa is 54 and santa rosa and half moon bay and 60 in mountain view and 63 in antioch and 57 in concord and san ramon and headed toward hayward. our day planner, next 12 hours in the 50's with more clouds and more moisture and mist will show up on the windshield and fading clouds by noon, and we will have
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sun but the usual spots it have clouds near the golden gate park and as we head to 4:00 it will be cooler and mid-80's inland and mid-70's around the bay and 60's at the coast and at 7:00, grab a coat but the inland will be in the mid-70's. we will continue to see the cooling trend through saturday, sunday, even monday dropping one or two degrees with cooler-than-average temperatures for this time of year. >> we have a sig-alert c.h.p. is announcing this is a sig-alert because there is an injury accident involving an overturned big rig on-ramp eastbound 237 and as you can imagine that will be shut down an overturned tract or trailer. what you can do is continue along sonoma boulevard and we have a report of a car fire westbound 580 before you reach
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205 and we are looking at slow-and-go traffic over the altamont pass. this is the drive if san jose coming away from 17 along northbound 280 we have a couple of cars out there now is it starts the commute early. it will get busy as we go on. >> the only minority juror from the george zimmerman case speaks out next and the pentagon she wants to send to the parents of trayvon martin. >> terrifying home invasion and two young children did something when someone broke in their home in the middle of the day. >> mistake that is costing a
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a 13-year-old in hayward is hailed a hero for preventing a
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daylight home invasion on wednesday morning. a 22-year-old paroleee and another man broke into a garage. the 13-year-old girl inside the home took her 8-year-old brother in a closet and called her mom who called police. neighbors say crime in the area is inbound. >> it happened over here. used to be really, really, really, really safe over here. >> this neighborhood is very quiet. i leave my doors open times. >> police arrived in time to see both men run from the house and they arrested the paroleee. >> this morning another juror in the george zimmerman murder trial is speaking out about the controversial aquittal in an interview with abc the woman claims george zimmerman got away with murder. she says the law left the jury no choice but to find george zimmerman not guilty.
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>> george zimmerman got away with murder. but you can't get away from god. >> she spoke with "good morning america" about why she found george zimmerman not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. >> i stand bit decision because of the law. i stand by the decision, but in my heart he is guilty. >> that weighed on martin's mothers saying it is devastating to hear the comment from the juror which we already knew in our heart to be true. >> what would you like to say to trayvon martin's parents? >> i would like to apologize because i feel like i let them down. i didn't know how much importance was involved in the case but i never look at color. >> protests ignited after george
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zimmerman's aquittal and some thought she was the perfect juror, 36-year-old mother of eight who calls herself a black hispanic. >> i was going to give the hung jury. i fought to the end. >> do you have regrets that you didn't? >> kind of. i am the minority and i felt like a let a lot of people down. >> the first vote was second during murder but she wasn't said there wasn't evidence to convict, something that still keeps her up at night. >> you can behalf more of the exclusive interview with george zimmerman juror at 7:00 this morning after our newscast on "good morning america." >> officials say halliburton will lead guilty to wrongdoing in connection with the largest oil spill in united states history. the april explosion and fire on a drilling platform killed 11 workers and spilled five million
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barrels of crude in the gulf coast and the government says halliburton destroyed evidence it ignored recommendations that would have improved safety on the rig and halliburton designed and built the well for b.p. and will pay $200,000 fine. >> 49ers quarterback brown is looking for a new agent after finding out yesterday he unknowingly forfeited $2 million from his salary. a clause in the 28-year-old contract paid him $2 million for participating in a 49ers off season workout and he didn't. he trained on his own in texas instead. he fired his agent for not letting him know about the chaws. he still is set to make under $1 million this season a third of what he would have made if he had attended the workouts. painful. >> even the agent, 10 percent, $200,000, the agent would have made. that hurt everyone across the board but for the 49ers.
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>> what about hazard pay? >> mike said he gets 10 percent of that. >> that is at least $1,000. >> okay. >> let's talk about the weather with the activities and the a's game? >> a lot going on outside. good morning, everyone, some of us are dealing with low clouds and mist. look at live doppler 7 hd, no organized areas of rain falling and we have gusty conditions on this friday, maybe you are taking off early to take the boat out or walk along the shore, it will be a little breezy lasting through 9:00. you can see the atmosphere right there. we have a faster sea breeze with winds in fairfield, we like to hook at this at 25 miles per hour, through the golden gate bridge, and up the bay and shoot right up 80 to fairfield. that is how a lost times we can
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gauge how fast the sea breeze is and how much of an influence it will have on the weather. the rest of us, we have light wins for now. temperatures, because of the cloud cover, and the sea breeze, we will be below average in the south bay and we may not attract 70's in milpitas and low 80's for cupertino, santa clara and san jose, mid-to-upper 80's in los gatos and gilroy and not so much sunshine in santa cruz and 72. 69 in millbrae today and that is cooler. 73 in san mateo and upper 70's to low 80's for the rest of the peninsula and hang out at 62 at half moon bay but pacifica is 58 and 59 in daly city and slightly warmer, downtown south san francisco 65. upper 70's for the north bay valley and not bad headed through there and upper 50's to near 60 at your beach and we will barely stay below 70 but only 68 in berkeley and oakland
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and you may not need the air conditioning with more comfort in the east bay valley with nearly 90. we will start with the first game, with no allegiance. the a's start at 62 dropping to 57. now the giants, 7:15, it will be cooler and 59 dropping to 56. the seven-day outlook shows we will drop a couple of degrees, a couple more on sunday and the cool of the day is monday, and five of the seven days the temperatures will be cooler-than-average. >> not a friday lite, we have one accident in the north bay and this is involving an overturned big rig, the on-ramp to eastbound 37 is shut down and it will be shut down for some time and it is a signature
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aheart. i am told the nobody on-ramp to eastbound 30 is open and if you want to continue in the southbound direction along highway 29 to connect to redwood city that gets you over to highway 80 so that will help you out and on the east bay, southbound 80, we have a report of an overturned vehicle on the shoulder and we are seeing slowing there as you maybe the drive beyond highway 92 and a look at the prosecute of san jose, you are wide open and at top speeds so it is clear. this is the walnut creek commute and it is moving along swiftly so not too bad. now, drive the smart way, go to you could drive away with a brand new smart car. we will announce the lucky winner on friday august 2. be smart. enter now.
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>> people are talking about it on facebook. >> people need a good car that will save money on gas. it is over $4 right now. it will never go below $3 ever again. >> sorry. this will help. >> absolutely. i don't know if you know this but smart car is actually a baby, a result of a partner ship >> mope francis will meet with convicts in brazil and hear confessions from catholic youth. yesterday, the pope urged catholics to shake up the church and go into the streets to spread the faith a message he put in practice by visiting one of roy's most violent slums. the 76-year-old want into
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cheering crowds and told them the catholic church is on their side. the pope opened the church's world youth day with large crowds gathered on a rain soaked beach. >> san francisco's newest millionaire is finally revealed. how he almost tossed the new millions out with the trash. >> amazing video, a perspective of surfers in santa cruz. how did the
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>> we know the name of the newest millionaire, a 43-year-old. this is where he bought the tick it july 13. the security worker picked five of the six workers winning $2.6 million. he went back to the grocer in san francisco and said he wanted to double check the numbers before he threw the ticket out. he said the ticket was sitting on a shelf.
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>> my goodness. can you imagine? on my desk it would have gotten lost. >> that would be worst case scenario. >> absolutely. people just throwing away millions throughout this show or trying to. >> throw 'em my wave through the screen. in gilroy we have the garlic festival this weekend. the temperature will be 84 on saturday and more comfortable on sunday at 80. the thunderstorms across southern california even in 9 desert with storms possible in los angeles and sierra at 98 in yosemite and near 100 through the central valley. safe travels today and watch out for the thunderstorms. leyla gulen? >> our travels are doing not too good because of overturned big
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rig and a car. the car car at highway 92 we have an overturned vehicle on the shoulder not causing too much slowing and volume when you head north of winston avenue. this is a sig-alert at sonoma boulevard on-ramp to eastbound 37 shut down right now. as you can see we are starting to see the traffic loading up because of an overturned tractor trailer that is blocking. it will take time to get that cleared. >> the former police officer who doused peaceful protesters with pepper spray in 2011 is demanding workers' compensation. he says he suffered psychiatric injury caused by the occupy uc davis incident and was fired from the department a year ago after a task force determined the actions were unwarranted. the records show he has an august 13 hearing regarding the claim. >> beach loving coyote could be strange but there have been several sightings at ocean
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beach. this picture is from the ocean beach bulletin. people have reported 20 sightings of coyotes around golden gate park in richmond district. officials say so far the coyotes have not caused any problems. >> unique video of santa cruz surfers is making huge waves on the web. san francisco photographer mounted a camera on a small aerial drone and sent it over the lake, a popular santa cruz surfing spot and this is the result. a dramatic look at surfers camping waves from an entirely different point that was previously out of reach for anyone who did not have a helicopter. what are those? >> sea lions on the rock and the seaweed in the water. >> a bay area home invasion leads to a stand off with miss and the investigation now and
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search for suspect stands this morning. >> teen girl locked in a toolbox and sexually abused. shocking
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 5:00. thanks for starting your day with us. >> today is the cool down headed into the weekend. >> did you have drizzle and windshield? >> and i just got the car wash messing everything up. >> meteorologist mike nicco, what is going


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