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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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whose son is receiving the nation's
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try one's patience. traffic barely moving at stimes. thousands of people either tried to get home or to one of the major events going on in the bay area tonight. good evening. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the traffic jam started with this scene on the bay bridge. both directions shutdown because of a suspicious device discovered at the treasure island off-ramp. a small, gray canister that turned out to be harmless. >> the bridge closure started around 2:45 and lasted about 30 minutes. we caught some drivers going in the wrong direction at the toll plaza trying to turn backment -- turn back. others got out of their car and were walking around. this as they were trying to make their way to one of the seven events going on
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including two major league baseball games, giants and a's at home and two concerts. >> cornell bernard is at candlestick part where jay-z and justin timberlake are performing. cornell? >> still performing, and it looks like it is wrapping up though. but many folks are leaving early to beat the traffic tonight. probably a good thing considering this concert started at 7:30. hundreds were late because of big traffic problems across the bay area which never really seemed to recuff. to recover. >> it is going to be amazing! it is going to be worth it. we would drive five hours in traffic to get to this concert. >> turns out many did. just getting to candlestick to say justin timberlake and jay-z was worth it. some got out of the taxis and the rides to get to the stayed stayed -- stadium. >> we got out to get to the
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concert. we walked on the shoulder just to get here. >> across the bay a's fans poured into oakland for tonight's game against the angels. >> i hope the angels made it. it is important to start the game with both teams. >> some angels players staying in san francisco were stranded in the back up and road bart to the game to make it on time. >> rubbing elbows with the fans. that's great. >> the worst was in san francisco financial district where traffic was stopped cold and drivers were losing patience. >> what do you think of the traffic? >> it is a nightmare. ask the drive though. she is in a rage. >> it has been rough. >> we also found ourselves a drift in the sea of cars. >> we are finally approaching the harrison street on-ramp to the bay bridge. it has taken us about an hour to get here from the embarcadero. it has not been a fun ride at all. hours later traffic was moving again, but just barely. a karma -- a carmagedon friday
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many would like to forget. abc news. >> for the latest realtime traffic conditions download our exclusive wave app on your smart phone. visit new at 11:00, an 18-year-old pleasanton man now facing felony charges after police say he rammed into two bicyclists last month and killed one of them. cody matthew hall turned himself in and is accused of vehicular homicide and reckless driving. 58-year-old diane died on foothill road on june 9th. her husband survived the crash. police also arrested hall's father during the investigation. the father, aaron hall, is a convicted felon and he is banned from owning guns. they found two assault rifles when they were searching the family home. a jury found the chief probation officer guilty of possessing child pornography. 61-year-old stewart forest argued the materials found on his hard drive were work-related. they said they found 470 videos of those that were
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naked. they faced three years and eight months this state prison. a fast-moving grass fire kept folks beds in sonoma county. it scorched more than 150 acres before it was fully contained. it broke out around 1:45 this afternoon along lakeville highway. cal fire tells us the flames never threatened any structures. investigators are looking into what caused it. they do know it started in a eucalyptus grove. it is a a rare honor bestowed on the bravest service members. the medal of honor will be given to ty carter who grew up in the east bay. his understandably proud father spoke with thomas roman and thomas is here now with the story for us. >> in one month president barack obama will award the medal of honor to staff sergeant ty carter. we spoke to his parents in antioch and his father could barely hold back tears of pride after hearing the news. >> in is some bragging rights. as a dad, yeah, you don't get that very often. >> mark carter has every right to brag.
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his son, army staff sergeant ty carter is about to reft medal of honor. sergeant carter was in afghanistan on october 3rd in 2009 when the army says his company was attacked by more than 300 taliban fighters. this video was taken by the insurgents. carter ran through enemy fire to retrieve supplies for his fellow soldiers under attack. he addressed the wounds of a severely wounded comrade and under enemy fire he carrieded the wounded soldier to cover. he also risked his life to recover a radio in order to call for help. all are actions the army says went above and beyond the call of duty. >> i don't know anybody that could have done what he did. >> carter's father mark and step mother barbara spoke to abc7 news in their antioch home. even hours after hearing ty will get the medal his father is beaming and emotional. >> there is not a lot of fathers that can claim that they have been able to go through this. >> mark showed us the soldier of the year award ty received two years ago from the uso. staff sergeant carter who has
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three children grew up in antioch and spokane, washington. he has medals and honors including a purple heart for his deployment in afghanistan. on august 26th he is scheduled to receive the medal of honor in. he is the fifth living recipient to be awarded the medal for war in iraq and afghanistan. new accusations from the unions representing bart workers 9 days before the deadline to reach a new contract. the two groups filed a conflict of interest complaint with the district accusing bart's lead negotiator of profiting from this fight. they provided some shuttle buses during the july work stoppage at a cost of over $12,000 to the district. the union says that's not fair. a bart spokesman calls it a false attack and said the real amount paid was only $500. >> a santa rosa woman is locked in a fight over plans to seize her property in order to expand the local airport.
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it is a story you will hear only on the news. they are accusing the county officials of low bawling them on the value of their 6.5 acre property that sits on the north end of the runway. the county is offering her $135,000 even though her tax records show the property is assessed as more than $400,000. she never imagined the back and forth would turn out like this. >> this is the last part of my life. instead of getting ready and enjoying life for the last two years i theng -- i think every minute of the day and every hour that is in my mind. >> the county says it cannot comment on the case in part because it is going to trial next month. thousands of credit union customers will receive new debit cards after a cyberattack. the redwood credit union traced the problem to the railey's supermarket chain. the money vanished from customer accounts after they used their atm debit cards at
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those stores. 200 breeches have been reported and 18,000 cards will be replaced. up next on abc7 news at 11:00, landlord from hell. his first jail house interview with the abc7 news i team. thought you had a bad landlord? wait until you hear what this guy did to his parents. >> and thousands of people are beginning to make their way home. we are keeping an eye on the traffic tonight. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. the marine layer is deepening. what this will translate into for your weekend
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landlord from hell. kip may see is giving his first interview from the san francisco county jail to the i team. >> macey and his wife harassed those in the apartment building they own for skipping bail and then skipping to europe. macey's biggest vehicle times turned out to be his own parents. >> 38-year-old kip macey told me that the landlord from hell label does president bother him. doesn't bother him. they bought it to rehab and sell, but they couldn't get the tenants out. >> the point is to get it red
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tagged because they lost all options. >> it is not burglary. >> so you were trying to get the building red tagged to take control of the building? >> that's correct. that's obviously not a nice thing to do. >> he told me he was ready to walk away from the project, but his wife was too emotionally invested. so they waged a campaign of harassment. they changed locks repeatedly and cut telephone lines and shut off gas and sawed through floors and doused beds, clothing and electronics and directed workers to cut support beams under the building and threaten tenants. >> i made jokes about their safety and joking around. i don't remember what i said. >> was it meant as a joke or were you trying to get them to feel pressure? >> well given the amount of cleverness i felt in writing it, it felt more like 50/50. >> in april of 2008
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prosecutors charged kip and nicole macey with felony stalking and conspiracy and vandalism and more. his parents posted $500,000 to bail the couple out of jail. they went to court, but it didn't go well. >> tell me about that decision. >> it is going so badly have i to take off. badly i have to take off. >> that is in response to the judge exploding. >> kip and nicole went on the run landing in italy. his parents had to forfeit the $500,000 bond. the checks cut last week to san francisco superior court. >> you understand the pressure that your parents are under now having to write that check. >> i am well aware of that. >> does it make you feel bad? >> yes. >> how important was that $500,000? >> it was the whole question. >> all of your savings? >> yes. >> she tells me she is not angry at her son that is sad
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and pathetic. she has the strongest words for the san francisco district attorney's office. >> my son is a person with a problem. the d.a. is the person with power who misused his power. >> the d.a. refused to extradite her son and daughter-in-law from italy so she could keep her $500,000. >> they followed him all the way through florida. >> macey's bail agent found them in italy, but could not have them arrested because the d.a. had not filled out what is called an inter poll red notice, alerting italian authorities that kip and nicole were fugitives. >> i did call the d.a.'s office and i told them we have them in our custody. can you please issue the red notice? they said they were not interested. >> he tried it a second time and returning to italy. again, the d.a. declined to extradite the couple. only after it was too late for macey to keep her $500,000 did the d.a. decide to have kip
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and nicole macey arrested. >> these are people um -- upholding the law and supposed to be defending me and they have robbed me. >> lawyers for the maceys took it to court and lost and appealed and then lost again. the court found in essence that the d.a.'s office can change its mind at anytime. a spokesman for district attorney george gascone says no one from the office would be interviewed, but provided a statement that reads in part the reason bail was forfeited in this case was because the defendants fled. >> it was all about the money. >> kip and nicole agreed to a plea deal of four years and four months in state prison. if a judge approves it next month they could be out in a year with time served. kip plans on spending a six-month parole and living with his parents and returning to work as a software developer to pay them back. >> everybody is paying it back. >> you still plan on that? >> yes, of course.
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that is a fundamental mark. >> marie may see is 67 years old and planned to retire by now. but she has to keep working as a nurse at the menlo park v.a. after losing her life savings. she says she can't go see her son in jail. it is too painful. her husband's health is failing because of the stress. for the i team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> what a story. let's move on to the weekend forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with that for us. >> carolyn and larry, summer will take a break for the weekend and even beyond the weekend. temperatures cooler than average for this time of year, right on through early next week. live doppler 7hd is showing you gray skies near the coast. also already foggy in over the bay and here is a view from our explore for yum camera as you look toward the ferry building. this is what you well see first thing tomorrow morning. san francisco 57 and it is 56 in san francisco and 57 in oakland and low 60s around san jose and santa cruz. port of oakland from our emeryville camera and you can see how fuzzy it looks. it is an indication of the marine layer deepening now.
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santa rosa is at 54 and currently novato 55. 62 in live more and 61 in los gatos. foggy on the golden gate bridge. drizzly conditions into your saturday morning. cooler weather for the weekend and below normal highs continuing right on into monday. here is what is going to bring us a deepening marine layer and the cooler than normal conditions. this area of low pressure has been sitting there. it is finally starting to move on shore. it will stay mainly in southern california, but as it gets closer to us, what it does is it starts to lift the marine layer and deepen it. we are seeing it deepen to 1400 feet. by morning it will deepen some more which means most of you, even the inland valleys will start out with overcast skies. and some damp spots due to drizzle. the temperatures are low 50s to the low 60s first thing in the morning. and as you look at our highs for your saturday, still going to be nice. the inland areas are warm like
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antioch. 86 degrees and 85 in livermore and 83 in concord and 80 in san jose. oakland 69 degrees and 78 in napa and 75 in santa rosa. san francisco is 64 and half moon bay, lingering fog and 60 degrees. you have to go above the marine inversion in places like clear lake to get up to 96 degrees. it is not going to be hot at the gilroy garlic festival. it is already underway today. tomorrow, day two, you can see the conditions will be nice. low clouds at 10:00 a.m. 63 degrees. sunny skies by 1:00 p.m. the temperatures are warming at most in the low 80s by 4:00 p.m. cooling off and breezy and 7:00 tomorrow night. 72 degrees and expect similar conditions for the gilroy garlic festival on sunday. speaking of, accu-weather seven-day forecast, only 84 in our warmest spots inland on sunday. the temperatures bottom out and holding there upper 50s to mid80s. we don't really start to see a return until the midto latter
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part of the workweek. it is mid-nineties inland and back to the hot summer weather. mid60s coast and larry and carolyn. >> thanks, sandhya. we want to take a quick look at the sky way. it looks great especially compared to what we had earlier in the day. the jay-z concert hasn't gotten out. it might get heavier, but so far, so good. >> we want to remind you that the live stream is available in the bay area. >> watch abc, a new way to experience abc anytime, anywhere. if you are at home or out and about you can enjoy your favorite newscasts and tv shows on your smart phone, tablet, computer, live and on demand. >> it is a benefit brought to you by the comcast charter communications and at&t u verse. go to to find out how to access watch abc. enter your tv provider account information to log-in and then you will get to watch abc live stream or you can search watch abc to download the app. in sports, orange friday used to be like a guaranteed
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win night for the giants. not this year. guaranteed misery is more like it. one strike away from victory and no! sports is nex
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colon is not suspended in the bio-genesis scandal. while they wait and watch colon has been great. wives and girlfriends on the treadmills raising money on miles for smiles charity event. looking for the 14th event and trouble in the first a 2-run homer. the a's get one rack in the bottom half of the first. his eighth homer of the year and he has some clout. it is 2-1. the a's would take the lead in
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the second and lowry again. he doubles down the line. cocoa crisp scores and it is 4-2a's. 3-4 and three r.b.i's. they now have a four-game lead on top of the al west. the giants and gubs -- and cubs. this is the way you get to the game. easy. matt cain seven innings. deserved to win, but he shoots one under abreu. it is a 1-0 cubs lead. giant offense quiet until the seventh. francure hits one. romo hits a ground ball and no through the legs of brandon belt who had a costly base running mistake. two runs score on the error and that is your game winner. thank you. it3-2 cubs over the giants. the raiders open training camp in napa today. the silver and black had to be happy to see the man in red on the field. dj hayden cleared to
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practice. hayden was the 12th overall pick in the draft and had life-saving surgery in november on a vein near his heart and then an abdominal procedure in may. he is in the red no contact jersey. exrarls woodson is back -- charles woodson is back with his second stint. >> the greatest thing about it it is still fun. i still love it. i plan on having a great deal of public with the guys that are going to the first game. >> with the absence of michael crabtree they are thrilled to have bolden and camp. bolden lit up the secondary in the super bowl. 104 yards and a touchdown. had to be awkward joining your opponents. bolden expected to be tested in training camp. >> you want guys that will make you work and is better as an offense. offoffensively we don't have
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it easy. i think that is a plus for us. >> he will be really available this year. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. up next, how the world's music and social media stars came face-to-face today in the bay area. >> hey, everybody, your abc morning news traffic reporter here. for all of you drivers, drive the smart way. check out right now and you could drive away with a brand-new smart car. we will announce the lucky winner friday august 2nd on the abc7 morning news. be smart, enter now. join me for live traffic alerts and the best
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your weekend will look like. gray skies tomorrow morning. low clouds, fog, patchy drizzle and breezy in spots
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and cool as well. 50s and 60s during the morning hours. we will see clearing bayside and inland later in the afternoon. lisa argen will be here at 5:00 a.m. larry, carolyn? >> thanks. before he hit the stage with justin timberlake at candlestick, rapper jay-z had other business to tend to. >> the music mogul made a stop at facebook's menlo park earlier today. here he is with mark zuckerburg during a meet and greet. who was more impressed? jay-z or zuckerburg? >> i think zuckerburg looks awfully excited. >> you can't blame him. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. abc news continues on-line and on twitter on abc7 news bay area.
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is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, maggie gyllenhaal, dean norris, miss utah marissa powell, and music from empire of the sun. with cleto and the cletones. and now, your friend and mine, here is jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. thank you for watching, thank you for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: as you know, game six


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