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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  July 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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going beyond the fourth. after two recent murders, neighbors are taking matters into their own hands to keep their streets safe. i'm no -- in for ama daetz. >> residents are mobileeeses after a 66-year-old woman was shot and killed while driving her carne middle -- car in the middle of the day. reporter: oakland police have a strong lead in the shooting death of but they won't elaborate. it's shootings like the one that
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took her young life that led to maxwell park residents to plan to pay for extra security out of their own pockets. >> we don't want a repeat of trayvon martin who is all of our child. >> nancy lives here in oakland. she and about three dozen of her neighbors are attending a final question and answer meeting with a representative of first alarm. the private security firm is being hired to patrol the maxwell park neighborhood. >> there have been two or three cars stolen in the neighborhood. and there have been killings in the park and at the corner. so that's a concern to me. >> you think this will help? >> i do. >> the killings she is talking about are othe shooting taught of an eight-year-old in the diamond district then just last week, less than a mile away, 66-year-old judy solomon was shot to death in her car, here, near the maxwell park area.
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residents say they've been working on finding extra security for more than a year. a move the council member regrets that the neighbors have to seek help from outside the police force. >> it unfortunate that neighbors have to dig in their own pockets to supplement the security. >> the fee is $15 a month to have a house put on the first alarm patrol list. she says the officers will carry only defensive weapons like raidovers, cell phones, and even tasers. 180 residents have to sign up for the service before patrols start. that could happen in the next week. >> the council member says the city plans to add 36 civilian employees for the police department, plus another 75 police officers in the next two years. he says she hopes that will make oakland safer and communities won't have to pay for their own private security. we're live in oakland, abc7 news. >> family and friends of missing oakland toddler daphne webb are continuing to pass out fliers.
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17 days after her disappearance. today they concentrated in the area where the girl's father lives on mountain boulevard. her grandfather says every day she has been gone has been hard. >> it's unreal. there's no way to prepare for something like this and a lot of people can say that about their situation. tragedies they go through. but for us, there's really no way to be prepared for this. >> daphne disappeared from the back ore -- back of her dad's car. >> we learned family of the three girls who died in the asiana crash at sfo are heading back home to china tonight. the 16-year-old and 15-year-old were killed in the july 6th july 6th accident. their families left san francisco around noon on a flight to shanghai with their daughters' ashes. the families retained a new york law firm to represent them.
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dozens of people were seriously injured in the crash of flight 214 which had 307 people aboard when it hit a sea wall in front of the runway, lost its tail and caught fire. the ntsb continues to investigate the crash. >> 60 years ago today the united nations and north korea signed an armistice, spending the korean war. today ground was broken for a future korean war memorial at the pre seedow -- >> what the armedded forces did, primarily the americans, made a democracy that is so thriving. if we could have their subway system here in san francisco, it would be great. >> the korean war was an undeclared fight that lasted from 1950 to 1953. 33,000 american soldiers died
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and 100,000 were wounded. it's often called the forgotten war. at the national mall in front of the korean war veterans memorial, president obama honored those who fought and especially those who were captured. >> surely no one endured more than our u p.o.w.s where the torment was unnational appearing. our p.o.w.s are the bravest, and we honor all, those who came home and those here today. >> 7,000 americans are still listed as missing in action in korea. this is a picture of general mark clark signing the armistice 60 years ago. >> in north korea today is known as victory day. there was a huge parade in pyongyang in front of know, korean officials, including leader kim jung un. earlier this year, north korea said it was scrapping the armistice, leading to fears of
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armed battles along the south korean front. >> secretary of state john kerry says egypt is at a pivotal moment in its history and says political leaders have the obligation to respect people's right to peaceful expression. those words come as deadly violence against protesters threatened to tear the country apart. here's the details. >> an outburst of violence and chaos is shaking egypt. volley0s of tear gas and live gun five filled the streets of cairo as security forces clashed with supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. >> a doctor as a cairo field hospital says the injuries are from live. a mission. the military-led government admits using tear gas but denies firing live ammunition at protesters. the muslim brotherhood is blaming the carnage on the
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military. >> a spokesman says the muslim brotherhood holds the coupe leaders responsible for the massacre and bloodshed. molly hunter is in cairo, watching the escalate of tension and violence between the muslim brotherhood and the military. >> the u.s. state department is urging all parties to find a political solution but last night did nothing to calm the nerves in washington. a plate cat association between the muslim brotherhood and the ruling government is looking increasingly unlikely and with the stability of america's biggest arab ally in doubt, the president obama is watching it closely. >> so are supporters, fearing a direct confrontation with member office the muslim brotherhood. abc news, new york. >> an east bay woman has been reunited with her cat after someone stole the animal from her car. she saw rocksie safe and sound
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at the spca in san francisco. she said she last saw her kaz on thursday before she went to a business dinner. police say the crook smacked her car window and took rocksie, ignoring a purse with a laptop in the back sheet. she said she took the cat to a friend while she was out of town. >> a prewedding cruise on the hudson ends with the missing bride-to-be and her fiancee facing charges. >> the deadly event that resulted in eight hour standoff with police in florida, and a fight on a san francisco street that had people taking a second look. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. the low clouds and fog sitting at the coast right now. but it's going to move inland overnight tonight. we have a couple of cool days ahead ofs. we'll check out
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>> er in new york city a maintenance facing vehicular homicide charges in a crash that police believe claimed the life of his fiancee. police say he may have been operating the boat while intoxicated. the speed boat was carrying the bride-to-be and five others when its crashed. a body match thing woman's description has been found. the best man is still missing. >> in details in a murder mystery in miami where a man killed six people before police officers shot him to death. the gunman is pedro vargas. he set fire to his apartment and killed six people in a shooting
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spree. firing dozens of rounds and then held off officers for five hours with both sides exchanging fire. ultimately he broke into another apartment and took a couple hostage until a s.w.a.t. team moved in, pushing the couple aside and shooting the gunman. one woman last both her parents. >> i heard 15 to 20 shots and i went outside and my neighbors were screaming that my parents had been shot. >> shocked residents are now consoling each oomph police -- each other. police are looking into what led to the shootings. >> developing news in san leandro. crews patched a broken water main that turned a busy street in the river. the pipe burst at 1:00 this morning. east bay mud says it was a six inch pipe. officials add their damage is expensive and may take until tomorrow to repair all of it no word yesterday on -- word yet on
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why the pipe broke. >> a street in san francisco looked more like a crash scene but it is more than an accident, and how a little critter is leading to the closure of some of california's popular hiking and camping spots. >> and let's look outside right now. blue skies but temperatures are going to dip a bit. your work week forecast is ahead. >> now here's a look at what is head on world news at 5:30. >> coming up, the deadly hostage standoff, eight hours of a man taking aim at several neighbors. also, hear the bank blondser. emergency coming home and your longs are changed but the a bank foreclosed on the wron
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an unusual site in the north beach neighborhood. this is not a bad accident or art installation. it's part of the set of the new movie "dawn of the planet of the apes" about a group of scientists in san francisco who try to survive in the aftermath of the deadly plague. the sequel to the "rise of the planet of the apes". it hopes in theaters next july. >> very dramatic. this is real life. in the middle of the popular summer camping season concerns over plague in southern california have forced three areas in the angeles national forest to close. a plague infected squirrel discovered during routine testing triggered the closure that will last a week.
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the plan is to put down powder to eliminate flee fleas. >> the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. we're the first local station and the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of your local news and your abc7 tv shows. now you never have to miss a minute of the news and the shows you love. it allows you to bring abc7 with you wherever you want to be. a special new benefit brought to you by abc, come cause, charter communications and at&t universe at no additional cost. go to to fine out how to access. enter your tv provider account information to log in and get the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. >> time now to get a check of the weather. i never saw the sun once today, and that's the way it's going to
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be. >> leigh: it is going to be that way. off and on patches of sun breaks for san francisco, and continuing into tomorrow. the reason why, a very thick layer of low clouds and fog that is just continued to stream across the bay area, through the golden gate, heading over towards the east bay, and this is going to become more widespread overnight. and we'll also put in some mist and drizzle. i want to take you to the sierra because from reno towards yosemite village we have been hit with moderate to severe temperature change. down one degree in santa rosa. concord, down four. so most locations down just one or two degrees around the bay area. live shot from our exploratorium cam over the bay. san francisco, 61.
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74 in san jose. 69 in santa cruz. i'm going to take you to san jose right now. you can see blue sky overhead. santa rosa, 73. still in the 80s for fairfield and livermore. los gatos, changing in at 80. the golden gate bridge socked in as the marine layer will thicken overnight. mist and drizzle will move further inland so look for a cooler day for sunday and we'll keep temperatures below normal into the first part of the work week. as we head through the evening, that fog layer is just going to deepen to 2,000 feet. so that's high enough to push inland. passing over the east bay hill. so, be advised. temperaturewise we'll all be in the 50s, upper fiveness -- 50s in the east bay. the cull sprit is the area of low pressure, counterclockwise spin so you can see for yourself all the low clouds and fog sitting off the coast as this
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low gets closer to us, all of this will be enhanced so more cooling expected through monday. by the way, can you smell it? the garlic? yeah. gilroy, the festival tomorrow. look for temperatures late in the afternoon in the mid-to-upper 70s. highs elsewhere around the bay area, 75. san jose. at the coast, it's going to be cool, breezy, fog, mist and drizzle, in the 50s. palo alto, 71. 62 for san francisco. north bay, 73. petaluma. oakland tomorrow, 68. interior east bay, mid-80s for brentwood, 80 for concord. the coolest day looks to be monday with temperatures struggling inland to get out of the sevenning inness, and then wednesday, thursday, friday, 90s in the inland. >> mike: the a's going
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retroagainst the angels. looks like my old softball unform or my ol
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>> the a's trying to pad their lead in the american league west, hosting the angels in the retro1969 uniform. i like the old look. takes me back to my youth. the angels, the halo on the cap needs a little work. angels with a lead in the second. tommy malone serves up a fat one
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to josh hamilton. responds with a bomb to right. but malone settles down, striking out six, a's offense struggled until the seventh. norris pinch-hitting, barely gets over the wall. two-run shot, his seventh. oakland now have a four and a half game over the rangers who are playing as they speak with a 3-1 victory. >> 49ers. put on the pad today for the first time in training camp and that's when you find out who is a football player as everyone looks good in shorts. you don't want too much hitting early in camp so you don't want injuries but you know jim harbaugh wants to see shoulder pads colliding so they can see who is the real deal. this player hopes to play in his first every postseason game. >> definitely a different culture. the whole environment is a lot more positive, a lot more
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upbeat, and it's true optimism. it's not like all the 32 teams in the league saying, this is the year, we're going to win the super bowl this year. it's coming from a real place, and so never been around that and just really good locker room. >> mike: i love this story. the husband of the year award going to hunter mahan who was leading after two rounds of the canadian open but his wife went into labor in texas and he withdrew. he was on the driving range when he received the phone call. a lot of low scores on a rainy day. dustin johnson, second shot, within a few feet. makes that for eagle. 9-under 63, three shots back. the leader, brandted? kirks also shot a 9-under 63, makes the birdie. 14-under on the tournament. leads by one heading into the
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final round on sunday. >> third round of the senior british open and the southport england, 2010 open charm, bernhard langer has a three-shot lead heading into sunday. 4-under 66 on the day. easy birdie play on 17. 9-under on the tournament. >> coming up at 6:00, a little tennis at stanford, and wnba all-star game. >> ahead at some -- a look at some of the friendly is places in the nation. or two right here in nor
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>> coming up at 6:00, a look at what b.a.r.t. and its worker union is holding up a deal that would avert another b.a.r.t. strike. >> what a chp officer is accused of doing in public that got him arrested and fired. >> two of the friendliest spots in the nation are in northern california. a room rental service came up with the top ten most hospitable cities. tahoe, number ten, and mendocino is number two. tampa, florida, topped the list. >> covering the bay area takes a certain kind of person, someone experienced, demands the truth and gets it right. a friend in your community, someone who cares. someone you trust. thank you for trusting abc7
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news, the bay area's waking news leader. this is "world news." tonight -- the flood fears. the warnings and watches across several states. the rescues. the city buses suddenly under water. also, watching those tropical storms, a big change for one. the other, still a direct hit. abc meteorologist ginger zee right here. the deadly hostage standoff. eight hours a man taking aim at several of his neighbors. how they stopped him. the bank blunder. the family that came home from summer vacation, their home emptied, the locks changed. the bank foreclosed on the wrong home. tonight, blaming gps? and greek gods. you would expect to find this in greece. but this, too? we take you where they're living longer than everyone else with their memories and their mojo, tonight, their secrets, revealed.


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