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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 28, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, july 28th. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning to you. we had a pretty intense marine layer yesterday that hovered along the short line. didn't clear in the city. this morning starting out at 2,000 feet. it will be gray for everyone, but later on today in san jose another pretty nice afternoon with numbers below average in the mid-10s here. but elsewhere around the bay we are talking low to upper 6os with some afternoon sunshine. it will stay cloudy once again at our coast. mid-50s to the lower 60s. the inland east bay around san ramon and concord, upper 70s. elsewhere highs will climb into the mid-80s.
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quite a variety once again, but a slow warmup is on the way. i'll have that for you in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. we have breaking news out of san leandro where a woman has died following a head-on collision early this morning. it happened around 3 9:00 a.m. a man was driving southbound on washington avenue when he hit a car traveling in the northbound direction. a man and woman were in that car. the woman was held. the man taken to the hospital where he's in critical condition this morning. the driver of the car that crashed into them was also taken to the hospital. police are investigating this alcohol was a factor. in developing news out of san jose, police are looking for a fan who led officer on a chase that resulted in a patrol car crashing into a tree. it happened just before 9 last night. they were trying to conduct a traffic stop of a suspect when
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he drove off. patrol car ended up crashing into the tree. >> the suspect got out and fled oven search. he has a history of violence. we started doing a yard-to-yard search for him, we will dot find him. we will issue a warrant for his arrest. >> the officer who crashed into the tree will be taken to the hospital for his injuries. in a little more than a week we could be facing another bart strike. talks are set to resume tomorrow and the two sides don't appear to be any closer. abc7 news reporter john alston has the latest on this delving story. >> with only one week left in the 30-day contract extension, bart and its two largest unions wrapped up a day of negotiation. they discussed some i'd issues like worker safety, but not the major sticking points, including salary. >> we have been working on contract issues each day.
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we have not wasted the time. we have made progress. we just have some big items yet to finish. >> one item that cropped up again involved bart's chief negotiator who was absent because he was on vacation. some wore hawaiian shirts on the union to make note of that. and one while he represented bart, he's also a vice president after company that was paid $30,000 to provide shuttle bus when is workers went on strike at the beginning of the m the unions have filed a formal complaint with bart. >> it indicates he has a financial interest in the occurrence of a strike, and perhaps could even gain, his company could gain, from a prolonged strike. >> i don't think that's a big issue. also, i'll say mr. hawk had nothing to do with planning our contingency operations, implementing them or choosing a vender. >> now thomas hawk, the mediators and negotiators for
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both sides are expected to meet face-to-face again on monday. john alston, abc7nous. fed up with crime, a group of oakland neighbors want private guards to help keep them safe. more than 150 people met in the park yesterday to sign up for patrols provided by first alarm security. one of the key selling points, oakland police admit the department is understaffed. >> i know they have their hands tied because they are caught in the budget. but i do not think they are really doing a good job. >> it's not a replacement for an adequately staffed police department, which is what oakland really needs. but it is a supplement. and i applaud these neighbors. >> yesterday's meeting follows two homicides in the area. 8-year-old was shot and killed after opening her front door on july 17th. 66-year-old judy was shot to death inside her car on wednesday.
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an 11-year-old boy from china is back with his family this morning after disappearing in san francisco yesterday. he got lost after his father told him to get change for the parking meter. but this is story has a happy ending. tears of joy at the moment when father and son are reunited. here's abc7 news reporter with the story. >> reporter: the frantic search was on for 11-year-old boy. he and his father are visiting from china. they decided to park to sightsee. since he knew a little english, he looked for a place to get change but he never returned. >> i mean, an 11-year-old child in san francisco, this is a big city for them. >> the boy's father searched the streets with a translator. he even left this note on his car for his son. it said don't leave here, dad is searching for you.
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san francisco police in the meantime kept officers on overtime to help. finally, hours after the boy disappeared, police got a phone call. >> we gave him food and drink, yeah. and decided to call the police. >> this woman is the only one who noticed the little boy as he stood at the corner of jones and post. >> he was crying and i decided to walk to him and take him to the restaurant. i told him do not leave. stay here, i'll take care of you. >> soon police picked him up and brought him back. we were there for the emotional reunion with his father. the 11-year-old was speechless. his father was a man of few words, but wanted to say this. >> want to thank the san francisco police department for all their efforts and for caring a lot about him and concerns and helping us find our son. >> it was a trip to san francisco this family will
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never forget. abc7 news. despite the best efforts of family and friends, there are still any clues this morning in the search for 21-month-old daphne webb of oakland. flyers were passed out yesterday in the neighborhood where the girl's father lives. she was last seen july 10th. her grandfather said daphne's disappeared of appearance is hanging heavy on the family. >> this has been a weak. it's almost like we are in a stalemate and can't move forward or anything until we know where she is and how she's doing. we would very much like to get her back home. >> daphne's father said he came out of a convenience store to find her missing. several berkeley residents have pitched tents and have spent the night to protest plans to sell the downtown post office to private developers. postal service plans to close the berkeley post office and others across the nation to save money. protesters hope their campsite
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makes the building unattractive to prospective buyers. >> it's a loss to the people. we say and we feel it cannot be grabbed for private profit by a handful of people who are only interested in feathering their own nest. >> it's on the national register of historic places. the mayor and also others oppose the plan to sell it. four men are in custody after police found what is called a suspicious sign on a beach. yesterday they noticed a boat landed on shark tooth beach. four men ran away after they saw him. they were taken into custody. boat contained several bundles, butt ranger is not telling us what was inside. the department of homeland security has been called in to help with the investigation. the family of a saratoga girl who killed herself has added another person to their wrongful death lawsuit.
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15-year-old audrey potts say she was sexually assaulted by three classmates afterfs she passed out at a party. the 16-year-old boys are accused of taking pictures and sharing hem online. now a 15-year-old that the family believes egged the boys on and then lied about her role to police, has been added to the lawsuit. you might spot an unfamiliar sight when look out on to the bay. a flamingo. the pink bird is normally found in tropical areas thousands of miles away. but it's been spotted several times this summer. nobody seems to know where it came from, and local zoo officials and other bay area wild animal facilities say they aren't missing any flamingo. they say the bird does not have a tag on its wing or clipped wings, meaning it could be part of a private owner's collection. a beautiful bird there. lisa argen, our meteorologist,
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is here with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> well, it's been awfully cool out there. we are looking at more low clouds and fog to start your sunday. here's a look at emeryville where temperatures are in the 50s. mist and drizzle this morning and another cool day with highs just in the 61s here. but a few 81s return. i will tell you when the warmup is coming your way when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a cat stolen out of a car in san francisco is back home this morning. how the pet got back to its owner. and hits shaping up to be an early harvest in napa's wine country. how the seasons affect the character
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police in florida still don't know why a man living with his mother in a south 1/2 apartment complex set the unit on fire and went on a shooting rampage friday night. six people were killed. 42-year-old pedro vargas was fatally shot by list after an eight-hour standoff. he had no known criminal record. this morning a chp officer is on administrative leave accused of sexual misconduct at a sacramento mall. security officers at arden fair mall say these are pictures of officers jeffrey clawsen hurrying to his car after the alleged encounter. investigators accuse him of inappropriately touching a 22-year-old disabled man in a department store bathroom while off-duty. >> you have the car when it was coming in initially. we have the license plate. we pretty much had an idea who the individual was the very first day. >> i just can't believe that a police officer or someone that's
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supposed to be protecting people would come out and touch someone. >> clawsen, a 25-year department veteran, has also said to have exposed himself while assaulting his victim. a happy reunion in san francisco. a woman has her cat home after someone snatched it from her car. a surveillance camera captured the crime. you can see a man pulling a cat carrier through a broken car window. this was broadway and poke street. it happened on thursday. a good samaritan called animal control after finding the cat friday. officers cared for the kitty, named roxy, until carolyn adamson arrived at the shelter on 15th street. >> this is the best birthday present i could ever ask for. i cancelled my vacation and had to fix my broken window, but it was all worth it to be able to find my baby. >> the first time we have heard of somebody actually break into a vehicle to steal someone's
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beloved animal. >> police say this is rare, but animal thieves usually target dogs, not cats. the burning man festival is being allowed to grow. federal officials have issued a new four-year recreation organizers -- permit to the organizers of the event. it will allow 68,000 people. that's more than 7,000 above the previous cap. organizers have to comply with conditions such as security, and cleanup. last year it peaked at more than 53,000. lights, camera, action, hollywood has come to san francisco's north beach this weekend. take a look at the wrecked police car. it's part of the scene of the new "dawn of the planet apes" movie. there was other cars, debris and filming will continue today. you might encounter detours if
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you are driving or walking in the area. bargain hunting rights people are raising money to fight cancer in emeryville. yesterday nearly 1,000 wedding gowns went on sale thanks to the brides against breast cancer nationwide tour. last year they raised over $2 million to help cancer patient and their families. >> we are excited to be back. san francisco is very giving. you guys always come out and support the cause. we have donees of wonderful volunteers here helping the brides to be fining their wedding gowns. >> the deep discounts include gowns selling for just $99. this sale continues today from noon to four at the hilton garden inn on powell street. things are about to get busy, really busy, in the napa valley. grape growers athey are facing one of the earliest harvest of. our reporter wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: if an expert were
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to guess the date only by look at grapes ripening on vines, he or she would most likely say it is august, even based on what we are seeing in july. have you ever heard the french heard voratian? >> that's the turning of colors and signals ripening. >> here you see it. some still green, others turning red. according to this man who runs a winery in napa county, this is the warning bell and the start of a down down to a harvest that may begin three weeks earlier this year all due to the weather. >> if we have an earlier harvest for the north coast, it's a good thing because this is a cooler climate matt area. if we can get the grapes in sooner, then we aren't backed uninto late october, early november and that's when bad things happen. >> an early harvest is not unprecedent bud hardly normal. it happens about 10% of the time. the last early harvest in 2009 gave mark a little history to sell and taste. >> a little cherry.
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you get a little bit of olive, a little bell pepper. >> and sometimes the misconception or two by consumers. >> i think the older is better. >> in reality, every wine from every season, even from the same vineyard, can be different. early wines from warmer seasons may be boulder with more alcohol. this cabernet from the cooler 2011 season has more subtle qualities. >> this was harvested at the very end of october. >> so what's that line about no wine lovitz time? it's all accurate, barring, of course, the unfore seeable. >> let's hope it doesn't snow between now and august. >> i don't think so. >> and if the red grapes seem to be ripening fast we didn't even deal with the whites. they don't change color at this time of year, they just get soft. we are told by champagne growers, by the first week of august, they will be picking. wane freedman, abc7 news. well, we have had strange weather for several months now. >> yes. and we are in the midst of a
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cooling trend. i'm here to tell you how long it is going to last. it's been awfully cool. below average for some parts of the bay. right now live doppler 7hd once again looking at low clouds and fog to start out. in fact, the marine layer has deep ended. it's about 2,000 feet deep u see a few returns offshore. this is an area of low pressure that continues to drift down to the central coast and it won't be doing much for our weather except keeping that marine layer pretty steady and strong at about 20. winds 10 to 20 miles an hour throughout the afternoon. here's a look from the roof camera right now where the temperatures have dropped into the 50s for the most part, except mountain view, 62 degrees. it's 58 in oakland with mid-50s hoof moon bay. santa cruz checking in at 57. the golden gate bridge, you may need your wipers. temperatures in the north bay from the low 50s isn't ressa, 54 in napa, 55 and
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livermore where we have cloudy skies, 57. the delta breeze once again transporting the cooler air well inland. here's a look at emeryville. the highlights, low clouds and drizzle this morning with another cool day on tap. the coolest day of the week really will be tomorrow when temperatures come down a few more degrees. we are looking at a slight recovery by the middle of the week where temperatures are going to come up toward the end of the week. so the first system really dissipates, nothing to it. but then there is another system out to the west of us that will allow for more cooling into the beginning of the work week. so we will look for the marine layer to stay upwards of 2,000 feet. last night came back across the bay. for the week ahead in san jose, notice that with high temperatures tomorrow, once again in the mid-70s. nothing changing too much. right through the middle of the week. and then by the end of the week a little bump-up. we will see temperatures try to make it back towards normal highs. normal highs for the south bay.
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in the low 80s for this time of year. running short of that with 75 in san jose. morgan hill 83 and gilroy 82. low 10s closer to the bay on the peninsula. redwood city about 73 today with 67 san mateo. the clouds hanging tough from pacifica. even to milbrae with highs in the upper 50s to mid-60s. san francisco coming in at 62 degrees. at least four degrees below average. daly city a cloudy day at 58. up in in the north bay high temperatures pretty comfortable with sunshine toward midday. 75 sonoma with 73 vallejo. east bay plenty of upper 60s for hayward and newark today." castro valley barely in the low 70s. fremont upper 70s from san ramon and low to mid-80s from livermore to brentwood. still a little bit of a breeze out there. if you are headed to gilroy, san
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martin, temperatures in the upper 70s by the afternoon. one of the warmer locations for the day today. notice the drop tomorrow then a slow recovery towards the middle of the week. but it's not until thursday and friday we get the warmth back in our inland east bay and a little more sunshine at our beaches and some moderation around the bay. so if you are hovering right around the bay, you are getting that breeze and that cool marine air. that's what we can offer for the next several days. >> i know they have a kite flying contest in berkeley. so i guess the wind certainly will help that. >> yeah, yeah. >> thanks, lisa. well, new york mayoral candidate anthony wiener is losing support this morning in the weak of recent revelations about his sexting scandal. today on "this week" george stephanopoulos speaks with crisis management expert judy smith. these the inspiration behind the television show "scandal."
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>> a tiny island in greece is getting a lot of attention because the people there live a long, long time. the island, the residents live well into their 90s. one clue to longevity, they have noel ray tore or shuttle buses. residents move to live. >> our grandparents burned about five times as many calories in nonexercise physical activity. here these people move mindlessly. they burn 1,000 calories a day, doing every day chores, needing bread, gardening, walking to their friend's house and i think that's a big secret to america. >> besides being active, the 8,000 islanders also have a standard mediterranean diet. lots of fish, nut, fruits and just a little meat and they
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drink lots of herbal tea. meat eating plants are taking center stage at a garden show this weekend. they have some edges designed to eat insects. one calls it spectacular. one woman came in search of a venus fly trap. 500 plants are on sale. the show continues today from 10 9:00 amarista to 4 9:00 p.m. straight ahead, is kaiser putting their reputation on the line? the criticism from customers and lawmakers about the company's skyrocketing costs. >> and millions of people turn out to see the pope in brazil. we will take you there live and tell you what's ahead in the final hours of his visit to south america.
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>> welcome back, everyone. let's start this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn, good morning, everyone. sunrise a 6:10 but we won't be seeing much of it. plenty of cloud cover from the roof camera downtown. temperatures dropped into the 50s and there is mist and drizzle. 57 in san jose with pair skies. half moon bay 55 with the low clouds and fog. and 57 in santa cruz. this morning the clouds all the way into the east bay. they will slowly retreat, and due to that slow retreat you will notice that the oranges and the reds, still far to the east of us. that means the warmth really not spreading far westward. in fact, high temperatures will be mainly in the 70s just with a few 80s around the bay. and those 50s with the fog confined in the coast. we will talk about how long the cool down lasts in a few minutes. >> thanks, lisa. happening now, this is a live
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at rio de janeiro where pope francis is on his way to perform his final mass on his trip to brazil. we have seen him in his pope mobile, kissing babies, waving to the crowd. millions of people are expected at the mass as he wraps up his visit. last night he led a vigil on c.o.p.a. -- the beach where there are 3 million people to see him. he's been there for world youth celebrations the past week. another baby goes up for the pope to bless. this is his first international trip since his inauguration. in world news, at least 72 people have been killed so far in clashes in egypt this weekend. it's the hayest death toll in a single incident in the country since the military ousted president muhammad morsi earlier this month. clashes yesterday were between police and supporters of morsi.
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nearly 800 people were wounded in violence nationwide. and back here in the bay area of, there will be a rally in the south bay to protest the military koupe in egypt. they are supporting the pro democracy protestners egypt. it will be at 2:00 this morning in san jose. abc7 news has learned the families of the three girls who died in the asiana crash in san francisco have returned home to china. the three girls were killed in that july 6th accident. their families left san francisco around noon yesterday on a flight to shanghai, carrying the ashes of their daughters. the families, by the way, have retained a new york law firm to represent them. dozens of people were seriously injured in that crash of asiana
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flight 214. there were 307 people aboard when the lane hit a seawall in front of the runway at sfo, lost its tail and caught fire. kaiser permanente is the biggest healthcare provider in california. now some of the oakland-based company's biggest customers are complaining about the increase in premiums. nannette miranda has the story. >> reporter: kaiser permanente may be starting to lose their reputation of a high quality care at low prices. the rates are rising. at the nation's third largest healthcare buyer, family coverage at kaiser in 2007 was the most affordable insurance option for workers. three years later it cost more than the plans offered by others and blue cross. next year they will be the most expensive plan, surpassing even blue shield. >> i am surprise bed that.
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>> david is very happy with kaiser, but rising prices might make even good consumers think twice if employers want a bigger contribution from the paycheck. >> like everything, you weigh price. you always think about that. so it's another thing to consider. >> we tracked down the healthcare giant's former ceo, who was in charge during the price hikes. as big employers look for bargains, he says we have to buy his books for answers. >> i really recommend you read the books. they are really good. they are very clear. they explain all the issues, they explain the entire agenda. >> a proposal at the capital would force kaiser to reveal how rates are being calculated and what the rates are being spent on. but the hmo thinks it's an attack on its business model. they say kaiser permanente is committed to find being the concerns behind the bill. we share the goal of making affordabwhile employers feel tr.
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with 40% of the business in the state, they may feel they don't have to negotiate rates. and removing them may not be popular with workers, some who have been enrolled for 50 years. >> i love them, the pharmacy, everything. everyone knows me. >> in sacramento, abc7 news. happening today, ucsf will offer free dental screenings for kids during the city's sunday streets event in the mission. university business street residents will perform the screenings and provide education for children and their parents. no appointmentness for the screenings that will take place from 11:30 to 3:30 this afternoon on 24th and harrison streets. as we mentioned, the fifth sunday street event of the season returns today in san francisco's mission district. the free event kicks off 11:00 this morning. it stretches down valencia
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street between 24th and there will be free bike rentals, yoga, live music and a whole lot more. it runs until 4:00. >> emirates team new zealand is scheduled to race in the america's cup this morning after racing unopposed yesterday. they will race against the italian team luna rossa challenge this week. and emirates has already won the round robin portion of the louis vuitton cup which shows which team faces the u.s. champ oracle team usa. concerns over a playing in southern california have forced three areas in the national forest to close. a playing-infected squirrel discovered during routine testing triggered the closer that will last about a week. the man is to put powder down in the area to eradicate fleas.
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the disease is spread through flee bites. >> i could have gone to vegas but i chose a campground only to be run out by the playing. >> if i see dead animals around, i will stay away from that area, knowing the fleas may be looking for another host. >> the playing can be treated with antibiotics but can be fatal if left untreated. campers should avoigt areas with a lot of ground squirrels and they should avoid leaving food out for the animals. up next, behind the scenes maneuvering that will allow a san francisco neighborhood to get a park it desperatery needs, and it won't cost the city a dime. here is a live look from our roof cam. it was partly gray, pretty gray yesterday throughout san francisco. what is on tap today in the city and in your neighborhood? lisa argen will have your foreca
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a tightly-packed downtown neighborhood is getting a little green space. new park is located near the bay bridge on-ramp at harrison and first streets. johnathan bloom explains it's a totally new kind of park that won't cost taxpayers a cent. with the high-rises springing up in san francisco's rinkon hill neighborhood, there's one patch of green space. it's meticulously manicured. for months it's been empty. private property. >> there's no public open space within nearly a half-mile of where we stand today. that is about to change. >> at a public gathering the
5:41 am
san francisco park alliance explained this half acre was always supposed to be public. it was par of the deal when they built the artments. but when it came time to hand it over to the city, the city couldn't maintain it. >> how do you maintain a gift? how do you look them in the mouth and say we can't accept it because we can't maintain it. >> neighbored were upset. hundreds signed a petition begging them to find another way. after weeks of negotiating, they did. >> it will be open to the public every day of the year, and importantly it will cost the city nothing. >> emerald park is named of a emerald fund, the real estate developers who will continue to own and maintain it at about a cost of $45,000 a year. along with a nonprofit parks alliance, they filed a conversation easement, meaning nobody, not even them, will ever be allowed to build on the land or make it private. in essence, they are donating it to the public. >> we feel so fortunate to be able to give something back to the city wherein deed we left our heart. >> the mayor hundred he had
5:42 am
wouldn't find donations from other neighbors. the neighbor who started it, couldn't be happier. >> just total generosity. its totally unexpected and uncalled for for them to commit to such an agreement. >> there will be a children's terrace to be put in place. they said once it's built, it will open to the public. >> they have really been needing the park, so good for them. lisa argen is here now. good day to go to the park if you don't mind cool weather. >> they are needing the sunshine downtown with the highs today just in the low 60s. another cool day on on tap. plenty he low clouds and fog up to 2,000 feet deep. that means a slow burn-off. once again, cooler than average temperatures, but we do have a little bit of light at the end of the summer. more summer like weather headed your way. i'll tel en next.
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>> the giants find another way to lose to the cubs. this time beaten by a former teammate. mike shumann has the highlights
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>> the giants still have one more honour to receive, the last season's world series championship. tomorrow the team will meet with president obama at the white house during a ceremony saluting their world series sweep of the detroit tigers in october. it's the second time the president will honour the giants at the white house. he did the same thing two years ago when the team won the world series over the rangers. the giants will leave for washington after this afternoon's game at at&t park versus the cubs. tim lincecum takes the mound for the giants, who will be trying to avoid being swept. last night they suffered another terrible loss. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning areas sports. good morning and once again, the giants cannot get out of their own wy.
5:46 am
poor fielding and leaving runners stranded on base led to another loss to the cubs. becoming the story line, it seems like, every game. should we give this kid a hot dog? it's hard to die jest cowhide. giants lead all of major league baseball with 76 errors. two last night. pablo sandoval can't handle the roller. but they were pitching solid. giants loaded the bases in the eighth with no outs. gets out of the jam. strikes out hunter pence to end. st. louis no scoring in ninth. facing nate schierholtz and nature makes him pay. solo shot had to be the best of his career. 1-0, cubs. bottom of nine, bases loaded again. one out. grounds to first. back to home and back to first. double play, game over. giants left ten runners on base. lose their second straight to the cubs, 1-0, your final. many while the a's tying their lead in the american
5:47 am
league host hosting the angels. turn back the clock with the retro uniforms. like the old days but i'm not sure about the halo on the cap. angels 1-0 lead in the second. the starter malone serves up a fat one. he finds the sweet spot. his 15th of the year. malone settled down. seven inning, struck out six. and a's offense struggling until the 7th. derek norris pinch-hitting. lines to left and barely gets over the wall. two-run shot. oakland added one more in the in and they win it 3-1. a's are now a five game lead over the rangers, who lost to cleveland. all right, the husband of the year award goes to hunter mahan. he was leading after two rounds of the canadian open but withdrew after his wife candy went into labor in texas. he was on the driving range tuning up when he got the call. his wife went into labor three weeks early and he withdrew with the lead. justin johnson, he would make
5:48 am
the short putt for eagle. three shots back and 11-under. leader, brent snedeker, shot 9-under 63. makes the birdie on 11. and 16, nine birdies, 14 on the day. leads by 1 heading into today's final round. let's go to stanford. and straight sets, the drop shot. then on match point, she is serving. hampton's return finds the net. 6-3, 6-2 the final. the finals are today. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at five. have a great day. well, a little misty today driving into work. >> yeah, not much bush, boy, is there a lot of fog out there. we are looking at that cool-down continuing, not only today but the coolest day of the week looks to be tomorrow.
5:49 am
live doppler 7hd this morning, can you pick out the low clouds and fog? it's really been with us and, in fact, throughout much of the morning hours and slowly retreating. we managed a few 80s yesterday with livermore coming in at 83. morgan hill 84. so we are looking at just a few 80s. but on the fringes. once again today temperatures trim back with more 60s and 70s around the bay. so here's a look this morning. you can see still dark out there. sun up after 6:00 and temperatures from the mid-and upper 50s from san francisco to oakland. 57 in san jose, as well as santa cruz. high temperatures here have been cool, around 70 degrees. half moon bay, haven't seen any sunshine. golden gate bridge this morning, you may need the wipers. and the visibility is poor this morning with about three or four miles at the coast. but you can see not a lot of company there. 55 by the delta. we are looking at once again the breezy winds bringing some
5:50 am
cooler air into the east bay and the sacramento valley. 52 santa rosa with 54 in novato. in emeryville, len of 60s for you this afternoon. so another cool day on tap with temperatures below the average. so the morning clouds, mist and drizzle, then we are looking at temperatures today fairly similar to yesterday. but the coolest day should be tomorrow. the numbers come down another two to three degrees before they try to recover and high pressure builds back in by the middle of the week. once this is dissipating, there is another one upstream. it's going sort of take the place of this one that is headed into southern california. just reinforcing that cooler marine air. and that sea breeze keeping it up 10 to 20 miles an hour throughout the day today and tomorrow. so in terms of livermore for the week ahead today you are in the 80s. but then you will notice just a degree cooler tomorrow. and then still the temperatures fairly pleasant here for folks in the livermore valley. then heating up a bit toward the
5:51 am
end of the work week. at least you've got some summertime warmth. much. us pretty cool and be low average. 72 in los angeles. out of the 90s in sacramento. 9 for you and 96 yosemite. thunderstorms have ended in the mountains and back home we are looking at numbers ranging from the upper 50s coastside to 62 san francisco. 68 in oakland with 80 in concord and only 72 today in fremont. if you are headed to at&t park today, we will have the gray sky and a few peaks of sun. otherwise temperatures will be cool, breezy, low 6 tos, maybe some temperatures near 62, 63 by the late afternoon. then you notice for the seven-day outlook, very little change. in fact we cool off more so in the next day or two. then the rebounds by midweek. not much of it, though. just bringing us back toward normal thursday and friday and even into early next weekend. so need a little summer back here. >> we do. but no one will care what the weather is like at at&t park as
5:52 am
long as the giants can, you know, get it together. >> something. >> exactly. thanks, lisa. the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. watch abc is a new way to experience abc anytime, anywhere, whether you are at home or out and about. kau can still enjoy your favorite abc7 newscast, tv shows and sports right on your smartphone, your tablet, your computer live and on demand. it's a special new benefit brought to you by abc comcast, charter communications and at&t u-verse at no additional cost. you can go to to find out how to access watch abc. you just enter your tv provider account information to log in, and get to watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. coming up next, this year's royal march of the penguins at the san francisco zoo. the name chosen for the only boy
5:53 am
of the bunch.
5:54 am
5:55 am
they have taken up residents at a burlingame hotel. officials at the marriott hotel say the family of young barn owls was spotted on balance con nice this week. because barn owls. they have already been playing host to one family of the birds
5:56 am
that you see here that matched four babies last month. this is the second year the owls have nested at the hotel, that was recently given a certified wildlife habitat designation from the national wildlife federation. five baby penguins are now on display at the san francisco zoo following yesterday's annual right of passage. this provided these pictures from the march of the penguins. visitors cheered as the five chicks graduated from fish school, and then marched to penguin island. that's where they join the zoo's penguin colony that is home to many of their parents. a naming contest was held for the lone male in this year's batch of chicks. the winning name? george alexander louis, just like the royal baby born last week in london to prince william and kate middleton. up next on news at six, we continue to follow the breaking fuse. the latest on the fatal head-on collision overnight in
5:57 am
san leandro. also developing news. san jose police searched for a suspect who got away after an officer is injured during a chase. and a father overcome with emotion when he's reunited with his missing son.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start on this sunday, july 28th, with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn, good morning to you. this is the golden gate bridge where much of the stratus is covering the entire bay area. waking up to some cool conditions with numbers in the 50s across the bay. 5 #* 52 in santa rosa, 55 novato and fairfield and the breezy southwest winds will keep the numbers today below


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