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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 28, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america, new this morning, a courageous coming out party for amanda berry. one day after the man who held her captive for a decade was sentenced to a thousand years in prison. >> give it up for amanda berry. >> we'll show you how the crowd greeted her, and the celebrity who serenaded her. treacherous waters. harrowing new video and stories of survival this morning after an extraordinary deluge in north carolina. our meteorologist, ginger zee on what's coming next. toddler in trouble, it's a hilarious twitter feed straight from the mind of the so-called "honest toddler." so why is jessica alba's company so upset? and impossibly cute.
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we have a double dose of adorable this morning. penguins on the march. and this wide-eyed owl not shy about showing affection. ginger's worried about the safety of eskimo kissing the owl. we'll get to that later in the broadcast. good morning, everybody. we have a lot happening this morning, including this story out of indiana. take a look at the pictures. that is a tour bus carrying campers from a youth ministry program. they were involved in a deadly wreck. investigators now asking was speed a factor in this crash? extraordinary pictures. >> so many teens injured in that accident. and on a lighter note this morning. and the latest edition of the mom testers feature. thousands applied, but we could only pick three for you this morning. we're testing some of the wildest as seen on tv products,
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the results coming up, including a rollie egg master. but we're going to begin this morning with dramatic new video and life-or-death water rescues out of north carolina where more than a foot of rain fell if one day. >> this morning, one dead, one missing, and meteorologist ginger zee is covering it all. good morning. >> good morning. this was a horrible day, asheville, north carolina, and greenville, south carolina, both more than 13 inches just this month, their wettest july on record. yesterday, you had scenes like this, the road opening up. places like hickory, north carolina, got 7 inches or more if just two hours. at least one person is dead and one is still missing. raging floods swallowing parts of western north carolina. >> this is a bad time right now. >> it's just -- it's ungodly. >> reporter: the body of a 10-year-old girl found shortly after in the creek she was swimming in rose too quickly. more than a foot of rain in some spots in less than 24 hours. in lincoln county, two women barely making it out alive.
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>> literally in ten minutes, it rose from the creek side up to the house. >> they were banging on the doors and, she rescued me. >> reporter: in catawba county, a state of emergency. neighbors and fire crews working together to rescue this woman. the murky waters invading her home. the floods taking out bridges and engulfing entire streets. this car washing right offer the road, and that white pipe, a water line forced up by the rising waters. at least six families stranded, their only road out cut off. and look at this. if you look closely, you can just make out the top of a car floating away. in the north carolina town of newton, flooding forcing open a sink hole, this man jumping to test the ground. this national guard armory now underwater. the non-stop rain taking two large chunks right out of this golf course bridge, saturating the greens. it has stopped raining, and now they're behind that front.
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so some drying. but there will be a big mess for days to come. i want to point our attentions to flossie. tropical storm intensified heading to hawaii, there are tropical storm warnings and watches up for the big island and more. we're looking at faster timing, too. this is going to come in tomorrow, on monday, for the big island. 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts. we'll be tracking that. throughout the rest of the weekend and the start of the week. back to dan, i'll have the nation's weather in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. nervous hours in hawaii. now to a surprise appearance overnight. a very public show of strength by a young woman who has really been through hell. you are looking at amanda berry taking the stage at a concert in cleveland, one day after the pan who held her and two other young women captive for upwards of a decade was sentenced to a thousand years in prison.
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rob nelson is here with the story. a great night for her. >> and for the city, if you think about it. for the three women held captive in that cleveland house of horrors, it has been a week of closure. and for one, amanda berry, last night was a public reminder of how many people are celebrating her long-awaited freedom. >> i want you to give this person a bigger round of applause -- >> reporter: the crowd at roverfest in cleveland had no idea about the special guest about to take the stage. >> give it up for amanda berry! i told her she had a little bit of time to make up on the partying, and you guys would help her out tonight. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a courageous coming out party just one day after her captor, ariel castro, accepted a plea deal that will send him to prison for 1,000 years. >> i knew pretty much i was going to get the book thrown at me. >> reporter: it was amanda's voice pleading with a 911 operator after her escape in may that broke her story open in the
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world. >> help me! i'm amanda berry! >> reporter: breaking free after a decade in captivity. she and the others released this video statement. >> i want to thank everyone who helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. >> reporter: and now, another amazing sign of strength. appearing on stage in this video posted to youtube by cleveland station wmms's morning deejay rover. after the initial greeting from the crowd, she was serenaded by the rapper nelly. ♪ thinking bout her, thinking bout me ♪ >> reporter: while berry may appear to be doing remarkably well, experts say she will likely deal with the fallout from her ordeal for a long time. >> resilience is processing a traumatic event, and then finding a way to essentially move on from it. >> reporter: an ability amanda berry seems, for now at least, to be displaying in extraordinary abundance. according to the concertgoers, she said nothing on stage, but
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they said she simply smiled and seemed very happy. clearly a wonderful moment for the hometown crowd and amanda. >> good to see them embrace her that way. >> yeah, she needs those moments, right? >> as you said, this is a long process, but a great moment nonetheless. thank you. >> love to see her smile. thanks, rob. now to the deadly bus accident we told you about at the top of the show. a tour bus filled with children and teenagers crashed in indiana, flipping on its side. three passengers were killed while good samaritans rushed to the scene trying to help the dozens wounded. authorities are looking into whether the driver was going too fast. tai hernandez is here with the story. good morning, tai. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. the passengers were members of the colonial hill baptist church in indianapolis. most of them were teenagers. those who survived are lucky to be alive after they say everything changed in an instant. this morning, an indianapolis church is coping with the loss of three of its members, after a charter bus carrying 37
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erstate on saturday. the church group was returning from a michigan youth camp when the bus smashed into a retaining wall around 4:00 p.m., flipping on its side. according to emergency workers, the bus was seen traveling at a high rate of speed. >> i have no idea how fast, but it was -- the light turned green for the southbound traffic, and then the bus just flew into my vision right away and flipped just in an instant. >> reporter: a nurse who stopped to help added the driver was severely hurt. >> he was bleeding bad, so i stole somebody's belt and got a tourniquet on his arm. and then just started to help out everybody else. trying to get everybody that could walk away from the bus. >> reporter: there were two dozen people injured, including a toddler. >> 26 to to hospital from critical condition to serious. a lot of head injuries and extremity injuries. >> authorities believe the bus was the only vehicle involved in the accident, but the investigation is still ongoing.
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dan. >> those bystanders did incredible work. tai, thank you. this morning police in the new york city area are investigating a late-night boat crash near the city that left a groom-to-be without either his bride or his best man. the wedding was weeks away, but instead of engaging in last-minute party planning, the family of the bride has just recovered her body. and abc's aditi roy is covering this from piermont, new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. rescue crews will be back on the water searching for the remaining missing passenger on the boat. boat operator has been arrested, all coming with intense grief from their loved ones. this morning, 35-year-old jojo k. john is facing felony charges, including manslaughter. investigators say he was drunk behind the wheel of this 21-foot speedboat as it slammed into a barge late friday night. >> at this point, we have
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probable cause to believe he operated the boat while intoxicated. that's the charge. >> reporter: it's just hours after they pulled a female body from the water. it's lindsey stewart, they believe. she was supposed to married to brian bond in two weeks. >> she was supposed to be married two weeks from today. yeah. it just -- it shouldn't end like this. >> reporter: the frantic search for stewart and her fiance's best man was launched after a bridal party celebration turned into a nightmare. the couple and four friends took jojo john's stingray for what was supposed to be a short trip down the hudson river, but it hit the barge at full speed and launched them overboard. >> they do have some lighting. but it was very dark out there last night and very difficult to see the barges in the water. >> reporter: bonds, knocked unconscious after the collision called 911 after coming to his senses. this morning he's recovering from ahaered eye socket, and
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mourning the death of the woman who was two weeks from becoming his wife. investigators say everyone on the boat suffered head injuries. the groom-to-be is at the hospital. he and the bride-to-be had known each other since they were 10 years old. dan and bianna, a heartbreaking story. >> heartbreaking doesn't begin to describe it. our best to those families. really, our best to them. a lot of other news overnight. for that, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. good morning, everyone. new details emerging about the deadly shooting spree at a florida apartment complex. police have identified the gunman who killed six people as 42-year-old pedro vargas. it was in hialeah near miami. he was fatally shot by s.w.a.t. officers. police say he had no criminal record. and they're looking into whether he was involved with a dispute with the building manager, who was one of the victims. and pope francis drawing massive crowds on the last day of his visit to brazil.
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some 3 million people turning out at copa pope's mass this morning. last night, the pope was swarmed by people while riding in his popemobile. and earlier on saturday he was presented with a head dress of the indigenous tribes of brazil. looks pretty good there. to the crowd's delight he put it on and took it off eventually, we believe. and the driver at the controls of the train that crashed in spain is in police custody. he's expected to be questioned later today. he's facing new charges now, suspicion of reckless homicide. 78 people, passengers killed in the crash when the train flew off the rails rounding a turn. and now over to baseball, where red sox slugger david ortiz is used to bashing home runs. last night, he bashed -- check this out. show it to you in a second. he bashed a telephone in the dugout. the outburst began when he struck out. how about that, going at it.
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started arguing with the umps. things really got heated when he was tossed out of the game. smashing that phone in the dugout, generating more offense than the yankees have all year in his own way. and i'm a yankee fan. and i'm a yankee fan. >> oh, wow. and finally, everyone loves a parade, the only thing better is penguins on parade. as dan and i were discussing earlier today. hundreds on hand, penguins at the san francisco zoo for the march of the penguins. five penguin chicks waddling to their new home. see, they're waddling. the zoo now has 53 of them. there's proof. visible proof that they are waddling. the largest captive colony of these penguins. >> i was wondering what you and dan were talking about. >> the penguins. were they waddling, running, staggering? >> it was an elaborate discussion. >> include me, i had no idea, but now i do. thank you. >> thanks. now remembering a legend in american politics. lindy boggs, former congresswoman and champion of
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women's rights died at age 97. on a more personal note, she was the mother of abc's cokie roberts. here's abc's john donvan with more on the huge impact she made for so many. >> reporter: marie corinne morrison claiborne boggs. she was a washington original. known to most just as lindy boggs. late in life, in her 80s, a u.s. ambassador to the vatican. something that was new to washington when she got there during fdr's presidency, part of a power couple. with her husband, headed for leadership. tradition held one side of her heart while she embraced motherhood. raising three kids, a future new jersey major, and one, or own cokie roberts. but there was ambition and political smarts. she ran several of her husband's campaigns. >> she worked harder in this
7:15 am
campaign than anybody else. and lindy, this is for you from me. >> reporter: but then in 1972, the deep loss that changed everything. >> 70 planes were up over alaska searching for the twin engine cessna that disappeared monday with congressman hale boggs. >> reporter: her husband's plane was never found. it was clear who should be running for the seat. >> i want to be the congresswoman you expect me to be. >> reporter: she served in congress for 17 years, pushing to expand the horizons for women and the disadvantaged. >> hi, darlin'. >> reporter: her connection to her constituents was real. she was proud of the fact when she retired from congress, she was the only white member representing a may majority black constituency. she knew everyone who was anyone in washington. she chaired the democratic national convention in 1976. when president clinton made her ambassador to the vatican, the vice president who conferred the honors -- well, she could
7:16 am
honestly say that she had known him since he was a little boy. that's what being in politics for most of a century will get. times changed during the long run, but in part that's because lindy boggs changed the times. she was 97. john john donvan, abc news, washington. >> what an impact she made for so many. >> let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of abc's "this week." she was the first woman to represent louisiana in congress. i like how cokie roberts said she was the first woman to do most of the things she did. what kind of a legacy did she leave? >> a huge legacy. you heard it there in john donvan's piece. also, she used her seat in congress to open up opportunities for women and midnights, particularly economic opportunities. but the quote i love best is the one that bill clinton used when appointing her ambassador to the vatican, she's the only person on earth who can convince the pope i'm worth dealing with. and that is true. a slightly less wholesome story. anthony weiner, abc's jeff
7:17 am
zeleny confirming this morning, weiner's campaign manager quit in the wake of the escalating sexting scandal. do you envision him surviving this and winning the race? >> to win, that's almost impossible. his support began to plummet. he was leading the race, but the new revelations came out this week that said the sexting had continued. his support began to plummet. we have been surprised by voters before. but at this point his campaign does seem to be unraveling, even though he seems determined to stay in this no matter what. >> both he and his wife. >> she is standing by his side. the big question right now is, is that going to make a difference? in the past, we have seen that kind of support does help convince voters this is someone worth sticking with. i'm not sure this time around. >> george, thank you. and as a reminder, george has a packed show, sitting down with crisis management expert judy smith. the inspiration behind the abc hit show, "scandal." her take on the ongoing weiner saga later on "this week" with
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george. thanks again. this morning the death toll is mounting. and the fear is rising in the volatile middle east after the army there killed dozens of islamist protesters in egypt, there are new warnings of more violence to come. can america do anything to stop the slide here? abc's jeffrey kofman is in cairo this morning. jeffrey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can feel the sense of siege here. we are between battles right now, but it is not a question of if the streets will explode again here. it is only a question of when. in the blazing summer heat of cairo, they are waiting. this is camp morsi, tens of thousands of men ready to fight again to see mohamed morsi restored to the presidency. but supporters of egypt's deposed president are outnumbered and certainly
7:19 am
outgunned by the military and its many supporters. the clashes left close to 100 morsi fighters dead. the military-backed government insists they didn't aim at anyone. today we spoke with the doctor who treated many of the wounded and dying. he says the shots were clearly intended to kill. >> the shots were mostly in the head. the upper chest. >> reporter: that view confirmed independently by human rights watch. its investigators say many of the dead were shot intentionally by government security forces. we hold the leaders responsible for the massacre and the bloodshed says this man. there is, though, huge popular support here for the military's overthrow of morsi earlier this month. although elected democratically, many here believe he was intent on undermining democracy and improsing religious law. >> we came today to support our country and freedom against the terrorist people of the muslim brotherhood. >> reporter: authoriti
7:20 am
threatened by the huge military-style camp that morsi supporters have set up. they have vowed to disperse it. but it's not going to happen without a lot more bloodshed. dan? bianna? >> we are looking at another tense day in that part of the world. >> washington is keeping an eye on what's going on there. meantime, let's go over to weather and ginger zee who is keeping an eye on the weather. hey, ginger. >> hey, there, guys. omaha, nebraska. indianapolis, indiana, record low temperatures. it is so cold in parts of the midwest and great lakes, a cold air funnel. i want to take you to chicago this morning, where they're in the 50s. so a real cool morning. but it will clear out slightly. the clouds kept you insulated, not as many records as we might see, tomorrow it's sticking around into monday. but minneapolis this morning, 53, international falls right there also. the rain moving off to the east. new york city, boston in line for the rain, washington, d.c. down through virginia and parts
7:21 am
of florida get heavy downpours throughout your sunday. and out west, a slight break, reprieve from the monsoonal flow. but not long-lived. i wanted to show you this real quickly. the dryer air comes in. temperatures closer to average. but flagst >> in new jersey this morning, thousands of people are gathered for north america's largest summertime hot air balloon and
7:22 am
music festival right there. a colorful parade, not of penguins, but nearly 100 balloons. this morning it's a little rainy, but we hope they enjoy the flights and do get to launch. they need ideal weather conditions. ideal not what this shows, i have a facebook and a quiz for dan and bianna. ron, you can chime in, too. what kind of clouds are those? >> those are marbles. >> monsoonal flow. >> they look like white blood cells to me. >> okay. all of you are wrong. >> marbles. >> a mammatus cloud. >> oh, right. >> one of the only types of clouds associated with sinking air. so exciting this morning on "gma." >> we love the excitement. >> that was my second guess. >> mammatus? yeah. any way. >> yeah. >> believe that. >> weather geeking us out this morning. thank you, ginger zee, appreciate that. i know, she's so passionate. can't fake that. >> no, you can't. coming up, hollywood mom takes on the honest toddler. why actress jessica alba has
7:23 am
"honest concerns" about a wildly popular blog and how the mom demind it is fighting back. >> fascinating story. coming up, our "gma" mom testers are trying out the three craziest "as seen on tv" products yet. putting the rollie egg master and the bambooee through their paces this morning. >> daring moms. and nuzzling up to an adorable owl. how it returns the affection. that's come lg up in a special "pop news." keep it here. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel.
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does anybody think it looks appetizing? >> no. not at all. >> that doesn't sound good. you have seen the products on tv, products like the rollie egg master and the bambooee. the ads make some pretty grand claims. but do the vaunted and feared mom testers? what do they have to say this morning? which will get the mom seal of approval? good morning, i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. still trying to figure out what a bambooee is. good morning, everyone, there's a tease. but let's start with a different kind of mom story, the mommy blogger who has run afoul of a company controlled by hollywood star jessica alba. >> the blogger here in question runs a hilarious twitter feed called honest toddler. which is a series of
7:31 am
observations from a precocious 2-year-old. sounds innocent. why is jessica alba's company taking issue here? linzie jans janice -- janis has the story. >> good morning, the mommy tweeter behind honest toddler says she's determined to trademark her name despite opposition from alba's company. she's a glamorous movie star and queen of a booming baby products empire. >> there you go. >> reporter: and she's an ordinary mom whose blog landed her a book deal. so honestly, what could the two have to fight about? it's a war over a word. >> i created the honest company. >> reporter: the honest company makes everything from eco-friendly baby diapers to cleaning products, but she's using another word to protect it, mine. >> they wanted me to cancel the trademark application. >> reporter: she was stunned to find out her application to trademark the name honest
7:32 am
toddler had been blocked. according to the filing, alba's company says the massively popular blog and twitter feed is too similarly named. >> the only reason there's an issue of confusion here is that the aud consequence, audience, or the consumer for the product is really the same for both. so the mother of a toddler looking at the honest company might also look at honest toddler. >> reporter: the mother of three shares the inner thoughts of toddlers at honest like, it's hard to learn gentle hands in a world full of people who need hitting. and fyi, it's not hide and seek if your clihild waits in the closet while you read tmz on your phone. >> it came to life with my toddler. >> she came to "gma" to celebrate her best seller, and won't give up without a fight. >> it's a dream come true. i'm ready to got distance. >> reporter: for now, she doesn't sell products. but alba's brand says we are seeking assurance that the honest toddler will not sell products in the future that
7:33 am
could be confused with our own eco-friendly products for families. so for the moment, there is no lawsuit. both parties have told us they're still open to an amicable solution. if you like honest toddler, it may be a tv series. the producer of "sex and the city" has optioned the rights. >> honestly, can't we just get along? really? >> you think jessica alba will appear in the show? >> i doubt it. >> h this bickering is bad for business. especially honest business. >> yeah. >> thank you, linzie. let's go back to ron for the other stories making news again. hi, again, good morning, everyone, in the news, one body recovered, another person still missing following a deadly boating accident on new york's hudson river. the body believed to be that of bride-to-be lindsey stewart. her fiance's best man is still missing. the driver of the boat, jojo john has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. police say he may have been drinking. and out of china, a
7:34 am
landslide engulfing a car in mud and rocks. this happened earlier this month. hard to believe, but no one was seriously injured. and north korea celebrating the 60th anniversary of what they call the victory in the korean war. and in a surprising moment, kim jong-un being swarmed by the media. normally, they do not let reporters get that close. would you walk away from a chance to earn a million bucks? golfer hunter mahan did that, he was playing in the third round of in the canadian open and was leading, or tied for the lead, when he got a phone call while he was on in the tee. it was his wife, calling to say she was going into labor. he hung up, left the course and tournament to be with his wife. >> good man. >> that's a good man. >> and she still has not given birth. but other opportunities to win a million bucks. >> are you saying he shouldn't have done it? >> no, no he should have done it. no, no, no.
7:35 am
>> aan >> good decision. >> a million bucks is a million bucks. he should be with his wife. weather. ginger, please. >> wildfires in washington, 2600 acres one of them. 1200 firefighters fighting this one near goldendale. a lot of the smoke was coming up. and it was all over the visible satellite. pretty crazy, but it is getting slightly better. hot and dry, lightning-induced, and now some cooler, slightly -- with some scattered storms inland. portland, 79, seattle, 74. redding, still up at 100. most of the moisture moved off to the south and east. speaking of moisture, key west, florida, a shot from there, nice, looks very key westy. never have that bad of weather. where i wanted to show you is some drying for part of the nation that need it so badly. the western carolinas, with the flash flooding.
7:36 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by quicken loans. dan and bianna? >> ginger, thanks. coming up, our mom testers are back on the job, putting the "as seen on tv" products through the paces. do they make the perfect breakfast, hair or cleaner? also coming up, the wedding invitation you have never seen. the multiple choice rsvp going viral this morning. that's coming up in "pop news." keep it here. . that's coming up in pop news. keep it here. you know, i'm not trying to be ungrateful here or anything... but i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system
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♪ they're inescapable, those infomercials advertising those "as seen on tv" products. every once in a while on "gma" we recruit moms from around america to test the products. >> this time they are testing products that claim to improve everything from breakfast to house cleaning to your hair. abc's tech contributor becky worley is on the case. >> reporter: ah, summer, the perfect time to kick back and relax. >> okay, here we go. >> reporter: but for our mom testers, it's in the perfect
7:41 am
time to kick things up a notch. we sent three of the most daring moms and sent them three of the craziest "as seen on tv" products yet. will they earn the mom seal of approval or leave them disappointed? let's meet the moms, from southfield, michigan, angela daniels, mom of two. from columbia, missouri, jenea fowler smith with two girls and from greenwood village, colorado, marga, a mom of two boys. what better way to start than a quick and easy breakfast. oh, no. no frying pan required. enter the aptly named rollie egg master. >> make perfect eggs every time. >> it looks interesting. >> the taste test. >> not bad. tastes like an egg. >> reporter: but their unorthodox shape wasn't sending her or her family back for seconds. >> does anybody think that it
7:42 am
looks appetizing? >> no. >> not at all. >> reporter: while jenea's kids gave it a thumb's up, she's not packing up the pans just yet. >> it's six minutes to cook an egg which i can do in probably half the time or faster with a skillet. >> it just popped right up. >> reporter: but marga loved the creativity and the convenience. >> it's an advantage over a pan, it takes care of itself and cooks me breakfast. two moms disappointed, one mom approved. now it's time to give these moms on the go some glam. >> air curler creates the perfect curl every time. >> reporter: all three moms took the air culler for a whirl. for marga, the curler was a keeper. >> i really like it. i love it. >> reporter: but while it worked for the others, neither mom was blown away. >> it was very awkward to use. >> i had to use hair spray to hold the curls. >> reporter: making it another
7:43 am
2-1 split on the air curler. with one mom approved, two moms disappointed. what happens when you combine bamboo, spills, and a sumo wrestler? >> it's like a paper towel roll made out of bamboo. bambooees are sumo wrestler super strong. >> reporter: let's let our moms decide. >> it's hanging in there. >> reporter: marga found it resilient enough to clean floors. while angela found success cleaning inside and outside. >> bambooee cleans the grill without a problem. >> reporter: and jenae was impressed with how it held up in the wash. >> and it's still together. >> reporter: the kids like it too. ♪ we love bambooee >> reporter: it's unanimous, they cleaned up, ending with three big moms approved. the bambooee, you can't make these names up. now we have comments from the companies. the folks who make the rollie egg master say it's not just
7:44 am
limited too cooking eggs. it's a practical and fun tool to prepare many sweet or savory or tasty snacks and meals. we understand that the design of the rollie might be comical to some, it is because of this special feature that the rollie is a unique and practical solution for people looking for breakfast on the go. kids love it, too. the air curler folks say -- the air curler is designed to create a banana curl. not just a flipper curl. it should be used on damp hair, in an up and down motion. length depends on thickness of the hair, and you may need an oil-free activator product to achieve the desired results. dan, bianna, you have some of those products out there. are you switching over to the tubular eggs? >> bambooee. >> i'm going to make a cronut in the rollie. after the break, we'll show you the results. >> after he dries his hair and curls it.
7:45 am
thank you, becky. we appreciate it. coming up in pop news, what is going on with justin beiber? the new pictures this morning that could cause further damage to the young star's reputation. as we said, "pop news" after the break.keep it here. plus cronuts out of the rollie. cronuts out of the rollie. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. with copd, i thought i'd miss our family tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function,
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♪ all right, time for "pop news." yesterday, bianna and ginger word war z split the reads. but this morning, it's all bianna. >> i won. short end of the stick, maybe. all right, folks, we begin with justin bieber, the spitting image of a pop superstar doing just about everything possible to erase his no longer squeaky clean image. call this latest incident a spit take. he was caught in the act, this
7:50 am
is kind of gross, spitting from the balcony of his hotel room. down below, a sidewalk full of stunned beliebers, his fans. no word if he was aiming for them, but he knew they were there. he put this on instagram. we reached out to bieber's representatives but we did not hear back. hopefully they had hand sanitizer or something. >> he's still mourning the loss of the monkey over in germany. >> raining bieber spit. >> yeah, not pleasant, even for your world, right? right. so -- over the past few years we have seen couples really step up when it comes to popping the question. from flash mobs to jumbotrons. but the invitations have been pretty vanilla. well, enter katie and chris. when they sent out their wedding invitations, the rscp w -- rsvp was multiple choice. planning to attend, here are the
7:51 am
actual options, free booze or i'm in the wedding party, idiot, i plan on sneaking off to play golf. for those not attending, a couple of offers. this option, i'm lame. on a scale of 1 to 10, my lameness could be in the 9.5 to 9.8 range. very innovative. and a real hoot. check out this kissing cutie. a man giving eskimo kisses to his pet owl. the owl seems to be overcome by all of this affection, as if the owl had to take a moment to regain its composure. i love this. how cute are the eyes, too. looks like he has eye shadow on. >> oh, beautiful. >> flirtatious. >> oh, beautiful. >> like it's verklempt. >> and wise. >> that's it for us, we'll be right back. >> that's it for us, we'll be right back. and got a freelance gig. it's not going very well. so she's coming to the new samsung experience shop at best buy to find all the galaxy devices she needs. and get personalized demos.
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7:55 am
all right, thanks for watching everybody. we appreciate it. do we have more pictures of that owl? >> yeah. the owl.
7:56 am
>> ron was convinced that the ultimate outcome was the owl was going to attack that dude. that doesn't happen. we want to remind you -- >> tranquilize him. >> that is not true. george is back with "this week," later david muir with "world news." keep it here. muir with "world news. later.
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good morning and welcome to "this week." sexting scandal. >> how many women were there? >> six to ten maybe. >> breaking overnight. anthony weiner's campaign manager steps down. and judy smith, the crisis expert who inspired the hit show "scandal." plus there they go again. >> that's called being a deadbeat. >> all fizzle and no fake. >> back to the brink of the fall? we take that on with treasury secretary jack lew. and our power house round table. and george will and jeremy schaap on baseball's black e


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