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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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in an instant at 100 miles-per-hour a car slams head-on into a second vehicle in san leandro, killing a woman and badly injuring her husband. i'm in for ama daetz. the collision happened this morning on washington avenue and shut down part of the road for nearly eight hours. we're live at the scene with details. reporter: police tell me they believe alcohol was a factor in the crash that did a woman ask critically injured her husband. today their neighbors, friends, are mourning her loss and hoping for his quick recovery.
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>> the fact she had to go through that. >> lisa says she'll remember her neighbor and friend smiling, all with a hug to give and a kind word to share. >> her husband and me were very, very, very nice people, very friendly. they would barbecue for everybody. >> she was in the passenger seat as the couple drove north on washington avenue in san leandro at 2:30 this morning when another car, speeding at 100 miles-per-hour, hit them madeon, moments before that the police saw the driver speed past him. >> by the time he was able to put the vehicle in drive, he lost soothe of the vehicle, and pulled up on washington and made a turn around the bottom line curve he noticed the vehicle struck another vehicle. >> the officers pulled the man from his vehicle moments before it caught fire. he is in the hospital in serious condition, along with the driver of the other car who is in
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critical condition. his wife died at the scene. hours late are people who lived near the crash came out to the scene as the police trying to determine if the speeding driver crossed the line. they know one thing. >> we suspect alcohol played a factor in this collision, to what extent we don't know. and then it appears that speed was definitely a huge factor. >> even though police are confident, it will still take a few tweaks blood-alcohol tests to come back. if the speeding driver was drunk he could face felony dui charges and vehicular manslaughter charges. >> two store security officers in hayward are recovering from wounds suffered while trying to stop a thief at home depot this afternoon. the suspect tried to lead with stolen items. the officers confronted him.
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the suspect then pistol-whipped one officer and shot the other one in the shoulder before running away. across the street the police found a bloody shirt, baseball cap and what looked like human hair. the believe the suspect changed his looks. both security officers will recover. >> police continue to search for a parolee who led police on a car chase that ended in a crash last night in san lee an -- san leandro. the officer suffered head and back pain. he was attempting to pull over a known patrol yo with a narcotics warrant. >> b.a.r.t. service is back to norm after an electrical fire at the rimmed maintenance yard. the fire happened just before 8:00 this morning in a substation at the mayor. it did cause the electricity to go out, stranding the train. agency officials say everyone is pitching in to make sure monday's commute is normal. >> all hands on deck procedure, and they're trying to do a work-around, to use the power cables to directly connect to
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the richmond yard and not use the substation. we're confident we can do that and make sure that monday morning's commute is normal. >> the richmond to fremont trains were stopped for about 45 minutes. caution of the fire is under investigation. >> the next round of talks to avert a b.a.r.t. strike is set to begin tomorrow. if there's no agreement by next sunday night, workers could walk off the job. some issues were discussed but not the major sticking points like salary. a union negotiator says progress is being made. they just have to finish some big items. >> peace talks between israeli and palestinian leaders are set to start tomorrow in washington, dc. the state department says the two side accepted invitations from secretary of state john kerry to come to the u.s. to, quote, formally resume direct final status negotiation. the department says two days of meetings will begin tomorrow
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evening. >> demonstrators in san jose rallied in support of protesters in egypt. [chanting] >> today's rally was sponsor bid the group, egyptians against the coup. they support president mohammed morsi who was ousted by the military three weeks ago. he was egypt's first democratically elected official. the military has been cracking down on protesters. the death toll is up to 80. california senator dianne feinstein is concerned about what type of egypt will dole ass emerges from a second revolution. >> for the first time, i am very concerned. i'm surprised that the military would urge people to go to the streets. they had to have known if they do that, the other side is going to respond, and it became a kind of catalyst for violence. >> feinstein says if egypt's president and vice-president fail to make a move to control the military, the u.s. may have
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to consider cutting off aid to the country. >> up next, the pope's message today to the catholic faithful. and the surprise the large crowd had for the pontiff. >> and then it sounds like an elab -- -- >> temperatures all weekend long below normal but does look like we'll see some warming heading into this work week. we'll look at the seven-day forecast and let you know which day will be the warmest. >> i'm abc7 news morning traffic reporter. drive the smart way. check out right now and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. we'll announce the lucky winner
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friday, august 2nd. enjoy live traffic a
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a flash mob broke out today during the pope's visit to rio. look at the massive crowd that gathered for his final day in brazil. pope francis celebrated mass before an estimated 3 million people. some say it was the biggest outdoor mass in history. here's the story from brazil. reporter: a sea of humanity along brazil's world famous coastline. the final day of pope francis'
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first foreign for instance, brazilians and pilgrims gave him a spectacular sendoff. record-breaking crowds turned out. today as many as three million people swarmed rio's beach, transforming it into a two and a half mile long open air cathedral. in keeping with the spirit of world youth day, mass was part concert, part prayer service. throughout the week, the pope had acted like a veteran politician, getting out of his pope mobile to dive into adoring crowd, accepting a drink and kissing children. he called on young people to shake things up, create havoc. >> translator: i've never seen anything here in rio as marvelous as at we just experienced. >> brazil, the world's most catholic country, lost 30% of the country's catholics in 40
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years. the pope told bishops they have to be warmer, and get out of their churches and directly reach the people, especially the poor. >> the pope made it clear near brazil he plans to radically change the church and make it more about the people, more about the poor. whether that message can reenergize the church remains to be seen. >> a brazen robbery in france. thieves got away with $53 million worth of jewels. the robbery took place at a temporary jewelry exhibit features gems from a diamond house. a police spokesperson says it happened around noon but could not confirm reports that the robber was a single gunman who stuffed a suitcase with the gems before a quick exit. one of the three women held captive for a decade in an ohio omahas made her first public appearance since her rescue.
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amanda berry walked on stage at the rover fest concert in cleveland. berry is wearing the black t-shirt and jeans. she did not speak to the crowd this. video was posted by the event sponsor in may, berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight escaped from a cleveland home owned by ariel castro. castro pleaded guilty friday to 937 counts, including rape, and will be in prison for life. >> ahead, what happened when this guy fought for his rights in san bruno. >> heading outside, expect a cooler start to the work week.
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a man who walks the west with three mules posted on
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facebook, yes, he has mules and a facebook page, perfectly normal -- posted at the san bernardino police department dropped the charges against him. he was given a citation for violating a law prohibiting cattle or horses within city limit. we caught up with him when he was fighting the ticket. he says his mules are national living, moving monument and deserve specialties spend sayings -- dispensation. his new mission is to november people about the problems caused by urban sprawl. >> the watch ab live stream is now available in the bay area. abc is the first local station and abc the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of your local news and your favorite abc tv shows. now you never have to miss a minute of the news and shows you love. it allows you to bring abc7 with you wherever you want to be. a special new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast, charter communications and at&t universe
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at no additional cost. go to and fine out how to access watch tv. enter your provider account and search for the live stream. >> time now to get a check of the forecast. leigh glaser is here with the cooldown. >> leigh: definitely much cooler today, some locations dropped as much as five degrees, and the culprit, a wall of fog that continues to be pushed in, some pretty strong southwesterly winds. we'll take you in closer, the marine no district and san francisco socked in, embarcadero, san francisco, sausolito, tiburon, and and all of that will continue to filter inland overnight tonight. thunderstorms still popping up, but not as numerous as this time yesterday. we saw some lightning strikes
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earlier in the day and as the sun begins to set those will start to die down. i want to point out the winds, the southwesterly gusts. fairfield, 32 miles-per-hour. napa, breezy, 28 miles-per-hour wind gusts out of the south, and anytime we get this southerly serge you better believe the low cloud and fog and marine layer is going set in overnight tonight, could cause slowdowns for monday morning commute. san jose right now, fairing nicely. san jose, 73. oakland, 67. 54 degrees in san francisco. here's a look from mt. tam looking down the fog depth at 2,000 feet so it will move inland. napa 68, 78 in livermore, 9 in los gatos. here's a look at the forecast highlights as we work you through the work week. low clouds, fog, mist and drizzle overnights. another cool day for monday and then look for warming heading
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towards the latter part of the work week. overnight temperatures much like last night in the 50s, and you can see from our radar satellite composite here that all of the low cloudiness sitting just off the coast, we have lows to the north and west of us and that's starting to push in the cooler air mass and a deeper marine layer, so another cool day for your monday. 11:00 tonight, we start off with the low clouds and fog moving inland. 5:00 a.m. commute time tomorrow, definitely going to see the low clouds and fog, possibly as far east as the delta, and then pull back to the coast. definitely a cooler day tomorrow. now, if you're trying to plan your week, livermore tomorrow will be the coolest day, and then look at the trend. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, up to 90. san jose, an eye on your week as well. 74 tomorrow. and then trending up. by friday, in the 80s. here's a look at the highs for
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your monday. like today, 74, san jose, 72, cupertino, coast, mid-to-upper 50s, cool and damp. 62, san francisco tomorrow. you might need the jacket because those winds will be picking up. 76 tomorrow. sonoma, 72. oakland, 67. morning overcast, afternoon sun and breezy towards brentwood. the seven-day forecast, warmer days ahead. you're going to like that. wednesday, thursday, and friday, temperatures climb back into the 90s inland. 70s around the bay and low 60s at the coast. monday and tuesday, going to be chilly out there. >> good to know. thank you, league. does mike have good news for us? >> how about the giants, hard to say that. trying to get the team back on track. tim lincecum ten strikeouts in seven innings, and had the team's first two hits. can we get this guy some help?
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details next in
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>> mike: the a's are a resilient team. spot the angels 5-0 and battle back too take three out of four. derrick parker gave up four runs in the first inning. a a's make it 5-4 in the fifth. shoot be the third out but mike trout can't find it.
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now 6-5 angels in the sixth. bottom half of the inning. the fly to center, chavez loses and it collides with josh hamilton. tied at six. next batter, eric sogard, a base hit up the middle. a's's score five runs. nerd power with sogard fans. a's lead texas by six games in the american league west. >> giants and cubs. don't eat the peanut off the ground. too late. for the first five hits in the game but by the starting pitcher, and cubs pitcher travis wood had a home run in the fifth off lincecum. giants tied it. in the seventh, castillo, see ya. another solo shot. lincecum, ten k's, two runs, four hits, seven innings. cubs sweep the giants for the first time in 20 years. g-men, only three runs in the
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entire series. >> go to stanford for the bank of the west tennis finals. radwanska takes the first set, but then this nice drop shot. third and final set, radwanska takes the lead but then her opponent comes back. then a very long rally and will rip the backhand. winner, dominique is your bank of the west champion, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4 the final. >> canadian open, hunter mahan who pulled out of the lead as his wife candy went into labor -- had a baby girl -- ob and his fourth shot out of the bunker, triple bogey, done. snedeker cruises to the finish for the win. his second pga win this season. final round of the senior british open.
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mark weeky made a run. 4-under 66 on the day. got to 9-under. the birdie putt on 12. bernhard langer had the lead heading into today but a double bogey on 18 fors a playoff between langer and weebe. the played two holes and suspended due to darkness and will continue tomorrow. to indianapolis motor speedway, the nascar brickyard 400. jimmie johnson dominated until 27 laps to go and needed to pit. ryan newman took the lead and never looked back, taking the checkered flag, and the kid from south bend, indiana, suspended a childhood dream, gets to kiss the bricks at indy. what a thrill. >> to the pitch. u.s.a. facing panama in the gold cup finals in chicago. 69th minute, shea sneaks it past, 1-0 united states and that's all the scoring in game. u.s. wins the gold cup, the
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champions of north and central america. >> 11 and 12-year-old boys won the north cal championship and head to san bernardino on the regional. winner goes to williamsport for the world soars, and we head up to napa for raider training camp. >> a tom cruise sighting
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>> we'll tell you why protesters-camped out at a building in east bay. >> actor tom cruise made an unexpected stop in san francisco today. cruise watched the america's cup race today as a guest of team new zealand. you can see him in some america's cup video trimming the sails. he is wearing the sun glasses and briefly took the wheel of the catamaran. that doesn't happen every day. >> very cool. >> that does it for us here at 5:00. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thanks for joining us.
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this is "world news." tonight, the surprise moment. a community erupting into cheers when amanda berry, one of the young women held captive for a decade in that cleveland basement, that house, suddenly appears, waving to a city that never gave up. trouble in paradise. a tropical storm barreling straight toward the hawaiian islands. there hasn't been a direct hit there in 20 years. plus, the flooding in the east tonight, the rescues, the rains. abc meteorologist ginger zee right here. not again. the $50 million heist tonight. the hotel where the jewels vanished, and it comes after those brazen break-ins before. and a weekend to remember. the rare images from 50 years ago tonight, the album from a storybook summer, suddenly opened all over again.


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