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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 29, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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just weeks after the crash of flight 214 there is action from the faa tonight to change how some planes land at sfo. i'm katie marzullo. reporter lilian kim is live tonight with the new developments. >> the change took effect today. it applies to all foreign airlines flying into sfo. asiana flight was cleared for a visual approach july 6th but they are advising all foreign carriers to use a gps instrument treoch. >> the data is driven from gps signals, computerized
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information. they computer screens and very safe. >> they said they made the change after a recent increase aborted landings flying visual into the airport. they have been flying visual approaches because the glide slope indicator was taken out for runway innovation. the decision comes only three weeks after the asiana class and go around taiwan planes. one had an aboard landing after flying too low. >> a caution what has been going on lately. faa is responding so everyone is on the same page to fly instrument landings for as long as they can. >> reporter: pilots typically follow the vision of air traffic controllers.
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lilian kim, abc7 news. tonight a man faces criminal charges after police say he caused a head-on accident that killed a woman and left her husband in critical condition. crash happened on washington avenue in san leandro at 2:30 this morning. police say the man was driving well over the speed limit. hundred miles an hour when he slammed into a car going the other way. the crash killed a woman and critically injured her husband who was driving. friends consoled each other. >> they were very, very nice people. they would barbecue for everybody. police believe alcohol is a factor in the crash. it will take several weeks for results of tests to come back. new at 11:00, san francisco police are investigating a shooting that critically injured a man in the richmond district this evening. it happened on 29th avenue
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and geary boulevard. two people sitting in a car and got in some fight fight and one shot the on or about the gunman is still at large. >> they are looking for a robbery suspect in hayward that shot a security guard. he was trying to steal several items when they confronted him. the suspect shot one officer in the shoulder and pistol whipped the other. across the street hayward police found a bloody shirt and what looked to be human hair. they think he cut his hair to change is his appearance during the getaway. bart officials are confident an electrical fire in richmond will have no affect on tomorrow's commute. fire broke out in the maintenance yard a substation. power was lost to the entire yard putting 18 trains out of service. crews laid cables to energize the yard without going through the substation. trains had to be rerouted for
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a while. >> people in operation control center are like masters, they did adjustments. we'll be able to provide power for richmond yard and move those trains out. >> the richmond fremont line was shut down for about 45 minutes. >> in developing news we could be just one week away from another bart strike. contracted negotiations between management and employee unions are set for tomorrow and big sticking points are salary and benefits. a spokesperson says progress is being made and they are optimistic a strike won't happen. stay with us. we'll have updates on the negotiations on our website at and on the abc7 morning news beginning at 4:30 a.m.. if you parked at bart's west oakland or macarthur station, get ready to shell out more money. rates will rise 50 cents
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tomorrow. new details tomorrow about a boat loaded with bundles that landed in santa cruz. four men have been arrested and booked on suspicion of transporting marijuana. it contained 1200 pounds of pot. authorities believe the 175 bundles were smuggled from mexico. a state lifeguard noticed the men suspici acting suspiciously. they ran away you but soon captured by law enforcement agencies. >> weather is taking toll across the country tonight. five people including a children were killed in a crash that went down in bad weather in northern eastern pennsylvania. a tour bus flipped over and n floodwaters in arizona. passengers were able to climb out through windows and no serious injuries. now a storm is headed towards o toward hawaii. >> several inches of rain fell in parts of the delaware
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valley forcing police to block lanes after rivers have water swept over major highways. they urged residents to seek higher ground. further south we are learning that searchers found a body of a 48-year-old man who is with a sweapt swept away with a ten-year-old girl while swimming in rain swollen creek in north carolina. roads are still torn up in the western part of the state. >> sounds like a lot. out west, this is how residents in central utah bailing out after an expected downpour. hawaiians are storing up on necessary items as tropical storm is flossie is heading straight for the island chain. hawaii hasn't been hit by a big storm since 1992 when a hurricane swept through with
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winds above 145 miles an hour and seven people were killed. >> katie: meteorologist leigh glaser is here with what we are seeing from flossie in a moment. >> live doppler 7 showing the log fog backing up near the coast. that basically will be our forecast with mist and drizzle expected across the entire bay area. let's check on on tropical storm flossie. you can see it about 450 miles to the east-southeast. gusts up to 70 miles per hour. let me go ahead and show you the trajectory. by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, we're looking at some very heavy rainfall, wind gusts approaching 65 miles an hour and then as we head into monday night and early tuesday morning, the system will stay a little bit to the south of islands which is good news. when it does make landfall as
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early as tomorrow morning we can expect from ten to as much 12 inches of rain in many locations. >> katie: dramatic video of a mudslide in northwest china. the area got three inches causing many floods and landslides. in this surveillance video you can see two men immediately get oust the car and then later another man escaped with the help of the three survivors, the last man in the car is being rescued. >> at least 37 bodies have been pulled from the wreckage of a tour bus crash in southern italy. wasals say the s traveling on major highway when it slammed into several cars that had slowed in heavy traffic. bus plunged into a ravine. at least 11 other people were injured. >> a lightning sparked fire northeast of fresno has grown to about 14 square miles. fire burning near shaver lake are not threatening any communities but dozen
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campgrounds have been evacuated. trails near the lake are also closed. the fire is 15% contained. >> developing news out of southern california, huntington beach police say they have squashed a disturbance. crowds refused to leave the beaches in the downtown area after an eight day surfing event. a large fight broke out around 7:15 and took police two hours to get things under control. >> still to come, movie star magic, america cup's races, actor that showed up. and why these people are camping out around a post office. and elaborate heist that may have been pretty easy to p
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>> katie: america's cup had a special guest today a movie star joined them. sergio is live at pavilion with details. hi, sergio. >> you know the star is three-time oscar nominee, tom cruise were among the team new zealand today. >> tom cruise and his son both cranked away on the new zealand catamaran. >> they boarded right after sunday's come poe contingency. their tour they say was a treat. >> they came along, he assisted. >> he first guest to aboard a competitive vessel since may 9th. crews were banned when a
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catamaran capsized. they are taking things slowly. >> we suffered a horrendous accident. one thing that we are very sure about we don't want it to happen again. >> in sunday's competition, they beat their italian competitors in the match-ups. during an event in belvedere saturday night, several reports that cup was missing. they got the trophy into the local police station. they issued a statement saying the trophy was taken from the event because of a communication error and quickly returned. no theft was ever committed. >> katie: happening now are protests against the closure and sale of historic post office remains active in berkeley. group save the berkeley post
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office continues to camp outside the building. they decided to close the berkeley post office and hundreds around the country to help ease a budget deficit. protestors say they can't do that. >> as long as we can until we can stop the sale of this post office. it's the will of people, it's the will of the representatives and city council to save this post office. it's not necessary. >> katie: the post office is on the r register of historic places. they only required to maintain the front of the building. interior is not protected under federal law. >> a.m. 200than is looking for workers. company announced it needs to fill 7,000 jobs in 13 states at distribution centers. there is amazon distribution center in tracy. it will be a big day for the san francisco giants tomorrow. president obama will honor
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their their 2012 world series championship. ceremony begins at 11:00 our time. president will highlight the team's ongoing campaign like the junior giants anti-bullying campaign. >> little league success, a belmont team has a lot to celebrate tonight. they are headed to the western regional tournament in san bernardino this week. >> let's check in with leigh glaser to see what is ahead. >> we have a lot of gray in the morning. sky will turn into more blue. we'll start to warm up. live doppler 78 hd showing you the low clouds and fog, we have a strong westerly wind flow out there. pushing all of this and low cloudiness through the bay --
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golden gate bridge and through the gap there. over towards berkeley and wind speeds and fairfield with gusts up to 38 miles an hour. you will notice most of wind coming out of the south-southwest this is perfect wind alignment that is going to push allot of that marine layer further inland overnight tonight. out towards the delta possibly as far east as tracy could pick up a little bit of this cloudiness overnight tonight. highs were all over the place. 71 in santa rosa. san francisco managed only 61 because of the fog. san jose, 79, but holding the heat today, antioch 91 degrees. from the rooftop cam, you can see a fuzzy sky out there. 61 in san jose. santa cruz, 59 degrees. golden gate bridge with mist and drizzle being reported,
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napa 55. and 58 in livermore. here is a look from emeryville cam over the bay. forecast highlights, low clouds and mist and drizzle tonight and cool day for monday afternoon and then after that, wednesday and thursday and friday we will start to warm things up a little bit. generally in the mid to upper 50s tonight and 50s in the east bay. we'll see the low 50s near the coast. half moon bay, 51 degrees. low pressure to the north and west continuing to generated those strong southwest wind flows. you can see the marine layer here is going to be pushed inland. another cool day tomorrow. after that, high pressure will replace that low and that is going to mean temperatures will warm up to where we should be for this time of the year. forecast animation, you can see it push in to the delta area.
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so cooler tomorrow and looks like the coast and low clouds and fog will stay near the bay most of tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at highs for monday. it may come down a few degrees from today. temperatures below where we should be. we'll look for mid to low 70s in the south bay. los gatos, mild at 78 degrees. kind of raw day, half moon bay, 58. 57 pacifica. palo alto at 72. 52, san francisco. petaluma, 72. mid to low 70s across much of the bay area. comfortable 76 for pittsburg and 75 for san ramon. seven-day forecast, we will trend warmer as we go into wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures inland back up into the 90s. >> all good things for the a's, too. >> that's right.
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they wanted to put another ring on their finger. they did get some help. a breakout sixth inning, all this and more next in sports. >> are. >> for all the computers commuters out there, drive the smart way. you could drive away with a brand-new smart car. we'll announce the winner on august 2nd so be smart and enter now.
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a's are resilient bunch. a's fans are best kept secret in baseball. parker gave up four runs in the first. here a base hit and they would go up 4-0 and a's come back to make it 5-4, then in
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the fifth, cespedes pops it on up but fielder loses it. now it's 6-5 angels. he slides one to center. josh hamilton scores and we're tied at 6. brings one home and five run sixth, most in the american league, we'll call it nerd power, a's win it 10-6 and lead texas by six games in the west. >> yankees facing tampa bay. jeter's first game off the dl and delivers a solo shot on the first pitch he faces, 1-0 to new york. alfonso ties the game and solo shot and delivered the walk-off. yankees win it even though the rays have won 21 of the
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last 25. >> giants and cubs, bring some food or buy some food for your kids or they will find some on their own. home run in the fifth, off of lincecum and in the seventh, this is solo shot. 2-1 victory. dodgers heating up. this game was scoreless and l.a., he delivered a walk-off shot to win the game. 424 feet. 1-0 dodgers and they are ten games up on the giants. let's take a brief time out before we blaze down the track at over 300 miles an hour. at sonoma race way
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>> terry: sonoma nationals staged their finals and john cardinale, media director that passed away from stomach cancer earlier this year meanwhile, funny car finals, 311 miles per hour in four seconds, california native with the 40th career win and dedicated to his win to one special person. >> all day i wanted to dedicate the win to john who is just a great guy and instrumental in a lot of things that happened around here and so used to seeing his face. i was sad not to see him. >> on to indianapolis motor speedway, jimmie johnson dominated the race. with 27 laps he needed to
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pit. ryan newman never looked back. taking the checkered flag. winning at the brickyard. to stanford for the tennis finals. she recovers in the second and nice shot. third and final set took an early lead, came back to make it 5-4 and then on the match point after a long rally she rips a backhand crosscourt winner. wins in three sets. >> and canada, final round of the canadian open. dustin johnson died and triple bogey 17 and brandt snedeker had it working. he cruised for the win at 2
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under 70. second pga victory this season. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. posey brothers, sibling respect. stick around i think you will enjoy that. >> katie: just ahead, special tribute in brazil for pope francis. plus, straight out of the movies the jewel heist and a chilling discovery. what the skeleton crew about a possible vampires fears in asia. we'll be right back.
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>> katie: good evening,ite katie marzullo in for baits.
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>> they are changing the way foreign carriers land at sfo. the airport's instrument guidance system has been down most of summer because of construction on the runways. faa will give non-u.s. airlines the option of a gps system to guide them. >> police in san jose are trying to figure out what led to a shooting after 9:00 tonight. no victims were found but a man walked later in the emergency room shortly afterwards suffering from a gunshot wound. his injuries are not life-threatening. >> san francisco police are investigating a shooting that critically injured a man in the outer richmond. it happened on 29th avenue and geary boulevard. >> one woman is dead and hospital hospitalized following a head-on crash in san leandro. crash happened on washington avenue at 2:30 this morning. someplace a speeding driver going 100 miles an hour caused the crash.
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talks between israelis and palestinians will resume tomorrow. john kerry invited the parties to send teams to washington for the first talks since 200. the direct contact between both sides comes after israeli's cabinet agreed to release prisoners ofs. attacks. >> and violence continues in egypt. they may be moments away to get permission to arrest civilians. 80 people were killed over the weekend, most of them supporters of us on ted president mohammed morsi. a pro morsi rally was held here. egypt was a free stated before morsi was booted by the military three weeks ago. >> pope francis is on his way back to italy after wrapping up with a mass in rio de janeiro.
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>> an estimated 3 million people jammed the stands of beach. a lot of them danced. the crowd was mostly made up of young people. pope francis charmed them with his accessibility and humility. >> one with the people. >> there was another lavish ceremony before the pope got on his plane to fly back to rome. during the mass he announced the next youth day will be held on in poland in two years. >> the global manhunt for thieves that stole more than $50 million in jewels in a heist that seemed out of a movie. >> it's the rich and famous playground. glitz, the glamour and jewel and now the robbery.
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it's almost like a copy a movie to catch a thief. he broke into the same hotel as the movie, under one minute he flashed a handgun, took jewels and diamonds reportedly over $50 million and walked right out in the french riviera. ♪ >> thieves can't resist a tan. this is third major heist this year. in london they robbed a jewelry store on motorcycles. in dubai, members of pink panther gang responsible for 340 heists sped away in beamers. this one got busted out of prison. prosecutors say they are trying to figure out who stole the diamonds. >> katie: manhunt has spread
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across europe. another chilling find in poland, 17 skeletons have been discovered buried with their skulls placed between the knees or hands. they say that is how suspected vampires used to be buried. adding to the mystery, nothing else was found on the body. they are believed to date back to the 15th century when a fear of vampires was widespread in eastern europe. >> the live stream is available in the bay area. watch abc is new way to experience abc whether you are at home or out and about enjoy your favorite newscasts, news shows and tablet and computer live and on dema its special benefit brought to you by abc a no additional cost. go to our website to find out how to access it and provide your tv account information and get the live stream.
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or search abc to download the still to come later, just for adults -- we'll show you what makes these building blocks so mature. plus.... >> a man has to pay a big fine the first time his burglar goes off. we look at the high price of protecting yourself in oakland. >> and cool weekend, look like we're finally going return to summer heat. we'll take a look at t
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30,000 homes and businesses are protected by a burglar alarm in oakland but you pay a fine if it goes off by mistake. it kicks in after the first alarm and he found out and turned to michael finney for help. >> security is tight as a bank vault at oakland hills home. >> burglars know when they come they have to expect a burglar alarm system. >> all three levels are wired with sensors. a security camera keeps track outside. it's a necessity in an area full of crime but last 18 years it has never gone off
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until now. >> neither my wife knew were home. >> the alarm suddenly rang and security alarm called the house. when nobody picked up they called neighbors to take a look around and then called police. >> policemen went around. >> it turns out there was no burglar. no broken lock, no -- was there? >> i got invoiced $84. >> he was shocked to receive a bill from the city of oakland, $84 penalty because police responded to a false alarm at his house. he was outraged. >> 19 years, one time? that there is something wrong. >> he called police prematurely but bigger gripe, police can't stop crime so he is forced to protect himself then he gets a penalty. the >> the inability of the oakland police to protect its citizens, costs the citizens
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tons of money. they have to install an alarm system and maintain it and one event happens, they 0 to pay a fine. >> we would love to be able to tell you we can protect you 24/7. that is our job. >> police spokesperson tells us police are stretched thin trying to control crime. citizens need to protect themselves. >> we can't be at everyone's home to protect so therefore we have to, if we choose to install alarms at our homes. >> the city imposed the penalty in 2010 because false alarms were rampant wasting police time. the city received 29,000 alarm calls back in 2009 and 98% of them were false. since the fine was imposed alarm calls dropped down to 18,000 calls last year. >> money is the motivating factor to have people really
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look at their system. >> which brings us back to ben. this sensor went off by mistake, they replaced it at no charge and paid his fine. bay alarm handled the alarm signal and exact manner prescribed by the city of oakland. they have been loyal customers for 19 years. in recognition the company paid the fine and replace the faulty detector free of charge. >> i'm thankful that this was resolved. >> many cities impose penalties for false alarms but most do not charge for the first offense has oakland does. oakland police are not responding to an alarm at that address until an owner completes a course on a false alarm. test the alarm system once a month.
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>> whoever you said you are too old to play with legos. they have not been introduced to the new line. they are met for adults only. $150 it comes with more than 1200 all white legos with 73 different pieces. unlike the color blocks for children, they include instructions for more sophisticated and creative structures. it hits barnes & noble on thursday. check of the forecast. >> how you are going to wake up and morning will greet you with tomorrow morning. low clouds and fog and mist and drizzle and peninsula as well as the coast. live doppler 7-hd already showing extending up and down the coast with those strong southwesterly winds. going to the hawaiian islands, expected flight delays because of tropical storm
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flossie, 450 miles southeast winds 60 andwinds 60 up to 70. tomorrow it will start to move over the big island. that is when we'll look for the possibility of those delays and into the early tomorrow morning. 10-12 inches of rainfall out of this system. it won't be a wind producer as a rain producer and by tuesday it heads on out. some of the heavy wanes in the carolinas and all that flooding pushes off the coast. st. louis, 79. 106 for phoenix. traveling around the state look for foggy conditions, palm springs 103. seven-day forecast, couple of gray days and then we'll warm things up into the 90s more sunshine thursday and friday. tomorrow morning news we'll give you more updates on flossie. >> now an update on sports.
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>> buster posey, another one coming down the pipeline. his younger brother, we'll talk
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buster posey is the reigning mvp but his younger brother jess. here is a look at the posey family tree. >> buster posey, number 13! >> he always been rookie of the year, lead mvp and two world series ring, not bad from the kid from georgia but another posey coming down the pipeline, he was second base as a freshman. >> to play ball at college level, a lot of people want
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to do that. you have as much fun. >> he gets as much help from big brother but never reciprocates. >> he does give me advice. he tells me some things. >> he has fond memories with buster in the backyard. >> the memory i have in my birthdays, whiffle ball and playing all day until we couldn't play anymore. that is what i willmember aboutr remember about our childhood. >> we know buster is a nice guy but also a big a brother. >> he is probably six or seven, i was living at the house and take a big bite and got in trump for that one. >> you won't make that mistake again. >> who is the best athlete in the posey family?
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>> my dad would probably say himself but then they would say my sister. >> we always said she is most ath let nick the family. >> this is competitive family, but if there is any question, buster would drop his trophy on the kitchen table. >> at the end of the day we supported each other. >> what he did and the accomplishments he made. >> not too bad having a role model that grew up in your own household. >> i like they admit the sister was the best in the family. with all of us with brothers and sisters, it's an interesting dynamic depending on where you are on in line-up. that is one athletic family. and a's have an attitude where they just refuse to lose. they spot the angels by 5-1.
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here is base mitt and angels are up 4-0. to make it 5-4. this should make the third out. this drops and one scores. 5-5. here a fly to center. collides with teammate josh hamilton now we're tied at sixth. he brings one home. kae they call it nerd power. a's win it 10-6 and lead texas by six games in american league west. >> giants and cubs, don't eat the peanut -- too late. he has own call off of lincecum.
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our, four hits in seven innings and 2-1 victory. now ten back of the dodgers. dodgers are eating it up this weekend. game was scoreless in the 11th. striking out 20 times in the game. he delivered the walk-off shot to win the game, 424 feet. dodgers win it 1-0. >> u.s.a. facing panama in chicago, 69th minute, he gets a break in front of net. 1-nil united states and that is all the score they needed. champions of the north and central america. all of us have brothers and sisters so it's kind of fun to see posey family. was best. >> and second oldest.
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>> i am, too. there you go. >> that is going to do it for this edition. we continued tomorrow morning at 4:30. i'm katie marzullo for all of us, thank you so much for joining us
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this morning on "world news now" -- extreme weather. from record downpours in the philadelphia area to killer floods in the carolinas. >> once they got in the water they weren't even just a few seconds. and the current was so strong, that it swept them away. >> mother nature taking aim at a popular vacation destination. multimillion-dollar heist. the jewelry robbery in the playground of the rich and famous. why it is so much look a movie script. life story of a 99-year-old man in an ordinary town was persuade to write about his extraordinary long life. >> it's unbelievable when you stop and think. i haven't thought so much about it until i started writing the book. >> a 75-year-long love life and who urged him to tell it all. it's monday, july 29th.


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