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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 29, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> we are at the international terminal where arriving passengers may have noticed an increase recently of go arounds. this is a result of foreign carriers using a g.p.s. instrument approach rather than visual. a consultant told abc it gives are using visual approach because the glide slope indicator was taken out of service in june for runway renovations. and asiana flight 214 was cleared for visual on the runway before crashing july 6. >> it is abundance of caution what is going on with people more aware of the situation. the f.a.a. is responding to make sure everyone is on the same page and following procedures as much as they can for as long as they can. the f.a.a. announcement is a week since the go around
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involving taiwan-based eva airlines when a plane had an aborted landing after flying in too slow. it got another shot at landing for international carriers only. domestic carriers can still use a visual approach at sfo. >> the california highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash after 10:00 p.m. on westbound interstate 580 at bayview on-ramp. officers think the driver was going at least 90 miles per hour off the roadway overturning and landing on railroad traffics. the driver died at at the scene. >> commuters could be stuck in the middle of another bart strike, both sides met saturday in oakland and they made progress on small items but still salary and benefits are the sticking points. they discussed worker safety, as
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well. bart account unions have until midnight on sunday to reach an agreement and avert another strike. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more at the top of the hour. >> officials say an electrical fire in richmond will have no affect on the commute. flames in a substation knocked out power to the maintenance yard in richmond and shut the richmond to fremont line down for 45 minutes. crews rerouted cables to restore power. >> this morning, police are trying to determine whether drugs are alcohol played a role if a deadly head-on collision in sugar land tremendous. a car going 100 miles per hour. russiad into another vehicle on washington avenue. the collision killed 57-year-old mia faumuina and critically injured her husband. the jeep driver is in serious condition. investigators say they are waiting for toxicology test results to decide which charges to file against the driver. >> san francisco police are searching for at least two
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suspects of a shooting that left a man in critical condition. police say the victim was shot after getting into a fight with at at least two other people near the intersection of 29th avenue and geary. the suspects took off before police could catch catch them. >> a neighborhood group is batch in court to block construction of the first new elementary school in burlingame in 50 years to move ahead to stop the project because it would be located on a dangerous road with two many curves. the city started tearing down trees on the campus to build a retain walls. a judge has issued a preliminary injunction to stop construction for now. >> protest is still going on against the closing and sale of a historic berkeley post office. the group is camped outside the building, and the postal service is closing hundreds of post offices across the country to save money. protesters say they are ignoring
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the community needs. >> how long will you do this? >> as long as we can, until the -- until we can stop the sale of this post office. it is the will of the people and of the representatives and city council to save this post office much it is not necessary. >> the post office is on the national register of historic places. the buyer is only required to maintain the integrity of the front of the building. >> new details about a boat loaded with marijuana that landed in santa cruz. police say four men are under arrest on suspicion of transporting the pot. a lifeguard patrolling the beach noticed the boat washed up and he approached it four men took off and they were arrested. authorities searched the boat and found 1,200 pounds of marijuana believed to have come from mexico. the highway patrol, coast guard, and homeland security have been called in. >> a lightning-sparked fire has grown to 14 square miles northeast of fresno and is not
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threatening any communities. more than a dozen campgrounds have been evacuated. trails and recreational areas are also closed. the fire is now 15 percent contained. >> developing news in hawaii where residents on the big island are bracing for the biggest storm in 20 years. the storm will make landfall this morning and is poised for a direct hit on the big island packing a punch not seen since a since in 1992. forecasters say flossie could bring a foot rain and winds close to 60 miles per hour. residents stocked up on emergency supplies and essentials. abc7 news reporter kira klapper will have the update next hour. >> this is unusual? >> yes because the water is cold and at the love the storms stay south of there. it has 50-mile-per-hour winds with gusts up to 65 and moving
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to the west at 17 miles per hour and is on track to hit the big island in a couple of hours. at home, 60 at hayward for the warm spot. fremont and san jose and livermore all at 57. oakland is pretty warm at 59 degrees. the next 12 hours are off to a great start with temperatures settling in the middle 50's, with clouds fading by noon and we will have a few high clouds from time to time and the coast will stay in the 50's but we will break in to the mid-and-upper 50's and by noon and the cooling will be quick when the sun drops, mid-50's at coast and the bay and near 70 by 7:00 at inland. per is still on vacation but well get warmer weather in the seven-day forecast.
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leyla gulen? >> good morning, mike. we are looking at quiet conditions with fire at northbound 280 and you can use market or first rather than 10th. the drive time traffic, 580, you thought it was clear, we saw all friend but for a couple of spots of yellow and 24 minutes gets you there from antioch to concord is 15 minutes. 101 headed southbound from san rafael to san francisco, that is a short 17-minute commute. this is walnut creek, 680, aheaded away from highway 4 to highway 24 junction, traffic is smooth moving in the northbound and southbound direction. >> next, bringing movie star magic to the america's cup, the actor who showed off his sailing style. >> a wild scene in southern california following a surfing competition, what sparked some members of the crowd to go on a
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rampage. >> big victory for a little league team from the bay area. first, though, america's money report. >> good morning. a rocky start to the week for the storm with stocks sinking in asia with japan down more than 3 percent, sending united states stock futures into the red, all major indices will open lower this morning. a major retail merger, nordstrom's.
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at this. eight people have been arrested in orange county following a major disturbance at a surfing competition at huntington bench. police battle crowds who refused to leave downtown area after an eight-day surfing event ended. a large fight broke out at 7:15 and it took two hours to get things under control with vandalism to city property. this were no injuries. >> the mc's cup had a very special guest over the weekend, a movie star joined team new zealand yesterday. abc7 news reporter has more on the visit from the three-time oscar nominee. >> tom cruise and his 18-year-old son cranked away. >> tom jumped on the handle bars
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and did a better job than i d. >> they boarded after the competition, and news necessary captain says the tour around the bay was a treat. >> real treat to have someone like him come along and it was fantastic. >> they the first guests to board a competitive vessel since may after a crew member was killed when a catamaran capsized. the captain says his team is eager to compete but they are taking things slowly. >> we suffered a horrible accident and one thing that we are sure, we don't want that to happen again and we need to take baby steps. >> the new zealand sponsored by an arab airlines beat italy in the matchups. several police officers responded to a report that the cup was missing and the man was briefly taken into custody and
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police walked the trophy into the local police station. the police chief issued a statement saying that the trophy was taken from the event because of a communications error and it was returned. no theft was ever committed. >> it will be a big morning for the san francisco giants. president obama will on the team at the white house for the 2012 world series championship. the president will highlight the ongoing community efforts such as the anti-bullying campaign. they were honored at white house two years ago for the 2010 world series victory. this morning, the ceremony begins at 11:00 our time. from major league to little league success the all-stall teams has a lot to celebrate this morning. they are the northern california champions after defeating a santa cruz team this weekend. a proud parent took this video and now they are headed to the western regional tournament in san bernardino where they will
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face teams from southern california, arizona, and hawaii for the right to play in the little league world series. mike, that will be the holy grail. >> it will be awesome, two teams, two years in a row. good luck. >> they got there after beating 285 other teams to get that championship. exciting times. >> how is baseball today? >> great. especially if you are going to the a's game as the blue jays are in town. there is baseball there to be had, a national tournament starting today in sunnyvale 140 teams from across the country will be playing softball. there is a lot going on as far as sports. here is the small craft advisory, west wind at 15- to 25-knots and san francisco and the delta waters from 2:00 this afternoon until 11:00.
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it will be choppy. and a sea breeze at fairfield, the wind is 29 miles per hour and gusting to 13 at half moon bay and everyone else is ten or below. concord is 13 and the 13 is an indication of how fast the wind is in fairfield because when you pull wind out of fairfield it will pull wind out from concord and that will go hand in hand. that sea breeze is why we are going to be cooler-than-average by five or ten degrees and the area of low pressure is going to push a few high clouds in our sky as we head in the afternoon but it will keep the sea breeze pushing our temperatures down each day since friday to probably the lowest depth today and, maybe, tomorrow. it is only 69 in milpitas, and for the tournament in sunnyvale, 70, and headed to santa cruz, probably a lot of cloud cover, and a temperature of around 69 degrees. we will have mid-to-upper 60's around millbrae and san mateo and redwood city and palo alto
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and los altos, low-to-mid 70's and the coast, temperatures in the upper 50's, and 62 in downtown and 67 in south san francisco and 65 in sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley like spring to fall-like weather and upper 50's long the coast and as we head to the east bay shore, mid to upper 60's and fremont is the warm spot at 70 and no need for the air conditioning, mid-70's to possibly 80 in livermore and brentwood. the first pitch at 7:05 under clouds and it will be 61 dropping down to 56 by the end of the game. now, the cool weather will hang around again tomorrow one to two degrees warmer and it holds for thursday and friday, saturday, and sunday temperatures are where they should be. have a great day. >> we are already starting to see crashes and delays on bart. a crash is involving three vehicles southbound along 101
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headed identity of san francisco toward 280, blocking two lanes as you approach the accident. 280 is in good shape. 101 could take you some time if you have a flight, give yourself extra time. our delays along bart, the richmond line headed in the fremont and san francisco direction 10 or 15-minute delay because of a power issue. caltrain and muni and everything else is on time and san mateo as we can see the bridge is moving along swiftly from hayward into foster citied but it is hazy. it does not seem to impede the visibility. for all the commuters, drive the smart way at and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. we will announce the lucky winner on friday, august 2nd so be smart, enter now, and best
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luck. >> peace talks between israeli and palestinian leaders are set to resume tonight in washington, dc, after a 5-year stalemate. the secretary of state john kerry invited both parties to send teams to washington for the first bilateral talks since 2008 after several steps. israel voted to release 100 palestinian prisoners as a sign of good well. in egypt the death toll from the clashes between security forces and supporters of mohamed morsi has risen to 80. the blood shed began on saturday when they expanded a protest in cairo. police have arrested several leaders of the islamic group they say is behind the violence. the supporters rallied in san jose for horse saying the removal was a military coup that protesters are demanding his
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reinstatement. >> pope francis wrapped up the first international visit with a mass in rio de janeiro. three million people jammed the beach in brazil for the event, part mass, part concert, keeping up with the theme of world youth day. this just in, in a news conference on board his plane headed back to italy the pope reached out to gays saying he would not judge priests for the sexual orientation saying if someone is gay and they search for the lord and have good will, who am i to judge. >> he is trying to be one with the people rather than just a leader from the top. >> this was another ceremony before the pope got on the plane to fly back to rome and he announced the next world youth day is held in poland in 2016 in honor of pope john paul ii. >> amazon is hiring and where
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the shopping giant has positions. >> researchers find another reason for moms to breast
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>> welcome back on this monday morning with temperatures in the mid 50's. mike will tell us more about the forecast. >> now we will tell you about pain at the pump. the average price has jumped eight cents in two weeks. the survey released yesterday finds the national average if a gallon is $3.67. it state-wide average is 30 cents higher. the lowest price for gasoline is in sacramento at $3.83. los angeles has the highest price at $4.04 a gallon. amazon is helping is job applications. lots of them. they are looking to hire 7,000 people in 13 states mostly at distribution centers. our closest distribution center
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is in tracy. amazon says 5,000 of the jobs are full-time jobs and most helping to full orders or customer service. >> parents will not reach so dopily into the wallets for back to school items with a firm saying they will spend $428 this year down from $600 last year despite most people feel more confident about the economy. parents of college kids, though, expect to spend an average of $900 this year. >> my goodness. >> we will pull off thinking about fall and we don't know if the weather will remind us of fall. >> it is hard not to thing of that with the temperatures so cool. this is how it looks from the roof this morning, the clouds are out there. there is not much fog or drizzle. we could be double digits
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cooler-than-average with napa 72 and redwood city 73, ten degrees cooler-than-average and the rest of us are five to six to nine degrees cooler-than-average. across the state, it is quiet as far as any storms, any cloud cover, with high clouds out of the south and it will be mostly sunny in los angeles and 73 when the morning clouds burn way and 104 in palm springs and 85 in sacramento and 99 in fresno and 80 in tahoe and the thunderstorms from the weekend are gone. leyla gulen? >> we are experiencing a delay on bart. that is richmond headed to san francisco. give yourself extra time. we are seeing quite a deficit traffic building. also, the crash is adding to the pain southbound 101 at 280 involving three vehicles blocking a couple of lanes. we are seeing yellow and volume making it to 280 from san francisco. as we head into san jose we have a report of a fire that is
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blocking one lane and the fire department is out there at northbound 280 at 10th. since the off and on-ramp are closed, used first street. the bay bridge toll plaza shows early bird practice traffic with possible bart strike. you can see the traffic is loaded up in the cash-paying lanes from emeryville to san francisco. we hope it does not happen. eric and kristen? >> 4:55. a study finds 34 children a day are streeted in emergency rooms for choking while eating. a study next month in journal of pediatrics mostly from hard candy at 16 percent and then other candy at 13 percent. meat, other than hotdogs, at 12 percent. bones, also, at 12 percent, and the study finds children younger than four at the most risk and boys account for 55 percent of
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the cases. >> studies for new parents: breast feeding can make babies smarter. 1,300 children were studied at three and seven and the findings show half year of exclusive breast feeding was lynched to 5-point junk in i.q. scores and even with a combination of breast milk and bottled milk it was two points higher. not having adequate diapers is a health problem for babies and moms, with one in three low oninch come moms do not have enough diapers. leaving a soiled diaper on too long can lead to remarks and causes depression in mom. a nonprofit called help a mother out, raises diaper donations for social service agencies and you can find a link on our website at
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>> a report says more high school students are graduating early. "usa today" reports half of united states states allow students to complete high school in fewer than four-years. california does not have an early graduation program in place but students can finish early if they meet certain district requirements. advocates say early graduation can help reduce state spending and give students a jump start on check or vocational programs. according to some, a drawback of finishing early is connecting with their older peers in a new setting. >> the threat of a bart strike looms over commuters again. contract talks have less than a week before the extension runs out. >> nesscy arrives -- flossie
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00. hope you had a great week. thanks for joining us. glad to be back on this monday only. mike, how is the forecast? >> outside right now, it is quiet. we do not have much in the way of wet weather. go have reduced visibility with a frame there of flossie seven in concord meaning the low clouds are obscuring the view. we have drizzle at th


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