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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00. hope you had a great week. thanks for joining us. glad to be back on this monday only. mike, how is the forecast? >> outside right now, it is quiet. we do not have much in the way of wet weather. go have reduced visibility with a frame there of flossie seven in concord meaning the low clouds are obscuring the view. we have drizzle at the coast.
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the first forecast, inland, before average, 73 to 80. mostly sunny around the bay and 64 to 72 and in san francisco, under partly sunny sky and we will be 57 to 62. now the monday morning commute. leyla gulen? >> it is starting to get busy. we have a crash in san francisco that is blocking two lanes still. southbound 101 with you get to 280 causing delays from the city but 280 is in good shape from daly city and westbound 580 the project is going to last until 9:00 a.m. with a few lanes taken away for drainage work. the rest of the driver headed along in the westbound direction is slowing down and it is a crunch at 28 miles per hour from tracy. you are still limping along in the altamont pass and it will losen when you head into live more. this is southbound headlights
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toward central san rafael are looking good. >> commuters could be stranded by another bart strike in a week from today when the unions could walk off again if there is no contract deal. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the north berkeley bart station. >> talks are scheduled today between the two sides. though talked over the weekend and they only have a week to go. we are told that over the weekend they discussed side issues such as worker safety, not the big issues but the spokesman insists they are >> we have not wasted the time. we have made progress. we have some big items to finish. >> our media partner, the san
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jose mercury news analyzed salaries and determined the top paid train operator made $155,000 a year. the best paid electrician was at $149,000, and the top earning janitor made $82,000. the newspaper compared the salaries with their counterparts at other government agencies. for example, to the highest paid train operator in santa clara transportation authority, and it is not even close. bart, woulders have bigger paychecks. the bart union is asking for a pay rise saying the wages have been not for four years and the cost of living has gone up in the bay area so the two sides still need to william to terms. if they cannot make an agreement workers are scheduled to strike starting on monday. >> if you park at the west oakland or mcarthur station
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you will shell out more money starting this morning. rates are going up 50 cents bringing the parking fee up to $5.50 at west oakland and $1.50 at mcarthur. >> in the wake of the asiana flight 214, the f.a.a. is changing the way some pilots fly into san francisco international airport. the f.a.a. is urging airlines to use g.p.s. for some landing, officials advise all foreign airlines to use that system when landing at sfo. the concern is over pilots relying on visual approaches as the asiana flight 214 did july 6 when they crashed killing three people and injuring 180. the f.a.a. says it has noticed a recent increase in aborted landings by some carriers that were flying visual approaches. we will have more on the story from abc7 news reporter matt keller at 5:30. >> boeing is expanding inspectionses of beacons to
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other models of the planes after problems were discovered with the transmitters on 787's. united said there were wiring problems on some emergency transmitters, the same part of the plane investigators believe may have started a fire on an empty ethiopian airlines flight in london this month. the transmitters are made by honeywell. >> check your flight if you are headed to hawaii, with fierce rains moving in as the first system in two decades prepares to make direct landfall on the most populated areas. kira? >> the warning is in effect from honolulu to the entire state of hawaii and hilo. we have animation that shows how flossie is expected to droll hit the big island any minute sometimes for landfall at 5:00 our local time. it is expected to pack a punch
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not seen since 1992 when forecasters say flossie is not so strong as this but could bring up to a foot of rain and winds at 60 miles per hour. people stocked up yesterday on supplies indicating flooding and rock slides could trap them in their hems. >> you never can tell. >> i still have about eight biologies but i thought, well, maybe i need some more. >> the storm from is expected to pass over the big i'd today but weaken tonight and by tomorrow morning flossie will be downgraded to a depression or tropical wave and the tropical storm warning is in effect through thursday and in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> thank you, severe weather is taking a toll elsewhere in the country and five people including a child were killed in a helicopter crash in northeast pennsylvania yesterday and
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authorities say the chopper went down during a storm. in arizona a tour bus with 33 flipped over in flood waters and passengers climbed out through the windows with in serious injuries. the driver attempted to cross a flooded road. >> developing news in east san jose, where police are investigating an overnight shooting that sent a man to the hospital. it happened around 9:15. residents called 9-1-1 after hearing begin shots. officers arrived they did not find the victim or suspect. the victim was hit in the torso walked into the emergency room at a local hospital and the injuries are not life threatening. it is believed the suspect may have escaped in a dark-colored s.u.v. san jose police continue to search for paroleee who led police on a car chase that ended in a crash. the officer was injured when he crashed the cruiser into a pond tree and suffered head is back pain. the for was trying to pull over a known paroleee with a
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narcotics war rants. he ran from the scene. >> police in hayward are searching for a robbery suspect who shot a security guard after a home depot store. police say he was trying to steal several items when the officers con fronted him. the suspect shot one officer in the shoulder and pistol-whipped the other. the hayward police found a plody -- bloody shirt and hair can they believe he cut his hair to hide his identity. >> and now the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that oakland city councilman wants to throw his hat in the ring for mayor but he will see if he can raise $400,000 to run a credible campaign. the councilman who represented east oakland says if he is in, it will be to win. >> meanwhile voters in santa clara county district 2 headed to the polls tomorrow in a run
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off election and former san jose vice mayor and a council member were the two top vote getters with the lead at 10 point lead in the supervisor race. >> good sleeping weather. >> it is cool. it is good sleeping weather. we will go ahead and show you what some of the temperatures are and you can see a last us in the 50's until you get to palo alto in the 60's, and we will go down to san francisco if you are coming in hire and some people like to come in early with the financial markets starting so early on the west coast and we will go low-to-mid 50's for our neighborhoods around extra from forest hills at 52 to christie field and ocean beach and, also, the ferry building at 56. this is how it looks in downtown, the clouds are not hanging too low and they out there from the roof camera across the embarcadero, and the
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ferry building the winds are blowing out from west to east. we will be cooler-than-average bringing low amounts tree and ragweed and ozone but the u.v. index is high. the next 12 hours are mostly in the mid-50's with clouds and we will watch sfo i imagine there will be flight arrival delays and by noon the clouds are back with a few clouds from time to time and from 56 to 68. at 7:00 we will cool back to jacket weather at 54 at the coast and 70 inland. in summer spread and everyone is below average. we will find out if you will stay cool driving to work this morning. leyla gulen? >>guest: folks are getting hot under the collar because we seeing a lot of traffic already and we have an accident in san francisco that is blocking a lane and we have construction and we have a fire in san jose starting in san jose where the construction project will drop
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east transition between northbound 280 to northbound 880 we have detours in place you have to the connection at the nimitz. we are looking at slowing, though, in the southbound direction, as well, and as we take you over to 280 in the northbound direction at 10 the avenue the fire department is on the scene fighting two fires off the freeway, and that has one lane blocked and it looks like instead of taking 10 the avenue you can use 1st street as we look at 680 southbound between walnut creek and the dublin it is 14 minutes and 101 from santa rosa into san francisco, under 50 minutes and 17 from highway one to los gatos is a 23-minute commute and outside we go to a picture of we our drive through the maze as you make the drive down to 580, looking heavy right now at 15 minutes in highway four. >> more vegans have an option when eating at chipolte.
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>> two your wildfires rage out of control and what firefighters thing sparked them. >> it sounds like a heist but it could have been simple to pull off, what police are saying about a
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>> covering be19, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a wildfire burning near
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glendale, washington, has grown to 27 square miles and 75 homes have been evacuated. thousands of residents are on high alert. a cease of lightning strikes started the fire and 1,100 firefighters started working on the fire that is only 15 percent contained. lightning, also, blamed for a fire in oregon. while fires have burned 9,000 acres in douglas county in the southern part of the state and 2,000 firefighters were called in to help work the fires which authorities say were started by lightning. >> woman from houston has died after a train crash in pain that killed 79 people. the train was traveling at high speed when it hurdled into a height curve, derailed and slammed town a concrete wall. 218 passengers were on board. the driver has been charged with multiple cases of negligent homicide although he now is released we.
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however, he must appear in court once a week and he cannot leave the country. >> 37 bodies have been pulled from the wreckage of a crash if southern italy, and officials say the but was traveling on a major highway when it slammed into cars that slowed in heavy traffic. the bus plunged into a ravine and 11 other people were injured. >> police are looking for the neighbors that made away with $53 million in jewels at a hotel in france on saturday. the exhibit features gems from a dime house. media reports say the robber was a single gunman who stuffed the suitcase with the gems. it is not clear how many pieces were stolen. >> there is legal heat over deceptive health claims and doctors are steering clear of medicare patients. >> good morning, bad news if seniors, fewer doctors treat
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patients enrolled in medicare because of money. some doctors say low medicare reimbursement rates and that could be slashed by 25 percent. developments in a class action lawsuit against naked juice and smoothie and coke has deceptive labeling over helping healthy joints. and chipolte has a new burrito with shredded tofu and will expand this to oregon and washington and vancouver and if successful, this could go national. that is the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> now the weather forecast on this on. >> a little marine layer action and we will check with mike nicco to see if anyone is
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getting drizzle. >> if there is drizzle it is on the coast because the clouds are higher on the sky and when it is that high it is hard to get rid of so the temperatures are below average again. here is live doppler 7 hd and we do not need the rain gear with know organized wet weather to goal with so we will tack will -- talk about today in downtown oakland but the coast, where it will be cooler-than-average. clouds tonight and expect drizzle at the coast, and summer returns to the forecast and you have to wait this will friday, saturday, and sunday. so it will be much warmer than it was this past weekend. here is the morning cloud cover, all of us are dealing with clouds this morning, as we fast forward through the commute by 9:00 we will start to see the openings develop in the cloud cover in the east bay inland neighborhoods and down in the south bay but not until noon
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that areas are clear and we could have a few clouds still hanging on in the lower elevations along the coast but in san francisco, though, everyone else is going to be clear. as we head into the afternoon hours you can see a few breaks in the cloud cover but mostly it is going to be cloudy. so we will talk temperatures in the south bay and average high in san jose is 83 degrees and you can barely make it to 74 in gilroy. up the peninsula we start at 73 in los altos, and 69 in menlo park and san mateo, and milbrae at 66 and 64. we will struggle at the coast upper 50's is the best we can do but it will not be that breezy. we will is low-to-mid 60's around downtown and south san francisco and wonderful time to be in the wine country. upper 50's there, and you can see that along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay more and possibly 70 in fremont for the warm spot, and
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headed in the east bay valley we have mid-70's to near 80. we 75, today, in san ramon. as far as the game, blue jays are in town taking on the a's at 7:05 first pitch, dropping down to 56. did you see the jerseys on friday? it caught everyone's attention. they were pretty cool. tonight, we have a look at the seven-day outlook, below average through thursday. you can see temperatures are where they should be friday, saturday, and sunday. >> i thought if it was a uniform from 1969 it would be laid and bell bottoms. an accident in san francisco southbound 101 at 280, one lane is blocked because of the three
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three-car crash causing a slow down. perhaps everything is moved on the shoulder because it is moving. 280 is good in and out of daly city and highway four the drive is slow from antioch to concord at 28 miles per hour is the top speed and summersville road it picks up into pittsburg. you are still hobbling long at 23 miles per hour at tracy and it will take you half an hour to get into dublin and highway 84 from 580 that is slowing, as well, as you make the drive into livermore. >> maybe avoid the platform shoes from the 1960's. >> a chilling recovery and what this circle -- what this suggests about
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>> whether you are just joining us or head out the door here are seven things to know. following the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo, the f.a.a. is advising all foreign airlines to start using a g.m. system when landing. the concern over pilots relying on what is known as visual approaches comes after the july 6 crash which killed three people skin you areed 180. >> bart negotiations continue today with six days until the
5:25 am
contract expires. if both sides can not agree by sunday, at midnight, they will be on strike monday morning. our reporter will have the latest on weekend negotiations at the top of the hour. >> three, a protest continues to stop the closing and sale of a historic post office in berkeley and people camped out all weekend hoping to make it unattractive to buyers. >> eight people have been arrested after this major disturbance at a surfing competition at huntington bench. police in riot gear battled crowd would refused to learn after the event ended last month. there was vandal im. >> tom cruise joined team new zealand after they beat the italian competitors during america's cup races yesterday. he and his son were the first guests aboard the vessel since a crewman died.
5:26 am
>> six, check out the flag on the exploritorium, blowing out east with a sea breeze here. i will tell you how long the temperatures are below average in the seven-day outlook. >> seven, already starting to see crashes out there and the bay bridge is loaded upcoming out of emeryville and into san francisco and i will tell you how long it will take to make the drive out of the east bay and into the city. >> in poland, archaeologists have discoveredded 17 skeletons buried with their skulls placed between their knees or hands. archaeologists say that is how suspected vampires used to be buried according to the mystery or adding to the mystery. nothing else was found not even a button. the bodies are believed dating to the 15th or 16th century when fear of vampires was wide-spread in eastern europe. >> whoever said you are too old to play with leg goes is not
5:27 am
playing with these, for $150 there are,200 all white legos which include instructions for assembling some of the most sophisticated and creative structures hitting the bookstores on thursday. if you really want to get creative throw away the instruction booklet, just let it flow. do your own thing. >> right! the morning news continues with the top stories at 5:30 including the beach police in northern california that became the site of drug smuggles. >> the car that flipped over in the east bay overnight and the mistake the highway
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 5:29. thanks for starting your day and week with us. i am kristen z. >> and mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd showing reduced visibility and especially around santa rosa at six miles and seven in napa and concord but no real fog or mist but a slight chance we could have drizzle near the coast. this is from mount tamalpais this morning, which i have been talking about how deep the marine layer is. you can see the clouds getting close to the top of mount tamalpais. it will be a long-term to get rid of the clouds. inland, 73 to 80 and the bay is 64 to 72. leyla gulen has the commute. leyla gulen? >> good morning, we could have a second accident near the
5:31 am
accident we have been reporting if san francisco southbound 101 at 280, we have been talking about this since the morning began. we are still looking at the accident blocking one lane, 280, also, slow in the southbound direction as we take you to the east bay, it looks like highway four is busy great antioch and as we make it to the hoffman split along westbound 580 at regatta boulevard we have an accident reported and it is causing spectator slowing and bart is recovering from the early delays at 10 or 15 minutes on richmond line to fremont and san francisco. >> a major change is coming for foreign airlines that fly to san francisco international airport. the f.a.a. is telling them to change their landing procedures related to the crash of asiana flight 214 at fog. matt keller is at the airport to explain how it will work. matt? >> passengers will not notice a difference but piles for foreign
5:32 am
carriers were and will be advised to use the nonvisual approach. >> this is another type of instrument procedure based on data that driven from g.p.s. signals on a computer and they given points on the computer screen. it is very safe. >> asiana flight 214 was cleared for visual approach on the runway before it crashed july 6. more pilots than usual have been flying visual approaches which is hand flying because the we glide slope indicator was taken out of service for runway renovation and the f.a.a. announcement is a week since a taiwan-based we airlines had an aborted airline on tuesday after flying into low. a go around allows the airplane another shot at coming in for landing. speakers say there is a concern that foreign pilots overly rely on automation and are not as
5:33 am
good at hand flying planes. >> matt, thank you. the california highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash in richmond that happened shortly after 10:00 p.m. on westbound interstate 580 at the bayview on-ramp. officers think the driver was going at least 90 miles per hour driving off the roadway overturning and landing on railroad tracks and died at the scene. no other vehicles were involved. next week commuters could be stuck in the middle of another bart strike with the unions meeting to resume talks both sides met on saturday if oakland and they made progress on small items but they say the big sticking points are salary and benefits and they also discuss worker safety. bart and the unions have until midnight on sunday night to reach an agreement and avert a strike. our reporter will have more in a live report at the top of the hour. >> police are trying to determine whether drugs or alcohol lay as role in a deadly
5:34 am
head-on collision in san lenadro when a car was going 100 miles per hour and slammed into another vehicle yesterday morning. the collision killed 57-year-old mia faumuina and critically injured her husband. the jeep driver is in serious condition. we know that the investigators are deciding which charges against the driver. >> shooting left a man in critical condition. police say the victim was shot after getting into a fight with at least two people near the intersection of 29th avenue and geary boulevard. they took the wounded man to the hospital and the suspects took off. >> neighbor group will be back in court to block construction of the first new elementary school in burlingame in 50 years. the neighbors will try to convince a judge to stop the project because they say the school would be located on a dangerous road with too many curbs. the city had begun tearing down
5:35 am
trees to build retaining wall. neighbors complained and there was an injunction to stop construction for now. >> happening now, a protest is still going on against the closure and sale of a historic berkeley post office. the group is camped outside a building and the post afghanistan is closing hundreds of post offices to save money. protesters say they are ignoring the community needs. >> how long will you do this? >> as long as we can, until we can stop the sale of this post office. it is the will of the people, the will of the representatives and city council to save this post office. it is not necessary. >> the post office is on the national register of historic places and the buyer is only required to maintain the integrity of the front of the building. >> new details this morning about a boat loaded with marijuana that landed in santa cruz. police say four men are under arrest on suspicion of transporting the pot. a lifeguard patrolling the beach
5:36 am
on saturday noticed a boat washed on the beach and he approach it four men took off, and they were later arrested. authorities searched the boat and found 1,200 pounds of marijuana believed to have come from mexico, the highway patrol, coast guard and homeland security security have all been called into the investigation. >> lightning sparked fire northeast of express know has green to 14 square miles and burning near the lake is not threatening any communes but more than a dozen campgrounds have been evacuated. trails and recreational areas near huntington lake also are closed and the fire now is 15 percent contained. >> developing news in hawaii, where residents on big island are bracing for the biggest storm in 20 years. tropical storm flossie is expected to make landfall and ready for a direct hit on the big island with a punch not seen since a hurricane in 1992. forecasters say flossie will not be that strong but could bring a foot of rain and winds close to 60 miles per hour.
5:37 am
residents stocked up on emergency supplies over the weekend and essentials and we we will have an update next half hour. >> and now the wind speed of flossie, mike? >>guest: 50 miles per hour, not very strong storm but it is going to mush a lot of rain up on to the eastern side of the island and it will only be around 40 or 45 miles per hour as it grazes honolulu in another six hours. it is not a big deal as far as storms go but it is a big deal because we have not had one in a while. our temperatures at home, 60 in oakland is the warm spot and wish off to a cool and mostly cloudy start. here is a look from mount tamalpais as we look at the next 12 hours, clouds and mid-50's through 7:00, and by noon, most of the low clouds are back to the court and berkeley and
5:38 am
alameda, and, oakland, still, could have lingering clouds at 56 to 68 is the spread. by 4:00, 58 to 76, ten degrees cooler-than-average. now a check on the traffic. leyla? >>guest: around the bay, mike, as we look at our bridges we will start with the toll plazas, you can see the traffic is moving. or not moving as the case might be. the cash-paying lanes are looking heavy as you make the drive from emeryville into san francisco and the center lanes are the fast track and they are moving along quite well. over to the golden gate bridge we can see traffic is running smoothly coming from sausalito and it will take you seven minutes to head out of sausalito to van ness in the city. we had earlier caltran work northbound direction and cones have been picked up up the flashing lights have passed. and the san mateo bridge is
5:39 am
hazy, coming from hayward into foster city with a few extra cars on the road but it will take you 12 minutes to head out of hayward and into foster city. eric and kristen? >> thank you. pope francis has a shift in dealing with gay catholic priest s, he made surprising comments. >> bringing movie star madness to the america's cup. >> a wild scene in southern california after a surfing competition. what sparked some members of the cr
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> eight people have been arrested in orange county after a major disturbance at a surfing competition in hunting ton beach. police in riot gear battled crowds downtown after a serving event ended and a big tight broke out. it took police two hours to get things under criminal. police say there was vandalism to city property but no one was hurt. >> there was a special guest during america's cup races over the weekend. tom cruise joined team new
5:43 am
zealand after the team beat their italian competitors yesterday afternoon. he and his 18-year-old son got do work after the competition and the necessary necessity team captain says it was a treat. >> it was a treat to have someone like him come along and it was great. >> they were the first guests aboard a competitive vessel since may 9 when a crewman from artemis was killed when the catamaran capsized. >> this is going to be a big morning for san francisco giants, president obama will honor the team at white house for the world series championship in 2012 at 11:00 and will highlight the team's ongoing community efforts such as the junior giants anti-bullying campaign. they were honored at white house two years ago for the 20 continue -- 2010 win.
5:44 am
>> and now headed to the western regional tournament after beating santa cruz in a gradualing three-game series and a proud parent took this video. the 11 and 12-year-olds will face teams from southern california, arizona and hawaii. >> this is the holy grill? >> it would be awesome to have a team again this year like last year. >> you are more excited than the parents involved. >> from the bay area, the peninsula, i know the folks and just the accomplishment of betting 285 other teams to get the championship is pretty awesome. >> you have to win the district. then the sectionals. then the regionals. >> and now, a's played bail.
5:45 am
>> yes they had we throw back uniforms. but, first, let me show you the clouds and how dry it is. there is spotty drizzle along the coast, though. we will have winds on the bay water and shore and toward the delta. west winds at 15 to 25 knots and gusts around 30 at the golden gate bridge. winds now are ten miles per hour but san jose, we have 12-mile-per-hour wind and fairfield is 26, so, still, a sea breeze to contend with keeping the temperatures below average again. here is a look at oakland this morning, and what we are going to see in the afternoon hours, mostly sunny conditions, and we will replace the low clouds with random high clouds film, and it is the sea breeze that copes us below average. we clouds tonight and drizzle at the coast and cool in the 50's and summer is back in time for
5:46 am
the weekend. from 5:00 this morning, until the end of the commute, everyone is pretty much socked in and there will be a few openings from time to time and the best chance for that is in the east bay inland neighbors and down in the south bay and you may see an opening around the bay but mostly the clouds are going on -- going to dominate until lunch. temperatures, now, start in the south bay and we will hang out in the low-to-mid 70's and 9 in milpitas, and 70 in sunnyvale and 140 girls' softball teams are taking on a national tournament and they getting nice temperatures. mid-to-upper 50's loan the coast today and low-to-mid 60's downtown and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the not bay valley and cool and mid-to-upper 50's along the east bay shore and mid-70's to near 80 in our east bay valley. here it is, the a's and the blue
5:47 am
jay's, cooling to 356, and you will need a coat or a hoodie. below average temperatures through thursday and friday, saturday, and sunday, summer is back in the forecast. have a great day. >> we have good news, it looks like traffic is saturdaying to ease up in terms of accidents as we head over to san francisco with a wreck that is now on the shoulder and the tow trucks are on the scene and southbound 101 before 280. southbound 280 at extension is loading up into daly city, and northbound traffic, though, is moving along at top speed and as we head to the east bay into richmond, westbound, along 580, we have this accident and it is over on the shoulder and cleared but we are looking at a little slow and go traffic out in along 80 in the eastbound direction and we are fining slowing there as you can see indicated by the yellow if you travel in the westbound direction, though, all is quiet, and not too bad.
5:48 am
it looks like your bart is running on time again and the richmond line headed to fremont and friend that was expensing power issues which now is cleared. for the commuters, go to right now and you could drive away with a brand new smart car. we will announce the clubby winner this friday on august 2 so be smart and enter now. we have been talking about the gas prices going up, up, up, so the smart car at 36 miles per hour, pretty neat. >> i get what of that. >> exactly. it is the average between highway and around town so -- but i can't answer? >> no, you is to kiss that god by. it is a great alternate and the parking makes it easier with the small car.
5:49 am
>> talk between israeli and palestinian negotiators are set to take place tonight in idead with, after a 5-year stalemate. they are trying to schedule talks on peace talks and the secretary of state john kerry invited both parties to send teams to washington for the first bilateral talks since 2008 and he has made several trips to the middle east and in israel a cabinet voted yesterday to free 104 palestinian prisoners as a sign of good will ahead of the talks. in egypt, the death toll between security forces and supporters of ousted president morsi has risen to 80 and the blood shed began on saturday when the protesters began expanding a sittin' camp in cairo. police have arrested several leaders behind the violence. >> pro morsi supporters rallied this weekend in san jose and they say his removal this month was a military coup and the
5:50 am
protesters are demanding reinstate. >> pope francis will not judge priests for their sexual orientation, and the pope made the comments an hour ago on the plane traveling back to brazil saying if someone is gay and he has god well, and searches for the lore, who am i to judge, a drastic change in policy from pope benedict who said homosexuals should not be priested and he said women should not be ordained but he wants to don't women's involvement in the life of the church. >> amazon goes on a hiring spree. where the online shopping giant has positions open. >> researchers give moms another reason to thing of breast feeding with a big impact on the kids as they grow up. >> later in our 6:00 hour, president kennedy's family as we
5:51 am
have never seen it before, a video we are now seeing, 50 year
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5:53 am
>> amazon is now accepting job applications, lots of them. they are looking to hire 7,000 people in 13 states, mostly at distribution centers. our closest amazon distribution center is in tracy with 5,000 full time helping to fill orders or customer service.
5:54 am
>> parents will not reach so deeply into their wallets do buy back the school items like backpacks and lunch boxes. analysts say the financial consulting firm says parents will spend an average of $428, down from $600 last year. despite the result of a survey showing most people are feeling more confident about the economy. parents of college age kids expect to spend an average of $900. >> ouch. i felt that you understood that pain, eric with the "ouch." >> the pain i understand. it still hurts. >> good morning, everyone, we are looking for a camera and this is are we have breaks in the clouds from san francisco to oakland and that will fill back in, i believe, and we will watch sfo for flight arrival delays. the big story today, 5 to 11 degrees cooler-than-average, down to 72 in napa, and redwood
5:55 am
city at 73, a lot of 60's and 70's, and 80's will be the exception in the forecast and no 90's anywhere near the bay area. outside, we can see 99 in fresno and 85 in sacramento and 80 in tahoe and 73 down to los angeles. leyla gulen? >> mike, we have a new accident to report and this is in dublin along westbound 580 as you come up on san ramon roadblocking one lane. right now we do not have delays as a result but it is there and it could start to cause a bit of slowing moving in and out of the dublin interchange. over the altamont pass, bumper-to-bumper traffic, now, as you come out of the tracy at 28 miles per hour, and 24 miles per hour as you start entering livermore and it looks like it is easing up from there and 34 minutes gets you between tracy and dublin. >> thank you, 34 children a day are treated in emergency rooms
5:56 am
for choking while eating. hard candy causes the most nonfatal choking episodes at 16 percent followed by other types of candy at 13 percent. meat, other than hotdogs, 12 percent, and bones, also, 12 percent, and fruits and vegetables at ten percent. children younger than four are at the most risk and boys account for 55 percent of cases. >> new studies for new parents, researchers found breast feeding can make babies smarter. a boston children's hospital study looked at 1,300 kids age three and age seven and they found that those only breast fed have 5 point jump in i.q. scores and with a combination of formula and breast feeding they were two points higher. there could be other factors such as education. >> a student kid this morning shows not having adequate diapers is a health problem for babies and moms. yale researchers found one in
5:57 am
three low income moms do not have enough diapers and leaving a soiled diaper on too long leads to diaper rash and causes depression in moms. a nonprofit locally raises diaper donations for social service agencies with a link on our website at >> next at 6:00, hawaii braces for the first major tropical storm in two decades and we have what tourists and people who call the island home can expect. >> breaking news in the north bay where flames erupt in a strip mall and a popular business that suffered extensive damage. >> later, the new fallout for anthony weiner after he admitted sending more lewd
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, we are a week away from another possible bart strike and negotiations are set to resume today between the transit agency and the union. >> weeks after the asiana flight 214 we are learning about a big change involving flights into sfo but not all pilots are affected. >> new video shows the aftermath of a scare in the sky, what forced the passengers to make the sudden evacuation from their plane. it is monday morning. hope you had a great week. thanks for joining us. >> we will have a monday morning weather check. >> off to a great start. a fairly dry morning with live doppler 7 hd not showing any wet weather or organized areas of rain falling but there could be drizzling at the coast and that is it. we will talk about what is going on temperature rise, so grab the prop attire for temperatures in the mid-to-upper


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