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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, we are a week away from another possible bart strike and negotiations are set to resume today between the transit agency and the union. >> weeks after the asiana flight 214 we are learning about a big change involving flights into sfo but not all pilots are affected. >> new video shows the aftermath of a scare in the sky, what forced the passengers to make the sudden evacuation from their plane. it is monday morning. hope you had a great week. thanks for joining us. >> we will have a monday morning weather check. >> off to a great start. a fairly dry morning with live doppler 7 hd not showing any wet weather or organized areas of rain falling but there could be drizzling at the coast and that is it. we will talk about what is going on temperature rise, so grab the prop attire for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and
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possibly 60. from the camera, we have a temporary hole in the cloud cover over treasure i'll and you can see parts of the bay bridge it will be cloudy for the better part of the morning through 9:00. we by the afternoon hours, inland neighbors will have high clouds and sunshine, and 73 to 80. cooler-than-average, and 64 to 74 around the bay and partly sunny at the coast into san francisco, 57 to only 62. now, the monday morning commute and we have a few bumps on the road. >> and i have another bump, this accident in berkeley along westbound 80 involving a truck and a car and the truck was pulling a trailer and it looks like a big rig has stopped as a good samaritan to put triangles out to guide traffic around the accident that is blocking a lane but we do not have delays and we are look at a slow down just west of this area but we will track this all morning because it could cause a problem in the
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commute. and westbound 580, this accident is still blocking a lane and now we are seeing delays as you make the drive into castro valley. in san jose, we will look at this picture, it will be 280 away from 17 and we are looking at clear condition with no accidents to report out there and traffic is running smoothly. a two alert fire broke out at a spa at 3:30 this morning at evo spa in mill valley. there are no reports of joins but you can see the damage to the store front at the spa business. in word on the cause. >> commuters could be stranded by another bart strike when the transit agency unions could walk off the job if there is no contract deal. our reporter is at the north berkeley bart station. >> we could see picket lines at
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the bart station in a week and two sides talked over the weekend and they are scheduled to go back to the table today. they are far apart and they have quite a goal: they have big issues to finish and some say they recognize that there are no easy answers. >> i really need bart and a last commuters do, as well, it is part of lie. i do think bart employees need to be treated and paid the prop amount whatever that means from the higher powers above to make commuters' lives and bart employee lives okay. >> here is the gap the two sides are trying to close. the union is asking for 23 percent raise over three years, but bart is offering 8 percent raise over four years. the talks are confidential. bart workers say they deserve a raise because their wages have been flat for years.
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wart officials say they need to buy new trains, and they cannot afford that pay increase. they have a week to figure it out and the contract extension expires next week and worker could go on strike next monday. >> happening today if you park at bart's west oakland or mcarthur station you will pay more with rates rising 50 cent today bringing the fees up to $.50 at west oakland and $1.50 at mcarthur. in the wake of the asiana flight 214 the f.a.a. is changing how pilots fly into san francisco international airport with all foreign airlines this morning will use a g.p.s. system when landing at sfo. the concern is over pilots rely on what is known as visual approaches like they did when asiana flight 214 crashed killing three and injuring 180
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much the f.a.a. noticed an increase in aborted landings by carriers that were flying visual approaches. >> in east san jose police are investigating an overnight shooting that sent a man to the hospital. it happened around 9:15 last night and residents called 9-1-1 after hearing gunshots and officers arrived they did not fine the victim or the gunman at the scene. the victim washingtoned into the emergency room at a local hospital. the injuries are not life threatening. it is believed the gunman may have gotten away if a dark-colored s.u.v. >> police continue to search for a paroleee who led police on a car chase that ended in a crash on saturday night. the officer was injured when he crashed into a palm tree tougherring head and back maybe after attempting to pull over a known paroleee with a narcotics warrant. he did stop but he ran away. >> police if hayward of looking if a gunman would shot a
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security guard at a home depot store while trying to steal several items when the officer confronted him. the gunman shot an officer in the shoulder and pistol-whipped the other officer. hayward police found a plody shirt and human hair, and authorities think he cut his hair behind a business to change his appearance during the get away. both officers will be okay. >> from outbound, there is another possible contender considering a run for mayor against the current mayor. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the oakland city council man will throw his hat in the ring but first see if he can raise $400,000 to run a credible campaign. the councilman would represents east oakland says if he gets in, it will be to win. >> voters in santa clara district two head to the polls tomorrow for a run off election. former san jose vice mayor chavez and water district officials alvarado were the top
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two vote getters to replaced disgraced i supervisor. >> if you are headed to hawaii there are fierce rains and winds as the first trip 8:00 storm system in do decades prepares for direct hand fall on hawaii's most populated areas. kira? >> tropical storm flossie is expected to hit hawaii any time this morning bring up a foot of rain and 16-mile-per-hour winds and yesterday, locals stocked up on essentials. the storm was expected to bring high surf and the strong winds and heavy rain with rock slights that could trap them in their home. they is they have seen storms le this since a hurricane in 1992. it will back inby tonight and
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tomorrow morning, the storm will be downgraded to airport depression or a tropical wave. the coast guard closed three ports on the big island and on maui. >> it is important to prepare for the worst. hope for the best. republic for the worst. >> the governor signed an emergency declaration in anticipation of flossie giving him am says to major disaster funds to pay for state overtime and buy supplies and activate the national guard if needed. >> stay with abc7 news for the latest on flossie. "good morning america" will have a report from hawaii at 7:00 after the abc7 morning news. >> now the forecast. mike? >> it will be cooler the next couple of days with summer on vacation. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd from the big island you can see light rain starting to move
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across and i checked the winds at hilo they are at ten miles per hour from the north and fattest winds are at 50 and gusting to 65 and not impressive looking system on the satellite. do you not see the turning winds or an eye indicating it will strengthen. it will probably weaken rolling across the big island around lunch bringing torrential rains on the east-facing slopes. we will watch that area for the possibility of mudslides otherwise it is not going to be a huge event but a rainmaker. at home we have san francisco exploritorium all those solar modules ready for sun which will happen at noon but the sea breeze and the slower sunshine and temperatures five to 11 degrees cooler-than-average. i will show you the warmer weekend ahead but, first, an
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update on the commute. we will start you off with this picture of berkeley an accident i was telling you about westbound 80 before you get to this avenue. beyond the overcrossing we have a big rig with the lights flash ing and a truck is perpendicular to the road and there are heavy, he, headlights moving toward the berkeley commute and to the maze. this will take you 0 -- 20 minutes to head over to the maze and this is toll plaza and it is heavy there and it looks like the fast track rains are moving well. >> thank you. new this morning a just released report finding a troubling trend for seniors relying on medicare but, first, caught on camera, the plane trouble leading passengers to fly down a chute. >> the promise anthony weiner i
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, calculate bell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a view from the camera you can see the bay and the piers in front of it. it is a cool morning. you can see the cloud cover. mike will tell us about the
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forecast ahead. >> new this morning from georgia, florida-bound flight made an emergency landing after a report of a fire. new video shows passengers evacuated the we flight last night using the plane's blowup slides in albany, georgia. the airlines says a censor alerted the possibility of a fire but it is not clear if there were flames. 155 passengers and six crew were on board the aircraft on the way to florida from iowa. everyone on board evacuated safely. no injuries were reported. >> a second american, a woman from houston has died after the train crash in spain that killed 79 people. the train was traveling at high speed when it hurled into a tight curb, derailed and slammed into a concrete wall. the driver has been charged with multiple cases of negligent homicide but he has been released from jail he must appear in court once a week and he cannot leave the country.
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>> new the huge jewelry heist getting comparison to a hollywood movie. thieves in france got away with $53 million worth of jewels yesterday in the middle of broad daylight at a temporary jewelry public at a hotel in canne with gems from a diamond house. a spokesman could not confirm the reports that the robber was a single gunman who stuffed the suitcase with the gems before exiting. it was not immediately clear how many pieces are missing. >> new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner is vowing to stay in the race despite the resignation of his campaign manager. anthony weiner confirmed the exit say he knew this would be a tough campaign. this is days after he admitted he continued to send lewd text messages to women following his resignation from congress in 2012. several of thely values are calling him to step aside. >> more and more doctors refuse to treat patients enrolled in
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medicare. today, the "wall street journal" reports that more than 9,500 doctors opted out of medicare last year and tripled from three years earlier. experts say part of the increase is because medicare payments are not keeping pace with inflation and doctors who accept medicare are changing their policies. a study found 33 percent of primary care doctors did not accept new medicare patients in 2010 and 2011. >> also new this morning, more accusations of labor abuse at a major apple supplier. a new report released today by the nonprofit group says that there are major safety and environmental violations at taiwan's company that produce as third of the we world's iphones. among the violations are employees working more than 60 hour work week and poor living conditions. apple says they away of the accusations and will investigate
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>> now a check on the forecast. where the heck is summer? >> where is grandson-- flossie? >> we had it for a week. >> the big island has a couple of hours and watch out for mudslides and flash flooding on the big island, and maui possibly up to 15" of rain is the big thing and the surf is rough. it will not be a hurricane. it will lose strength and only a tropical storm. radar and satellite, it is quiet around here right now, four miles, is the visibility at half moon bay and seven in santa rosa and concord and everyone else is ten miles per hour. so far, sfo has no flight arrival delays. the cool spot is los gatos at 51 degrees. i like to show the temperatures to lows goats in the hills and, also, on the floor of the valley
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because they are usually different but because of the marine layer being so thick the temperature at 1,800' is 51 degrees and 57 in san jose and sunnyvale is 56 along with cupertino and we have the same temperature in redwood city and san carlos and toward san ramon and brentwood very nice at 356, and same in fairfield and richmond and right now 55 in half moon bay and 58 in alameda and, also, lafayette and headed to this area, 56. you can see the clouds have climbed up to 2,600' but they will retreat back to the coast leaving us sunny this afternoon and cooler-than-average where clouds tonight and watch out for drizzle at the coast and where is summer? in the weekend forecast. now, today, in the south by, not seeing much in the way of cloud cover making a late public. by 9:00 we. have holes and by noon all of us
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are breaking out in sunshine and some slivers of sunshine along the coast. as far as the temperatures, we will be below average again by five or ten degrees and if you are headed to the game, 7:05 is first pitch and 6 and cooling down to 56 with increasing clouds. the range is 50's at the coast. in the low-to-upper 60's around the bay and 70's as you head in the south bay and the 80's are inland. temperatures are below average through thursday and summer on friday, saturdays and sunday and when it comes back it will not be too bad. >> you are in the single digits headed through berkeley, look at this, westbound side of 80 approaching university avenue the top speed is seven miles per hour, a car was towing a trailer so it is slow from east richmond
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it is slow into el cerrito and as we look over at 580 from dublin/pleasanton to castro valley, westbound side of the crash is still blocking a lane at san ramon road. now, this is the berkeley drive, and the headlights westbound direction you can see the flashing lights a big rig driver parked the big rig and put out the triangles so the cars would not crash into the other vehicle but it is perpendicular to the lanes and it is causing a bottleneck through berkeley. >> it is now 6:20. a list hollywood celebrity in the bay area but not for red carpet debut. the event bringing we tom cruise to san francisco over the to san francisco over the weekend. [ female announcer ] you walk inboom! it just hits you! that nasty odor coming from your washer.
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>> it is 6:23 and a look at the golden gate bridge with traffic moving fine. we have low clouds this morning and there is a big traffic problem on i-80 in berkeley and leyla gulen will tell us about that in a minute. right now we will check with what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00.
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>> good monday morning to both of you in the bay area. lots to get to this morning including the latest on the scare at a park in north carolina on sunday, dozens of ride others were stranded and hundreds of feet in the air the latest in a string of incidents at parks this summer across the country and we will have an update for you next right here on "good morning america." >> never before seen footage showing president john f. kennedy on vacation with his family months before his assassination. this silent film was recorded 50 years ago in cape cod. the president can be seen playing golf. swimming. sunbathing. relaxing with his children and first lady, of course, and the for the acknowledge was just released by the kennedy presidential library and museum. john f. kennedy was shot and killed in november 1963, four months after this was filmed. >> whoever said you are too old
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enter your tv provider account information to log in and get the life stream or search watch abc to download the app. >> very easy to do and now, police cars race to a california beach side community. ahead, the violence breaking out after what should have been a weekend of fun. >> coming up in a report, why some pilots are taking their hands off the control while landing here at sfo. trafficking this accident before you get to university avenue along westbound 80 causing a bottleneck and you are looklook
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at a 30-minute delay from albany to the maze with
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>> live from the kgo-tv
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this on at 6:29. san francisco, embark day, check out the flag that is whipping about on a pier and you can see the boats are under gray skies to start the day. does the flag mean it is windy? >> great observation. it is windy. it is a sea breeze that will keep us cooler-than-average. drizzle along the coast is as wet as it gets today. the day planner the next 12 hours around the bay we are starting cloudy and mid-50's and sunny by noon and 64 and we will be cooler than yesterday in many spots, and 70 at 4:00 and dropping down to a jacket needing 66 in the evening. mostly cloudy through 7:00 and the next 12 hours you can see sunshine and 68 by noon, and 76
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by 4:00, and ten degrees warmer than that in the afternoon and inland, we will need jackets as it will not be so hot as yesterday. the coast is going to be the coolest with mist, drizzle this morning, and it will be dry but cloudy at noon and our sunny spot, where we get the sunshine, we will reach 60 but most of us are stuck in the 50's the next 12 hours. avenue is where we have an accident blocking one lane and it is causing quite the the at seven miles per hour now, you can see c.h.p. just arrived on the scene a couple of minimums ago and we do see a big rig that is blocking one lane to help out this other truck and trailer blocking one lane causing a huge
6:32 am
jam up at 30 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. when you get to the maze, the toll plaza shows it was light because all of traffic is being held up from the accident so right new if you are look at a great drive from 580 not a bad commute whatever. a major change positive foreign airlines flighting into sfo with a change to the landing procedures after the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo. matt keller is at the airport to explain how this is going to work. we are at the terminal where arriving passengers may have noticed an increase in go arounds when the pilot takes a second shot at a landing. as a result, the f.a.a. is advising foreign carriers to use a g.p.s. instrument approach rather than visual approaches and the aviation consultant said this gives flying points on the
6:33 am
computer that are considered "safe." more pilots are flying visual approaches because the commonly use the glide slope indicator was taken out of service for runway renovation. the asiana flight 214 was cleared for visual approach before it crashed. there is a concern that foreign pilots rely on automation and are not used to hand flying the plane. >> abundance of caution with what is going on and people are more aware of the situation and the f.a.a. is responding to make sure everyone is on the same page. >> the f.a.a. announcement is less than a week since the go around involving taiwan based eva airlines when there was an aborted handing on tuesday after flying in too low. this is for international carriers and domestic carriers can still use a visual approach when landing at sfo.
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>> thank you, matt. >> also, new, the california highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash in richmond. it happened shortly after 10:00 last night on westbound interstate 580 at the bayview on-ramp. the driver was going at least 90 miles per hour and driving east roadway overturning and landing on railroad tracks. the driver died at the scene. >> if san francisco police are investigating a shooting that critically injured a man in the outer richmond avenue. two people in a car near the intersection got in an argument and one of them shot the other and the wounded person was taken to san francisco international airport. now, a protest is still going on against a closure and sale of a historic berkeley post office, and the group has camped outside the building and the postal service is closing hundreds of post afghanistans across the
6:35 am
country to save money and this post office is on the national register of historic places and the buyer is only required to maintain the integrity of the front of the building. >> in southern california, eight people are under arrest following a near riot in huntington beach. police cars raced to the scene last night after a fight brock out. police say that crowds refused to disperse and several windows along the street with street signs and city vicks-- vehicles all are damaged. >> new details of a boat loaded with marijuana that landed in santa cruz, four men are under arrest on suspicion of transporting the pot. a lifeguard noticed the boat on the beach and four men tooked off from the boat.
6:36 am
authorities found 1,200 pounds of marijuana believes to have come from mexico. the department of homeland security have all been called to the investigation. the america's cup race got hollywood star power over the weekend. actor tom cruise joined team new zealand after they beat the italian competitors. here is a picture that a spectator captures, he and his 18-year-old boarded after the competition and got to work cranking arm aboard the vessel and says the tour was a treat around the bay. >> real treat to have someone like him come along. it was fantastic. >> the cruises were the first guests since may when a team member of artemis was killed. >> president obama will honor
6:37 am
the giants at the white house for the 2012 world series championship. the president will highlight the team's ongoing community efforts such as the downyour giants anti-bullying campaign. the giants were honored two years ago for the 2010 world series victory. the ceremony will begin at 11:00 our time. >> we are struggling but you can not take anything away from us, it is 6:37 and a week away from another bart strike. what is taking place today as another work stoppage looms. but, first, pope francis make as stunning change with comments about priests and homosexuals. >> this is the san mateo bridge under clouds. traffic is f
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>> we are back at 6:40. in hawaii, there is light rain as flossie is several hours away. and it is only 50-miles-per-hour gusting to 65. today it will travel over the big island and the northern edge will touch the rest of the island. so, what to expect? winds at 50 to 65 miles per hour. rain up to 15" on the windward side with mudslides possible.
6:41 am
dangerous surf could cause closings on the coast. it is quiet at home around the state from 8 a in sacramento and 80 in tahoe and 73 with afternoon sunshine in los angeles. safe travels. >> the berkeley drive is no holiday right now traveling along westbound 80 at university avenue we have this accident blocking one lane involving a truck carrying a trailer and another vehicle and we do have one lane blocked and that is bringing speeds down to seven miles per hour. heavy backup from highway four and you are looking at 40 minute drive from highway 4 to the maze and it is making the drive into the bay bridge tolls extremely light as we speak this morning. and san jose shows everything running smooth and walnut creek, task is exploding up to junction highway 24. >> new this morning, pope francis says he will not judge breasts for their sexual orientation making the comments
6:42 am
two hours ago aboard the plane as he traveled back to the vatican after visiting brazil. the pope said "if someone is gay and he searches for the lord and has good well, who am i to judge," a change if philosophy from pope ben ticket who says homosexuals should nab the priests and said women should not be ordained but added that he wants to, expand and deepen women's involvement in the life of the church. >> trading is underway on wall street. we will look at the big board right now, the dow is down 26 points and ahead we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> first, though, returning to the bargaining table where negotiations between bart account unions stand today a week
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we are a week away from another potential bart strike and this morning negotiations are set to resume between the transit agency and the unions. >> our reporter joins us from the north berkeley bart station. >> we hear sympathy from the riders for the union. we will met a man who said he would lose his job if he cannot get there on time during the strike. both sides did discuss this over the weekend and they did meet
6:46 am
and have their negotiates and are scheduled to talk again today. the clock is ticking. the contract extension expires in a week and it is getting close. they have not told riders to start thinking of plan "b" but the strike is on the mines, the possibility of one, is on the minds of the commuters. some are thinking what time they will leave for work if there is a strike. >> if this goes through, yes, where i am is a possibility. >> you are worried? >> they will do what they will do. there is nothing...we can put pressure on all the parties involved but still they have to make it their close and the unfortunate part is everyone else is going to have to pay the price, whatever it is. >> the union is asking for 23 percent raise over three years and bart is offering an 8 percent raise over four years and their talks are confidential but we do not they will talk about the outside issues, other
6:47 am
issues, that are on the table but tomorrow they plan to talk about the big one, salaries at the negotiating table tomorrow. >> thank you, amy, h and million is -- h&m is going to start online shopping. and chipolte is going to have vegetable and vegan menus. >> also, amazon makes investments in the warehouses so that means more jobs with more than 5,000 full time jobs in 17 united states warehouses including two in california, patterson and san bernardino. seasonal workers will be added for customer service. they have been opening warehouses to get the products closer to consumers. as for pay, amazon says it usually pays 30 percent more at the warehouses for people at
6:48 am
traditional retail scores. now, investors are trading on a monday morning and there is a busy week ahead so it is quiet today with a fed meeting and monthly jobs report. the silicon valley index so far today looks like this, it is trading higher. the retailer h&m could launch online store in august. they have postponed online shopping twice already and fans say they will believe it when they see it. analysts say they are late to the party and have missed out on revenue and trying to make up lost ground and it could be late. on-line shopping has been around for two decades. amazon and ebay launched in 1995. if you are not a meat lover chicago pelt is -- chipolte is working on a vegan friendly chain with shredded tofu and will expand in oregon, michigan,
6:49 am
and vancouver, and they could roll it out nationally if successful. >> let there be no doubters the sun is going to make an appearance. >> that is one of few openings in the cloud deck. it will take until noon with some out there already. some of the areas are dealing with a morning marine layer. you notice there is no organized wet weather, and nothing other than patchy drizzle and it is quiet with visibility at three miles at half moon bay and everyone else is ten or eight with no flight arrivals in sfo or oakland and san jose running on time and south bay temperatures running 51 if los gatos, and 52 in santa clara, and same in mountain view and sunnyvale is 56.
6:50 am
temperatures are coolest around novato at 52 and calistoga at 50 and lafayette and new york and redwood city at 57. here is a look from our camera, one area of open clouds is letting the sun through and by the afternoon hours, we will be mostly sunny but if the coast where it will be cooler-than-average with the sea breeze dominating the weather, drizzle at the coast and summer comes back to the forecast and we will have to wait another four days for that to happen. this is how it looks in shows, 280 and 17, can you see that is a sunny spot and it is an area that will be nine degrees cooler-than-average, and 74 today in san jose but redwood city and napa, ten and 11 degrees cooler than where we should be for this late in july. look at all the cloud cover in the south bay, they are going to be clear by 9:00 and the rest of us are clear by noon and by
6:51 am
3:00, we are looking at temperatures that are pretty much in the 50's along the coast. so, our game continues this time it is toronto in town at 7:05 first pitch dropping down to 356. now, the seven-day forecast shows we will be lucky to reach 80 in the east bay, and most of us in the 70's but along the coast in san francisco, upper 50's to low 60's and a couple of degrees warmer on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and finally, friday, saturday and sunday, summer is back. leyla gulen? >> we are tracking an accident in berkeley but there are other drives, 580 from tracy to dublin, an hour, and highway four is 35 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 southbound that drive is loaded up at 18 minutes an from san rafael to san francisco and now a look at berkeley drive headed along
6:52 am
westbound 80 the traffic is stacked up at 40 minutes to get from highway 4 to the maze and that is due to the accident involving a pickup truck towing a trailer beyond the university avenue overcrossing blocking one lane and that is causing the bottleneck as you come beyond there and we have c.h.p. that is trying to make their way on to the seen and no injuries are reported. the tolls are a ghost town with no traffic whatever just a few scars making the commute into the tolls and that is due to the traffic being held up at university avenue in berkeley. go to abc-washington post abc7 u can drive away with a new smart car on friday, august 2, so be smart, you could win a smart car. >> is a small car like that okay on the friend?
6:53 am
>> you have to be careful no matter what you are driving, drive defensively. you take it on the friends -- freeway, you can get attachments to carry your skis, people do it all time. >> thanks. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> morning news
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go, new rules for pilots flying into san francisco international airport after the asiana flight 214, with f.a.a. involving all foreign airlines to use a g.p.s. system when landing. the concern is over pilots relying on visual approaches until sfo runway equipment is repaired in august. >> bart negotiations continue today with just six days to go until the country deal expires.
6:55 am
if both sides can not reach a new agreement by sunday night at midnight, bart workers will be on strike on monday. >> developing news in the not bay firefighters are investigating a two-alarm fire that broke out at a mill valley spa that started in a back laundry room and left a lot of water and smoke damage throughout the spa. >> this morning, president obama will salute the san francisco giants at the white house for the 2012 world series championship. they will be honored for commitment to causes in the community. >> flossie is weakening but hawaii is ready for strong rain and winds with the big island and maui getting the brunted of the brunt -- storm. >> i will be watching flossie. our first forecast is 73 to 80 inland, and 64 to 62 around the
6:56 am
bay and 57 to 62 from the coast into san francisco. it will be cooler-than-average temperatures today. >> seven, the metering lights are on and the bay bridge toll plaza looking clear because of this accident as we head into berkeley westbound 80 at university avenue, seven miles per hour is the top speed with a lane blocked and slow conditions. >> thank you for joining us.
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good morning, america. extreme weather right now. powerful flash floods sweep this tour bus into a raging river in arizona. dozens of rescues in the southeast. 8 inches of rain in philadelphia. hawaii targeted by tropical storm flossie at this hour. breaking news right now. pope francis makes a stunning call to accept gay priests, saying he will not judge them based on sexual orientation. this headline just coming in. breaking overnight. trouble after a surfer contest in southern california. out-of-control crowds smashing windows and looting stores. police in riot gear called in. at least eight under arrest. and gone in 60 seconds. the brazen jewel heist in broad daylight at one of the fanciest hotels on the french riviera. more than $50 million of gem


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