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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 29, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the controversy heats up over san jose's bikini bar as the opening day is closer for the new club in the hat of the downtown area. >> the gold room operator says it is upscale gentleman's club and a lawmaker doesn't like it and wants strict rules in place. abc7 news reporter matt keller joins us with a story you will only hear on abc7 news. matt? >> we know when the gold club
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will open. look at the posters. it shows the grand opening celebration starts august 8 posted by porn story katie morgan. downtown san jose has a ban on all adult businesses but this is considered entertainment. the dancers have to wear some clothes and many call it a bikini bar. the city council says the gold club has a first amendment right to be here but not the business he would like to see downtown the. >> i got a message from a gentleman that take his family down to the market, to the tapas restaurant across the street from the club saying, i don't want to have my family walking along this block. obviously, that is going to adversely affect businesses along the street. >> the councilman released to us his list of proposed regulations for the gold club and any other similar club that wants to open in san jose. he wants clubs to pay a special
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fee for extra police in the area and three wants to ban touching of a perform are by a pay drop, restrict alcohol sales during performances, and have minimum lighting standards. more broadly, he wants the club to close at midnight or earlier, keep a minimum distance from schools, libraries and parks and limit the type of advertising it can do and will discuss this new list of regulations at next week's rules committee meeting. >> thank you, matt, the f.b.i. says 100 children forced into prostitution have now been rescued in a nation-wide raid including several in the bay area. 76 cities across the country were targeted in a three-day sweep including oakland, richmond, and hayward. we were the only news reporter are given access to go with the authorities. 150 people were arrested, including dozens in the east bay in the sweep called "operation cross country." this is video of some of the
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accused prostitutes, three juveniles were rescued, one as young as 13. we will have more on this breaking story later today starting on abc7 news at 4:00. >> a bay area man died while snorkeling in maui. the man was pulled from the waters off black rock on saturday morning. he could not be revived. he was a reporter from the bay area news group from 2,000 to 2012 when appointed to assistant deputy director of communications for the department of fish and game. foul play is not suspected. >> the next deadline if a possible bart strike is days away and the we union is threatening to walk if they do not reach a deal with management. our news reporter joins us from bart headquarters. >> they are meeting right now and they are not talking about the big issue. that is, salaries. here is a shot of union
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representatives walking into negotiations this morning, saying they will talk about supplemental topics today, such as worker safety, but that the big issue of salaries is scheduled to tomorrow. they have a week until their contract that is new to place expires and workers could strike. we talked to a negotiator as she was walking in this morning but we also spoke with an official with bart who pointed out this morning that the strike is not the only option for next week if there is no agreement. >> this are lots of ways to continue talking past august 4 without a strike. if we moving, we can keep talking. we can extend the contract. there are plenty of ways to keep this going. >> we are going to meet today and do our best to reach an agreement. we want to do it sooner rather than later but the director needs to order the chief negotiator to the table. >> she is talking about the man would has been on a previously
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scheduled vacation and will be back at the table tomorrow for the salary talks. the strike early this month caused massive delays for riders during the commutes. this time, if it happens, it is expected to be worst because fewer people will be on vacation. now we are getting into the end of summer. they are not telling riders to prepare yet. this is still a lot of hope that progress will be made this week and they can reach an agreement in time but this is a situation where you need to stay tuned. this story could change at any minute. in fact, the unions hope to give us another briefing maybe later today. stay with us on this one because you will need to know what they decide, right when they decide it. reporting live in oakland for abc7 news. >> thanks, amy. tropical storm glosscy is -- flossie is weakening and
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tourists are preparing for rain and wind. abc7 news reporter has the latest. there are still rains and high winds and prepared for rock slides and mud, and people stocked up on essentials. this is the first storm of this magnitude to hit the aisles in 20 years. the last of its kind, look at that, it was a hurricane in 1992 at sfo here in the bay area people were scrambling to rebook flights. three departures to hawaii and three arrives from hawaii are canceled today. we spoke with traveler whose say the storm will change their vacation plans when they finally get to hawaii but they are not too concerned. >> not really. no. better waves for surfing. >> sun. sand. good
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suntanning. laying out and maybe doing more kindle than we thought. >> that was sfo from oakland airport, alaska airlines canceled both morning flights and are meeting to decide what the two flights will make it out this afternoon. two hawaii airline flights made it out this morning. at san jose airport, four alaska airline flights are canceled and a hawaiian flight canceled this morning. the tropical storm warning is in effect for hawaii through thursday. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking flossie. mike? >> we have radar east big island showing that there is rain getting close right here and i have the countries at hilo and they are not impressive, win at 12 miles per hour and not even .1" and the ten is warming along
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with the humidity. flossie is not strengthening. you think this is the center, but, no, it is north of the thunderstorm cluster, another good indication that it is weakening. winds are only 40 miles per hour. it is picking up speed moving to the northwest at 20 miles per hour. it will hit maui in the early afternoon and we will arrive crass, say, honolulu and head over and keep moving away at 35 miles per hour but then it will be a tropical depression. rain is the big thing. floods are possible at higher elevation where we will get the wet weather. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. new landing rules are now place for foreign pilots as san francisco international airport three weeks of at deadly asiana flight 214. the f.a.a. is advising all foreign airlines to use a g.p.s. system rather than visual approach when landing at the airport. flight knit was cheered for a visual approach on the runway
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before it crashed july 6, killing three and injuring 180. the f.a.a. says that it has noticed an increase in aborted landings by foreign carriers trying to make the visual approaches to for. >> firefighters are investigating a fire that break out at a mill valley spa in strawberry village started in a laundry room and left a lost water and smoke damage throughout the spa. the cause of the fire is still unknown. >> it will be a big morning for the san francisco giants, a few minutes from now, president obama will honor the team at the white house for their 2012 world series championship. there is the live picture, right now, of president obama and the team looking mighty good. they clean up pretty well. >> you can see larry over his shoulder. >> nancy pelosi is a season ticket holder and here. all the members of congress we have here today, we're glad you
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guys here and we want to recognize, as well, larry and g.m. bryan for building yet another championship team. give them a big round of applause. [ applause ] >> and someone who keeps looking younger, willie mays, in the house. of course, we have a big con grasslations to manager bochy who is one of only 21 managers to win 1,500 games. that is an incredible honor. [ applause ]
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>> now, it wasn't that long ago they were already here, celebrating the last world series title. some things don't change. the giants still won with stellar pitching and smothering against and timely hitting and although they used different closer down the stretch, this still had a beard to fear. on the other hand, some things do change: in 2010 it took five games to close out the world series. this your it only took four. [ applause ] >> there are new faces behind me, new nicknames, the reverend, blockbuster, we even have new hair cuts. where's tim? don't even recognize him anymore! >> of course, there were new moments to write in the history
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books, as well. during the regular season, matt cain had a record tying 14 strikeouts. [ applause ] >> buster returned from injury, and i wish i was that young, just to snap back, comes back and hits .336 with 24 home runs and earned the national league mvp. [ applause ] >> in the playoffs the giants drop the first two games to the reds forcing them to run off three straight wins to stay alive and then against the cardinals necessity had to come back from a 3-1 hole to win in seven games. in all, this team faced elimination a total of six times in the playoffs and it is no wonder your own fans don't refer to giants bail as torcher. in the word series they decided to take it easier on giants
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fans. game one, pablo came out swinging with a record-tying three home runs on the way to becoming the world series mvp. [ applause ] three games later, time for more fireworks over north beach. >> president obama at the white house honoring the san francisco giants. we streaming this live on and the
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>> pope francis will not judge people no their sexual orientation and make this comment to reporters traveling back to the vatican after visiting brazil. the pope said and i quote, "if one is gay and he searches for the lord and has good wealth, who am i to judge," a drastic change in policy from pope benedict. the pope also commented on women in the priesthood say they should not be ordained but wants to expand and deepen women's involvement. >> happening now, eight people including a baby and a contractor are in the hospital after a roe house collapsed in south philadelphia this morning. the contractor was remodeling the home when it collapsed. homes on both sides were damaged. neighbors heard an explosion and smelled gas and they are looking whether it was a natural gas explosion. a collapse downtown philadelphia
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demolition site killed six people in a large wall that fell in a threat store. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> stubborn clouds out there today. as we look from emeryville back to san francisco, how long it is taking to get rid of the clouds, so it will be cooler-than-average today. >> mike, we will go back to washington, dc, where the president is honoring the san francisco giants 2012 world champions. we are streaming this live for you at
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>> back to washington, dc, you can see the president shaking hands with the 2012 world series champion san francisco giants after praising the team, again, after the 2010 performance winning the world series championship. so, this he is pointing out >> this is so cool, the next story might have you double checking your credit report. an oregon woman fought for years to have mistakes removed from her credit report. she contacted the credit agency eight times over two years to fix errors on her credit report. she claimed they never fixed the problems so she sued. a federal jury awarded her $18.6 million in damages. that is the largest judgment awared to a consumer against one of the major credit bureaus. it is likely going to be
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appealed. >> that is some number. and our numbers going down weather-wise. >> temperatures are on the wrong side of summer. can you see why that is. here is a look, everyone, at live doppler 7 hd and you can see no wet weather to speak of. we had drizzle along the coast this only that did not amount to much and wind this afternoon, if you are going on the bay waters and in the delta, west wind at 15 to 25 hour and hayward and half moon bay and concord at 16 miles per hour right now, the faster speeds which is the sea breeze bringing the cooler weather today and you can see the north bay is having a hard time getting rid of the clouds and i am holding on the next hour. when we get out of that, there are a few high clouds on the satellite so that is going to make our sky not completely blue
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in the afternoon. in santa rosa, 59, and san francisco is 56, and 59 at half moon bay and the most cloudy spotses and coolest, and the rest us are in the 60's and antioch is the warm spot at 72 and los gatos at 73. this is how it looks in walnut creek, it is rather bright and it will be mostly sunny but cooler-than-average and we will have clouds, tonight, and drizzle along the coast and the next couple nights is what will keep the pattern locked in, until possibly the weekend when we can warm. there is the bridge bring and you can see the tourists hoping to get good pictures of something besides our famous fog but right now not going well for them. five degrees cooler-than-average to ten to 11 in redwood city and napa is how far off we are. 74 in san jose, and low 80's, today, and 9 in milpitas, and sunnyvale, big tournament at 140 softball teams from around the country here to play at twin creeks. mid-to-upper 60's in millbrae
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and menlo park of the hope the ladies brought special clothing for this cold here. we will be upper 50's along the coast and low-to-mid 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley with upper 50's at your beaches and up to 70 in treatment, and we will turn lights on, on the east bay, because that is where it will be warmest, mid-70's to 80 degrees. we have the blue jays and the a's at the coffee at 7:05 first pitch 61 and clouds and 56 by the end of the game. all of our temperatures are back in the temperatures tonight but antioch possibly holding out at 60. here is a look at your seven-day outlook, hardly any moderation this tomorrow will fluctuate through thursday and sea breeze, the low pressure is causing this and i have had trouble speaking since we turned the lights out. the high pressure will warm us
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up. >> coming up, an earlily canidate for "father of the year." a professional golfer gave up his shot and
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>> later today, pope says he would not judge gays and lesbians, including gay priests. at 5:00, not being able to afford diapers can create very difficult medical problems for babies and moms. >> any parent will tell you being there for the birth of a child is priceless. a golfer proved this weekend after giving up a chance to win $1 million just to be by his wife's side in the delivery room. >> professional governmenter was in -- golfer was in the lead and ready to win $million and his wife called and said she was if labor and he took off and went to texas and made it back
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[cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, a to millionaire. today's first contestant is a jack-of-all-trades. she's been a dog-walker, a travel consultant, an oil and gas analyst, and she's adding millionaire contestant to that list today.leaseom house welcome janice rudd.hey, janice. [cheers and applause] a real entrepreneur, i'd say. of all those jobs or any of the others i might not have listed, what was your favorite? what do you really like to do? >> probably doing the private cooking classes, 'cause it's a gift that keeps giving. i go, i learn something, i have a lot of fun, and then i go home, and i make the dishes, and usually, they turn out great, and my friends appreciate it too. >> oh, do you have a favorite dish that you've learned to make? >> i have a lot. i have tandoori chicken that's-- and then you can-- >> i'm c


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