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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it is similar to yesterday morning. >> exactly. a lot of cloud cover. drizzle along the coast. we will watch it to see if fog is forming. good morning, to you. this is how it looks from the roof camera toward the embarcadero with the ferry building and bay bridge. we may have smoky haze like yesterday from the fires in oregon. it is possible with temperatures below average at 76 to 82. around the bay we go from 65 to 76. the cool breeze will keep the coast into san francisco around 58 to 64. now the only commute. leyla gulen? >> starting busy with an overturned vehicle near the tunnel traveling along old tunnel road we have this. we have a subject possibly trapped in the car. we are looking at slow-and-go speeds from orinda to the tunnel on 580 westbound between tracy and dublin, 24 minutes and along
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highway 4 from antioch to concord that is 15 minutes and from san rafael to the city you are look at under 20 minutes and as we continue the drive over the golden gate bridge it looks clear and we do not see any delays. eric and kristen? >> time is running out to avoid a bart strike. both sides runs to the bargain ing table. officials say there was progress made on supplemental issues but no progress on the major issues of salary and benefits. they could bargain past the august 4 deadline if headway is being made. bart chief negotiator returned to the bargaining table after taking time off. other transit agencies are meeting today to discuss contingency plans. >> developing news from florida investigators are trying to figure the cause of a
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disasterous series of explosions at a propane plant. firefighters say it is a miracle no one was killed. eight were injured, four critically, when several large thanks exploded last night at the blue rhino located 40 miles north of orlando. police say two dozen people were working in the plant. they have been accounted for. neighbors reported feeling their homes shake up to ten miles away. fire crews are at the plant keeping an eye out for hotspots. the last of evacuation orders was lifted overnight. authorities plan to comb surrounding neighborhoods in the next few hours looking for damage. >> funeral services are held for an eight-year-old oakland girl shot to death at a sleep over this month. the eight-year-old girl was killed after opening the front door at a friend's house july 17. two other children and their grandmother were wounded in the
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shooting. a $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. her funeral is at 11 a.m. in oakland. >> the oakland city council is expected to approve plans to set up an expanded surveillance video program using $2 million in federal funding consolidating hundreds of camera feeds an the city to a command center monitored by police and firefighters. the project is designed to help first responders fine and deal with emergencies in progress. privacy advocates say they worry about the abuse of collected data. >> vandal caused the collapse of a radio communications tower in the east bay. this is what is left of the tower at the park near danville. police say it appears someone cut six support lines to the tower yesterday morning causing it to crash to the ground. officials say it is not affecting radio communications because other towers are used.
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damage is estimated at $1 million. >> thieves have hit a cemetery in santa cruz stealing from grave sites. flowers, pictures, statues and american flags stolen from 500 grave sites between friday night and early saturday morning. the pictures of the oakwood cemetery are from the santa cruz sentinel. more than one person is involved because so many items were taken >> voters in santa clara county district 2 in san jose head to the polls to choose a new supervisor. former vice mayor chavez is in a special run off election against county water district official alvarado. they were the top two vote getters among seven candidates last month. the winner fills the seat vacated by former supervisor shirakawa would resigned after gambling with public funds. a judge is considering a charge
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linking him to an illegal campaign mailer. he is expected to be sentenced in the fall. >> expect more hazy skies today across the bay area because of wildfires in southern oregon. sky 7 shows the orange haze clouding oakland last night. the bay area air quality district says smoke moving along the california coastline is pushed inland. here is what drives on the san mateo saw in the evening: hazy levels are high again today but not as bad as yesterday. the largest of the three wildfires burning in southern oregon is 21,000 acres. firefighters are battling to protect hundreds of home 50 miles from the california border and 100 homes are evacuated. the fire is only 2 percent contained. >> the storm near the hawaii islands weakened to a depression flossie will bring rain up to 6"
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on the big island and 2" on other islands. 20 hawaiian--bound flights were canceled. some had their vacation delays others had to cancel their trip^. >> that is my retirement trip to i am disappointed but i am hoping we can reschedule for december and i will get a chance to see the whales. >> the national weather service says a flash flood warnings is in effect and there could be power outages and road closings with gusts up to 40 miles per hour. >> flossie and the haze and mike nicco has a lot to talk about. >> we will focus on the haze. can you see across the board at medford where the storm is and the prevailing wind is from the northwest down the coast and it returns right through the bay and it started chiming north through the value bay and it was making its own circulation right
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here. that is why we have so much cloud cover or so much smoke. we had a wildfire smoke advisory yesterday afternoon. so far the bay area air quality management district has not said anything about today. we will keep an eye on it. 60 in fremont, we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's if you step outside. if you have issues with the smoke, maybe stay inside the best you can do. day planner, we will stay in the mid-50 with gray conditions through 7:00 and we will break through around the bay and inland and sunny by noon and 64 to 70 and we will hug the upper 50's to near 60 along the coast with sunny conditions and the breeze keeps us 80 at 4:00, and 70 around the bay and we drop counsel into the mid-70's by 7:00 and mid-60's inland. we have the seven-day forecast when we come back. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, we have an accident that is near the tunnel on surface treat involving an overturned vehicle
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and construction in san jose southbound along 880 from highway 237 to the great mall parkway we are looking at a few lanes blocked until 7:00 a.m. this morning. outside we go and a look at our drive, this is through walnut creek coming down from pleasanton hill away from highway 4 to the 24 junction and you can see conditions are clear, no construction out there to block the lanes and no crashes so the nine minutes gets you from highway 4 to highway 24 >> young baseball players from around the nation are in the bay area today for a big championship, and next the plan to turn livermore into a major little league destination. >> the refreshing change coming to subway area schools when
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wow. these are really good. you act surprised. aah!
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aah! practice makes perfect. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. there are thousands of teens in foster care who don't need perfection, they need you. >> coughing san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news.
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>> 4:40 a.m. and this is san francisco downtown in the dark. how is the great of the? much like yesterday. mike will fill you in. >> cab drives in san francisco will rally today to protest what they call the illegal taxi services, a ride-sharing program. they say these programs violate laws because they operate for profit by recruiting drivers with a promise of making money. the cab drives say this avoids regulation and accountability such as vehicle inspection and driver qualifications and insurance requirements. the rally starts at noon at city hall. >> kids in san francisco will get more than new notebooks and pencils in a few weeks. new water fountains are installed this summer for refilling water bottles and put in to meet a state mandate requiring access to fresh drinking water as cafeterias. nine schools are already using
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them. >> kids drink more water because it is an important health benefit to get away from drinking sugary beverages. >> the utilities commission is paying to supply the fountains with water from yosemite national park and the children get stainless steel water bottles. >> the little league world series will begin today in livermore. the little leaguers from all over north america were the main attraction in a parade down 1st street. the east bay city is hoping to become something of a west coast williamsport. >> get used to this sound in livermore along with teenage faces because when they say a world series has come to down, they mean it. >> there is one team from as close as pleasanton and another
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from as far away as japan. in little more, they are hoping to make this an every year event. >> it will get bigger over the years. >> william to the post williamsport era, now called immediate league. same organization. same format. a bigger game. on bigger diamonds. for some of the 13-year-olds --. >> we will try to redeem ourselves. >> that is robert, from houston, texas, and the post little league all stars barely missing last year the williamsport and this immediate world series gives the kid would have played together since eight years old, another shot. >> all frenals? >> yes. >> everyone? >> yes. >> it is clean and whole some. there is no money. no steroids. no drugs. just good clean baseball through monday. >> what do you like about it?
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>> everything. what is there not to like. >> nothing for the boys of summer. >> the championship game will be televised from livermore on monday at 4:00 on our sister network espn2. >> the boys of summer. we got the boys. where the heck is the summer? >> well...not so humid as williamsport or as hot. >> this week. the summer is again for a while. they have put a lot of money town that park from what i hear and it is different than it used to be. the espn dropped some change in there so they could broadcast the became. go on out there and enjoy. it is fun to watch. flossie is showing we have rain and the doppler is through the hawaiian islands. right now it is only a tropical depression.
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most of the storm centers are moving away from the center. the temperatures at this time in the morning are mid-to-upper 70 with dew point in the mid-70's and the winds, though, the fastest wind is in honolulu at 22 miles per hour. we knew this would not be a big wind event and would possibly be a flooding rain event but have not heard much about that. as it pulls an, it will continue to hold the 35-mile-per-hour winds so if you are headed that way, the airport will start opening as we head into the afternoon hours. here is a look at the cloud cover, everyone is covered again and it is starting to slip in the south bay and sliding to livermore, the two areas that were the brightest yesterday will be the same today by 9:00. by, say, 10:00 or 11:00 the east bay is clear but the north bay will take the longest to get rid of the clouds in the usual spots around san francisco by noon or 1:00 o'clock and the coast will see a few holes open in the
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cloud cover and it will keep the temperatures below average again. we should be 84 or 83 in san jose and 78 today, and in the 80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and 70 in santa cruz. mid-70's in most of the peninsula and upper 50's to low 60's long the coast today and downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, mid-60's, and low-to-mid 70's through the not bay valley and the beaches will struggle to get up to around 58 at bodega bay. and berkeley and oakland, upper 60's. we have upper 70's to low 80's in the east bay valley and free air conditioning again. a's and blue jays at the cove dropping down to 57. seven-day forecast shows tomorrow, a change. thursday, a change. then, hopefully, friday, saturday, and sunday, summer comes back, nothing too hot in the forecast, though.
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>> leyla gulen? >> we have an injury accident involving an overturned vehicle off the tunnel at old tunnel road and with the minor injuries involved we do have paramedics on the scene which is active. along 24, that is actually a decent drive from lafayette to orinda. as we head to the altamont pass, that is where we see the construction and light delays from tracy toward dublin. eastbound side of 580 between greenville road to flynn road is where we have construction project that will last until 9:00 a.m. this morning because of drainage work. you can see we have cash-paying lanes starting to load up. i don't know if these are early risers practicing for a possible bart strike so keep that in mind because we have until monday to figure out howell get to work. right now it looks like the fast track lanes are moving swiftly.
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for the commuters, drive the smart way at and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. we will announce the lucky winners on friday, august 2nd, right here. be smart. enter now. >> accused u.s. military intelligence leaker, bradley manning will learn today whether he will be convicts of aiding the enemy. a military judge in maryland will announce her verdict this afternoon. he is accused of sending 700,000 government documents to the antisecrecy website wikileaks the most serious of 21 accounts he is contesting. he faces espionage, computer fraud and theft. he faces life in prison without parole. >> new developments in the case of san diego battled mayor who wants the city to pay his legal bills. a former staffer has filed suit against the mayor and six others
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may follow after accusing the 70-year-old of unwanted groping or advanced. the council meets to consider his request but most council members are urging him to step down. there are two recall efforts underway. filner refuses to resign offering to go to intensive therapy instead. >> hillary clinton, the former secretary of state, will meet with vice president biden today, a day after she had a private lunch with president obama. the meetings are fueling speculation of a clinton presidential run in 2016. she says they are just friendly visits. >> a congresswoman gives birth to a miracle baby, the medical history this bundle of joy is making after surgery at children's hospital. >> do you know who is tracking you when you shop? a lawmaker plans to give you the power to say
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in 1977, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open once twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 88.
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ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism. when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many.
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>> good morning, a picture of the san mateo that still littles hazy this morning certainly the case yesterday from the oregan fires. we will check in with mike nicco and find out the weather conditions. you can see traffic is moving fine on the san mateo. >> an environmental justice coalition is threatening to sue the epa for allowing emissions from pg&e natural gas power plant to jeopardize wildlife. the "contra costa times" reports at risk is a butterfly which is near extinction and can only be found at the antioch dunes national wildlife refuge. the wild equity institute says the epa violated the endangered species act when it issued clean air act permits for the generate station without consulting the fish and wildlife service. the epa has not issued a comment. >> a community pool in danville will re-open today after tackling a bacteria problem. it was closed for cleaning after a child vomited at the beginning
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of the swim lesson yesterday. the pool protocol and this is typical in the industry is to clean it and keep it closed for 24 hours. accrues will clean up after a water main break in atherton that happened yesterday evening at fair oaks lane near the caltrain station. you can see as crews mopped up the water that they had formed puddles in the streets. >> 4:53. so we don't need the pools today. >> not that one. good morning, everyone, what he is talking about is that temperatures are below average today. how far below average? from four degrees in oakland and san francisco to five in san jose with the 78, and redwood city at 75 and napa at 76 and livermore at 82 and six degrees below average. our visibility is not too bad, a lot of cloud cover but not much fog. across the entire state, you can see the stream of upper level moisture to our north so when we
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finally break out into clouds we could see high clouds. near 90 in sacramento and chico and 81 and no thunderstorms, and 95 in yosemite and cooler-than-average in los angeles and 74 this afternoon. safe travels. leyla gulen? >> we have a brand new accident on 580 in the eastbound direction headed through oakland at fruitvale avenue. a car may have got into the bushes. we are not sure if it is blocking any lanes but it could possibly be off the freeway and if you are headed along in the westbound direction that traffic is moving smoothly. the drive time traffic long highway 4 from antioch all the way into hercules is a quick 30-minute drive, and headed along westbound 80 to the maze is 15 minutes and northbound 87, 85 to the san jose airport, that is under 10 minutes. outside we go and a look at the san mateo bridge under hazy, we have clear conditions on the road, and a few cars making the drive in the westbound direction is the tail lights and from hayward to foster city eastbound
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traffic is not a problem. >> a u.s. congresswoman has given birth to the first baby then to have survived a diagnosis doctors previously considered fatal, from washington state, calls the baby a miracle. she had a syndrome with no fluid in the womb. she decided on a rare treatment allowing the baby's lungs to develop and the girl was born july 15 and was immediately flown to a children's hospital in palo alto where she has surgery and dialysis to allow the kidneys to function. doctors are optimistic about her future. we will have more on the story on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> heavy smokers could soon get scans as part of the medical checkups, with a task force recommending the scans for those at greatest risk of lung cancer,
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including people ages 55 to 79 who smoke the equivalent of a pack of cigarette as day for 30 years. the task force says this could prevent 20,000 cancer deaths each year. the group will hold more public hearings next month before the recommendations become official. >> senator wants retailers to stop the practice of using your smartphone to track your movement. senator charles schumer of new york says stores use smartphone i.d. numbers to follow customers through the aisles, without their permission. the purpose is to see how shoppers navigate the store which products they look at and for how long. schumer says that is going too far and is calling on the federal trade commission to require retailers to let customers opt out of being followed. >> san francisco district attorney says he is making progress in the effort to help prevent the epidemic of cell phone thefts. during a meeting with news managers and staff at abc7 news he said apple and samsung are now actively working on
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anti-theft security features. he took part in a cell phone anti-theft summit in new york city last month. >> we started testing some of the software they are bringing on board and in the case of samsung, it is a combination of hardware and software and, still, in the developmental stages but we are assured they will be released before the end of the year. >> police say half of the robberies in san francisco now involve cell phones. >> we continue to follow breaking news in san francisco where a fire towns into a crime investigation. next at 5:00, what firefighters have discovered that drew police. >> also, with a strike looming, negotiators return to the table to try to hammer out a new bart contract. we are live with the major issues still dividing both sides. >> the financial relief a bay area city is offering today to homeowners whose
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news a beautiful morning at 5:00 on tuesday. thanks for joining us. >> beautiful day. >> "o what a beautiful day" and i don't know the rest of that song much isn't that a disney song? ♪ what a beautiful feeling ♪ everything's going my way >> i will stick to the weather. radar and satellite shows clouds in all of our neighbors. haze hanging in the air from yesterday with smoke coming down from oregon. they will p


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