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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news a beautiful morning at 5:00 on tuesday. thanks for joining us. >> beautiful day. >> "o what a beautiful day" and i don't know the rest of that song much isn't that a disney song? ♪ what a beautiful feeling ♪ everything's going my way >> i will stick to the weather. radar and satellite shows clouds in all of our neighbors. haze hanging in the air from yesterday with smoke coming down from oregon. they will probably import more
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today. it will be hazy and 76 to 82 inland and hazy an the bay with high clouds and sunshine and 65 to 76. cool along the coast and 58 to cool in san francisco at 64. now a check of the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> we have construction in san jose and it could slow your commute down if you travel along the nimitz in the southbound direction we will have a few lanes taken away that will last until about 9:00 a.m. this morning, between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. and as we look at our drive time traffic headed along 80, westbound, from albany to the maze it is four minutes. southbound along 880 from fremont to san jose that is 15-minute drive and 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is 13 minutes and outside we go and another look at san jose 280 away from 17 a couple of headlights we are looking at quiet conditions this morning. kristen and eric? >> breaking news from san francisco where firefighters uncovered a pot growing
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operation at scene of a house fire. a two-alarm fire broke out before 1:00 o'clock a.m. on tucker avenue in the visitation valley neighborhood. the home was empty at the time but they found five rooms with marijuana growing confirmment. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have more from the scene and the possible cause at 5:30. >> bart negotiations continue today as the clock ticks toward a second transit strike on monday morning. a new public confrontation does not look well for the two sides to come to terms. abc7 news reporter matt keller is at the station. >> trains are running at fremont bart station as negotiators made some progress. >> the supplemental table we made some incremental progress today. >> there was no progress on the your issues of salary, pension, and health care. those issues are expected to be discussed today. bart is warning passengers that
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the unions get the pay increase they demand expect to see a large fare hike. bart is attempting to turn the public again the unions and a possible strike could come in five days and computers are uneasy. >> if it goes on longer than three or four days, dill change how i feel. >> we will, again, give the public a 72-hour notice. >> union leaders say if there is progress in the talks, they will continue to talk beyond the deadline, august 4, but they are still planning on the possibility of a strike. >> thank you. it is 5:03. the agenda at the city council meeting includes discussion over resolution expressing concerns about safety at the chevron refinery. the counsel will decide whether to direct staff to determine if dangerous conditions still exist at the refinery a year after the fire sent 15,000 people to
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hospitals with breathing issues. the city plans to sue chevron for damages stemming from the fire. the contra costa tomorrows reports that richmond hired the same burlingame-based law firm that represented victims of the san bruno pipeline disaster caused by pg&e. >> the former executive director for sanitation district in marin county is scheduled to make the first court appearance on charges of embezzlement and money laundering. this is 45-year-old bret richards two years ago. last july, he resigned as the heads of the we sanitation district and disappeared. he is accused of taking a $350,000 housing loan that he never used for housing. richard was arrested in the philippines a few weeks ago. the bail is set at $1 million. a united airline workers and his wife are charged with stealing luggage from passengers on a flight that was diverted because of the asiana flight 214 at sfo. the prosecution says that surveillance video shows the
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document taking the bags after the crash and his wife later returned thousands of dollars in stolen items to the nordstrom store for refunds. none of the stolen luggage belonged to the crash victims. >> 150 people including several in the bay area face possible charges in the largest nation-wide sting to date focused on child sex slavery. we were the only local tv station allowed to be on the raid. officers conducted sweeps over they days in hair, oakland, and richmond. 76 cities across the country were targeted in the crackdown and officials say the largest number of children, a total of 12, were rescued in san francisco. >> the city richmond is offering to buy some mortgages to try to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and will acquire certain underwater mortgages and help refinance through the local principle reduction program. the goal is to help the
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homeowners get mortgages with reduced principle in line with current home values. the city his 46 percent of all residential mortgage holders are underwater. >> the mash it for luxury homes is hot especially in silicon valley. according to caldwell luxury homes are selling at a rapid pace compared to last year. los altos had the most with 43. prices be up up to 6 percent above asking price right now. >> the high end home market could be hot but the word "hot. >> cannot be applied to temperatures. >> that is true. we are below average. fought only yesterday, but, today, for the better part of the week. i thought we would look at yesterday afternoon, you saw the haze hanging around and i will show you the wildfires in the southwest corner of oregon near medford, with our prevailing wind from the northwest and it pushed it right down the coast and you know we have that flow
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right through the bay and into the central valley and you can see follow the arrows it goes all the way up and tries to get in the mountains and it pushes up to reading with a complete circulation and guess which way the wins me today? they will be prevailing from the northwest and make the left town through the golden gate bridge and hazy this afternoon and i will let you know if a "spare the air" day or wildfire air quality warning is issued. next 12 hours, starting off with mostly gray this morning and like my hair, mid-to-upper 50's and by noon, clouds open and we will have 70 inland and 64 around the bay and 356 at the coast and by 4:00 we have hit our highs but we are settling around 80 inland and 70 around the bay and 60 at the coast. enjoy. leyla gulen? >> we have a new accident reported along 101 that is blocking the on-ramp but, first, i will tell you about construction on the lower deck of the bay bridge, the eastbound
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80 out to 580 we will have lanes blocked and this will last until later morning hours. as we take you over to this accident, 101 freeway, someone made a sharp turn and they went down an embankment. it is off the freeway but it is there and could cause delays. as far as mass transit is concerned, bart, muni and ace train, all running on time with no delays. we will look outside right now and see what is happening in the world of traffic -- we will get that to you later. eric and kristen? >> a question for are you: which luxury car do thieves like the most? that is ahead the. >> another national monument vandalized in washington and this time the suspect did not get away.
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a heist of jewels towns out larger than first estimated. but first the tech bytes. >> in the tech bytes apple iphone is going down market with plastic. a new report monitoring the chinese factories for apple suggest as new iphone could hit the stores in the fall retailing for half the regular model. >> netflix has been getting lots of attention for the original tv series like house of cards but a new study finds subscribers still watch the same amount of traditional cable and network programming as those who do not
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, calculate bell and all bay area. >> it is tuesday morning and this is the embarcadero, a quiet embarcadero in tran. you can see the ferry building and the bay bridge. we will find out from mike when the clouds will clear up. >> fell regulators accused j.p. morgan chase of manipulating energy markets and forcing those in california to pay more for power. regulators are close to a deal. they accused j.p. morgan chase of boosting profits in california and the midwest. the government has fined
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britain's second largest bank $435 million for electric price manipulation. supporters estimate the settlement could be between half a billion to $1 billion. >> a 58-year-old woman is under arrest in washington, dc, suspected of vandalizing the national cathedral with green paint. the church was the third washington, dc landmark defaced in five days. similar paint was discovered at lincoln memorial and on a statue on the national mall. investigators have not said whether all three cases are connected but the paint looks to be a similar color. authorities say the suspect was arrested yesterday near the national cathedral. she is charged with defacing property. >> investigators are on the scene of a head on train collision in switzerland that injured 35 people. it took hours to free the driver of one of the trains from the wreckage. he died. the accident happened near the capital of bern. the trains locked together and
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were lifted 50 the tracks by the force. they will examine the black box of the high speed train that derailed and killed 79, so it will clear out if there were mechanical failure. passery said it was going above the speed limit when it entered a curb. >> in france they have doubled the estimates value of a jewelry stolen over the weekend at a luxury hotel. authorities say a man got away with more than $1 36 million in diamonds and jewels. reports say that he broke through the doors of the we hotel in canne and stuffed the jewels in a bag and walked away. >> warren buffett has a new fundraiser. he auctions off a lunch date to resolution money for a church in san francisco where his late wife used to volunteer and now he is planning to auction all
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you can eat sour of see's candy factory in southern california to benefit an educational group there. the investment company has owned see's since 1972 and he promises to demonstrate the proper way to eat a bonbon. >> didn't know this was a bad way to eat a bonbon. >> i thought it was just lay on the couch. >> just chew. >> chewen at clouds. >> the sun will have a hard time swallowing all of the clouds. partly cloudy with a chance meatballs. i could use a big pancakes right now. okay, radar and satellite, all quiet. visibility or wet weather, we do have drizzle along the coast. if you see it, let me know by tweeting it. fairfield shows the wins at 22 miles per hour, less than yesterday, and around the rest
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of our neighborhoods, less than yesterday. keep your fingers crossed so we will get the sunshine sooner than yesterday. temperatures are almost exactly of where they were this time yesterday, mid-to-upper 50's to fremont at 60's and concord is 57, and along with mountain view and oakland and san carlos at 59. 56 in san jose and san francisco and we have 55 in napa, novato, antioch, and liver pore -- livermore. high pressure to the north county clockwise flow tam -- tapping into the cooler air on the bay area and bringing us the cooler-than-average temperatures. today that is the case, 74 in milpitas today, big tournament in live more and in sunnyvale with 140 teams. mid-70's for the peninsula such
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as palo alto at 75. half moon bay is a warm spot along the coast at 62. mid-60's downtown and south de young museum in san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley but to the beaches expect a lot should cover and near 60 degrees. berkeley and oakland the last to see sunshine along the east bay shore are in the upper 60's and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70's and free air conditioning balancing out seven daze of 100-degree heat and upper 70's to low 80's in the east bay valley. game two, tonight, a's and blue jays, 7:05, first pitch, clouds and 61 and clouds and a breeze at 57 by the end of the game and all of us will be cloudy again, tonight, with drizzle along the coast and cool temperatures mostly in the low-to-mid 50's. the seven-day forecast shows summer still on vacation tomorrow. thursday, too. we will get temperatures back to average on friday, saturday, and
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sunday even holding until monday. leyla gulen? >> the traffic is not quiet. one crash after another. one off the tunnel. we have construction. we have delays, as well, over the altamont pass, it is slow-going. 34 miles per hour in the eastbound direction until 9:00 a.m. greenville to flynn we have construction project. to tracy you can see where the slowing is starting from before 11th street. we are starting to be on the brakes and it will continue sluggishly to dublin. the drive time traffic along 580 westbound from tracy to dublin, that is going to be 37 minutes. 680 southbound from highway 4 to walnut creek is six minutes and highway 24 to walnut creek to oakland, that is going to be seven minutes. outside, it is going to be the drive across the maze headed along westbound 80 up to 580,
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traffic is starting to load up but it continues to keep moving. >> thank you, leyla gulen at 5:19. you can take your guests, who is hollywood's best paid actress? >> we have that and luxury cars to stay away from in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, if you do not want your car stolen do not drive a mercedes which is the most stolen luxury car in the indication and then the bmw series 3. the national insurance crime bureau says the greatest number of thefts in the past four years occurred in the new york metro area with los angeles and miami popular cities for luxury car thieves. subway could have more restaurants but mcdonald's is still fast food king. they did more than $35 billion in sales triple subway. starbucks was third and then wendy's and burger king. who is the highest paid actress in hollywood?
5:20 am
angelina. she made an estimated $33 million in the past 12 months, $9 million more than jennifer lawrence who bumped up because of silver linings playbook and plans to make more when the next hunger games film "catching fire" comes out in november. that is the bloomberg business report. >> there is a new way to experience abc-washington post poll programming any time, anywhere, eni didn't our newscast, tv shows and sports on your smartphone live or on demand. it is brought to you at no extra cost. go to and interior cable tv provider account information and go to watch abc live stream or search watch abc. >> seven things to know before
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you start your day. a family photo anyone can love and what makes the pandas so unique. >> a big change coming to the tour of california, the city that is dropp
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>> blue are just joining us or headed out it door here are seven things to know. breaking news from san francisco after firefighters uncovered a pot operation inside a home after a fire break out in the home before 1:00 o'clock a.m. on tucker avenue. abc7 news amy hollyfield is at the scene with a live report in a few minutes. >> fire crews in florida are watching for hotspots after a devastating explosion at a propane power plant. eight people were injured when
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large tanks exploded at the blue rhino plant 40 miles north of orlando. no one was killed. >> three, negotiators for bart and the top two unions return to the bargaining table this morning hoping to reach a new contract deal before sunday night's deadline and could bargain beyond the august 4 deadline if they are making headway. >> richmond city leaders launch a program to start buying mortgages from homeowners who are underwater because of the mortgage crisis or no thanks to it. the city hopes to refinance the old loans into new loans that reflect country market values and help homeowners who are upside down in the mortgage. >> the inaugural immediate little league world series kicks off today in livermore. 13-year-old players come from as close as pleasanton to as far away as japan the same organization and format as little league but played on a bigger diamond. the championship game is monday. >> we are watching the main
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layer. we will see more sunshine and see not haze is going to hang around from the wildfires in oregon. >> look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it looks like traffic is running smoothly and the metering lights have not been turned on and the cash-paying lanes are showing a crash if lucas valley and that is blocking the commute. >> thanks, the city of livermore is done playing host to the california bicycle race decide not to pursue hosting a stage again next year saying demand on city staff and $125,000 staffing. livermore has permitted for four years but the officials say the benefit to downtown businesses was marginal and some lost money. the tour of california organizers say that livermore has been a great partner can they hope it will return as a host city after a year off. >> this only we have a new photo of the first panda twins born in
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the united states in a quarter century. this photo was posted on facebook of the zoo showing the twins sleeping. the 14 day old baby pandas have been growing quickly and cub (a) who was the smaller is now bigger than his brother by one gram. they still weigh less than a pound but that will not last. no word on their official names. they will make their public debut in november. >> 14 days later you can see the black and white stripes emerging . >> morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including a problem we are not used to dealing with in the bay area: bad air quality. what is behind the hazy skies? >>guest: the mangled metal left behind in the east bay after a large computations tower
5:27 am
clapped. what led to the sudden fall.
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>> abc7 news starts right new with breaking news. >> thanks for joining us. from san francisco, we have break news where police are jointing the investigation to a house fire in visitation valley because of what firefighters found inside, a surprise discovery. we are have visitation valley with more. >> firefighters wanted to see if anyone was inside and then surprised what they found. they said the fire was rolling when they got here but they had trouble getting inside and they say the home was very secure which is inbound for a residential home. when they were inside they realized no one was home but the house was a dedicated marijuana grow with growing equipment in
5:30 am
five rooms with plants and faulty wiring. the people had bypassed the meter for their electricity. a woman who lives here never suspected a thing the. >> this is a friendly neighborhood. it is unfortunate. you know, this is a school up this, too. so... >> firefighters think this was caused by electrical problems with no arrests made and no one was hurt in the fire. they got the call after midnight and in is on tucker avenue in san francisco's visitation valley. now they have to figure out who this belongs to and the police department is involved in this case. >> thanks, amy. >> our break from summer
5:31 am
continues. >> when will summer come back? we my have to wait until the weekend. as far as live doppler 7 hd, it is quiet this morning with drizzle possible along the coast. the marine layer is not so thick as it was yesterday. this is how it looks from the roof camera. now, today, as far as the first forecast, hazy. we will still have the smoke with the wildfires in oregon but now the bay area air quality management district has not issued a wildfire health advisory but we we will watch it. they did it at 2:00 yesterday and hopefully it will be quicker. hazy an the bay and 65 to 76 and cool loan the coast into san francisco at 58 to 64. now a check of the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> good morning, mike. we are tracking a lot congestion building quickly from antioch and toward concord. this is where you will find speeds down to 19 miles per hour, so, bumper to bumper
5:32 am
traffic and picking up to pittsburgh and concord. over to the caldecot tunnel, this is an accident with the tow trucks on the scene at old tunnel road involving injuries, as well, and an overturned vehicle. right now, along highway 24, a quick drive coming from walnut creek headed over to 13, so, really, not too bad if you on the highway itself, and now, outside, we will look at 101 in san jose coming away from 880 and we are seeing quite a few extra headlights and everyone is moving at a decent clip. >> time is running out to avoid a possible bart strike both sides run to the bargaining table this morning hoping to reach a new contract deal before the sunday night deadline. officials say this was progress made on supplement am issues but no progress on the major issues of salary and benefits. they say they could bargain beyond the august 4 deadline if headway is made. the chief negotiator returned to
5:33 am
the bargaining table. other transit agencies are meeting toed to discuss contingency plans in the event of another strike. abc7 news reporter matt keller will have more at the top of the hour. >> developing news from florida trying to figure the cause of a series of explosions at a propane plant. it is a miracle no one was killed. eight people were injured and four critically injured when large tanks exploded at the at e blue rhino prepain plant 40 miles north of orlando. two dozen people were working in the plant at the time and they have been accounted for. neighbors reported feeling their homes shake up to ten miles away. this morning at sun up on the east coast crews are keeping an cry out for hotspots. the one mile evacuation zone was reduced to half a mile evacuation and authorities will
5:34 am
come surrounding neighbors in the next few hours looking for any other damage. >> funeral services are held today for an 8-year-old oakland girl who was shot to death while at a sleepover this month. the police say the eight-year-old girl was killed after opening the front door at a friend's house july 17. two other children and their grandmother were wounded in the shooting. a $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. her funeral is at 11 a.m. in oakland. >> today, the oakland city council is expected to approve plans to set up an expanded surveillance video using $2 million in physical funding consolidating hundreds of camera feeds around the city to a command center monitored by police and firefighters. the project is designed to help first responders find and deal with emergencies while in progress but privacy advocates say they worry about the abuse of collected data.
5:35 am
>> the search is on for the vandal who caused the collapse of a radio communications tower in the east bay near danville. police say it appears someone cut six support lines to the tower early yesterday morning causing it to crash to the ground. officials say it is not affecting radio communications and damage is estimated at $1 million. >> thieves have hit a cemetery in santa cruz stealing from grave sites there, and flowers, perks, statues and american flags all stolen from the 500 grave sites between friday night and usually saturday morning. the pictures of the oakwood cemetery are from the santa cruz sentinel. more than one is involved because so many items were taken. >> voters in san jose head to the polls to choose a new supervisor. a former vice mayor chavez is in a run off election against
5:36 am
county water district official alvarado the top two vote getters last month. the winner will fill the seat vacated by george shirakawa after gambling with public funds. a judge is considering a charge limping him to illegal campaign mailer. shirakawa is expected to be sentenced in the fall. >> could we see hazy skies like yesterday? mike has been talking about it with fires burning in oregon making a mess of the skies. the orange haze clouded oakland and the water quality district says smoke is pushed inland by oregon by the winds. here is what drives saw on the san mateo bridge, hazy, right, and the hazy levels are high, again, today, but not as bad as yesterday. the largest of the three wildfires burning if southern
5:37 am
oregon is about 21,000 acre, and firefighters are battling to protect hundreds of homes in glendale 50 miles from the california border and 100 homes are evacuated and the fire is just 2 percent contained. mike? >> we have high resolution satellite from yesterday and you can see how gray it was throughout the bay into the south bay and over into the east bay valley and it was just ugly. very bad yesterday afternoon. it all starts in the southwest corner of oregon near medford where the fires are burning. with the wind from the northwest pushing it down the coast and our wind then pushed it to the central valley and wraps it up to medford so, today, yes, we could have that come at us again so, we will keep an eye on it
5:38 am
for you, with no alerts or warning out this for hazardous air. next 12 hours, 54 to 58, going gray this morning and 56 to extent from the coast to inland and haze sunshine at noon and not summer like, cooler-than-average by five or ten degrees and 60 at the coast and 80 inland. now, seven-day forecast is you ahead but, first, leyla gulen. >> i am trying to figure out where the accident is located and c.h.p. has been unable to tell us the exact intersection but we have been tracking it and we are told the entire roadway is blocked, now, at first it was reported near 101 and now we hear it is ten miles west and we tried to call the tow truck company but they were not agree average with giving us the information. 101 southbound from santa rosa to petaluma is 14 minutes and
5:39 am
580 westbound from castro valley to the maze is 13 minutes and 101 northbound through san francisco from the 280 and 680 split to highway 85 is 13 minutes and you can see the traffic is building and so san francisco, fast track is moving along at top speeds. >> young baseball players from across the nation, some of the best, are in the bay area for big championship and the plan to turn livermore into a major little league destination. >> the refreshing change coming to the bay area schools from classes get underway
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> wreck bat, the storm churning near the hawaiian islands has weakened to a tropical depression. flossie will bring rain up to 6" to the big island and 2" on other islands. 20 hawaii-bound flights were canceled yesterday. some would have share vacation by a few days other were forced to cancel the trip altogether. >> this was my retirement trip so i am disappointed. i hope to reschedule for december and i will get a chance
5:43 am
to see the whale watching. >> the flash flood warnings is in effect until tonight. flossie could still cause power outages and road closings with winds up to 40 miles per hour. cab drivers in san francisco rally to breast what they call the illegal taxi service of ride sharing programs. cab drivers say ride share programs like lift violate the laws because they operate for profit claiming they avoid regulations and driver qualification and insurance requirements. today's rally starts at noon at city hall. >> kids if san francisco will get more than new notebooks and senator sills when they return to school. you it water fountains are installed this summer and are refilling the water bolts, so they have access to fresh drinking water. no one schools use the
5:44 am
dispenseers. >> kids drink more water because it is an important health benefit for students to get away from drinking sugary beverages. >> the public utilities commission is paying to install the fountains which supply water from the reservoir in yosemite. they giving kids stainless steel water bottles to keep them from using plastic bottles which could have health effects. begins today with some as far away as japan with a parade last night in downtown livermore. the immediate league is run by the same organization and has the same format as little league but the thin-year-olds lay the game on a bigger diamond. the immediate world series continues through monday. >> the championship game is televised life from live more monday at 4:00 on the sister
5:45 am
network, espn2. >> mike, what are the differences between this and little league world series? >> little league is over after they are 12, and this is sightly bigger and you run further so it is for 13-year-old, and the little league is losing kids to other leagues and this is a way to keep kids in little league when they are beyond the 12-year-old status. >> how is the weather for the boys? >> very nice. it will not be 100 or 90 but it will be in the 80's. i hoped we would have pretty air but we still have the haze. they hud be okay. flossie shows radar running through the hawaiian items and there are radar runs but not a tremendous amount. so here is the latest on flossie, 35 miles per hour move
5:46 am
accelerating away from honolulu. the gusts are now at 13 and gusting to 18 in honolulu the fattest ones around. so, not a big wind event and have not heard of much damage fromnesscy but make sure everyone knew because it was a big issue if you tried to get there yesterday. 35-mile-per-hour wind and the cloud cover will take a while to get out of the neighborhoods of the breaks at 9:00 or 10:00, and by 12:00 the entire inland neighbors are clearing but the coast will be sunny for the afternoon. as far as what going on you can see the cold air over the top of
5:47 am
us and this area low pressure with the counterclockwise flow steering the weather our way and it will stay locked in for the better part of the traditional work week so we will look at seven-day outlook, barely to 82 inland and upper 50's to mid-60's in san francisco. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine and same air mass on thursday and we will modify it on friday, saturday, sunday, and monday to get summer back in the forecast. nothing too extreme. leyla gulen? >> thanks, mike. we have plenty of congestion and we have crashes and this crash is involving an overturned vehicle along highway 116 at arnold drive causing a blockage at the intersection. as we take you over to the maze, we do not see much in the way of blockage but we can see clear conditions through emeryville traveling along 580 beyond 24 and loan the nimitz, 880, at
5:48 am
maze at 70 miles per hour and moving along well. the cash-paying lanes are loaded up and outside right now you can see what is happening, the walnut creek commute if you are traveling southbound along 680, more traffic is starting to build this especially at the highway 24 interchange and that is not causing a delay because we are still at nine-minute drive in highway four down to the 24 junction. for all the commuters, drive the chart way at use right new and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. well announce a winner on friday, august 2, right here so be smart, enter now. how do you do that? >> go to
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and this will be two options to enter by twit we or facebook but it takes you to the same follow you need to fill out by hitting enter. good luck. >> easy. >> bradley manning will learn today whether he will be convicted aiding the enemy. a judge in maryland will announce her verdict. manning is accused of sending 700,000 government documents to thants secrecy website wikileaks aiding the enemy, the most serious of the 21 counts. he faces espionage, computer fraud, and theft charges. if convicted, manning faces life in prison withdraw parole. >> new details in case of san diego's embattled mayor, he wants the city to pay his legal bills. a former staffer has filed suit. six other women may physical
5:50 am
after accuse, the 70-year-old of unwant the groping and advances. the council considers the request for them to pay but most members are urging him to step down and two recall efforts are underway. he refuses to resign offering to go to intensive therapy instead. >> do you know who is tracking you when you go shopping? a lawmaker plans to give you the power to say "don't follow me." >> a come woman gives birth to a mayor come baby in medical history.
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>> an environmental just first coalition is planning on suing the epa for allowing emissions from pg&e power plant to jeopardize wildfire. at risk is a but the federal fly -- but step fly -- butterfly that is nearings sting. the epa violated the act when they issued clean air act permits for the generating system without consulting the fish and wildlife service. the epa has not issued a comment. >> on the peninsula, crews will clean up from a water main break that happened at 7:00 p.m. near the caltrain station on fair oaks lane. you can see crews mopping under the water that formed puddles in the street. >> now a check on weather.
5:54 am
summer is, again, on vacation. >> on hiatus. open up the weather window looking across the exploritorium trying to see oakland. it is hard with the clouds and haze that are lingering this morning. temperatures again today are around 5- to 10-degrees cooler-than-average with oakland and san francisco about four degrees cooler-than-average and if you are around the state we will have a few high clouds from our neighborhood all the way to the north but no thunderstorms and temperatures are below average in los angeles at 74 and 99 is the warm spot in the central valley and fresno and 89 headed to sacramento and 81 in tahoe. leyla gulen? >> i asked where this accident is, in lucas valley, and they still saying it is ten miles away from the 101 freeway, and if you imagine ten miles west we are not exactly sure what the intersection is, but it is blocking the entire roadway, but
5:55 am
as we look at 101 we are looking at clear conditions in the southbound direction, marinwood in lucas valley to santa benicia, and, first, the drive time traffic 580 westbound from tracy to dublin is 42 minutes and highway 4 from antioch to concord is 30 minutes and 101 headed through san rafael to san francisco, only a few minutes to get there. traffic is running smoothly. >> a congresswoman has given birth to the first baby then to have survived a diagnosis that was previously considered fatal. the congresswoman from washington state calls her baby a miracle. she had no fluid in the womb and the condition often results in terminated pregnancy. but the mother chose a rare treatment where doctors injected
5:56 am
liquid in the womb so the lungs could develop. the baby had surgery on so her lungs could function. more on america at 7:00 this morning. >> heavy smoker could get scans as part of the medical checkups. a task force is recommending the scans for those at greatest risk include those 55 to 79 who smoke the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years. the x-ray could prevent 20,000 cancer deaths each year. the group will hold more public hearings next month before the recommendation becomes official. >> a senator wants retailers to stop the practice of using your smart 15 to track your movement. senator schumer says that stores using smartphone i.d. numbers to follow the customers through the aisles without their permission. the purpose is to see how shoppers navigate the store and
5:57 am
which products they look at. the senator says that is going to far and humor is calling on the federal trade commission to let customs opt out of be followed. >> san francisco firefighters accidentally stumble on a marijuana "grow" operation overnight and ahead, the steps criminals took not to get caught. >> we are following developing news from florida. a propane fire shoots 150 soviet foot -- 150' into the sky. >> "consumer reports" reveal the stores where you will save the big bucks for back to school supplies and w
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking news at 6:00, san francisco firefighters rush to put out flames at a home. instead, they find a marijuana
6:00 am
grow operation. >> the clocking ticking to another bart strike. what the unions and the age d agency are saying. >> some are explosions at a propane plant in florida. we are lending what happened and where it stands right now this morning. >> 6:00 on this tuesday. thanks for joining us. >> you have below normal temperatures in store today. mike? >> that is the rule, again, temperatures will stay below average as summer has gone somewhere. it is staying for the next couple of days. i don't know why it doesn't like it here. here is the visibility: everyone is seven or greater. five in santa rosa. this is haze but not much fog. it is a gray start. the day planner for the bay is overcast at 56 law 7:00. we will see slow sunshine and mostly sunny and mid-60's by noon, mostly sunny with haze and below average temperatures. in the evening,


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