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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is wednesday at 5:00. thanks for joining us. >> check on the weather forecast. not going to be swimming weather? >> the kind of weather we have been having. mike? >> our weather pat end is stuck in neutral. it is having a hard time getting traction. look, it is dry. there is drizzle at the coast and a little bit of mists but, today, get ready for hazy sunshine again this afternoon. temperatures are below average. inland we go from 74 at petaluma to 84 headed to antioch and around the bay, 65 in south san francisco to 76 headed to fremont and mountain view and at the coast in san francisco we will have 60 to 65 degrees with the clouds lingering.
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>> now, the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> we have construction that will last longer. we did have this project that will last until 6:00 and this is the northbound or, rather, southbound from the tunnel to lake street with work being done and i want to take you over to our drive time traffic where 580 is loading up, 680, southbound, from dublin to mission boulevard is seven minutes and 85 headed northbound from 101 to cupertino is a short five minute commute and to the golden gate bridge, we can see traffic is running smoothly from sausalito into san francisco and it is not seeing any traffic. get out on the roads, now. >> we are following breaking news from san francisco where a man and a woman are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being stabbed this morning in golden gate park 2 fast hours ago just inside the east end of the park. victims were stabbed in the
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chest and abdomen. we are trying to confirm if it is connected to a fight at a bar. police are in the area looking if two suspects described as black males who drove away in a maroon-colored vehicle of the one suspect has dreadlocks. we are would being to get more information to bring you an update. >> there are now two controversial new crime-fighting measures on the books in oakland. the city council argued in the early morning hours before adopting them. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is in the newsroom with details. katie? >> one measure expands surveillance of the city with security cameras that passed with loud disapproval. >> all if favor say aye? >> aye. all opposed, say no. the motion passes. thank you. [ heckling ] >> the department of homeland security is giving oakland $2 million to expand the
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surveillance program originally set up at the port of oakland in 2008 to protect against a terror attack. the new measure does not add new cameras but repurposes four existing cameras to include parts of oakland. the cameras will be used with a mapping system to create a surveillance center at the office of emergency services. council members passed the land with a voice vote and added some amendments to address civil liberty concerns. the ac almost u is opposed say it could be used to track workers who are trying to organize unions or follow a citizen going to an aa meeting or an abortion clinic. the other controversy ordinance passed this morning has to do with disamending protesters with more on that at 5:30. terminators will be at a good well warehouse after the
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discovery of bedbugs. and abc7 news amy hollyfield is in burlingame. what is the impact on the operation? >> this is going to inan enormous financial hit to the good well and they will lose hundreds of thousands in donated goods and that is how they make most of their money. they spotted bedbugs over the weekend in burlingame in the warehouse so they tossed out enough donated stuff to fill a tractor trailer. bug experts will be here today to inspect the warehouse. they also have found bedbugs in san francisco at the mission and 11th street location and they found them in a 20' yeah of the warehouse and they plan to tent and treat the area later this week. they have then out goods near the area and steam cleaned hundreds of pounds of colleagues and fabric that will set near
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that spot. they are going above and beyond. it will cost but they will do what it takes this is a safety and health matter and they want to put out a plea, if you ever think you have any pets in your home do not donate to the good well or to any other organization. they do want the public to know that at this point they have not found any bedbugs inside any their stores. >> thank you very much, amy at 5:05. they are still talking but they are not getting far. bart officials and young leaders plan to return to the bargaining table but they do not agree about the progress they making to a new contract which means the threat of another strike is still very real. the unions accused bart of lying about an offer to raise salaries. sunday is the deadline if a deal and the unions must give 72 hours notice if they plan on striking. >> police are searching for a man who attack add student on
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the campus of san jose state, a 22-year-old man was walking with a group of men and women near the science building and he got in an argument with another man and they struggled and at some point the suspect slammed the victim's head into the payment. the i tack tack -- the attacker ran off, and the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. >> two men suspected of kidnapping a 15-year-old and keeping her as a sex slave of scheduled to be in federal court in san francisco this morning. authorities say the 30-year-old ryan baletto and 24-year-old patrick pearmain kept the victims in metal toolboxes during the three weeks of captivity in lake county in april. the fill was sexually abused and forced to work in a marijuana growing operation. a judge is expected to appoint an attorney to defend ryan baletto and patrick pearmain today. >> happening today a 12-year-old arrested in the stabbing death
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of his little sister is scheduled to be in court. the brother of the eight-year-old >> cab drivers are outraged over drive-sharing services if san francisco. the cab drives fear services like lift will drive them out of business. the mayor supports the idea of letting people use their cars to give others rides arranged through smartphone apps. >> they were creating jobs and fulfilling needs that customers, if they didn't like them, would not is to use them. >> private cars operating as
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unregulated taxis and it is completely devastating to the cab they. >> year, a judge decided to let the ride-sharing services continue as long as they complete additional paperwork. the public now has 30 days to comment on the policy before it becomes official. if mountain view, pg&e crews are repairing a gas leak. crews say the leak was discovered in 4" line that runs beneath charles continue road and independence avenue. the gas was should off last note at 9:00 p.m. and several businesses were evacuated with no homes affected. there is is in word how long the repair could take. a driver who notice add bulge in road reported the leak. >> new a check on the weather forecast. >> mike is stuck in the same pattern. >> just minor fluctuations. you may notice depending how much you are outside. low to mid-50's in san francisco
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from forest hill at 51 to 56 at portrero hill and ferry building is 55 and packer city, is 55, and richmond doing that, too, along with american canyon and belmont and 58 in union city and saratoga, and walnut creek and pleasanton is 56 and petaluma is 53 degrees. here is what will happen today, the next 12 hours, we are starting off gray, a little drizzle at the coast and in the mid-to-upper 50's through condition, hazy sunshine dominates the neighborhood and our coolest temperatures at 4:00 all across the board are short average if this time of the year and 60 at the coast to 80 inland and grab a jacket by 7:00 we are in the mid-50's to low 70's and falling rapidly when the sun angle gets lower by 8:00. fast forward to the next three days we will tack about what will happen, temperatures will drop a degree or two tomorrow and will jump two or four
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degrees on friday and hold steady through saturday and last through the weekend. >> i have some answers. we have report of a brushfire in this area pot chicago highway we have the fire department headed out there to check that out. we are looking at a slow down on highway four in the westbound direction coming from that area. from antioch to pittsburgh well have a drop in miles per hour and it is slow inching your way to pittsburg. at the a mass, 40 miles per hour from tracy and when you hit 205 you be on the brakes and over the altamont pass you are in the 30's and it starts to ease up but we have construction in the eastbound direction with a few lanes blocked until 6:00.
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westbound highway 92 at the toll plaza, the san mateo bridge, we have a lane blocked because of a stalled car. and here is walnut creek, 680, to 24 junction, it is loading up a little bit. >> apple accused of making workers to wait to leave after their shift to get checked for shoplifting with details in the bloomberg business report. >>the energy drink debate continues on capitol hill and we will tell you who will be questioned today about whether they safe if kids. >> amazing story of a suber who -- surfer who survived a shark attack during the tropical storm flossie. >> facebook is getting into mobile game publishing. google is taking aim at the ipad mini, with a 7" screen and
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weighs less than a pound and costs $100 less than apple's tablet. and "wall street journal" gives it high marks. >> it still has great quality hardware features like high resolution screen and a nice processor that works very quickly and a good camera on the front and back and other high-end features. >> it retails for $229. check out what happens in an intent minute. 1.8 million facebook pages are "liked" and over 200,000 instagram photos are posted and a quarter million
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. meals on wheels is asking for help after a vehicle it depends on to deliver meals was stolen. a white ford with bay area community services logo was stole be on monday in oakland on fruitville avenue. a witness says two men stole it. "meals on wheels" says this threats the delivery of meals to 70 seniors and are looking to volunteer drivers until their vehicle is found. >> plans for a 5th miles an hour juan dispensary have been snuffed out. the city council rejected plans for a club on south 2nd near the santa fe neighborhood. 20 residents spoke out against the club out of fear that it would increase crime and drug use. the owner contends that the building is hidden from the neighbors and 2,000' from the nearest school and has lost $200,000 on the project so far.
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>> today the battle over energy drinks heads to capitol hill. a senate committee wants to know if it poses a health risk to kids. a panel of doctors and nutrition experts question executives from rockstar, monster, and red bull. opponents claim the caffeine is harmful to a child's growing body. this year, san francisco city attorney filed a lawsuit against monster over the safety of its drinks. the company maintains the drinks are safe. >> a surfer in hawaii is talking about the run in with a shark that last his leg torn up and the surfboard with a big bite. the shark was in the murky waters duringnesscy and the man learned the hard way getting in the water before a storm can be a bad idea. >> i was on the board and a tiger shark came right next to my leg and it bit me and i had
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reaction time and hit it on the face and it turned around. >> the gash on the board is identical to the gash on his leg extending from the knee and the student is not expected to be fully mobile if a couple of months. >> we have learned an off-duty firefighter is among the riders arrested in the pay lay after a surfing contest in on county works for the city of fullerton and is placed on leave. the riot broke out in huntington beach on sunday. >> facebook is getting a lot more "likes" from investors. >> apple is accused of underpaying thousands of employees. >> apple is facing a lawsuit who were forced to wait in line 15 minutes to half an hour a shift to be checked for shoplifting but were not paid for the time. the lawsuit is seeking class action status. federal reserve policymakers wrapping up a two-day policy
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meeting today and investors will look for how long the fed will continue to stimulate the economy and facebook now is close to the i.p.o. price on word of telling tv-time commercials for up to $2.5 million a day. and facebook attracts more young viewers during prime time viewing. members encounter rude behavior twice a day and 70 percent believe it is crisis levels. many of those surveyed say cyber bullying and other rudeness is part of the problem and 37 percent say they have experienced rudeness at work. at the the new york storm exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> if you liked yesterday you will like today. >> if you would like drizzle on the windshield --.
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>> the marine layer is compressed and you are pushing more moisture in a smaller boundary so it is wetter. we have the winds. as long as we are stuck in the pat enif you try to head out on the bay waters whether san pablo or the delta, you will run into 50 to 25 knot winds from 2:00 to 9:00 this afternoon into the evening. winds are fastest in fairly at 30 so we have a stout sea breeze and sfo is ten and oakland and concord around 12 and everyone else is lets than that right now. from mount tamalpais this morning you can see the cloud deck below the 2,600' level and we will have smoke out there because of the fires in oregon but we are going to stay below "spare the air" levels and temperatures today are below average with clouds and mist and cool don't and slightly warmer as we head into and through the weekend. as far as temperatures today, we are going to run 79 in san jose and mid-to-upper 70's elsewhere
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and sunnyvale is 76, and let to mid-80's around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and cloudy around santa cruz if you are headed to the board walk at 70. mid-to-upper 60's around millbrae and low-to-mid 60's along the coast today and to mid-60's in downtown, south san francisco, and 67 in sausalito, and trying to get the beautiful pictures from the marine headlands will be difficult today because of the cud cover, and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley and low 60's at your beaches and we will see sunshine in berkeley and oakland and you will be touched by the sea breeze so you are coolest in the upper 60's and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70's and let to mid-80's throughout the east bay valleys from san ramon and pleasanton to brentwood at 85 degrees. take the sunscreen where it will be sunny at 12:35 and 63 and 9 by the time the game is over at 3 to 3:30.
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tonight, the temperatures are in the 50's with cloud cover dominating most neighborhoods but for the east bay valley in the south bay like it has been. here is the seven-day forecast, a couple degrees cooler tomorrow and two to four degrees warmer on friday, and sunday, monday, and tuesday, could be a couple of degrees cooler and afternoon sunshine. leyla gulen? >> we still have the stalled car right at the mouth of the san mateo bridge which is at the tolls westbound side with a build of the traffic to hayward and pg&e is on the scene at independence and san antonio avenue will be closed until further notice. 101 is mooching well if you head northbound and southbound around highway 85. as we look at the drive time track, if you are traveling along highway 80 the east shore freeway albany to the maze is four minutes, and very short, and 880, southbound under 20
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minutes and 280, northbound, from 101 to cupertino, is 13-minute commute. now, a look at your drive in san jose, 101, coming away from 880 over to the san jose airport, you are in fantastic shape. >> the watch abc live stream is now available the first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream your local news and all your favorite abc tv shows. now you never have to miss a minute of the news and shows you lover. watch abc allows to you watch abc7 with you wherever you want to be, a special new benefit brought to you by abe, comcast, and charter communications. there is no cost. search watch abc to download the
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>> blue are just joining us or head out the door here we seven things to know. the oakland city council pass add lou -- pass add low aimed at
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preventing damage and injuries that happen during protests over the george zimmerman verdict. our reporter will have more on the vote in a few minutes at 5:30. >> breaking news from san francisco, where a man and woman are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being stabbed in golden gate park at 2:30. police are, looking if two suspects who took off in a marine-colored car. >> three, bart officials and union lowers plan to return to the bargaining table today although they seem pretty far apart from agreeing on a new contract. the deadline to reach a new deal is sunday night at midnight and the unions say they will give 72 hours notice if they plan on striking. >> sentencing begins in an hour for bradley manning who faces up to 136 years in prison for giving wikileaks more than 700,000 military records and video. >> five, terminators will be at
5:27 am
a good will warehouse in burlingame after bedbugs were discovered there and at a warehouse in san francisco, too. good will had to toss hundreds of thousands in donated goods. >> six, starting off with cloud cover again today and mist and drizzle for the morning commute. it is not a big deal. we will talk about warming temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> seven, our roads are starting to get more crowds looking at the bay bridge toll plaza cash paying lanes are building at this hour and fast track is moving along pretty well and along the peninsula, we have street closures because of a gas leak. this morning, many eyants fans are shocked, shocked, that the former closer brian wilson has signed on with their rivals, the dodgers. yesterday, the 31-year-old signed a deal for recorded $1 million. he has missed the past two seasons because of reconstruction surgery.
5:28 am
prior to the surgery the all star was considered one of the best closers in baseball. >> as we mentioned many giants fan are outraged, signaling an end to the days of beards, so this expresses how many giants fans are feeling, fear the beard is now shear the beard, and the creator says it is all in the name of friendly rivalry. >> real friendly with the dodgers. >> the abc7 news continues with the top stories including friends and family coming together to remember a young girl missing in oakland. >> votes go to the polls in the south bay and a candidate is
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:30. thanks for joining us. easy to lose track of what day it is when you look at the weather because it seems like they are all the same. >> as mike called it, ground hog day again. >> we are stuck in neutral. when the weather does change in a couple of days hopefully we will get the warmer weather. some people like this weather. great, enjoy it. we are supposed to be in the middle of the summer. here is the should cover out there so a little cloudy with the coffee this morning or your jog or walk. here is a look from 2,600', and our spread inland is 74 >>neil: bay to 84 in the east bay and an the bay, 65 to fix and from the coast to san francisco, 60 to 65. now, the commute. what is leyla gulen tracking this morning? >> the commute is hazy, hazy as far as hots of cars on the road
5:32 am
and we have construction eastbound side of 580 if this area with lanes blocked lasting until 7:00 and the rest of the drive in the westbound direction along 580 is building from tracy to dublin so heavy bumper to bumper track and as we take you over to the peninsula into maintain view we have pg&e capping off the gas leak and traffic control will be in effect because which will stop road is shut down between independence avenue and san antonio i don't until further notice. here is the berkeley commute loading up at 15 minutes to get from highway 4 to the maze. golden state park at the east end of the park. police released a description of the suspect. they are described as heavy set black male with dreadlocks and the other is a blackmail wearing a white hoodie.
5:33 am
the woman, possibly in her 40's was stabbed in the cleft and the man believed 20 and 30 was stabbed in the abdomen. both have life-threatening injuries. the suspects drove away in a maroon vehicle the. >> in oakland the city council worked into the early morning to put two new controversial crime-fighting laws on the books in the wake violent demonstrations that followed george zimmerman's aquittal in the killing of trayvon martin. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more. >> they voted 5-0 making it a misdemeanor to bring hamers and wrenches and tools of violence to demonstrations. look at this video showing people using the items to shatter ones during a protest of the george zimmerman verdict which was usually this month. it is nut just vandalism but a it wary was hit in the face with a hammer during the same protest and the ordinance is aimed at preventing damage and injury.
5:34 am
councilman introduced this and defended it until 1:00 o'clock this morning citing rising violence. some of come to hurt others and we are just making excuses. tomorrow you bury a young girl, then the grandmother, and the next day someone else. >> the aclu is against the ordinance calling the definition of demonstration and tools of violence too broad. anthony asked if a graham of plumbers or carpenters is walking down the street together with their work tools would they be in violation of law. he said the city lawyers are prepared to defend it this court. the city council backed another controversial item this morning regarding security cameras. i will have more on that in 30 minutes. >> bay area commuters may want backup plans with bart officials and union leaders planning to run to the bargaining table but
5:35 am
they are far from a contract. they painted very different pictures of what is happening inside the negotiations. sunday is the deadline if a deal and the unions mutt give 72 hours notice if they plan on striking. >> private bradley manning faces 13 years in prison during the sentencing phase of court-martial in maryland this morning. a judge found him guilty of 20 charges including espionage after being acquitted of the most serious aiding the enemy which would meet life in prison. he can testify about his plan to expose military wrongdoing by sending classified information to wikileaks. daniel ellsberg leaked the pentagon papers decades ago which showed how the u.s. government lied about the vietnam war. >> the free press and democracy dodged a bullet today but it is still under attack.
5:36 am
>> former c.i.a. director says that manning hurt national security. a few dozen people rallied in support manning if san francisco yesterday and say he is a whistleblower. >> a teacher is accused of physically abusing young autistic students. she is accused of abusing six boys and girls between five and seven at the elementary school. three families filed a complaint against her and the school district and the "contra costa times" reports that the prosecute said school workers say they saw her know a child in the chest, pin others to a child and pinch a child. she is scheduled to enter a plea august 12. >> morgan hill police believe social media played a role in the capture of a suspected thief with the thief turning himself
5:37 am
in after police asked for the public's health on facebook. the 22-year-old is accused this a string of thefts including stealing credit cards from a woman and cell phones from two others. >> happening today, a man suspected of killing two women at a san francisco jewelry mart is scheduled to be in court. the 23-year-old fays murder charges in the deaths of 35-year-old and 51-year-old woman. he shot and stabbed the women the at jewelry mart over a dispute on the price of an item. he surrendered. >> vigil is held for a toddler missing for three weeks after being reported missing by her father july ten. john anthony webb said daphne disappeared when he ran into a store. witnesses saw a woman walking
5:38 am
with a child matching daphne's description that day. >> developing news, terminates are at a goodwill warehouse over bedbugs infestation and goods. it is believed that the bedbugs came from donations. we will have an update next half hour. >> a familiar face will return to public office after a special election in the south bay. former san jose city council member chavez captured 55 percent of vote last night to win a seat on the santa clara board of supervisors. she defeated alvarado in run off to replace disgraced former supervisor george shirakawa. >> we kept tug about this community. we kept believing this community
5:39 am
was worth not only fighting for but creating a place we are all so proud we were part of. >> shirakawa is waiting for sentenceing over misuse of taxpayer money and campaign funds. >> we are look at a cool day but stop me if you have heard this before. >> third time this week and today is when. >> air quality is moderate because of the smoke out there you can see it making a left hand turn. more was caught in the prevailing wind over oregon in the mid-and-upper levels from the southwest to northeast and you can see how were more cud cover is out this. it will be hazy again today. stepping outside right now, 57
5:40 am
in oakland and san carlos and san jose and antioch and 56 in san a reason and 58 in fremont, and 55 in concord and novato and tran at 54. the next 12 hours, we will jump to noon where it will be mostly sunny. mid-50's at the coast. 70 inland and 80 at 4:00 in most inland neighborhoods and 70 around the bay and cool to comfortable by 7:00, and 5 at our coast and 64 around our bay and 72 inland. are there any changes in the commute? >> we have a few changes, one accident that has been reported in san jose, oakland road along 101, and we do have some construction and this is the maze if you are headed along eastbound 580 between 80 to san pablo avenue we have lanes blocked out there with detours in place and we are seeing quite a few cars making their way on to the freeways. 80 through berkeley over to the
5:41 am
bay bridge toll plaza is loaded up especially in the cash-paying lanes so we see the yellow. the drive time traffic across some our bridges, 580, richmond to the north bay, six minutes gets you there and 92 westbound san mateo bridge is 13 minutes and dumbarton bridge from east to west is just a short drive. the san mateo bridge show a few extra tail lights making the drive if hayward into foster city and a few headlights, as well, in the eastbound direction. kristen and eric? >> it is 5:41. a new rule if senator -- for certain flights landing at sfo. >> questions about a controversy with a new club
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, and all the bay area. >> welcome back. side-by-side landings are off limits for foreign airlines flying into sfo and it could lead to more flight delays. it is common practice landing alongside each other but now the
5:45 am
f.a.a. says that foreign carriers must come in one at a time weeks after the deadly asiana flight 214. a commercial airline flight who flew into san francisco international airport said this decreases the landings an hour from 60 to 45. >> people are not connecting and they will go to another airline because it will make it difficult to balance between safe and logical. >> the f.a.a. says they have not seen any significant flight delays since the change and sfo says yesterday's 90-minute delays were partly because of weather of. >> the council general of the republic of korea is hosting a lunch on to thank those involved in saving so company lives during the asiana flight 214 at sfo and the counsel general says the three lives were lost in the crash that can have been a bigger tragedy. members of the san francisco police and fire department, american red cross, salvation army, and representatives from san francisco general and mills peninsula hospital will be noon
5:46 am
those attending the luncheon near union square. >> transient in newark is arrested for metty theft anything but petty to a seven year old. a neighbor replaced a whirligig after 23-year-old stole the girl's whirligig two months ago. she is autistic and it was her favorite toy. he said he sold the lawn decoration to another man for $5 and has written a letter of apology to the family. >> san jose city officials are calling on more regulations for a controversial bikini bar opening in downtown. it is slayed -- slitted to -- slated to open in a week. dancers can stipulate to their bikinis and the owner said riles will be in place but officials worry the rules are nut enough.
5:47 am
>> bikini club or strip clubs have adverse impact on crime in a community. >> this is a bikini bar that should have in more restrictions than the local hooters. >> they want more regulations on touching, tipping and alcohol. a committee will hear more august seven which is the public's first chance to comment on the par -- bar. >> how are the temperatures today? below normal? >> below average not the greatest day to be outside. but not bad if you are working. now, what is going on, our bay breezes are coming back again from 2:00 to 9:00. sap -- san pablo and delta, from 2:00 to 9:00 from the west at 15- to 25-knots and along the coast we will have a breeze from the northwest at if into 25
5:48 am
knots so a small craft advisory from 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 tomorrow afternoon! ten miles per hour in oakland at sfo so we have a stout sea breeze. you can see the clouds from the roof camera across the exploritorium toward treasure island, the smoky sunshine we will see today but we are below threshold for "spare the air" day with a cool day keeping temperatures below average and cloudy and cool and the nights are getting longer and there is more dew on the grass, a sign the long of the days hype us and warmer weather this weekend. we will not get any real heat coming our way. as far as today, we will be one-or-two degrees warmer and santa rosa could be four degrees warmer. the cloud cover is having a hard time getting deep penetration inland east bay neighbors and the santa clara valley until 9:00 or 10:00, you see sunshine and by 10:00 we have sunny
5:49 am
conditions around the bay and during the afternoon hours we will have a few holes in the cloud cover but it will be cloudy at coast again the we will start in the south bay with temperatures warmest around los gatos and mid-to-upper 70's for the rest the santa clara valley and mid-to-upper 60's around mill bay and san mateo and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley with listennive afternoon sunshine and near 60 at the bones, and upper 60's in berkeley and oakland and low-to-mid 70's for much else and free air conditioning in the east bay valley with low-to-mid 80's. headed to the game today, 63 at first pitch and 69 and sunny so grab the sunshine at the cove. a couple of degrees we gained today we lose tomorrow. we gain two to four degrees on friday and hold steady through saturday and warmer and more normal temperatures on sunday, monday, and tuesday.
5:50 am
have a great day. leyla gulen? >> we are looking at this accident in san jose where it was reported but we had it track the by a wazer northbound 101 and 15 miles per hour with heavy backups. we will see delays away from 280 and 680 split. you can hop on to 680 that take you a round about way. it will take time toibl through the track. the drive time traffic across 580 from tracy to dublin, the minutes are taking on to the commute and 41 at highway 4 and 34 minutes between antioch and concord and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco and that is still 16-minute drive and at the bay bridge toll plaza more and more traffic is loading up and the cash-paying lanes are heavy from emeryville to san francisco with the metering
5:51 am
lights not turned on but it looks like it will be a tough drive already. drive the smart way, at right new and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. we will announce the lucky winner on friday, august 2. right here. be smart. enter now. the question is, how many people does it take to fill a smart car? >>guest: to fill it? >> how many can you cram to there? >> four. >> no. eric? >> two. >> that is what you should be, but 16 girls stuffed themselves into a smart car in the world record book so it is possible. not adviseed. but you can do it. >> i have to find those pictures. >> i will post them. ahead, a five-year-old bay area boy proves that able is only a number. his impressive act of kindness. >> coming up, a special day of
5:52 am
fun at a bay area amusement park for families who serve. >> at 6:00, anthony weiner released a new campaign ad responding to critics who want him to drop
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>> happening today the families of fall be military heros are in
5:55 am
for fun at six flags in vallejo. 23 military gold star wives and 62 children will attend a free event known as snowflake day a charity that cares for children of fallen servicemen. there will be visits by the park animals and cartoon characters. >> it is fun but not too hot there today. >> enjoy our break from summer because we have it today. we will look at our temperatures compared to average we are anywhere from three degrees cooler in average in san francisco and four in oakland and san jose and five in livermore and redwood city at 75 and eight degrees cooler than you should be. we have a few light showers moving away from us and they may affect kressent city but if you are traveling it will be gone by the time you get there and sunny and 79 in tahoe and 87 in sacramento and 98 in fresno and only 74 in los angeles. safe travels. >> we have a three car crash in
5:56 am
san jose con confirmed and very slow from the northbound direction along 101 coming away from the 280/680 split. if you want to skip the road and take mass transit you are this good shape, bart and caltrain and muni are on time. and this is the drive into the north bay from san benicia to central san rafael where more cars slowing traffic down but mostly you are moving along. >> thank you. a five-year-old boy proves you are never too young to spread goodness. the young boy saved up $100 of chore money and tooth fairy contributions and zoe natured all of it to help buy a bullet proof vest if a police k-9. he will give a dog a vest on
5:57 am
saturday in alameda when they compete in the police k-9 competition. he lost two teeth so the tooth fairiry gave him a lot of money or did did a lot of chores. great job. >> a marathon meeting for the oakland city council turns rowdy. we will show you what is behind the commotion. >> creepy crawlers found at good will warehouses and what they are doing to make sure the donations are not infested. >> do you want of 7,000 new jobs in
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now a late night meeting for the oakland city council towns rowdy. why the audience was shouting at
6:00 am
council members. >> bedbugs are found at good will warehouses. what is being done to make sure donated items are not infected. >> five days away from another potential bart strike and they only agree on one thing. the talks are not going well. >> it is 6:00. thanks for joining us. >> we still have below normal temperatures for this time of the year. mike has the forecast. >> it is a you it travel patton we have been dealing with. we want to put it to gear and get it moving. but, first, the cloud cover hanging in the air. it is more humid than this time yesterday. the next 12 hours we will look an the bay and


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