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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 1, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00. n.s.a. leaker, edward snowden, leaves the moscow airport. his lawyer reveals his new location. >> only four days until a second possible bart strategic. today's union employees will try to rally support from the public. >> in ohio, the man who held three women captive for a decade in cleveland will learn his fate from a judge, with sentencing for ariel castro in minutes. >> thanks for joining us. >> it is looking different this morning. >> the extra sunshine from yesterday spilled over the clearness overnight with clouds just now coming back. why think they will hang around along. it is dry this morning. no drizzle. no mist. our day planner around the bay, clouds are gathering and temperatures are holding in the low-to-mid 50's.
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we will be in the low to mid-60's by noon and cleaner air today with blue in the sky rather than the haze and 70. low-to-mid 60's in the evening. next it will hours inland, temperatures are 56 but there are areas in the north bay in the 40's with temperature around 70 at noon and we will be below average and near 80 in the afternoon and low-to-mid 50's with the better chance of seeing cloud cover today than yesterday at the coast. the morning commute, is it cloudy? sunny? >> partly cloudy. good morning, everyone, we are looking at your drive in the north bay where it is clear out there, so sunny on the roads. if you are traveling between richmond to san rafael along the bridge, you are at top speed from 101 to mill valley and toward sausalito that is top speeds and no construction but where it is looking slow is in
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san jose and morgan hill traveling along northbound 31 miles per hour. and the rest of san jose commute is clear but the slow between 280 and 680 split and the nimitz. >> new details on breaking news from the south bay where a woman was attacked near santa clara university. police say the woman was walking from a 7/11 to her apartment a few blocks away and says a man came up to her in the park and grabbed her and told her not to make any noise. she turned around and kicked him in the groin and ran home and called police. officers searched the area with a dog and the suspect ended inside a campus of santa clara university and they have notified campus police. matt keller will have more next half hour. >> we have learned n.s.a. leaker edward snowden has left the moscow airport.
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abc7 news katie marzullo is machine toring the developments. katie? >> edward snowden has live the airport and can stay in russia for a year and the whereabouts will be kept a secret from edward snowden's russian attorney. he says snowden left the transit zone of moscow and entered russia. he has been hiding out at the airport if seven weeks. the russian news agency quotes the attorney as saying that he has been granted a year asylum in russia. his location in russia is kept secret for security reasons. the united states has demanded russia send snowed were home but president putin has dismissed the request saying that snowden can stay as long as he stops leaking united states secrets and the tone says that snowed were has accepted that condition. we know yesterday that the british newspaper "the good an" revealed another n.s.a. data collection patrol allowing agents to see everything you have done on the intent without a search warrant and after the
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article was published snowden came forward as the source. >> happening now, the sentencing hearing for the cleveland man who kept three girls in captivity for more than a decade is get underway. this is a live picture from inside the courtroom. castro is expected to get hive in prison plus 1,000 years after lead guilty to kidnapping, and rape and abuse. the three girls were held against their will in the form school bus driver's home. castro strung a deal with the prosecution sparing him the death penalty. >> the latest on bart negotiations, talks resume this morning while the two biggest bart unions plan a public demonstration this afternoon. all the while the clock ticks to thwart a potential second strike. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the bart station. >> the riders are
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predifficulting this will be the last days they can tick a bart train for a while and most believe there be a strike. negotiators do not sound encouraging and the union spokesman came from the meeting saying there has been no significant progress on the issues of wages, pensions, and health care. there is a chance we will see this site again next week with workers on the pick the line a month ago. if talks do not go well the union could issue the 72 hour warping of a strike tonight and it sounds like that will not come as a surprise to many riders. >> both sides have a lot at stake. if they make a move bart prices will go up at the end of the day this is how i get to work. it doesn't matter if they best the prices. i help something happens in the next couple of days. >> what do you think? will they strikest. >> i think they will strike. >> the lines dug the last strike were long and miserable if
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commuters people waiting if ferries, a car pool ride, a bus, transportation officials say they are already working on a land for next week if there is a strike and some say they learned a lot from the last one. today, the union is holding a unity rally in front of oakland city hall at 5:00 this afternoon, and negotiations are scheduled to resume today at noon. in walnut creek for abc7 news. >> ridership on the ferries tripled during the bart strike and it is now getting extra ferries ready and asking commuters to travel east -- travel off-peak. >> if you do not travel between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. at the ferry builting that helps. >> bay ferry service from oakland and vallejo to san francisco starts earlier and ends later and there will be more runs from oakland and alameda and shay he to the ferry building. if there is a strike we have a
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full range of resources at there is status on the talks and information on commute alternatives and you can down led our abc7 news traffic app to help you negotiate the freeways in one spot at >> this only, three suspects in the violent attack in san francisco are in custody. this troubling video shows a woman being brutally kicked in the head after being mugged in san francisco on pride weekend that led to the capture of 23-year-old chris tough porter-bailey charged with robbery, assault and battery. this struck a chord with the public who helped track down the suspect. >> when you see a robbery that is accompanied with a violent assault like that, really, is disturbing when you see an assault of that nature on innocent victim. >> 20-year-old davis and 22-year-old julian williams. also taken into custody and
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charged. police want to find out if they are linked to other robberies during the ride week. >> and there is a wildfire on the livermore laboratory property that destroyed a trailer used by laboratory security. we were overhead shortly after it break out before 4:00 in an area known as site 300 near the explosive testing area. a firefighter suffered minor injuries balleting the flames and 20 acres burned. >> another cool start to our morning and the clouds are coming in, with the temperature changes this morning. >> they are starting to roll in and that is why we are going to have cloud cover that will go away as quickly as yesterday. it is august one. welcome to august one. the almanac for san francisco, what usually happens, we start at 68 and warm to 70 and the low is from 55 to 56 so not much change. we have been up to 100 and as cool as 48 with .1" of rain.
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in san jose we go from 82 to 82. nothing changes. 59 to 58. as warm as 105 and cool as 39 and nearly 2" for the greatest amount of rain. low-to-mid 50's with 55 in san jose and around right now at 47 at calistoga the cool spot. everyone else is in the low to mid-50's. leyla gulen? >> we have clear conditions for the most part so you are asking if it is sunny or cloudy, right now it is mostly sunny as we hook at your bridges. it appears san mateo and dumbarton bridges are move along at top speeds and at the tolls on the san mateo bridge, you will see a delay but when you pass it and you head to foster city and beyond the lie rice you -- beyond the high-rise you are in good shape. 280 is moving along headed in the northbound and southbound
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direction. if you need to make it to daly city, but livermore is not so fine where we had a stalled big rig holding a lot of traffic back and an hour out tracy to dublin so slow and go but the stalled good news has cleared and all lanes are re-opened. >> it is now 6:self -- 6:10 now have to go to h&h to get the clothes. >> and harsh punishment for a-rod's ties to the latest drug scandal in bail. >> thinking of switching cell phones?
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thursday morning, and a look at traffic moving through the oakland maze and is moving fine. we do have some clouds and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and talk to leyla gulen ahead. >> major league baseball is threatening to kid rodriguez out of the game if life until he agrees not to fight a lengthy suspension. he is linked to an antiaging
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clinic that distributed banned performance-enhancing drugs and is expected to have accused of recruiting other athletes and obstructing the league investigation and not being truthful in the past. >> facebook stock will trade in 15 minutes when the markets open and starting near the i.p.o. price. as we showed you yesterday live shares of the menlo park-based technical giant crossed the $38 price for the first time and facebook stock price peaked at $38 but it dropped down to $36 a loss of 2.5 percent so the question today. can facebook close above the i.p.o. ricest we will keep you posted. >> the next generation ipad will feature a high resolution scene and it is with that is coming from that is the most surprising. today's "wall street journal" reports that apple will get the screen the biggest provide value.
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apple is relying on samsung and two other suppliers to ensure they have enough screens for the ipads despite ongoing court battles between the two companies. apple accused samsung of copying its design and they have sued each other for billions. >> new this morning you can add h&m for on-line shopping, the budget fashion retailer launched online shopping in the united states a few hours ago and they faced a string of delays in setting up the website having to postpone the launch date twice. they say it plans on launching on-line shopping in other countries through 2014 and the united states is the second big of the market. >> surprising report on how noncompetitive the united states cell phone market has become. the "wall street journal" reports today they are now 325 million wireless subscribers in the united states but in the last three years only 19 million customers have actually switched away from at&t and verizon the
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two big the carriers in the country. cell phone customers consider switching but end up staying with the two big carriers because of the two year contracts and stiff penalties for leaving early. >> the watch abc leave stream is available in the bay area. we are the first local station and abc7 news is the first broadcast soviet work to i where you a live stream of your local news and all your favorite abc tv shows. you never have to miss a minute of the news and shows you love, you can bring abc7 wherever you are a new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast, chatter communications and at&t at no additional cost the go to to find out how to access at and you can download the app. >> a little gray out there as we seeing and the clouds are just now rolling in. >> they are way late compared to usual. that was great for the sunshine
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at the coast. unfortunately you do not get so much today. temperatures are below average. opening the weather window with a adequate are mile visibility and a second ago, three quarters if santa rosa, so the visibility is deteriorating so watch out. everyone else is okay with no flight arrival delays in sfo so a beautiful sunrise from mount tamalpais, hooking across tan pablo and the bay and into the delta, yes, absolutely gorgeous and i will stay here, cleaner and dryer air and a cool breeze keeping temperatures below average and more clouds tonight and not so cool as this morning with the north bay valleys getting ready to harvest the grapes, in the 40's and back to average. now at look at the set up with the major players are the same but they starting to move a little bit and the high moving further to the north and the one down here is moving further to
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the west and that means we have a lot bit of a push to the east of this cooler weather and it is starting to move but it will be a slow transition to get back to ambassador average starting tomorrow, and today, we should be around 82 but we are below average. milpitas is cool at 71 and santa cruz, too. low-to-mid 70's in the peninsula, and milbrae is cooler at 6. if you are headed to the coast, there is cloud cover today and in the upper 50's to near 60 and the midtown more 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito with mid-to-upper 70's through the not by valley and only upper 50's at the beaches and we will hang out in the upper 50's to low 70's long the east bay shore and valleys and in the mid-70's to barely the low 80's and near 90 for highs. tonight, you can see the cloud cover along the coast again pushing across san francisco and filling in the east bay shore and we will be mostly in the low
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to mid-50's and the north by can drop into the 40's. tonight we jump two to six degrees so we will close do average hanging out low 60's along the coast and the rest of the us are mid-to-upper 70's in the bay and mid-to-upper 70's inland. >> richmond eastbound 580 at the off-ramp a problem with three vehicles but causing slowing making the exit away from the richmond san rafael bridge in the westbound direction at the tolls that is where it is slow down but it opens wide up into san rafael. as we look right now at berkeley that drive is looking slow especially near university avenue and 56 miles per hour and it picks up as you get closer to emeryville and a look at your tunnel, that is starting to slow down, as well, especially in the
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westbound direction. westbound 4 miles per hour and a look at the toll plaza where the metering lights have been turned on and you can see the traffic is backing up. still fought so bad adds we used to. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> we have proof that same-sex marriage is now legal in two more states and ahead at:30 we show you the overnight ceremonies in one them and the unique location a couple picked for their wedding. >> an american classic is back and better than average. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve.
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>> we want to take you live to cleveland and where is sentencing is underway for ariel castro, the kidnapper, arriving in court. he has reached a deal with the prosecution. >> that avoids the death penalty but gives him the possibility of receiving life in prison plus 1,000 years. he is shackled in court awaiting the judge's official sentence. >> essentially that is a life sentence and the three victims would get a chance if they wanted to speak at the hearing but they are not expected to do so today.
6:24 am
>> back here, when you think of big luxury cars, you probably think of lexus and mercedes or audi but you may want to add chevrolet, the chevrolet impala is earning top ratings from consumer reports partnering with seven on your side on this come back. michael finney? >> good morning, everyone, the impala outscored much more expensive foreign-made luxury sedans, a comeback for an american classic. the some of the impala has been around since 1958, back then it was the best selling car in america. matthew has been restoring these impalas since high school. >> they are a classic. they are luxury and handle well and great looking. >> it has been redesign many times and over the years it fell
6:25 am
on tough times. but for 2014, chevrolet has come out with an all new impala that impressed consumer reports audit to king. >> it is like a luxury sedan, controlled but acceleration is swim and agile for such a large sedan. >> the top of the line version costs around $39,000. it comes standard with advanced safety equipment includeing blind spot monitoring and forward collision warning. that is a big change from the 1958 impala with no seatbelts and of course, no airbags. while old impalas had an a.m. radio the new impala is state-of-the-art radio with a system that has touch screen with good old knobs and buttons, too. >> we have seen big improvement in american cars recently with a lot of successful redesigns and
6:26 am
the impala is perhaps the most impressive transformation. >> it outscores lexus and audi that costs thousands more. as for matthew? he is always excited about the new impala. >> it will put the car back on the map. >> consumer reports says that there have been several other successful american redesigns recently including the jeep and chrysler 300 and the ford fusion. at the sentencing for ariel castro is underway in ohio and here is a picture from the courtroom. he is awaiting the formal sentencing. we will continue with the coverage but now you can watch it on >> a woman was grab granddaughter behind in santa clara in a city park and police tried to track the suspect and
6:27 am
ended up at santa clara
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happening right now we take you to a cleveland courtroom where ariel castro who pleaded guilty to kidnapping three young ladies and holding them for a decade is hearing his sentence. he could get life in prison plus,000 -- plus 1,000 years. >> that is the top story. >> we will hear what the actual sentence is and we may hear from the defendant himself coming up shortly. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday. >> we will check on the forecast and tell you about the gray start to the day. >> the clouds are coming if late, good morning, everyone, and we are not bringing wet weather and the sun is up and there is a spike of radiation off the radar with the sunshine going to breakthrough the clouds and they will fade quickly. the next 12 hours starting off
6:31 am
in the mid-50's and let to mid-60's by noon and cleaner air, a bright blue sky dead and 70's at 4:00. the next it will hours inland it is cooler in the north in the 40's but most of us in the low-to-mid 50 and pulling back in the upper 60's to low 70's by the evening and at the coast, we are getting clouds and more clouds than yesterday and temperatures cooler in the upper 50's to near 60. the morning commute, and here is leyla gulen. >> we are mostly seeing congestion, and we do not have too many crashes, maybe a couple of stalls but as we focus on hair where the nimitz is loading up in the southbound direction into hair, you can see how the traffic is building. through castro valley the drive is not too bad. slow-and-go traffic to 38 to 880 but we have heavy traffic in the eastbound and westbound direction over the altamont pass and the eastbound traffic is because of the construction
6:32 am
project around until 7:00 greenville to north friend road and the westbound traffic is an hour to get from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. >> from the south bay police are searching for the map who attacked a woman near santa clara university. abc7 news reporter matt keller are joins with the details. >> sergeant spoke with us and said they have not made an arrest so far. here is video from the scene on lexington and main street. a woman if her 20's was grabbed from behind by a man and told nut to make noise. the woman turned around and kick him if the groin and ran off. she called police. officers were able to get a scent with the police dogs and tracked him to the campus where the scent ended. they do not know where the
6:33 am
suspect went. campus officials were notified of the incident. officers say they are concerned about the incident but do not know why the man grabbed the woman from behind. nothing sexual took place. >> more breaking news in the last hour. we learned n.s.a. leaker edward snowden has left moscow airport and now has asylum after being holed up for a month. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo joins from the newsroom. katiest. >> seven weeks, and we are getting a first look at the document that has set edward snowden free to walk russia. this is snowden's lawyer showing a copy of the new russian permit i have tweeted the picture where you can see that. it reads that snowden is free to stay in russia until at least july 31 of 2014 as he has been
6:34 am
grant add one your asylum with the status possibly stepped upon request. the attorney says snowden left the airport and he will be staying at a highly protected area which will not be publicized because snowden is worried aboutly security -- about his security because he is wanted around the world. the united states is demanding russia send snowden home and face espionage charges. putin says he can stay if he does not leak secrets. snowed were has accepted that condition. >> develop news from antioch police are looking for the person would pulled the trigger on two men in a car leave one dead and the other critically injured at 7 10:00 last night. officers responded to reports of shots fired near the shopping center with a white pontiac a couple of problems away with two machine inside. one of victims was from
6:35 am
richmond. he died at the scene. the other man was from vallejo and rushed to the hospital. police are looking for a suspect vehicle, possibly a gold colored four door honda or health. a fatal shooting was investigated in east oakland officers say a man was shot and killed on 80th avenue near international boulevard before midnight and no word on if a gunman is in custody. >> happening today, the morning after pill is on sale at pharmacyies without a prescription to women of any age. starting today plan "b" pills are moving on to store shelves rather than being behind the counter. the emergency contraception is available to women under 17 without a prescription. this marks the end of a long legal battle to make it more available. our media partner reports that walgreens and safe way all plan on moving the land b products over-the-counter. >> wedding bells are ringing across the hid west and the east
6:36 am
coast today as two more states and the district of columbia are the latest to legalize gay marriage. new video shows the first couples getting married as the clock struck midnight in minnesota including this ceremony at the mall of america. more than 40 couples are tying the knot in minneapolis where the city issued listens as soon as the law took affect at 12:01 a.m. with the first gay weddings in rhode island expected to take place later this morning and same-sex marriage is now legal in 13 states. >> happening today a funeral is held for a korean war veteran who died 62 years ago today in san bruno. he will be buried with full military honors. the san francisco nature of was captured in korea in 1951 and died in cap at this time. his remains were finally identified in may using d.n.a. samples to his family. his flag draped coffin proceeded
6:37 am
to the funeral homed on tuesday. he was born in 1919 can drew up in san francisco in the mission district the. >> mosquito fogging is underway to prevent spread of the west nile virus tonight this evening. >> now, four days until a second possible bart strike. we will have the talks and tension, all going down to the wire. >> bed bug sniffing dog goes through god will warehouse and the next step as it tries to keep the bugs away from customers. >> this is downtown san francisco and you can see mostly blue skies and trans america building looking gorgeous. we still have clouds
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>> good morning. we joked about where did our summer go? i found it! it's to atlanta the fair banks is 86 and they had quite a heat wave hitting 80 or warm fore 30 days, tying an average. they have hit 85, 12 days, a record. we will not hit 85 or 86 today. check out this beautiful picture, a golden sunrise from
6:41 am
the golden gate bridge. temperatures are five to eight or nine degrees below average. if you are travel around the state, 74 in los angeles, 75 in tahoe. leyla gulen? >> we have a fire and a couple of crashes. on the fire, this is moving from fremont along southbound 880, that is where we have a fire not on the friend but it is causing slowing and we are down to 60 miles per hour but slower as you head south of highway 84. in the altamont pass headed along in the westbound direction along 580, that is right before you reach vas coe road where we have another accident with 26 miles per hour speed in the area with plenty of traffic eastbound, as well, because of construction. northbound 101, one lane is blocked at marsh road but top speeds northbound and southbound direction. >> thank you, leyla gulen,
6:42 am
goodwill could get the all clear do re-open two warehouses that were shut down because of a bed bug scare. the dogs will make another circumstance it around the burlingame facility to make sure there are no traces of the parasites. the scare began friday at ad if will warehouse in san francisco where an inspection revealed ode of bedbugs. >> we take you back, now, to the ariel castro sentencing in cleveland. this is happening with him scheduled to speak shortly. his sister promising that he will give a different side of ariel castro, now the monster that the public is familiar with, the one would has pleaded guilty to kidnapping these women and homing them in prison in his home for 10 years. >> he has a plea deal that allows him to spare the death penalty so he has life in prison plus a thousand year
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>> it is thursday. that puts us fur days away from another potential bart strike. >> today is a critical day for bart, the unions and commuters. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the walnut creek bart station.
6:46 am
>> the riders do not think the bart trains will be here on monday. negotiators do not seem optimistic, either, when they end the nos they do not have a hot to say but the bart spokesman say they have not made much progress. we could see bart workers on the pick the line on monday when the contract that is if place will expire. if it does nut go well the union will issue the warning tenth, the 72 hour advance warning of a strike. riders are hoping for one thing but expecting something else. >> i hope they don't. it will have a serious impact on my job. i come to bart afternoon day. it is going to be difficult. i hope everything goes well. if not, it will be a bummer. >> what do you think will happen? >> i hope they work it out. i don't think they will. >> this was the scene when the
6:47 am
workers were on struck. commuters trying to get to work doing a lot of standing still. there were long lines for ferries, buses and car pooling. transportation officials say they are working on a plan if there is a strike. unions are not only working on a contract but they are working on pore rally holding a unifying rally today at 5:00 and that will be in front of oakland city hall. >> thank you, amy. prices at the pump will not ease any time soon now that it is august. >> jane king is at the new york stock exchange with more. good morning. >> we have a little news on wall street today the s&p 500 is trading above 1,700 for the first time, ever, so, this bull market continues. we will get to the numbers in a
6:48 am
second. you are shelling out $4 a gallon on average in the bay area for regular, 12 cents higher than a month ago and now it is august, more bad news, aaa says the pump pain could be worse as americans take the last minute summer road trips with refinery problems. a wild card in all of this is a hurricane. a major hurricane could pose a threat to oil supplies in the gulf of mexico. we had a stronger open this morning out of the gate, a report showing weekly jobless clays are the lowest level in five years and euphoria from the fed that they will keep stimulating the economy, the dow is up 121 and the s&p 500 above 1,700 for the first time. the silicon valley index was positive at three quarters of a per sent higher. sears and j.c. penny is up after getting hammered after a report said the smaller vendors are
6:49 am
halting shipments because they are not extending credit for deals. an analyst downgraded the stock saying the business still has not stabilized but this morning, jc penney is swinging saying the key vendors are shipping and they have liquidity. >> thank you, jane at 6:49. our meteorologist is checking the computer with the latest on the forecast. the conditions are changing. we have the clouds that were not there, then they are here, then they going away. >> peekaboo. we have winds at 9:00 this morning to 9:00 this evening with strong winds along the coast and right now through 5:00 tomorrow morning from the northwest and hopefully you will see as much sunshine as year. concord at 15 miles per hour, and 28 in fairfield so the
6:50 am
temperatures will be cooler-than-average. pittsburg and antioch in the low 60's. the north bay is 45 in santa rosa and fog and 48 in novato. most of us are in the 50's with 55 in san francisco and san jose and 59 in oakland. napa and novato and santa rosa, all cooler than yesterday by up to eight degrees cooler. beautiful picture again of the golden gate bridge and we will have clean air and more dry and a cool breeze off the ocean. more clouds tonight and warming temperatures back to average. the cloud cover is making a push along the east bay shoreline across san francisco and down to the airport and in the valleys spilling inland valleys in the north bay. by 12:00 we have sun and we could see more cloud cover at the coast. now, temperatures are in the low-to-mid 70's in the south bay
6:51 am
until los gatos and gilroy upper 70's and on the peninsula, low-to-mid 70's and 68 for the cool spot in millbrae and upper 60's to near 60 at the beaches today and the breeze will keep you cool and brick at times, mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay to santa rosa and calistoga at 77 and the east bay shore upper 60's. in the east bay valley, free air conditioning, and 76 at pleasanton to 81 in antioch. fairbanks alaska is 86, and tonight, the temperatures are in the 50's with the best cloud cover along the coast and san francisco and long the east bay shoreline. and the seven-day outlook injury the seasonal temperatures friday through wednesday. leyla gulen? >> we have an accident if place in east palo alto putting a kink in the commute. northbound 101, a car and a have divider is blocking a lane. we have backups there as you
6:52 am
make the drive from east palo alto. as we go to the east bay we have a report of a fire and the fire department is headed to the seen southbound 880, and someone saw someone coming out of the bushes where the fire starts so it could possibly be a homeless encampment. we are seeing slow downs on the nimitz at 58 miles per hour and 32 miles per hour continued out to stevenson and then it will pick up. at san jose, here is a look at 880, 101, 280, 101, moving along well headed to the south bay freeway and 71 miles per hour on 280 through cupertino and 880 through milpitas at top speeds. another smart solution for the commute? go to and you could drive away with a brand new smart car. we announce the lucky winner right here tomorrow morning on the only news. be smart. enter now. a few more hours.
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>> it is excellent on the gas at 36 miles per gallon. it is ranked the highest as far as fuel efficiency. >> it is free! >> it is free! >> seven things to know before you go. >> the morning news
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>> as we hand things off to america member, seven things to though's you go. the clock is ticking if bart to reach a deal. if major progress is not made today the unions will issue a 72-hour strike notice tonight meaning they could walk off the job monday morning. >> number two, police are vetting an attack on a woman near santa clara university, saying the woman was walking home alone and a man came up behind her in city plaza park and grabbed her. she fought him off. officers searched the area with
6:55 am
a dog and lost his scent on the campus. >> n.s.a. leaker edward snowden has been granted temporary asylum in russia leave the moscow airport this morning and now is free to live in russia, for now. his attorney says that his whereabouts will not be revealed. >> four, a look inside the cleveland courtroom where a sentencing hearing is underway for admitted kidnapper ariel castro with an officer speaking, the first responder, actually, and castro is facing maximum of life if prison plus a thousand years in the kidnapping of three women. you can watch this on our website, too. >> five, a bed bug sniffing dog will make another trip through a god will warehouse to make sure there are no traces of the parasites. an inspection on friday revealed evidence of bedbugs. >> you can see it will be below average again, 73 to 81 inland neighborhood spread and 64 to 76
6:56 am
around the bay and upper 60's for mid-50's at the coast in san francisco. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is not too bad and we have traffic light as we go to the maps, i can show you a crash on 101, as you head in the northbound direction, we have backups. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. happening this morning, courtroom showdown. cleveland kidnapper ariel castro coming face-to-face with couple one of his victims, as he's sentenced to the rest of his life in prison. what could he possibly say? caught on camera. george zimmerman speeding down a highway in texas, with a gun in the car. why he couldn't tell police where he was headed. rescued. the dramatic 911 call after a woman drives her car into a drainage ditch. the entire rescue captured on that call. hear how the rescuers found her with only moments to spare. and the ex factor. simon cowell caught in the middle of a love triangle. the former "american idol" judge has an affair with his former friend's wife, and now, she's expecting his child.


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