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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 3, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, an extraordinary global warning. the u.s. government warning americans traveling overseas about a possible al qaeda attack. u.s. embassies are shutting down. how can you stay safe? also, a defiant a-rod speaking out. saying there's a lot more fight left in him. >> get back on the field. help me team win a championship. >> this as he faces a suspension or possibly lifetime ban from baseball. his revealings words after last night's game. caught on camera. she came home from iraq a hero. and then became an all-american nfl cheerleader. now, she's wrapped up in a very ugly domestic violence case. and wait until you hear who police say the victim is.
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and designer dessert. is it a fruit or candy? we'll tell you what candy flavor these grapes are mimicking. the crazy creation of a fruit breeder. and he tells us how he did it. good morning, everybody. lots to talk about this morning, including a bizarre twist in the case of this brazen jailbreak you're looking at right now. the inmate getting away while surveillance cameras rolling. he is on the loose. but his mother is now in jail. we'll tell you why, coming up. >> a lot of planning went into that escape, it turns out. and an encore for ellen. the daytime tv host has been asked to host the oscars once again. coming up, what she's saying about her second time around. let's start with the major developing story. a serious terror threat is
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causing a world wild travel ban. how is this affecting the americans looking to fly this weekend? reena ninan has been looking at this and joins us from washington. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it's a threat coming from al qaeda's most dangerous affiliate. a group that's tried to attack the u.s. homeland four times. using the most innovative and sophisticated ieds. it doesn't specify a target or a country, making it all the more worrying for travelers. it's a new travel warning coming at the height of the busy summer travel season. a threat, officials say, comes from al qaeda leadership in yemen. >> we can say with some measure of confidence that it's al qaeda-linked. attempting, obviously, to focus its attacks in the united states, u.s. interests, u.s. personnel. >> reporter: after amman al zawahiri, in a taped message, encourages attacks in the middle east.
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a worldwide travel alert issued friday, cautions americans traveling abroad, of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist inf infrastructure. >> i feel like they're not telling us the complete truth. a halfway truth. i try to put it behind me. >> any of the changes due to flying, it puts you on alert. >> vigilance means that you should be always having the extra sense of alertness about you. >> reporter: there's simple, common sense measures travelers can take to ease their anxiety. >> if something looks to a reasonable, prudent person, not to feel comfortable with it, that's good enough to make the phone call. >> reporter: and while terrorists have targeted subways and trains in the past, for now, the nypd has no immediate plans to step up security in new york city. >> i don't have any concerns. >> you can't live in fear. no. >> reporter: and this current global travel alert will stay in effect for the rest of the summer, until the end of august.
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dan? >> this is a long standing alert. reea, thank you for your reporting. over two dozen american embassies will be closing in response to the new terror threat from al qaeda. let's get it to nick schifrin on the ground in cairo, egypt. nick, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. one of those embassies being closed is right there behind me. this morning, the threat is alarming. and reaction unprecedented. every embassy meant to be open tomorrow, will be closed and security ramped up. this morning, the u.s. officials say the threat is active and credibility. they detected specific threats to western targets in muslim countries. embassies, consulates. even this yemen hotel. that's led to more embassy closures than after 9/11. not just here in cairo, but embassies from algeria to bangladesh. >> it is more specific. and we are taking it seriously, which i think you'd expect us to
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do. yeah, there's a significant threat stream. and we're reacting to it. >> reporter: in cairo, the embassy is barricaded, hidden behind these stones. those are new resources since the benghazi siege on the anniversary of 9/11. just 600 miles from cairo, militants overran the consulate, they burned it down and killed four americans, including the ambassador. today's threat have from these fighters, al qaeda in the arab peninsula and the most wanted man in the world. he built explosives into printer cartrid cartridges. nearly impossible to connect, even after authorities knew where to look. >> i live with caution. but i don't live in the guise of fear at all time. >> reporter: with the threat, aaron mack is not hiding. he is determined to finish his program. >> we're trying to be cautious about things. we take threats seriously. we take anything that could threaten the safety of americans seriously.
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>> reporter: this morning, a senior u.s. official tells me they learned of the threat by intercepting messages sent between senior al qaeda leaders. and this morning, they're concentrating all their intelligence and security here and across the region, hoping to avert a threat. >> state department on high alert this weekend. nick, our thanks to you. we're going to turn, now, to the world of baseball. and yankees superstar alex rodriguez. his future is up in the air this morning. his facing a potential lifetime ban, accused of taking performance-enhancement drugs. but a-rod met with reporters after a game in new jersey last night, saying there's a lot more fight left in him and he can't wait to get back to his team opinion linsey czarniak is at yankee stadium with more. >> good morning, bianna. this is where alex rodriguez desperately wants to be. back at home, playing third base for the new york yankees. the truth is, that may never happen. and if baseball's on the verge of suspending one of its
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brightest stars, a-rod has vowed to fight. >> happy ending? i think get back on the field. help my team win a championship. >> reporter: what was once a storybook marriage, one of baseball's brightest stars, has reportedly become a bitter relationship on the brink of divorce. >> there's more than one party that benefits from me not ever stepping back on the field. that's not my teammates. and it's not the yankee fans. >> reporter: this may be as close as alex rodriguez ever gets to major league baseball again. hitting a two-run home run in his rehab assignment with the trenton thunder. >> a lot of people cheered when i hit that home run. how did you like it? >> reporter: as a-rod gets back to business on the diamond, a sources familiar with the talks tells espn's "outside the lines" that he is continuing to negotiate with the league on a suspension in the biogen sis lob
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scandal. if he can't make a deal, he may end up like joe jackson or pete rose, banned from baseball for life. >> we want to give p.e.d.s. that's a must. i'm excited the way i feel tonight. >> baseball wants something significant. they want him off the field at least through next year. they're thinking very seriously about a lifetime pban. >> reporter: but a-rod's future is not the only thing he has to worry about. there's his legacy, as well. >> everything about a-rod, the statistics. you have to question it. did it come from a test tube? >> reporter: as for the future, the world series champion and three-time mvp, told the media he plans to be back in pin stipes for the yankees when they face chicago on monday. lightning may strike in the form of suspensions handed down to alex rodriguez and eight other major league baseball players.
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those suspensions expected to be announced sunday or monday. dan and bianna, back to you. >> lindsay czarniak, from espn. thank you. we have information about the stomach bug that's been making people sick all over america. 400 cases have been reported in 16 states. the outbreak in two of those states traced back to salad mix from mexico, sold at olive garden and red lobster restaurants. our dr. rich besser used to work for the cdc and helped track these things. good morning. we know the cause in two of the states. but in the 14 other states is it a mystery? >> it is a mystery. iowa and nebraska traced it back to the salad mix. we know the salad mix comes from taylor farms in mexico. this company has been implicated in recalls in the past six on the fda website. there's a large outbreak in texas. there's a large outbreak in
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florida. so far, i've been talking to the investigators there. they've not been able to connect it to the same product. >> meantime, we're talking about two, huge restaurant chains. the olive garden and red l lobster. is it safe to eat there? >> i think it is. this ended in july. the symptoms can go on for a month if you're not treated. but the product that caused the outbreak in those states is no longer in the market. >> why is it taking so long to figure out the cause of the outbreak? >> some outbreaks are very easy. you eat something you get sick right away. with this, it can take a week when you eat something until you get sick. it's very tricky to do those studies. now, they have to go back to the farms and say what happened here? what can we do in the farms in mexico to prevent this. >> the bottom line is the safety in those restaurants, and still out there in 14 states. >> more to come.
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more to come here on this broadcast. a lot of other news breaking overnight. for that, as always, it's mr. ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. new overnight, nine people killed in a deadly suicide attack in afghanistan. the three attackers struck the indian consulate in jalalabad today. they killed the attackers before they entered those buildings. 24 people were injured in that attack. and one of the women held captive for 11 years for a cleveland man returned to the scene of her long ordeal. this is a picture of michelle knight, with a woman who lives across the street from the house where knight and two other women were held by ariel castro. knight thanked that woman for support. she visited the house where she and the women were imprisoned. that house is set to be torn down. and anthony weaner is not giving up on his campaign to be mayor of the next mayor of new york city. weiner has been dogged by controversy, because of his sexting messages to women, even
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after he resigned from congress for sexting. he seemed to be saying there won't be any more surprises. >> these things are behind me 100%. >> not any kind of online relationship now? >> certainly nothing now. >> a recent poll has weiner in fourth place to be the new york city's mayor. his campaign manager quit last week. and three somali pirates could spend the rest of their lives in prison for killing four americans. on the americans' boat off the coast of africa. 19 pirates boarded the yacht several hundred miles off the border of east africa in 2011. federal prosecutors had sought the death penalty. but they recommended life in prison instead. a judge will decide. and from boise, idaho. an amazing video of the house fire howing the moment the house collapses. engulfed in flames. no one was hurt.
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the cause of that fire is under investigation. and finally, from the world of baseball. quite a play in last night's angels/blue jays game. l.a. versus toronto. j.b. shuck went all the way to make a catch and tumbling into the stands, robbing jose bautista, quite a catch. i thought if you catch the ball and go into the stands, that's a home run. i was wrong. i thought that for all my life. now, i've been straightened out. >> now you know. never too late. >> thanks, ron. now, to the mother who is giving new meaning to the term, it takes a village. this right here is her mug shot. she is being accused of being part of a network of friends and family who orchestrated this brazen jailbreak right here by an inmate that just happens to be her son. abc's linzie janis is all over this story this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. derek lasalle on the run for a sixth-straight day.
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police arrested his mom, after listening to phone calls between the two. and the fresh details might have you wondering why prison staff didn't see this coming. derek astel looks to be having a conversation on the phone. and he had a small time to dive through an actual window. >> it's like watching the three stooges. >> reporter: police say it was his mother, glenda estelle on the phone, giving him the green light, with the words, it's all good. she's behind bars after they listened to recordings of 40 phone calls of estelle to his mom. the two had been hatching the plan. >> anybody that would make 40 phone calls then jump through a window. i mean, it's almost like getting the sheriff involved. hey, i'm going to escape tomorrow. my mom will be outside a couple blocks away. give me a head start. it's almost that silly. >> reporter: the plot allegedly
4:15 am
included this man, who police say is the stepfather of estelle's girlfriend, allegedly sent to create a diversion, to go to deposit money in the account of an inmate that police say doesn't exist. that's when derek makes a break. sprinting this getaway car that police say was allegedly driven by his girlfriend. h miss mother behind bars and putting pressure on associates from his time in jail, law enforcements say it's unlikely the man they say is armed and dangerous will be on the run longer. estelle has been serving hard time for armed burglary in a state penitentiary. but he had been transferred to the jailhouse ahead of a court appearance. the deputies have patched up that window where he made the escape. >> this is shocking. you would assume the phone calls are recorded. obviously, they were. >> reporter: they didn't bother to listen. >> thank you. well, jackpot fever is in the air this morning.
4:16 am
can you feel it? there are already long lines to buy powerball tickets as we count down tonight's $300 million drawing. that had us wondering. is there a strategy for cashing in on this massive jackpot? or is it just sheer luck? susan saulny is looking into this at bethesda, maryland. >> reporter: the answer for some people is ritual and superstition. and that goes a long way. whether your numbers come from a meaningful place. >> birthdays, of the people i love. >> reporter: or randomized computer. >> we did a quick pick. >> reporter: lottery officials and mathematicians say every powerball ticket has the same chance of winning. but that hasn't stopped aspiring millionaires from trying to crack a secret code. >> my mother's birth day. my girlfriend's birthday. my dog's birthday. all my favorite ladies in my
4:17 am
life. >> reporter: $300 million waiting for a winner tonight, it's no surprise. >> i'm always superstitious about it. i prefer to buy at the gas station. >> reporter: how about moving to a luckier place. indiana holds the record for the most jackpots at 38. pennsylvania, missouri, minnesota and kentucky round out the top five. but there's no magic. they've been playing the longest. california hasn't had any powerball jackpots. unlucky? no. it just joined the game last year. >> tomorrow's going to be my day. >> reporter: saturday night? >> absolutely. >> reporter: might there be a lucky day of the week? 60% of winners bought their tickets on the day of the drawing. no luck there, either. experts say sales spike on the day of the drawing, with a huge boost in the final hour of sales. the greatest debate, use lucky numbers or let the machine decide. quick picks do pick the lion's share of the jackpots. but it's just the math. close to 80% of all ticket buyers let the computer do the
4:18 am
picking. so, no matter what you do, the odds are pretty stubborn. 1 in 175 million. you're likely to be struck by lightning or die in a shark attack than win the jackpot tonight. we can all still dream tonight. >> ron actually says he will not play because $300 million is not enough money. >> it's only about $160 million after taxes. what are you going to do with that? nothing. beer money. >> there's no science behind any of this. >> right. in the immortal words of ron claiborne, beer money. time for the weather and ginger zee. >> believe it or not, it's back. i'm talking about dorian, now a tropical depression. again, just off the coast of florida. look at what it did in boca raton yesterday. they do not need more rain. but they got it. there's a driving shot. what it looks like, not pretty. i have great news. it is moving away from land.
4:19 am
any effects will be pulling away. by monday, off into the atlantic. that's great. we have rain and severe weather that happened in the center of the nation. look at the pictures out of kansas. crazy lightning with that supercell. driving through ping-pong ball-sized hail. and 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts. where will the severe weather be today? let me show you. it will be in parts of the plains, also in eastern montana. pueblo, and garden city in southwestern kansas. and the rain comes with it. very heavy at times. there's been flash flood warnings in parts of missouri. in northern arkansas, they'll go today. and goodland, kansas, you're in the bull's eye for some of the heaviest rain. you're want to be cool, go into the northern great lakes. minneapolis going to be 78 today. chicago, below the 80-degree mark, too. and seattle got their first measurable rain in quite a while. they had over a month without it. now, trying out for the rest of the weekend.
4:20 am
>> time to show our kid forecaster. we have to get right into it. bill kelly, who is a chief meteorologist at one of our columbus stations, he has a little daughter that's the cutest thing you've ever seen. wait until you see her in the next half hour. >> thank you, ginger. first, they put a man on the moon. then, they invented cell phones. now, this morning another major breakthrough for mankind.
4:21 am
a fruit breeder in california has invented grapes that taste like allegedly cotton candy. we sent abc's david wright to check it out. >> reporter: they may look like good, old fashioned california grapes. but these ripe green morsels are different from anything you tasted before. this is designer fruit. a new variety called cotton candy grapes. here goes. wow. i can picture the midway. grapes, taste like those cotton wands of pink spun sugar. sold at every boardwalk and state fair across the country. >> they're a higher sugar content. >> reporter: is idea that if you make a grape that tastes like cotton candy, kids will eat it? >> that's what we're hoping. these instead of chocolate bars and cookies and things. >> reporter: instead of cotton candy.
4:22 am
>> yes. >> reporter: the grapery vineyard is hoping to become the willy wonka of grapes. >> all sorts of flavors. candy flavors. skittles. mango. >> reporter: before you worry the new varieties are not genetically modified. they're bred the old-fashioned way, through hand pollination. it's taken more than a dozen years to bring cotton candy grapes to the market. >> we're giving the consumer something that is a cut above. it's the filet mignon of grapes, if you will. >> reporter: is there a filet mignon flavored grape? candy grapes are due to hit shelves next week. what about a cotton candy wine? >> we're testing. >> reporter: that idea is still in development. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, bakersfield. >> soon to be marketed by bartels and james. caught on camera.
4:23 am
she's an iraq war veteran who came over and became and nfl cheerleader. now, she's involved in a domestic violence case. plus, ellen and oscar meet again. the comic picked to host the academy awards for a second time. how the academy made their choice. and you're looking at a set of shoes belonging to one of the most famous families on earth. the big reveal coming up in "pop news." keep it here. more "gma" coming up on this saturday morning. ♪ ♪ ♪
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because... i'm sorry. pardon me. no idea this was part of my hosting duties. >> everyone was thrilled to hear this news yesterday. it's an encore performance for ellen degeneres on the oscar stage. there she is vacuuming. she has been tapped to host the academy awards for a second time. we'll tell you how the decision came about behind the scenes. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. she's hilarious. >> a less controversial choice this year. it's saturday, august 3rd. coming up, the burning question. are we looking at the new cronut? it's not dessert. but it's the latest in america's culinary arms race. it's a noodle bun with a burger in the middle. they'll only make 100 of these things and only today. three of them on the set here.
4:31 am
bianna says burger doesn't feel right in the morning. ron and i will crush these things. >> crush them. >> enthusiastic. but first, we have serious news. an iraq war veteran who turned into an nfl cheerleader and attracted a lot of fans for her dedication to team and country. >> but now, megan welter is in the center of a domestic violence case. all of it caught on tape. she originally claimed to be the victim. now, she's the one facing charges. aditi roy is here to sort out all of the details. >> it's a difficult video to watch. police say when they got to the couple's home, the arizona cheerleader was so drunk, she couldn't tell them what happened. but they saw what happened on video. >> i'm videotaping this. >> reporter: this cell phone video, allegedly shows arizona cardinal cheerleader megan welter. >> really? really? >> reporter: angry questioning her boyfriend about text
4:32 am
messages from a female friend. >> stop. leave me alone. >> reporter: scottsdale police say both parties admit to drinking heavily on the night of the argument. stop, megan. >> reporter: this morning, it has landed welter different headlines than the one she was making earlier this morning, after this interview with knxv about her service in the iraq war. >> our country has given us so many freedoms. and to be a part of fighting for that, it means a lot. >> reporter: the cardinals were so proud of her army days, they feature the reservist in a video. after welter herself placed this 911 call. accusing her unidentified boyfriend after of attacking her. >> he smashed my head into tile. >> reporter: video shot by officers as they arrive on scene, shows her pleading for protection. but one officer got the other side of the story, it was welter
4:33 am
who spent the night in jail. >> i was asking her to stop. she was scratching me. she was punching me in my face. i have everything on tape. >> reporter: this morning, welter is tackling misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct charges. >> i will not. >> reporter: her first court appearance is in two weeks. abc news spoke with welter's boyfriend who asked for understanding, saying, quote, i hope this doesn't take away from the good things she's done for the nfl and her country. the cardinals did not respond to our request for a comment. sad story. >> unfortunate. >> interesting attitude from the boyfriend. >> yeah. >> thank you. let's go to ron claiborne for the other stories developing right now. >> in the news, a worldwide travel alert for americans traveling overseas. u.s. officials saying it's based on a possible al qaeda threat. that comes as u.s. embassies and consulates in 21 muslims countries are shut down in anticipation of a possible attack. in san diego, a petition effort is under way to recall
4:34 am
mayor rob filner. filner will enter a clinic after admitting to harassing female employees last week. he admitted it last week. but opponents say that's not enough. and they want him out of office. a big surprise for some folks in kansas. a very big surprise. look at this 200-foot-wide 90 feet deep, sinkhole that opened up in a pasture. no one was hurt. no buildings were damaged. and no one is sure what caused either. and more details about prince george's birth. the royal baby's royal birth certificate, with the usual personal information. parents residence, listed as kensington palace. and parents occupation, prince and princess of the united kingdom. they are burning up in texas. want to start in dallas. wfaa, our affiliate there. we can get an idea of what's happening there this morning. we're going to see ature
4:35 am
look for the heat to stick. and this could be the longest, will be the longest stretch of 100s, staying above average. 97 is normal for class. through the end of the workweek. something to look for. as far as philadelphia goes, it was the wettest and in some days that makes it cooler, july on record. and you're going to have more rain today. you see the cold front will come at you here on the east coast. new york city has a shot. not an all-day rain. but something to keep in mind if you have outdoor plans. washington, d.c., in the mid-80s. behind it, fog. detroit, around 80 for a high. >> this weather report has been
4:36 am
brought to you by devry university. now, just as i told you, one of our chief meteorologists at our columbus afill yas, has a daughter, paige. she's 7 years old. >> this is what my dad does. i'm bill kelly. we're going to have nasty thunderstorms by ohio, cleveland, washington state and by st. louis. we're going to have a major thunderstorm warning, also in st. louis. and we're going to have a major tornado in washington state and also you do not want to get by that red line. i'm bill kelly reporting. back to you, bob. >> you do not want to get hit by that big, red line. >> can i get a head shot from her dad? great. >> is there a meteorological term for the red line? >> the paige line. >> this segment is going to put you out of a job. ellen's new gig. we're going to tell you how she
4:37 am
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after taking a bit of a risk last year with seth mcmarlin that raised a few eyebrows, the producers of the oscars are taking a different route. >> they announced the host for the 86th academy awards right here on abc. and there it is. ellen degeneres. rachel smith is on the story. i loved hearing this yesterday. >> absolutely. the road to oscars is on. it's begun. and this morning, we're learning that the academy secured ellen just 48 hours before the announcement. one of the academy members said they pitched to ellen on wednesday. she approved the deal immediately. and ellen took the job next morning. no drumroll or dramatic pause preceded this oscar announcement. instead, a tweet posted by ellen degeneres to her 21 million followers. reading, it's official. i'm hosting the oscars.
4:42 am
academy. my wife, portia, and there goes the orchestra. >> ellen has a love of cinema. she seems friendly and familiar. i think that work she does with her audience on her daytime show and the kind of interviewing she does, makes her a really good fit for this. >> reporter: degeneres joins steve martin, whoopie goldberg and billy crystal as a repeat emcee of the king of all award shows. but she has a long way to go if she wants to top bob hope's 18 times. >> this is hollywood's most exciting giveaway show. her friendly charge and jabs and self-deprecating jokes, winning over the crowd that she first hosted in 2007. >> this has been a dream of mine since i was a little girl. >> reporter: the world waits with bated breath to see how she will top the star-studded skits. pitching scripts to martin
4:43 am
scorsese. and posing for picks with clint eastwood. >> do you mind? >> reporter: and giving directions to steven spielberg. >> make it more even on both sides. >> reporter: that bringing gold for the academy, with nearly 40 million viewers pane a daytime talk show host, sweeping up an emmy nod, for hollywood's biggest prime time event. >> she has knowledge and intelligence and class and affection. all the reasons i'm a big fan of the decision. >> ellen's big announcement via twitter has raked in 18,000 retweets and 18,000 favorites. the oscars will take over the heart of hollywood, march 2nd, 2014. i can't believe preparations have begun. >> seth macfarlane was controversial. but he did well. >> he was the highest since ellen. >> ellen did well, as well. >> exactly. repeating.
4:44 am
coming up here on "gma," a big scare for rid rock. the reward he is offering for anybody who finds out who tried to break into his home. and why kid rock is saying the guy is very lucky. and it's not exactly therwhat you might dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt is packed with 12 grams of protein in every 5.3 oz cup. sink your teeth into that. dannon oikos. the new protein. ♪ dannon
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impossible to get too much rachel smith. and we brought hoare back for "pop news." and she brought burgers. >> i did. but we have to wait. kid rock, he said don't mess with a guy like me. a man rammed a van through the musician's gate and tried to break into his michigan home on wednesday. rock says the guy was lucky he wasn't home at the time because he is an avid hunter and
4:49 am
marksman. even offering a $5,000 reward for helping find the person responsible. >> $5,000? >> that's -- i'm from michigan, that's good, too. >> that's good. let's move on to something a little cuter. how about beyonce? she posted a family portrait. and it looks like little ivy is following in mom and dad's footsteps. look at the carter family timberlands. beyonce's back in town. she's in new york city, the place where she and jay z call home. for three shows this weekend on her mrs. carter tour. the family has a lot of soul. you like that? >> i don't know if they make the heel one in your size. >> 12? >> too much. guys, fortunating for spock on netflix this week?
4:50 am
>> i was. >> and you didn't find it. the reason why, the company had to remove "star trek 3: the search for spock." the reason, problems of the subtitle translation for cling gone and vulcan dialogue. they've fixed it. and the movie is back up and streaming. >> hallelujah. >> hallelujah, instead. and look at this little piece of heaven. you see this? you remember the cronut? well, better watch out because this is a new concoction we call the ramen burger. >> i'm so excited. >> big in. >> everyone's wanting something that they can't have. this is the ramen burger. it's a hot commodity around here. >> wow. >> they're only serving up 100 today at a brooklyn stand. the chefs right here.
4:51 am
>> only 95 now? >> the people with ramen burgers, i can't feel badly about it. this is really good. >> that's amazing. >> simultaneously reminds me of college and makes me worry about my heart. >> right. >> no, no. take it back. >> all right. we're going to eat more of these during the commercial break. we'll be right back with our final verdict. go nowhere. >> oh, yeah. >> owhen it comes to g my family to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. that's why i like nutella. mom, what's the capital of west virginia? charleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves. mom, have you seen my -- backpack? nutella goes great on whole-wheat toast or whole-grain waffles. and its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. yeah, bye. have you seen my -- yes. and...thank you. [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. ♪
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waiter: here's your check.
4:55 am
oh! you--you got it. you know, since i got rid of my car, i really enjoy walking. ok. got it? no, i'm good. announcer: getting pulled over for buzzed driving could cost you around $10,000 in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. oh, you're home early. you live with your mom? announcer: that'll set your game back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving. so, i have a small wound because i tried to have a piece of bianna's burger. and she bit my finger. >> i have a newfound love for burgers in the morning. >> these go for $8. the remaining 95 of them will go for $8, at shmorgasburger.
4:56 am
and the other thing we learned about these is they're not ramen noodles out of the package. they're fresh made noodles. >> delish. dan's burger will go on ebay. >> there won't be anything. >> stay with abc news. we're always online.
4:57 am
hi. my name is cj. a few years ago, my father became seriously ill. i did what i could do before he passed, but it took its toll. i lost my job, my house. i'm getting back on my feet, but i don't know when there'll be food on the table. how'd i do, cj? we could be twins. well, cousins maybe. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank.
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>> good saturday morning, everyone. it's 5:00 a.m.. i'm katie. >> we have plenty of clouds around. marine inversion is strengthening. as a result temperatures have dropped into the tuesday. it's a cool start with 50 in santa rosa, 56 napa. a little warmer there but otherwise low 50s for novato, 56 concord, liver more at 57. i cross the bay in oakland later this afternoon it will be sunny.


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