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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the governor called 250d -- today that should have been resolved long ago. we have the public on pins and needles for another who knows how long. >> contentious talks lead to an investigation or intervention rather from sacramento. the governor has stepped in at the last minute to stop a bart strike are to the next seven days. that means trains will be running tomorrow. good evening. i'm ama dates. we have do have team coverage tonight. lilian kim is live in san francisco with reaction to tonight's breaking news. first, sergio is live in oakland where the talks are being held. sergio, walk us through this breaking development tonight. >> as you just mentioned 40 minutes ago is when union members came out of the negotiating -- came away from
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the negotiating table. they basically had three points. as you mentioned all bart workers will report for work tomorrow morning. all bart trains will continue running. the governor basically stepped in. he has ordered a seven-day board of inquiry. this is how the union members described how this would all happen. >> i want to announce that the governor has requested a seven-day board of inquiry or board of investigation. we want to say that we have been here for the last 24 hours, and we only got a very regress sigh proposal from bart -- regress sigh proposal from bart. >> we wept through this in 2001 -- we went through this in 2001 where we had the cooling off period and the drum beat strike loom. people don't deserve that. we are happy they won't be disrupted tomorrow. >> they will determine whether or not there is reason to extend the period to a 60 or -- a 30 or 60-day cooling
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off period. that's it, and that's all for them. >> at some point you have to come back and deal with bart again. >> you have to deal with esh yous. >> we have a contact and we need a bargain. >> as you can hear her describing how it will work is the unions have to present information at a hearing and that board that is now assembled by the governor will determine if there is going to be a 30 or 60-day cooling off period. there will be potential for negotiations within the time frame. now, we are still breaking down exactly how this is going to work and we will have more information later on in this newscast. reporting live in oakland, abc7 news. >> governor jerry brown tweeted about putting the brakes on another bart strike. it said tonight i took action to sopa a bart strike. he said he took action because, quote, the strike will significantly disrupt public transportation services and will endanger the public's health, safety and welfare. the san francisco mayor ed lee
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is responding to governor brown's action. he said i applaud governor brown for his decisive action so residents will not endure a debilitating strike on monday. a board of inqir vee an official review of events or actions. they named the board for a seven-day inquiry into the contract ties beaut. the -- contract dispute. they allowed the state to intervene if the strike will disrupt transportation and public health. now let's check in with lilian kim who is live in san francisco with a look at what commuters are saying tonight. lilian? >>ama, we were talking to people who planned to wake up extra early in case there was a bart strike. no doubt those people are excited as well as thousands of other bart riders. about 400,000 people use bart on a typical day. now those same people will not have to take other means of
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transportation at least for the short-term. people were talking about casual carpooling and ferries and transit to get to work. the fact they won't have to add hours to their commute tomorrow comes as thrilling news. bart riders we talked to applaud the governor's decision to intervene. >> i think it is wrong to cripple the bay area through strikes. it is wrong. what they are fighting for and what they want is another story. but it is not like safe way. get out of my way. this is bad. i am happy to hear it. we can now relax and breathe and let them hopefully work it out. >> it is ridiculous. they get paid so much money. it is stoping me from commuting. so i am totally against them striking. >> your thought that there will not be a strike? >> i am super stoked. this is an awesome thing. i have to get to work on monday. >> do you use bart a lot? >> yes, pretty much every week. >> how does this affect you? >> it means i can meet people
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for networking events and baskly try to find a job in the bay area. it is a huge, huge relief for me. >> the hope now among bart riders is that both sides will use this time to be productive and come up with an agreement once and for all. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you. so there will be no strike tomorrow. we will continue to monitor the negotiations and what we learn from the board of inquiry. and stay with abc7 news. the moment a strike is called ordeal is reached we will let you know. join us for live coverage at 4:00 with abc7 morning news anchor kristen thomas and now to the terror threat against the united states. u.s. intelligence says al-qaeda is planning a massive attack. u.s. embassies in the mideast shut their doors today. at the same time a travel alert is for americans traveling abroad. here is more.
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>> reporter: across the mideast embassies looked like siege points. they were manning checkpoints and patting down passersbies. from western africa to bangladesh a security belt was pulled tied. tie. leaving 22 embassies and consulates dark and empty. >> there is a significant threat and we are reacting to it. >> they intercepted al-qaeda communications about significant american interests. but the exact target is unclear. >> we received information that high level people from al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. >> one official told abc news the part that is alarming is the confidence they showed while communicating and the air of certainty. one major worry is explosives placed inside suicide bombers. "we are concerned about surgically implanted devices" an official said. these are guys that developed techniques to defeat our
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detection methods. the official terror alert extends to all-americans traveling abroad. >> it can basically be in europe, the united states, a series of combined attacks. >> for americans on foreign soil, that means treading carefully. >> i just keep to myself. i stay within my neighborhood. >> the global travel warning stays in affect through the end of august. >> a senior u.s. official tells abc news that terror operatives have been selected and are in place in yemen for an attack at anytime. 19 u.s. embassies will remain closed through august 10th. abc news, new york. >> the department of homeland security is also stepping up surveillance. in san francisco police received a bulletin from the fbi. officers are monitoring various areas of the city and will determine if additional resources are necessary. since no specific location has been mentioned, authorities are keeping a close eye on airports, train stations and other transportation hubs out of an abundance of caution. dismie -- let's turn to our
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weather. lisa argen has our first check on weather. lisa? >> hi. we have been looking at some very cool temperatures as of late. as you look at the the column in the first row, that's where we should be for this time of year. see how much we are running below average. anywhere from 3 to 10 degrees below average. the big question is will it continue in the days ahead? we have a system offshore that is developing. it will enhance the marine layer and bring us mist and drizzle tomorrow. with the seven-day outlook find out how long you will have to keep the sweatshirts and sweaters around. >> new details at 11:00. sheriff deputies arrested a man from hercules arrested in the stabbing of a hardware store worker. the 49-year-old victim was targeted at ran do. he worked -- at random. the suspect was captured near the store. agney -- agnew is in jail.
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we now know the name of a woman who was shot to death in san jose early yesterday morning. 19-year-old kimberly joyce estrada died after being shot at south 2nd and east san salvador street. estrada was riding in a car when somebody fired on the vehicle. they want to find the suspect in the shooting. a san jose travel agent has filed for bankruptcy after being accused of taking thousands of dollars from her customers. sunlight travel closed its office on south king road in june. customers accuse the owner of making off with their money and passports. they bought airline tickets to vietnam. they were looking into the accusations against nguyen. her bankruptcy attorney claims there is no money to refund the customers. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, we are hearing from bart management on the governor's request on an inquiry. what they have to say tonight. and where someone walked away
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with a million dollar powerball ticket in the bay area. and later why a movie set used in
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off their jobs at midnight. trains will run tomorrow. this evening they are apart on several issues, however governor brown asked for a board of inquiry to probe the con tract dispute. it will delay a bart strike
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for another seven days. los angeles police want prosecutors to charge a man with murder after they say he aimed his car at pedestrians on the crowded boardwalk in venice beach. the rampage killed one woman and injured 11 others. here is more. >> a suspect in is custody -- is in custody tonight. >> detectives have booked nathan campbell for a murder that took place last night. his bail is going to be a million dollars. >> police say38-year-old nathan campbell ditched his vehicle moments after the horrifying hit and run and turned himself in two hours later. surveillance video captured by a restaurant shows the suspect parking his car and walking off. only to return and then take off down the boardwalk and plowing into a crowd of people. >> i saw him and he was looking for blood. that guy was -- that guy's intention was to kill people. >> you can see the dodge avenger swerving on the
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boardwalk. for many, there wasn't enough time. >> there is a girl latched on to the hood of the car and he is swerving. >> bodies were scattering and flying in the air. people were screaming. >> 12 people were injured including alice who later died from her injuries. the 32-year-old from italy is on her honeymoon and visiting venice beach and according to the italian media report she is the daughter of a former football steam -- football team president. detectives now want to know why campbell would allegedly target a place known for its ocean views and fun atmosphere on a busy saturday evening. >> the boardwalk was packed with people and he sped up and purposely -- it looked like purposely was swerving back and forth to run over as many people as he could. >> the boardwalk reopened today and several remained in the hospital and campbell will likely face charges because of the number of people hurt. someone is a little wealthier this evening after winning
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more than a million dollars playing powerball in mill -- milpitas. it matched five of the six winning numbers in last night's drawing. no tickets matched all six numbers in the game, so that means wednesday's jackpot soared to $400 million. a young "jeopardy" contestant has learned that life has rules. he knew the answer, but spelled it incorrectly. >> you put a p in there. that's unfortunate. >> he misspelledy emancipation on last thursday's show. he feels he was cheated, but he wouldn't have won anyway because a rival contestant was $30,000 ahead. people are expressing their anger on social media. producers say they have never given credit for incorrect answers. bart trains will be running tomorrow, so how will your weather be on your back to work monday? lisa argen has the details. >> hi, ama.
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grab your jacket. the numbers are dropping quickly. live doppler 7hd and the marine layer has moved back across the bay and it will be pretty deep. we are talking about mist and drizzle as well and slow afternoon clearing. coit tower is looking good tonight with temperatures in the upper 50s from oakland to san jose. mid50s though half moon bay. we are at 60 in mountain view and san francisco is a cool 61. the high was just 62 today. the explore for yum camera -- the camera showing a nice shot. mid50s and wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour by the delta. the cool on shore flow transporting the cooler than average air across the bay to the inland east bay. some of you are feeling that this is just about right for summertime. for other itself has been pretty cool. we will keep the trend going with very little change for the first part of the week. the morning clouds and the
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drizzle and afternoon sun, but as we get into the middle of the week, wednesday, thursday and friday, we are looking at further cooling. temperatures are going to stay in the 70s. probably won't see an 80. you will have to get far out toward the sacramento valley. but then we are looking at just a subtle warm up. overnight lows continue to drop in the north bay to 50. 51 in napa. low 50s santa cruz. it is going to be another cool evening and a gray start tomorrow. a broad trough of low pressure that sits off the coast. that's not going to change, but we are looking at a cutoff low to move in. great for fire danger. the relative humidity is up. we don't have to worry about fires around here. you know, it is pretty warm up to the north. in seattle and portland we are talking 80. we have the cool pocket of air. it is staying with us and not going anywhere. a look at livermore for the week ahead. case in point with 84 tomorrow and 82 on tuesday.
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wednesday, thursday, friday and into the upper 70s. here comes our modest warm up. we will have to wait all week long and back to the mid80s. high temperatures in the south bay are very similar to today. 74 in cupertino and 75 in san jose. 78 in gilroy. more 70s, but low 70s from the peninsula and 73 palo alto. a little sun late day along the coast. upper 50s to near 60. the drizzle could be hanging out for quite some time from the sunset district. 62 downtown and in the north bay looking at more 60s tomorrow. 69 in petaluma with just 70 in santa rosa. that's about 10 to 13 dries below average. -- degrees below average. mid60s in richmond to low 70s fremont, union city. but you head inland and no air conditioning. just a beautiful summer afternoon with the temperatures ranging from about 80 to the san ramon valley. mid80sand breezy out toward
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the delta. here is a look ahead. we will stay with the low clouds and fog. cooler than average. then it really drops off into the middle of the week. then we warm up on saturday and sunday. it is still a little below average. it will take a little time. >> thank you, lisa. and the watch abc live stream is available in the bay area. it is a new way to experience abc anytime, anywhere. whether you are at home or out and about you can enjoy your favorite newscast, tv shows and sports on your smart phone, tablet or computer, live and on demand. it is a special new benefit brought to you by comcast charter communications, abc and at&t u verse at no additional cost. go to abc to access watch abc. enter your account information to log-in and get the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to download the app. mike shumann is here with that. >> the a's and giants in the
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loss column. nelson cruz may have hit his last homerun this season with the bio
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oakland at the coliseum. aj griffin threw a solid game, but he continues to give us a long ball. he has given up a league leading 26 home runs. he gave up a couple more. nelson cruise could be suspended starting tomorrow. it makes it 2-0 rangers. the rangers' starter struck out 10 and 8 and allowed just four hits. another one. griffin has allowed 28 home runs and a two-run shot. texas moves to a two and a halfback of the a's with a 4-0 victory. the giants and rays ending their three-game set near tampa. he got the start over barry zito. it included this two-run bomb and 2-1 rays. it was a game winning run from former stanford star.
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he beats the throw home and giants are now 12 back of the dodgers in the west. rays win it 4-3. fifth inking and r.b.i single and gives belmont a 2-0 lead lead. the pitcher nine strikeouts and allowed just one hit. sean lee helps turn the double play. belmont shuts down their opponent and advancing with a 3-0 final. tiger woods has one more chance to win a major in 2013 with next week's pga championship. and his son charlie is in tow. we will hear from tiger as
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major since 2008. his last chance is next week at the pga championship. he made a little statement today winning the firestone
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for the eighth time. the final round of the bridgestone invitational and the running of the squirrels. as expected tiger woods held on to windy spite just one birdie at 10. he lead by 7 coming into today. he shot an even par 70. he won by seven strokes. he collects his 79th career win. the very first with his son charlie at the course. >> they always want to know what place i'm in. are you leading or not? that's always the stock question. i'm not leading. are you going to start leading? i'm trying. this week was nice. i was able to get the lead and i held it and it was awfully special to have him here to witness it. he understands it now. it is special to share that moment. >> the final round of the british women's open. four straight majors and comes up short. six under on the day. a three-stroke lead with six to play, but stacy lewis prevails. that approach on 17. leaves two to three feet and she makes that for birdie.
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then on 18, a birdie putt. are you kidding me? she shoots an even par 72 for her second career major victory. the 50-yard indoor war is arena football and we kick it off with the sabercats facing their bitter rival, arizona. the quarterback's first playoff game with san jose. seven td's and eight if you include this pick 6. 22 yards. sabercats up 42-35. the fourth quarter and tied at 42. cats looking for more. fletcher fumbles at the goal line. arizona recovers and armstrong bowls his way into the end zone. rattlers are back on top. he threw four td's and 30 seconds left. he is picked off in the end zone. rattlers win it. nfl is back. the class of 2003 witnessing the hall of fame game. dolphins and cowboys in the second quarter and matt moore picked off by rookie line backer .
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6th round pick out of south carolina goes 75 yards the other way for six. way to impress your coaches. dallas wins it 24-20 and face the raiders in oakland on friday. this report brought to you by river rock rock casino. >> thank you, shu. no strike tomorrow. bart workers will not walk off the job. but that's not it. what it means for the commuters. and zuckerberg jumps into the immigration debate. what he is planning coming up next. stay with us. we will return after this short break.
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follow breaking news. bart trains will run through the monday morning commute,
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but the strike threat isn't over yet. abc7 news reporter sergio qu nie tana joins us with the late night action from governor brown. sergio? >> ama, those union members are disappointed this evening that they do not have a contract. but they do say they are happy that the governor has stepped in. >> for the next seven days the trains will run and there will be no lookout or no strike. they asked for a board of inquiry to look at whether or not a 60-day cooling off period is necessary. >> earlier this evening we saw how talks seemed to unraffle and lead bart negotiator leaving the building and was shouted down by members of the train operator union. with the governor's action the union and bart management will have to present their side during a hearing to a board assembled by the governor. that board will decide if a 30 or 60-day cooling off period is needed. a similar series of events played out during the con
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tract talks -- contract talks in 2001, but the short part of the story this evening for all bart users is that bart employees will return to work tomorrow morning and all trains will continue running. abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. governor jerry brown halted the latest strike threat for now with his latest order. then he tweeted about the decision. the tweet read, "i took action to avert a bart strike." governor brown issued a statement saying he took action because, quote, the stroke will significantly disrupt public transportation services anden dininger the public's health, safety and welfare. a public board of inquiry is a review of events or actions in the order brown named a board of investigators for a seven-day inquiry into the contract dispute that threatened to shut bart down tomorrow. the governor used a law allowing the state to intervene if a strike will significantly disrupt public transportation and endanger public health.
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the bart board requested a cooling off period from governor brown. here is a copy of the letter they sent to governor brown making the request. he didn't issue a cooling off period. he issued -- he ordered an investigation between bart and the unions. in the letter requesting a cooling off period, bart's president said, quote, we believe the public should not be deprived of the public service unless all alternatives have been utilized. the board of directors you can tayed to the media saying it was more than generous. >> it is frustrating to feel you are offering the best wage increases and the best benefits in the transit industry. and then to be accused of union busting. i think if you look at our latest offer and compare it, it is a generous offer. it is not a union busting offer and not a union busting board. >> union members are still accusing the board of not willing to negotiate.
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he said they have been willing to meet every day since the first strike ended. we will continue to monitor the gore yagses and -- negotiations and will have live updates the next seven days. the moment a strike is called or a deal reached we will let you know. also join us for live coverage tomorrow morning at 4:00 with abc7 morning news anchor eric thomas and kristen sze. hundreds of airline passengers took off for australia a short time ago after making a safe emergency landing last night. the pilots of united flight 863 reported one of their four engines failed shortly after takeoff. the boeing 747 returned as emergency crews stood by along the runway. the flight to sydney will take almost 14 hours. tonight mark zuckerburg is throwing his influence behind comprehensive immigration reform. facebook's co-founder will speak at a screening of the movie "documented" a movie about illegal immigrants.
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they say it is swrummerburg's -- zuckerburg's first step at building a social political network. and fighting venomous snakes. the breakthrough that could save thousands of lives. and "star wars" is slowly disappearing. the sands of time affect on the nearly 40-year-old movie. >> and temperatures have been running pretty cool as of late. but the big question is how long will it last?
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morning and all week long. this comes after governor jerry brown stepped in to stop a strike about 90 minutes ago. the governor asked for a board of inquiry to probe the dispute between bart and the union representing the workers. they said in a statement that the strike would, quote, endanger the public's health, safety and welfare. there is a breakthrough that could save tens of thousands of lives in developing countries. the number of people who die from snake bites is comparable to the death rate from aids. as eric thomas reports, it could revolutionize snake bite treatments. >> it has been two years since the academy of sciences launched a research expedition
11:43 pm
in the philippines. they were looking for new species. matt who was in charge of keeping them safe was worried about venomous snakes. >> unfortunately we had the experience prior to my arrival that at one of the -- one of the scientists died from a snake bite. >> he was on an expedition 10 years earlier, but there was no advances for decades. if you can't get to a hospital fast, the outlook can be bleak. there are an estimated five million snake bites a year and more than 100,000 deaths. >> not only is it a global problem, but it is the most neglected of gnaw glected trough -- neglected tropical diseases. >> he made the snake bite kits, but knew it would be difficult for someone with no medical training to use. >> it had a lot of needles. >> luckily no one was bitten, but on the way home, matt started thinking that he had to come up with something better. eventually it came to him, the idea of using a nasal spray
11:44 pm
instead of a needle. >> it is a new trick for an old drug. >> when he got back to the bay area he started talking with colleagues and little by little they came up with an experiment. >> we did this in our spare time. we invented this as we went. >> some snakes including cobras and crates kill with a toxin that paralyzes the victim and stops them from breathing. a drug has been shown to reverse paw paralysis, but it is administered with an iv in a hospital. would it work as a nasal spray that anybody could use? >> the drugs are absorbed through the nose quickly. >> they had to find a volunteer willing to be paralyzed in controlled conditions. the experiment was done at uc san francisco with extensive safety precautions. the volunteer was carefully monitored as he was given a drug that paralyzed him similar to the affect of a cobra bite. and then doctors administered the nasal spray. >> we didn't even need to do the measurements. the change was so dramatic and so obvious.
11:45 pm
>> it worked. the results were so exciting that matt gave a talk on it at a medical convention. the cameras were flash flashing as he revealed the results. >> you are the first to see it. >> one doctor was in the audience and joined in on the collaboration. they raised money for further research in india where snake bites are an extreme problem. dr. samuel was at an indian hospital when the nasal spray was tried for the first time on a snake bite victim and matt got the news a short time later. >> i got an e-mail that said we had a complete reversal. we have done it. i was particularly in tears. >> that patient in india is now fully recovered. the nasal spray is in the experimental stage and won't work on every type of snake bite, but it could be the start of a safe, cheap and easy way to save tens of thousands of lives. eric thomas, abc7 news. part of start wars history may vanish from the face of the earth. the set used to portray
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anniken skywalker's sand dune home will be buried. the 1970s era sets have already been over run by the dunes. for a last check on the weather let's get to lisa argen. >> let's give you a quick check across the nation. 80s portland and seattle with a cool down in the nation's midsection. 83 in st. louis with upper 70s in chicago and upper 70s in boston and new york with triple digit heat in dallas and phoenix where you expect it. back home we are look for a little bit of a cool down as we head toward the sacramento valley. just 89 there. mid-nineties return to yosemite. and we will look for a cool day along the coast. 62 in monterey with temperatures just in the upper 70s. much of the bay area and the state will be looking at cooler than average weather.
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here is a look at san jose. mid70s tomorrow. look what happens. dropping through the lower 70s through friday. it is going to take you into the weekend before we modify and warm up the temperatures. it is still a little below average. 67 in oakland and low 70s in palo alto. mid70s70s in napa and you will find the 80s, but you have to go far inland about 60 miles or so and look at numbers in the 80s and feeling very summer like. very little change the next couple days and then the cool down on wednesday, thursday, friday and 70s and maybe an 80-degree temperature. and then the modest warm up on saturday and sunday. good for fire danger. >> thank you so much, lisa. the watch abc live stream is available in the bay area. watch abc is a new way to experience anytime, anywhere whether you are at home or out and about. enjoy your favorite newscast, tv show and sports on your
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smart phone, tablet or computer live or on demand. the comcast, charter communications and at&t u verse at no additional cost. go to to watch abc. enter your provider account information to log-in and get the watch abc live stream or search watch abc to get the app. >> college football is around the corner with san jose state already in fall camp. they have a new head coach and i recently talked with ron about his expectations about this year's spartans.
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around the corner here on abc and san jose state is already getting started with a new head coach. he replaced mike mcintire who left for colorado. this is a homecoming for ron who grew up in the south bay. >> i am excited to come back home. i grew up in the bay area a couple miles -- i went to high school a couple miles from spartan stadium. it is great to be back and reconnect with my friends. we have a good group. we have six guys that graduated and will be in nfl camps and have holes to fill and work to do, but the team has a great attitude and great energy. when you have those things, we
11:52 pm
are excited about our coaching staff and to put those things together i am excited about the upcoming season. i had some big shoes to fill with what jim left behind and more big shoes with mike who did a super job at san jose. i love rallying the guys and helping the team reach its peak and be the best we can be. we want to build the community and build our fan base and bring spartan alumni back to spartan stadium and be part of it. we will be on national television six times this year, and that is an all-time high for us. get spartan football out there and continuing to get the momentum going. >> big shoes to fill for ron. he was at the university of san diego after jim harbaugh. but i can already see his enthusiasm will be contagious. they kick it off august 29th . first round of the arena
11:53 pm
football. he threw seven touchdowns, well, eight including this pick six. 22 yards and sabercats are up. fourth quarter and tied at 42. cats looking for more, but fletcher fumbles at the goal line. arizona recovers and they take it the other way where armstrong bowls his way into the end zone. rattlers are back on top. they are down 10 with 30 seconds left and picked off in the end zone. the rattlers win it 59-49. the sabercats are eliminated from the playoffs. the raiderrers are in a rebuilding mode like the nfl has never seen. they host dallas friday night in the black hole. it starts with their new quarterback who was brought in from seattle. flynn hasn't officially been named the starter, but has been getting most of the reps. it is tough to come from another team and implement your style on a new team. so far matt is up to the task. >> i came in here with the mind set as you have to take
11:54 pm
control and act like you are the starter and act like you are the guy. just try to be a presence out there. as a team we are coming together in every way. leadership roles and execution with learning new offense. we have a lot of work to do and a week to do it. >> they will be an interesting team to watch this year. agents baseball and the rangers took came three courtesey of aj griffin. the poor guy is cursed by the long ball. he has given up a major league leading 26 home runs. he gave up a couple more. nelson cruise could be suspended tomorrow in the bio genesis scandal. holland struck out 10 and eight shutout innings allowing four hits. in the seventh and more land is out of here. he allowed 28 home runs. two-run shot and griffin is 10 and 8. they have a 4-0 victory. the giants and rays ending their three-game set where the
11:55 pm
panda is alive and well. he got the start over barry zito and puts a two-run homer in the first. it was a game winning run to former sanford star. escobar beats the throw home and giants are 12 back of the dodgers in the west. rays win this one 4-3. final round of the bridgestone invitational. as expected tiger woods held on to win. despite one birdie on 10. he lead by 7 coming in and shot an even par 70. 15 under on the tournament and won by seven strokes. he collects his 79th career win. eighth here at firestone. but this is the first with his son charlie at the course. >> wanted to know what place i am in. are you leading or not? that's his stock question. i am not leading. are you going start leading 1234* well, i'm trying. this week was nice. i was able to get the lead.
11:56 pm
i held it, and it was awfully special to have him here. he understands it now. it is special to share that kind of moment. >> once his son understands it, it was a special day. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. we have it all going on, the envelope pre-season, college football getting underway and all of that here on abc7. hope you are ready for some football because here it comes. >> we are ready. thank you, shu. thank you for joining us. that's it for this edition of abc7 news. for everyone here, thank you for joining us. a reminder that there will be no bart strike tomorrow morning. trains will run as usual. the abc7 morning news team will be on air at 4:00 a.m. for an early edition of the abc7 morning news with continuing coverage and updates on your morning commute. abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. have that great night and a fan it is fantastic week.
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(woman) game over, and you lose, tom. drop it. put down the gun, or i swear, i'll blow his head off. you know i can't do that, tom. you think i'm kidding around here, detective heat? no, i don't. i think you feel trapped, and you're serious as hell. but right now i need you to think about the people who love you. and they need you to put down that gun. (beeps) (castle) i can't take it anymore. the character of nikki heat is a smart, complicated detective


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