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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the search for a missing oakland woman stretches into another county as crews work into the night after a new revelation. >> bart returns to the bargaining table with the unions and the unions again, will give notice of a possible strike. >> happening now, families in the sotheby are starting to line up to get free help for back to school. >> early this morning, as you head out, you may want to pack the umbrella. >> it is wet. >> groundhog day. >> and visibility is 1.25 mile at half moon bay and six in santa rosa and 9 in oakland, so the visibility shows the areas where you see the drizzle and it
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is out there and as wide-spread as yesterday and as tick in some areas. the day planner the next 12 hours 59 7:00 we will have drizzle through 9:00 and by noon we are dry. but we will have clouds and sunshine and cool 68 degrees at 4:00 with the clouds rolling, the day planner inland we have drizzle in the midtown more 50's and louds are in the north bay and upper 60's at 75 at 4:00, and total sunshine and grab a coat and you are in the mid-to-upper 60's and we will have drizzle through noon at the coast, and dry but upper 50's the better part of the day. now, the original commute. >> it is friday light in many parts of the bay area and certainly not if you headed over the altamont pass in into dublin where we have a sig-alert, westbound 580 at the 680 junction and one lane is blocked and that is going to be blocked off for another 45 minutes and c.h.p. updated that time so we have 45 minutes from now, so, bumper-to-bumper traffic is across the entire stretch and it
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will take you 40 minutes to head an from tracy and into dublin. as we look at the drive time traffic from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes and from santa rosa to san francisco is 52 minutes and at the bay bridge toll plaza we have the metering lights not turned on and cash-paying lanes are loaded up. >> develop news, the search for 50-year-old santa coke moved out of alameda county into solano county and crews focusing their efforts an the fairgrounds in solano county. we joined from the command post by kira klapperer. >> police not saying what led them to the third groups and the park and the lake but they are talking about a big break in the case. they say that sandra coke was last seen on sunday with an ex-boyfriend who has an extensive criminal past. we have his photo of 5-year-old
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who is a registered sex offender, and our media partner, the bay area news group is reporting in 1983 he was charged with the murder a woman he had known since his china hood. he was acquitted. a year later in 19784 he was charged with killing a jail inmate and leaded no contest and received six years in prison the he has undated convictions for two counts rape and kidnapping. they dated 0 years ago and sandra coke is a criminal defense investigators and police will not say what led them to him but they took great urgency to search for her at 8:30 of the they questioned him about her disappearance can he was taken into today and as of last night he was being held without bail. it only happened recently that the two reconnected. >> we know that person over on years ago dated sandra coke
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briefly and he reappeared in the bay area recently and reached out to sandra for help. >> yesterday, her family announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to her return and a re-cap here on tuesday the. her mini keep are was found in a parking lot not far from her oakland home, and her two cell founds were found in two different parts. authorities are not saying if they will include dive teams at the lake because they hopeful she is alive. >> now the threat of a bart strike, one of the unions negotiating with bart says that it will issue a 48 hour strike notice today if no progress is made in contract talks, the service employees international union made the threat after talks helped last night pavenning the way for another
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possible bat strike on monday morning. the governor brown ordered a board of inquiry to investigate the talks and is expected to get the report today and decide this weekend there to dechair a 60-day cooling off period. >> happening now, volunteers in the south bay are getting things ready for a giveaway to help children in need to get ready for the start of the year. we are at the community service in san jose to show us the backpacks behind you. matt? >> the backpacks are set up here and they are separated by age and gender and you can see these are the kindergarten ones and they are separated here from the girls and the boys with popular characters like mini mouse and hello kit difficult and super heroes. community service is filling the backpacks with age-appropriate supplies. younger kids get crayons and markers and older kids get a memory stick. there is a slight drop in test scores with achievement drop
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that starts young can impact their lives. >> what that has translated to is a low graduation rate. it just underscores the reason why we want everyone first of all to come together and make sure the kids start the year right and stay involved. >> families participating today had to sign up in july and this video of those waiting to line to get on the list and to make an appointment for the day and this is the biggest year ever with 2,462 backpacks given away. clients are getting jobs but often underemployed. families get backpacks and other necessities such as underwear and socks and, also, gift cards for new shoes. >> thousands of music fans the pour into the golden gate park to kickoff the first day of the outside lands music festival with the since-year-old festival attracting monster acts,
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including paul mccartney today and 9 inch nails on saturday and sunday and outstanding food and wine booths with tickets sold out. if you come to the city for outside lands music festival you have a lot of company, outside lands music festival starts at noon and golden gate park and thousands of 49ers fans descend on candlestick park for the fanfest and the giants take on the baltimore orioles at 1:05 and the semi finals of to the america's cup start this afternoon along the embarcadero. >> benicia has decided to prepare an environmental impact report delaying the plan to transfer crude oil by rail to the refinery. the city decided to call for more review after receiving dozens of public comments and conflicting scientific views on the $30 million rail facility project. officials hoped to get approve next month and now the project is not expected to go before the
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planning commission until december at the usualliest. they ship crude oil to the refinery by boat. >> a murder led to a stand off and fail police shooting in sunnyvale. >> that was police gunfire as they confront add man after a two hour stand off which stated after a man murdered his estranged wife. they were in court on wednesday for divorce proceedings and she filed a restraining order and he owns a metal work company a short drive from the home. >> happening today, mills while students in people bring are scheduled to retake their advance praise placement test after 9 college board invalidated the scores in may. the students protested outside the courthouse in redwood city yesterday and they wanted a judge to reinstate the scores but a later filed a motion to
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move the case through federal court. a lawyer for the school accuses the kennel board of delaying in order to make the students retake the debt before the case is heard. test scores for 224 students were invalidated because of rules regarding how they were seated during the testing. >> now the forecast. mike? >> i will start with the temperatures, it is damp, with drizzle, and most us in the midtown more 50's like san francisco is 56 and hair and san ramon and antioch and 58 at fremont and san jose and los gatos and livermore, and 2357 in concord and oakland and san carlos and 55 at napa and novato and half moon bay. at the golden gate bridge the did evening is wet. temperatures are the same as they were yesterday at six to ten degrees cooler-than-average. now outside lands music festival it will be 59 at noon and dry at 61 and breezy with low clouds
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possible and drizzle at 9:00 when paul mccartney takes the stage. a slow warming trend, one or two dead each day, hardly noticeable but extra sunshine. now, the traffic. leyla gulen? >> most areas around the bay are clear and we have friday lite conditions in many parts of the bay area and we see the heaviest conditions across the bay bridge with metering lights jut turned on causing heavy backup from 9 maze and we have a sig-alert and this accident eastbound side of 580 involving an overturned vehicle and most of the slowing is in the westbound direction. however, it is adding to the pain the sig-alert westbound 580 at 680 one lane of the transition road is shut down until 6:45 and this is more for affect the rain is falling and that is the san mateo so coming from hayward, slow down the
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speeds because there are very slick conditions. >> president obama is getting ready for martha's vineyard vacation but, first, going before the white house press corps with tough questions he is expected to face today. >> but any, a california police chase leads a minivan to flip over and it does not end here. we will show you what happens next. >> the widow of apple co-founder is part of a new power couple with a high would
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, in emeryville to the west this is what you see in the bay bridge with the traffic moving across and the low clouds over san francisco. >> check out this video in the newsroom showing a high-speed chase in southern california. this happened last night and look how it ends, boom. police surrounded the van but the driver refused to come out. he finally surrendered and police say before he flipped the minivan he could be seen tossing out clothes and papers from the vehicle. >> a 50-year-old kidnapping is making headlines again this morning after months of investigation by abc7 news the f.b.i. is re-opening their
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investigation into 1964 kidnapping of a newborn boy from a chicago hospital. a baby found outside of store in new jersey two years later was identified as the miss baby and returned to his parents but d.n.a. testing uncovered the boy wasn't actually their son. barbara walters talked with the man, now 49, and the interview will air this morning on "good morning america" next. >> the state department is warning members not to travel to pakistan because of a possible terror threat. the state department says that several foreign and indigenous terrorist groups pose a danger to citizens in the country. if addition to the travel warning, the state department has ordered government personnel to leave the consulate in lahore. the draw down in lahore is precautionary and not related to the closing of other diplomatic posts in the muslim world. >> president obama will address the on going threat in the middle east with the a white house news conference.
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he will talk about looming budget deadline and strains relations with russia. he will then go for vacation with the first family. we will provide coverage of the news conference scheduled underway at noon and a remainders you can get update on breaking news at abc7 news bay area. >> bill clinton will return to the white house later this year to receive the presidential medal of freedom. he will receive the honor along with talk show host oprah winfrey and 14 others including women's activist and former senator richard lieu gar. >> the widow of steve jobs appears to be in a new relationship. the "washington post" reports that she is dating former washington, dc mayor, adrian fenty meeting in houston education conference in 2011 and are said it is bonded over a
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passion for school reform. sources say the relationship started as a friend and blossomed into romance. fenty is finalizing a divorce from his current wife. the two declined to comment on their relationship. >> possibly a new power couple there. definitely going to around, the drizzle, again, but i see changes in the forecast after it seems like we have been play the same thing over and over again i see the light at the end of the tunnel. live doppler 7 hd showing there is a last drizzle but not much in the way of rain. from mount tamalpais you can see at 2,500' we are wait on the sunrise and each day it is threer losing two minutes of sunshine today. it will be partly shouldy with a cool breeze this morning and it could be gorgeous like yesterday with crisp, clean air where you
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can see forever seeing for tens of miles yesterday if you were at the right will vacation and you can see further than that. cloudy tonight with drizzle in the forecast but it starts to dwindle deeper in the forecast. now, temperatures, we will be in the low-to-mid 60's along the coast into san francisco and a lot of low-to-mid 70's around the bay shore and 9 south bay and the east bay inland neighborhoods are the warmest upper 70's to near 80. a lost things are going on today, but we will tart at at&t park where both wear black and orange and 58 and increasing clouds and 56 and a slight chance of drizzle by the end of the game. headed across the bay to the cove as the raiders taking on america's team with dallas in town and 63 at 7:00 increasing clouds and drizzle by the end of the game and 58, and a last thing starting today in san jose
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the san jose jazz summer fest. 72 degrees where it will be the most mild and breezy at 7:00, dropping down to 68 and cool in the knowledge hours and dropping in the low-to-mid 60's under the star filled skies. clouds roll in at 11:00 and inland neighbors you can see tomorrow morning, drizzle out there again and temperatures in the 50's. the seven-day forecast shows the temperatures away from the coast wall up saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday and wednesday a degree or two each day and by wednesday and thursday, summer could be back in the forecast. >> but it is taking its time. we have nasty conditions from the altamont pass through livermore that is because of a sig-alert so bumper-to-bumper traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza is thin with not so much traffic as urge. the metering lights were turned on causing a heavy backup but
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right now it looks like traffic is flowing and 13 minutes gets you from the maze to san francisco. fur traveling across 580 in the westbound direction from tracy to dublin you are at 43 minutes and highway 4 is building 20 miles per hours from antioch to concord and 101 is 18 minute commute and san mateo and dumbarton, everything is moving along at top speed and the san mateo bridge has quite a bit of drizzle so slow it down. in san jose, along 280, we are looking at clear conditions with light conditions coming away from 17 in the northbound direction. >> a san francisco dry cleaning business will be shut down today ahead at 6:30 the overnight flames and the damage to the business and what firefighters are revealing. >> first, more powerball winners are coming forward and now it is a large group and how much a large group and how much machine they copd makes it hard to breathe...
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. >> good morning, at 6:123. if you climbed to the top of mount tamalpais and you look to the east you can see the beautiful sunrise this morning with clouds. right thousand we are above the clouds but mike nicco will talk about the clouds and drizzle affecting you today. >> second winner came forward to
6:24 am
claim a share of the jackpot. 16 workers at a vehicle maintenance department won a share splitting $86 million. a minnesota man was the first identified winner yesterday. >> i ran around the office. >> that is 45-year-old paul white and electrical engineer who is going back do work to tie up loosens and his $149 million prize will be cut to $86 million because he is taking the cash option. the winner of the third ticket has not come forward yet. >> the founders of youtube changed how we share videos on the internet and now they want to change how we create them. a this video is from youtube founders who took the wraps off the new app yesterday similar to
6:25 am
instagram but rather than short videos they can video clips up to an hour long that can be shared on twitter facebook and other social networking sites and you can make a mini movie. >> now with the games it is not just if the guys with video games, with women making up half of all gameers. females represent 45 percent of players but marketing overwhelmingly targets young men. game developers are paying more attention to women and including more female characters. last year, women made up 45 percent of the purchasing audience. >> this is it, after 15 years on "the view" joy is leashing the -- is leaving the show. today is the last day saying she wanted to focus on other projects that could include writing a play and returning to stand up comedy. the view air right here at 10:00
6:26 am
a.m. with the show today featuring a special salute to joy. >> breaking news from the south bay a triple shooting over two hours ago details next. >> happening now, one of the fastest mooding wildfires in history buns across son california and ahead at 6:30 we will update capement and evacuations. >> in vallejo police are sending for a missing criminal investigator from oakland, coming up i will explain her personal connection to a sex offender and why bliss this only are now calling him a "person of interest" in the disappearance. >> good morning, check out this picture from emeryville, you can see drizzle toward treasure island and i will tell you how much longer we have did deal with this and when the warm weather will get here. >> at look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is starting to stack up from the maze but we have a sig-alert in dublin with
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news. >> the breaking news is from san
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jose. >> police are investigating a triple shooting that happened at 4:00 a.m., san jose police say two men and a woman walked in the hospitals with gunshot wounds and they are non-life-threatening. there are no arrests. stay with abc7 news with a crew headed to the scene with an update ahead 789. >> we will look at the weather forecast with low clouds and drizzle. >> flight arrival delays in sfo an hour and 15 minutes. has the airplane flight tracker. we have a lot of drizzle but not rain. the drizzle could be light, moderate or heavy but it is fine and coating the roads. want out through 9:00. the next 12 hours we have partly cloudy conditions and 63 and forecasting clouds and 8 at 4:00, and clouds return in the evening and temperatures drop to the low 60's so jacket weather is become. drizzle inland and 57 through
6:31 am
7:00 and that is around through 9:00 and clouds if we have remaining at noon are in the north bay and mid-to-upper 60's and below am by ten degrees and mid-70's at 4:00 and you will drop in the mid-to-upper 60's in the evening. next 12 hours temperatures are in the 50's and we could spike in the low-to-mid 60's between 2:00 and 3:00 but 50's will rule and drizzle this morning and dry this afternoon. leyla gulen has the commute. a new accident reported on the lower deck of the bay bridge at treasure island involving a few vehicles and one lane blocked with busy conditions westbound stating to build and a sig-alert in dublin blocking one lane and blocking the lane until 15 minutes from now so westbound 580 to 680 transition is where we will see pretty heavy conditions and busy traffic and a couple big events including outside lands music festival starting today through sunday so
6:32 am
expect heavy conditions around golden gate park and we have the 20 the annual parade and festival that will happen on market and 4th. >> thank you, leyla gulen, we have developing news, the search if missing oakland woman santa coke has moved to vallejo and crews will resume combing a park, lake, and the fair grounds where we find abc7 news reporter kira klapper with daled on the hunt if -- for clues. >> this intensive search started overnight, police are releasing a big break. they say sandra coke was seen with an ex-boyfriend would has an extensive criminal past. we have his photo, 56-year-old, and he is a registered sex
6:33 am
offender. the bay area news group is reporting in 1983 he was charged with the murder of a woman he knew from childhood and acquitted of that but a year later in 1984 three was charged with killing a jail inmate and pleaded no contest. he has undate the conviction for two counts of rape, kidnapping and other champions. they dated 20 years ago and reconnected but with great urgency last night that search for the 50-year-old missing oak woman brought miss to solano county and 50 volunteers helped on foot and all-terrain vehicles. the bay area news group is reporting the search included dogs trained to detect human remains. >> we all are desperate to see her return home safely and we are, again, asking anyone with information about my sister, sandra coke, to please, please,
6:34 am
please come forward. >> yesterday, her family announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to her return and at that time authorities were questioning the person person about her appearance. he was taken into custody on tuesday morning on a parole violation that is unspecified not known if it is connected to her disappearance. he is now held without bail. >> thank you. develop news from the amber alert for a man believed to have kidnapped a san diego county teen and killed her mother and where. authorities now believe that james dimaggio could be carrying explosives or have the car rigged and could be headed to canada with 16-year-old hannah anderson. the amber alert covers, california, oregon, washington, and nevada with many reported sightings of the vehicle. >> from san francisco,
6:35 am
firefighters are investigating a blaze at a dry cleaning business that broke out at 1:30. piles of dry cleaning equipment were stacked on the sidewalk of the it is a total loss. there are residential units upstairs but no one was hut or displaced. >> more than 1,400 firefighters are battling a fire in riverside county with flames destroying two dozen homes and threatening 500 other homes. the fire burn south of los angeles is now at 14,000 acres and 20 percent contained. 1 members 500 people are under mandatory evacuation and six people are hurt and five are firefighters. >> in the national forest there are mandatory evacuation for 75 homeowners in the area. the fire has burned 60 acres with in word on containment.
6:36 am
>> now the bat strike threat, a union negotiating with bart says they will issue a 48 hour strike notice if no progress is made in contract talks. the service employees international union made the threat after talks enthe last night paving the way for another potential bart strike on monday morning. the issue remains the same: salaries, preparations, medical contributions and overtime. the governor ordered a board of inquiry to investigate the talks and will get the report today and decide over the weekend whether to dechair a cooling off period. >> we support a cooling off period because it is the only guarantee to keep the trains running while we continue to negotiate. >> i hope that we get the deal done on sunday. i'm not in agreement with the 60 day couping 50 period and i don't plaintiff we have the right to hold the passengers hostage. >> negotiations are expected to continue until sunday night's deadline. if the governor declare as couping off period there can be no bart strike or lockout for 60 days. >> dozen passengers from asiana flight 214 at sfo have filed a
6:37 am
new lawsuit against the airline and boeing, the maker of the 777 that crash claiming that boeing designed and manufactured the aircraft with defects including a faulty auto throttle and inadequate we warning systems. they say the pilot had only eight seconds warn there was a problem and claims boeing failed to properly train and update pilots on the aircraft. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from san jose with throw people shot just about two hours ago with a report from the scene. >> but, first, richmond got attention when they announced a plan to seize underwater mortgage loans and that plan is up in the air. >> from our camera, you can see a pretty shot of the colors and clouds that are carrying a little moisture. mike will update the forecast and leg
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>> we are back and starting off with the cool day to start, but dry by noon and 59 and dry through 3:00 at 61 but it will be breezy at 6:00 with low clouds and drizzle at 9:00. paul mccartney is the big act tonight. thunderstorms incorporate of us with a red nag warning so watch out. everyone else is quiet as you look through the central valley with 82 in sacramento and 92 in fresno and to the south, low-to-mid 70's around los
6:41 am
angeles and san diego. to tahoe, thunderstorms and near 80 for the weekend. >> sig-alert in effect in dublin/pleasanton westbound 580 at the 680 interchange one lane is blocked but a brand new crash has been reported on the bay bridge in the eastbound direction lower deck at treasure island blocking one lane and several vehicles are reported behind it, we are look at delays westbound traffic is heavy, as well. now, a look at the san mateo bridge with rain drops on the screen but it has dried out a little bit. eric and kristen? >> the federal government is putting a stop to richmond's plan to use the power of imminent domain to seize underwater loans and help homeowners restructure mortgages. they launch the ground breaking plan to help homeowners who owe more than they worth but the finance agency that regulated fannie mae and freddie mac indicated they would limit or
6:42 am
cease business activities if any scoured that uses imminent domain to seize mortgages. this week, north bondholders went to federal curt to halt richmond's plan saying it do cause investors to lose $200 million. >> do not country on children who misbehave. what a study says of their future careers. >> trading is underway on wall street and a look at the big board, the dow right now is down continue points and lady we will go to jane king
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we have break news a triple shooting if san jose. >> abc7 news reporter matt keller joins us from the scene. matt? >> this is where the shooting took place next to the basketball courts at the san jose apartments off of cunningham avenue in east san jose after 4:00 this morning. no victims were found but two men and a womannened up if local hospitals with gunshot wounds. police say they are not life-threatening injuries and this suspects have been identified or arrested. officers are still investigating the motive behind-the-scene and you can see the officers are processing evidence here at the scene of the shooting and they have this area blocked off to all residents and people walking through the apartments here in east san jose.
6:46 am
>> thank you, matt. if you are looking for a job a new report reveals the most difficult companies at which to interview and six are here in the bay area. career research firm grass door spoke to job candidates at google who describe the process as "difficult and inbound but see the future of facebook, and people at guidewire reported a difficult interview process. >> this could come as a relief for parents, kids who misbehave could be more likely than others to go on to create a start-up company. >> tesla has another stamp of approval for the vehicles of the jane king is joining us from the new york stock exchange. jane? >>guest: good morning to you. tesla model is giving five star
6:47 am
safety rating in the areas they looked at you including frontal crashes and side crashes and rollover and five star rating is rear. the top rating for the safety administration could help tesla expand the customer base. a cofounder got $570 million richer yesterday when shares jumped 14 percent on a surprise quart early profit at company. >> the markets are more sluggish today and higher across the body but not by much. the silicon valley index is trading lower. a new study contradicts the popular belief that driving while talking on a cell phone is dangerous and can lead to an accident. the study found increased cell phone use by drivers at certain hours did not result in more crashes. however, they did fought look at impact of texting or using t free smartphones. if your children are in trouble
6:48 am
a lot, a study found delinquent behavior is a better prediction of adult entrepreneurs than intelligence, creativity and parents and economic status. i am jane king for bloomberg business report at the new york stock exchange. >> so, your son can be a billionaire one day. thank you, jane. >> we want to take you back to news in riverside county, a wildfire that is giving firefighter as hard time with smoke and flames and five firefighters one resident have been injured that has burned 16 square miles between banning and have been threatened and they are not out of the woods yet. >> they would love to have our
6:49 am
weather. >> at least it is cool there, not hot, not very windy but dry. that is why they have the fires. the mist and drizzle could help. it is not helping the commute, live doppler 7 hd showing it is just mist and drizzle with no organized areas of rain right now although you will find the slick streets. we only measure down to .01" so from the camera you can see the clouds show a few breaks and this is not the typical only marine layer cloud but from the upper low that will break apart like they did yesterday. do not expect them to roll to the cost but they will open up and do that at the coast leave us cloudy with a cool breeze that keeps the temperatures below average. another night of drizzle and it will dwindle with warmer temperatures on the way. today it is remain warmest inland, and concord is 78 and antioch and livermore could push
6:50 am
80 and low-to-mid 70's for the bay shore and the south bay and san jose at 75 and santa rosa and low-to-mid 60's along the coast into san francisco and a lot of activities and we will town upon a couple of more, the forecast if you head to at&t park where the baltimore orioles take on the giants at 58 degrees at 6:15 for first pitch dropping to 56 and the drizzle hold off but do not be surprised if it is moist at the end of the game. at the football gawk, dallas is in town to take on the radars at 63 at 7:00 dropping to 58 by 11:00 and drizzle is possible at the end your game with the san jose jazz summer festival happening today and through the weekend and this is where you will find the quietest and dry and warm weather mile at 5:00, and 7:00, 68 could feel cooler than that so dress for the low 60's headed through the evening hours.
6:51 am
we will continue to fall in the 50's with the clouds coming this most areas around 11:00 and through 1:00 o'clock in the morning and drizzle is possible, again, tomorrow morning but less likely sunday morning and you can see the transition at one or two degrees warmer and by wednesday, it is finally about four or ten degrees warmer. >> i have good news an accident reported earlier involving an overturned vehicle over the altamont pass has cleared and all lanes have re-opened along eastbound 580 at the parkway but the westbound traffic is a bear as we make it over the altamont pass through livermore because of the sig-alert and westbound 580 at the 80 junction one lane is taken away until further notice because clean up crews arrived on the scene so it couldable little while longer but we have 20 children -- 20 miles per hour backup can we have a crash cleared off the
6:52 am
treasure island on lower deck of the bay bridge that left with backups from san francisco and the westbound transaction is will stop-and-go traffic and headed into san jose the crash cleared to the shoulder northbound 101 at the expressway and slow-and-go traffic that moves well to the south bay freeway. >> seven things to know before you go, with only news ahead.
6:53 am
>> we take you back to banning in riverside county at 85 miles east of los angeles where the fire is still burning and 14,000 acres claim -- contained and two dozen homes have been destroyed. but, it is cool and maybe that will help the firefighters. >> as we hand things off to america mchere are seven things to know before you go: crews
6:54 am
will comb the fair grounds this morning at the park in vallejo looking for 50-year-old sandra coke of oakland miss since sunday. police are questioning 56 -year-old register sex offender in custody on unrelated offense. he was seen with coke the night she disappeared. >> one of the unions negotiating with bart says it will issue a 48 hour strike notice if no progress is made in contract talks today. the governor is expected to get a report from a board of inquiry and he will decide whether to declare a 60-day cooling off period. >> president obama will hold a news conference before departing for vacation with the family at martha's vineyard and we will provide coverage at noon and will address the ongoing terror threat in the middle east, the remain looking budget deadline, and the strained relateses with russia. >> thousands of music fans pour into golden gate park to kickoff the first date outside lands
6:55 am
music festival. there are food and wine booths. >> the all stars are two gaze away from the world series in williamsport and play in the semi final matchup on espn at 6:00. awe start off a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday with a lot of mid-to-upper 50's with pockets of drizzle with flight arrival delays in sfo with he clouds from emeryville and by afternoon, it will be cooling sea breeze continuing is the theme. that will happen at 72 to 81 inland and low-to-mid 60's from the coast into san francisco. >> seven, a slow drive from mike's shot of the bay bridge from emeryville and the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is slow out there, but some lanes are moving so that ised of
6:56 am
-- evidence of from friday lite and 580 has clean up crews on the clean with heavy backup remaining. >> it is friday. we continue now on-line and twitter and facebook.
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good morning, america. and breaking now, floods and fires across the u.s. massive downpours overnight, causing dangerous flooding in 16 states. this walmart under water. dozens rescued, including this baby. meanwhile, hundreds of homes are now threatened in the west. breaking overnight. 16 county garage workers in new jersey, set to come forward as the newest powerball millionaires right now. but get this. they are back at work this morning, with their golden ticket. and actress leah remini, taking her battle to a whole, new level. in a showdown with the church of scientology. filing a missing persons report for the church leader's wife. police say, it's unfounded. the church fights back this morning. and going viral. this woman, about to get an unbelievable surprise, when her family sends


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