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tv   2020  ABC  August 10, 2013 9:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: tonight on "20/20 saturday" -- >> give me a kiss. >> think you're crazy about your pet? what about them? >> an all new meaning to house broken. how they play when you're away. >> did you go in the garbage? you are so naughty. >> announcer: naughty and nice. the most pampered pets in the world. canine couture, doggy mansions and beverly hills' most famous lap dog, giggy for jig low. >> a little man that plays for love and affection. >> announcer: and need a lift? facelifts and tummy tucks for dogs.
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botox for bowser. and you live with -- what? >> family. >> announcer: we're going to duke it out. cats versus dogs. tonight, we're going pet crazy. here's barbara walters. good evening. and welcome to the first of two hours of "20/20." if i were talking to my dog cha cha i would say, "say the, stay," and she would so i'm going to say the same to you. because you are not going to believe how over the top things can get. you think you spoil your pets? well until you spent $325,000 for a doghouse, make that a dog mansion, you're not even in the running. so, who will let the dogs out? we will.
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here is robin roberts. >> reporter: make no "bones" about it our pets are more pampered fan fussed over than ever. cats and dogs are lapping up a couture clothes, million dollar collars, elaborate houses. exercise gyms. gourmet foods and wine. themed birthday parties. ♪ it's a small world after all >> reporter: and even private massages. >> even throughout the recess n recessionary time, people spend more and more on their pets. >> reporter: last year, economy-conscious americans fladly spent an amazing $50 billion on their pets, ringing cash registers from bangor to beverly hills, where paris hilton's dogs live it up in a
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replica of her own house with balcony, air conditioning and a chandelier. and paris is not alone when it comes to pet adoration. >> i can't say i love him, i worship him. >> reporter: take lisa van der pump, he may be the prince of pampered pooches, the king of canine could yturecouture. featured on "real housewives of beverly hills" and he's become a star. almost outshining lisa last season during her turn on "dancing with the stars." ♪ >> he just won the golden collar award for best dog in a reality show. i said in my acceptance speech i'm known as the person that carries giggj. >> reporter: do his feet touched ground? >> they do he has three friends
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he lives with. he likes to be carried. he's always been that kind of little man. just wants to be with me. >> reporter: how did he come about his name? >> gigalow. pays for affection. sexy little man. >> reporter: there is a two-legged man in her life as well, lisa's handsome of over 30 years, ken todd. he's also devoted to jiggy. and in one episode, jiggy caused a stir among the housewives when jiggy drank out of a champagne drinking glass in a dinner party. they coordinate his outfits. >> i buy basing pajamas, dye them, hand-dye them and find beads and things and have them sewn on. >> reporter: they say jiggy's wardrobe is important, designed to hide a bad case of alopecia that causes hair loss.
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>> this is out of necessity. you have to close your eyes because he is not going public with his nude scene. he hates being without clothes. hates it. this is supposed to be very good for him. now, lie down. lie down. people say how xaunt clothes on your dog? he needs to wear clothes. he's cold. >> reporter: they think you're being eccentric by putting clothes on him but it's really out of necessity? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: and jiggy's diet also consists of very special dog food, the silver tray brought out just for special occasions. what's for lunch? >> he's got chicken and biscuits now. he doesn't want to eat out of the bowl. he wants to be hand-fed which is really naughty. i don't have time to hand-feed him. >> reporter: what kind of joy does jiggy bring you? >> look. look at that face. >> reporter: oh, that face that attracted over 70,000 adoring
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followers on twitter and jiggy's not alone in sieper space. the social networks are littered with people's pets including boo the tiny pup who has over 7 million facebook fans. >> such a beautiful little girl. >> how obsessed am i on a scale of one to ten with my pets? a 12. >> my wife is obsessed with dogs. they are usually her first priority from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed. >> reporter: lawyer jill levy is insprayable from her dog, moes a jiebt schnauzer standard poodle mix and daisy a beagle. >> she's with with them so much sometimes she calls me and my brother their names by accident. >> reporter: it begs the question, dogs or human family members? where is the priority? >> i don't know if i can answer that question. um -- i think my kids have to come before anyone.
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>> reporter: the dogs and my husband, i'm not really sure. >> reporter: which leads us to an issue which can bitterly divide many otherwise loving couples whether or not to let the dogs in bed. at the levy home the floodgates are wide open. >> a lot of times he's literally in my spot, his head on my pillow, laying in my area, i usually have to kick him off the bed and after i do that, if she's already sleeping she'll wake anne call him back on the bed. >> i do spoon with moses, yeah. >> yes. >> reporter: and for those who may unleash the opinion that jill and untold millions like her are canine crazy, she's got a comeback to do the trick. >> if every person in the world was loved as much as my dogs this world would be a much better place. >> that's pretty. >> such a joy to watch people
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and witness their love for their dog and the unconditional love that the dog has for them. >> reporter: this photographer traveled across the country gathering material for her book "a letter to my dog" notes to our best friends, she collected testaments on their pets from both celebrities and real-life heroes like lieutenant jeff frisk, diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder and says his dog gunner brought him back that a more peaceful world. she sought singer/actress kristen chenoweth. comedian kathy najimy. >> beautiful. wonderful. >> dancing with the stars. >> reporter: and finally, even me, who may just be a little obsessed with my precious jack russell k.j. >> what makes people talk like this? next, you're gone but the
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doggy cam is on. caught on tape. the doggy destroyer. >> what's on your head? what is on your head at 2:00 in the morning? >> announcer: and the kitty on a crime spree. >> look at all this stuff you stole. >> announcer: when "20/20's" pet crazy continues. nformation quicy and bring learning to life. at sprint, when you buy one samsung galaxy s 4 for just $199.99, you get another one free. and sign up for the all-new unlimited, my way plan today and lock in unlimited talk, text, and data for life. guaranteed, and only from sprint. visit your local sprint store or trouble hearing on the phone? visit with mccafé. every irresistible smoothie and delectable frappé is a break from the ordinary. and it all starts with a sip. there's something for everyone to love from mccafé.
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the cat's away the mice will
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play but what about when the owner's away all animals will play? or attack and destroy. just take a look at surveillance video we caught and you may think you have wandered into a lost episode of "wild kingdom." out of control, outrageous, debauchery, that's the film version of "animal house," the real animal house? out of control, outrageous debauchery, what your pets do at home when you're not there. when the human's away the dogs and cats will play, and jump on counters and use the microwave, search your fridge, even redecorate. and from newport, rhode island, this youtube video as a yellow lab is caught redhanded or red-pawed as the case may be. >> what's on your head? what is on your head at 2:00 in the morning? >> reporter: unspoken dog
9:14 pm
confession. that would be the lid of a garbage can. >> did you go in the garbage? >> reporter: unspoken dog confession, clearly the answer is "yes," -- >> who is in that garbage? are you tired? yeah, me foo. >> reporter: unspoken dog confession, obviously, me, or in this case, the lab that laid waste to the lavatory. >> the laundry basket. garbage. you are so naughty. >> reporter: went to visit the naughty dog and his owner at the scene of the crime. you are a friendly dog, messy but friendly. how are you? oh, i got a kiss. what did he do? what he did is what he's done again and again. even for "20/20's" hidden cameras, catching him in the act. pillage, foreage, plunder. looki ining for food in all of wrong places.
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watch him go to town, burying his whole body in that can. how nervous are you after being away? >> i work nights and sometimes i think oh, no, i forgot to close the kitchen door and i know i'll come home to a mess. >> reporter: sound familiar? like another famous lab from the movies. "marley & me." >> that is not how i left it. >> how long did you leave him here? >> maybe an hour, tops. did he eat the drywall? >> reporter: like marley? >> he ate 100 shingles off the house in his first year of life. >> reporter: that's not all? >> pirate's booty, loaves of bread, stomach pumped because he ate brownies and when we brought him in, not only brownies but two full sweet potatoes, raw, didn't know he'd eaten those. >> reporter: he weighs 124 pounds. easily 26 pounds overweight. so, how does kneel about all of this?
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we asked him to watch the crime tape. >> who is that? who did this? who did that? >> reporter: he might be top dog when it comes to vandalism but when it comes to theft, there is one animal that takes the cake. the cake, the towels, car wash sponges, goggles and size 38 bra. look at all this stuff you stole. yes. you are a thieving cat. all this, the loot of perhaps the most prolific cat burglar ever. meet dusty. the klepto kitty. >> you didn't train dusty to do this? >> no, dusty doesn't get trained. >> jean and husband jim lived through this crime spree in northern california. as dusty has stolen more than 600 items from neighbor's backyards, open garages and front stoops. everyone knew he was doing it but no one had caught him in the act until animal planet came and set up a nighttime surveillance camera. and then -- >> couldn't believe it. showing everybody dusty's
9:17 pm
bringing things back, it was really funny. >> reporter: he doesn't feel like a thief, doesn't feel like a villain. >> no, he isn't. >> reporter: there may be no way to rehabilitate dusty. but what about the marauding doggy? >> you got stuck again? >> reporter: well, we brought backup. >> you listen to me. >> reporter: victoria stillwell, renowned dog trainer corrected her share of bad, even unsafe pet be yav i don't remember. >> i don't want him jumping out the window. >> reporter: check out this escape artist from animal planet "it's me or the dog." >> hello. >> reporter: she came to help us with him. she was taken back by the audacity of the crime. >> he's having a lovely time. >> he's very happy to do it. >> i'm home. >> reporter: look what happens when rebecca returns. >> oh! >> reporter: a guilty doggy with evidence of his crime again. this time, a bag over his face,
9:18 pm
that could be dangerous. >> come here. >> reporter: victoria says the problem isn't deep-seated evil by boredom. >> if you don't give them outlets to energy, it will go to something negative like putting their head in trash. >> reporter: solution? >> put the food in mind bendingly stimulating is to like this. look at him concentrate. >> yeah, good job. >> reporter: part work time, part meal time, part fun time. >> and this is a fun when we put kibl in here, has to roll it to get it out. great puzzle toy as well. put kibble in here and he has to work with his paws to get it out. all mental stimulation. >> he has a college degree when he's done. >> you bet. >> reporter: criminal mastermind turned ieinstein. the furry bundle of love almost
9:19 pm
always wins, here's hoping the toys help him turn his animal pilfered house -- >> you are so lucky i love you so much. >> reporter: into a peaceful animal home. >> announcer: next, new leash on life. plastic surgery for pets. and not just any old nip and tuck. but this -- >> artificial dog testicle or e neuticle. feels like listerine®? because no other mouthwash works like listerine®. in your mouth, bacteria forms in layers. listerine® penetrates these layers deeper than other mouthwashes, killing bacteria all the way down to the bottom layer. so for a cleaner, healthier mouth, go with the mouthwash dentists recommend more than all others combined. #1 dentist recommended listerine®... power to your mouth™. don't mind a harmless little ant like me.
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continues. with nick watt. >> reporter: this little guy is frankie and today he's enjoying a blueberry facial at the salon. yep, blueberry. >> dog owners love to kiss their babies in the face so they don't want that sour smell. >> reporter: frankie's in great
9:24 pm
hands, and she's a top notch canine creative stylist. >> creative styling is where you add a bit of color, whether it's rhinestones, a bit of glitter. >> reporter: move over westminster. canine creative styling is practically a competitive sport. do they like that? >> they love that. >> reporter: she has a flair for fur. she keeps her treatments skin deep and that's good. but the parent quest for beauty can go much deeper. all over the world pet owners spend millions from relatively simple procedures like pierced ears, tattoos and braces if those crooked teeth just don't fit. to the complicated facelifts for sagging skin. liposuction for obese dogs, nose jobs for pooches with breathing problems. and to help dogs with droopy
9:25 pm
eyelids, believe it or not, a little botox. but why? dogs don't care how they look, says top notch veterinarian dr. marty becker. >> there is no bikini season to dogs no, ultra thin dog models on animal planet. >> reporter: in england, i met junior the bloodhound and his five boisterous brothers. junior has had a lot of work done. i mean, a lot. when you tell people that junior had a tummy tuck and facelift do you get a bit of strange reaction? >> yeah, they think i'm mad because they think i did it for cosmetic reasons. >> reporter: but owner denise doesn't care too much what he looks like, he ain't no catwalk dog. junior's surgery was for a medical condition. fold was excess stretchy skin so much that junior would trip when he tried to run. he looks good now. >> he looks loads better and he's happier, main thing is he can see now.
9:26 pm
>> reporter: he's happier and healthier like millions of other dogs because plastic surgery fixed a serious medical problem. but there is one purely cosmetic procedure that had me saying, you must be pulling my tail. so, what do we have here? >> that is the artificial dog testicle or newtical. >> reporter: that's a big boy. >> that's a dane size. that would be chihuahua. >> reporter: you might just call them a" ball-ternative" and nearly a million implanted in neutered pets all over the globe. >> there would be nothing wrong, i guess, if you had a terier that had a terier size and you wanted to step up to cocker spani spaniel. >> reporter: that is surely unethical. $579 each and that's before surgeon's fee. >> i tell you what, you have a big screen tv or put awe set of
9:27 pm
artificial dog testicles is what it comes down to. you want to watch super bowl or march madness or >> to >> reporter: bruce jenner discovers in "keeping up with the kardashians" he agonizes over weather to neuter kim's dog rocky. >> what do you think? >> smaller is better. >> smaller is not better. let's go with the small once. >> reporter: he opted with neuticles, easing his empathetic pain. >> only thing i can do now is hope for the best. >> reporter: this is munson, 9-year-old english bulldog sporting a pair. even as a young pup, munson's amorous instincts were tough to control. his owner jim was torn but had little choice but to have him well, you know -- >> i had another english bulldog newtered, named clinton and he limped around and moped around
9:28 pm
after that, never the same. >> reporter: so when a vet friend mentioned neuticles to maintain munson's masculine mojo. >> i couldn't believe they had this available. >> reporter: jim thought, why not? tickle his funny bone and surgery carries little risk. >> like changing tires on nascar. we just watch a daytona 500 but there is no -- none of that but it's pretty quick surgery. >> reporter: and how are those new lug nuts working out for munson? >> he's got good rapport with the female dogs on the street and that's probably happenstance -- you are looking at me like-dr. >> reporter: after some delicate conversation, we reached painful conclusion. doesn't make much difference to munson? >> none. >> reporter: kind of about you and how people might perceive you? but you know what, might make a
9:29 pm
difference to munson because it makes a difference to jim. dogs embrace the grooming, the bows and the toothbrushing because -- >> they know they're getting a lot more attention. that's what they deserve, that's what dogs crave is attention. >> bang. >> reporter: and to enjoy that love and attention, just might take a pristine cuticles or a brand new pair of neuticles. >> announcer: next -- you live with what? everything from lounge lizards to -- ♪ wild thing >> you know the song "wild thing you make my heart sing" he makes our heart sing. >> announcer: big and small we love them all. >> no tongue. no tongue! ♪ [ male announcer ] for the billions of smartphone photographers... ♪
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hidwith new sandwich spreads in flavors like spicy chipotle pepper for craveable sandwiches.
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>> announcer: we're back with "20/20's" pet crazy. >> reporter: a california man who gives new meaning to the
9:34 pm
term lounge lizards. a texas couple with a shockingly literal notion of a home where the buffalo roam. >> hi, baby. >> reporter: an oregon woman who knows it will all come out in the wash. even the anteater. crocodile, rodents of unusual size, all begging the question, you live with what? still, how on earth do you explain this? so, i get the impression you like lizards. >> i'm a lizard lover. >> reporter: henry lizardlover, in fact. >> i wanted to show my love and dedication for the lizards so i changed my name. >> reporter: he's lived with as many as 60 lizards at time. iguanas, chinese water dragons but not just a living with that's so eye-popping.
9:35 pm
>> they're not stuck. they're not hypnotized, they're not frozen. they get up on their own whenever they want. but i found out years ago that if they're calm and relaxed, and i give them comfortable furniture they'll stay like this. >> reporter: i mean, who wouldn't like a nice couch? >> the lounge lizards have become a media sensation. he's sold cards, books, done the talk show circuit. do you think you have issues? >> it's okay to love lizards. it's america. this is freedom. it's family. >> reporter: family. and what says family in america more than a family road trip. hi. how are you? you're the first anteater i've ever taken a road trip with. a road trip with an anteater. she lives with angela in oak ridge oregon with two other
9:36 pm
anteaters but only this one sleeps in the washing machine. >> good morning. look at the claws. those are serious. >> very strong claws. >> reporter: the claws are for digging for ants and termites in native central and south america. the 16-inch tongue helps with that, too. but in oregon there is less digging and more dressup. you feel like you have fashion-forward anteaters here? >> yeah. the ones that velcro on so i don't have pull them over her head with the sweaters. >> reporter: angela got the anteater crush after watching animal planet and after years of research, it came to commitment. they look like aliens. >> they are friendly. they like to play with people. they're curious. >> reporter: while you can take them for a walk in the woods, caring for anteaters is no walk if the park. first off, they're nocturnal. second, they kind of stink. they put off a scent worse than a skunk as defense mechanism.
9:37 pm
and then, well, there is this. you just peed in the car. hi. >> they do that a little bit. like rats they'll dribble a little, they can't really help it. >> reporter: yeah, well there you have it. it's a rental. relatively speaking, that's a small thing. this is a huge thing and a -- ♪ wild thing >> you note song "wild thing you make my heart sing" well, that fit fits lowell, he makes our heart sing. >> reporter: wild thing is the name they have given their buffalo. a bison, really, that has lived with them for six years. how much wild does wild thing have left? >> i never tried to make him into a super gentle animal because i enjoy him being wild. ♪ give me a home >> reporter: six feet tall, more than 2300 pounds, what's more, wild thing isn't just an outdoor
9:38 pm
bison. he has the run of their house. this is a big guy in a not-so-big house. >> the house looked biggier before he grew. >> reporter: you might see wild thing coming a mile way but here danger is under foot. >> here we go. >> reporter: vicky, a nurse in australia, lives with three crocodiles. >> you are beautiful, aren't you? you are beautiful. here you go. >> reporter: six-foot long johnny rides shotgun. >> my baby girl. >> reporter: this girl would fit when you really want her to. hippos kill more people in africa each year than any other animal. still, tony and shirley who raised jessica in their home from infancy gambled on love winning out. bison, crocodiles, hippos, big, dangerous animals in the house. is this really a good idea?
9:39 pm
a laurj animal expert for animal planet says no. trouble is only a matter of time. >> a story i would get, he's never done anything, he's never done anything and then he kills a person. you only get to kill someone once. >> reporter: look at wild thing, what he can do when he thinks he's just playing and in south africa, a 40-year-old farmer was killed by the 2600 pound hippo he named humphrey. and called a pet. even henry lizardlover has stories. a bite from an aggressive iguana. >> i had my face split open. >> reporter: despite scars, henry still loves his lizards and wants the world to share the love. >> there is a stereotype about lizards. they're thought of as creepy crawling creatures. it's a prejudice. i wanted to create a little bit
9:40 pm
of warmth and a little cuddly feeling for lizards. >> reporter: he sure managed that. faces like that can make us all lizard lovers. almost. okay. >> announcer: next -- we're going to have a cat fight over this one. >> what's the difference between cat people and dog people? >> intelligence. >> reporter: cats versus dogs. or is it possible to love both? >> is there a word for it? bipetual? >> announcer: the fur flies, bipetual? >> announcer: the fur flies, when we come back. ing better or? better! better! better! better! ok. and what are you better at? i'm better at telling jokes. ok. let's see what you got. knock knock. who's there? queen... queen who? queen my dishes please. clean! it's queen to make it funny.
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>> announcer: we're back with "20/20's" pet crazy. >> now it's time to get to some serious business. here is the big question. are you a cat person or a dog person? marriages are broken up over the answer. so, we put dan harris in the line of fire. ♪ >> reporter: it is a primal die cole kot -- dichotomy like coke or pepsi, chocolate or vanilla,
9:45 pm
beatles or rolling stones. we have chosen sides. >> dogs every time. >> reporter: divide into two warring camps. dogs are dirty and smelly? >> yes, they smell. >> reporter: this mutual antagonism on full display when i went to this cat show. what's the difference between cat people and dog people? >> intelligence. >> reporter: and when i went to this dog show. what do you think of cat people? >> don't like them. >> reporter: don't like them? >> i'm a dog person. >> reporter: scientists at major, reputable, academic institutions are studying why we've become cat people or dog people. on a practical level research shows we tend to gravitate toward the animal we were raised with. another big factor, the country we grew up in. in some places, dogs are either culturally reviled like in saudi arabia where canines are considered dirty or scene as a
9:46 pm
meal, like in korea where they eat dog. while in other countries like egypt, cats have been revered for centuries. but going deeper than geography or our upbringing, scientists believe our selection of species can say a lot about us. not only is there a study from the university of british columbia that says we tend to take home animals that look like us, but there is also a major study at the university of texas that shows dog people, like their pets, tend to be more extroverted, agreeable and conscientious while cat people, like their pets, tend to be less traditional, more creative and more neurotic. dr. steven studies the relationship between humans and animals. >> we think of dog people as being the guy at the beach with the labrador and throwing the frisbee and talking to everybody and sort of the cat lady who sits in her apartment alone with her cats. >> reporter: but the science also shows that the stereotypes are often dead wrong.
9:47 pm
this is a subject near and dear to my heart because i am a cat guy. i was raised with felines, this is a picture practicing interview skills on a cat named moe and my wife and i have cats, all rescues. my affinity for cats have been a source of verbal abuse from my colleagues who say i'm violating man love. i will say i'm not especially tough but i never thought of myself as unmanly. i mean i cover wars and my wife is hot. what's more, there are plenty of very macho men who love cats. winston churchill, bill clinton, don corleone and dr. evil. for more support, i turn to this guy, jackson galaxy, 6'2", 275-pound bearded, heavily tattooed guitar-play iing
9:48 pm
convertible-driving dude with a weakness for cats. i have a bunch of male colleagues who say, in no uncertain terms, that having cats is a sign i'm insufficiently masculine. how do you respond to that? >> look at me. i mean -- the guys who call you insufficiently masculine are the guy whose have a hard time neutering their male dogs because they're afraid of losing their own testicles. that overcompensation thing. there are certain cats i'm identifying i would love to work with. >> reporter: he loves cats so much he became a professional ket behaviorist, star of a show on animal planet called "my cat from hell." where he transformed demonic felines like this one into purchasing lap cats. a fellow cat guy said cats are the perfectly designed killing machine. >> yes. absolutely. >> reporter: nothing wimpy about that. >> no. recognizing cats as one of nature's perfect predators is
9:49 pm
key. >> reporter: if the stereotypes often do not fit, it raises this question. is it possible to love both cats and dogs? or was bill murray right in "ghostbusters" when he called it sign of the apocalypse? >> human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass h hyster hysteria. >> reporter: the answer is of course yes it's possible. i love dogs. and jackson galaxy, he has a dog. >> we have to stop this ridiculousness of classifying ourselves. i'm a cat guy, i'm a dog guy. >> reporter: there is a word for it? you know, bi-petual. in fact millions of people in this country have both cats and dogs, although it is worth noting this -- >> cat people are more accepting of dogs than dog people are of accepting of cats. >> reporter: in your scientific opinion is that because cat people are superior?
9:50 pm
[ laughter ] >> wow. could we talk about politics and religion instead of cats and dogs? >> announcer: next -- they're giving "dancing with the stars" a run for its money. a new top dog on the dance floor. when we come back. it can only be called black silk. from folgers. a taste you can enjoy fresh brewed one cup at a time or on the go.
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9:54 pm
a new season of "dancing with the stars" begins on abc in just a few weeks. but what about "dancing with the dogs?" you heard me. there is a championship dance circuit for collies who rumba and boxers who ballroom. here is jay schadler. >> reporter: doggone it, just when you thought you had seen it all on the internet, along comes a golden retriever doing the
9:55 pm
meringue. and a razzle dazzle border collie on "britain's got talent." for diehard fans from texas to tokyo, it's rock and roll over a serious bit of dance competition called canine freestyle. >> this is my first competition and i'm a little nervous. and the nerves go right around the leash into the dog. >> reporter: in a moment we'll see who brings home the gold in this fredericksburg, virginia, contest but first, we must give pause, the furry kind to the grand dame and top dog of canine freestyle. you are two peas in a pod. >> we were. >> reporter: carolyn scott and her dog rookie are the fred astaire and ginger rogers of this world. and like that perfect pair, these partners prefer things
9:56 pm
free and loose. >> with freestyle, it opened up the door for me to teach behaviors no one had seen before. >> reporter: you're letting the dog improvise? >> absolutely. he had a say in everything i choreographed. we set the music and i had one spin and next thing i know he was spinning across the room. i never knew what might be coming. he goes, wait, how about another one? >> reporter: carolyn and rookie's rendition of "you're the one i want" has nearly 7 million hits on youtube and yet hardly anyone knows the real story behind their ballet. >> rookie was diagnosed with hip displacia. he had it in the right hip. and myself, i had polio in the right leg. >> reporter: carolyn's polio struck when she was just a child, leaving her right leg an
9:57 pm
inch and a half smaller than her left. >> i had a lot of problems with my balance and i was very shy. i did not go out a lot. >> reporter: only with her grandmother did she ever feel free to be herself. >> we turned the radio on and i would dance or i'd sing. i felt very relaxed, very safe. and she just loved me no matter what. >> reporter: it would eventually take four golden legs but nearly a half century left, rookie finally filled grandma's shoes. >> this little dog taught me about being spontaneous and enjoying life at a different level. >> reporter: rookie taught you how to be yourself? >> he did. >> reporter: your true nature. >> i think i brought him to his full potential and he helped me come to mine. >> reporter: today, their signature moves are emulated by freestylers everywhere like the rookie moonwalk and the rookie boogie. which brings us back to the virginia competition.
9:58 pm
>> you never know, you trained for it, it's perfect at home, you get in the ring and -- >> no, no. >> the dog sometimes is like, have we met? >> reporter: the teams are judged on technical merit. ♪ hey there little red riding hood". >> reporter: and artistic impression. ♪ >> reporter: today, bridget and her australian shepherd pixie took first prize. but it's beginninger malean and her elkhound reba steal the show. >> high technical. also highest score in artistic. congratulations. >> she was with me, dancing with me, we're having fun. >> reporter: that sounds an awful lot like -- another couple
9:59 pm
we've met. but in 2007 rookie was diagnosed with cancer. >> i took off that last year and i quick teaching. be sent it together and enjoyed each and every moment we had together. and so, at the end he was teaching me, even at the end. gosh. i'm going to cry. >> reporter: what was it that made rookie that truly extraordinary animal? >> he just loved life. he was an eternal puppy. >> reporter: an eternal puppy, forever light on its feet, forever in the arms of his best friend. may we all be so lucky. >> aw. sad. but they were lucky to have been together for so long. and we want to thank animal planet for helping us with some of the great footage in tonight's program. and you are in luck because we
10:00 pm
have a second hour of "20/20." we are calling it crazy, stupid love. coming up next. stay with us. >> announcer: tonight on "20/20 saturday" -- crazy, stupid love. how far would you go to find the person of your dreams? or get away from the person of your nightmares? a psycho boyfriend bearing gifts. >> chocolate. shoes, lingerie. >> announcer: he wined her, dined her and terrorized with a hidden video camera. >> he secretly recorded you two having sex and sent it to everyone? >> reporter: that's just starters until another victim came to long. >> put everything online, my facebook, paypal, everything. >> announcer: mad love. plus -- missing a used t-shirt, to find your soulmate?
10:01 pm
>> open your mind, open your bag, take a chif whwhiff and se happens. pheromone parties, letting your nose do the matchmake. >> reporter: really? >> really. >> reporter: really? >> announcer: love at first sniff? if you want to get crazy, make a check-off list of your must-haves in a partner. but 72 items? >> we have the list here. who is crazy enough to write this list? >> announcer: tonight, the things we do for love. crazy, stupid love. here's barbara walters. >> welcome back to our second hour. you know they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. but they clearly haven't met the man you're about to meet. he has got a bag of tricks that could give glenn close in "fatal tracks" a run for her month. among his weapons an iphone, the internet, and a sex tape his
10:02 pm
ex-girlfriend had no idea xistded. tonight how authorities say he tracked is ex-girlfriend and trashed her reputation. k keystroke by keystoke and all started with some pleasant chitchat, at 35,000 feet in the air. here is my colleague david muir. it all started with what seemed to be a fairy tale flight for a young mother who thought she was lucky to meet the charming man seated right next to her. you met him on a flight? >> i met him on a flight from boston to washington, d.c. >> reporter: you hear about people meeting on planes all the time. >> it's fun, you know? >> reporter: so fun, it seemed an unexpected romance was about to take off, too. >> he seemed like a really nice person. >> reporter: you talked the whole time? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: and when the flight landed, soraida hicks says the gentleman beside her, bruce stimon, asked for her number. >> and i was like, "well, okay. why not?" >> reporter: why not? he told her he was in the d.c.
10:03 pm
area often on business. and it wasn't long before their first date. in fact, they would go out three times before she would even reveal where she lived. and when she did? he sent you flowers? >> yeah. that was the reason why he wanted my address. he wanted to send me flowers. every day, it was something. >> reporter: he wasn't just showering her with gifts. this was a downpour. >> chocolate, shoes, lingerie. i will get home, and it will be in front of my door. >> reporter: but it was the next gift that would come with strings attached, but those strings were invisible. >> he gave me an iphone as a gift. the iphone is where everything started and -- >> reporter: because authorities believe that iphone would become bruce stimon's most powerful tool to track her. he made sure the gps, that built-in locator, was turned on. so he knew where you were at every moment? >> yeah. and, of course, i didn't know he was doing that. >> reporter: not only was he tracking her, he was studying
10:04 pm
her, downloading all of her numbers, her friends, her family. he was watching who she was texting, who she was messaging on facebook. and she says, when she told him things were moving too fast, his next move turned dark. so he took all the contacts -- >> yes. >> reporter: -- in the phone -- >> in the phone. >> reporter: and began sending them messages? >> messages. yeah. he has started sending message to all my friends, saying i had stds. >> reporter: and that was just his first message. authorities say the next one would link all of her friends to a website where he had listed soraida as an escort. how did you feel at that moment? >> i think it is the worst thing that a woman can ever go through. i never even went to those sites. i didn't even know they existed. >> reporter: soraida is convinced it was her text messages to male friends that set him off. >> it was jealousy, i think. >> reporter: was any of it romantic? >> no. no. >> reporter: but he thought it was? >> yes. >> reporter: and when she wouldn't take him back --
10:05 pm
>> he's like, you, and everybody will know you as a prostitute, and i'll make sure that your family, your friends, your co-workers, everybody know. i'll make sure that they know. >> reporter: that was the threat? >> that was the threat. >> reporter: and authorities say he delivered on that threat, posting more profiles of her online. >> with my office number, and he put in there that i provide service for my branch because it was a bank. >> reporter: so you had men calling you at the bank? >> at, at the bank. yes. they wanted me to have sex with them. >> reporter: she lost her job and lost her identity, too, because when she went online herself, she discovered who she'd become in everyone else's eyes. >> i thought it was the end of my world. i thought that everything i worked for was gone.
10:06 pm
>> reporter: authorities say he would find other ways to terrorize her, too. >> canceled my water, he canceled my heat, he canceled my electricity. >> reporter: why was he doing this? >> he wanted me to call him and say, "help me." >> reporter: instead, she was pleading "help me" to police, just as authorities say bruce stimon was about to deliver his biggest blow yet, posting a sex tape she had no idea even existed. >> reporter: he secretly recorded the two of you having sex? >> yes. and i don't even know how he took that video. i was like, "how dirty can you be?" you're sending this to my family, to my daughter, to my kids, to my kids' friends. i couldn't believe it. but i was living it. >> reporter: and her daughter was about to be living it, too, because authorities say not only was soraida's name and number listed, he would soon list her daughter's name too. >> at that moment, i wanted to kill him.
10:07 pm
>> reporter: at all hours of the day and night, strangers now showing up at their front door. your daughter would be home. >> yeah. >> reporter: when these men would show up at the house? >> yes. soliciting sex, correct. >> my mom didn't want me to know. >> soraida's teenaged daughter, pam, was about to learn what her mother had been trying to protect her from. while getting ready for school in the morning, men, perfect strangers, showing up. >> it's like seven-something or six, and i'm getting ready. and i'm like, "mom, someone's knocking at the door." my mom was like, "do not ever answer the door anymore. i don't want you looking through a hole or anything." >> reporter: and just like her mother, pam's list of friends would not be safe either. >> reporter: he started texting your friends, pretending he was your mother. >> yes, he did. that's what he did. >> reporter: and everyone at school started to hear? >> yeah. everyone thought my mom was a porn star. >> i think that was the tipping point. >> reporter: arlington county
10:08 pm
detective angela comer was the lead investigator. >> that's when we knew he was willing to go to great lengths to continue to terrorize this family. >> he came to my apartment with a knife and slashed all my tires. >> reporter: she filed for restraining orders and got them. >> they actually thought that he was going to kill me. >> we were convinced she was in danger. he just wouldn't stop. >> reporter: at one evening this past november, just after nightfall, authorities say instead of flying to d.c. bruce stimon drove this time all the way from his small-town new hampshire home to soraida's apartment. >> i was just getting in my door. >> reporter: and he was waiting in the parking lot. he began slashing her tires. this time, police were waiting. >> he was caught in the act, and he was arrested that night. >> reporter: arrested, bruce stimon would plead guilty to identity theft, extortion and stalking. but it would turn out he had one more surprise for soraida. >> my name is kathleen stimon, and i have been married to bruce stimon for 22 years.
10:09 pm
>> reporter: when we come back, what did the wife know? plus, tonight, her own message to soraida and what she says her husband was about to do to her, too. all this produce from walmart and secretly served it up in the heart of peach country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. it must have just come from the farm. this right here is ideal for me. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality produce they've ever had. what would you do if i told you all this produce
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10:14 pm
. >> announcer: "20/20" continues with crazy stupid love. once again, david muir. >> reporter: bruce stimon is now serving a seven-year sentence after police say he terrorized soraida, posting fake profiles of her on escort websites and worse, posting a sex tape of the two of them. to this day, she says she has no idea how he recorded them. she never saw a tiny camera in the room or a phone propped up in the corner to capture them. >> i have no idea he had ever taken this. and he forwarded this to over 3,000 people. >> reporter: and this was video of the two of you -- >> of me, of me and him having sex, yes. >> reporter: and that video spread faster than she could have imagined, multiple porn sites. but what was worse was the family and the friends who authorities say were sent links to it by the man soraida met on
10:15 pm
that plane. could you believe this was happening to you? >> no, i didn't believe. i kind of, like, put it in my head that it was just a nightmare, that it was not true. >> reporter: but it was. >> but it was. >> reporter: and there was that one last surprise for soraida. >> apparently, he was married. >> reporter: have you met the wife? >> no. >> reporter: nor had we, until "20/20" sat down with bruce stimon's wife of 22 years, mrs. kathleen stimon. >> he had been weaving quite a web of lies and deceit with me for many, many months. that was the betrayal and was the thing that hurt the most. >> reporter: she and her husband have a 13-year-old son. she's a school librarian, now a single mom raising that son all alone back in their idyllic, small new hampshire town. authorities have been watching her husband across two states, and she is talking about the case now because she says no one has paid any attention to the terror he inflicted on his own
10:16 pm
>> i think throughout this whole thing, it really has never been apparent that bruce had a family. there was never any indication that he was a married man with a child. we're victims too. >> reporter: kathleen stimon says during those months, she had no idea what her husband, bruce was doing on those business trips to washington, d.c., his time spent in arlington, virginia. nor did she know what was about to unfold on that fateful night that authorities were waiting for him. >> bruce didn't come home. he said he was going on an appointment in massachusetts and that he might stop at his mother's house. >> reporter: he left that night in his car and would drive more than eight hours, all the way from their new hampshire town to soraida's apartment outside washington. and as the case unfolded, his long-time wife was horrified. >> the things he did to her took hours and hours of plotting and planning and very devious, very ugly. and when you involve somebody's
10:17 pm
child, i mean, it's the lowest thing you can do. it's just despicable. >> reporter: after learning of her husband's arrest and betrayal, kathleen demanded a divorce, and that's when she says he began using some of the same tricks to terrorize her, too. >> he shut off the utilities going into our house. he took over anything he could online. my facebook account, ebay, paypal, anything he could get a hold of. i thought i was safe because he was in prison. i didn't think he would be capable of really doing anything during that time. >> reporter: and she would soon be left with yet another unwanted surprise. $50,000 in bills for all of those trips and all of those gifts left at soraida's front door. the flowers, the chocolates, the lingerie. and when she realized that, even her friends were asking this. >> when was the last time he spend $50,000 on you? i just can't imagine. i don't know what would be going through his mind to spend that kind of money on someone he had just met. she was a virtual stranger.
10:18 pm
>> reporter: a stranger who fell for him on that flight. >> i think he appeared to have money, pretended to have money, and she went for it, and she found crazy. >> reporter: she found crazy, and it's still haunting her tonight. are you still afraid? >> i think that i'm afraid that he's gonna pay someone to kill me. >> reporter: tonight, that sex tape can still be found online. authorities say once a video like that is posted in multiple places, it can be nearly impossible to take down. >> it could ruin a person's reputation, and it's very difficult to get that information back. >> he was using the technology to destroy a person's life. >> reporter: he was destroying your life? >> he did. >> reporter: and soraida's daughter, pam, knows that that awful tape of her mother is still out there. >> the video was my mom, so everyone was convinced that it was my mom. >> reporter: what has he done to your life? >> he destroyed part of me. i will never see men the same.
10:19 pm
>> reporter: a daughter now watching her mother trying to rebuild their lives. when you see her fighting this, what do you think? >> you just can't give up. like, my mom didn't give up, and i'm so proud of her, and i love her so much. >> reporter: and when her mother, who had been listening to the interview, heard that, that nightmare finally over. >> i love you, mom. >> reporter: all of it, after that very first flight, when it seemed love was in the air. will you ever look at people on the plane the same way again? >> i will never give them my number again, that's for sure. i learned my lesson. >> reporter: it all began with that number. >> yes. >> announcer: next, she's making a list and checking it, um, 72 times. that's how many things she must have in a mate. >> reporter: very, very, good in bed, all caps, underlined. three veries. >> i'm doing shopping. >> reporter: can anyone match up to her demands? >> reporter: is he here?
10:20 pm
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10:25 pm
>> announcer: "20/20" continues with crazy stupid love. >> we've all seen those ads for dating websites and matchup services but what about when you decide to do the searching on your own? my colleague, dan harris, does a little, shall we say, research, and stumbled upon one woman for whom finding a soulmate meant devising a plan so thorough, so complicated it makes even quantum physics seem easy. >> reporter: admit it, we all crave a cozy cuddle. a hot kiss or the holy grail, true love. but hey, this is real life, romance can be hard to find. so some people are willing to take extreme measures. like this couple -- actually, they're not a couple at all.
10:26 pm
he's a customer. >> what do you do? >> i cuddle. >> you cuddle? professional cuddler? >> professional cuddler. >> reporter: jackie samuels runs a business called "the snuggery" which peddles cuddles. >> you want to start off spooning? >> reporter: an hour-long hug that's $60 bucks. an overnight cuddle $300. there's also the $120 double cuddle. >> what's a double cuddle? >> the double cuddle is when me and my associate colleen both cuddle with a client at the same time. >> reporter: sound crazy? there are rules. >> no touching where undergarments cover and no kissing and clothes stay on. >> reporter: she says her business is booming because people need the healing power of touch. >> people are on the internet, they're isolated. we aren't acknowledging that we have a very basic need to be touched and to touch others.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: if a cuddle doesn't cut it, here's another way to get close. the makeout party. the event planning company "house of scorpio" sponsors "kissing and cocktails" parties. think "spin the bottle" rated r. >> making out with somebody, a darkly lit party, is really fun, >> i just kissed everyone. >> reporter: so it's a way to take the thrill of high school and college and vault it into adulthood. >> absolutely. >> reporter: however, if you want more than just kisses and cuddles, you may need to take truly drastic measures. like amy webb, she's an expert in data analysis. >> i think in formulas and categories, and flow charts. >> reporter: to find true love, she took digital dating to dramatic new lengths.
10:28 pm
>> i knew that the right person was out there for me, i just had to figure out the best way to find him. >> reporter: she was 30, fresh out of a break-up, and hunting for a husband. online dating was a disaster. >> i was tired of waiting around. i decided to make a target and go after it. >> reporter: her insparation, came from an unlikely source. mary poppins. >> i called my scissor and she said, remember when we used to watch "mary poppins?" the kids made a list of everything they could possibly want in a nanny. maybe the problem is not the dating sites, but that, you know, you don't know exactly what you're looking for. so, so make a list. i got off the phone with her and started writing things that i require in a mate. >> reporter: this is not an unambitious project. we have the list here.
10:29 pm
you've seen this list before and even as i show it to you, you're laughing like who was crazy enough to write this list? >> yes, who is this crazy lady that made that list, yeah. >> reporter: on the list, 72 must-haves. that's right -- 72. it begins with the typical "smart" and "funny" but then it gets very specific. mac person, not pc person. loves to travel -- no cruise ship travel. enjoys "jeopardy." must be friendly to wait staff. likes jazz from the 1920's to the 1940's. >> right. >> i'm surprised that this one only ranks number sixty-six, but it's be very, very, very good in bed, all caps, underlined. three verys. >> as long as i'm going shopping. >> reporter: if you think the list is overboard, she was just getting started. she sorted the 72 traits into tiers, then assigned points for each one. 91 points for "no history of cheating." 99 for "good with money." 20 for "dress well." then she developed a formula to calculate the scores. >> i would not even bother with
10:30 pm
a profile that was seven hundred points or fewer. >> you can understand why somebody would say, this is bonkers? >> you got it, yeah, yeah, i totally, totally get that. >> reporter: she may "get that" but she didn't stop there. amy logged into jdate as a guy, in order to assess her female competition online. then she collected data from their profiles. >> this was mainly to understand how better to present myself and to market myself. >> so you were really zeroing in on exactly who was competing against you for the type of guy you wanted? >> right, this is business strategy 101. >> reporter: and her strategy worked. amy says she got valuable lessons about what works online. enough to create her own so-called "superprofile." ♪ look for 100 years but never find a girl like me ♪ >> reporter: instead of her resume-like first profile, which actually listed her fluency in javascript, she used snappier, happier language, describing
10:31 pm
herself as an "outgoing and social world traveler" all true. and then she changed up the pictures. these are the old ones -- >> this is you posing next to a shetland pony. >> half of a dog or something. >> reporter: these are the upgrades. ♪ the girl is me all right look at you here, this says i like to party. superprofile were impressive. >> i was getting a lot of interest, i was very popular. >> reporter: the only issue, remember her 700 point threshold. she was sticking to it and no men were meeting her mark. until after months of data crunching mania, one guy popped up on her screen. he scored 760. >> so can we see the guy the data produced? >> yeah. >> reporter: come on in. >> you're the guy? >> i'm the guy. >> reporter: finally, she'd mt t her match. brian is the first man amy dated after creating her new profile.
10:32 pm
seriously, when you saw this, you didn't think to yourself, what have i gotten myself into? >> i honestly spent most of the time going, like, yep, check, check, i got that one covered, i'm good on that one. >> reporter: must be willing to listen to george michael, period, attend concert. >> i have been to a george michael concert since we've been married, yes. >> you, you're aware that we're rolling on this, right? >> yes. >> likes cities, hates suburbs? >> yep, check. >> be very, very, very good in bed? >> oh, definitely. >> reporter: amy's mathematical odyssey has a story book ending. her lessons for finding love are in her new book, "data, a love story." a year after they met, brian proposed. today they have a 2 year old daughter and enough cuddles and make-out sessions to last a life time. given the stakes, the love of your life, going overboard is okay? >> if you are talking about finding a partner that you're going to spend the rest of your life with, you should, you should do everything that you need to do to make sure that that happens.
10:33 pm
>> can a list lead to love? what qualities would be on your list? tweet us using #abc2020. we'll be right back. >> announcer: next -- forget kiss and it will. this is kiss and smell. sniffing your way to a love match. used t-shirt by t-shirt. >> really? >> really. >> really? >> really? >> eau de ew! when they get home from school are starving and hot pockets are perfect. look at that price. wow! now all your back to school meals are covered. thank you. ok, ready? what?! that's the walmart low price guarantee backed by ad match. save time and money getting your kids ready for school. bring in receipts from your local stores and see for yourself. save more this back to school on convenient after school snacks with low prices on gushers value packs and hot pockets sandwiches with our low price guarantee backed by ad match. ♪
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10:38 pm
some of you have been lucky to experience love at first sight. but what about love at first sniff? here's nick watt with an explanation and it better be good. >> open your minds, open your
10:39 pm
bags, take a whiff and see what happens. it's not so much about oh, my god, i'm smelling dirty laundry! >> reporter: i beg to differ, it is exactly about smelling dirty laundry. and inhaling a stranger's pheromones, chemicals we all give off. we know some animals and insects use pheromones to attract mates. do humans? well, there is a bizarre craze now sweeping this great nation, pheromone parties. >> seems pheromone parties are now all the rage. you get to sniff your potential suitor's pajamas. >> people go to this parties and actually sniff for a love connection. >> i'm giving a wag of my finger to pheromone parties for encouraging premarital smelling. >> reporter: we attended the first-ever pheromone party in houston, texas -- where even i submitted a t-shirt, to get my nose in this smelly trend. >> it's kind of like rotten milk, is that yours? >> yes. [ laughs ] >> reporter: this pheromone fest is attracting some key players
10:40 pm
from the city's singles scene. >> confident women drive me nuts. >> i'm just trying to put myself in a target rich environment. >> doesn't make sense at all. >> reporter: and then along came holly. >> nice to meet you, i'm holly, holly. >> all of my friends are married. i'm the go-to baby sitter. it's terrible. >> reporter: and why is that? are you too picky? do you work too hard? >> i do work a lot and i travel a lot for work so i'm in and out of town every other week. >> reporter: now, holly followed the pre-party instructions to the letter. it was a three day ritual of sorts. rule number one, buy a new white cotton t-shirt. >> i found some -- they smell okay, they don't have our pheromones in it yet. >> reporter: number two, sleep in it for three nights. >> good night.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: number three, watch your diet. for those three days holly avoided spices, onions and garlic. >> i don't think, i can eat this, because there are onion in between every piece of meat -- am i compromising my pheromones? >> reporter: number four, no deodorant or perfumes. >> i've showered. no lotions no creams. so here's to hoping i smell good. >> reporter: she's imprinting her t-shirt with the essence of holly. not sure the dog is a good idea. until they get to rule number five, keep the t-shirt in the freezer dug the day sealed in the plastic bag to preserve that natural whiff. >> i'm off to the party, we'll see how it goes. >> reporter: anyway, on the big night, your anonymous t-shirt is thrown into the ring. just a number in there, blue for boys, pink for girls, everyone sniffs and picks which scents
10:42 pm
they like. >> grab the photographer he'll take your picture holding that bag. >> reporter: holly chose 30. and posed with that bag for a picture. what did number 30 smell like? >> clean. he smelled clean. >> reporter: that's a good start in anyone's book. okay, so from here, it works like this -- the anonymous 30 knows holly likes his smell because he'll see her holding up his number. if he likes the look of her, then he will approach. he did, but he didn't quite live up to the smell that attracted holly, so she moves on. so she goes with another, with a good old face to face attraction. i think there's a little, uh -- >> yeah, morgan is a cool guy. >> reporter: we'll check back in with that love thang a little later. now, organizer jennifer huthmacher claims there really might be some science behind all this animalistic sniffing.
10:43 pm
really? >> really. >> reporter: really? >> really. >> reporter: evidence of love at first smell is mixed, yet a real scientific experiment found that women do prefer the scent of men with different immune systems to their own. translation? it could lead to healthier babies. we needed to find someone who really believes this. and here she is, zoe eisenberg. a self-confessed pheromone junkie -- addicted to the smell of boyfriend phil's sweaty pits. >> it's little awkward with company. i really like the way he smells and we don't see each other every day so i miss him and that's kind of comforting. >> reporter: phil lives in new york city, zoe lives in connecticut, so, get this, when he visits -- >> this is mine, it's very ripe, it's a ripe t-shirt. >> reporter: -- she keeps his dirty t-shirt and trades it for one that has lost phil's scent.
10:44 pm
a so-called handoff. >> it's a good one. i wear it around, some of are pretty strong smelling. now. i'm wearing it, probably wear it for four or five days until it just smells like me. >> reporter: it seems quite an intense addiction. >> sometimes i do it without thinking about it, i mean he's not lifting his armpit, i'm just kind of, smelling him. >> reporter: we just had to put her to the test. >> hopefully it'll smell like me and she'll pick it out like a bloodhound. >> reporter: it's sniff-off day. with boyfriend phil lurking behind a screen, could she possibly recognize his t-shirt, by scent alone? can you see my hand? >> no. >> reporter: can you see my hand. >> reporter: first t-shirt. >> you have to make sure the armpit is up in my face. that's not him. it's a flowery man shirt. >> reporter: eamon. a "20/20" producer.
10:45 pm
yet another producer. interesting decay on that one. there's your pit. >> that smells like him. >> yup. >> reporter: and here he is, the armpit adonis. >> good job. >> i'm impressed. >> reporter: i mean, it's animal and i understand it's probably biologically it's great and everything but you know we live in the modern world and this is just weird. >> weird is good. >> reporter: anyway, back at that pheromone shindig in houston, my t-shirt had been chosen. that's me -- 36 hi, i'm number 36. >> hello. >> reporter: how are you?
10:46 pm
>> hello, you smell rather nice. >> reporter: sweet lady. i liked her. but i never got close enough to sniff her -- my wife is very happy about that. anyway, remember morgan and holly? they got a little something going. and let us tag along a few days later. and morgan brought his a game. there's the clenched fist in the arm around play. respectful, yet amorous. but you know what? all this -- it didn't work out in the end. interesting. let's cast our minds back to that party where they met -- they poo-pooed the pheromone route and were attracted by each others' smiles and casual conversation, but holly did sniff morgan's t-shirt that night. >> it's okay, it's not my favorite smell. it smells like yogurt. >> reporter: maybe she should have trusted the pheromones and her instinct. maybe there is something to this. maybe we are just more animal than we'd like to think. grrrrrr.
10:47 pm
>> mmm, it smells good. >> announcer: next -- the pressure's on to pop the question. and you better make it youtube worthy. >> i think next time we make the next jump in the relationship -- >> announcer: if you don't like how you asked the first time around? then hire someone to plan your re-proposal. >> they would like a chance to redo it. >> announcer: [ male announcer ] we love our devices... until we see the new one. technology doesn't wait. ♪ why should you? introducing at&t next...
10:48 pm
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10:53 pm
forget sitting down on be bended knee when it comes to pop the question, the "will i marry me question. >> reporter: so you're head over heels and ready to take it to the next step. well, what happens when crazy love turns into preposterous proposals? when this hector shut down part of an l.a. freeway to pop the question in a puff of pink smoke, he got more than just his fiancee's attention. he got arrested and charged with public nuisance.
10:54 pm
her fiance was in search of whackiest proposal. >> full mock arrest. >> reporter: pulled some strings and got her pulled over. >> right now, over $2,000 unpaid finance 30 days in jail. >> reporter: just when she thought she'd spend next month in handcuffs her boyfriend shows up with a more appealing accessory. >> you pay the fine and let you go if you take his hand in marriage. >> reporter: the elaborate stunt paid off, with their dream wedding. jake proposed with cameras rolling hfl. >> get roar heart racing-dr. >> reporter: after fame online they found themselves on "gma." in the viral world a successful proposal leads to not just your girlfriends but millions on
10:55 pm
line. canadian pilot david lang is the mastermind behind one of the internet's most popular proposals. it all began six years ago when he and then girlfriend athena codutti came up with a unique way to chronicle their courtship -- taking pictures of themselves in meaningful places with letters that would one day spell out the phrase we always knew. >> i liked the idea that-being able to document our relationship over time, right? and i said, how neat would it be if one day we did get married, that we document the highlights of our life. and we'll show them at our wedding. to family and friends. >> reporter: you actually had this conversation? >> we actually had this conversation. i know, it's pretty weird for a guy. >> reporter: so when did you take the first picture with the first w? >> we were waiting for the right moment. and then we were on a vacation in majorca in spain, on the island. and we said, okay, we're gonna take our w in spain. the l was underwater in mexico? the y was in greece we had the s in venice.
10:56 pm
>> reporter: after six years and 11 letters, with just one more to go, david hatched a new plan. but this one would be a surprise. >> and then once it occurred to me what -- we always knew the w finished that sentence, and also started "will you marry me," then it was just so clear and it was so perfect. >> reporter: a perfect coincidence that led to the perfect proposal. with the location picked, david just needed the help of a few decoy tourists. no simple feat. >> after six years being together, we know all the same people. we have the same friends, the i had to find people that she didn't know. >> reporter: what were you thinking that morning? >> i was so excited. it was our last letter. so i was already on cloud number nine. and he played it totally normal. everything was -- it was just like any other letter. >> reporter: but with the unfurling of a banner behind the couple's back, this letter marked the beginning of a whole new chapter. so athena, tell me about the moment when you go and check in the camera. >> i looked at the picture and i, really, i got weak in the knees.
10:57 pm
>> i don't think this should be the last letter. >> that the love of my life asked me to marry him. i'll never forget the feeling. >> reporter: an unforgettable moment that's been seen by millions online, part of the trend of men getting creative with their "will you marry me" moments. like this man, who popped the question while plummeting from the sky. >> i think it's time we make the next jump in our relationship. >> reporter: or this couple, who stepped inside favorite video game where the prize was a diamond ring. if you're looking for something flashier, why not try a flash mob. >> my beautiful girlfriend and i-dr. >> reporter: or maybe this fake proposal will inspire your own death-defying stunt. >> bobby, the ring. >> oh, my gosh! oh.
10:58 pm
>> reporter: but the viral proposal that takes the cake is this fake trailer made by matt still. his girlfriend ginny thought she was watching the preview for a real movie, but got the shock of her life when her father and matt appeared on screen and she realized this was about her. the epic video has been seen on youtube over 25 million times. with that kind of pressure to pop the question with panache, some men call for back-up. tell me what a proposal planner is exactly. >> i design dream marriage proposals. i mean, does every guy know how to get down on one knee and say, will you marry me? of course they do. but i think they are sort of realizing it's their time to shine. >> reporter: how elaborate do some of these proposals get? >> they do get pretty elaborate. whether it's a couple thousand dollars or, you know, into the five figures, i mean, it's making it a dream day. >> reporter: five figures? >> definitely. >> reporter: just on the proposal? >> yes.
10:59 pm
>> reporter: starting to wish your own proposal was infurd with crazy love? not to worry, newest trend, the re-proposal. >> i can't tell you how many people i meet say i hated my proposal. they would like a chance to redo it. how would you feel if all of the sudden you went home tonight and >> the manhunt for a murder and
11:00 pm
kidnapping suspect is finally over. bart negotiations


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