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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 12, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. >> on this monday we have two major commute stories. no bart strike. also, there is a fatal accident in san mateo county. >> we will check with leyla gulen on the roads. >> good morning, everyone. officially in bart strike. folks are breathing a sigh of relief they will be able to get to work in good time but we have a problem in portola valley a facility northbound along 280 at alpine road. it is still a sig-alert. three lanes blocked. c.h.p. says it will wrap up in 30 minutes. traffic is smooth and we do not
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have slow downs but three lanes are shut down for 30 minutes. now, mike nicco? >> thank you very much, leyla gulen, here is live doppler 7 hd drop and i have not heard reports of drizzle unlike last week with each commute was wet. there could be the possibility the next hour or two of drizzle along coast so we will watch that. downtown, you can see the clouds are rolling in and are late arriving clouds so they will be quick to leave. that will help the warming trend, the coast into san francisco is 60 to 64 and around bay, 67 to 75 and inland, up to 87 in the east bay. the slow warming trend continues and i will show you how much longer in the seven-day forecast >> bart trains are running this morning after a judge ordered a 60-day cooling off period in negotiations between bart and the unions. it is a relief for hundreds of thousands of people who use bart
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each weekday. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more. >> bart riders are caught in the middle hoping they are not going to see this happen again, a stand off one more time when the 60 day cooling off period is over. a judge ordered this cooling off period, this extension, yesterday, in court, and it was requested by governor brown. the trains will run for two months. the unions say there is the possibility of a strike in october. though say there is little the governor or anyone else can do. the two sides are very far apart and are not close to making a deal. >> 10 percent is a fair increase and the system needs the investment. we heard from everyone on the street to my dentist who said hold the line. >> after $100 million in concessions last time to offer a proposal that leaves people in
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the red up to $2,000 at the end of the contract is irresponsible >> the trains will continue to run while the negotiations continue. now that the two sides have time they do not appear to have urgency. they had not set a time to come back to the table and indicated it could be a couple of days. >> san francisco mayor lee responded to the cooling off order in a statement say and i quote, "i applaud dr. brown for taking the steps necessary so the bay area residents will not endure another unbearable bart strike." >> the alameda built coroner is expected to confirm today whether a body found in a suspect was arrested on a
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parole violation. he is a "person of interest" in coke's disappearance. investigators found a body near a park and friends of the criminal defense investigator say she beforely dated the suspect more than 20 years ago. >> happening now in the south bay, san jose police are searching for a man considered at risk. the 91-year-old was last seen leaving his house in south san jose yesterday morning. his family is worried because noriega has alzheimer's disease and is disoriented. he weighs 116 pounds and anyone with information is being asked to call the san jose police department. >> closing arguments will begin this week in the alphabet killer murder trail, naso is accused of decade old murders of four women whose first and last names start with the same letter. he is acting adds his own attorney.
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investigators arrested him after finding photos in his home. helping today a former special education teacher is due in court to enter a plea on charges she abuseed her autistic students in antioch. she slapped her students and pinned one to the ground at the elementary school. she resigned in february. >> a spokesman for the san francisco giants say the team will review security footable today to see if anything was thrown on the field to an opponent yesterday. baltimore orioles all star adam jones hit a two run homer in the 9th during the rout of the giants. someone threw a banana at jones which is considered ratessist and he tweeted displeasure to 129,000 followers and commented on those who defended the alleged actions of the fan on twitter.
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>> the wipers are not needed this morning. >> most of us do not need it. it is quieter this morning this morning than last week with a shift coming bringing summer warmth and it will be back to average. we are 64 in forward and 60 in antioch and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50's. we need to take a look at temperatures in the 50's for the most part dug the morning hours and as we head in the afternoon hours you can see we will hit 72 by noon and 64 and 58 and by 4:00, mid-80's inland is in the east bay and 68 as far as the bay and 62 and for 7:00 we will have 64 inland and 56 at coast you can see it will be a comfortable evening. although we warm up there is not much humidity out there and the
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heat will not get really out of space control so we will have nicings. that is in the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen has the commute. >> good morning, everyone. we are track the sig-alert northbound 280 at alpine road involving a fatality. three lanes are blocked right now. c.h.p. is on the scene. they do say this should wrap up in the next 30 minutes so at 40:30 we will see all lanes re-open. it is not affecting traffic and it is mostly green and everything is moving along at top speeds. there is a striping operation in the east bay westbound 80 and all four lanes are being blocked with areas with slowing but it looks like this project wraps up at 5:00. outside, here is a picture of our san mateo bridge and traffic
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is movingly. going, going, gone. a building starts collapsing in florida and what authorities are blaming this on. >> ry leaf at the pump, the forces that are pushing gas prices in your favor. >> a light show across the show with
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>> covering correct, burlingame, campbell and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> you do not need the wipers this morning. the drizzle is gone. if now. it is looking good this morning at 4:20. all eyes are on a massive sink hole swallowing a vacation rental near mount disney with pat of it collapsing and another section is sinking in a sinkhole that is 50 to 60' wide.
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everyone is out safe. witnesses could hear cracking sounds and glass breaking as it began to sink. building code enforcement is on site to assess the damage. dramatic video of a 70-year-old man in colorado trying to get out of the car as flood waters rush by. he is on the right side of the screen and you can see cars thrown like toys down the road. the man was saved by a passing driver. two of the three people reported missing from flooding in colorado this weekend are safe. >> if you need gas this week get ready for sticker shock but this time, prices are going down. not up. it could be just the beginning. >> good news for summer travelers. gas prices are coming down. the national average for a gallon dropped to $3.56 down a nickel from last week. >> every penny counts and goes to the budget in other ways. >> by ought automatic after the
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summer season prices could fall to $3.40. >> if it goes down, that is great. >> great. great. i will come to the city more often. >> after three straight years of rising prices the gas average for next year is expected to be $3.37, the lowest average since 2010. >> the days of the national pump price below $3 is likely a thing of the past. >> last month, gas prices shot up 15 cents in one week causing big pain at the pump. today, prices are better. according to a survey charleston, second; has the lowest average price at $3.27. according to aaa national average is falling because crude oil prices are lower and if there are no major hurricanes threatening refinery production, prices will stay the same or fall even more. >> production will not be affected at the largest oil
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refineries in venezuela after a massive fire in the port city 200 miles from the capital. lightning reportedly hit a storage tank sparking the fire that sent a giant plume of thick black smoke in the sky. residents were evacuated until crews put out the fire four hours later. >> sky watchers hope for better weather to get a look at the meteor shower, with oakland offering a spot and then the fog rolled in. the meteors are not dangerous. >> they have small and have happened for thousands of years. they are small little rocks that urn with up in the atmosphere and earth will be fine. >> that is a relief. the best time to see it is tonight. if the fog doesn't come in.
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>> what a party crasher. mike? >>guest: the further you are inland the better chance you see it and the higher up. the clouds will be late tonight if you head out early, you will see them but if you wait until this time or later than that, you are probably going to watch the clouds roll in. live doppler 7 hd shows the clouds are out but there are going to keep the temperatures even in the 50's and 60's. as we look at downtown san francisco it will be bright and warmer this afternoon but late clouds tonight helping with the viewing of the meteor shower and summer warmth is going to hang around for the better part of the week with a dip around thursday and friday but the warm the comes back in time for the weekend so it will be different than last weekend. from now, or 5:00, through 7:00,
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that is when the clouds make the biggest subject and at 7:00 they retreat in the east bay and the south bay inland neighborhoods especially by 9:00, and by noon, most of the clouds are back to the coast and maybe half an hour faster, and the coast today we will see a few breaks in the cloud cover and it will be partly cloudy as far as the temperatures, in the south bay we will have mid-to-upper 70's for the santa clara valley and low-to-mid around los gatos and 75 in santa cruz. 67 in millbrae is the cool spot on peninsula and low-to-mid 70's from san mateo to redwood city at 76 and 62 today at half moon bay and up to the sunset, and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 60's across the not bay beaches with the sun shining first there, 76 this petaluma but the north bay valley in the upper 70's to low
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80's and low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore and mid-80's in san ramon to 90 is the spread inland and it will be less comfortable than last week. temperatures tonight are back in the mid-to-upper 50's and any drizzle is along the coast and it will be light. the seven-day forecast shows last week we would have baby steps and tomorrow a couple of degrees warmer than today. wednesday, a couple of degrees warmer than the day before. thursday, that is the height and it pulls back friday and saturday and more remain warmth sunday and monday. >> we are tracking a fatality. this is northbound along 280. we have three lanes blocked with c.h.p. watching up the investigation. they should have all lanes open by 4:30 this morning. it it does not appear to affect the traffic. southbound along the nimitz, san
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carlos ramps shut down until 7:00 this morning, between 6:00 and 7:00 and you may want to use the detours with traffic in this area northbound along 880 where we seeing slow-and-go traffic. in the tolls, you can see the bay bridge is moving along fine but in the eastbound direction we have a few lanes shut down that will last until 6:00 this morning. kristen and matt? >> more on that fatality in san mateo county, a search is going on for a driver after a party bus crash caused a facility that and a sig-alert on 280. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is on the scene. >> good morning. one person is confirmed dead this morning in what appears to be a party bus crash. it is still an active investigation. the crash happened before 11:00 last night. the c.h.p. tells me that they think it was a solo car wreck.
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the car was driving north on 280 and veered off the road, hit a bunch of trees and that sheared off the right side of the van. the only two people in the party bus at the time were the driver and a passenger. the passenger died at the scene a man in his late 30's from san francisco. the driver was nowhere to be found when authorities arrived but two hours ago they come upon a man in a wooded area off of 280 who was injured and they took him to stanford hospital for precautionary treatment and when he comes to they will question him. he might the driver but they are unsure. they say they could not believe alcohol was involved in the the
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>> caught in the act, the length as man went to steal some puppies from a pet store. >> the gem of a discovery made by an arkansas teen welcchallenge,k it safe! where teams compete to make the right decisions about safe food preparations. our challenge in this round -- read and follow package cooking instructions, and use a food thermometer. let's see how our teams are doing so far -- team 1? we just got 100 points. we separated our raw food from our cooked food. team 2? we got a 100-point green card for proper hand washing before our meal prep. referee: we've reached a critical safety point in the challenge. okay, team 1, let's check this out. uh-oh, not a safe internal temperature for those hamburgers. that puts everyone at high risk for food-borne illness. you get a red card -- undercooked. always read and follow the package cooking instructions and use a food thermometer. let's see how our winning team cooked it safe and avoided problems. well, i just kept focus on the four food safety steps --
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clean, separate, cook, and chill. and we followed the package cooking instructions and took the temperature. can you cook it safe?
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>> good morning, on this on, a gorgeous view from the exploritorium camera at the bay bridge, you can see a few clouds this morning, with no drizzle, no damp lens. we will check with mike nicco to see if that leads to greater warmth. >> a florida pet store owner hopes to cash a man who stole two puppies. you can see a man place a pug puppy inside his pants and leave the orlando store on saturday. he then returned and took a miniature dog and there is a $250 reward.
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>> favorite games are coming with two san francisco brothers bringing donkey kong and tron machines to your home and office called "all you can arcade," for $75 a month. the games are always set on "free." >> only if they had that 30 years ago. >> you would be an addict. >> more than i was. >> mike? >> mom, mom, mom, mom, more quarters. or, money. anyway, concord one degree warmer today and fremont and oakland and san francisco and santa rosa, two degrees warmer today, and san jose is five degrees warmer today. all right, we are looking at live doppler 7 hd all over the state it is quiet, no threat of thunderstorms but maybe an isolated thunderstorm near carson city, nevada.
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107 in palm springs and 78 if los angeles and 90's in the central valley and 79 in tahoe. leyla gulen? >> well look at our traffic and see what is going on across the bay area we have a serious incident northbound 280 at alpine road and this is unfortunately involving a fatality and it was a party bus that went off the road and c.h.p. has three lanes blocked and it is not affecting traffic but this should wrap up at 4:30 this morning and all lanes will re-open. as we take you to san ramon northbound and southbound a couple of lanes and on-and-off ramps shut down until 5:00 this morning and so far, so good, with top speeds in the northbound and southbound direction the drive on 580 out to castro valley you are locking clear.
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north of there in walnut creek southbound 680 the tail lights to the 21 junction, traffic is moving smoothly with no problems away from highway 4 to highway 24. matt and christian? >> former vice president al gore will headline an environmental summit on lake tahoe along with scientists from around california and nevada will focus on finding ways to eradicate invasive species harming native species. experts will discuss ways to keep the lake pristine. he kicked off the summit 17 years ago and will deliver the keynote address. >> a building in spain is quite an embarrassment for the builders, the 47 floor skyscraper is the tallest residential building in the european union. the problem is that there is no elevator beyond the 20th floor. the original design only had 20 floors and it was later upgraded
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to 47. the project was behind schedule and in a rush to finish someone forgot to complete the elevator to the rest of the building. >> china's tightest type tote walkers put on quite the show. the man carried a balancing pole as he walked along a wire strung from the 23rd floor of a skyscraper to a sculpture and he sat on a wire, standing on one foot, and dancing on the wire. look at this, he topped it off with a head stand. if that want impressive enough, two of his assistants lay down on the wire as he walked beyond them by stepping off their shoulders. >> a 12-year-old found a 5.16carat diamond the size of a jellybean but it is the eighth
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larger brown diamond found in the state market. if you find it in the park you keep it the 328th diamond found. we will hear from the young man on "good morning america" at can. >> a mad flood visitors today i am sure. >> we are following breaking news in san mateo county where a fatal accident shuts down a stretch of interstate 280 and we are on the scene with why it led to a search of the area the. >> the latest on the search for the cause of a vehicle accident that killed two teens in san jose. >> the plea leaders make in the wake of a statewide
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>> abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> we are following breaking news in san mateo county. a fatal accident involving a
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limousine bus affecting several lanes of interstate 280. abc7 news reporter kira klapper has the latest. kira? >> lanes in northbound 280 are still closed but a tow truck carrying the remnants of what used to be a party bus drove away. the california highway patrol says they expect to on the right two lanes any minute. the crash happened short of 11:00 last night. police think it was a solo vehicle crash, a party bus, carrying two people only, the driver and a passenger. it ran off the road, ran into a set of trees to the side of highway 280 and sheared off the right side of the party bus. the passenger in the front right seat died on highway 280 and
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when police arrived the driver was nowhere to be found but a few hours later they came upon a man in the trees. this is a wooded area. a man had minor injuries and he was transported to stanford hospital and they will ahead there when they february the investigation. they will question him to figure out if he was the driver. when they transported him it did not seem he was under the influence of alcohol so they do not think alcohol was a factor but there is more to be learned. again, one person is dead and they say he is in his late 30's from san francisco and they are not releasing his name and still trying to determine would the driver was in this fatal crash. >> right now we will get more details on what is happening on 280 at the scene. >> on our maps you can see most of it is green and we do not see


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