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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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dissipate an hour quicker. 66 at half moon bay, and 74 in oakland. 84 in san jose. 83 in santa rosa. 90 in concord. now, how is the commute? so far people are remaining cool with construction projects and a brand new report of an accident, a hit-and-run at oak street with yellow indicating a slow down and volume in the northbound direction. certainly in the southbound direction we have had crews out here. possibly the sensors could be damaged. we do have an accident there. westbound 80 from albany to the maze is only four minutes through berkeley and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes. 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is 12 minutes. >> breaking news from the north eir home after an early
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morning fire at the apartment complex in santa rosa. it broke out at mar low apartments on marlow road and the red cross is helping the people find a place to stay and one person went to the hospital with minor injuries. the fire may have been stated by a barbecue on a second floor ball contain. >> if you need hayward city services including library or street maintenance you could be out of luck, the city workers are on strike for three days. workers are expected in an how to begin the strike. more than 350 of them say that they are walking off the job today including maintenance workers, clerical staff, library assistants, animal control officers and others. they have worked without a contract since april 30. the union says the city refused to engage this negotiations and
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asking the workers to take a 5 percent pay cut on top of 12 percent from last year. the city says the union is not neitherring in good faith and asking workers to forego workers until 2015. the city is expecting key employees critical to the operations like police dispatch and wastewater treatment and animal care, to not strike. the city says it has a contingency plan in place during a strike. developing news on the opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge. officials are giving the grown light to open as originally planned on labor day week. the federal highway administration says they see if reason to delay opening the bridge while work is being completed to fix bad bolts that snapped this year and are in the process of being retrofitted. the administration gave approval for the fix which would stay in place until a permanent fix is
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continue. in case the bridge does open on time the patrol will be ready and the agency is signing up extra officers for around-the-clock overtime to manage security and traffic control associated with the opening. they have until two days before the scheduled shifts to cancel them without incurring labor costs. >> vallejo police are asking whens to come forward in a fail shooting of a young man around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. gunshots were reported in the area and when officers got this they found 19-year-old teen dead. there have been no arrests. >> the man accused of fatally standing a clerk is systemed for arraignment. the 51-year-old clerk dan cell stone was randomly attacked august 4. police arrested a 34-year-old man from hercules at a home near
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the store. his face was spray painted in colors of the oakland raiders and told investigators that allah told him to go to the hardware store to help people. >> we have new details in the case against a 12-year-old county boy in the measure defer his 8-year-old sister. the father of the victim and the suspect is speaking out this morning. abc7 news katie marzullo has that story. [ inaudible ] stabbing the boy's sister, his daughter, in the valley springs home where they lived in april. he is speaking out saying his son is innocent the we are not showing the face because he is a minor but this is him at a vigil saying he turn his son into authorities after vest gaves
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named him a suspect and that was hard enough let alone dealing with the rumors about what happens. he will not say why three believes authorities arrested their son but they are wrong. >> i saw his demeanor and the way he carried himself for the two weeks after that and i don't think he did it. >> he says the family was cooperating with authorities in the going but after they named his son a "suspect" authorities stopped talking to them. the brother and sister were home alone when she was killed. the boy told authority as man with long gray hair came in the house and standed the girl. the 12-year-old is charged with second-degree murder and a special allegation for use of a dangerous weapon and pleaded not guilty in juvenile court. >> new this morning people in illinois are allowed back if their home after a big gas pipeline explosion chased them out overnight.
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a fuel pipeline that spokesmans a western part of the state exploded with flames shooting 300' in the air. 80 homes were evacuated. the flames could be seen for miles around. all but two residents are allowed back. >> mosquito control is urging horse owners to vaccinate animals for west nile virus because a chicken has tested positive for the virus in novato. officials say horses are most at risk when mosquito activity is high during the summer. 40 percent of infected horses could die. mosquitoes spread west nile and get it from infected birds. >> several people visit add camp -- visiting a catch ground and have fallen ill, with a virus.
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it spread to 34 campers. officials have sprayed the restrooms and tents and other campgrounds using bleach. the virus comes -- causes flu-like symptoms. >> now our meteorologist will let us now how the weather s >> temperatures will be in the 90's for better part five of the next 15 days in the east by. we will talk about the pollen, everything is low and ozone is moderate and with the warming trend i don't see a "spare the air" in the future and the u.v. index is high which is the biggest concern if you are outside for any length of time today. this is how it has beens from mount tamalpais, sausalito and san francisco, but you can see the clouds rolling through the golden gate bridge to berkeley. for 12 hours you can see a
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quick, quick, dispersing of the clouds. we will be near normal or the 30 year average, at 62 to 88, and by 7:00 we are 58 at the cost and still, 80, inland with a lot of sunshine. the warm peaks tomorrow and it just takes and baby steps backyard, below average, by friday. but now over to leyla gulen with the only commute. leyla gulen? >> we had a fender bender in milpitas. that is leaders off 880. we have an accident on 880 in oakland and that is pushed over to the shoulder and we have construction blocking lanes so the eastbound and westbound connection from 80 to westbound 580 is shut down until 7:00 this morning with detours if place with volume building in this area and folks are making their way to work and over the bay
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bridge. all in all this is a clear drive. 680 headed southbound from highway 4, to walnut creek, that is six minutes and 24 westbound from walnut creek to highway 13 that is nine minutes and 580 is building, westbound from tracy to dublin at 31 minutes the now a look at correct yes, 680, it is building but moving along fine between highway four and the 24 junction. >> a new iphone may not be the only apple device coming soon. the bloomberg business report is next. >> it could get easier to find a packing spot. a new law will have drivers hunting for broken meters. >> are you happily married? you may have to thank
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is tuesday morning. we will look outside at san francisco the embarcadero area, the ferry building, gorgeous. maybe you will have a chance to view the meteor shower. the drizzle is nonexistent. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and see what it means for weather today. >> a school board will decide
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whether to approve a plan to tax residents a flat $39 per parcel. in november they approve $19 for those in complexes with five on more units and $39 tax on single family residence. law requires special taxes to be uniform. a taxpayers association calls the attempt to increase the tax illegal. property values in marin county have soared. the median price for a home is up 21 percent and now nearly $1 million with sales increasing by 5 percent. that is according to the marin county assessor. condo prices shot up with the median price 30 percent higher at 500,000. >> you can for longer get a ticket for parking in front of a broken parking meter. the governor is ending the practice many thought it was unfair and many cities believe vandalism and intentional jamming would increase if parking at broken meter was not
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ticketed. now you can park for the maximum time allowed by that meter even if it is broken. >> new york mayor bloomberg will appear a ruling on the stop-and-frisk policy which targets blacks and hispanics. bloomberg wants it overturn and the judge says they can continue the policy but will make sure the steps are carried out legal legal. oakland police consultant brought the stop-and-frisk policy for new york in 1994 when police commissioner. >> there is a change at the menu at chipolte and some may not like the change. >> here is the bloomberg business report. amens are doing a better job of making credit card payments on time with the delinquency rate falling half a percent close to all-time low. the average credit card debt shrunk t $4,965.
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if you want beach not treated by antibiotics do not go to chipolte. they are changing their standards and allowing meat from cattle treated with antibiotics back in the kitchen because of a beef supply shortage. apple is ready to release a new thinner version of the ipad. it is likely to happen in the last three months of the year and apple is expected to come out with a new inpan mini. the release, along with the expected september 10 unveiling comes at a critical type for apple in the crowded smartphone market. george lucas and his wife are new parents of a baby girl. the child arrived on friday and born through a surrogate.
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the couple were married in june in marin county, and the addition joins the three adopted children. >> they need to have a second, because do your kids fight with each other? that could help lower their divorce risk as adults. a new ohio state university study showing growing up with siblings makes you less likely to get a divorce and each additional sibling decreases the divorce rate by 2 percent and leveling off after seven siblings. growing up with brotherses develops negotiating skills and the ability to consider other views and talk through your problems. >> the big inwithers of the huge powerball jackpot are going money. the so-called ocean 16 are a group of public employees from ocean county new jersey who won part of the $448 million jackpot with one of three winning tickets. new jersey lottery officials say the group will discuss the wealth at an afternoon news
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conference today and each worker will get $3.8 million after taxes. after the checks come in, will they go to work the in day? >> maybe for a couple of days to get their belongings. >> you could hire someone to get your belongings? >>guest: you cannot pay for the weather. it is free. whether you like it or not, no refunds. >> you will not want one the next couple of days unless you do not like sunshine. we found summer for august. it took a while. today is the 13th? we are just getting temperatures where they should be. you can see it is dry on live doppler 7 hd, with no drizzle this morning, and if you drive in the clouds, there could be mist hanging around but other than that, it is dry. 52 at navy oh and 51 at san ramon the cool spots. in san francisco, santa rosa and hayward and san carlos at 55 and los gatos is 54 napa 58, and
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antioch and concord and live more and fremont at 56 and mountain view is 59 a warm spot. downtown you can see the clouds are rolling across and as we look to the ferry building and, also, the bay bridge we will have quicker sunshine and warmer highs even to the coast and less cloud cover tonight and another great night for watching the immediate your shower and cooler weather for friday and saturday. that is not the entire seven-day forecast. we have warm weather coming sunday and monday. 77 in milpitas. the only city not going to make it to the 80's. 80 in sunnyvale to 88 in morgan hill and 84 in san jose. 80's on the peninsula, includinged with wood and palo alto and to los altos. mid-to-upper 70's elsewhere but millbrae at 71. low-to-mid 60's at the coast. half moon bay is 66. daly city at 62. near 70 in downtown. 74 in sausalito.
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low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valleys. we will reach 80 in hercules and everyone else is in the 70's along the east bay shore and everyone touches 90 in the east bay valley. if you are headed to the game, it will be first pitch at 7, it will be 64 and dropping down to 60 and warmer temperatures with the lack cloud cover and a lost mid-to-upper 50's. watch this area of low pressure that brought us the cool weather, and look what is backing its way toward the high and we have warmer weatherren at way not only today but tomorrow and we could loss a few degrees on thursday but a lot like today and friday and saturday we see a dip in temperatures but summer warmth is back sunday and monday. >> more cars pile on the roads and we are looking at more traffic over the altamont pass and it is broad bumper to bumper through the pass from tracy and it loosens up but construction is the story this morning.
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until 6:00 we will have this project blocking lanes southbound 101 to sierra point but it does not affect the traffic. to head out of san francisco to sfo a short 12 minute commute and the drive times traffic across the prosecute of the bay, 680 southbound direction, walnut creek to dublin/pleasanton is 14 minutes and clear from highway four to walnut creek you are in good shape 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 49 minutes and highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains from highway 1 to los gatos is 23 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza shows cars coming from oakland to san francisco and we have construction in the eastbound direction blocking the lanes until 6:00. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> a teen is raising thousands for the victims of a devastating tornado, a lawn at a time. >> special mother and baby
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>> good morning on this tuesday. on the san mateo bridge it is getting busy but still moving, with no issues to report but a warm-up which our meteorologist mike nicco will talk about with traffic coming up. >> blue are just joining or headed out the door, breaking news from the north bay, the red cross is helping two dozen people find a place to stay after an early morning fire damaged several apartments in santa rosa. it break out in the marlow apartments on marlow road. a barbecue grill could be to blame.
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>> two, federal officials give the green light to on the new bay bridge planned after labor day. the federal highway administration says there is no reason to delay opening the span while work is being completed to fix bad bolts. they snapped this year and are retrofitted. >> three, in 30 minutes city workers in hayward will strike. an impasse in negotiations for new contract was declared by the city and the two sides have not bargained since then. matt will have a report at the top of the hour the authorities are watching bay area hospitals if this we have seen this woman at any facilities. crystal was arrested on friday for impersonating a nurse and was wearing scrubs, a fake badge and has been released from custody. >> the roads were closed in part of illinois after a massive gas pipeline fire last night with 300' tall flames could be seen several towns away prompting
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evacuations. most have been allowed back in. >> six, check out the clouds, late arriving but quick to go back to the ocean. we are talking about warm weather and i will show you where the 90's are the next several days. >> seven, the oakland maze shows traffic running smoothly as you make it to 580 but commuters are seeing red in davis but not for the reason you think. more on that will set coming up. >> an 11-year-old boy in texas mowed lawns for extra cash. but the boy was not doing it to make money for himself but raising money if tornado victims in oklahoma, saying he mowed 90 lawns and raised $15,000, i don't think that is the normal rate for mowing but people probably wanted to support him and worked in 104-degree heat and would do it again and got the idea from a school fundraiser and his parents say every penny is helping families
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affected by the tornadoes. >> there could be no more tender moment than when a mom is reunited even when the newborn is a small ball of fur. this is a giant panda being reunited with her cub after spending a month apart. she was removed because of fear of getting hurt. but the mother instincts too, over and she bret fed her and she was one of two pandas china gave to taiwan four years ago in a show of diplomatic friendliness. >> panda diplomacy works. >> we continue at 5:30 with the top stories including the child left in a hospital after getting attacked by a pit bull. the boy's mother reveals the serious injuries. hillary clinton make as step in san francisco but it is the event 3,000 miles away that is sparking buzz.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thank you for starting your day with us. >> you like sun and warmth? then you will like today's forecast. the visibility is much improved over yesterday although the clouds are filling in. i have not heard reports of drizzle and in fog. from mount tamalpais sausalito, rather, looking to san pablo waiting for the sun to rise you can see the clouds are gathering and pushing in the delta as we speak. but it will be and warm from the
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north bay and south bay and 70 to 81 around the bay and a mild 62 to 66 with more sunshine at the coast today. enjoy. here is leyla gulen. >> if you have extra pasta in your refrigerator, we have an overturned tomato truck and the road is a big mess and is shut down at i-80 for a massive clean up of tomatoes. we have clear conditions on i-80 but not too bad. 580 westbound from tracy to dublin is looking good and 85 northbound from 101 to were cupertino is only five minutes and here is the san mateo bridge, traffic is running smoothly at 14 minutes from hayward to the peninsula. we follow breaking news in the north bay where 25 people are displaced by an early morning
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apartment fire. the red cross is now helping residents find a place to stay and the fire broke ought at the marlow apartments at 1:00 o'clock this morning. win was taken to the hospital only with minor injuries. the four could have been started by a barbecue on a balcony. crews cleared the scene the past 20 minutes. >> new word that the new bay bridge could open after all on labor day weekend. the federal government is now green lighting the original opening date despite cracked bolts. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on treasure island or, rather, in san francisco. amy? >> they are saying we could drive on the new bridge while they fix it. they still need to fix the broken bolts so they have delayed the opening. those bolts cracked on the new bridge so they have decided to postpone the opening from labor
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dayut federal officials are weighing in, and the federal highway administration sent a letter to caltran giving approval for a temporary fix while crews work on the people fix. the letter says and i quote, "we see in reason to delay opening the bridge to traffic prior to the retrofit being completed." and there is another sign the bridge could be opening labor day weekend. according to our media partners, the c.h.p. is now staffing labor day weekend as if the bridge will be opening and a spokesman says it will require extra overtime and around-the-clock shifts and they want to be ready. this is a decision for local bridge authorities to make, local transportation authorities. right now, it is scheduled for at least a december opening and we have officially postponed it from labor day but they have the work from federal officials to consider.
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for the first time in preparation for the official lighting event. >> happening today hayward city workers are striking. more than 350 city workers will walk off the job at 6:00 a.m. for three days. the union claims that workers have given 12 percent of their wages since 2010 but the city says they have not helped the city at all the past few years. we will have motor coming up at the top of the hour. >> bart management and their unions say they are anxious to resume bargaining on a contract but they have to wait until the immediate airports seat new schedule. a judge imposed a 60-day
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cooling-off period preventing a strike this week and pushing the possibility to october. >> we could learn today if the body of a woman found is that of a missing federal investigator. sandra coke disappeared august 4 and last seen with an ex-con who she once dated. an autopsy was performed with eight not expected until today at the usualliest. miss called him a "person of interest" in the disappearance of coke and he is a registered sex offender. >> a 10-year old antioch boy is involving in the hospital from a pit bull attack. here's pertinents of hunter from his hospital bed in sacramento. he had surgery after being attacked by a neighbor'sing do on sunday. hunter was running up the stairs when the pit bug -- pit bull began mauling him. he suffered major injuries.
5:35 am
the dog took off his ear and half of his face is gone. >> she said the to dogs attacked her son but police say only one appears to have been involved and that dog is quarantined while authorities decide the fate. >> a 21-year-old man is held without bond this morning on charges he deliberately drowned a dog. several witnessed him holding a dog underwater at the pond in front of city hall. the dog belonged to his father. >> woman is facing burglary charges because of a credit card mixup. the police say the 21-year-old went on ashipping spree after getting back a wrong credit card on sunday. rather than telling the waitress she immediately went to the mall and began buying. the card owner track her down and called police. the annual faculty and staff meeting to kickoff the small semester of city college kicks
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off at the main campus under a cloud of uncertainty. last in, the accrediting commission for the junior charges announced the accreditation is terminated in july but the city college officials fighting it and have put in a request for review. that process could take months and there has been a 13 percent drop in students registered for the fall semester. >> hillary clinton was if san francisco to accept the eastern bar association's highest honor but most of the audience attention was on her possible run for the white house. she did not discuss her plans while preparing to give the keynote address but, perhaps, a clue came from an exchange with anthony weiner whose wife is a long time clinton aide. >> will she work on the campaign? >> she is helping out every day. >> do you know to her ro in hillary clinton's campaign is? >> i do. >> what will it be? >> i'm not telling you.
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>> clinton said she will be giving more speeches on what she views as crucial issues which increases speculation she could be laying the groundwork for a 2016 presidential run. >> more fire crews will arrive to battle a wildfire, the american fire has consumed 1,200 acres close to the american river in the tahoe national forest with water dropping helicopters doing the firefighters because the area is so remote. the fire starts sunday afternoon can quickly has grown but not threatening build education but creating very smoky conditions if the gold country. the health department officials warn the residents who are extra sensitive to smoke to limit their time outdoors. >> our weather has kept our fire danger fairly low if this time of year but is it changing, mike? >> just because it is hotter doesn't mean the fire danger is going up but the winds are the big issue and that is not going to happen with the warming trend. darkness is giving way to light
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so the time is slipping away to look to the northeast and see the meteor showers. tonight is the better than last night. you have a couple more nights to see it. uniform temperatures on the peninsula. from 53 in bellmont and woodside and 57 in palo alto and redwood city and foster city and san bruno 55. the temperature are indicative of what you will find when you step outside and the cool spot is novato and san ramon at 52 and the mountain view at 59 is the warm spot and 57 in san francisco and oakland. the day planner the next 12 hours we are stuck in the 50's with more sunshine to start the day and we are near 60 and 70 and 80-degree mark. 60's, mid-70's, near 90 by 4:00. temperatures are become to seasonal levels. i will tell you how long they will last but, any, an update with leyla. >> packed house from tracy and
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adding to the pain is a stalled big rig at live more avenue in the westbound direction with one lane blocked and you can see how the heavy traffic is stacking up, so, 15 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic over the pass and it will take you 35 minutes to head out of tracy to live more. at highway four we are seeing quite heavy backup there, from antioch and to pittsburgh especially heavy traffic to summersville road that will thin out toward pittsburg and concord . a look at a picture of the golden gate bridge and you can see it is quiet from sausalito to san francisco and everything is running smoothly northbound and southbound direction and it will be five minutes to head sausalito to the city. >> next, a tragic fall, the accident that stunned a crowd at a major league baseball game. >> she was dressed like a nurse but is anything but a nurse and we hear from a woman
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impersonating a nurse at the
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>> covering be19, san ramon and all bay area. >> atlanta police are trying to determine how a fan at thebaseb.
5:43 am
the man fell 65' yesterday from a stadium platform at the field and landed in a parking lot. he died at the hospital. the game was delayed for two hours because of rain. this is the second time a fan has died at the ball more. a spectator died in 2008 after falling 150' from a concourse. >> frightening scene in china when a woman slipped from a window ledge officer a four story building and her boyfriend grabbed on but he was dragged partly out of the window. neighbors ran to the rescue and held the man's leg until the firefighters got there with a ladder after a terrifying 20 minutes. both the girl and the boyfriend were rescued safely. authors are trying to figure if a woman caught impersonating a nurse at a san jose hospital pulled the same stunt elsewhere and was arrested on friday at valley medical center. authorities say she wore
5:44 am
al scrubs a secret scope and phony hospital damage. police say a warning want out to hospital staff after she bragged on her facebook page about working there and hospital officials say this is no evidence she entered any secure areas or treated any paints. >> we do not believe she got paint care areas. the nurses on the floors would know who is work there and would not allow someone not supposed to be there to show up. >> she has been released from custody the authorities are reviewing surveillance video and asking other hospitals to call them if they see her around. >> asiana airlines has denied responsibility for the deadly jetliner crash at sfo and says passengers, not the airline, contributed to their injuries when the 777 landed short of the runway july 6. the claim emerged in court filings made by the airline after say they were give $10,000 to each survivor.
5:45 am
a local lawyer says this is standard denial after a are joe accident. >> the passengers were fare paying passengers on the aircraft. they did nothing but sit if their seat and were thrown from the seats when they could not find the runway. >> officials have not returned calls for a comment from abc7 news that killed three teens and 300 others survived. >> a cal football liver is recovering at the hospital after an injury that silenced everyone at million stadium yesterday. it happened during the first full contact scrimmage. he was projected to be a starter playing safety during practice yesterday and he ahead a big hit and cannot get up. he is was on the ground for 15 minutes and not moving before he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. the junior from fort lauderdale has movement in all extremities and he is expected to be released soon.
5:46 am
>> a woman has scratched her way into being california's newest millionaire. the lottery confirmed that barbara won the $1 million top prize after playing a new game called diamond millionaire, buying the ticket in pleasanton where she is a regular. the store clerk broke the news to her that she was the big winner. >> she said, can you see the numbers? [ inaudible ] >> i counted six numbers! whoa, $1 million. >> the retailer receives $5,000 as a bonus and diamond millionaire is the latest $10 scratchers game. >> takes an investment to win the million dollars. >> we were talking about that. >> we are too cheap to buy $10 tickets. that will never happen. >> i will strange for the
5:47 am
occasional $2 ticket. >> mike nicco, it will warm up, right? >> absolutely. >> great stocking stuffers, by the way. >> it will warm. it is dry on live doppler 7 hd. no drizzle to speak of let me know if you have heard of any on facebook or twitter. look at that: warm color surrounding mount diabolo and the cool colors of the sea breeze-induced clouds making a late push into the hills but why thing they have a shelf life today with quicker sunshine and warmer temperatures across the board and even to the coast and less cloud cover tonight and good for seeing the meteors and cooler on friday and saturday but temperatures will rebound sunday and monday and from the exploritorium camera, you can see how the clouds are filling in over the week and hugging the east bay shore but when they do r today than be one to three
5:48 am
yesterday. notice the cloud cover surging through 8:00 and rapid retreat to the coast and everyone is sunny by noon but the coast, you will become partly cloudy this afternoon seeing more sunshine and feeling warmer than yesterday. a wealth of 80's in the south bay but milpitas is 77 and santa cruz at 76 and san jose is in the middle at 84, and morgan hill is 88, and sunnyvale at 80, and 81 in redwood city and a lost mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula. and low-to-mid 60's along the coast to near 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito is 74 and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and 20 degree cooler at the beaches and mid-to-upper 70's for the east bay shore. berkeley is cooler at 72 and hercules and fremont warmer and 80 and upper 80's around
5:49 am
at coliseum, astros and a's dropping to 60 by end of the game. most of us in the mid-to-upper 60's and a little milder tomorrow. in the afternoon, tomorrow, the warmest stretch during the work week, a pull back in temperatures on friday and saturday and summer warm runs on sunday and monday and it could be warmer on monday. have a great day. >> it is busy. we have a report of a car fire in redwood city traveling along 101 southbound at woodside road, and we were looking at slowing in that area and it is not blocking any lanes so it should not hamper the commute. in the northbound direction headed into san francisco we have a report a stalled motorcycle at the hospital curve. we are already starting to see a buildup of traffic from daly city and into san francisco southbound side and slow-and-go and headed over to the east bay
5:50 am
the big rig is causing quite a problem and you could not afford to lose one lane on 580 coming over the altamont pass and from live more but one lane is blocked at livermore avenue because of a stalled big rig and it starts to ease up thinning out as you make it into dublin. here is a picture of san jose at 280, building quite a bit away from 17 you can see the track, though, moving smoothly. >> the new chancellor of u.c. riverside has controversy surrounding his appointment. he will earn a base salary of $354,000 a year and 9 percent more than the predecessor. he get as car allowance and a campus house the compensation package has drawn strong objections from the governor brown. the president of u.c. says part of the salary comes from private funds. >> neighbors fighting to keep a historic post office in berkeley open and win a small victory.
5:51 am
>> fascinating new study that lets you how a spouse will help with housework. >> oprah says she is sorry and now apologizing about her charges of racism on her overseas
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>> federal officials will consider a plea from supporters of berkeley historic main post office to keep it open.
5:54 am
activists have camped outside the building trying to stop it from being sold to a private developer. they will consider an appeal submitted by the mayor. the building is listed on the register historic places. >> warriors guard steph curry spent the summer 8,000 miles away visiting a refugee camp in tanzania. can you see people loved him, and he is working with the united nations foundation and nothing but nets campaign in a fight against malaria. the star will be a guest on "good morning america" tomorrow to talk more about this personal mission. "good morning america" airs at 7:00 a.m. after the abc7 news only news. >> now a check of the weather forecast. >> lack of clouds in the east bay hills and the east pay valley with mount tab low in the
5:55 am
distance. that is a reason why you are going to be some of the warmest, you going to get sunshine as soon as it is up with the solar panels you get the negative today. 89 is normal, and 90 in livermore and everyone is one degree warmer-than-average but redwood city is two degrees behind and mid-90's to 100 an the state from the central valley and fresno and yosemite and 82 in tahoe and 80 in los angeles. leyla gulen? the altamont pass is not where you want to be because of a stalled big rig that is getting off the freeway at livermore avenue. it is causing enough pain to add five extra minutes to the compute. from tracy to livermore you are looking at 40 to 45 minutes and bumper-to-bumper traffic coming away from 205 at 31 miles per
5:56 am
hour. now, other areas of the bay are moving loan fine southbound along 101 to central san rafael you can see the tail lights flow just fine and smooth. >> new this morning, next time you buy nail polish remover, plan on digging out your i.d. because the pharmacy chain is launching a new policy requiring customers to show their i.d. when buying the remover because the ingredients used to make meth and are restricting how many bottles you can buy at one time. >> do you want to know if your future husband could be the type to share in housework? look to his job. a study suggests that men who have jobs traditionally held by women do more housework at home. researchers owned that men who have jobs as teachers and nurses or in child care do 25 percent more housework than men who work
5:57 am
in construction and mechanics. on the flip side researchers found women in male dominated jobs do 14 percent less housework than women who work in traditional female jobs. >> do the jobs make them less inclined to do the housework or do they choose the jobs because they are predisposed to not do it? >>guest: the safe move would be to "move on." we are minutes away from the start of a city-wide strike in the east bay and ahead at 6:00 we are on the pick the line with a dispute that led to the strike. >> flames break out overnight and investigators reveal the possible cause. >> later, how do you watch netflix and hulu? we put
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
kgo-tv broadcast centerowon strike! city workers in hayward are ready to hit the picket lynn. we have the dispute keeping them away from work. >> the bay bridge set to open labor day weekend which was delayed and now we get word that original opening date could be back on the calendar. >> you it this morning, the father of the 12-year-old accused of killing his own sister speaks out. what he is saying about his son who remains behind bars. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> first, a check on the weather forecast. sunny? >> yes, many areas including the coast and warmer weather. visibility is six miles in santa rosa and eight at half moon bay and everyone else is fine. do not see any results of drizzle near the reporting stations. for the bay the next 12 hours show more sunshine than this time yesterday. 58 degrees. it will be sunny by noon and 68. temperatures are close to normal at 76 in


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