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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 14, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> abc7 news starts now with breaking news. >> good morning, everyone, the breaking news is in the east bay where investigators launch add homicide investigation after a man's body was found in the street. amy hollyfield is in hayward with the latest. amy?
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>> police are stilt -- still here on the scene and involved in the investigation. they say they got the call after midnight that several shots were fired. we are in hayward in alameda county. officers say they got here they found a 33-year-old lying in the street. though say he was not armed but he had been shot. this happened at midnight in hayward. officers now are trying to figure out why this happened. >> investigators are trying to locate witnesses. we do not know what the motive is at this point. we are exploring all possibilities. >> police say it appears the victim was visiting someone and was at someone's home. they say he doesn't live in the neighborhood but they think he is from alameda county.
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they have not released his name. they are still just getting started on the investigation with no arrests at this point. they are asking for anyone to come forward with any information. they think they will be here for a few more hours so the block in unincorporated hayward is shut down. >> now the weather forecast. summer is become. mike? >> good morning, everyone, warm yesterday and we will have the same in most areas today. the cloud are up against the shore because of a sea breeze and it will not be so breeze as yesterday. that is where the cooler temperatures will be. 62 at the coast and 70 in downtown san francisco.
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86 headed to palo alto and redwood city. and 96 in livermore. a lot of sunshine away from the coast and warm weather. how is the commute, leyla gulen? >> so far, so good, with an early accident that is cleared northbound 101 north of 580 with construction projects all over the place and this will last until 6:00 a.m. this morning westbound 580 with two lanes blocked and cones will be picked up in an hour and the rest of the drive over the altamont pass is building and 85 to transit clear, bart, and muni and ace train, all on time. the golden gate bridge shows the crews making the drive in the northbound direction picking up the cone and all lanes are open.
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we have breaking news from alabama where ups cargo plane crashed near the airport and this was the scene a short time ago near the birmingham airport with a cargo plane coming from louisville, kentucky, and it is believed that only the pilot and co-pilot were open board. no word on the extent of their injuries or if they survived. it is a large airplane holding about 275 people. the ntsb has been alerted. our reporting continues now on twitter. >> a group from southeast will join other activists in a journey to bakersfield. matt, what is the mission? >> we are waiting for people to
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start arriving at the community center the next hour or so and their bus is scheduled to leave here at 6:00 a.m. a rally and a march was held yesterday outside the home of the family of of the farm family rights workers take place. they will rally at republican congressman and house majority whip this afternoon. organizers say there is moment up for immigration reform after a bill was passed by the senate in june and they hope to pressure house republicans to take action. we are at the point where the system is broken. children have to choose between growing up with their parents or growing up in the country of only gin. that is not right. the family of chavez has begun a march to bickersfield with stops along the coast joining other groups from around the state to rally at the bakersfield office.
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the bus is scheduled to make a stop in morgan hill before heading to bakersfield with a noon rally schedule before they march to congressman's office. >> thank you, matt. tomorrow, state officials are expected to announce when the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open after federal officials say there is a chance it could open on time at the end of labor day weekend. last night, caltran tested the lighting turning on 1,500 lights along the roadways. earlier the federal highway administration approved a fix for the broken bolts to insert steel plates under the deck. users could use the new bridge while a permanent fix is installed. last month, the officials say the breeze could not open until at least december. >> we need to get people off of
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the old bridge so if the experts say the temporary fix is sufficient, we should move people over on labor day week if it is possible. >> the metropolitan transportation commission will announce opening day during a meeting tomorrow and they will decide if a public event is held to she bright. >> as the small semester is underway at city college of san francisco the group pushing to revoke accreditation is coming under fire and the d education says that the accrediting commission did not comply with federal rules when it decided to pull the accreditation. it is not clear what impact this will have on the school's future or the tens of thousands of student whose go there. they are set to lose accreditation a year from now unless major reforms are made. >> happening today the oakland unified school district is scheduled to vote on a proposal to sell property now that the real estate market is hot again. the school district owns 108 properties on 525 acres of land
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including schools, buildings, and warehouses, and oakland unifyied owes the state $5 million from a two too bailout and the center equity would like to get rid of the debt sooner rather than later. one building be are considered is the administration building on second avenue long an eyesore because it hasn't been upgraded near lake merritt and luxury condores built around it. >> the law banning possession and sale of shark fin goes to court and opponents will ask the court of appeals to review a lower court ruling upholding the ban and were on points say it infringes on chinese culture and is institutional because states can not implement laws governing fishing in we federal waters. >> a warrant will be issued for the are a of a woman who attacked a bay area musician. lester chambers said it was a hate crime that bruised his body and soul. the 73-year-old singer and
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founding member of the chambers brother was performing at the blues festival and this tv video shows the woman, a 43-year-old woman jumping on stage after he dedicate add song to the family of florida teen trayvon martin and chambers started calling him all sorts of slurs and she was cited for misdemeanor and battery. chambers wants hour prosecuted with a hated crime. >> resident could see smoke in the area the next 48 hours during a wild land fire drill. today and tomorrow near the santa rosa creek trail, crews will bun brush and conducting other training procedures. the drill prepares firefighters for the upcoming fire season. >> time for a check on the weather forecast and you are looking sunny today. >> are you referring to the
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tweets made about the brightness? >> just trying for mirror the sun. >> lost yellow tie. >> you look nice, eric, get with the program! >> kidding. kidding. you look good, a little yellow in the shirt. anyway, moving on, looking pretty nice outside and we are looking at a little bit of a sea breeze developing and some wondered yesterday, i didn't see any high pollen amounts that would make you sneak and ozone was pup and it will be there today all under the healthy labels and u.v. index is high. here is a look at what will happen for today, the day lander the next 12 hours, 52 to 58 and nice with clouds as we speak, and coastal clouds at noon and everyone else is sunny, and the summer spread from 64 at half moon bay at 4:00 to 90 inland and some areas are still warmer than that and maybe mid-90's
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driving around after, would. 62 to 80 at 7:00, so it will be nice. the next three days a slight pull back with the temperatures and we are above average and close to average thursday into friday and cooler for saturday. we will snow that stretches through the weekend, but, first, update on the traffic. >> anyone traveling along highway 40 especially toward the later morning hours, we have four lanes blocked off until noon, and on eastbound four while willow pass road to bay point it is a stretch and you can see the slowing that is building in the eastbound direction so that could tack on a few extra minutes to the commute. from tracy it is building over the altamont pass and you can see as you hold into live more the traffic open a 80 westbound is easing up, and you get closer to dublin and 680 interchange it opens up. we have one project that should be picking up as we speak and as we continue into castro valley you can see it is all green and
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44 minutes ahead from tracy to castro valley. along 680 southbound from correct -- walnut creek to dublin, all moving at top speed. >> ever argue with your wife over to what to watch on tv? okay i know the answer to that. whatever she wants to were what, right, but this can satisfy both of you, a way to allow people to do both, watch both. bloomberg business report is next. >> protecting celebrities children, in a battle against the press. >> hear from the happiest group of co-workers
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>> covering san rafael, south bay and pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:continue. if you are filling up at home before the labor day get away, aaa reports gas prices are spiraling downward so we will look at the local prices, average price now is $3.86 a gallon in northern california, down six cents from a month ago. bay area prices range from $4.04 in san francisco to $3.96 in san mateo and $3.84 in san jose. >> bill to give greater protection to children of
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celebrities has passed a key hurdle, with jennifer garner testifying in support of the measure putting more restrictions on photographers. it would change the dove in addition of harassment to include taking a child's picture without permission of a legal guardian. >> i don't want a became of shouting, arguing, law breaking photographers who camp out wherever we are, all day every day, to continue to traumatizing my kids. >> this bill will give us our rights back so we can protect our children. >> the bill moved forward to the senate appropriations committee and opponents say the measure is too vague and could apply to legitimate news-gathering information and private citizens . a new tv on the market will stop family arguments over what to watch in the bloomberg business report. the justice department is trying to block american from merging with us airways saying it will lead to antiair fare and this
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means the deal is dead leaving american unusual three in business rather than becoming the largest. investors are watching for more developments on american airlines, and macy's reports results and the fed releases data on household debt. we had a higher close for stocks yesterday and stronger than expected and apple gained after karl icon said high held a large position. a new 55" tv with a display like a theater allowing two people to watch different programs at the same time. the feature work through personal 3-d glasses with speakers that come with the $9,000 tv. that is the news from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> big winners from last week have stepped into the limelight. >> i had to wake up my poor husband who is no longer "poor."
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>> nope, the group of 16 work together at the ocean county new jersey vehicle maintenance department and each payed $6 for quick pick as part of the office pool and each now heads home with $3.8 million after taxes. >> not bad. not a bad neighborhood to live in. can you believe it? >> now, why are we happy? it is the weather. mike? >> we can drive through those neighborhoods. it will be warm again, and we will look outside, you liked yesterday you will like today and the only difference, really, is what you will notice along the coast. i put the clouds on the radar because it is showing how dry it is. the sea breeze is back.
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the coast will be cooler today and not so bride. we will have warm weather again and plenty of sunshine. we have a slow cooling trend thursday, friday, and saturday and then, another warming trend. not a huge roller coaster but you will notice the changes in the next couple of days. to the south, 90's in los gatos, morgan hill, gilroy and 93 and 94 and not too shabby in san jose and 84 in milpitas. up the peninsula we have mid-to-upper 80's from los altos and san mateo. mid-60's along the coast today with low 70's around downtown and south san francisco and 74 in sausalito, and north bay beach in the low-to-mid 60's and 25 degrees warmer, though, in the inland valley and sonoma is reaching 90 for the warm spot. 80 in oakland a remain warmer spot in the east bay along with
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castro valley and fremont at 81 and 83 and everyone else is in the middle-to-upper 70's. low-to-mid 90's from san ramon at 91 to antioch and livermore, 96 degrees. headed to the game, another delightful night at the coliseum and 70 at 7:00 and dropping to 62 at end of the game. tonight the temperatures are warmer than this morning and more cloud cover across the bay and the north bay with mid-50's to lower 60's when you wake up tomorrow morning. the high pressure is becoming its we toward us from the desert southwest and the reason why we have warmer weather today and yesterday and a cool pool of air, the brunt it will move to the north and the cool air will come in and we will look and see what it does in the seven-day outlook, tomorrow, two to four degrees cooler and a couple of degrees cooler on friday and cooler on saturday with morning clouds and it will be more stubborn to go away than sunday,
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monday, and tuesday back above average in most areas away from the coast. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> we have a moderate buildup of traffic across the bay area but mostly at top speeds with construction projects until 7:00, eastbound 580 with three lanes blocked slowing traffic down as we get in the layer morning hours. so far we have some slowing eastbound, and westbound to the maze you are very good shape and over to the tolls, well, not too bad, as we head over to the peninsula, we have top speeds there at 53 miles per hour. and northbound to millbrae to sfo 280 is looking clear and outside, in the north bay 101 in central san rafael traffic is moving well to 580 clear and at
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top speeds. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> why twitter could be the key to winning
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>> blue are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. the alameda county sheriff is investigating a fatal shooting that left a 33-year-old man dead in hayward. the victim was shot just after midnight. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has a report from the scene with the latest. >> more breaking news, in alabama, ups cargo plane crashed nearing the birmingham airport.
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the plane had two pilots on board taking off from louisville. two bodies have been found near the wreckage. >> more from abc7 news katie marzullo in a few moments. >> in egypt, two catches are being cleared out and the ministry says nine protesters were killed but members of morsi's muslim brotherhood are claiming there are hundreds of fatalities. >> four, as the fall semester is underway at city college of san francisco the board is pulling accreditation, or the board that pulled it is coming underfire. the department of education says they did not follow federal rules in the investigation into city college. no word on the impact of the future. >> coca-cola has a new campaign to depend the diet drinks and the first ad is seen in "usa today" atlanta and will defend
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drinks made with artificial sweetners like new extra sweet. critics blame the sugar drinks for fueling obesity rates. temperatures are above average and a reason is the absence of clouds at the golden gate bridge and i will tell you how much longer the summer warm will last in the seven-day forecast. >> at look at toll plaza with traffic running smoothly into the tolls and toward san francisco but congestion is building in the usual spots. if you want to win at politics get a twitter account according to researchers. a candidate was more likely to win if he was mentioned more often on twitter than any opponent. content and volume are unimportant. it doesn't matter if they are negative or positive but researchers say the attention signals a candidate is on the verge of victory and if that
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does not convince you, twitter data correctly predicted 404 out of the 406 house races in the last election. >> and grey's anatomy is losing a top surgeon saying it has been a great riff to my the doctor on the show and is sad and excited to see where her final season will take her. she will leave at the end of the 10th season in the spring. >> trapped on an exploding, blazing, sinking, submarine. ahead, the disaster in the
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>> abc7 news begins with breakings news. >> thanks for joining us. the breaking news is in the east bay where a homicide investigation is underway after a man's body was found lying in the street. amy hollyfield is in alameda county on the border of >> the street blocked off, still, and detectives are working in the middle of the block. shots were fired after midnight. this is where the victim was found. he was near a car. they tried to revive him and could not. they do not know the motive behind the shooting. they are looking for witnesses
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that can lead to the killer. we are in hayward so the sheriff is here doing the investigation. the victim is a 33-year-old man and was visiting, it is believed, the neighborhood but he lives in alameda county. we will be on the scene throughout the morning to bring you updates from the scene. i spoke with a detective. he seemed very busy and said he would get to us later. he is just trying to figure out what happened. are you ready no the written of summer? it is here. >> nice day yesterday if you like average weather, if not above average around the neighborhoods and this only we have visibility because there is cloud cover streaming into our
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low valleys along the coast and at half moon bay but otherwise it is quiet. you can see a few clouds developing but mostly sunny and above average high temperatures and in san francisco, 62 to 70 and around the bay at 76 to 86 and quite a spread inland 86 to 96. we have a brand new accident eastbound direction involving a motorcycle and we are down to 52 miles per hour as we approach the accident. a good samaritan helped the motorcyclist to the center divider but one car is blocking the middle lanes. westbound, bumper-to-bumper traffic coming from tracy into livermore and here is the drive time traffic from tracy to dublin that is 41 minutes and 101 is still clear.
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toward treasure island, it eases up as you make it into san francisco and at the maze everything is at top speed. >> more on breaking news a cargo plane crashes in alabama and is a jumbo jet belonging to ups. we are joined with the latest from the newsroom. only a pilot and co-pilot were on board. and this happened in birmingham, alabama, and two people were reported dead. this video shows the flashing lights of law enforcement and we have a photo of the crash site and you can see the white smoke billowing in the air and you can
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see fire burning crew the trees. an airbus was on the way from louisville, kentucky, to bam -- alabama and it crashed. ups says "as we work through this difficult situation we ask for your patient and that you keep those involved in your thoughts and your prayers." that is the statement from ups this morning. an airport spokesman says that the plane went down this an open field but there are no homes in the immediate area and she said the crash has not affected airport operations if you are headed that way check with flight tracker on >> in egypt, security forts moved in to clear two camps where demonstrators sat in support of the ousted president
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morsi. this is a look at scene in cairo where smoke has been filling the air, a lot of people still are out there and egyptian state tv says security officials say forces fired tear gas into the larger of the two protest locations in cairo and the encampment is experiencing sounds of gunfire with 15 people died and 208 injured. the political arm of morsi's muslim brotherhood claims the cause its are much higher. officials in india are trying to figure how many sailors are alive in a submarine that exploded and sank in the port of mumbai overnight. 18 sailors were trapped on the submarine and there are fatalities but they do not know of the number. the fire was put out in two hours. reports say that the 15-year-old russian-made submarine underwent a substantial overhaul. >> cal osha is investigating the death of a woman in a freak
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accident involving construction equipment at san jose city college. we were on the scene yesterday when a construction worker in a front-end loader backed up on a walkway hitting a woman. the college is not revealing if the remain would, in her 40's, was a student, employee, or campus visitor. the school is on break and a witness says a large fence enclosed the site and walkway until monday. >> the family of a one-year-old boy and his father who were murdered in oakland is appealing for help in catching the gunman. 209-year-old andrew thomas and his son, drew, were in the bedroom of a home last week when someone fired into the house killing both of them. they were in town to attend a funeral of a cousin killed days before. police say that the no snitch coat h code on the street is hampering the investigation. the reward is $30,000. >> the body found in vacaville is sandra coke would disappeared
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a week and a half ago. the body wassed for on friday and investigators have not revealed how she died. the 56-year-old ran day alaina who dated coke years ago was seen with her the night she disappeared and is considered a "person of interest" in the case and alaina is a registered sex offender in custody on an unrelated offense. >> contra costa county officials say a technical error that sent an alarming evacuation text to cell phones is fixed. it was really only meant for parts of alamo but it went to cell phones throughout the county and officials are working with fema and the warning system operators to prevent this in the future. >> 4th grader will undergo more surgery today to receive skin grafts to his head and face after a pit bull attack that mauled hunter kilbourn on sunday visiting friends at a house in antioch. his mom said he is awake but
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feels nausea and running a fever. a fund has raised $2,400 to help with medical costs. >> march for immigration reform kickoff in half a dozen california cities including san jose. hundreds are expected to walk or ride as part of the 22-day march. it will end at the district office of house majority whip mccarthy where they hope to convince him and other house republicans to support a comprehensive immigration reform bill. the bay area group will leave from san jose at can this morning and wake their way to bakersfield to rally on labor day hoping to enlist other supporters. matt keller. have more at top of the house. >> the manyers leave san jose in 22 minutes. >> ten will be in mid 50's under a clear sky. 54 in menlo park and 58 in
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redwood city and in the hills you can see woodside at 48 degrees and san carlos at 57 and oakland and hayward at 58 in fremont and 59 in mountain view and san jose and livermore and concord and fairfield and 50 in santa rosa, napa, and novato. san francisco is at 56. mostly in the mists -- 50's with clouds pushing in the bay. by noon, at the coast and the rest of us are in the everyone in the 60's but inland in the 70's to near 80. moving forward ahead of a three-day warning trend now we have a three-day cooling trend, a couple degrees tomorrow, friday, and saturday, and it will last in the seven-day forecast but first, a traffic
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update. the motorcycle crash in livermore westbound 580 a very serious accident with lanes blocked and they have to lend a helicopter to transport that victim to an area hospital and it is causing a tremendous backup from tracy and we down to 15 miles per hour and it will get slower as the morning wears on so get a jump start and get on the roads as soon as possible. in san jose, we do not have any accidents and 17 you can see the traffic is moving smoothly. >> a heart transplant denied because of a trouble past and truancy! the teen's plea for a chance to live and the hospitalling to listen. >> what hannah anderson is saying about the man who killed
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her mother and brother and
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the san diego teen girl who survive add kidnapping ordinary
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dial has hit social media to answer questions about what happened. the 16-year-old hannah anderson fielded anonymous questions on a social media site sharing details of the abduction by the man she knew as uncle jim, james dimaggio, and the posting started monday night and topic ranges from how she survived captivity to how she is dealing with the deaths of her mother and brother and during the session a user asked, why didn't you run, and he who is killed me, are you glad he is dead? absolutely. a close friend confirmed the postings were written by the teen. >> a hospital in atlanta has agreed now to add a 15-year-old boy to the list for a heart transplant saying anthony hamilton has weakened heart that could take his life in nine months. the supporters say they were told he would not be placed on a
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list for a transplant because after juvenile record but doctors say now he is moved to 1a status. >> if this is credible, he will be put at the top of the list when a heart is available. >> doctors at the hospital say they are continuing to work with the family to establish a care plan and determine the best next steps for their patient. >> apple investors the watch to see if shares can soar again when the markets open in less than an hour this morning after huge surge yesterday. apple shares hit a seven month high after activists investor tweeted he acquired a large stake in apple. and he tweeted he talked with apple c.e.o. about buying back a lot more stock to revive the share price. apple finished at under $4930 a share and the market valley rose by $13 billion. the weather numbers are also
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rising. i put a call into karl icon. so, now, what is going on outside market goes up and the weather is going up and our winds are picking up, too, which is unfortunate for the folks that like to get out their small craft and put it on the bay because we have a small craft advisory with winds at 15- to 25-knots from 2:00 to 8:00 and over the coast, we have a lot of clear area but where you see the shaded colors, that is also small craft advisory from now through 8:00 and winds are from the northwest at 15- to 25-knots and we see faster wins than yesterday at ten at sfo and 18 in fairfield so there is a sea breeze uncutting the high pressure bringing us a beautiful color will sunrise from mount tamalpais as we look off to the east. most of us are going to have summer sunshine and warmer-than-average temperatures but the closer you are to the coast the more likely the sea breeze will affect you and
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coasts had the bright of the day yesterday with more clouds tonight and the clouds work their way inland tonight and we will wake up to more clouds tomorrow. also, a slow cooling trend is behind that for thursday, friday, and saturday. the cloud cover is subjecting across the lower elevations along the coast and to oakland with cloud cover along the east bay shoreline and by 11:00 it is gone and bit afternoon we have clouds but you will have bright spots from time to time just not so bright as yesterday. 84 in milpitas, and low-to-mid 90's in gilroy and san mateo in the mid-to-upper 70's. and mid-60's along the coast to near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and 74 in sausalito and 13 degrees warmer to the north at san rafael and 90 in sonoma. at your beaches, mid-to-upper 70's for the east bay shore and
5:48 am
oakland and castro valley and fremont low-to-mid 80's and low-to-mid 90's in the east bay valley. comfortable at the coliseum tonight and 70 degrees at 7:05 and dropping to 62. saturday looks to be the school spot, and temperatures are below average, but the sea breeze, then, stops, on sunday, monday, and tuesday and we will be warm away from the coast. have a great day. traffic can turn on a dime with a new report of an accident in san jose but livermore, this is seriously hampered because of an injury accident involving a motorcycle in the westbound direction along 580 and they will have to land a helicopter to transport the victim to a hospital. right now we have two lanes blocked, 16 miles per hour, as we i look toward the scene of the accident and it will start to open up from there, however, we are beginning to need extra
5:49 am
time to head over from tracy and northbound along 101 this is where we have an incident where a dump truck was driving at full speed and slammed into the back of a car and it is blocking the slow line and we see bumper-to-bumper traffic away from the 280/680 split and it things out approaching the nimitz but that is going to slow down the commute as you head into san jose. kristen and eric? >> the sordid conduct of san diego mayor filner has him banned from a city restaurant. you will never imagine which restaurant: hooter's fame out for their female waitresses posted a sign saying filner is not welcome here reading in part "we believe women should be treated with respect," and residents are trying to recall filner after a dozen women have come forward over unwanted sexual advances.
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>> coming up, a warning for parents and someone was able to gain control of a camera on a baby monitor. >> incredible lightning strike caught on video and what happened when a bolt hit a train head on. >> a-rod fights back and what three could do next in response to his suspension from major
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>> coca-cola has a new ad defending their diet drinks. the print ads defend the artificial sweetners as "safe" saying the safety of the sweetner is supported by more than 200 studies. the food and drug administration and the american cancer society agree but sales are diet sodas are plunging faster than regular soda. last year diet coke sales fell 3 percent and diet pepsi dropped 6 percent. >> hyundai is recalling 23,000 s.u.v.'s in the united states and canada because an axle can fail. the recall affects 2013 santa fe sport models and four cylinder engines and owners are notified by mail, and dealers will replace the shaft if free. hyundai is not aware of crashes connected to the failure. >> facebook is testing owe a new feature for v.i.p. celebrity
5:54 am
ies and will only say a small group of famous folks is testing out features to interact with fans to be the place for celebrities to have public connections which has tweeter at the king of the domain. facebook adopted other twitter features such as trending topics and hashtags. eric will let us know how me likes the celebrity features. >> whichever eric you are talking about. mike? >> good morning, everyone, a beautiful picture from sutro tower showing the late arriving clouds and mount diabolo pushing above them, above the fray this morning with temperatures above average from two degrees in redwood city to seven in livermore hitting 96 degrees today. tomorrow, the showers are staying to the north so it will be hot, and mid-to-upper 90's
5:55 am
through the central valley and not bad in los angeles but 110 in palm springs. leyla gulen? >> a mess out there especially on 580 and we have a second accident behind this that i have been reporting automatic morning. it is a motorcycle accident with a sig-alert now because two lanes are blocked and an ambulance is arriving on the scene and hopefully the lanes will be re-opened in five minutes but before that, we will have another accident blocking lanes and we are looking at slow traffic from tracy so we are taking on possibly 30 minutes to the commute as you make the drive to livermore and we have this accident in san jose involving a dump truck leaving us with heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic from 680/280 split. >> for decades science struggled a way to diagnosis alzheimer's disease before the symptoms take hold. researchers in spain may have
5:56 am
done it. scientists say that changes in a gene material from the brain fluid could predict the onset. people with the disease or the at greatest risk had lower levels of the gene d.n.a. >> a houston couple is warning other parents of a hacker attack after someone gains access to the baby monitor. over the weekend, a man heard strange noises coming from his two-year-old daughter's room while sleeping. he heard a voice from a camera shouting cuss words and calling his daughter names. >> i am supposed to protect her against people like this and and it is embarrassing but it will not happen again. >> his daughter was actually born deaf and she did not hear the voice. he immediately unplugged the camera and says he did take basic security precautions
5:57 am
including passwords and having a fire war enableed. an amazing moment captured on camera, a rain in tokyo on the tracks during a storm is hit by a belt of lightning. watch again, the train rolled to a stop and minutes after train was struck, passengers start the treating images but there were no injuries and the incident led to some delays as you might imagine. >> a lot of frayed members. >> to say the least. >> immigration activists minutes away now from departing the south bay and next at 6:00, their destination and who they targeting for reform. >> breaking news, a large cargo plane crashes in alabama with pictures ahead as investigators and crews arrive on the scene. >> janet champion nap was appointed the new president of the university of california and we are learning where she is shopping around if a new
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00, a ups cargo plane crashes overnight. what we are learning about the people on board and the plane involved. >> back to school for students at city college of san francisco. there are new questions of the board that stripped away the school's accreditation. >> happening now, immigration activists are ready to kickoff the campaign for reform. we are live with where they are expected to rally in the bay area. >> good morning, thanks for starting your day with us. >> mike nicco has the summer-like temperatures. >> we have clouds here showing more clouds along the coast than yesterday and that will have an effect on your weather but for the bay we are


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