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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 14, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00, a ups cargo plane crashes overnight. what we are learning about the people on board and the plane involved. >> back to school for students at city college of san francisco. there are new questions of the board that stripped away the school's accreditation. >> happening now, immigration activists are ready to kickoff the campaign for reform. we are live with where they are expected to rally in the bay area. >> good morning, thanks for starting your day with us. >> mike nicco has the summer-like temperatures. >> we have clouds here showing more clouds along the coast than yesterday and that will have an effect on your weather but for the bay we are seeing clouds
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rolling right now and they will be around through 8:00 and they will dissipate and we will be sunny by noon and 70 and a warm 80 by 4:00 and the clouds the return during the evening hours and temperatures drop to a comfortable level in the upper 60's. we have a few clouds in the north bay and 58, the low valley along the coast seeing the cloud cover and sunny and 78 at noon and hot at 90 at 4:00 and not so warm by 7:00 and 80 degrees. the coast is starting off with clouds in the mid-50's and sunshine compared to this morning but not so much as yesterday with temperatures has been out in the low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon. now the traffic. >> i have an update on the accident in the altamont pass and it is now canceled, the sig-alert, along westbound direction you will sit in a ton of traffic still, westbound 580 this is where we had an early sig-alert because of a motorcycle crash. all lanes have now re-opened and
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what we are left with is a tremendous backup from tracy oh the altamont pass into livermore and as i said it tacked on 30 minutes to the commute and you are look at an hour and ten minutes from tracy to livermore. we have this accident in san jose and confusion is here with a dump truck at full speed hit a car northbound 101 and then to the south we have a possible four car crash blocking one lane. >> we are following breaking news from alabama a large ups cargo plane has crashed near birmingham and katie marzullo is monitoring developments from the newsroom. >> the team is headed for birmingham, alabama, right now and we have to show you the pictures just in the news room in the last 10 or 15 minutes, close medium video, the burned out wreckage, still burning
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wreckage, of this airbus a300 ups cargo plane. an expert says this were no thunderstorms at the time and visibility was ten miles. it does not appear weather is a factor. the investigation will have the final word. a ups spokesman said only a pilot and a co-pilot were on board when the many crashed and it is reported that two people are dead and the bodies were found 100' away from the fuselage. would they are is not confirmed. the crash happened at 4:00 a.m. our time and 6:00 in alabama and you can see a fire burning before the sun came up and the f.a.a. is confirming a ups flight 1354, airbus a800 crashed on the way from louisville, kentucky, to birmingham, alabama, and it crashed on approach to the airport half a mile out from the airport property. here is what a witness told an
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abc7 news reporter on the scene shortly after the crash. >> we were in bed and we heard something go over the house and it sounded like a plane and we heard a loud "boom." ups has released a statement this morning reading in part "as we work through this difficult situation we ask for your patience and you keep those involved in your thoughts and prayers." tracking of flights says the plane left kentucky after 5:00 a.m. eastern and received information last at the flight 43 minutes later. an airport spokesman in alabama says that the crash has not affected airport operations. >> breaking news right new in alameda county near the hayward border the sheriff is investigating a homicide and
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detectives are on the scene with officers responding to a call of shots fired in the area to morning arriving finding a man's body lie in the street. and our news reporter will have an update coming up at 6:30. >> in the south bay, immigration activists ready to depart for a rally in the central valley. and matt keller joins us with who they are targeting with this effort and why. >> people are gathering here in san jose and their bus is expected to air life at any minute. they headed to bakers peeled to rally for immigration reform at the offices at republican house minority whip mccarthy. a bill was passed by the senate in june and they hope to pressure house republicans to take action. our we will remember the people that do not support the right thing which is to get this immigration reform bill on the floor, if you are not there
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supporting us we will remember you when it is time for election. >> a rally was held yesterday outside the home of chavez's family where the farm workers right movement took shape and that group is participating in a 22-day march and ride to bakersfield making stops along the central coast joining other groups from around state to rally at the bakersfield office. the bus will stop after it picks up the people in san jose and it will arrive in bakersfield for a rally at balloon and then walk over to the congressman's office arriving back in san jose later tonight. >> tomorrow, state officials are expected to announce when the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open after officials say there is a chance that it could open on time at the end of labor day week. last night, caltran tested the lighting on the new eastern span turning or monday that 1,500 of
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the lights along the highway. a temporary fix was approved for the bolts involving inserting steel plates in the gaps under the deck and drives will be able to use the new bridge while workers install a permanent fix and saddles. officials say the bridge could not open until at least december. >> we need people off of the old bridge so if the experts say the temporary fix is sufficient, we should move people over on labor day weekend if it is possible. the transportation commission will announce opening day tomorrow and decide if a public event will be held to set bright the opening. >> the japanese airline that runs dreamliner service between tokyo and san jose discovered an electrical wiring problem in three of the boeing 787 jets. they announced today they discovered the problem during preflight maintenance of a jet in together coe and the wiring
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is located in fire extinguishers. an investigation is underway to determine if the faulty wiring causes an extinguisher to malfunction, the latest set become for the troubled dreamliner. last month a fire broke out an ethiopia airlines 787 in london triggering an inspection of the beacon use the to -- used to elect -- to help out. >> and accreditation for city college did not comply with federal rules when they pulled accreditation and it is fought clear of the impact on the future or the thousands of students who attend. they will lose their adead dangerous in a year unless major reforms are made. >> newly appointed university of california president napolitano is house hunting here in the bay
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area. the chronicle reports that napolitano is searching for a home to rent in oakland as part of the compensation, the university will pick up the cost of her rent, a private endowment helps to cover the cost for the president and chancellor at each of the ten campuses. departing u.k. president has a home in lafayette that costs more than $12,000 a month. >> time for a check on the weather forecast and we will find out what mike has to say. pretty warm weather as we move through the next day or so and you saw the clouds late arriving, and so far we will keep an eye open sfo but they have not had much effect. now, temperatures in the east bay, inland valleys, in the 50's but from concord to highway 4 you can see we are in the low-to-mid 60's and temperature is 55 in hayward. oakland and san jose at 57. san francisco and half moon bay and hayward at 55.
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50 in novato and 49 in santa rosa. here is how it looks from the camera, clouds are moving in right now and they are going to be around probable until the same timeframe as yesterday at 10:00 and then they will pull back to the coast at 11:00 and as far as the forecast we are going to have temperatures another two to seven degrees before average. laying he has an update. >> it will be an hour and a half drive to head from tracy to dublin because of the early sig-alert that canceled involving a motorcycle. it has left us with bumper to bumper gridlock over the altamont pass. then it looks like the traffic is running supportly continuing into pleasanton and to dublin. as we head over to san jose northbound 101, we have a dump truck that ran into the back of another car at full speed and behind it we have report of a crash involving four vehicles and leaving heavy backups.
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the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights are on with slow conditions from emeryville to san francisco. >> another boardroom shakeup inside a troubled san francisco gaming company and top executives are out the door at zynga. >> new violence hitting the streets of cairo and the rising debt toll. >> major league baseball hit rodriguez with 211-game suspense and how he is could be turning
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this wednesday, a look from our mount sutro tower camera looking east, and diabolo is over the clouds but we are not is we are waking up with clouds but warmer temperatures and mike nicco will have more in a moment. >> in egypt the death toll is rising after security forces moved in to clear two counts loyal to morsi. one of cameraman has been killed from london. the death toll could be as low as nine or as high at 300.
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police and soldiers are on the walkway or drive and media reports say forces fired tear gas in the larger of two protest locations but the sound of gunfire could be heard if both sides during the operation. >> rodriguez could be ready to take legal action against baseball for the 211-game suspension related to the latest void scandal. here is prepared to go into federal court if the league doesn't lift the suspension. he is prepared to take legal action for two reasons: they say he has nottived positive for perform people since 2003 and he believed there is no evidence to back up major league baseball claim he tried to impede the investigation. the mayor newark, new jersey, is closer to becoming the first after scan u.s. senator after winning the democratic primary to relays lautenberg who passed away in june at the age of 89. booker will now face republican
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in a special election set for october 16. >> despite concerns of decreasing competition and increasing ticket prices investors do not like the idea of blocking a merger between american and us airways with shares of the american parent company dropping 45 percent and us airways sank 13 percent. the two airlines say they will use all legal options to fight the challenge to the merger. if completed they would join other recently merged airlines including southwest and air tran and united and continental. zynga is making a boardroom shakeup, three top executives are leaving. multiple reports say chief technology officer and chief operations officer and chief people officer are out. the departures follow the
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appointment of new c.e.o. last month in an e-mail to employees, he said zynga is taking outlayers of the executive to get company leaders closer to property initialives after losing $16 million in the second quarter. >> for most of us the coast is an area that will not be so warm because of extra cloud cover today. we have fog with cloud cover spilling into our lower valleys along the coast that made it into novato at 1.75 mile visibility and seven in santa rosa. as far as the clouds, they are over the golden gate bridge as we speak but notice the break as you get to sausalito, it is very, very localized and, again, the cloud cover is trying to move through this morning and summer sun today, warm weather again, but for the coast we will have the clouds and the clouds
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will be pushed inland by developing sea breeze this afternoon. that is going to be the beginning of our slow cooling trend for thursday, friday, and saturday. as far as today, temperatures are going to run 87 in san jose, and 90 in los gatos and mid-90's in morgan hill and gilroy and mid-80's for the santa clara valley and mid-80's through the peninsula and san mateo north, mid-to-upper 70's so more comfort for you. mid-60's along the coast this afternoon, and we will have 70 around downtown to 71 in south san francisco so we will flirt with 70 like yesterday and 74 in sausalito but temperatures up north, mid-80's to 90 in sonoma and low-to-mid 60's at your beaches and mid-to-upper 70's for the east bay shore and warmer in oakland and castro valley, and warmest weather is low-to-mid 90's in the east bay valley from 91 in san ramon to 96 in brentwood and gorgeous at the coliseum, 70 at 7:05 and
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dropping to 62 by the end of the game with a lot of sunshine and maybe a cloud by the end. most of the bay and the coast will have clouds but not inland and the south bay. temperatures are warmer in the mid-50's to low 60's. the low pressure shows the storm system missing us this will induce the sea breeze so it will be mild to warm today but starting tomorrow, two to four degree cooler and a couple of degrees cooler on friday and saturday, and the warmth comes back on sunday, monday, and tuesday. have a great day. leyla gulen? >> it would be better if folks didn't have nasty traffic jam to drive through from tracy. we have an early sig-alert that damned the commute westbound 580, that is where we had the injury accident involving a motorcycle but it leaving us with a backup from tracy. traffic is pretty much at a standstill so our travel time is
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going to be extended and i will show you that in a moment but headed over to san jose we are not sure if this is one and the same but there was report of an accident beyond the 280 and 680 split that hit another car and a four car crash, as well, blocking a lane so 20 miles per hour and because of that with backups. we have an hour and 20 minutes over the altamont pass to dublin along 580 and highway 4 at 30 minutes of 101 and under 20 minutes. now, the oakland maze at 580 westbound traffic is moving well away from highway 4 to 16 minutes. a star of grey's anatomy makes a a star of grey's anatomy makes a new my asthma's under control.
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>> this is the view from the summit of mount tamalpais looking east, you can see a beautiful sunrise through the clouds. check on the forecast with mike just ahead. >> grey's anatomy is losing a top surgeon.
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dr. yang is leaving saying it has been a great privilege to play the character and sad and excited to see where her final season will take her. she will leave gray's anatomy at the end of the 10 the season in the spring. you can catch the premiere on thursday, september 26 at 9:00 p.m. right here. >> now a check with josh for what coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> josh, great to see you. >> great to see you and talk live with you, great to be here. everyone is watching in the bay area, here on kgo we have a very busy morning to follow up on so many stories you have been covering this morning. we will bring an exclusive interview with the ex-wife of the pop star usher coming in the wake of their son's near fatal pool accident and her resulting
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failure to win custody of their child at an emergency hearing the she sat down with us and had a lot to say. you will want to stick around for that. also, i don't know if you got a chance to play, we did here in new york, we all tried to win $450 million a tuesdays ago. we all gave so that a few could win and by a "few" i mean the ocean 16, the gang from one office in technology right in the middle of the sandy storm zone all won and seven of the 16 lucky winers join us. it is wonderful to meet them. also, for everyone out this, steph curry not only obviously a great guard for the warriors, but a wonderful human being talking about the humanitarian mission he took to tanzania to bring much needed nets to a malaria-ridden region, a
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wonderful young man, a great citizen from the bay area. >> and testify treasure h -- and steph curry, really, a very special warrior. >> we are following breaking news are a ups cargo plane that crashes in alabama and this is video from the last 40 minutes and we tell you what ups is revealing about the crash. >> detectives are on the scene of a murder in alameda county that happened just after midnight and we will give you the details coming up next. >> when the sun comes up it is going to work and it will be summer like again today but not for long in the forecast. >> cars shuffle through the bay bridge toll plaza but the real
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problem is over the altam
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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>> thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> last we saw the sun it was trying to come through the clouds. >> it is above the clouds. but you have to be above 1,000' to see it. the cloud cover is along the cost trying to move into the lower elevations and filling the bay from san francisco and oakland and spreaded out. it will be sunny for the other parts and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's headed out the door and pleasant and total sunshine and 70 and warm in some spots hanging around 80 at 4:00 and comfortable and upper 60's bit evening hours. clouds are in the north by and inland valleys the next 12 hours we are at 78 and sunny and 90's and hot at 4:00 fall back to 80 by 7:00 and the coast will have more cloud cover than yesterday with. toes hanging out in the low-to-mid 60's. how is the traffic, leyla gulen?
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>> 580 has a report of a new accident. we had an early sig-alert that canceled and that is where you are see the traffic thinning out but we are still left with griz lock from tracy with a report now of a brand new accident blocking a lane at grant line road at racy and 10 miles per hour is the top speed and a big rig and a couple cars were involved so three vehicles. san jose 101 the traffic is thinning out as we make the drive beyond 280/680 because of two early crashes. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news from alabama where a ups cargo plane crashed near the airport in bill ham -- birmingham. katie marzullo? >> the natural transportation safety board will hold a news conference in washington, dc right now, the teen that will leave for alabama and we expect
6:32 am
to hear from them any moment and we will bring that to you. we have new video from the last hour or less. upclose you can see the burning wreckage and the aftermath, the scarred earth. ups spokesman said that only a pilot and co-pilot were on board when the plane crashes and our affiliate in birmingham is reports two are dead found 100' away from the fuselage. it happened at 4:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. in alabama and the f.a.a. says flight 1354 an airbus was from louisville, kentucky, to alabama, and says it went down in an open filed outside the airport and there are no homes in the immediate area of the crash. ups has released a statement asking for patience in this difficult situation. a spokesman at the beckham airport says the crash has not
6:33 am
affected airport operations. an aviation expert in alabama says there were no thunderstorms at the time and visibility was ten miles so he believes weather does not appear to have been a factor in the crash but says the ntsb investigation will have final word on that. sheriff deputies in alameda are investigating a deadly shooting in an area of the county near hayward, and amy hollyfield joins us from the scene. >> detectives are were on the scene huddled in the street here and they are trying to figure out who did there and why. officers found a 33-year-old man in the street after midnight and they say they could not revive the man. he was not armed, they say. and now they are trying to
6:34 am
figure out why he was shot. >> investigators are trying to locate witnesses and we do not know the motive and are exploring all possibilities. it appears the victim was visiting and he doesn't live in the neighborhood but they say he is from alameda county. they are looking for anyone to come forward and help figure out why to happened and who did this. it happened right after midnight the man is about 33 years old and unarmed. osha is investigating the death of a woman killed in a freak accident involving construction equipment at san jose city college. we were over scene yesterday when a construction worker backed up on a walkway hitting a woman on a sidewalk near the fine arts building and it is not known if the woman was a
6:35 am
student, a school employee or campus visitor. the college is on break. a large fence closed the entire work site and work way until monday. a martinez 4th grader will undergo more surgery to receive skin grafts to his head and face after a pit bull attack that mauled hunter on sunday while visiting friends in antioch. hunter's mom said he is awake but has a fever. the san diego girl who survived a kidnapping ordeal is answering hundreds of questions about what happened and the associated press reports that the 16-year-old fielded anonymous questions on a social media site and shared details of the abduction by the man she knew as uncle jim, james dimaggio, and the postings started on monday night with toppings from how she survived captivity to how she is
6:36 am
dealing with the death of her mother and where. a user asked, why didn't you run? >> he would have kill me, she replied. >> are you glad he is deadst. >> absolutely. >> the postings were written by the team. >> the senator for a missing 50-year-old woman from oakland is over. police confirmed a body found in coke. the 56-year-old randy alana who dated coke years ago was seen with her the night she disappeared and is a "person of interest," alaina is a registered sex offender in custody on an unrelated offense. >> in hayward, striking city workers will rally at 8:00 awe to get city leaders back to the bargaining table in day two of a three day strike after an impasse was dechaired during contract talks affecting city hall, libraries, and maintenance
6:37 am
facilities but not police or fire. >> ahead the new target for immigration activists as they gather for reform. >> coming up, first, the precaution parents may have to take for their child's car safety seat. >> look outside from our rooftop camera pointing east you can see the cloud cover we have that will burn off and make way to summer like
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>> coming up on 6:40. in the south bay we have 53 in santa clara, alum rock is cooler with cupertino and 52 in saratoga. los altos is 51. around los gatos it is 64. temperature running 55 in san francisco, and 51 in novato and 59 in redwood city. a lot of us in the 50's. one spike of clouds broke free and moving through the east bay hills and the temperatures are two to seven degrees above average. you will find summer warmth with mid-90's to near 100 through the central valley and 84 in los angeles. >> 580 is busy with at least an hour and 20 minutes to head in the westbound direction from tracy to dublin and castro valley. this map shows a solid broad over the altamont pass to vasco road because of an early sig-alert and now a brand new accident involving three
6:41 am
vehicles, one is a big rig with a trailer and the pickup truck that hit it is underneath so now we have heavier backup and the drive time traffic shows an hour and 14 minutes on 580 from tracy to dublin and 101 is looking clear. >> thank you. >> child car safety seat standards could be changing next year according to today's "wall street journal" an amendment to the federal safety rules would require car seats to be secured by a seatbelt and the top tether if the combined weight of the child and the seat is more than 65 pounds. the current latch system requires anchor points between the cushions in all new cars built after 2002. the car seats are heavier recently and can accommodate children up to 90 pounds. safety advocates question not anchors are built to secure that much weight. >> magazines cannot get enough of niners quaterback kaepernick.
6:42 am
this is a new shirtless cover about to hit the stands. >> and the big board shows the dow is down about 57 points and we will check with jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> but, first, rally for reform, the activists hitting the road to urge immigration reform and who they are
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news.
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>> happening now immigration activists are departing for a rally in the central valley. >> matt keller are joins us from san jose. matt? >> the bus is here at the community center and the people on the bus are going to be headed to bakersfield to rally for immigration reform. >> immigration reform. immigration reform. immigration reform. >> this is video of 30 people loaded on toking bus rallying with a republican congressman and house majority whip this afternoon and organizers slay is momentum for immigration reform at a bill was passed by the senate in june. they say 1,100 people from around the state are meeting in bakersfield to send a message to house republicans. >> we want to use the momentum and keep it going so that there is a comprehensive immigration reform package passed in the house that includes a pathway to citizenship and that keeps
6:46 am
families together and protection for our agricultural workers. >> a rally was hold yesterday where the familiar rights movement to shape with stops along the coast joining other states on labor day to rally at the congressman's office. the bus will look any moment and pick up more people in morgan hill before headed to bickersfield and will rally at noon before they march over to the congressman's offices. >> 49ers quaterback is gracing the cover of another popular magazine and he is keeping his clothes on, or at least some of it. the football star is showing off a lot of muscle in the september issue of this magazine, the 25-year-old is shirtless sporting only a jacket and sweat
6:47 am
pants the second steamy cover. you may remember kaepernick stripped down for the 2013 espn magazine and this issue of "gq" hits stands next week. >> do the rip -- rich drive more recklessly? >> apple shares are getting positive attention, billionaire carl icahn tweeting he acquired a large stake in apple. shares up, again, this remain on this news after rising yesterday. he wheated that he urged the c.e.o. to speed up buy back. >> how much longer will the feed keep stimulating the economy with the massive bond-buying program? it looks like maybe the fed will scale back next month. 65 percent of the economists say they expect the fed to scale back on the $65 billion bond
6:48 am
buying purchase as the economy strengthens. >> we will see how the market is this morning, lower across the board and the dow is down 45 or 50 points and the nasdaq and s&p 500 of down and the silicon valley index is higher. a survey shows what some may have already suspected the rich drive more recklessly. a researcher says the study how drivers responded when a pedestrian was in the crosswalk, the drivers of cheaper cars stop and waited for people in the crosswalk and drives of more expensive cars were more likely to jump an their turn in the rotation. >> thank you, jane. driving today? top down, convertible, mike? >> all of it. western i had one. sunroof will work, okay? great day for comfortable. remember the sunscreen, the u.v. index is high, small craft
6:49 am
advisory, 2:00 to 8:00 this afternoon and evening, west wind through the bay in the delta at 15- to 25-knots and our fastest wind in fairfield at 18 and everyone else is below ten miles per hour but they are faster than yesterday and that is why the clouds are rolling in and from sutro tower the clouds are rolling like a stream in the sierra but not so fast but we will talk about what will happen today, summer sunshine, temperatures above average in most areas but for the coast where you will not see so much sunshine as yesterday. what a great day yesterday. total sunshine by the end of the afternoon. the clouds are going to move in deeper tonight as the sea breeze develops and that leads to the slow cooling trend, thursday, friday, and saturday. you can see the cloud cover surging to the east along the east bay shoreline but cannot quite get over the east bay hills and it is pushing into the lower valleys in the north bay and along the peninsula coast.
6:50 am
by 11:00 back to the coast and you will see sunny spots but not so bright as yesterday. we will start in the south bay at 87 in san jose, and low-to-mid 90's in los gatos and morgan hill and mid-to-upper 80's in the south bay and in the peninsula, in san mateo, 79 and dropping to 76 in millbrae and we will flirt with 70 in downtown and sausalito is 74 and 13 degrees warmer in san rafael and up to 90 in sonoma for the warm spot in the not bay valley and low-to-mid 60's at your beaches and along the east bay shore, mid-to-upper 70's in most neighborhoods and oak make asarone at -- and oakland game, it will be a nice temperature at 70 at start time at 7:00, under sunny, and drop
6:51 am
town to 62. the cloud cover is more widespread and temperatures are in the mid-50's to around the low 60's. the seven-day forecast shows the sea breeze chips away at the temperatures at two to four degrees tomorrow and a couple on friday and saturday and saturday we are below average and the cool spot with the sea breeze going away sunday, monday, tuesday, the summer warmth is back in the forecast. >> the traffic is chipping away at your patience from tracy to dublin but, first, from daly city, along 280 moving along the extension into the city toward king street nine minutes it will take you and a report of an accident on 101 northbound before you get to 280, that is cleared to the shoulder and someone put a kink in the commute but we have a traffic backup coming into the city on 280 northbound. to the amount pass, a brand new crash westbound 580, happened 15
6:52 am
minutes ago and it is involving three vehicles, one a big rig and a car wedged itself underneath but the damage is done because of an early accident. now we still looking at an hour and ten-minute drive to head away from tracy. 101 and now are holding steady but we will go to san jose where i looked at our app and it gave us clarification on the accident which is a four car crash at 280 and 680 along northbound 101 with heavy backups so give yourself plenty of extra time. you can track your own traffic using our app at google play or the app store. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. >> morning news
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>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know. breaking news of a fatal shooting that left a 33-year-old man dead near hayward after being shots after mid-midnight. >> two people are confirmed dead if a ups cargo plane crash near the bill -- birmingham, alabama airport. only the pilot and co-pilot were on the plane that left kentucky and crashed at 4:00 a.m. our time. a team is headed there right now. >> family and supporters of missing toddler daphne webb are holding a love walk this afternoon to demonstrate their commitment to finding the girl reported missing five weeks ago today. >> bay area activists are headed to bakersfield to rally for
6:55 am
immigration reform. demonstrators are loading a bus in san jose one of several california cities taking part rallying at the office of republican house majority whip mccarthy this afternoon. >> state officials will announce tomorrow when the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open and federal officials say there is a chance it could open on time after all around labor day. the lighting on the new span was tested flipping the switch on 1,500 lights. >> late push in the bay to undercut the warm high pressure did you the warmth is going to win out but for the coast in to san francisco at 62 to 70 and 86 in the north bay to 96 in the east bay valley. >> seven, at look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the rays are coming through the clouds and it is pretty. that is especially pretty for you, mike. as we look at the altamont pass, it is jammed coming from tracy. we had an early sig-alert and
6:56 am
another alert at grant behind road blocking a lane and we are left with an hour's drive to head out of tracy to dublin. it does fought look like san jose is doing much better with a six mile backup. >> you have exceeded your number of syllables, by the way. >> we continue now, online and on twitter and facebook and mobile devices.
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good morning, america. breaking this morning. fiery crash. a ups cargo plane goes down before landing at the birmingham, alabama breaking right now. security forces crack down with bulldozers, invading the streets of egypt. heavily armed officers firing teargas. this country, on the brink of all-out violence. just hours after a direct hit on al qaeda terrorists. connected to threats in yemen. abc news exclusive. usher's ex-wife, tameka raymond, speaking out for the first time since their 5-year-old son's horrifying accident in the family pool. the heart-stopping second she found out and who she blames. ♪ get ready to meet raccoon man. he lives side-by-side with the


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